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REVIEWS OF Price Benowitz LLP IN Maryland


This office represented me in a auto related matter. They took my case all the way to the Jury and we won. Thanks for all the help guys.

Sauieh Noushin

The whole staff is very helpful and friendly. They really care about their clients and work hard to make sure that they get favorable outcomes for their cases.

Concerned Father

My family retained the services of Price Benowitz for a serious matter, and we were not let down. The Staff and Attorneys here are top notch.


Great place for legal services.

Novella Johnson

After being quoted a price of $750 to fight a traffic ticket in VA, I decided to shop around.

Williams Catherine

Steve Duckett is a compassionate and highly skilled lawyer. He understands his client's needs and is very responsive. His knowledge is impressive and his advice is excellent. I highly recommend Steve and his law firm.

Irfan Rafiq

MR Kush Arora, from day 1 till my case dismissed, he was very professional. I was in bad trouble (five felony charges), but Mr Kush not only saved my back, but also saved my future. My felony charges were dismissed after 6 months, lot of effort from his side. I would highly highly recommend anyone who is going through felony or criminal cases. Mr Kush has very good reputation around courts in Montgomery county. Thank you Mr Kush Arora.

Jason Lipsky

Whether you are involved in a civil or criminal case, the team at Price Benowitz can help. Their staff is friendly and intelligent, and will give your case a personal touch. You can't go wrong with this law firm!

Jordan Beason

After getting rear ended, my car was totaled and medical bills were piling up. Maxwell, Tina and Carolina were so helpful as they assisted and guided me through the process of working with other insurance companies. I was able to sit back and let them handle everything, and they kept me in the loop with frequent updates. They were extremely professional and they genuinely cared to make sure I understood everything before making a decision to settle the case. I appreciate all of their hard work and would recommend them to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney!

Kenyo Henry

Gary Pesano

I hired Mary because I was charged with aggressive driving. Mary was able to reduce the charge down to Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention with no points, the least of all traffic offenses in Virginia. She is dedicate to her client and very professional. I hope that I do not have to go to court for another traffic offense, but if I do, I will hire Mary again. One more point, and this to anyone who hired Mary before - please do a review for her. She deserves recognition for her skill and professionalism.

Casey Czajkowski

Contact Price Benowitz LLP for exceptional service!

Raed Haidar

Ben was very attentive to my case and did his homework before our court date. I was glad to have him represent me. Thanks

Devin Maier

Thank you Price Benowitz LLP for always being there for me. I greatly appreciate your services and professionalism.

Godwin Wey

She got me out of a tough situation. Very helpful and calls to follow up on any questions about the case she may have.

Philip Kapitan

Amazing service and communication. Got me through a really tough period and advised me perfectly!

Trisa Green

They are very professional and always available to answer your questions and concerns timely. Karla is exceptionally proficient and always available to assist you!!

YinYang Gang

Conor McCarthy

erin b

Website and areas practiced is not up to date. Specifically they are not taking toxic tortes. Not sure what else is misrepresented.

Daniel Ajo

I would recommend the services of Price Benowitz to anyone. They were prompt, professional, diligent and, in my time of need, provided the sound legal counsel that helped me overcome a difficult situation. 5 star rating for 5 star lawyers.

Jake Mata

I had a great experience with Mary Solimon throughout my case. I came from out of state, Maryland actually, and she helped me get my RD charge down to just speeding, avoiding jail time. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, kind, and most of all, attentive. Her experience inspires the utmost confidence in her clients. I would 5/5, 10/10, recommend Mary Solimon!!

semnewa yep

Worked with the best lawyer and the case was cleared. Made an even better situation by having the case cleared. He was prepared to help me no matter what. Got back to me quickly and answer all my questions. I would recommend as an attorney to friend and family

DWI Experience

My experience with Price Benowitz was very positive. I was charged with a DWI in the Fairfax area and hired Karin Porter as my attorney. Karin was superb in all aspects of my case and lead me to a very favorable plea deal. Price Benowitz as a whole was very responsive and willing to work long distance with me, making any electronic documents or anything else I needed very accessible and easy to understand. I highly recommend Price Benowitz to anyone in a situation similar to mine.

Jared Knetzer

Price Benowitz and their staff has been extremely helpful for any legal issues that I have. Not only are they very attentive, but they are always prompt with the best advice I could possibly get. Price Benowitz will always be my "Go To" when it comes to any legal issue.

Sandeep Thakrar

Price Benowitz did a great job on my case. They were quick, efficient and cost effective and got the results that I needed! I highly recommend them!

Robert Espinosa

When most people contact an attorney or law firm, it is not by choice and not under the best circumstances. Price Benowitz not only mitigates the stress of the legal process, they also provide their clients with a thorough explanation and understanding of the case at hand. From the initial phone call to the last, it is clear the entire firm puts the client first. Can’t ask for much more.

Christopher Stephens

I received a call back from Mr. Wilson within an hour of reaching out to his firm. I found him patient, polite, and highly knowledgeable. And, he was readily available throughout the entirety of our business together. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Thank you!

Marshall Dean

Our son was involved in an MVA incident for which we hired the services od Price Benowitz. Mr. Kush Arora was assigned to our cause and this being our "first encounter" with the law, was very clear and detailing the whole process, the strategy to follow and the likely outcome. Mr. Arora was always very easy to reach and prompt to respond to our information needs. The outcome was favorable to usbefore trial! We are extremely happy with the performance and professionalism both of all at the firm and particularly Mr. Arora. We hope never to be in need of these services again but if we are, we will surely go back to them again.

Christopher Wong

Had a traffic violation. First thing that popped up was Price Benowitz LLP's firm. Wonderful service and wonderful lawyer. Price wise, its what you expect to pay. Not too much, not too little. Shout out to Ben Middleton, great guy, very down to earth!

Ahte Zneb

Kush Arøra is a champion among men. He not only followed through with his strategy but he did it with class and grace. Not to mention he is the best dressed litagator this side of Milan. Kush, you are the best.

Ruben Tucker

I reached out to Price Benowitz with an accident case that I had. They took the job and took care of it in a timely fashion. I highly recommend them and am pleased with the result.

