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REVIEWS OF Peter Thompson & Associates IN Maine

PaulysOld PortPastries

Meticulous attention

Jan Frasier

I'm very grateful for all they did for me and for helping me straighten out a big mess after an accident, especially the bills. I always felt like I was in good hands and that they cared about what I was going through. I would definitely recommend that you speak to Peter Thompson if you need someone in your corner after an accident.

Kylie Manson

Having never needed a lawyer before I was very lucky. Sebastian was able to answer all my questions and not make me feel foolish. Things were handled professionally and every step along the way explained. Things were settled quickly and I would happily recommend this firm.

Dan Mayo

I was in need of a good lawyer and found one. I felt like part of a family and would recommend this firm to anyone who want results.

Dale Simpson

I have never been through this before and I have only had to hire one lawyer for another matter several years ago. I agree for the most part about what others have said. I did have one problem come up and didn't hear back for a week from anyone, which didn't make me happy. I would have only rated this firm 3-4 stars at the time, but Mr. Thompson called me to apologize for the delay and explained why it happened and it never happened again. Great 'customer' service otherwise and I got what I was looking for faster than I expected.

Jules Henn

My experience with this firm was very good. I only decided to hire a lawyer after getting a load of #@%! from Geico . Glad I did for a number of reasons (got much more than Geico was presuring me to take--turned out there were things that my first doctor didnt pick up on--AND it was much more complex than I thought it would be). Like others have said, very nice and decent people to work with and I would recommend them if you have been in a bad accident. My only complaint was that the person who hit me didn't had the least amount of insurance possible and I didnt have much either . Not Mr. Thompson's fault, but definitely learned my lesson and will be getting better insurance on my car in the future. Mr. T did the best with what he had to work with.

Zoo Foo

Great lawyers and super people!! I was in another accident about 10 years ago and my lawyer at a different law firm on that case never returned my calls, never answered my questions, and from what I could see didn't do much of anything. This time I looked around and am glad I did. Huge difference between that other lawyer and Peter Thompson & Associates. They always got back to me right away, didn't seem to mind answering my millions of questions, always told me what was going on with my case and explained everything very very well. I HOPE to never have to go through this again, but I will certainly give PTA a call if the need arises. Again, great lawyers, great people!

David H

They did a fantasitic job on my case. Everyone, from Peter to the receptionist was extremely helpful and nice to deal with . Ive already recommended that a coworker give them a call.

Tammy Jerrell

Everyone was extremely professional and efficient. They were also very compassionate, which was important to me. I would recommend them highly. I should also point out that they were helpful in giving advice about an unrelated legal matter after my case was over.

Zachary Sheltra

Sebastian and Candace handled my legal matter perfectly. I always felt they had my best interests in mind during the entire engagement. As my matter lasted approximately 2 years, Candace was excellent in always checking in on me and keeping me updated on a very frequent and recurring basis. As a non-legal oriented individual, they were tremendous in educating me along in the process so that I completely understood situation and was able to make an informed decision. If needed, I would definitely consider going to Peter Thompson & Associates again!

Maury T

When I first called Peter Thompson & Associates back in 2015 I was just looking for advice on how to deal with the insurance company, get some medical bills paid etc. I wasn't looking for a lawyer, just advice. The person I spoke to at the firm was very nice and answered all my questions, which I really appreciated. As things turned out, my neck pain didn't go away, just got worse and worse to the point I was having numbness in my arm and tingling in my fingers. I want to an orthopedist and was diagnosed with a herniated disk and my nerves were being pinched which was causing the numbness. So, to make a long story short, 1 1/2 years after the accident I ended up having surgery to correct the problem, which worked out fairly well even though I still have problems to this day. Fortunately I hadn't taken what the insurance company was offering and when I went back to them about getting my bills paid, they said they wouldn't even pay my bills! The person I spoke to at the insurance company said "that kind of problem happens when you get old" and said he didn't think the accident had anything to do with it, even though I had continual pain ever since the accident. I'm only 48, so the "youre old" comment didn't sit well. I called Mr Thompson back to see if he would be willing to take my case and I'm very glad he did. He hired a medical expert to look over my records and examine me. The doctor determined that the disk herniation and surgery were due to the accident, which helped a lot with my case. I am very happy with the settlement I received and how I was treated from the very beginning by this law firm, which I would recommend to anyone who has a serious injury from an accident and is getting the runaround from an insurance company. The fact that everyone I dealt with in Mr. Thompson's firm is kind and compassionate is icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

