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REVIEWS OF The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans IN Louisiana

Steven Lege

My wife is a research scientist from Brazil.. she accepted a position to work for Tulane University, but was unable to start because an earthquake in Hati backed up US immigration paperwork processing. We felt helpless and hours upon hours of phone calls accomplished nothing. Mike was the answer! His guidance and willingness to stand up to big government saved the day. My wife was able to start work before her position was lost. My wife is now a US citizen and incredibly productive member of US society. Thanks Again Mike, Steven Lege

Luke Kogo

Michael Gahagan very professional listened to my situation and guided me through the whole immigration process which appeared complicated to me.He prepared all my paperwork and ensured all was in order.Always returned my phone calls and answered to my satisfactory.He followed through what he promised.Straightforward on what services he was providing.I would highly recommend him to any of my friends who require similar services.

Rafael Ellwanger

Michael is an expert in immigration law , provided me with the best quality service , fought for me and my family , never will be able to pay him back . All the dedication, support , knowledge is what you need when your immigration process does not got smooth like you think it should . Hire an expert , stay away from lawyers that do 10 different things .


Jodi McKee

Great service!

Mohamad Chehab

Between all the lawyers I've seen and worked with, Mr. Gahagan was the most genuine, professional and sincere. He is available for his client anytime and always on top of the case providing the best and fastest results ever. I highly recommend him and may God bless you Mr. Gahagan

karla Sanchez

Quan Nguyen

I would not recommend this attorney for immigration related issues. Unethical attorney. He is greedy and overcharges and will try to exploit the client due to their immigrant status. Not helpful.


Mr. Gahagan saved my family. He stood by us through the whole process. He was always available whenever needed and is a true blessing to my family. My husband is now a permanent resident and on his way to citizenship. I could never thank this man enough. By far the #1 Immigration Lawyer in our book.

Dennis Wai

John Kettler

I could not be more please with the personal attention Mr. Gahagan has provided thru the process of my wife's case! Thank you Mr.Gahagan!!

Dalton Hill

Michael is very knowledgeable man! Helped my wife and I every step of the way! Not long ago my wife was approved for her green card! Would 10/10 recommend his law firm for any immigration case for any family.

Cameta Cervili Shelby

Definitely knows what hes doing, honest, helpful, patient & most importantly sticks at your side through the whole process even if there is a hiccup...! He really represents his clients to the fullest..!! Definitely will be the only lawyer I will have to assist with any future legal matter.

Daisy Boudreaux


Amanda Kennedy

Excellent Service. Also a Super Lawyers Rising Star 2015-2017

Andrew Erbe

Mr Gahagan is a solid man with great integrity and unquestionable character who will relentlessly work to help your family. I highly recommend The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans for any of your immigration needs.

Elvin Rodriguez

Mr. Gahagen did an awesome job. He did everything he said he would do. He is very patient with his clients and happy to help his clients when possible. Thank you, sir!!!!!

Elie salameh

Mr Gahagan was very efficient, professional, & helpful. He got the job done! Keep up the good work Mr. Gahagan!

Soni Shrestha

Mr. Gahagan is an excellent immigration attorney. He is very prompt, and adept with his work. He is personable, and readily available to his clients. It was pleasure working with Mr. Gahagan regarding my residency status. I highly recommend him. -Soni Shrestha

