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I was arrested for a DUI in Montgomery County, and I wanted to find an excellent defense attorney. I reached out to four attorneys, but Kush not only had the best ratings, but he seemed very confident during the consult. After I hired him I had a lot of questions and he was very responsive. He would return my calls immediately, and gave me a lot of updates via email and text. He was really easy to work with in terms of communication. My case went to Jury Trial and Kush was very articulate when he spoke to the Jurors. After a whole day at trial, my case was dismissed. Kush Arora was able to help me in a time of need. Not too many people beat a DUI , but they do with Kush. I would highly recommend Kush to anyone who needs an attorney when they are in a tough situation.

j ebebezer Roberts

Vinay Katari

I've know Kush Arora for about 15 years now and I have never known him to do anything that wasn't without approach. As a friend and trusted advisor I go to Kush knowing that I will be receiving his full attention and sage advice.

Concerned Father

My daughter retained Mr. Arora's services for a serious matter which could have resulted in significant incarceration, as she was facing multiple felony counts. We had used Kush in the past, and there was an established trust relationship. Based on his effectiveness and ability to relate to both my daughter and myself I knew he would be the right attorney for the job. Kush was able to drop all the charges, and only one charge was amended. My family was very pleased with the outcome. I would without a doubt recommend Kush Arora as a great Felony Criminal Defense attorney in Maryland.

Irfan Rafiq

MR Kush Arora, from day 1 till my case dismissed, he was very professional. I was in bad situation (five felony charges), but Mr Kush not only saved my back, but also saved my future. My felony charges were dismissed after 6 months, lot of effort from his side. I would highly highly recommend anyone who is going through felony or criminal cases. Mr Kush has very good reputation around courts in Montgomery county. Very fast responses to my emails. Great communication. Thank you Mr Kush Arora.

Hisashi Tendo

My name is Luis and I was charged with Assault due to false accusations by my wife’s family. The family gave false accusations in Maryland and DC. I found Price Benowitz online and hired Kush Arora to help me with my cases. I am very happy to say that we won and the case was dismissed The secretaries were very helpful and the office was very comfortable. They helped me with translating every time I called and went to the office I would absolutely recommend this office. Mi nombre es Luis y fui cargado con agresión y amenazas con arma. La familia de mi ex esposa hizo falsas acusaciones en Maryland Y DC. Encontré la oficina de Price Benowitz por internet y contrate a Kusha Arora para que ayudaran con el caso. El caso due botado y estoy bien contento con el trabajo. Quede limpio y sin cargos. Las secretarias eran muy amables y la oficina muy confortable. Me ayudaron con la traducción cada vez que iba y llamaba. Definitivamente recomendaría a la oficina.

Kim Nguyen

I would recommend Mr. Kush Arora to anyone who needs to be represented for DUI case. He is very knowledgeable and understanding.

Maurianne Brutus

Mr. Arora is a very great lawyer . I would suggest him to anyone that is dealing with any criminal related issues . He will answers your calls and even your text . He is very honest and will give you the possible worst and best case senarios . If you are unsure about money he will work with you on a payment arrangement. And any woman or male out there dealing with a custody case and has a abusive spouse or ex I would highly suggest that you contact Mr. Arora for your needs . He has done a great job dealing with a case that I was going through and he made sure that I did not have a record and that there was some type of punishment towards the other party . !

Carolina Herrera

He can get the job done . Called gave me good information about my case always on top of everything!

Kiran Reddy


What is Kush Email address to send him a question please

Golden Era Media

I've had the pleasure of growing up with Kush Arora and I couldn't be more prouder. He always puts people first. A very genuine person and his work ethic is impeccable.

YinYang Gang

Kalyani Sanghavi

Kush is an amazing attorney and all-around wonderful person. He works hard for his clients and is extremely competent.

Marshall Dean

Mr. Arora handled our case in a very timely and professional manner, carefully explaining all parts of the process and strategy to follow. The outcome was favorable to us, as he anticipated and would definitely hire his services again, although I hope I don't have to.

Reina Saravia

Colin Cunniff

Gary Tounkara

Kush, thank you for everything you have done to reach the outcome we received on my case. I would like simply to commend you for your dedication and hard work on my case, wether it is at the MVA or the court house, your professionalism during the process, explaining the possibilities, setting expectations have been amazing. This is truly your calling. Again thank you for everything. Best regards. Gary

Deepa P

I have known for Mr. Kush Arora professionally for a couple of years. As a Mental Health Therapist completing Court Evaluations, Mr. Arora is by far devoted and passionate about being a lawyer. I have always seen him express empathy for his clients and fight for the individuals true needs. I would highly recommend Mr. Arora as an attorney.