Eric Knaus

The #1 thing that comes to mind is how quickly they respond to questions or concerns. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and I'd recommend them to anyone who needs good council.

Tree Green

They are wonderful and Virginia Gilani is an excellent lawyer with a bigger than life down to earth personality!! The are world class and exceptional in resolving your case.



Price Benowitz has critically important state and local expertise. They were Johnny-on-the-spot responsive and effective when a friend (really!) needed help. Thanks so much for being a great resource and providing high quality lawyering.

Jason Young

Elizabeth listened to what I wanted, took the evidence I had and went straight to the trooper and worked out my case far better than I was expecting. I highly recommend Ms Thompson!

Roy Conn

Having known David Benowitz for many years, I know him to be a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney within the District of Columbia and surrounding areas. As an attorney myself with over 25 years of legal experience, I respect the quality of work and dedication that David pours into each and every case that he handles. That's why I have no hesitation in referring potential clients to David and the Price Benowitz firm for legal services. Attorney Roy Conn

jude macintosh

Excellent, detailed and personal service. A pleasure to be represented by a knowledgeable professional. Thanks.

janis judson

Great experience with Ben Middleton. He gave excellent advice and it turned out to help me significantly. Will definitely use him again.

Scott Metzger

Robert Middleton, Jr. did a great job representing me for a traffic ticket.

Alana A

Highly responsive law firm and very easy to work with. Comprehensive networks build strong support for issues and legal interests where needed.

Daniel Lage

This law firm really exceeded my expectations! Their lawyers are smart, experienced, and personable. They will fight for you to make sure that your case is resolved in the best way possible.

Anne-Marie Kopek

Price Benowitz is a phenomenal firm whose attorneys and support team not only practice true advocacy for their clients, but they consistently invest in their community and our society. Excellent attorneys, committed staff, and truly great humans.

Gabriel Coleman

I was represented in 2015-16 by Karen Riley Porter of Price Benowitz. i cannot say enough positive about her, or about the support I received from Price Benowitz as a whole. Ms. Porter was willing to try any and every avenue to help me pursue a positive outcome, and really went to bat for me both behind the scenes and in the actual courtroom. I would highly recommend both her and Price Benowitz in general.

Stephon Roqks

Ben Middletown is the best. He stays in communication. Very positive. Very confident. He didn’t make me feel discouraged. We was literally in and out. Not only did charges get dropped but after he stuck around and filled expunge papers to help me. Good guy in general and very down to earth. I will suggest him.


Haitham Algrain

Attorney Oleg Fastovsky represented me in a BUI case. Thanks to him the case was dismissed; "Nolle prosequi!" Do I need to say more? Highly recommend.

sharon allen

I loved my experience at Price & Benowitz. My team of lawyers were absolutely amazing. Karen Gunderman was a dream, she made me feel comfortable and have no worries about my case. This firm is a very professional, detail- oriented, friendly, and most importantly honest. These individuals make you feel more like family than clients. Any problems or concerns that you may have they will ease your mind and promptly take care of it with immediate attention. Again, I ask everyone if you have any case, please contact Price & Benowitz. AMAZING!

R Torrence

I had the pleasure of being represented by Kush Aurora, who deftly navigated my case en route to the best possible outcome for me. During our brief visit to the courtroom he was knowledgeable about all apsects of the case and I felt confident throughout the entire process.

Joseph Rohfritch

I’m glad that I found this law firm. They have many different lawyers on their staff who work with different types of cases. Whatever you are looking for in a lawyer, you will find it at Price Benowitz.

TJ Doerr

I met Seth Price many years ago when the firm was just growing. I had no idea that the friendship would result legal help for a personal injury. I love the way he works, plays and does family. The attorneys assigned to my case were also of the highest caliber. Thanks Price Benowitz!

Andrew Bradley

Working w/ Price Benowitz was easy. They kept me informed of every step in the process.

Robert Willis

The firm was very quick to assign me an attorney and helped me with some exigent circumstances. Shawn Sukumar was my attorney and I would thoroughly recommend him, although I'm sure that the others are capable as well. This was for Washington, DC.

Jackie McMahon

Wonderful people! Would trust with any personal injury case!

Jamike Ugwu

Knowledgeable, professional service and timely communication resulting in a favorable outcome

Charles Vincent

Aly Hafeez

My attorney was Kush Arora for a first time DUI offense. As one can imagine I was quite nervous about the whole situation. Mr. Arora made the whole period very easy for me and assured me that I would get a favorable judgement. Got away with no conviction and unsupervised probation for a year. Thanks Kush. It was a pleasure working with you

Andrew Gross

The team at Price Benowitz is a group of real heavy hitters. David and his team are incredibly well respected in the legal community, and a go-to firm with a deep bench of talent.

serah hyde

Kristina Radom

Michael Hartley represented me on a traffic ticket in a small county in Virginia. Mr. Hartley was able to get me the best possible outcome for my case! He is very quick to respond to any issues or any questions. I couldn’t ask for a better representation than from Price Benowitz LLP. Highly recommend.

Wayne Smith

I was very pleased with the the speed Price Benowitz got back to me from my initial call and voice mail that I left. They had a lawyer call me immediately and the results of my case was successful. I thank them very much for their time.

Jeffery Mendoza

Use this firm, I know you will be represented and treated fair. Thanks for the hard work!

Bob Matsuoka

You can’t go wrong with Seth and company. They’re known for their excellent work on injury and workman’s comp issues in the DC and Maryland area, but they are a full service firm. Responsive and thoughtful and great to help you with what you need. If you’re in the area, talk to Price Benowitz first.

Adam Moskowitz

Great Maryland personal injury firm; Excellent with communications and responsiveness; Everyone on their team has been easy to work with; I highly recommend!

Edgar Velasquez

I would highly recommend services provided by Price & Benowitz. I hired Ben Middleton to take care of a traffic issue. He was able to have all of my charges dropped as an end result! Ben was amazing! I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance regarding traffic violations in Maryland.

