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REVIEWS OF Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers IN Louisiana

Ronson Charles

I 'd like to take this time to give a HUGE SHOUT-OUT Mr. Denis Barry and the entire team at Spencer Callahan Injury Lawyers. They've been an outstanding group with which to work and have been nothing short of professional to both my wife and I. If needed, I would certainly seek the assistance of this firm again!


I would highly recommend anyone to go to spencer calahan everyone in the office is so nice but most of all my attorney Mrs.Denis was the best a big special thanks to him and his team!

Alyce Atchison

The best law firm in Louisiana. Thanks to Christopher DeAgano for his professionalism and hospitality. I went through my case with no problems at all and got way more than I expected. I would recommend anyone to Chris!!

Kalaila Santiago

My whole experience with David was great! Responded to calls,and updated me very well!

Sarah Larrieu

I had the pleasure of having Mr Byron Hutchinson at Mr Calahn office and he did an amazing job on my case and did a tremendous job. I recomend everyone go to Spencer Calahan office and work with his lawyers

kirsten campbell

I am grateful that Chase was my lawyer. He very was helpful and knowledgeable! He is a very down to earth and humorous person! BEST LAWYER EVER! :)

Eric Wilson

This Law firm is the best in Town........they have helped me with a few cases over the years and was very successful with getting me great settlements. The associates at this firm are very knowledgeable and will always keep you in the loop with your case......... I have referred friends, family and associates to this firm with my highest recommendation. Anyone out there looking for a law firm , I recommend Spencer Calahan Attorneys, especially Chris and Nikki !!! ERIC WILSON

Krystal Kimber

I would recommend Byron Hutchinson to anyone in need of an attorney. He did all he could for me and I was very happy in the end. He answered my calls when I needed him and if he was busy he called me back the same day Mr. Byron Hutchinson is the real MVP and I was very pleased with his services..


MAN I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Them !! great job I’m happy & excited for what I’m getting ... great job folks #byron my lawyer good job well done

Carolyn Jackson

My name is Cedric Jackson , Sr. Ms. Farah is my attorney. She is very professional and personable. We would recommend her a lot. We love Farah and really enjoyed working with her. Ms. Farah was courteous and persistent and caring, and she listened carefully to what we wanted. Farah didn't make it seem as just a case, she made us feel important and did not keep us wondering in suspense about what was going on throughout the process. Thank you!

myrtle williams

Thank you for being a good lawyer. Thank you for helping us. We love you.

Dalaci Lee

Mr.Byron Hutchinson with Spencer Calahan is the most kind and trustworthy Lawyer u can use!!! he did a wonder job with my case and got me what i needed in a timely manor!! that u Mr. Hutchinson

brandy h

I was referred by a client and I will refer any of my friends and family. Callahan Law Firm really have MAD SKILLS. I would like to Thank Chris and Nikki for keeping me informed of all matters in my case. Mr. S. Calahan Thank You for being such a wonderful Team Leader. Brandy

Scott Roy

Tyler and Ciara were the best team to work with. Communication was great; calls were answered swiftly, and emails were returned promptly. All of my concerns were addressed and they guided me through the process of working with physicians and therapists and getting my vehicle back in order. I couldn't be happier with the service that I received with Tyler and his team.

ax b

The attorney Farrah was great and very kind through the whole process. I am very happy i decided to come here. Carlos Rodriguez-Coronel.

Dmarcus White

I was recently in a car accident and I chose Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyer’s to represent me Mr. Isaac and Ms. Reyna worked together very well in order to accommodate me in every way. They gave me updates on my case every time a change took place and they were very professional and friendly. I appreciate them so much. They are great they guided me through the whole process and I would recommend them to anyone... great job Mr. Isaac and Ms. Reyna thanks for everything.