This guy is AWFUL. He will talk on his cell phone and/or text when you meet with him. Most of your communication with him will be through text as well. The first time we met him in person was during the first hearing. He claims that he knows the judges and are buddy-buddy with the prosecutors but it not to your advantage! It appears that he was more interested in helping the prosecutor (as a deal) because things dramatic turned around once a new lawyer was hired. Kush too arrogant for his own good. You may be better off defending yourself than wasting your money with this guy and the shady firm he works in. This man does not care and you are nothing but a pay check. Once he gets paid he will not defend you.

Gretchen Moshier

Mr. Arora was personable and calming during an extremely overwhelming experience. He was prepared and knowledgeable while providing support. He also listened to attain an understanding of what I wanted and I found that very validating. I would highly recommend his services.


Very knowledgeable and professional in his area of expertise. Provided top notch service and was readily available to answer all my questions.

Abhay Verma

Rajeev Pandarinath

Kush Arora gave excellent and professional legal advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend or family member.

Manju Alexander

priya sethi

Kush Arora lives and breathes Law. His abundance of knowledge and experience brings shear confidence in any setting. Kush’s calm professional attitude is reassuring and eliminates any apprehensions, and his passion for Law truly makes him elite.

Neil Badlani

Kush is an excellent attorney, extremely reliable, always personable and a pleasure to know and work with

Aly Hafeez

Kush was very professional and knew his way around the courtroom. Seems to have a great reputation with other attorneys as well. Got me a PBJ ruling for my DUI with unsupervised probation. Great result. Was out of the courtroom in no time. Thanks Kush


One of the best lawyers in the state of Maryland highly recommended amazing representation

Erin Bye

Kush Arora is an EXCELLENT attorney! He responded to my emails and phone calls almost immediately. He made me feel comfortable during the whole process and I was able to trust his opinions and legal advice whole-heartedly. Everything he said that would happen, did happen and I couldn't have been more pleased. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal services!


I was facing a drug charge in Maryland, and I needed an attorney who had an expertise in that subject. My wife and I called a few attorneys but we decided to hire Kush after the consult with him. He sounded like he knew what he was doing, and he was very thorough during my free consult. Kush did not disappoint, I got off with a small fine. This was the best outcome I could have hoped for. I would definitely recommend Kush Arora to anyone who needs an amazing criminal defense attorney in Maryland.

Amit Gulati

One of the most knowledgeable, intelligent, effective, and charismatic attorneys in the DC area

Arazi Lubis

Mr. Kush Arora was very kind and professional and he left my family with a fantastic result in my case. He was also great to work with and was very diligent in his work. Throughout my case, I felt at ease because Mr. Arora was able to answer all of my questions and was very accomodating to my circumstances. I couldn't ask for a better attorney.

Paul Burmester

Amy Sui

I'd like to speak very briefly about my experience with Mr. Kush Arora at Price Benowitz's. Mr. Arora was a wonderful attorney, and definitely the right choice for me. I was facing a felony charge, and he was more than willing to work things out with me. At first, I was a bit worried because there wasn't much communication between us, but my doubts were soon resolved. He does his work promptly and with great efficiency, and I learned that I had nothing to worry about as he was handling everything "behind the scenes". When the trial date came, he briefly prepared me and put me in the right mindset. I had confidence and felt safe with myself. I am more than happy with the results of my trial, thanks to his work. I would greatly recommend Mr. Arora to any person seeking assistance with legal issues, and I will forever be thankful for the willingness and concern he showed when dealing with a case as difficult as mine. All in all, Mr. Arora played a big part in helping me move forward with my life.

