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REVIEWS OF Oleg Fastovsky Attorney at Law IN Maryland

Ann Claypoole

Mr. Fastovsky is both professional and compassionate. His work ethic is beyond reproach and it was apparent during our association that he is highly respected by his peers. Mr. Fastovsky was quick to reply to any questions or concerns and was never too busy to simply take a moment to offer support. His knowledge of the law and legal experience is both extensive and impressive. My rating of Oleg Fastovsky is that of EXCELLENCE. He is an attorney who gets results but is also a person who truly cares. He has my utmost respect and appreciation.

Anthony Dinh

Koria was very informative throughout my case, and very helpful in attaining a favorable result in court!


My experience with this law firm was beyond excellent. My attorney Ms.Stanton assisted me with a traffic infraction and went well beyond her job to ensure that all my questions were answered and my concerns attended to. I was kept well informed of every step taken as she represented me. Ms. Stanton was very kind and knowledgable and I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of an attorney regarding traffic infractions. She will get the job done and done right, guarantee!

sofia noelle

Oleg was everything I hoped for in an attorney. He was quick to respond and although he laid out every scenario of my case the results were even better then i could have hoped. He was available at all times and worked with us. Highly reccommend!

Maximillian Hill

Oleg is the consummate professional. Knowledgeable, honest, and genuinely invested in getting the best result for his clients. I would recommend him to friends and family in need without hesitation.

Crystal Collette

Koria Stanton is simply the best! She has impressive skills and gives a tremendous sense of security. Her professionalism, humanity and understanding is beyond what you could hope for. I highly recommend Ms.Koria Stanton's services. Her kindness and dedication is what sets her apart.

Killian Law Group, LLC

Oleg is the lawyer that lawyers go to when they need advice or when they need to refer complicated and serious criminal matters. Olegs ability to obtain the best result possible, and be a miracle worker for his clients is on another level.

Philip Kapitan

I can't say enough about how wonderful Oleg was. He advised in a professional and courteous manner and was extremely available and communicative. He helped me get through a very tough situation and I will be recommending him to anyone who may need legal help.

Roman Davis

Worst Service ever

Chelsea Hruby

I have worked with attorney Edward Tayter on a few different cases and he has always been AMAZING.! He was extremely patient when it came to explaining things to me and answering questions (and I had a lot of them). I also felt comfortable and confident going through the entire court process with Mr. Tayter being my attorney. I would recommend Attorney Edward Tayter to anyone who is looking for a lawyer.!!!!!

Terrence Decker

syed hassnain

Ed Tayter, has great experience in the court room and dealing with the judge's. his knowledge of court cases helped me alot. he knew what to say, when to say it. To get the best result for his client. i would recommend him to everyone i know, the best you could find in Maryland.

Chris Deutsch

Oleg was always professional and knows his work. He offered solid advice through the entire process and helped me look great in arraignment and hearings. He knows the judges and procedures and I was very pleased with how he represented me. Everything that he expected to happen was what ended up happening. Even though my case was simple, I had interviewed two other attorneys before choosing him. When everything was wrapped up I felt I had made a great decision.

Davonne Hart

Well I want to say koria Stanton did a great job for helping me and my case keeping in touch with me on what I need to build on a good case if anyone would want to choose a lawyer to help price benowitz is the place excellent group of people

Alex Poberesky

Ed is a very competent attorney who knows how to handle a criminal case well,

Jordan Bryant

As the rating reveals, I truly "loved" my experience with Attorney Edward Tayter! My boyfriend's future was being endangered by a possible DUI conviction; his deployment as a member of the US military was jeopardized as a result of this years-old charge. Atty Tayter was not only patient with the time constraints and demands placed on the case (eg. were the case not completely resolved by a certain deadline, my boyfriend would have been deprived of his deployment status), but was extremely cool under all the pressure, continuously developing strategies and being flexible to our needs. In addition to all of this, he was extremely understanding in terms of financing for his services. All in all, Mr. Tayter is the complete package. As a relieved girlfriend, he has my undying gratitude, and as a law student myself, I can say that from a legal perspective, he has my definite respect.

yuval grinshtein

I would like to show my appreciation to Oleg Fastovsky. I found him to be extremely helpful, resourceful and with exceptionally good legal skills.