Torrest Rice

Nicer. Every time I called, they picked up on the first or second ring. They actually talked to me when I called in, and would call right back if no one was free. By the time I got in contact with you guys, i had just started PT and a new job. I needed to focus on my new job and you guys allowed me to do that. I would definitely recommend them 100% to anyone. FRom the beginning to the end they did nothing but hold my hand the entire process. Carolina and John were a breath of fresh air. Kudos to them for not only being great but also having a positive attitude the whole time.

Lori Skyler Wilson

I was hit by a negligent driver in 2015 while driving my fiancé’s vehicle. After having my case being handled very poorly by other personal injury lawyers, I finally was able to find a great firm to handle my case. The people at Price Benowitz are so professional and courteous and I felt confident with them handling my case. My previous lawyers tried to get me to take a settlement offer of $3000, which after they received their cut, wouldn’t even cover my loss wages. Once I fired them and hired the attorneys at Price Benowitz to handle my case, my settlement offer went from $3000 to $25,000. Thank you Carolina and Karen for all your help. You guys are the best!

Sierra Scott

Working with Seth Price was a pleasure. He's not only intelligent, compassionate and hard working, he's extremely ethical and honest. Seth truly cares about doing what's right, and he cares about the people he serves. You cannot go wrong by choosing to work with him.

Douglas Serrano

We prepared a strong case against the state attorney. That they decided to drop all my charges without even going to trial. Andrew Lindsey was very professional with my case. Thanks.

Amaya Henry

It's easy to see why they're the #1 law firm in DC, MD, and VA! The lawyers are the cream of the crop, the firm is extremely professional, successful, and well-regarded by other competing lawyers in the area, which is a tell tale sign. Most importantly, though, you won't just feel like a number, you'll feel like the most important client in the world because of the personal attention they'll give you. Unlike other top firms, the lawyers here have the social skills (in addition to the intelligence and experience) to practice with a great deal of empathy and honesty. Simply put, they're the best in the biz!

Gary Goodweather

Seth Price and the entire team at Price Benowitz are the best injury/accident lawyer out there. They are the only firm to hire if you seek flawless and responsive service.

Robin Thomas

I loved working with the folks at Price Benowitz. They worked very hard and I can truly say that I got a very fair settlement because of the work that was done by the Lawyers at Price Benowitz. I would use them again and I highly recommend Price Benowitz Law firm to anyone and everyone.

Liz Iskow

Virginia Tehrani is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend her. I received a traffic ticket and she helped me every step of the way. She was great at communicating and explaining all of my options, caring, kind, but still got me the results I'd hope for. She was well respected in the court room and even got our case called first. There are not enough words to describe how great of a lawyer and person she is!

Obie Chambers

With so many options for legal advice available in the Wash.D C Metro area, one must be sure that the firm chosen brings something unique and special to the table. This is the feeling that we have everytime we deal with any of the professionals at Price Benowitz LLP. In our business, communication and professionalism are a necessity. I must say we found that in spades when dealing with David, Seth, or any of their team. Kudos to a law firm that puts clients first.

Christina Wong

Price Benowitz is a great office to go to if you need help in the DC area. They are professional and kind hearted people that will help you every step of the legal process

Damien Lawson

Unbelievably professional. Mr. Fastovsky was the right man from the very beginning. From the consultation to victory day, we were never left in the dark. I highly recommend him, he is thorough and always gives you the news as it flows in. Couldn't have asked for better representation.

Angela Hassett

Price Benowitz helped me out with a legal matter in Maryland, and they were amazing. They were not "sterile" at all. I know these guys are busy, but there really seems to be a large human element to the firm. They provided excellent services and helped me out when I needed it most. Thanks Guys!

Jay Neuhaus

I've known Seth Price both professionally and personally for over 25 years! He's the greatest when it comes to social media expansion of your business, besides everything else!


Mr. Benowitz and Mr. Zarkesh assisted us in obtaining a license from the government. They were diligent and took care of our legal needs. I would recommend their firm and their OFAC Law Group to all of my friends and family.

edison sandy

Attorney Oleg is one of the best attorney have met, with such a humble personality. he represented me in a serious case which was beyond me, Attorney oleg gave me confidence and hope. and at the end of the day. the case was dismissed with no charges, and was expunge immediately the same day. I can recommend Him for any criminal case without no hesitation. he's the best.

William Webster jr

We had the pleasure of being represented by Shawn Sukumar. Shawn Sukumar definitely helped our family through some very tough times. He was extremely professional yet personable. Not to mention a great lawyer. He was very attentive and on top of everything related to my brothers case. Honestly, Shawn seemed to have worked a miracle. My entire family was astonished by the results and we will forever be grateful. Working with Mr. Sukumar was truly a pleasure. If you are looking for a lawyer. Look no further! Thanks Shawn :)

Lisa Lambert

my legal team worked overtime to provide me with the best outcome. I could not be happier. TY Oleg for all of your hard work.

Robin H

Excellent experience with Price Benowitz, the immigration attorney was fast, efficient and good value.

Bryan Riley

Excellent firm.

Michael Costa

My experience with Price Benowitz LLP was nothing short of exceptional. I cannot say enough about the office and staff here, they helped me with the my claims for my car accident where I sustained right knee injuries. Carolina and Tina both tracked my progress and consistently updated me with next steps and progress of my claim. They strive to give me the best possible service they could and succeeded beyond my expectations. John provided the follow through and and persistence and accomplished a settlement that worked out for everyone. I couldn't be happier with the results, service, and just actual caring that I received from everyone involved in my case.

Bernardo Joselevich

Hyter Williams

Good guy and great attorney. I appreciate him not only as an attorney but as a good friend. I would recommend him to anyone who is needing a lawyer. Number one attorney in DC!

Cindy L. Johnson

I never got a chance to meet with them, but in speaking with them, though it was not my fault, they denied helping me. I guess the pay out in my injury case was not substantial enough to take me on. I guess this world is all about money including this firm.

Abby Siegel

This law firm is extremely professional. I have known Price and Benowitz for over 20 years. They give excellent advice and are the right ones to call if you need legal advice or representation.

