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REVIEWS OF Stephen D. Hebert, LLC - Attorney at Law IN Louisiana

Mary Wang

If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for you and defend you, no matter how long it takes, look no further. When I called Stephen to defend my sister in a criminal case, I knew instantly he was the right person for the job. He was extremely communicative (email/phone/text) and let us know what to expect every step of the way. He never gave up on her and defended her with everything he could. I am so pleased with the way Stephen defended my sister. He never gave up on us and never treated her like a docket number. Thank you Stephen for everything!!

Thomas Buccola

Stephen kept prompt communication with me regarding my case. He successfully got the charges dismissed with my absence from the court room. Worked hard to make sure all of my needs were met. I would highly recommend Mr. Hebert for your legal needs.

Brettany Cobb

Mr. Hebert was swift and diligent in navigating the legal spider web for my DUI. Only two months after I received my ticket, I was in and out of court with all of my probation requirements completed on Mr. Hebert's advice. Aside from that, Mr. Hebert was kind and not judgmental.


Daniel Mathews

Very knowledgeable, professional and knows the ins and outs of the courtroom. Excellent results.

Temi Brown

Mr. Herbert is far above anything you will ever experience with any other criminal defense attorney. He is very personable and I immediately liked this guy. The attention and consideration he gives to his clients is truly remarkable. I look forward to getting my legal matters resolved with his representation.

Joe N.

I was visiting New Orleans for the weekend with my college friends when I had a run in with the police department and got to know New Orleans a little more than I had anticipated. My court date was set for, of course, the day after I planned to leave the city and return to work. Stephen was incredibly helpful, got my charges dismissed and saved me from an uncomfortable conversation with my boss explaining why I would have had to miss work that Monday (for the court hearing in New Orleans). I would highly recommend him to anyone and am so glad I chose him to represent me.

Jay Book

Stephen answered my phone call on an early weekend morning, was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He walked me through the entire process and helped me deal with a rather terrible legal situation with a better ending than I could have imagined. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone or use him again. Do yourself a favor and call the man if you need help.

Danielle DeLuca

Perfect attorney! Handled all of my legal trouble for me while I was out of state. He kept me up to date on everything that was going on, I was never left wondering! Got all of my charges dismissed like he told me he would from the beginning. I would highly recommend! Thank you!

Bryan Roussel

Stephen took my call at 7 pm and took immediate action. Excellent communication and follow through.


I am truly grateful to have found Stephen. He has helped me get through a stressful process and he helped me to remain calm by keeping me consistently informed and updated - being unsure of the process and of what may happen can make people very anxious. He is an excellent Attorney and I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation. He achieved a great result for me - I am very happy with the outcome, which is the best possible result in my case.

Queen TV

One word....rude. Don’t even waste your time

Roberto Denegri

Mr. Hebert was outstanding in his work. He kept in constant contact with me throughout the legal process and explained everything clearly. He got my charges completely dismissed with a full bond refund with my absence in court. I would highly recommend using his services at any time of need.

Leila Mo

I was calling to make an appointment and the customer service who answer the phone are very rude .when I was asking them they hung up on my face and when I called back to ask them why would they do this they said because I ask too much .the lawer charge $260 for 30 minutes that's what I was told over the phone and this is crazy price they have cheaper lawyers and they are good and with a good customer service ..I won't throw my monkey aways like that .i don't recommend no one to come here .and all the reviews here are from the lawer and his staff them self just be carful and don't ay I didn't warn you

Brittany Geyer

When I ended up in some legal trouble, I was panicking. Then I found Stephen and hired him to be my attorney. It was the best decision I could have made for myself and for my peace of mind. He was very easy to reach when I needed to speak with him and he seemed like he really knew what he was talking about in regards to my case, which helped to put my mind at ease and gave me confidence in him. Thanks to him, I did not have to travel back to New Orleans for the two times I needed to be in court. He showed up for me both times and in the end, he was able to get the case dismissed. I'm now very relieved and glad I went with him as my attorney.

Jessica D.

Stephen Hebert really helped me throughout my case. He explained everything clearly and always kept me updated on the status of my case. I appreciated his service and highly recommend him to be a representative in court.

David Alan

I flew into New Orleans last summer for what I thought would be a fun-filled weekend with friends. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse early Saturday morning and I ran into some legal trouble. Needless to say, when I got back to my hotel I wasn’t sure what to do but knew that I should speak with an attorney. I did a general Google search but was largely unimpressed with the attorney websites that I came across, that is until I found Stephen Hebert's website. It comforted me to know that he used to be a DA so he knew how the system worked. I remember calling Mr. Hebert and being surprised that he actually answered his phone (remember this is early Saturday morning)! I explained my predicament to him and he probably gave me 20 minutes or more of “free advice,” telling me my options and such. My goal was to have nothing on my record, so I asked if I could officially make him my lawyer that day and we met at his office an hour later and I filled out the paperwork. He was a very nice guy and gained my trust right away. I thought his rate was extremely reasonable – I was expecting to pay double that (if not more). He charged a “flat” rate for my case, meaning that everything that needed to get done (filing the paperwork, going to court, etc.) would be covered under that rate. Mr. Hebert ultimately got me the best result that was possible: the case was dismissed voluntarily by the prosecution and I never even had to fly back to New Orleans! I realize that such an outcome is one part good attorney and one part luck, but I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Mr. Hebert.