Landrum Photography

Oleg is the epitome of a professional. He worked with us every step of the way and explained every detail of every step for us. I can't think him enough for his patience and diligence. Highly recommend!

swag punjabi

He is worst lawyer ever. He don't know much about laws and immigration. Because of him i lost a lot of money and my whole family suffered and still suffering.

Kevin Traynor

Ed is extremely helpful, he walked me through everything and also didn't sugar coat anything. He is an amazing attorney and I would recommend him to anyone that asks.

Tyanna Wilson

Oleg was very personable and made me feel at ease with my situation. He was explained best and worst case scenarios and made things as painless as possible! Would definitelt recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation

Ben Meredith

Oleg has been a friend and colleague since law school. He's a consummate professional and I would recommend him to friends and family in need.

The mechanic

My third DUI, Mr. Tayter found a good defense that no other lawyer saw. Every lawyer basically said I was screwed and some didn't even want to take my case. Mr. Tayter is the best lawyer I have had for these charges and Highly recommend him. His prices are average which is more than fair seeing he really is better than my last 2 lawyers. Update: Just over a year later and I had to call upon Mr. Tayter again for a DUI. I was facing a challenging case and a rack of charges, to which I thought there was no hope. I was facing not months but years of jail time and possible revocation of my license. While he did all of the work the only thing I had to do was to worry and follow his advice. I must say I certainly could not have asked for a better outcome on the case. He is the only lawyer I will recommend to anyone in these matters.

Amit Phull

Kush Arora is exceedingly professional and has always gone out of his way to be very helpful. Beyond the work ethic that he applies to his profession, he has gone above and beyond by advising and mentoring friends and family who are in the earlier stages of their own legal careers. He takes the time and makes the effort to leverage his legal knowledge to work for his clients, friends and family alike.

Robert Gallagher

Alexander Mendes

Wert Yuille

Ed Tayter was up front from the very beginning. He gave me the impression that would be a good lawyer for my DUI case. I found him to be a great person and Lawyer. I would highly recommend him to any person. Thanks again Mr. Tayter.. From: Wilmer Grady

Nicole nicole

If you are looking for an experienced lawyer who has great knowledge on judges and prosecutors in Baltimore City, you are looking in the right place. Very knowledgeable. Very aware of the judge and charges brought against you. I was in a dark place and needed help. After I was failed by PDs, I hired Mr. fastovsky. He is worth every penny .The end result of my case was nolle prosquei. He knew that was going to happen before I stepped foot in court. I will recommend Mr. fastovsky to anyone facing criminal/traffic violations. Thank you Mr. Fastovsky and The Benowitz team.

Juan Rodriguez

The traffic infraction that she handled involved a legal issue as to the applicability of D.C. law to vehicles or motorbikes registered in another state. Kori was very responsive to my phone calls and emails, and she performed the necessary legal research many weeks in advance of the hearing in order to properly advise her client. I have been very pleased with her professionalism, her preparedness and her responsiveness to my various questions. I would recommend her without reservation.

Zakarias Brookes

If I had a friend or family member that needed a well respected attorney I would recommend Oleg Fastovsky to represent them in court.

natalie hetrick

Very helpful people. Very understanding and great customer service skills. Would definitely recommend!

A Google User

I went through a list about 40 something odd attorneys, and all of them where either extremely experience, did not have the experience needed in my area, or wanted everything up front. When I initially called Ed’s office, they told me all about him and I thought this is probably the guy I wanted to talk to. I was an absolute nervous wreck about what I was looking at right then, and Ed looked at me and said “well I am the kind of guy that gets this problem resolved”. I knew he was the right guy for me. Ed completely came through for me. I don’t think there could have been a better result, I really think things could have gone in much worse directions. I received just a year of probation, and I got my driving privileges back in a very short period of time. Ed’s arguments where sound, and he really made my case. I think because of him I didn’t lose my job, and I can continue with my work. Ed was a lifesaver. I learned a lot from my experiences with Ed, and I would highly recommend him to anyone that comes across a similar situation.