Deck Girl

I highly recommend this firm. I initially contacted a friend who is a retired judge and he told me to call Peter Thompson. I tried to work with the insurance company for a while and they kept making it seem like they were going to "help me." After a while it became pretty clear that they weren't going to help me at all, so I gave up and gave Peter a call. I'm very glad I did. When I met with Peter and a couple of his attorneys, they explained what they would do and how they would do it. There was so much more to my case that I hadn't even thought about, such as negotiating with my health insurance company to reduce what they would be paid from my settlement. Just that alone resulted in me receiving much more money than I would have received without their help. They also found additional insurance coverage that I would never have even known about. It was a great relief to me to just turn the case over to Peter and his very able (and very pleasant!) staff. My recovery put a lot of stress on me and I can't begin to say how wonderful it was not to have to worry about anything other than just getting better. Peter took care of everything. I have already told a co-worker who was in an accident to call him.

Elizabeth Naber

These guys were knowledgable, helpful, speedy, and clearly client-focused. Not only did they settle my case in record time, the compensation for my injuries was far more than I imagined it would be. I highly recommend them.

Alicy FK

Very helpful! Peter did a great job on a case a while back and just helped me to find an attorney for a different type of legal matter. He told me to call if I ever needed help again and meant it. I'm very appreciative. Thank you!

Jan Walker

Unfortunately I've been involved in two serious car accidents in the last 10 years. I had a different law firm handle the first case based on a recommendation from a coworker. The more recent case was handled by Mr. Thompson's firm, so I'm able to compare the two firms. One big difference was--as others have mentioned--the compassion and respect Mr. Thompson and his team showed me. The other firm made it seem like they were doing me a big favor just to return my calls (if they even did) or answer my questions. Another difference was that everyone at Peter Thompson & Associates really knows what they are doing. With the other firm, I always got the impression that at least some of the people there--including my attorney--weren't the sharpest tools in the shed. To make matters worse, they would talk down to me like I didn't have a clue what was going on. It was exactly the opposite with Peter Thompson & Associates--they were on the ball, handled things in a timely way, and always were respectful. That made me feel very comfortable and secure knowing I was in good hands. For those of you who are going through the aftermath of a serious car accident, you know how stressful it is--all the doctors appointments, the bills, lack of sleep, dealing with work, and on and on. And the worrying! In that other case, not only was I worrying about paying the bills, I was worrying constantly that my lawyer was going to mess up my case. My experience with Mr. Thompson's firm was exactly the opposite--he did exactly what he said he would do in the beginning when we met and I felt confident my case was in the right hands all along the way. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs a lawyer following a bad accident.

Grace Bagala

I would highly recommend Wendy at Peter Thompson and associates. She was amazing and very helpful. She took the time to explain everything and walked me through the process. She helped keep me at ease during a stressful time and made sure I was taken care of!! I got a great settlement and can not say enough great things about Wendy and the people at the office.

Lynn Porter

I had an excellent experience with PTA and Mr. Thompson. I was very pleased with how they kept me informed about what was going on with my case and took the time to explain things I didn't understand. I also liked that when they met with me the entire 'team' as there.

Fran Simmons

My experience was similar to the others who have reviewed Mr. Thompson's firm. Kind, compassionate, get the job done right, etc. I would add one thing: when I was seriously injured because of a tired trucker, my niece and I spoke to several attorneys before making a decision. Mr. Thompson came highly recommended, but that wasn't the main reason I chose him to represent me and my family. The thing that stuck out for me is that throughout his career he's fought for justice for average people like me. I certainly wanted to get a big settlement, who wouldn't? But knowing that Mr. Thompson cared just as much about making sure I was treated fairly and holding the trucker who hit me accountable was very important to me.

SP Fields


Amber Sheppard

My experience with Peter Thompson & Associates was incredible. I was very lost after my terrible car accident and I don't know what I would have done without them. They were thorough, calming, reassuring, and most of all the best advocates I could have asked for.

Jacqueline Ruth Allen

I was in a motor vehicle accident in 2014, and received permanent damage to my back and neck that requires ongoing treatment. Having been told by another firm that they would not consider me until the insurance company gave me a number to work with, I turned to Peter Thompson and Associates. Sebastian worked with me, and made me feel comfortable throughout the process, as well as explaining what everything meant. Hopefully I will never need this service again, but if I do, I know the only place I will call. I can't thank him enough for all of the work he did as well as ensuring I knew and understood what was going on throughout the entire process.