Angela Hassett

After looking online I saw some reviews, and made a lot of attorneys to talk to. I spoke to about 15 attorneys, but Kush stood out. He answered all my questions right away and didn’t seem like he was Googling answers at all (which I didn’t get that vibe from some other). He seemed so calm about everything. It seemed like he could answer everything I said, and if there was anything he couldn’t answer right away he would figure it out for me and promptly return my call. Kush also seemed very honest about the whole situation. He gave me multiple options about what could happen. I received documents from Kush and I even had my father’s lawyer’s look at the documents before deciding. I hired Kush, and he kept me updated on everything. Everything ended up going great with Kush, he never seemed to get worried or upset about anything and always seemed very confident. Kush has a great mixture of being composed, calm, but still very respectful with the judge and prosecutor. He even made a joke or two with the prosecutor, but still kept everything professional and direct. He seemed like he had a perfect balance. I was facing a DUI charge, but thanks to Kush and bringing into light that the field test was inconclusive and I shouldn’t even be sitting in court that day. The DUI got thrown out, and the prosecutor still wanted to asses a traffic violation and points, but thankfully Kush got that out of the picture as well. I just got a PBJ, no points, and a $200 fine. I was in absolute shock, I was just waiting for the “and… or but…” … and it never happened. I feel like if I had gone in by myself or if I have chosen a different attorney it probably would not have ended the way it did. I was thrilled about the representation Kush gave me.

Happy Mike

When I needed an attorney for my legal matter, I saw Kush's reviews and didn't think twice about looking back. Mr. Arora was straight to the point about what I needed to do for my case, and the procedures pertaining to my legal matter. He advised me which classes I needed to take, and provided me a list of places to take these classes. He was very calm, articulate, and knowledgeable as far as the law goes. Mr. Arora, from Day 1, came through on what was to be expected. I would definitely recommend Kush to anyone facing legal trouble in Montgomery County.

Rish Tanna

Kush is an outstanding, articulate and responsive attorney. He was a pleasure to work with, and he exhibited the highest level of professionalism. His legal knowledge runs deep, and he was able to explain the complexities of my case in a simple and precise manner. In a word, Kush is brilliant, and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Vipul Arvind

Very helpful and knowledgeable lawyer. Kush's advice is quick and to the point. His professional attitude combined with his legal skills and willingness to strive for the best sets him apart from other lawyers I have worked with...I will definitely suggest him if you are in need of legal advice

Content Client

Kush was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and available whenever I had a question or needed to talk. I had several felony theft charges that he was able to reduce not only to a misdeamenor but also to a probation before judgement so I wouldn't have a conviction on my record. I am so thankful to Kush and would definitely recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges, especially when you need someone who will fight for you and not just go through the motions. Kush was awesome!

David Portillo

Kush Arora is a phenomenal lawyer. While this being a big case and for us and not knowing how to go about it, he did a remarkable job and gave us an understanding about the process. He was very informative and professional about it and did a great job! Thanks Kush!!!


Alex Ntowe

It was glad to work with him. I felt more confident about my case and the result was more than expected.

Sonia K Verma

I endorse attorney Kush Arora due his extensive experience and track record of success defending his clients. His legal knowledge always exceeds my expectations along with his work ethics. He is also a well-respected member in the legal industry.

Avi Kripalani

I have known Kush Arora for many years. He is known within the community to be of the highest integrity and legal competence. He fights hard for his clients and the Maryland area is lucky to have his skills and efforts at their disposal.

A Happy Client

I was looking for an attorney who had experience with firearm charges, and Kush Arora popped up. I had previously used another Ed Tayter from the same firm as well. The funny part is that I didn’t know that Kush was part of Ed’s team, and when I spoke to Kush I found out that he was Ed’s boss! I was a little nervous about the charge (weapon in vehicle), but after talking to Kush he assured me that we could fight this. Kush was very professional, and very caring about my case. He prioritized my case and made sure he took are of me. He informed me ALL the time, and was super-efficient. Kush resolved my case within 30 days which was amazing. In the end Kush negotiated with the prosecutor, got the possibility of jail out of the question and all I did was probation, and after that I can get this expunged! Kush was an amazing attorney, who helped me out so much. Thank you so much Kush!

Dumitru Gorgan

Professional, well spoken, and supremely knowledgeable. I contacted several lawyers before reaching out to Mr. Arora (through Price Benowitz), and knew he would be my choice after our initial conversation. He wasted no time getting right down to the heart of the matter and explaining what we would be dealing with. I was walked through everything in great detail and was told step for step what I had to do next. I actually contacted one last lawyer (who was in the same firm) just to make sure I was making the right decision, and I definitely did. It's very important when choosing a lawyer to have an excellent connection with him/her. Although I'm certain that the other lawyers I spoke with were fine in their own right, not one made me feel as taken care of as Mr. Arora did, or as confident that I was getting the best possible counsel. There's a reason he's so highly reviewed - he gets things done. I'm positive that I wouldn't have gotten the same outcome without him on my side.