Hayley Martin

As someone who has never had experience with lawyers, they made me feel very at ease. I appreciated their support the entire process, which was very long. Would recommend for anyone!

Michelle Brouillet

Alison lara

Great service and comunication, highly recoment this law firm, and mr Okin Seth .

Lorien Lutz

Excellent firm! Professional, efficient, and personable with a great sense of integrity and compassion.

Scott Fuentes

I work with hundreds of personal injury attorneys across the country. Price Benowitz gets a lot of good reviews from their clients, but even more importantly to me are all their colleagues, law firms and even competing law firms have nothing but good to say about the folks at Price Benowitz. That goes a long way with me. If you’re looking for a quality personal injury law firm in the Washington DC area I highly recommend them.

Jennifer Halpern

Seth Price has been my lawyer for 25+ years. He has helped me through many struggles professionally and has helped me to triumph with every situation. Price Benowitz gave me a peace of mind with family and business when I thought I was absolutely alone. The law is there to protect but you need someone who knows how to cut through the rhetoric and be your voice when you cannot be for yourself. This is a testament to strength, intelligence, presence and awareness. These are the gifts that this law firm possesses and set them apart from other practices. Wherever you are in your life, Price and Benowitz are there beside you.

Roger Wandji

When I first had the accident it was traumatic experience where I ended up with an injury to my right leg. I began to search for an attorney online. I actually had someone handling my Personal Injury case before I reached Law office of Price Benowitz, LLP and I was veryupset by the lack of professionalism my previous attorney displayed. To my surprise there was no fee for anything until my case was solved. The office made great efforts to contact all medical parties involved to assure that they would negotiate the fees to best provide me the settlement I deserved. The office staff is the incarnation of great professionalism. Price Benowitz has gone above and beyond my expectations. I will not hesitate to contact them again or to refer anyone to this office. I am thankful to the staff for the incredible job they did keeping informed everyday about the status of my case.

Brooke Adelman

I had Seth Okin as my attorney for a pretty big traffic citation and he helped me out so much! Broke down some legal lingo for me so I knew exactly what was going on and he got my fine dropped tremendously. I'm very happy I came across the Price Benowitz website.

Ninna Nana

Mr. Arora was excellent. He knows his job well and was willing to work with me to help ensure we reached the best possible outcome. He answered all of my questions, as I had many, and give the best advice and steps to follow to ensure that everything worked out as best as it possibly could. I will definitely refer him to anyone in need of his services and hopefully I won’t need him again but should I, I won’t hesitate to give him a call.

Roberta Bennet

Benjamin Katz

Seth Price of Price Benowitz continues to amaze me with the assurance of quality and care that he puts into everything he does.

Michelle Nguyen

Their receptionist answered my call and was extremely polite. She answered every question I had with kindness and made sure we were on the same page. Although I have never worked with any of the attorneys, just by this receptionist call I can tell that this law firm is professional and attentive.

Bill Tilley

I have known Seth Price and his law firm, Price Benowitz for years. Seth runs a top shelf operation and is one of the highest quality law firms in the nation. Seth is an elite lawyer and I trust him unequivocally. If you want a firm you can trust and will provide the best representation contact Price Benowitz.

Ali Sanati

I had a terrible experience with the immigration attorneys at this firm. They don't seem to know the nuances of immigration procedures very well. Again, this is a review based on the immigration team. I would stay away from this firm if you need services in this area.


I have been working with this law firm since February of 2017 on my personal injury case. The communication started out strong and the organization handled all of the medical and billing documentation while I was going through physical therapy. This provided me with a level of comfort knowing this is being resolved, because it is my first time going through something like this. When physical therapy was done the communication got spotty and it would take literally days before I got a response back. I would call and I would either receive the voicemail or would be greeted by a receptionist who would inform me that my para legal or lawyer was in a meeting. Come to find out my lawyer is no longer working with the organization. But the para legal is still processing my documentation and getting my paper work completed so I can receive my payment. Well I guess she is anyway. She sends me the release form to be filled out while I was on vacation when I had been asking her previously what added steps I needed to take and was there anything holding up the process. After I send in the release form she then contacts me to tell me that the price was wrong and that I had to go back and sign the documentation again. Fast forward to today I am still waiting for the disbursement of my funds. I have sent multiple emails and have been getting the run around. The issue isn’t solely the absence of my money, but the lack of communication and consistency. If I am told my disbursement will be ready Thursday, I should not receive notification the following day that I can’t receive it. I will not be recommending this law firm to anyone else simply because of the lack of consistency, respect of my time, lack of urgency, and transparency.

Tom Bryant

Nicholas Davieau

christina saucedo

My experience was amazing, Nicholas Braswell got my reckless driving reduced to a speeding ticket. I was so very happy about this because i am from California so I was not able to make it back for court. Nicholas Braswell's price was also really good and it saved me money on having to travel back for court.

Anne Bell

Chris Seitz

Tanaye White

The response that this office gave me concerning my request for information was very unprofessional. I wouldn't recommend.

Satnam Manku

T Owens

Mr Kush Arora was an excellent attorney He handled my concerns and anxieties with his calm demeanor and with his ultimate professionalism. He was available 24/7and responded immediately in text or email response. Would highly recommend his services to others

Felix Oduor

This law firm conducted and handled my case in a timely and outmost professionalism I have seen. If I have more cases (hoping not) they will the first team to call. I am always recommending them to anybody who is looking for good representation. They put there clients first.

Leslie Brijbasi

Price Benowitz LLP was nothing but amazing during my case. They were extremely understanding and had an extremely fast TAT. They also stayed in contact with me through out my experience and were available for all questions. Please check this firm out as you won't regret it!

Daniel Schwartz

A great overall firm. I've referred people to them and they have always been responsive with strong advocacy and a caring touch. Tough balance to find.

Kelley Smith

Great Law Firm to work with. Matt Davey is very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions throughout my case. I highly recommend him and his colleagues at Price Benowitz.

Grateful Person

My experience working with Shawn Sukumar was a great. He is a proven expert and a great lawyer. He took the time to listen and understand my situation and his actions achieved positive results.