DeLorice Mathews

I work for a law office and Spencer Calahan is greedy. Its a shame how he does his clients. Make sure you read your fee agreement. That is the contract when you first sign up. You may be excited and think you know how it works, but you need to know the lawyers fees 33% pre- litigation 40% post. These are normal fees, but all the other fees added in the contract. $195 per hour if you decide not to continue with them. How they will make sure you get to your appointments, because if you are consistent with treating, the lawyers get their percentage off the top. It includes your medical bills for the particular incident. They will "pay" for you to get there, but overcharge you. They are not fair honest people. It makes me sad to read their contract. Although my husband had a case with them and made some bad decisions in borrowing money, and some liens that had to be paid, which is normal, they have you go through a company which charges interest about every six months. You can accrue 30k-40k in cash advances. I work for an attorneys office and whatever our clients need to borrow, we deduct exactly what they borrowed and nothing more. We do not try to be greedy off of our clients. We realize, unlike Spencer Calahan and associates, that we would not get paid if you did not bring your case to us. Even if you have a nice settlement in the end. They are ripping you off and being greedy from the beginning. READ YOUR PRE CONTRACT FEE AGREEMENT WORD FOR WORD. I am saddened just how people are. How they will take advantage of a situation that will put money in their pocket to deceive and mislead their clients. You have to pay them almost $200 to fill out an application for basically a payday type loan. These places are designed to rip you off. They do not have the interest of the Client at heart. They are only concerned about themselves. How can I say this? I work for amazing attorneys who I have watched time and time again put their clients first. They do so much for the community outside of their clients. People who are not even putting money in their pocket. I have not named where I work so this is not a ploy, its the GODS honest truth. I dont even work in Baton Rouge. I am appalled. They get one star only because his attorney was nice. It was not Spencer Calahan. He runs the show. Mainly their main priority is to have others working for them so they just bring money in. How do you do that? Overcharge clients! Its awful from the start. You start with your beginning contract fee agreement. I'm sure people have been writing reviews because they feel they have got some money, but they are getting more money than you are. I was not around for the fee agreement, but I would not have let him sign it. ***IN RESPONSE TO YOUR REPLY**** The hourly fee I speak of is if they try to get rid of you which is stated in your Fee Agreement. Your contingency fee is not different than other lawyers in the industry. It is about the same. There is nothing spectacular in that. My husband was not given interest free loans. Why would you refer him to a lending company? Why did you charge so much for cab rides. I did say he made some bad decisions, true, one being he probably didn't read the contract and doesn't know any better. My review isn't misleading, you are. You had him thinking...even when he signed the settlement worksheet that he was going to get something back. You never explained the ordeal throughout the process. When the child support lien was sent in, you should have made him aware because it doesn't come at the end. Don't mislead the public saying you paid his medical expenses when that is all apart of the money you negotiate for. The medical expenses is a major part of the settlement demand and offer. So don't act like you did him a favor. Do a favor and communicate and keep them informed. My firm also gives a monthly worksheet. It helps our clients so they always know where they are. Yes my husband made some bad decisions, but I guess compared to where I work, clients are kept informed. There is nothing special you've done.

tangela whitfield

Mr. Denis took care of me. Everything was professional and on time. He always kept me in the loop. Mr. Denis was nice friendly and had good conversation. Comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Eddy Ruffin

I’m satisfied with Mr. Barry’s representation. I refer all my friends and family to Spencer Callahan. We went to trial and won!

Tamia Downs

I would love to thank Mr.Ben and his team Erica/Casey they did a wonderful job please contact them for all your accident needs. Thanks again!

Lartey Hodges

I appreciate the time and diligence spent to take care of my case and my family. We are just so thankful for Denis and Spencer Calahan and all the work they have done for us. Great Place.

Madison Guillory

Awesome customer service! Very caring.

Tee Vee

Love my experience with Denis Barry! He went above and beyond to assist me in my case!!! Definitely recommend anyone to him!! Ask for him by name!

cajuncharger .

Spencer said in his commercials that if they couldn't get more money for you than you could get without them then they wouldn't charge you. That's an outright lie! The lawyer I had to try and work with forced me to settle out of court through his own tricks and he almost never would return telephone calls. If I wouldn't have been in a coma I never would have hired this horrible firm. Please go elsewhere. These people don't deserve anyone's money!

Beth Coussou

I'm very pleased with the law firm. I would recommend them to anyone. i will you Mr. Denis in the future.

Taylor Turner

Mr. Denis Barry did a very good job with my case. He was very helpful with my questions and concerns. He made sure my treatment was done and I was feeling better before settling. I am satisfied with the settlement.

Shayla Franklin

My lawyer I had representing me was very professional, kept me informed of everything that was going on with my case. I'll refer Spencer Calahan to anyone looking for a great firm to go with!!!!