John Benson

Bad treatment to customer, fully disappointed...

Jacob Cheriathundam

His confidence and knowledge base helped me to be comfortable throughout the entire process.


Kush Arora is a great lawyer, an experienced professional and an expert in his field. I have known Kush for a couple of years and have always felt that Kush is very passionate about his job. He has a sharp intellect and can argue his case very well. He thinks through the whole issue and is very rational in his approach towards the matters that he is dealing with.

Preeti Vasudeva

Kush Arora is a hard working, professional who goes above and beyond for his clients. His heart is poured into every case that he takes on. I would highly recommend him as a criminal defense attorney to anyone seeing his expertise and guidance.

T Owens

Kush Arora was an excellent attorney.. Very professional and thorough. He immediately responded to all my questions and concerns. He was available 24/7, throughout the entire process. He kept it real at all times letting me know of the many different ways my case could turn out. He offered me the best and worse case scenarios and advised me of which options would best fit for my predicament..


I would recommend Kush 100%. He is smart, communicative, genuine, and charismatic. He obtained an extremely favorable outcome for my brother's tough DUI case. When helping my brother look for a lawyer, I came across Kush and thoroughly reviewed his ratings. We decided to hire him because he has such a great reputation from his clients and are so happy we did - he did not let us down.

Leslie Brijbasi

Kush was amazing. He is very professional and explains the issue fully. He reaches out to you prior to any court cases and makes you are prepared for all possible outcomes. I highly recommend as he is the best around!


Got a DUI and things were looking unfavorable for me. I mean bad! My BAC was pretty high. I expected the worst and would have gotten exactly that if not for Kush. I did everything asked of me prior to the court date. Alcohol program, driving school, and most of all stayed out of trouble. No one can guarantee the lucky outcome I got. All things considered Kush pulled a rabbit out of a hat. I highly recommend him and hope to never need his legal counsel again. Thanks again Kush!

lauren siegel

Attorney Kush Arora was absolutely fantastic! He diligently work on my DUI case. While in court he worked with all parties involved to ensure my case resulted in the best possible outcome. He was extremely kind and spent time with me to make sure I understood every bit of the process. Without such a wonderful attorney I would not have made it through my DUI trial with such confidence and ease. Attorney Arora went above and beyond for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Pankaj Laungani

Aniket Patel

Kush is an intelligent, a great communicator and has a high level of integrity. He provides sound advice on legal matters and is very personable. I would strongly recommend him to anyone that needs legal services.

Reena Vora

Vishal Thakral


Kush helped me with my DUI case and I gotta say it went great . Responds quickly and walks you through everything . Recommend any day!

Merle Dixon


Gavin Sethi

I've known Kush for a long time and been a great guy with the utmost professionalism.

Silvia H

Mr. Aurora handled our case in a professional, efficient and thorough manner. His proactive approach made us feel like we were in good hands. He was very confident and made us feel at ease throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend his services, specially for a DUI case.

Roshan Loungani

Kush is a great attorney!

Devanshi Garg

He brings forth a good macro perspective of whats happening in the world. Recommended.

Noelle Roberts

I cannot speak highly enough about Mr. Arora. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone. He is an excellent lawyer in every aspect. From the beginning, he was in great communication with us, walking us through the process and keeping us at ease in a very anxiety driven situation - no easy feat. He answered every single text and call, was honest, genuine and truly had our best interests at heart. In the courtroom, he was extremely well respected and it was confirmed by others multiple times that we were in the best hands. The results we received were better than we ever hoped for - he did a phenomenal job! Thank you so much Kush for all that you do for your clients!

Samuel Miller

I was facing a false allegation of Armed Robbery and Kush came to my rescue. My mom met Kush at his office, and my mom was terrified about the charges I was facing. Kush gave my parents good hope that everything was going to be OK, and that he would do everything to secure my freedom. At first I was a bit worried but when kush came to visit me in jail I felt significantly better. My initial bond was 75k, but Kush was able to argue in my behalf and lowered the bond to 15K, saving my family a heap of money. Kush argued my case to the judge, and advocated for my rights. He proved that the case should be dropped, and my case was thrown out of court. I credit my current freedom to the hard work of Kush Arora. He is the BEST criminal defense attorney in Maryland. He was also extremely polite to my family and consistently fielded any questions they had. If you are ever facing a false felony charge, he is the guy you need to hire. Kush has still kept in contact with me after the case, and is going to help me with me with my expungement. Thanks so much Kush.