Nii Gh

J Tarantino

I have to say I was impressed with Oleg Fastovsky, I thought for sure that I was going to jail on like my 10th or 11th driving on suspended and called a ton of lawyers trying to get one of them to tell me i was going to be OK, none of them did lol but Oleg sounded the best and he was great he handled to 2 cases side by side and one even had a suspended sentence hanging over it and somehow he managed to get me PBJ on both, I was shocked and in disbelief so would I recommend Oleg? Definitely!

Terron Gaffney

I hired Oleg to represent my son after reading his reviews. Sometime in between when he was hired and my sons trial date (which was today), I began questioning the good reviews. I asked myself over and over again whether or not I made a good decision in choosing my sons attorney to represent him. My son was charged with 2 counts of robbery, 2 counts of assault, carrying a firearm, conspiracy to robbery and at least 5 more charges. These are some serious charges an if I'm gonna hire someone to represent my son, I have to make sure I choose wisely. So again I question my choice of hiring Oleg. Have you ever heard of the saying, "Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing?" Well that was Oleg method. He represented my son as if he was pleading for his own life- Oleg spoke so well about my son to the judge. He spoke fluently without missing a beat, without a sweat on his forehead. Oleg was amazing. I couldn't and wouldn't ask for a better attorney to represent my son. Today (8/21/2018), my son plead guilty an was given PROBATION!!!! Yes you read that correctly!!! With all those charges and I mean it's over 100yrs jail time worth of charges if convicted. But Oleg did his thang in court- Because of Oleg, today is the 1st day I'll see my son in over 5months. So if you're looking to hire an attorney for serious crimes, OLEG is the guy. Thank You so much Oleg!!!! BTW- I’m using my other sons account to post my review because I do not have a google account (I’m so old school LOL) but my name is Latasha


I found ED through AVVO, and he was the first attorney that I noticed had such a high rating. I called his office, and I set up an office meeting with Ed the very next day (and on .. a Sunday). I only spoke to one attorney before deciding to hire, and I knew Ed was the right guy for me immediately. We went to the first court appearance together, and he completely met my expectations. He told me exactly what would happen and it happened just like he said. I was facing a DUI charge, and Ed was very kind to me during this ordeal. He explained the whole process to me, but most importantly he was very informative to my parents. With my consent, Ed always touched base with my overbearing parents, and kept my family informed. I was cited with 8 various charges DUI and more charges.. Ed and I went to trial over these charges. I always felt like Ed treated my like I was the only client for Ed, he fought for me, and did not step down at any point. Out of the 8 Charges… (3 DUI charges)… I was found NOT GUILTY of 7/8. I was only found guilty of driver failure to stop at a flashing red traffic stop light. I had to pay $89 dollars… I was absolutely amazed and relieved, this was something that was weighing so heavily on my life and my family. Ed told me he was going to get me a lesser sentence... but I had no idea that this was even feasible. I have never even heard of someone beating a DUI in Maryland. I would refer him to anyone and everyone I know, I feel super comfortable that he is the attorney to help anyone out in any criminal defense matters or DUI Defense Matters. You will feel comfortable knowing you have Ed Tayter in your corner.

Devyn Alexander

Mr. Fastovsky was attentive, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. He turned my hefty criminal charge into a PBJ. From the first phone call, he explained every detail and step. I could have not asked for a better representation.

Shakiah Johnson

I am soooo glad I chose this firm to represent me and my case . My attorney was Mr. Oleg Fatovsky who was AMAZING . He explained the whole process of everything and things I should do that will help me in my case , as well as keeping me up-to-date about what was going on and just being very informative. I had no idea my DUI could get lowered to a more appropriate punishment , and that I would have my freedom still and I just wanna say thanks for all you’ve done ! I highly recommend to anyone that has had similar cases to mine to check this office out 5 STARS !!!

Trevor Stiltner

Oleg Fastovsky is one of the kindest, honest and hard working individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. Unlike most attorneys, he will spend time explaining all possible outcomes on your case and explain how he will win the case for you. On first meeting Oleg, you might think "this guy is way too nice". Don't let his good nature and chiseled abs fool you! This Ukrainian devil will give the prosecutors hell in the courtroom. He will fight until every avenue is exhausted and never give up. But most importantly, he fights for YOU! If you want a bargain bin lawyer who will plea your case out without even speaking to you, good luck! As for me, I'll take the best criminal defense attorney in town.