Carlos Ferrari

I went to Farah Gheith, and a friend told me to choose another lawyer, and I decided to stick with her. And I called her a lot of times, and she was very thorough. She told me to be patient, even though I am typically impatient, and I do act like an 11 year old in a 63 year old body. I really thank her for helping me with my case. I really appreciate every thing Farah did for me and being patient with me. She gave me some great teddy bears and coffee. I enjoy them all, and nowhere can you get a better bear than at Spencer Calahan. I even took it to the Saints game with me.

johnnie gage

I called several other law firms that did not accept my case and as I was watching TV I saw the Spencer Calahan television commercial. I called and Spencer Calahan sent someone out that day to sign me up. Mr. Denis and Rachel worked hard on my case and were able to settle it timely and I couldn't be happier. I will recommend them to everyone i come across that needs an attorney., especially to my attorney Mr. Denis Barry.

Nia Vaughn

Mr. Mike Davis was such a pleasure to work with. He was there when I needed him no matter the hour or day. Thank you for your service and your help during my injury claim. I appreciate you!

danielle dixon

Experience from day 1 to settlement date was excellent. They were very informative, knowledgeable, wonderful staff , professional manner, responsive. Highly recommend them! Thanks Isaac & Reyna yall made this terrible experience go smoothly as I can imagine it could have considering the situation.

Cassandra Williams

The best. I would highly recommend Mr. Denis to anybody. Mr. Denis is super cool.

Butch White

Spencer Calahan is great. Mr. Denis worked wonders for me. I recommend Spencer Calahan to any and everyone. He is great.

Cherita Wilson

i really enjoy being a client and having chase work my case was amazing. I will refer many many many more people here!

Jessika Dixon

Second time using this firm! David and Stephanie were so helpful with both cases. Would recommend to anyone!

tamika haney

Mr. Denis did a great job. Unfortunately, I have been hit two different times and have used Spencer Callahan both times. I am very happy with their services.

Jackie Fisher

Staff always pleasant. Ms.Stepahnie and Mr. David were always helpful and answered any questions I had.

Laurel Lakes Estates

Great firm!

Jonquail smith

Thank you Ms Farah for making the best of my case. Loved the experience, and I will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Anjelica Smith

I had excellent service with tyler dowing and kelsey helped me out everytime i called great service.

Charrisse Green

This my first experience dealing with any attorney but coming here to Spencer Calahan was the best experience ever. They are amazing and Parker can only be described in 3 words Simply The Best. If your ever looking for a great team don't hesitate to call Spencer and his team they are the best!!!!!

Nemo Luv

I so love Spencer Calahan and his attorneys. I recommend you get over there and see them Farah F. Gheith is greeaattt!!!!!! Neomosha Phillips is very pleased with you guys work thanks

Darion Victorian

My experience was great. Chase kept in contact, great all around I was VERY satisfied with the outcome. Most def one to recommended.

Laquita Rose

It was very friendly device, It was fast. Mr. Denis and Luz always respond back quickly. I would recommend friends and family to the Callahan law firm.

Monique Nicholes

It was very great experience here with Mr. Denis Barry Jr. i can truly say he help me from the beginning to he end . Any question that i may had he was right there to answer each question i would highly recommend this great and awesome man to anyone. he did exactly what he said he was going to do and to help me the best way that he can and i am so grateful to have him as my Attorney! A GREAT CHOICE. Thank You Mr. Denis

Leashal Cotton

David DeBlieux and his assistant Stephanie have dealt with my family on more than accord and i must say they are very understanding, patient, and informative! they are best hands down so good i have already been referring other to them. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!

Jessica Williams

We Love this lawyers office , they really get the job done !!! Tyler is the best !!!!! if you have need any accident assistance give tyler at spencer calahan a call

heyyy bl0ssOm

I love Denis and the patience that he had with me. Lord knows it was not easy, but these guys are the Best of the best XOXO. Will be returning if anything else turns up.

Yashika Williams

I had a pleasure working with Attorney Denis Barry and his assistant! They made sure I was well taken care of!

Kendra Howard

It has really been a great pleasure to have had Mr. Benjamin Lowe and Ms. Casey to represent me with my injury case .They really took time and made me feel like I was their number one priority although they had other clients . I would highly recommend these two its been 4 years but it was definitely worth the wait I really appreciate you guys going above and beyond for me . I am truly satisfied with my outcome . Thanks Again!

Maddie Domino

I am satisfied. Mr. Denis said was he was going to do. Everything was perfect.

Dee Vlogs!!