Khanh Trinh

Great guy! He did a wonderful job in representing us. Highly recommended


Laura A

The review I left on Mr. Gahagan is not false, and I keep my word on everything I said. I didn’t have then and I still don’t have the NVC number. Mr. Gahagan knew about it from the beginning, I never told him I had it, that is another of his lies. If Mr. Gahagan was a person with good ethics and moral standards, he would’ve never agreed to take this case and get paid until the NVC number was provided to him, knowing of how crucial it was for him to have it to keep working on the case. When I hired his services, we agreed that he was going to continue the process I had already started, that’s why I consulted him when I had questions related to the applications I had filed by myself. After the last phone call I had with Mr. Gahanna when he hung up on me, I called him back but he didn’t answer. I then emailed him stating that I didn’t fire him and still wanted him to continue representing my husband on this case. At no point during this email I was demanding, here is the email I sent him, “Mr. Gahagan, I tried to reach you earlier, I don’t know if you already heard my voicemail. I just want to let you know that I still want you to keep working on my case. I was a little overwhelmed earlier when I made the comment of using another attorney, but I never discharged you or fired you. I hope that you can be sensitive and understanding and look forward to continuing working with you, trusting that you can do the best for my case. Sincerely, Laura Alfaro.” He replied back the next morning stating that he and his firm were withdrawing from this case and that they no longer represent me nor my husband. I replied to this email asking why he no longer represented us and I stated that he cannot leave the case. I said that because according to the contract that we both signed when I hired his services, Section 5: Substitution or Discharge of Attorney states the following, “Attorney should be entitled to Attorney’s full fee for services rendered. However, Client may discharge or “fire” Attorney at any time before Attorney has completed the services for which Attorney is employed. Attorney may withdraw with Client’s consent or upon failure of Client to pay legal fees or expenses, or because of any fact or circumstance which renders continuing representation unlawful, unethical, or otherwise impossible.” On this signed contract he never mentions his right of withdrawal for the other three reasons that he claims I violated. Therefore, he is violating a contract signed by himself. If he claims that he withdrew because it was impossible for him to work on my husband’s case due to the lack of the NVC number, then he would’ve never accepted to take the case, because again, he had knowledge since the beginning that I didn’t have the NVC number, he is lying when he claims that I stated that the NVC had already issued this number to me. My recommendation for prospective costumers looking for an attorney is not to get fooled by all the five star reviews you read about him, he didn’t approved my review on his personal website and tried to dispute the one I was posting on other websites like AVVO, but thankfully it was posted.

Zion ellwanger

I highly recommend the Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans. Honesty, Loyalty, and perserverence are the foundation of this firm, and I could not recommend it enough.


Michael have worked on my immigrational process for almost 10 years. He helped me to get my first green card,my second green card and now my citizenship...not only that he handled my divorce and turists visas for my family members.He is very professional and just an incredible attorney.He walks you through the whole process very attentively...Thank You Michael for helping me through all these years! It was a pleaser working with The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans! Highly Recommend !!!

Brea Ellwanger

We are forever grateful to The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans for handling our process. I highly recommend them for any of your immigration needs!

Jonathan Strawser

Me and my wife hired Mr. Michael Gahagan for our marriage based adjustment of status. Within 4 months we had her Green card in hand.I am very grateful for everything he did for us. I wouldn't recommend anybody trying to go thru that process alone. Hire a experienced lawyer like Mr. Gahagan you will not regret it. I will definitely use him again for anymore of our immigration needs. Thank you Mr. Gahagan.

Michael LaBruzza

Great service. Very professional!

Mihail Morari

Mr Gahagan is a person of great integrity with a passion for helping people is a very professional lawyer,thanks for everything great experience extremely happy with result, he helped me to get my asylum!!!.....Very professional.....Highly Recommended!!!! Thank you Mr Michael Gahagan....!!

Alba Jimenez

Michael is a fantastic lawyer. He has helped my family in difficult situations. He is an honest and hard working lawyer who will do what is necessary to win a case in your favor. I highly recommend his services and I am grateful for all he has done for my family.

Patrick Phelan

Thank you for helping me get to be a US citizenship.

yosra Al-refaey

MR. Gahagan responds quickly for my questions. Knowledgeable, willing to help.

Maged Khourshid

It is the help I am seeking, it is the support I need. Mr. Michael Gahagan is the partner, the help and the support that I totally believe-in and trust.