Pepper Ramos

Edward Tayter is awesome! I highly recommend his expertise. He helped me in a major way when I was feeling hopeless. Let me tell you why. EZ pass/ MDTA sent me a notice saying that I owed $3,163.75 in violations and penalties. So I called the MDTA Customer Service, waited almost an hour to try and talk to someone to request a court hearing, and when I finally spoke to someone, the person denied me because she said it was too late for me to request a trial because I missed the deadline to do so. She said the only thing I could do was pay the balance or my tags would be flagged and my driving privileges would be suspended. I tried pleading with her and asked if there was anyway someone could help me, and she said "no I can't help you and no one here can... there's nothing you can do." She repeatedly said "there's nothing you can do except pay the balance". Upset and frustrated, I hung up the phone with her and that's when I called Ed Tayter. After seeking his counsel, he helped me avoid $2900.00 in fees and penalties and I was able to avoid having my driving privileges suspended and I was able to settle my EZ pass account for only the cost of the tolls which was $263.75. Thank you so much Ed Tayter!


Dealing with Oleg was great experience!! From the very beginning he was very understanding and compassionate about my situation. He worked with me through the process and was able to get my case taken care of without having to be in court. Thank you!

Thomas Hurley

Oleg was thorough and professional. He put me at ease and everything he told me turned out to be correct and true. I would recommend Oleg to anyone I know who needs an attorney.

Andre Brunette

LJ Walter

Ms. Stanton was essential to my traffic case; this being my first time having to consult with an attorney I was very nervous and anxious but she was always available to address any questions or concerns throughout the entire planning process. On the day of court she was extremely professional and seemed to have a great rapport with the prosecutor. My outcome was EXTREMELY favorable! I will be keeping her contact info in case (hopefully not!) I ever need her help in the future.

Jen White

Matthew Van Stavern

Oleg was outstanding. Very knowledgeable and assisted in our situation. Oleg is someone I would look to for additional assistance if needing assistance again.

Lanisa Granger

They asked for my personal information and then hung up in my face. It’s a scammer.

Caitlin Mellott

When I was first charged with a DUI I was very shocked, stressed and upset. I first went and applied for a public defender, until a family member recommended that I hire somebody who would really fight for me. I received a number of flyers in the mail, but decided to search online for lawyers who did DUI cases. I found Price Benowitz LLP online and the person who answered the phone referred me to Ed. He let me know right off the bat the different ways the cases could go. I’m a teacher and was very worried about my job and Ed was very reassuring and talked to me about cases similar to mine he had seen in the past. Ed never gave up. He did everything he possibly could to fight for me. He was extremely confident in what he knew and what he was asking of the witnesses. He told me time and time again that he was confident that I would have a good outcome of the case. I was very satisfied with the result that Ed was able to get for me and I would recommend him to other people in need of a DUI attorney.

William Ayres

Matt W

When I was pulled over for a DUI it was my first run in with the law. I had no idea where to go to. I called my parents immediately, and we reached out to Ed tayter. He seemed extremely energetic and knowledgeable about DUI. I hired him almost immediately, and I was not disappointed. He was extremely flexible with me, and stood by my side the entire time. He kept me up to date every step of the way, and was the reason I got such an amazing result. Ed used the video evidence off the dashcam to show that I was not intoxicated, and supported that evidence with the inconsistent testimony of the police officer. The DUI charge was thrown out of court, and I can now go on with my plans of law school next year instead of having to deal with this for the rest of my life. Ed saved my life. I would recommend him to anyone who gets in a similar situation as mine. Ed Tayter is a great DUI Defense attorney.

Harish Gehani

My son was facing some serious charges. We found Oleg online through a few searches, one of the best decisions we have ever made. Oleg was completely helpful throughout the whole process, professional and intelligent. We also learned a lot about the court process. If you need a lawyer hire Oleg, you will not regret it.

Bob A

Oleg was fantastic to work with. My brother was in so much trouble and he got him off with probation as contrast to the 25 years he was guaranteed to get. Thank you!!!