This is not my first time working with this law firm. I would recommend anyone to them.Loved working with Val and Brady. They were very patient and they make sure you get what you deserve. Thanks so much!

jeffery Warren

Just want to thank Farah for the hard work she did on my case! It was much appreciated! Thank you! Jeff Warren

Jayadra Rodney

Mr. Denis Barry and Luz were extremely helpful with our case. I would highly recommend them to any one for any case. They were knowledgeable and communicated very well with us!! Thank you for handling our case!

charisma lastrapes

I have been in several car wrecks. Every time I was in a wreck, I have called Mr. Ben Lowe at Spencer Calahan. He is a great lawyer and has a very nice assistant Erica! Mr. Ben has never disappointed me with any case of mine. He is professional and smart and know his law! He does not give you a run around and he is open and honest with your case! He will help you to the best of his ability and I have been going to him for so many years and would not go to anyone else! I appreciate him and his team for helping me out for my cases! They ARE the BEST! Going to them would be the best decision ever!

Rose Falcon

A family member went to Gordon McKernan instead for the same accident, his case is still going, he has trouble getting in touch with his attorney, and he is not happy with his experience. Mr. Denis and Miss Rachel were great. Thanks for everything you did. I will definitely refer friends and family here. Mr. Denis always returned my phone calls and recovery was quick.

Ashley Duncan

Great service, friendly atmosphere. First time in a serious automobile accident, i am more than pleased with the service, Mr. Denis was very helpful and informative. He was very polite and didn't mind answering any of my questions.

Mona Hoffmann

My name is Frank Hoffmann and I was in an auto accident in 2015. I was injured and could not get the help I needed from the insurance company of the person that rear ended me. After months of seeing a chiropractor he advised me that he could not do any more for me and recommended that I see a spine and back specialists and get an attorney. He recommended a doctor and the Law Office of Spencer Calahan. Mr. Calahan assigned my case to Mr. Chris DeAgano and together they worked tirelessly to get me a fare settlement although they knew the person that hit me had the lowest amount of insurance coverage allowed by Louisiana Law. I am very satisfied and happy that I had Spencer Calahan's Law firm working for me.

Blake K

The best phone call I made all year was to Spencer Calahans office. His associate Dennis Barry was professional and answered all my questions promptly. Call and ask to speak with Dennis Barry. You will not regret your decision in attorney.

Haydee Rodriguez

Mr. Denis and Luz were great. They did a good job, They were very helpful and honest people. The were very responsible with their job, They explained very well.

l l

Issac is great. He got me 10k ..

Kyasia Earl

Tyler was my attorney and he was great every step of the way. I would refer family and friends to come to Spencer Callahan ,he is the best.

Mark Garrett

Attorney office Spencer Calahan takes real good care of their clients. Denis Berry is a kind considerate and a very good attorney. He handled all aspects of my case from the doctor to the insurance company. Would highly recommend.

Alanna Jenkins

On November & 13th , my family and I were in an accident unfortunately. We had just got back on the road for being without a vehicle for a month, so my frustration was at an all time high at that point. Thought we were going to be able to get a good enough offer from the insurance company we didn’t, so we went with Spencer Calahans office to handle the insurance company for us. Ben Lowe is who handles our case and he was awesome throughout the whole process. He made sure we stayed updated on what was going on and our settlement turnout was doubled what he had assured us of at the beginning. I would also like to give a special thanks to Erica, Ben’s assistant who too was more than helpful throughout the process.

Lissa Ezell

I called regarding a possible medical malpractice case that I had. I didn't know any of the lawyers so I didn't ask for anyone specific. I was transferred to David and the initial phone call went well. After going to see two additional physicians I called him back, 2 days later he called me and said he needed to do some research and would get back to me by the end of the day. That was on Nov. 7th and today is the 19th. Needless to say, I am not impressed. If he felt that I didn't have a case the very least he could do is tell me that. Very unprofessional and there are too many other lawyers out there. Update: within an hour Spencer Calahan called me to apologize. Very impressed with the prompt response and concern which has changed my mind. Very professional response to a negative review, thank you.

Amber Parker

Mr. Mike Davis was Awesome. He checked in with me constantly and made sure that I was taken care of. I would not ask for a better person to handle my case for me. Thanks Mr. Davis!!! Wanted to add Mr. Davis has been on point with getting everything together and taking care of me and my family members.

Brandon Bolden

Farah did an great job helping me out through the whole process. Everyone at Spencer Callahan’s office was awesome. Pleasure to do business with.

Wildcat Sporting Goods

Farah was awesome. I was stressed out in the beginning, and Farah often had to remind me to stay calm and to trust her. Farah helped explain things and we were able to settle and resolve the case. Thanks!!

