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REVIEWS OF The Law Offices of Richard Hanus IN Illinois

Carlos Rodriguez

Richard Hanus is one of the best Immigration attorneys in the state. He and his office staff show excellent professionalism and he always tells it how it truly is. Mr. Hanus helped me get my DACA and Employment Authorization Permit approval and then extension and he provided miscellaneous counseling on other matters. Also through swift action and follow up needed because of government delays, he helped me keep my current employment from being terminated. I am grateful he's been my lawyer for years and wish to refer and keep his services for many years to come.

Sue Hembrey

My mom used Richard as her attorney to apply for her US citizenship . We were extremely pleased with his services and his attention to detail with her application. He answered every email, phone call immediately and accompanied my mom the entire time. He kept us informed and up to date thru the entire process. We appreciated his services and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Prudhvi Kotapatti

Our family was faced with not knowing how to apply for my mother’s permanent status because of name discrepancies on different birth records. Mr. Hanus came up with a plan and my mother was able to receive her workers permit within 3 months from filing and was granted permanent residence within a years time. His law firm very organized, informed, and answered all my concerns along the way. I especially applaud their handling of multiple ‘RFE Responses’. I appreciate the work Mr. Hanus and his firm provided and I’ve recommended him to my family members.

Nenita Labay

He is the only immigration lawyer that I completely give my trust because he will give his clients an honest and truthful assessment of your case. He will fight for you even if it's a difficult and unpopular path once he determined that you have a case. He fought hard for us and believed in us. Justice was served and now all of us had lived the life of American Dream. Thank you Atty. Hanus.

Radoslav Stamenov

The best service I have ever used ever penny was worth its way. This is the first attorney that i have seen to be one hundred procreant honest and straight shooting My story is one of those involving removal (deportation ). It starts when i was fourteen ears old now i am twenty-eight and i all most got on the airplane to Bulgaria with no hope to stay in Chicago. Awaiting my deportation in ICE custody my family got a hold of Richard Hanus, at that point i had a conversation with him and determined my chances, by this said they were not big. He did everything possible fighting for me until the last moment exploring every angle he pushed forward not stoping at any barrier even personally delivering my paperwork to the immigration service. I was granted to stay on the way to the airport the officer handling my transportation did not believe this, he could not understand how this happened (one of the officers bursted out " he must have a really good attorney " ). Based on my experience with immigration attorneys (ten years and up) he is the best and I will continue to use his services any time i need. Thank you Richard from me and my family.

Véronique Thouin

Mr. Hanus' legal services were top notch. He handled naturalization for me. He will tell you straight how things are, what you can expect and be very honest at all stages. You can expect professional services, fast and timely. I would recommend him to anybody who needs advice or help. His legal fees are in line with what you would expect from an excellent attorney like him.

Jackeline Orellana

you can absolutely trust Richard Hanus to care of your case because he will tell you the truth from the start, tell you the risks and benefits that you could get as a result. Richard will also explain you what he will do with the money that you pay him. He is reliable and goes with the client for all court dates or appointments at Homeland Security. Our case involved reopening an old deportation order and eventually getting my husband his green card after getting approval of his provisional waiver. Richard guided us successfully throughout every step and we are most grateful. Thank you Richard.

Michelle He

Working with Attorney Richard Hanus, you will have a peace of mind and confident because he was so prepared, is on time with all promises and keeps his clients informed during process. He would tell you what exactly to do, very clear, just follow his direction. My sister had come to USA with fiance visa. In order to obtain her permanent resident card and because her language barrier, she hired an attorney to handle her immigrant case. However, she had failed the immigration hearing because of insufficient supporting documents and her case was transferred to the immigration court where she faced deportation. That’s when we found Mr. Hanus, who had the experience and expertise to make sure my sister's case have passed the immigration court smoothly. She got her permanent resident card this month and my sister and our whole family are all extremely grateful.