Sonia Thibodeau

I am so thankful for Chrissy Mann and Wendy. They were so helpful at every stage of my injury. Very professional and most of all compassionate. They always had my best interest first and foremost. I would recommend their office to anyone. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for me.

Dan Johnson

The attorneys were very compassionate in dealing with my dad who is very ill and I and my entire family are very grateful. They have worked hard to help our family. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a law firm.

JenJen D

I echo what the others have said, except that I didnt see anyone mention how much work Peter Thompson Associate staff did to reduce the medical bills that would have eaten up my settlement. Their work to reduce the hospital bill alone made a huge difference in what I received out of my settlement. I received an excellent settlement that was made even better because my money didn't all go to the hospital. Anyone who has high medical expenses should talk to Peter about that part of their case. Its very important.

Ralph Graceffa

Top notch firm. Top notch communication and most importantly, we got the results we were looking for. While navigating through some of the most difficult times that my family has ever experienced, Peter and his team were right there beside us, dealing with the hospitals, the insurance companies, the law enforcement, you name it. They even walked me through becoming a guardian for my brother and introduced us to a fellow attorney who helped us with another matter that sprung up during this ordeal. I can't imagine what it would have been like without them. To top it off, they worked with our situation and not once during the entire time did it feel like their interests were in anything other then helping us to get back on our feet. It felt like we were all in it together and that really meant the world to us. We're forever indebted!



Roger Morse

Simply amazed by the attention to detail that Peter Thompson and Associates gave my case. This attention to detail was rewarded with quick results and I truly am amazed how easy this was made. I highly recommend choosing Peter Thompson and Associates

Chomba Kaluba

Peter and his team are extraordinary! When I was involved in a terrible traffic accident in 2016, the team at Peter Thompson and Associates went above and beyond to insure that my needs were met. Their primary priority was my health , they worked smoothly with my physicians and attended to all the necessary factors to see me back to my original fitness. While I was recovering from injuries, they continued managing my case with excellent legal support. I can't simply thank them enough for their focus on the well-being of clients like me and their remarkable services.

jason brown

I was given Mr Thompson's name by a friend he represented 20 years ago. I'm grateful for the recommendation and can say that I felt that my interests were his top concern. I had lots of questions and he always answered them quickly. His staff was also excellent and took the time to help me with little things that came up that I never dreamed I would have to deal with, so I would like to thank 'the team" as well for all they did for me. I will never be that same due to my injuries, but the money I received helps me to worry less and move on with my life. All in all I feel that I was very well represented and would call Mr Thompson again if I ever need an injury lawyer again, but hopefully I won't!

Chris Nicholaus

super job! if you've been in an accident you should talk to Mr Thompson. he initially wasn't going to take my case because he only deals with serious injuries but things turned out much much worse than I expected and Im very gratefull he took me on as a client. I really needed the best and he is the best, no doubt. thank you for everything!!

Cat Morr

I was taken care of in a difficult situation from start to finish. Everyone in the office was decent and caring and I appreciate everything they did for me.

A Freeman

Great job on my accident case. Nice people to work with

Don L

I was involved in an accident where my insurance company was not willing to pursue any compensation on my behalf due to the circumstances of the accident. Previously, I had never been party to any suit, but feeling that I was a victim in this accident, I decided to contact Peter Thompson and Associates. I was treated with respect by their attorney(s) and support staff and after several discussions, they agreed to take me on as a client. They kept me informed throughout their communication with the other party's insurance company and any progress along the way. It took a couple years to resolve this case but I was told that up front. My attorney at the firm did an outstanding job at the sworn deposition of the other party (defendant) and consequently, their insurance company found in my favor and offered compensation for medical expenses and other consideration. I felt totally vindicated and no longer a victim in this accident. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking legal council.

D Low52

Highly recommend this firm. Everyone in the office was very decent to me, from start to finish. Great result and faster than I expected.

Nick Beasley

I took a long time searching for a good law firm before I decided to go with PTA...I read their reviews and they a pretty much spot on. They did exactly what they said they would do on their website...thanks again to everyone, but special thanks to Rachel! You're awesome :)

Isaac Landreth

What a Professional and kind group of people! Everybody that worked with me there was super helpful and understanding. I could not be happier with their services. If you want to work with attorneys that are not impersonal like a lot of them seem to be, choose this law firm. They work diligently and efficiently. I HIGHLY recommend them and if I ever have another accident they will be the first people that I call. Thanks Wendy and Peter!