Khadijah Hornsby

Spencer calahan office was a wonderful place to go to. My attorney she kelp me wit all my up to dates and when they had a miss call by me they called me back. I will come back to them they wonderful with everything.

Eldridge Green

Mr. Barry was extremely helpful, and kept me informed throughout the entire process.

andrea tucker

Att. Mike Davis is the best lawyer and i will use him all over again!!!!

Emily Baldwin

I was referred to Calahan injury lawyers through a friend and I am very happy I was. Everyone I spoke to was professional, friendly, and prompt. I had Mr. Denis Barry as my lawyer and he was fantastic. I am in Nursing school so I have zero extra time, he and his assistant, Rachel, handled everything. they called me when I needed to be updated, answered all my questions and did not mind my persistence. It was a huge stress relief and they made my life easier. Mr. Barry and Rachel took a personal interest in my life and made sure my needs were met first and foremost. Very nice, respectful,and caring. I highly recommend them if ever anyone is in need of an injury lawyer. Thank you

Daphne Perro

My lawyer Farah was awesome. I recommend anyone here

Raquel Gutierrez

They did awesome. I hope I don't have anymore accidents but if I do I sure will be giving them a call. My lawyer was Ben Lowe and he did an amazing job he kept me updated on everything that was going on with my case as Miss Casey did as well. They even called me on my birthday which was freaking awesome. Seriously did an amazing job. Thank you all soo much for everything and your hard work!! =)

Roland Edmond

Had and excellent experience us Spencer Callahan law office. Dennis Barry was very fast with responses and take care of business would recommend to everyone.

Tia Mozee

My experience with Spencer Calahan has been nothing short of amazing. Brady Patin is the injury lawyer who was appointed to me. Brady is very knowledgeable, efficient, and persistent. He definitely works and fights for his clients! He is extremely prompt with returning phone calls and emails which I loved most about him! He was awesome to work with!

Kiara Jones

Byron Hutchinson was a great attorney, he kept me updated on my case and provided me with the best options available, i was informed on everything and i did not have any pop-up surprises during the duration of being a client here. The staff at Spencer Calahan are friendly, smart, kind, amazing, great people. i would definitely recommend you if you're reading this to take them in considered as representatives. Also if i was to get in to a future accident (God Forbid) this law office would be the first i would call. Thanks for the amazing work and support. <3 !!! You Guys Rock.

Edrika Stewart

I honestly wish they had more stars. i am in love with Farah F.Gheith she's very beautiful in person i wish i knew more people like her. Farah is very intelligent i wish i could always be around her. I appreciate the honesty and loyalty she has had with me since we have been communicating with me,i love you ms.Gheith

Kelsey .Jones

Mr. Denis Berry was my lawyer and I would refer him to anyone who’s had any issues dealing with a motor vehicle accident. They were so helpful and quick with my case I absolutely loved my experience here. They were very professional and quick to get back to me if I called and had any questions or issues. I was afraid of getting a lawyer at the beginning but they reassured me I was making a good decision and I am extremely glad I did! I will absolutely be back to him and this firm if I have anymore accidents!

Keena Hardy

Initially, I was skeptical about lawyers period. Feeling like I would be cheated out of what is due to me. I’m proud to say that, “My lawyer Farah Gheith changed my perception.” I was shown empathy above all and treated like family. Ms. Farah made sure I understood every aspect of my case like the professional she is. Spencer Calahan is the one to see, call 387-2323. It worked for me.

yolanda joseph

Great people,friendly very professional. Made my experience with them wonderful.

Catherine .

Came in for just a look see and left with a extremely determined attorney. He kept me posted every step of the way and didn't cut any corners. Greatly Satisfied with my Results

Michael Seal

Farah Gheith was my attorney. She made everything super easy and took all the stress out of it for me. I strongly recommend using Farah to anyone that is looking for an injury attorney.

Randon Johnson

Denis Barry was awesome and a pleasure to deal with thanks for every thing!!!

michael cassard

Fareham was a great attorney for me and my family she help us out big time thanks

Latisha Pollard

I’m so happy me and my family was referred to Byron M Hutchinson to handle my case at spencer Calahan injury lawyers! He definitely fights hard on getting you every penny you deserve! he keeps me updated on every single action taken in my case! he’s an amazing attorney and I’m soooo happy I chose him!...Thank you Byron H. your the best

Kantrella Singleton

I Love Tyler & Kelsey's really enjoyed working with them. Such a great job! Will refer

Vanessa Williams

Farah was my Attorney. She was very professional and handled my case with top notch service. I would recommend her as an Attorney to anyone.