James Murphy

While visiting for the weekend recently, I had an issue come up that needed the assistance of a lawyer. Despite calling early on a Saturday evening, Mr. Hebert answered and proceeded to explain in a clear, concise, and professional manner what kind of situation I was in, what his plan of action would be, and what he would strive for as a best possible resolution. Mr. Hebert agreed to meet me in person in less than an hour, and upon meeting, I hired him and he further explained what services he would provide for my fee. After our meeting he even gave me a lift back to my hotel. His confidence in being able to resolve the matter put me at ease so I was able to enjoy the rest of my visit to New Orleans. Mr. Hebert achieved his best possible resolution for my matter and was prompt and diligent with his attention to my issue. I would recommend Mr. Hebert to anyone in need of a lawyer.

Becky Davis

Victor Barrientos

Stephen Hebert is an excellent attorney. I believe you could not ask for better representation when you have Mr. Hebert on your side. He handled my case with the outmost attention to make sure I got the best outcome possible. Because of Mr. Hebert I did not have to serve any Jail time. Thank you Stephen!!!!

Jessica Smith


I’m from out of town and needed an experienced and qualified lawyer to help with a legal issue in New Orleans. Did my research, hired Mr. Stephen and he did not disappoint. He kept in contact with me through out the whole process, very professional, and courteous. I’m thankful for the outcome by his excellent work and highly recommend Mr. Stephen Hebert.

Lauren Jontiff

A friend recommended that I go to Mr. Hebert for help and I am happy that I did. He was very concise and simple to work with. Although my problem was not his exact line of work he was willing to help me, let me know from the beginning how much it would cost and dealt with my issue. Couldn't have been easier or more pleasant dealing with him. I would go back to him time and time again.

Susan Palavos

If you need a good lawyer, look no further. You will not be disappointed. After a lengthy legal entanglement I emerged with the best of outcomes. I can say that start to finish his legal council made the difference. I wholehearted recommend Stephen Hebert.

C Plummer

There are not enough stars to write a review on Mr. Hebert. He appeared out of no where at a time that I really needed assistance that had been dragging on for several months. He swooped in and cleared a situation up that really caused stress to my family and premature gray hair to me. Efficient and Professional and I am eternally grateful for the legal assistance in which he provided. Contact information is permanently stored to REFER to others as I wish to never have to personally need him again.

Ryan Stevens

I consulted with Mr. Hebert on a legal issue in New Orleans and was extremely impressed with his assistance and legal knowledge, not to mention his courtesy. Thank you.

Gil Francis

Mr. Hebert provided the best legal service I have received in New Orleans. I always felt as a client that I was a sincere priority. Throughout the course of the case, he remained in constant communication and provided thorough and comprehensive advice. Moreover, his prior experience as DA proved invaluable and manifested itself throughout the case Update: I feel as though issues I had post-case were not given due diligence or attention. .

Devin Forster

Mr.Stephen Hebert was a tremendous help with certain pressing issues. I highly recommend him as an attorney

ton dinh

Highly Skilled, Very Professional, Highly Recommended.

Gabrielle Armanini

Made a bad situation into the best possible outcome I could imagine. I had a million questions and concerns and he answered all of them confidently and kept me very informed through the whole process. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Heather Huey

He did a great job and will always recommend him in the future.

Daniel Ruane

I was visiting New Orleans for a birthday weekend with some friends. The first night I was out partying and had a run in with the local police department. Of course my court date was set for the day after I was supposed to leave town. I was desperate and freaking out. Most lawyers wouldn't answer my call since it was a Saturday. Stephen returned my call right away and even met up with me in person on his day off. He went over the process in great detail so I could fully understand the situation. He showed up to court in my absence and he got my charges dismissed. Couldn't be happier with making the decision to hire him!

Jane S.

Being from out of state with a legal issue in New Orleans, I was very stressed in finding a qualified and honest Attorney. I searched the internet and narrowed my search to 5 attorneys and interviewed them all. I chose Stephen Hebert because of his informative approach, knowledge base as a previous DA in New Orleans, flexibility and he made me feel like he genuinely cared about me. I have to say that all of the reasons listed on why I chose him after the phone interview, were true in real life and in his professional conduct. I have never had an attorney who answers his cell phone or text within such a short period and who had such a strong work ethic and determination to resolve the case. Since I was from out of town, he even picked me up for court and calmed my nerves. After my first meeting with him, I felt confident that he was the man for the job. He knew the Parish of Orleans system and was very well connected to the legal personnel in this parish. My case was resolved due to his diligence and hard work and he always kept me well informed along the course of the case. He is an awesome attorney as well as an awesome person. I highly recommend him for your legal issues.

A Google User .

Are you freaking out right now because you got arrested in New Orleans on Saturday night, they scheduled you a Monday morning arraignment but you flew home anyway? Take a deep breath and CALL STEPHEN HEBERT. He answered my phone call immediately at 10pm on Sunday night and really eased my worry with his careful explanation of what to do next. He went to the arraignment in my stead the very next morning at 8am and got all the charges DROPPED, calling me directly after to fill me in on the good news. The next day he emailed me the record of the proceedings, showing me the matter was closed. Not only is Mr. Hebert confident, responsive, and courteous to deal with, his years of experience and relationship with the New Orleans court system is going to get you the best possible result for your case. The way Mr. Hebert handled my case from the moment he answered the phone to our final email together was nothing short of heroic. Call him.

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