Rupinder Khurl

Syed Hassan

Lawyer Gahagan is a true professional. He knows the legal system very well. He is affluent in immigration law and the whole structure of the immigration process. A very knowledgeable man. He has the patience, confidence, determination, and the will-power to help all those in need who are legally making a living and doing the correct thing. Lawyer Gahagan is always available to his clients via email and phone. He is the man for the job. I have looked everywhere for a true passionate person that understands immigration in the Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Mississippi area as those are the states closest to me. Lawyer Gahagan definitely stood out. He is a man of principals and excels at what he does. He updates himself with new laws and is able to give everyone a structured step by step process on what to expect and a solution to all immigration issues. This man works hard and definitely deserves the title as the #1 Immigration Lawyer in America!!!!!

Donald Rickert

Елена Шелохова

Josh Noote

Me and my fiancé are very grateful for Michael Gahagan, and the job he did at helping us to be together. He explained exactly what would happen during our visa process, and then guided us through every part of it, step by step. He is a talented and thorough lawyer. I would highly recommend Michael Gahagan for anyone looking for an immigration attorney.

erico arrojado

โรเบิร์ต สามี


Oleksandra Shamboro

I had the best experience working with Michael Gahagan. While being extremely knowledgeable, Michael was patient and friendly throughout the entire process and was always available via phone or email to answer questions. I could rely on Michael to always respond promptly to any question I had.

Liudmila Lysenko

Fast service, all the questions got promptly answered. I have confidence in Mr. Gahagan’s law firm.

Derrick Pittman

Ross Shamby

The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans has been instrumental in helping me to bring my wife to United States. Although it little bit of time to get the paperwork submitted, my wife and I will be rejoining our family soon. I thank The Immigration Law firm of New Orleans and Mr. Gahagan for handling our case.

Mauricio Villeda

Dawn Cedor

Very understanding, he makes you feel that there is hope for us !!!

Kateryna Trushyna

Lanie McCann

zack jukich

Michael is incredible guy in 2008 I got deported to Croatia nobody really wanted to take my case because it's hard to get back Michael took my case fight really hard and brought me back in 2014 words cannot describe how thankful I am to this guy not only that I called him from Croatia many times and he always set a time to talk to me and answer my questions I am highly recommending him for any of your immigration needs he also help me set up my business here in United States Michael save me and my family from disaster thank you Michael one more time

Luis Saez

Very good

Jenny Nguyen

Mr.Michael Gahagan is the best Immigration Law firm of New Orleans , He stay through your interview , very professional and honest .I got approved for US Citizen , now wait for my oath Ceremony. I highly recommend who need Immigration Law in New Orleans.

Deborah Welch

Cory McCormick

Our experience is not finished yet, but so far I only have good things to say about Michael and his team. He is very knowledgeable about immigration laws and issues encountered during the process. He is helpful and responds in a timely manner when you call, & is always willing to help. Hopefully our process will be over soon with my families citizenships in hand. You would not go wrong hiring Michael for your immigration needs. I definitely recommend him and his practice.

Ana Paula Paiva

I can highly recommend The Immigration Law firm of New Orleans. This is the second time Mr Michael Gahagan is helping me out, and I am very satisfied with his dedication and responsibility.

Clifton Duncan

Did a great job in getting my wife green card, now waiting for her citizens ship . Thanks and God Bless .

Raj Gill

Malfada Rocha


Dennis Friesen

Mr Gahagan is very helpful thorough in his immigration work. He will always return a missed call.

Abigail Elorh

toni camberlain

Qinli .

Mr. Gahagan assisted me successfully passing through my immigration process. He is an actual and practicing lawyer who can be trusted. He made all the difference to my case, I appreciate him greatly!

Theodore Weegar

Attorney Michael gahegan he is very personable. He will stay with you through the process until your case is won. I recommend him 100%.

Yann Pavlenko

Thought my case is still pending, I’m confident it will be handled properly. The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans has one of the top rated attorney.