Anjuma Goswami Karkera

I have known Kush Arora for years. As a litigation colleague, I can attest to his knowledge of the law and his ability to provide proven results. In the world of litigation, knowing the judges and opposing counsels can make a world of difference in your outcome. He has formulated solid relationships throughout his career that he leverages for the benefit of his clients. He is driven to provide unmatched defense for his clients!

Niloofar Kiankhooyfard

Couldn't have been happier having had Kush as my attorney. He knows exactly what he's doing. You can't go wrong with him.

Paul Palackel

Kush is a knowledgeable and diligent professional who is dedicated to his clients. He comes across as a well spoken, rational and pragmatic individual with the ability to understand and appreciate multiple perspectives on a given topic or discussion. I would not hesitate to request his services if ever needed.

Jenny Dixon

Kush was very sincere & patient & fair (financially) with our case, My husband was involved in a very serious matter, making us both very stressed and scared of the outcome. However Kush kept our anxiety at sea-level and was there every second of the way without hesitation. We would recommend him to anyone involved in a criminal case, regardless if he/she is guilty or not. Thanks again Mr. Arora for everything you did for us!

Deyka Spencer

Kush Arora is an excellent, extremely well prepared, and caring attorney. He strategically plans out his cases to provide the best outcome for his clients. I highly recommend him.

Arnold Opoku

They never answered my calls.

Rupal Shah

Isadora Hare

Kush Arora is an exceptionally good attorney. I was fortunate to have him represent me in a matter recently. He combines knowledge of the law, great competence and thoroughness, with a very professional approach which includes a kind and sensitive attitude to his clients. I can recommend him highly.

gene gregory

Wouldn't want to go through that experience again, but if I did, I would call Kush.

Vetro Gallery

Mr. Arora will ensure that you recieve the very best legal representation possible. Highly professional, intelligent, and reliable. His confidence and knowledge helped ease the stress of the proceedings, and his defense got me the absolute best possible outcome.

Paul Witter

Kush Arora fought to the last for me and all charges were dropped at the last minute. He's the guy the want in your corner when the fan gets hit.

George Adam Ruther

Kush and have had many cases against one another. He is a consummate professional who has always fought hard for his clients and represented them well. Whether the case called for a negotiated settlement or a zealous trial defense, Kush was always a prepared and talented advocate. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of representation.

Fresh Prince

I hired Kush because I was being accused of Theft in Montgomery county. I wanted someone who was full of energy and could relate to me. Kush obviously had common ground with me, and didn't look at me like a criminal. Other firms treated me like a bad guy without even knowing my story. Kush was great and got me a PBJ for my charges, and was able to put my case to rest. He kept me out of jail, and completely took care of things for me. I would recommend Kush to anyone in my circles. He is the best criminal defense attorney in Maryland. Funny enough. when I first left the courtroom some lady saw me with Kush and said to me "you got Kush Arora?, oh you going to be a'right". She was right.

Jonathan Shamay Draluck

Mital Gandhi

I've know Kush for several years and recommend him for any and all of your legal needs. At the end of the day you need someone with high integrity and someone who will fight to either get the best deal for you or to fight for what's in your best interest rather then an attorney who keeps fighting just to get paid more. Kush is that lawyer.

Ismae Gutierrez

Great lawyer and extremely knowledgeable. He was forward and direct with the situation nothing to worried about. He went beyond and helped even after everything was settled.

Rishi Mattoo

Kush Arora is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Maryland. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field with a breadth of experience. He is professional, courteous, personable, and always mindful of his clients' best interests.

A Google User

The determining factor for choosing Kush Initially was that Kush gave me the most attention then some of the other attorneys to whom I spoke. He is the only one that gave me a strategy for fighting this charge in its entirety and completely tailoring it to my situation. I felt respected, and he listened to what I had to say. After meeting with Kush the first time, I took about a week to think about it, interviewed about ten attorneys, and decided to sign on with Kush. After I signed on it didn’t stop there. If I had a question he would always email me or call me back within 24 hours. He always kept me up to date as needed. When we went to court it seemed like he was very familiar with the court personnel, and had an excellent rapport with everyone involved. He knew the cops well, the prosecutors, and the judge. It is very easy to get caught up in the whole monolithic feeling of the legal system, but the personal approach that Kush had is what really put me at ease. He really broke that 4th wall and made the situation feel human. I was surprised by the outcome and could not have hoped for better.