If you are ever in need of lawyer this is the place to go. I was involved in a accident 4 years ago and couldn’t find anyone to take my case and they jumped right on it and the end result was worth the wait. Ms. Karla and Ms. Karen were such a joy to work with.

lauren siegel

Attorney Kush Arora and the entire staff at Price Benowitz LLP were absolutely fantastic! All staff I came into contact with throughout my case were kind, delligent, and knowledgeable. Every question and concern was dealt with in a caring and quick manner. I fully believe without Kush Arora and the Price Benowitz dedicated staff I would not have gotten the best possible outcome. I would completely recommend them to anyone!

Shakiah Johnson

I am soooo glad I chose this firm to represent me and my case . My attorney was Mr. Oleg Fatovsky who was AMAZING . He explained the whole process of everything and things I should do that will help me in my case , as well as keeping me up-to-date about what was going on and just being very informative. I had no idea my DUI could get lowered to a more appropriate punishment , and that I would have my freedom still and I just wanna say thanks for all you’ve done ! I highly recommend to anyone that has had similar cases to mine to check this office out 5 STARS !!!

Chris Abraham

While I like to think of myself as a righteous man, I am always comforted that Price Benowitz has my back. They're extremely generous and attentive, even when they're not billing. They're an important part of the DC area and have always been generous online in their blogs and articles. They're not jealous of their knowledge, they just want to make sure the little guy has a fighting chance. I only have one get out of jail card in my wallet and that's for Seth Price at Price Benowitz.


I called them and left a message . They returned my call within 20 minutes . No complaints here . RECOMMEND!

Alexandros Souris

This is a fantastic firm - very knowledgable, caring and professional. I highly recommend them.

Shawn Leach

This was my first time dealing with this law firm and I had the best possible experience! When I first reached out to them they returned the call within the hour! Working with Ben Middleton was great! He will familiarize himself with your situation and ask plenty of questions that will guide him throughout the process. Ben made me feel comfortable and confident that he was the right guy for the job!! Also, firm is very accessible via phone call, text, or email...very responsive. An added bonus is that they will likely work with you financially in order for you to utilize their professional services!! My situation was traffic related and I am beyond pleased with the results! Thanks Ben and company for your services and I will definitely be referring you and your firm to anyone that may be in need! Thanks!

Michael McCready

Great lawyer and a great firm. When I have clients who need a lawyer in Maryland, DC or Virginia, Seth and his firm are the ones I call. As an out of state lawyer, it is important to have lawyers who you can refer your clients and know they will be well taken care of. Highly recommended

Yvonne Galle-Bishop

Mrs. Swinton and her team were great from start to finish! If you are needing help with an issue i highly recommend her and her team!

Jason Stern

Got the results I didnt even think could happen. Let me make important decisions but advised me properly. Everything you can ask for in a traffic attorney.

Brian Wallace

Chris Staab

Seth was an outstanding attorney and provided an excellent result! Highly recommended!!!

Ryan Wood

Had a wonderfully experience with Price Benowitz , Robert Middleton Jr helped me with my case for a very fair amount of money . Probably the easiest and best experience I’ve ever had with an attorney . One of the most knowledgeable attorneys I’ve ever met . I highly recommend Price Benowitz and Ben Middleton . If I ever need in the future they would be the only place I call !

Michael Geoghegan

Kind of remarkably unhelpful. Called for Malpractice. Was told they couldn’t advise me legally. Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of a Lawyer.

Janet Humphries

I am very pleased with Andrew Lindsey’s representation. He asked a lot of questions, was very thorough and explained everything pre-hearing and post-hearing. The only better option, of course, would have been a dismissal of the charges. He did everything he could to make that happen but unfortunately the assistant district attorney did not see it his (my) way. Should the need ever arise again, knock on wood it doesn’t, I would, without hesitation, call on Mr. Lindsay once again.

Cynthia Miklos

I have known and worked with Seth for several years now, and I would highly recommend the lawyers at Price Benowitz. Their offices run like a well-oiled machine and they always put the needs of the client first. I have referred several clients to them and they have always taken excellent care of them.

Michael Bohle

Price Benowitz LLP is a fantastic team, and Oleg Fastovsky greatly assisted me during a time of distress.

Billie Tarascio

I highly recommend Seth. He has a great team and really knows his stuff.

Living Affluence

Price Benowitz is an outstanding law firm with an exceptional professional team. If I missed a call a message was always left with a name and number to follow-up. The accounting department made payments easy and painless. I wholeheartedly recommend this firm to anyone looking for representation in legal matters.

Josh Starr

I have no hesitation recommending Price Benowitz for legal assistance. In the past they have provided me with excellent guidance. They take a personal interest in your challenge, which is critical when you are in the midst of making critical decisions or facing a crisis.

Ashley T.

A great law firm with very convenient locations. It is easy to communicate with the paralegals and the lawyers about your case. Sometimes dealing with lawyers is stressful, but you won’t feel that way at Price Benowitz.

Dion Calloway

Oleg is very transparent and will treat you with respect and professionalism. He is very quick to respond via email, text or calls. He will keep you updated throughout the process of your situation as he understands his role as your legal aid. Upon meeting Oleg you will be able to tell he sincerely cares about your needs and will do ALL he can to make you feel comfortable and overcome your obstacles. OLEG FOR THE WIN!!! HE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Sree Sarma

Eased worries. Really enjoyed it. If I need assistance again he will be a great asset. Incredibly easy to contact and available. Answer all questions and really flexible answering questions my family had. Really appreciated it. Absolutely recommend him, couldn't ask for better help

Karin Porter Review

I was incredibly fortunate to have Karin Porter representing me after being arrested in Fairfax County for DUI and driving on a suspended license. The videotape of my DUI arrest was particularly damning. A key factor behind selecting Karin to represent me was her near-decade of experience as a prosecutor and the fact she actually clerked for a Fairfax County Circuit Court judge. Although I had nearly zero interaction with the court system before this arrest, an obvious consideration was that my lawyer needed to know the key players (judge, prosecutor, law enforcement) and, more importantly, be respected by them. It was immediately clear during our first meeting Karin met this criteria, and it was increasingly reinforced throughout the process that Karin’s standing within the Fairfax County legal/court community couldn’t be higher. She knows the people firsthand and has extensively worked every aspect of the court system. Karin was a uniquely effective advocate for me when negotiating with the prosecution and arresting officer. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge, professional tenacity, and remarkable reputation among prosecutors and the police, my DUI was reduced to reckless driving, and the driving on a suspended license charge was reduced to simply driving without a license. Karin is an exceptional lawyer and I was lucky to have her fighting for me.

hellen sena

Kush Arora is a knowledgeable, dedicated and excellent attorney to have represented me on my case. he was always available on phone/email and respond to my queries promptly. I am very happy with the service i received and would highly recommend him and its firm for legal representation.

