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REVIEWS OF The DUI Guy IN Kentucky

Jeanie Kreydik

Larry was the best thing that's happened to me. When I called, he actually answered the phone. Most offices don't. He was very responsive, did not give me the run around and took care of my case in less than a week. He was always polite and I would recommend him to anyone. He did what I didn't think could be done. I'm very grateful and a very satisfied customer. Thanks, Larry!!

Brandi Higdon

Had a great experience with the DUI Guy. No questions went unanswered. I was absolutely terrified and they helped make a horrible experience better. Would 100% trust them with any legal issue. Very straight forward with everything going on you won’t be sorry.

Mariam Idris

Clark Campbell

Larry done an excellent job defending me in my Dui case. I would without a doubt recommend him very strongly to anyone going through similar situations.

Lindsey Releford

Briannac Cook

Easy to work with and got me the best deal I could've asked for. He didn't just push me to the side, he genuinely fought for me! Would recommend him to ANYONE!

S. Smith

Larry works diligently to get the job done! I highly recommend him to ANYONE needing legal services.

James Donovin

Larry handled expunging my DUI professionally and quickly. His communication was prompt and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Larry's services to anyone.


After being abandoned by the first hired attorney, Mr. Forman promptly responded & professionally handled my case. The end results were very satisfying. A DUI charge was reduced to reckless driving...a life changer in many ways! Thank you Larry!

James Van Pelt

Professional and efficient, took care of my case and saved me a lot of trouble, highly recommended.

Donald Lamberth

I contacted Larry after being charged with a DUI. As you could imagine my wife and I were in a complete panic. Larry was able to calm my nerves and gave me great confidence in his abilities to handle my situation. Shortly after Larry was able to get my DUI charge dropped. No more worries about fines to pay, probation time, losing my license etc...My wife and I were finely able to relax and start looking forward. A DUI is a very serious charge so don't just leave it in anyone’s hands. Call Larry Forman and discuss your case with him. He sincerely cares about your rights and will do everything in his power to get you the resolution you deserve. Thanks again Larry.

Shane Parker

Larry is a great down to earth guy. He talks with you on your level and will work hard to fulfill your wishes within his legal limits. You can feel he's in your corner and that you are not just a paycheck. I would recommend him to anyone who gets in a jam in the area. You will not be disappointed when you hire the DUI Guy for any traffic offense.

Quintin Diggs

Larry was great to work with. In addition, he was successful in expunging my offense in timely manner. I would definitely recommend him for any case.

will frailey

Great guy knows his stuff, help me out tremendously, would recommend him to all my family.

Adriane Wallace

In April I was pulled over during an incredibly pivotal time in my life in regards to my future career. Mr. Forman was able to get the case dismissed and was very professional while still being down to earth. If ever in a similar situation, there is no doubt in my mind I would use his services again!

Christina Neubauer

Is this person real? I received a spam/phishing email from him and many others have posted the same email on Yelp. Either this guy and these reviews are fake for the sheer scam of it, or this guy got hacked. Either way...

Emily Ball

I met Larry almost a year ago now and he’s a great man in and out of the courtroom. I needed his help when my fiancé ran into some trouble with child support. He helped us avoid a felony and over a year in jail! His associate also informed us that they’d be there in 5 years to help expunge it from his record. Thank you so much for your help!!!

S Lawson

Adrienne Howard

Mailyn Gimeno

Adrien Pointer

Called me back personally the same day to let me know what I was facing. I could have lost my license for speeding! Told me he could get me traffic school and no points on my license. I didn't have to miss work and go to court! Mr. Forman took care of business and now the rest is up to me. I chose Mr. Forman by reading Google reviews. Now here's my testimony for what he can do. If you in a jam, give him a call to see what he can do for you.


I found Larry Forman while searching the internet for a DUI lawyer. The actual search I performed was "Greatest DUI Lawyer in Kentucky" His name and website caught my attention quickly. I read a lot of his reviews and I was immediately hooked. The next thing I did was pick up the phone and call, it was very easy. He asked me to explain my situation. He told me it would be a case he could handle. The confidence in his voice and the professionalism of his reply put me at ease. I immediately trusted him and I don't know how I knew but I felt that I was in great hands. During my arraignment and the following court appearances, Mr. Forman's professionalism continued to impress me and make me feel certain I had the best man for the job. Mr. Forman was able to get all of my charges dropped. I am forever grateful that I found Mr. Forman. He never accepted defeat and he helped me to believe that I could put all of this behind me. He is the kind of man you want in your corner. I would recommend him hands down to anyone facing DUI charges. I promise you will not regret choosing him to defend you. My life has returned to normal thanks to Mr. Forman!