Amy deGeneres

I can't say enough good things about Brady Patin and his assistant Valeri Anderson. I had never been in the situation where I needed legal counsel, didn't know what was expected or what the "norm" was. They were very patient and professional, answered all my questions, and kept me informed through the entire process. They were also able to get things done in a timely fashion, which I greatly appreciate! If you need help, you need someone honest, professional and trustworthy who has your best interest at heart...I highly recommend Brady Patin.

Kenyetta Blakes

Mike Davis is an awesome attorney. He got the job done and he's highly recommended

Kristen Gabriel

Our experience at the Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers office was great. Mr Denis kept in contact with us throughout the whole process and kept the best of us in mind. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Jacoby Riley

Mr. Denis and Luz were real great. I always got an answer on the same day or at least the next day. Everything was real great. I will refer people to Mr. Denis and Luz.

Kim White

Awesome, law firm the entire team punctual & most of all return calls with status.. Therefore, that is most crucial when waiting in anticipation on what going on with your case....

Nicole Sanders

I would recommend Byron Hutchinson to anyone. He is thorough and handled my case with a fine tooth comb. He made sure any question we had was answered in a timely fashion. He truly made me feel like my case was the only one he was handling. His professionalism and character made me sure I made the right choice with choosing Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers.

Trey Ponsock

What can I say, other than wow! Insurance company treated me like I didn’t matter, Farah Gheith showed them that I do. Very appreciative of the professionalism and the timely fashion that my case settled. I would recommend her to any and everyone that needs an attorney on their side. Thank you!!

Adrian Bickford

MR Denis is so wonderful and was always there when I needed him and would recommend anyone that needs an attorney to Mr Denis. I am going to miss him. I felt he had my best interest in mind at all times. Never once did I have to question anything. Very professional, friedly and I felt like I was well taken care of.

Patricia Saidu

Mr Mike Davis was my attorney when i got injured in a vehicle last year. The insurance company did not want to treat me right. He picked up my case and fought for me. He did an excellent job. i will always be grateful. would recommend him to family and friends.

Barbara Brown

Chase was absolutely awesome. Handled all concerns and complaints. Highly recommend him. Spencer is fine, but go see Chase lol! He gets it done. Treats all clients with respect. No complaints. Everyone come see Chase, he will handle it! Consider Chase, Chase Bank!!

Lance Stansberry

I had a great experience with you guys.

Jaypickz 123

I got into an unfortunate experience that hindered my last year in high school. My grandfather told me to go with Spencer Calahan and I was represented by my lawyer Tyler. He was very informative and guided me every step of the way. We discussed on how to get the most of my settlement and we got more than what we expected out of our deal. All in all I would recommend Spencer to anyone that has been in an automotive accident!!

Latrice Oconner

Mr. Rusty kept in contact with me throughout my entire case to keep me inform so I was never in the blind about anything. He was very nice and made me feel like he was on my side. Everyone in the law office was actually so nice and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Spencer Calahan law office to others.

Keeping Up With Maddyy

My name is Madison & I was a client of Farrah Gheith & she was great , always called & let me know what was going on , what steps they were taking , & about how long it would be , spencer you have you a great team

Catherin Payne

Everything was good about Chase. That's why I send everyone to ya. He's fun, he's happy, and always has a smile on his face. Cooperates with people well. Keep the good work up too!

Clint Savignol

Nice hopefully as good as they say.

Keng Ricks

Ben Lowe and Casey are absolutely phenomenal , They keep me updated on my case , they reach for the maximum in any case and never leave you wondering or hanging .Thanks again.

Tyler Tolbert

This was the best experience with a lawyer ms Farrah Gheith

Michael Thomas

Hey it’s been a true pleasure being a client,everyone been great to work with especially my main Man Dennis,easy to talk too and very concern about his clients. I would recommend Spencer’s firm to anyone. Michael W. Thomas

Sharron Moore Coats

I have always been quite lazy about putting my thought down on paper. However I need to tell anyone who will listen of my experience at Spencer Calahan's office. My Attorney (Atty. Denis) is a phenomenal Attorney, or should I say awesome, I could even say amazing. He took very good care of me, my husband and my son. He took his time and explained to me and my husband about a procedure that could help us with the pain that we were having. A procedure that we had decided never to have. Well he helped us understand the benefits of having it. And what a difference it made immediately. It was the first in months that i slept all night, without being awoken with excruciating pain in my back and legs. After I had the procedure I called his office the very next day to thank him. Atty Denis has helped me and my family so much and I could never THANK Him enough. I he has a beautiful soul and a kind heart. He will always be the Attorney I call first. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that he put a lot of money in my hands and even supported my TeaCake business. "Thank You Atty. Denis again and again.