Thomas Hurley

My case was handled with true professionalism. My attorney Oleg Fastovsky discussed the probable outcome with me and thats exactly what happened. In court he was far more efficient with his answers to the judge than the other attorneys I observed that day. I would recommend Oleg and Price Benowitz to someone needing an attorney.

Adam Van Grack

The attorneys at the law firm of Price Benowitz are extremely knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I highly recommend them for personal injury and criminal matters.

Lisa Ricks

My experience was good. I had a great communication with Daniel and Carolina was excellent to deal with. I would recommend this firm to anyone. You will have to be patient because personal injury cases take time. Overall I had a great experience.

Brandon P

Price Benowitz is absolutely first-rate. Karin Riley Porter provided the best representation I have ever received from an attorney, and all the other professionals I dealt with at the firm were first-class. Everyone I dealt with was smart, capable, responsive, kind, compassionate and totally dedicated to delivering results for me. I recommend the firm with the greatest enthusiasm and without reservation.

Samuel Miller

This firm helped me out with a very important legal matter. If you ever need any legal services in Maryland, you should give these guys a call for an evaluation. They don't even require that you pay for the consultation, and they are absolutely worth your investment.

Luis Sosa

Mary Nerino is doing a great job so far handling my case. I feel like as if I can truly trust her. She makes me feel like she has my back with how on top of everything she is. I want to say you thank you for your hard work and also thank you to your legal assistant Alvaro.

Jacqueline Posner

Mimi Layne

This is the BEST lawyer ever. Hopefully my son won’t need him again but if we do Mr Braswell will be our attorney. After 8 months and approx 5 court dates charge was DISMISSED. He is very professional and honest. Thank you again Mr Braswell Richmond, Virginia

Ed Jones

I recently had a consultation with the Price-Benowitz law firm to apply for a K-1 visa for my girlfriend and a K-2 for her son. Amanda Ureña was my contact at PB. Amanda gave me a complete education about the K-1 process, answered all my questions, explained the fees and followed up with a step by step outline of the what to do next. . Whereas I have contacted other immigration attorneys and related online services regarding my case, some with lower fees, my one hour consultation with Amanda led me to believe that she and her team are the best choice of professionals to accompany us through this very important and seemingly tedious process that will effect the rest of our lives. Thanks, Amanda! I look forward to doing business with you! Ed Jones.


I have Hired Mr. Oleg Fastovsky to deal my case. He is a very Smart, professional and experienced attorney. He is very detail oriented and he listen to his clients very carefully before he make any suggestion and/or come up with any plan. Excellent attorney.

Lorraine Feury

Price Benowitz is amazing! They were very patient with collecting information for my car accident. They are very thorough with creating a demand and closing statement. The team here also is willing to explain every step of the process in detail to advise you in making the best decisions. I would suggest this company to anyone in the DMV area.

Tom Spiggle

Price Benowitz is my go-to referral source. The attorneys are top-notch at what they do and the firm has excellent client service to boot. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Steve Smith

Price Benowitz and their team is a pleasure to work with. Anytime I have had any questions the staff was always available and so helpful. Thank you for helping me when I needed it the most.

janny kim

My boyfriend and I got in trouble seperately and both times the lawyers were kind, straight forward and professional getting myself and my boyfriend the best outcome we could wish for. I had a misdemeanor reckless driving offense and when I went to court the first time without a lawyer I was shocked. They were just giving out a misdemeanor like it was nothing but it was everything to me. I immediately called them and with a short amount of time they told me exactly what to do and be ready for. My lawyer Andrew Lindsey was a former public defender so he was emphatic and helped me through each step. I myself had to prepare because I myself wanted the best outcome and with one hit he was able to pull it down all the way to a defective equipment claim. I seriously wouldn’t know what I would do without him. Please don’t make the mistake I saw countless others and try to represent yourself if you want a career in the future then you need this to be taken seriously by a professional. I know many might think it’s too much but they work with you and have payment plans as well. Again my lawyer Andrew Lindsey was awesome and if I ever get into trouble I will definitely go to him and his firm !

Jeff Lawton

My first meeting with (Price/Benowitz) Seth Price he was very professional and made me fill like I was part of a family not just a client. All the employees at Price/Benowits were very friendly. I would highly recommend Price/Benowitz (Seth Price) to anyone looking for a great attorney.

Paula Cenusa

Oleg was there to walk me through the entire process of my DUI and told me exactly what I needed to do, as well as answered my questions throughout the process. That in itself was very useful and comforting. On top of that he also made some last minute changes to his approach to the judge to help me get a slightly customized verdict that made my life a lot less complicated. His expertise is exactly what I needed.

Caleb Logan

After researching many legal professionals for my traffic troubles I landed on Price Benowitz - the best decision I made! They were diligent, courteous, and worked with me every step of the way. I would not only recommend but use again (let's hope I never have to though).

Isadora Hare

Mr. Kush Arora is a highly professional, knowledgeable and skilled lawyer. He is also very thorough in his approach. In addition, his manner is thoughtful and he is sensitive to his clients' concerns. I can highly recommend him.

ToWanda 1

Mr. Oleg had an extensive knowledge of Maryland law and procedure. He educated us about the process and the outcome was as expected. He is a very dedicated and sincere person who cares for those who seek his service.

Nick Durland

Very responsive and professional. Clearly experts in state and city law.