Greg Guinn

Excellent attorney, awesome human being! Kush was there for me during a very difficult time and was always responsive to my calls, texts and emails. If the occasion should reoccur in the future, I will definitely be contacting Kush and recommending him to all!!!! Thank so much for being accountable, dedicated and honest.

Grant Schacht

Mr. Arora took a no win situation due to prejudice of being a combat veteran and won. His time, expertise and caring attitude towards his clients allow my family a peace of mind of a chance. His quick responses towards my questions and concerns were met with quick vigor. His fees are fair and more than worth the cost. Clearly the number one defense attorney for a reason.

Loni Fisher

Kush was always respectful and courteous. I was on pins and needles each time I went in for court, but thanks to Kush's calm demeanor, spot-on observations, and assurances everything turned out great!

Corey Page

Kush helped me years ago and I should of posted a review then. He is excellent at what he does and I highly recommend higher him. Thanks again Kush!!

Chelsea Fore

Kush was absolutely wonderful. With his help the judge dismissed all criminal charges along with related dui charges. From the initial consultation he was knowledgeable, attentive realistic and forthcoming which I appreciated. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Satisfied Client

I found Kush through a Google search. He was extremely knowledgeable, and seemed to understand the system, the players at that particular courthouse. Very straightforward, he reviewed all the options, and really simplified the process. He was very in command, very calm, and really knew what was going on. I could not have been happier with the outcome of my case. I would absolutely recommend Kush to anyone facing legal trouble in Montgomery County. He really knew all the judges, all the prosecutors, and the process.

Hetel Patel

Very knowledgeable and professional throughelp out the whole process when was working on my case. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Mellanie Moulden

I was caught up in a bad situation on a military installation out of state. Not knowing where to go or who to talk to led me to go online. I got in touch with Mr. Kush Arora and did not have any worries for the whole seven months it took for a court date. He was patient, understanding and of course had the knowledge of the laws that I was being charged for breaking. I explained what I did, what the officials did and he took it from there. I did not meet him until my court date. I knew it was him when he walked in to the make shift court. He stepped in the door and it felt like everyone in the room silenced. He was very professional and sharp looking, he was clean and had a stance that made me know he was confident and ready to take care of the case. There are no words to say what he did for me. But I will always appreciate his faith and confidence in me and I am referring him to anyone that needs legal assistance and representation. Thank you so MUCH!! Mr. Arora.

Tarun Srivastava

Kush is a reliable attorney who is always available to help. I've worked with several attorneys in the past and would recommend Kush to anyone seeking help with a legal issue in Maryland / DC Area.

N Peets

When I got in trouble with the law I didn't know what to do. I called around to I can't even imagine how many different attorney's. No one seemed to help, no one seemed to want to talk or answer my questions, I felt that me or my case mattered to no one. Until I came across Kush. He answered questions that I had been trying to get answers to for 4 days in 10 minutes. He explained my whole case to me in a way that made sense, and he explained to me what he was going to do to help me. He gave me a sense of relief, which at the end of the day, was all I wanted. He helped get my severe charges dropped down. He helped me get expensive court fees suspended and most importantly, he kept me out of jail. I was so worried about the outcome when I first got in trouble with the law, I had sleepless night after sleepless night. The day I talked to Kush was the first time in a long time, that I went to bed, worry free, and completely at peace... because I knew everything was going to be okay.

Aishya Malhotra

If you ever need a competent, hardworking and dedicated Attorney, you will definitely not be disappointed with Kush Arora. He has the knowledge, credentials, experience, and most of all a winning spirit to get the job done! His positive attitude and energy only lead to success! Kush has helped me with numerous legal issues and binds, some of which are not even in his realm. Because of his vast knowledge, he has always given me superior advice, which has led to a positive outcome. When considering an Attorney at Law, let the name, Kush Arora, say no more. 5 Stars!!

Edwin Ortiz

Exceptional service in my DUI case. Mr. Arora actually gave me free advice while I was just calling around to see what attorney I was going to use. That actually sold me on using his services. On my trial date it almost seemed like he knew the outcome prior to even entering the court room. Mr. Arora was successful in getting all of the charges dropped. I would recommend him 100% to anyone.

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