Albert J.

I had a very difficult traffic situation and I was very concerned and worried. I found Larry Forman through referrals and after my first conversation with him on a Friday evening I was immediately calm. Larry was able to work out this situation into a win-win for everyone and I am very very happy with his legal services and professionalism and genuine concern! I highly recommend Larry ! He gets results!!

Lori Soard

Larry is very accessible and easy to talk to. I love that he kept me informed throughout the process. He outlined the options available and took care of everything, which took a lot of stress off of me. I would definitely use his services again.

Jordan Tucker

Mr. Foreman is the man!I am a CDL driver and recently i got a ticket for doing 20 mph over the posted speed limit. This man somehow managed to get this charge completely dismissed. I had a career opportunity of a lifetime on the line so I was very upset and nervous about this ticket. I probably asked this man a million questions and he always answered them promptly and fully. This guy is the real deal.

Chris Apple

Upstanding,respectful,honest,reliable.i was assured from the beginning with my career changing traffic citations (cdl driver) that I should relax and let him take care of it.which is exactly what he did.i couldn't have wished for a better outcome.everything was dismissed.If you are weighing the options of costs associated let's put it like this you can't afford not to hire Larry to represent you.great,great attorney glad I chose to use him over several others.

Tommy Williams

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Larry. He was very helpful and informative on what steps needed to be taken to resolve my case. Everything happened the same way he explained it, the service was prompt and he answered all of my emails in very short amounts of time. I almost felt like I was the only case he was handling and that made the experience that much easier. I would recommend him to anyone, if you have questions or a case that you need handled please do not hesitate to speak with Larry.

LeRoy’s Basement

Wonderful!!! Experience with Larry Forman. I was originally charged with DUI & other smaller charges.First Lawyer I had didn’t know what he was doing which made me switch to Larry. & He got The Job Done!! All charges drop & took the plea for Careless Driving. Highly Recommend Him

Steven Bayko

Bounded Jaguar

This man is awesome. I had a reply to an email in less than 18 hours. I had my problem solved within 72 hours. And all of this with a 20 minute phone conversation. The consultation is free, but it would have been well worth paying for. If you have a problem with a driving record call Larry !

Abby Klingler

Mr. Foreman was very prompt in getting back with me and acting quickly to get my expungement scheduled. I look forward to our day in court and am confident he will explain that the law states I should be treated fairly and agree to our request. Abby Klingler

Price Family

Larry was straightforward and reasonable. He told me what he could do and what he couldn't do. No bull. I had several questions and he answered them, and then did exactly what I asked him to do to resolve some bad advice that I had received from another attorney. I would use him again and recommend him to others!!!

Johnny Evans

My case was handled wonderfully from start to finish. I called Larry and he calmed me down right away, reassured me I was in good hands and let me know realisticly what to expect. A few months later I got a call to say my case was dismissed!! Wish I knew him when i was getting divorced. Not to mention he also followed up with me later on AGAIN as I messed up and forgot to pay a tiny fine which would have gotten me an arrest warrant if unpaid! CLASS SERVICE! Thanks Larry!

Carli Bryan

I hired another lawyer after I was wrongfully arrested and charged with DUI and reckless driving. This lawyer took a lot of my money and didn’t show up to my first two court dates. When I went to meet him, he told me that I would lose in trial and that I should plead guilty. He told me the only thing he could do is get me no jail time. I was terrified. I’ve never been into ANY trouble and I was so lost. My roommate found Larry Forman, the “DUI guy” and I called and told him about my case. He told me my case was triable. I hired him, he let me make payments. He was hard on me, not the most comforting at times (not his job), but I understood that he was in the zone. We went to trial and I was found not guilty. I’ve never seen anyone be so prepared, so calculated, and so premeditated. He tore the officer apart and helped me prove my innocence. The prosecution painted me out to be this menace and he humanized me to the jury. It was really inspiring to watch. Thank you Larry Forman. UPDATE 8/23/2019: I’ve asked what seems like 100 questions concerning my case as well as other legal questions. Larry Foreman has quickly answered every single one and has continued to help me even 8 months after my trial. I am so grateful.

Mega Matt

I contacted Larry about my traffic violations case and somehow he managed to get all of my chargers either dropped or reduced to minimum.. Couldn't have asked for a better person to handle my case. All contact was directly from him and always on time until the trail was complete.. Highly recommend Larry if you're in a jam or unsure how you should go about court.