DeEric Robinson

I truly recommend people who have been in a car accident to come here. This is the best company that I have been with. I also recommend Mr. Tyler as a lawyer, one of the best in the business. Thanks a lot Mr. Tyler!

Reginald King

Ms Farah did a very good job handling my injury claim. She was very knowledgeable and kept me informed. The very best personality. She is a true asset to Callahan Law Firm. I will always recommend her as a injury attorney. Thanks for everything Ms. Farah.

Sandra Yount

Ben and Casey have worked so hard to make sure that I had the best outcome for my case. I recommend them to everyone I come across that needs a GOOD LAWYER. Thanks again Ben and Casey you guys are awesome.

Chelsea Carter

I really enjoyed working with Mr. Denis and Luz. I am very satisfied. I would recommend anyone to Spencer Calahan.

Dominique Shaw

Ben Lowe took care of all our needs in a timely manner.

Vickie Luper

So nice I would really say they are the best they make u feel like they have now u for ever and it's just nice ppl there love them and I really won't to thank them ❤️

Thaidra Chrisentery

My experience with Spencer Calahan Law firm was EXCELLENT!! I dealt with Tyler and he was awesome, he was very detailed with me and very reassuring. I did not have run behind him to get updates or find out the stage of progress concerning my case. Not only did Tyler do everything he promised he would do to ensure that i was compensated, but he exceeded all of my expectations. I would definitely refer all of my family and friends to Calahan Law Firm, with a special request for Tyler.

Cedric Jackson

I love ms Farrah as my attorney she was a blessing to my whole family and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Laylay Gang

Wonderful law firm helped me with all my needs

Lynn Young

Really nice guy. Easy to talk to.

Jamie Williams

I'm so glad I've chosen this law firm to represent me , my attorney, Mr. Denis Barry & his assistant, Luz are super awesome!! They made sure I was okay and still diligently working hard to settle my case

Dee Mathews

Very nice people. Too high fees. Unless you know this field, you dont know how they are getting over on you.

Takosha Ealy

This was my first time being involved in a car accident. Byron M Hutchinson was recommended by my brother and his wife. They told me their awesome story on how rapid and efficient he was working on their case. Long story short. He will forever be my go to. Thank you again for everything!!!

Tamara Butler

Mike Davis was my lawyer he worked on both my accidents and stayed communicating with me throughout the whole process. Thank you Mike.

tange griffin

Hey Mr Dennis did a very good job with my case i really appreciate him alot thank you so much and keep up the good work Mr. Dennis

Shirley Johnson

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-8 NKJV Everything is made possible through Christ Jesus and thanks to Ben Lowe, Casey and Erica for being the catalyst to make it happen!

reginald aites

I really appreciate all Mr. Denis did for me. He always took or returned my calls and was there for me when I needed him. He was always available to meet with me when i needed. I already recommended a few friends to him.

Crusader productions Elam

When you have Spencer Calahan, you have an attorney for life. They are like family over there. Tyler did a great job for me! He is a very cool-headed, knowledgeable person of tort law. Special shout out to Kelsey for putting up with my anxiety during this endeavor. And thanks to the answering service!

jason dake

I am extremely happy about the outcome of my case. Mike was a tremendous help in getting everything settled. Thank you very much Mike!

Jim McClain

Spencer and his team are A-plus. Always wiling to help and answer questions. They do care and work with their clients like they were family. I would give them 10 stars If I could. Great job and thanks

Rondell Jackson

I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Tori Garrett

Ben and Ms Casey represented me in my case and I received several thousand dollars thanks Spencer’s Callahan and associates for all your help.

Michael Landry

they where good at they service and was on point with what they said they would do for me. They are the best at doing what they say for their client. And they are good at taking care of you on time and without delay. They are very good at their work.

Ariana Triggs

Ms. Farah was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She worked tiredlessly on my case and helped me out to the best of her ability! She's a really great lawyer and really down-to-earth person! I'm extremely glad that I chose this law firm to represent me in my case!

Brenda Williams

I was definitely pleased with Mr. Denis and would recommend him to others.