Jo Brewster

Big thanks to Peter, Mark, and everyone who worked on my case :) You all made a rough time in my life much smoother.

Mildy Hall

Peter Thompson and Associates took a painful and scary accident and turned it into a positive outcome. With out them I would have been left with medical bills and lost in the system.

Rett Nelson

Peter Thompson represented me many years ago after a serious accident and I just got off the phone with him about something else going on that I needed his advice on. I am very thankful for him taking the time to help me even though it wasn't something he normally handles and for being there for me after all those years. He is a very decent person and a great lawyer.

andrew dolby

Everyone I encountered at this firm was outstanding. At every step of the way they were communicative, empathetic, professional and best of all effective. They keep you "in the loop" so there is no guessing about what's next or what to expect. I can't tell you how appreciative I am of PTA and how pleased I was to have the opportunity to work with them.

Bev G

I had another lawyer before I called Peter Thompson and Assocaites and nothing was happening on my case for over a year. I called and left messages and never got a call back. One day my other lawyer called and said that the insurance company would only give me a little more than my medical bills. I had no idea he was even talking to the insurance company about settling my case and he didnt even know that I was going back in for surgery! My husband told me that enough is enough and we asked around for names of other attorneys. A friend told me she had been represented by Peter many years ago and that I should give him a call. We are very glad we did! It was a night and day difference. Everyone in his office was wonderful to work with and helpful. We had a number of issues with our health insurance not paying bills that Peter's staff took care of. We had so many questions that I thought at some point they would get sick of me calling, but they were ALWAYS helpful, even if I just wanted someone - other than my husband - to complain to. I could go on and on. Very nice people to deal with. And after being told by my other lawyer that we would "never" get more out of the insurance company, Peter was able to settle my case for FOUR TIMES what my other lawyer said was the "top dollar" I would get. This wasn't about money for me...I wanted to be treated fairly and with respect and Peter's team made that happen.

Jill Piggott

My family and I can never overstate our appreciation for Peter Thompson, who is as capable as he is kind. Having him in my corner made all the difference when I got hit with an insurance denial. We recommend him highly and remain deeply grateful that he worked so hard on my behalf.

Den W

Phew... That pretty much sums up how I feel. My recovery was a long haul and there were so many problems that came up along the way--bills that needed to be paid, problems at work, problems with my disability benefits. On and on. Peter and his entire staff were there every step of the way, answering my questions, helping me troubleshoot problems (some, by the way, were only remotely related to my case--but they helped anyway). I read one of Peter's former client's comment that "they did everything they said they were going to do." I agree completely, but also would add to that--and then some. And everyone was so friendly and CARING. I can't stress that last part enough--they cared about what I was going through. I didn't feel like just another client. I have had the good fortune of not having to deal with a lawyer prior to this and, frankly, I was worried about what to expect with all the horror stories you hear out there about lawyers. They exceeded my expectations by a long shot and I'm very grateful. As I told them, I hope to heaven I never need help again, but if I do I will certainly call them.

Samiel Rey

If you need a good lawyer Peter is the one to call.

Larry Schryver

Very satisfied with the outcome of my case. The outcome was better than I expected. My attorney was always willing to meet or discuss my case by phone. I highly recommend this firm.

Douglas MacGown

my overall experience w/p.t.a. was mostly enjoyable and i felt that wendy and chrissy were receptive to my concerns. i do however, have a few issues that i feel need to be addressed: who decided and why the initial amt. that we asked for from the ins. co.? why not ask for max? my visit to the specialist cost me $900.00 and i feel that was a waste of money. ditto for the wasted afternoon w/ the impartial arbitrator that cost me $700. the negotiations w/the hospital went on for months and i felt i was entitled to more than a 10% discount. why could we not have said this is the best we can do and let me settle the debt myself? i appreciate the reduction in the fee but after so many months the final disbursement was incorrect and it turns out someone found a few extra bucks from the 1st settlement. i'm glad i did the review of the bill and found the discrepancies. again, i wish to thank wendy and chrissy for their attention and diligence and for helping me through this accident and its aftermath. sincerely, doug. i would like to add an addendum to the previous statement. peter thompson subsequently called me to address the above listed questions and we spent @45 minutes discussing these issues. peter was very helpful in explaining to me some of the fine points of this whole process and i felt much better after we talked. i would recommend P.T.A. to my friends without question. doug.

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