Larry is young, but wise beyond his years. I had 9 points from a traffic ticket (2 citations, 1 ticket). Larry worked diligently with the prosecutor to dismiss one citation & lower the other to a citation, which was point-eligible for traffic school. I got the letter in the mail for traffic school in three (3) days after court. Even better news, five (5) days after court, traffic school is complete and I will now have no points related to this citation! Well done sir, well done!

Tyron Gilliard

This guy is a great attorney he explained everything to me in a way that I could understand

Ericka Gonzalez

I had a very unpleasant traffic stop. Right before I received my traffic violation I had a perfect driving record. I was very uneasy about going to court without a lawyer. I decided to call the DUI guy. Since the very beginning Larry made sure he will make my process easier for me. He always stay in contact and kepted me updated about my case. In the very end I was very pleased with my results. Thanks to Larry I was able to keep my driving record perfect. Not once did I have to appear to court. Im a busy mother of four and he made this whole process easy for me and my family. Thank you very much for that Larry. I will recommend Larry as an attorney for others. Great lawyer with great results. I am very pleased.

Shelby Reedus

I contacted Larry Forman about a speeding ticket that I received that would have automatically gave me a double suspension on my license. He allowed me to make payments until my court date and was always available anytime I contacted him. The morning of my court date, he called and informed me that he got both of my charges DISMISSED and all I had to do was go to State Traffic School and pay a small fee for court cost and my fine. I am so thankful he saved my license! I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a awesome traffic lawyer!

Will Stanley

Scott Kephart

Great to work with! Did everything he said he would! Highly recommend!

Alex dodson

BE WEARY!!! TRIED TO TAKE EXTRA MONEY!!! Mr. Foreman was a great attorney up until the end of my case. I have my CDLs, and Mr. Foreman was able to knock a bad speeding ticket down into basically a warning which I was extremely surprised about. He told me that everything would be done and over with once I paid my court fees by September 15th. So September 11th rolls around and I get a text from Mr. Foreman stating that I have a bench warrant out for my arrest because I "failed to pay and failed to appear," followed by a, "looks like they moved the date from the 15th to the 10th." When asked about what my next step should be, his response was "I just need $200 for one more appearance to re-docket the case." Shortly after, I got in contact with the court house who then informed me that my case date was never moved and to remove the warrant I just need to come in and pay my fine. So basically Mr. Foreman told me the wrong court date initially, then lied and said that the courthouse had changed the date, then tried to take more money from me instead of just telling me that he had made a mistake and that I could go pay my $180 fine myself. I will try to include pictures of the text threads as well somewhere near this post. Be weary and and have a great day everyone! Screenshots are posted in "Pictures" section to the right of the reviews.

Andrew Van Camp

Larry was INCREDIBLE!!! He's very helpful with any situation and explaines everything in detail!

Alan Robinson

Great to work with! Easy as could be and the results were just what I was looking for!

Glenn McCoy

Larry Foreman is a no nonsense kind of guy who uses the law to expedite your legal situation so that you can get on with your life. Don't waste your time or your money somewhere else. If you have a legal issue, you know you need an attorney, call "The Dui Guy" and get this behind you. This guy answers his phone, call him.

DeAnn Cleland

Very helpful and informative. Would definitely recommend!

MJ0951 Harvey

He was very pleasant and very interested and actually listened to my concerns. He not delay on the situation and moved quickly to getting things done for me. THANKS

Jesse Allard

Mikhail Shekhovtsov

Larry did a good job getting rid of my traffic violations. Even when we had a slight disagreement, Larry quickly came up with a solution that worked for both of us.

Jaime Lopezortiz

Rob Niece

Took quick action and was very to the point.

ana berry

Larry is awesome to work, very satisfied with the outcome of the case!!


It has been several years since I was discharged from the military. After serving for many years with one deployment of duty to Iraq, I was honorably discharged but had issues dealing with depression that led to drinking and self-destructive behavior. During this tough time in my life, I made poor decisions that led to drinking and driving charges in more than one occasion. A few years ago, I consulted with different criminal law attorneys about expunging those DUI charges from my record but, according to them, it was not possible. Due to my criminal record, I lost chances to advance professionally and job opportunities. A couple of months ago, I was researching online DUI law and ran into Mr. Forman's Law practice. At first, I was very hesitant to contact him and only perused his website, testimonials, and YouTube videos. To be honest, it was quite intriguing to me that an attorney would called himself “The DUI Guy”. Therefore, I decided to contact him! Since he started working with me, he has been the most aggressive, attentive, and simply BADASS attorney I have ever met. First, he gave me a discount for being former military, provided excellent customer service by explaining all details about the process to help me make my decision of hiring him, and took my expungement case of those DUI charges AND other minor violations and made them go away! I am very pleased to write this recommendation for Mr. Forman for being a great professional! He is worth every single dollar paid for my representation. Thank you DUI Guy! Look no more; this is the guy you want to hire. PERIOD!