Luana Oliveira

Russell Samanie

Everything was great with the experience with the law firm. and with Mr. Michael very happy with the service very professional and respect full Thanks have a great day You truly Russell Samanie

Joanna Mariano

Erika Saucedo

Regina Ras

We are very thankful that sir Michael Gahagan is our Lawyer he is the man that you can always trust and the most helpful lawyer and finally get our green card thank you so much sir....guys if you're looking somebody to help you getting your papers done and secure and trust worthy I recommend you guys to call him ..we really appreciate a lot for helping us and I dont have a doubt to recommend you to others who need help for their case...thank you,thank you so much sir and God bless you always...

Chester Dinwiddie

Thanks it's August 20 2019 and my wife to be and kids still don't have there visas in hand. Not sure why you said they were granted back on 4/23/2019. The interview was not till 08/15/2019 thanks

Karen Pence

This firm truly cares for its clients. They are quick to respond to your questions and concerns. We highly recommend the Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans to anyone who needs accurate, and timely assistance.

joelle waked

I highly recommend this law firm to handle your immigration case. They are professional, helpful, and efficient.

Iza Duncan

Danielle Erbe

Mr Gahagan is a person of great integrity with a passion for helping people. I recommend his firm to anyone who is in need of legal help. He will treat you with respect and work tirelessly on your case.

faisal siddiqui

Monique Nguyen

BEST LAW FIRM AROUND! They strive to get you the help you need with great outcomes!!!!!

David Dumestre

All was good

Moe Kronheim

Mr Gahagan was very professional and also affordable, I'm grateful his firm was part of my journey to live and remain in the United States. A very special opportunity, thanks for your help! Other lawyers charged me thousands more in the past, so I would recommend this firm for anyone who cannot afford a huge strain on their family's budget but want things done right! ..

Anshul and Delphi

Eric Morgan

Very professional and offers same-day and next-day consultations. Experienced in all aspects of immigration law - a great, helpful resource.

Zack jukic

I was deported back to Croatia in 2008 I try a lot of different immigration lawyers that will not take my case because he was too hard and almost impossible to bring me back because I have a 10 year bar but Michael did took my case and brought me back he's actually very helpful trustworthy any always answer his phone no matter what he also helped me he in United States to start my business Michael done everything for me I'm so grateful if you need a lawyer that you can trust Michael will be your choice Zlatko Zack jukic

Thaddeus Carter

Gracie United Ascension

Mike is a man of strong principles and the best immigration lawyer in our area. He will fight to keep families together. He is a first class human being that loves his community & will protect your rights.

Tony Nguyen

Mr. Gahagan is an amazing attorney. He is very knowledgeable and will take care of you from start to finish. We are so are so THANKFUL for all his help.

Lily .

Really impressed by Mr. Gahagan's level of sophistication, professionalism, experience and worldly knowledge. From our first phone conversation I realized that I am in good hands and that I chose the best of the best lawyers down south. He goes above and beyond for his clients, he has great attention to details and you can definitely trust him and his perspective as a lawyer. He was fully aware of my situation and he helped me in every step with follow ups. Now I can see why he has the highest ratings on most platforms. I highly recommend him due to his great personality and knowledge. I can't thank you enough! God bless you


Phil Ml

Charles Garner

We had an excellent experience with the Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans (ILFNO). My wife was trying to get a resident visa for her son who was in Brazil (she has been a naturalized U.S. citizen for several years). Due to a clerical error the application for a minor child to get a resident visa was delayed a total of seven years. By this time he was no longer a minor and the clock had restarted. The ILFNO was able to successfully argue that the delay was not the fault of my wife and he should still be eligible under his first application as a minor child. This meant he was able to get the resident visa and not enter the pool of adults who want to enter. That waiting period is currently decades long. Great Job! Highly recommend that you take your immigration needs and concerns to the Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans. Good luck!

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