Achyut Juskus

We used Ed in a family DUI matter - he was fair, had great communication, and knew the DUI/criminal justice system like the back of his hand. He quoted us a flat fee which was reasonable, and didn't charge extra for additional court visits, which was needed in our case. He has a quick mind and sharp wit, which put us at ease in our dealings. We are quite satisfied with our experience of Ed, and can wholeheartedly recommend him - he is a pleasure to work with.

Ryan McQuighan

Oleg is an outstanding attorney. He is dedicated, intelligent and through. I can highly recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer.

Dynesha Brooks

When looking for a lawyer, one hopes to find someone who is dedicated to their clients, has the ability to produce the desired results, and someone whose professionalism and work ethic outweighs everything else. When looking for representation, look no further than Koria Stanton. Ms. Stanton exemplifies all of the characteristics of a top notch lawyer and I highly recommend her services to anyone in need. Thank you Ms. Stanton!

Von PL

I can not thank Atty Tayter enough. He worked his ass off on my case. We fought and fought with these judges to make our point clear and it finally worked. It was a clear observation that I wasn't under the influence. My DWI I once had in June was acquitted as of today. I can now get it expunged. I thank you soooo much! You must all hire him for your DWI/DUI cases. I promise you he won't fail your needs.


ryan Tipton

I'm more then happy with everything Ed did for me. He kept in contact with me and gave me updates about my case. If I had any questions or concerns he would answer immediately. He's a great lawyer and I thank him.

Russell Sloan

My experience with Edward Tayter was exceptional. From start to finish, Ed instructed and guided me through the process making me feel comfortable and confident. He was easy to reach and answered his phone every time I called, even during his family vacation! Edward was affordable for a full-time student working to pay for school and helped get my case dismissed. I would highly recommend Mr. Tayter's services to everyone! He was well known and greeted at the courthouse by many of the attorneys and others. Very personable and great attitude overall!

Brittni Downs

Koria Stanton is a very hard working attorney who goes above and beyond to research relevant legal issues and conduct factual investigations into her cases. She is always early, prepared, and well-informed. She makes her clients feel at ease and provides them with the information they need to make informed decisions. She is a pleasant person who is easy to get along with personally and professionally.

Steve V

I am a retired police officer and I know a lot of attorneys throughout my career. I spoke to probably seven attorneys and all the attorneys told me I did the right things when I was arrested, but Ed seemed to be very different. Ed had his head wrapped around with everything and anything that had to do with DUIs. I just felt very comfortable that Ed would be willing to litigate these cases and seemed that he was very personable. Lots of lawyers do not explain every process, but Ed did! He went through every piece of paper and documentation that I brought him and he went through it tooth and comb. He also was able to come up with a good payment plan that worked with my Pension Plan. Ed’s accessibility after I became his client was amazing. Ed ALWAYS returned my calls and questions… while playing with his kids, on vacation, pretty much whenever I needed him. His communication level is amazing. In my experience I know that a private attorney is able to contact the state attorney and negotiate and talk about my case ahead of time. Ed of course did this, he negotiated something that I really wanted, and was happy to take. He was very professional and careful with his negotiations and his demeanor while speaking to the government’s representatives including the Judge. I was arrested for a total of 14 Charges, 2 DUIs/DWIs + 1 Driving Under the Influence of Narcotics + 9 Payable offenses. Ed called me several days before the trial date, and he told me he worked a deal with the State Attorney’s office and asked if I approved of the deal… Out of all these charges, I ended up with two payable traffic citations one of which I got a PBJ, and one was 1 point on my Driver’s License and a $140.00 fine. All my DUI charges were dropped, and I just had to pay a small fine…and get a single point. I was extremely relived and happy about the work Ed did.

Juan De Cruz, Jr.

I was assigned to Oleg Fastowsky through his firm. The inital conversation was very informative and educational. Oleg explained everything to me and convinced me to hire him as my attorney. I was in a car accident and was unconcious so I was not aware of what transpired. Oleg pointed out the false blood test that was taken and pointed that out to me. When we appeared in court the case was dismissed based on the lack of evidence or cause. Oleg was a great attorney and was very prepared. He was so confident and knowledgable that he made me peaceful. I was very happy that we were able to win the case.

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