Jennifer Dalton

I had gotten a DUI in my tractor trailer. Because the officer said my eyes was red. When I had seen Larrys attorney the DUI guy. I just knew he was the lawyer I wanted. Which everyone knows how hard it is to beat a DUI especially in a tractor trailer. All the other lawyers told me I would lose. They never took the time to hear my story. Larry took the time to hear my story and said we had a chance to beat it. When we was in Trail he wasn't just amazing he is smart and he had to keep telling the judge several times what the law was and he made the da look bad because they didn't have evidence and he made sure my story got told about how this officer had done. And when they come back with not guilty I finally could rest knowing these false charges was out of my way. Because this is my livelihood they was trying to take away . If you are looking for a great lawyer this is the best lawyer you could ever have he is well worth it. I want to tell larry thank you. For a few things one for always believing in me two for a fantastic job you did and Court you know the law book from front to back without even looking at it. Three to making me feel safe in this position that we was in in court because of the officer sexual advances towards me. I didn't have fear because I knew you was there and you never once left my side. Thank you so much.

Julian Rodriguez

I was originally charged with DUI but initially hired another lawyer who did nothing for me at all, I went to Larry looking for a second opinion and he fought my case like a lion, we actually went to trial and he got my DUI completely dismissed. He is honest, reliable, intelligent. HE IS AWESOME! He saved me and my family’s life for sure. Thank you Larry Forman, it was a great pleasure to work with you!!!

Behija Becky Salihovic

My experience with Larry was great I would recommend him to everyone

Collin Clark

From the moment of my first meeting with Larry I knew I had the right man to represent me. His professionalism , knowledge , and ability to communicate were clear from the beginning. Throughout my case everything went just as Larry had told us it would. He made a difficult , stressful time as easy on us as anyone could imagine. Needless to say I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I can not recommend Larry strongly enough.

Jeff Mabe

I was pulled over, arrested, and charged with a DUI, reckless driving, and speeding 15 mph over the limit. Blew UNDER the limit at a .071 and the prosecutor was still taking me to trial. The day before the trial she wanted to negotiate to avoid trial so Larry was able to get ALL THREE charges dropped, in exchange for a faulty equipment charge on my truck of which there is none but I’ll take that all day long! He was fantastic! And I ALWAYS dealt DIRECTLY WITH HIM. He’s very knowledgeable and takes his time explaining everything you want and need to know. HIGHLY recommended! Thanks again Larry for doing an amazing job!

Rook Zer

Polite, professional, driven, and extremely intelligent. Even if you think you have a losing case, this guy will fight for you.

Queta Quillin

As promised " It was a pleasure working with Larry Forman. I needed help with my daughter's court dates and the fact that she miss her date in court. Because she had move out of State. The court keep delaying her court date four times. That was four months trying to take care of this problem before she left Louisville and she was missing work every time she went. Larry was easy to work with, specially us being out of State in California. He keep me inform every time he went to the court and help us take care of issues, problems, fees at the court. I would used him again if I needed help again. (I hope not) Thank you Larr

Patrick Jackson

He was incredibly punctual and willing to work with my case at a first hand basis. Larry Froman ensured that I would be taken care of at the best of his ability, and that he was. Reasonably priced and always willing to work with you.

Casey Murphy

William Bruner

Very happy with my results from them.

Corey DeLano

Good lawyer straight to the point. Handle my case quickly and professionally. I had a speeding ticket for 26 miles per hour and over which would have costed me my driver's license which would have costed me my job . He saved my license which intern saved my job.

Shirisma Shavers

Easy to contact and Quick solution to my problem! Thanks for your help!

Alicia Sky

Brittany Chouhan

Dara Howell

Larry was great! He did exactly what he said and what we needed. I would definitely recommend him!

Dustin Rodriguez

Chad Bailey

Mr. Forman is very knowledgeable and helpful. He listens carefully and explains things in a way that makes you feel confident you’re in the right hands. I was worrying myself sick and he responded quickly to my calls and thoroughly answered my questions. It really set my mind at ease. Now it’s all just like a bad dream fading away! I’m very appreciative of his help and advice and highly recommend him.

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