Vetro Gallery

The epitome of excellence. This law firm is a perfect example of a team that works together. Every person on the staff, shows the same level of professionalism, and truly makes you feel as though your case, is their top priority. My legal representation was through Kush Arora, although various members of the team showed their dedication and resolve throughout the entire process. Price Benowitz will always have my business.

Jen Sanfilippo

The team at Price Benowitz is great! They take care of each client and are always there to answer your questions. If you are looking for peace of mind with your case, these are the lawyers for you!

Michael McManus

Matt Davey is one of the most effective and respected personal injury attorneys in the Washington, DC area. He has deep experience representing both plaintiffs and insurance companies and knows insurance company tactics.

Kumar Devarakonda

Best attorneys I have found for my wife’s personal injury claim. Attorneys and their staff are dedicated, honest and professional.


Andrea Masso

Price Benowitz is an awesome law firm – very professional and they make their clients feel comfortable. Don’t waste your time with other firms, Price Benowitz has everything you need!


-Oleg Fastovsky is a great, solid lawyer. -I had two traffic cases, one in Annapolis and the other in Baltimore, Both could carry jail time. My record isn't good so I was nervous, until Oleg put his strategy in motion. He was always well prepared and looked very comfortable and confident when he entered the court room. But I was most impressed by how he actually cares and gos above and beyond to give his client the best chance of a positive outcome. -Oleg Fastovsky is what a lawyer should be. I've had my share of lawyers that I felt was a waste of money and made the court room seem routine and mechanical as if my fate was always sealed. But I was lucky to have Oleg as my lawyer because he had a plan for both my cases and stuck to it while also being very vocal and persuasive to judge/jury. -anyways, Im not that guy who judges everything around me and always rights reviews, I never do this, but I'm so happy with what Oleg did for my outcome that it only seems right that I let ppl know that there is a lawyer who actually cares and will see your case through to the end the best way he can, OLEG FASTOVSKY -

Jin Junanago

My ticket was taken care of quickly and professionally. I was included with every step and the firm is comprised of knowledgeable and friendly staff that are always willing to answer any questions you have and respond quickly should they happen to be unreachable at the moment

Kymani Nahar

Special thanks to Kush Arora. His attention to detail is out of this world. Always professional and very very good at what he does. When he says something he means it and is available to answer any questions and listen to any concerns you may have. You can't go wrong if you work with him! I couldn't have made a better choice.

Peter Alison

Was defended after a bad car accident. Mrs. Porter was able to give me the best possible sentence, better than we initially expected, and was very kind and helpful in making me understand my options and choices. Excellent and knowledgeable, I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of a lawyer.

Matthew Dolman

I have worked with Seth Price and his team at Price Benowitz a number of times over the past few years. This is a first class operation and one of the finer law firms in the nation. Seth is an elite lawyer and this is a top flight law firm.

Fresh Prince

I reached out to this firm to help me with an important matter in Montgomery county, md. The staff was super helpful, and would text and call me throughout the process. My case ended with a great resolution and I can get back to my life. Thanks!

Ron Herring

Recently I hired attorney Seth Okin to represent me in a DUI case. Seth was very thorough, knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. The outcome of my case was better than expected and Seth ensured my needs came first. I highly recommend Seth and the Price Benowitz firm to anyone looking for a great attorney and stress free experience.


I worked here several years ago. The firm continues to grow in a positive direction. If I needed a lawyer, especially in a criminal matter, these are the folks I would call. I frequently refer people to Price Benowitz for a range of legal matters. The rest of the reviews speak for themselves. Inquire with confidence.

Jonathan Shamay Draluck

Luiz Pompeo

I highly recommend Ms. Natalia Segermeister. At the time I contact her, I had low expectations about my case. She was positive and steered me in the right direction. Other than being very professional, Ms. Segermeister is exceptionally gentle. She would always pick up my calls when I had doubts. I am quite satisfied by her co-operation and knowledge.


Attorney Seth was amazing, professional and very helpful with everything from beginning to the end. Even after everything was done he stayed in contact for any follow up questions or concerns that I may have had.

Herbert Howell

My experience with Attorney Steve Duckett, Price Benowitz Law Firm.... I recently used the services of Attorney Steve Duckett. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. He is a true professional. I highly recommend him to anyone needing representation in legal matters before the courts. He is an asset to the Price Benowitz legal team!

Charline Marcelle

The Price Benowitz Law Firm—has been of great service to myself and my family. The communication and processes is out of this world! I was very nervous and displaced regarding my process and the direct persons I dealt with kept me calm along the way. Thank you Price Benowitz for getting the job done right!

A Max

I am grateful and happy that I chose Karin Riley Porter with the Price Benowitz firm to handle my traffic case. My case was handled with upmost professionalism, legal knowledge and support for me. My questions were promptly reviewed and answered by the firm. I went into the court room confident I would obtain the best results possible given the nature of my case. I would highly recommend this firm and would choose Price Benowitz again for other legal matters.

Sergio Rosalez

I only had dealings with Price Benowitz LLP due to traffic court, but from the dealings I have had with them, the company is nothing but professional and cares about their clients satisfaction and trying to serve them to the utmost fullest of their abilities.

Romy Uribe

This is the law office you call when you want the best legal representation. Professional, passionate and personable. I'm so grateful for all their help." Given my tough situation I am extremely satisfied beyond belief. Mr. Arora is simply the best in the business and I'm so happy I was able to find him."

Ronnie H

Excellent firm, had a perfect experience from the start. They took care of me and I had a better outcome then I even expected. I highly recommend this team.


Jessica Honecker

I had an excellent experience with this lawyer. He spent the time and resources needed in order to get the best results. I was impressed, and would definitely recommend to anyone needing a lawyer. He always ensured that I was prepared for what was going to occur in the courtroom. Since I was naive to the entire process, he was a good lawyer to have on my side. Patrick explained everything to me in layman's terms, in a professional way. Thank you

Alexandrea Putman

Price Benowitz is an amazing firm! Very professional, accommodating, and knowledgeable. My case was only a minor one but Jason, my attorney, never made me feel like I was not his top priority.