Charisma Williams

Been here more than once. Great service. Very caring. And treats each case as if its his own family. My attorney was David Deblieux. Great man and attorney. He will never make you feel unimportant. Thanks David

Shawn Houston

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers treated us like family. They made sure we were kept up to date on our case and took care of business. I would recommend any family member and/or friend to this Law Office. Special Thanks to Brady P. and Valeri A..

Kennyboii ,

I appreciate Mr. Denis taking the time to help me. I sure appreciate the friendly encounters i had while with the firm. I would love to keep y'all as my lawyer. I recommend Spencer Calahan as the best lawyers.

Melvin Corney

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers is one of the best Injury Lawyers in Louisiana. After my accident I felt bullied by my insurance company, so my friend recommended Spencer Calahan. There I met Chris DeAgano, He greeted my wife and I with a smile. After this horrible accident it was nice to see a smiling face. We went into his office and went over the case. He explained he would represent us and we wouldn't have to deal with the insurance company. From that point on we treated and through the process my wife and I gotten to know Chris a lot better. He took it personal and gotten to know us too! Really made us feel comfortable at a time when we were in pain. What I'm trying to say is I would highly recommend Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers they are by far the best!

Paige Ephron

The service was amazing at spencer calahans office, Tyler was amazing as well he kept me updated with information, everytime he was notified. any advances or anything needed ahead of time was given with no complaints. Thanks Tyler D. at spencer calahans office !

Rani Poirrier

Tyler Downing was very helpful in my case. The insurance company was was so unhelpful to me and Tyler jumped in and got the job done. He assisted me in getting my case handled effectively. I have so much appreciation for him and the firm. Thanks so much for all that you did for me and my family.

Marlene Hart

Farah F. Gheith was great every time I call she always nice answer any of my concern I'm happy that I came to her.

yang sue

This is by far the best law firm that I have decided to hire to help me with an accident case. Mr. Mike Davis was very knowledgeable and understanding regarding my case. He took the time to properly work with me in a professional and efficient manner. I am significantly pleased with the work that was done on my behalf to make sure that I was properly compensated for my injuries involving my accident case.

La'Kencia Spurlock

Mr. Isaac Khalid help me very well during everything from top to bottom and I am very happy with the end. HE IS THE BEST!! Will be sending another person.

Lateisha Holliday

I am very excited and I would tell everybody to come visit Atty Chase. He is fair and outstanding lawyer.

Jacqueline Robins

Mr. Denis Barry was very professional, helpful, compassionate. He showed interest in my case and interest in my family to make sure everyone was okay. This was my first claim and I was not nervous when I came in. He made me feel very comfortable. The front office staff is professional, helpful, compassionate. My claim was handled in a timely manner. The doctors that I saw were also professional and compassionate. If i ever had the need again. it will be Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers.

Christi Bell

Denis was very knowledgeable and aware and very understanding of my situation. Denis and Rachel was very friendly and polite!! Both of them kept me update with new information as soon as they were notify. Denis is very big on emails, which i like because i am too. Denis really did a great job settling my case and i am please with my settlement. Definitely would recommend this office and my lawyer Denis Barry to whomever needs legal help fighting the insurance companies.

Ashley Boullion

I was a client of Mr. Brady Patin and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have represent me in my case. He worked very hard to get what we needed done. I would refer everyone I know to this law firm.

Michael Lewis

I just settled with an insurance company for my 2nd wreck in just a couple years. Both times, I used Spencer Calahan and will never consider using anyone else. Both times I was always kept up to date on the status of my case, what to expect next, and informed how long each step should take. Couldn't have asked for much more. Edited to add: Both of my cases were handled by Denis Barry and he always made me feel like he always had time to answer the smallest of questions. His assistant, Luz, was awesome! She often would e-mail me an update before I ever thought to contact anyone for an update. When the client is kept in the loop, even the smallest of updates, puts us at ease. After 2 wrecks, I can say 100% i will NEVER use a different personal injury attorney. It's nothing personal Denis, but I hope I never see you again

Jaren Diaz

What do you look for most in an attorney? If it's trustworthiness, respect, and humanity, then the only option is Spencer Callahan and his dynamic law group. I've worked very closely with my assigned attorney Chase and his team over these last few years to get my case resolved. He has always kept me informed, and I've always felt like I was more than a file within a stack of files on somebody's desk like other law offices can often make you feel. Henceforth, I am very pleased with the way in which this team uniquely handled my case. I have no regrets only praises. I trusted the Callahan attorneys to make the best decisions for me and they delivered. One of the best decisions I made was choosing Callahan law firm.

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