Raheel Ahmad

Andrew is a great lawyer. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He is willing to fight for what you want. I was impressed by the way he took the case to trial and argued my case. Would recommend him to everyone.

Greg Guinn

I was extremely pleased with the level of service, care and professionalism that I received from this firm. I will definitely use them again in the future IF NEEDED!!!! Excellent job!!!!

Jay Ruane

Fantastic Lawyers. Hired them to work on a trademark dispute (someone in AZ is stepping on my trademark) and they have been attentive and responsive. Also suggested a course of action that would actually incur lower legal fees to them but get the result we needed. Highly recommended.


I have always received excellent advice from Seth Price and Price Benowitz.. I have known them 30 years and have found their counsel invaluable in regards to various business transactionss. I highly recommend Seth and David.

Jennifer Robey

I had a great experience with attorney Patrick Woolley from Price Benowitz. I was charged with reckless driving in Virginia for driving 81 in a 55. Mr. Woolley was able to get my charge decreased to a regular speeding ticket. From the time I hired him until the time my case was resolved he kept in contact with me to let me know how things were going and to check in to make sure I was following his advice. Whenever I had a question it was answered promptly by either himself or his paralegal. It was definitely worth the money and peace of mind to hire him.

Jonathon Adler

Everything was extremely professional, accurate, and, perhaps most importantly, easy to do. They were really good about making me feel comfortable signing papers that won't really matter until I'm terribly sick or worse; the fact that they made this a pleasant experience is a huge testament to their skill.

Anthony Lam

Great place with very nice and professional staff. When my wife and I visited we had trouble getting in because of key code security door so make sure you ask them how to get in.


Jeff Smith

Attorney Benowitz is a true professional has not lost touch with his clients. I was not able to be in court, so he appear for me. The items that he and I discussed over the phone, were the completed result in court. I want to thank Attorney Benowitz for his dedicated to the people he represents.

Megan Cline

After being in a multi vehicle head on collision on a bridge after a young man fell asleep at the wheel in his truck, My experience with this law firm for my personal injury case was absolutely amazing, I wouldn’t recommend anyone better to represent anyone’s case. John Yannone I can’t thank you enough for representing me, you truly are the best! Thank you Pricebenowitz for being there for me for the last over 3 years solid. Thank you Ms. Carolina for helping guide me through the process and during all of my treatments.

William Boshnick


Excellent experience. It can be stressful if you don’t know who to call. Take my advice: Ask for Ben Middleton. Customer Service Reps were helpful and professional. I was referred to Ben Middleton. Very efficient with reaching out to me to explain how the upcoming months would go for my case (mostly him doing the work and me just waiting for the court date). The day of my case could’ve made me extremely anxious, but was made into a cakewalk by how it was handled. Ben organized a time to meet him before the hearing to go over the game plan for the case and the expected outcome. He was affable and took the stressing out of the situation. He takes his work seriously and will make sure he is treating your case with the utmost care. Extremely positive outcome. I will be referring him to all of my friends and family.

demi sellars

I had the pleasure and good fortune of being represented by lawyers on the personal injury team at this firm. I was referred to them by a family member for help with a personal injury matter. The attorneys assigned to my case were personable, highly competent, efficient and frank. They gave me realistic expectations about the possible outcomes of my case and constantly updated me as we moved through the process. When the defendant's attorneys submitted an unacceptable settlement offer, my team at Price Benowitz quickly called to inform me of said offer and strongly urged me to reject it. I followed their advice without hesitation and am so glad I did. The defendant's lawyers were not willing to offer a more reasonable settlement, so a trial date was set for my case, but I was told that I would have to appear at a deposition prior to that. My lead attorney at Price Benowitz took the time to thoroughly prepare me for the deposition and was a reassuring force in the room with me throughout the entire session. A few weeks after the deposition, the defendant's attorney's reached out to the team at Price Benowitz to discuss a more "reasonable" settlement offer. Much to my surprise, the amount of the new offer was nearly three times more than the original offer and was more than fair. I happily accepted the new offer and the case was officially closed, but none of that would have been possible without the legal advice and expertise of the attorneys and staff at Price Benowitz. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking representation for a personal injury matter...Thanks Price Benowitz!

Stacy Baast

My husband’s attorney Patrick Woolley did a great job on our cases , he was so knowledgeable, confidential and faithful. We would recommend Price Benowitz to everyone who needs it!

Justin Field

Recently, my family found ourselves in the position of needing an attorney. The situation at hand was frightening and extremely stressful. After a great deal of research, I decided to retain the services of Steve Duckett with Price Benowitz. I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Duckett. He was a Godsend. His knowledge and experience proved to be invaluable, so much so that the ultimate determination was like hitting the legal lottery. He was worth every penny and I cannot thank him enough for what he did for my family. We owe Mr. Duckett a debt of gratitude that we will never be able to pay. 5 stars only because it doesn't go higher!

Ronald Jarvis

We had great service from Price Benowitz. Without going into the details of our engagement, I can say that I have been impressed by their professionalism and knowledge of the areas of law that they cover. We were put in touch with a very qualified, knowledgeable and experienced attorney that knew the ropes and provided us considerable assistance when we needed it. There's a lot of talent and know-how in this firm, and I would not hesitate to circle back to them in the future. I can recommend them highly.

Amy Fried

I have known Seth Price since the 90s when we both worked with Internet startups in Silicon Alley. He is a great guy! He has always been there for me, including for any legal issues. He has provided meaningful, thoughtful guidance and I highly recommend working with him!

Juan De Cruz, Jr.

I Google searched for the best DUI attorney and located Price Benowitz. The information on the site was very informative and their follow up was outstanding. The fee was affordable and the work of their attorney was exceptional. I was unconcious after my accident so the officer said I refused a test, the attorney noticed my blood test from the hospital was faulty. I was tested twice once was .21 and the other was .00,. My case was dismissed and I just paid a small fine. I would refer them to anyone.

Mark De

Awesome firm. Delivered what they promised. rRsults were favorable. I would use this firm again without reservation. This is a winning team!!

Mark Hubbard

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