Jesus Zamudio

Richard is currently working on a case of mine and i have faith in him 100% he helped out my older sister Juana and for that me and my entire family are very greatful one of the best immigration lawyers in Chicago i had gotten referred to Mr Hanus by many people who he has helped. Prices are fair for the QUALITY of work he puts in.He really digs in deep when preparing for a case and the work shows, great attorney!

Amazing Transport

Richard he is very greedy and very very rude, he is the most expensive attorney in Chicago, he don't get the job done right, he is very week with the immigration cases, Avoid

Alejandro Ibarra

Richard Hanus is extremely professional, will not give you false expectations, (Those abound in the immigration field) and is an honest person. He worked our case in a timely manner. I recommend him fully, without any hesitation.

Roland Ventura

I came to Richard Hanus’ law office with many questions about my status in America and how I can legalize my stay now that I married a US Citizen. I wanted to do it very surely and not having problem to file our petition. Many friends telling me to ask for Help with Atty Richard Hanus based on their experience and i told my wife that we need him to be our lawyer. I am happy to say we are very very pleased with the excellent and very fast results he helped us reach. He is very professional, his office will prepare everything for you and nothing to worry. and he will explain to you everything and tell you what to do. I am now approved for my green card and can finally visit my relatives and family in other country. I am grateful to Mr. Hanus and will recommend him to any family or friends who will need help with their immigration status.

Bala Umasankar

After another attorney tried to convince me to sue the US government and at the same time, refile a new application, I decided to consult with Richard Hanus about my citizenship case. Mr. Hanus confirmed my suspicions that the other attorney’s advice was inappropriate, and thanks to his careful guidance, I am now being sworn in as a U.S. citizen. At the first meeting Mr. Hanus confirmed that my application was so straightforward that I don't need an attorney at all and that any services he offered was a luxury. Nevertheless I retained his services because I felt I needed the luxury. Mr. Hanus swiftly completed and filed my application, and his services continued with representation at the interview and quick responses to emails and follow up throughout the process. As someone who was so truthful in answering my questions about the need of hiring a lawyer, I can say Richard Hanus is as honest and trustworthy an attorney as there is in the Chicago area.

Mohamad Abbas

Great experience, Mr. Hanus took care of all my immigration status adjustment, after dealing with many others Mr Hanus was accually the one that did what he promised to do, very professional, thank you.

jonathan minkus

Having the opportunity to work professionally with Richard on a regular basis I can speak from first hand experience that he is a superb immigration attorney possessing great skill and a empathy and concern for his clients that is rarely seen elsewhere. Highly recommend him.


Mr Hanus is very knowledgeable, very professional and thorough. Mr Hanus accepted our complicated case, which involved an uncertain and confusing process, as we were trying to get a family based green card. When my family first filed without counsel, the petition was rejected because USCIS could not trace the fee payment receipt but with Mr. Hanus help we were able to revive a process thought terminated. Mr Hanus and his office went over all the details with us, developed a solution and helped us all through the process with the least amount of stress for my family. His office was available to answer all our questions and in the end, my sister got her visa much sooner than we expected. My family and I strongly recommend working with Mr Richard Hanus.

Dinah Miyazaki

My application for an immigrant visa was a complicated process. I thought that I would never see the day when I will be granted a visa, due to all the hurdles that I was made to go through. Mr Hanus expertly guided me throughout the complicated and lengthy process - took 9 years. This positive outcome would not have been possible if not for Mr Hanus' in-depth knowledge of immigration law and his expertise in navigating the complex process.

Harish Voota

Avoid him for filling H1B. He was greedy, rude and hard to work with. Realized his behavior after i paid the fee.

Monica Alvarez

f you are in need of counsel for ANYTHING regarding immigration, aren't sure about representation, STOP and call Richard Hanus for a consult. You will not find a more honest or ethical attorney. I had consulted with three immigration attorneys before seeking Richard's counsel for my green card case. With Richard, I received the most concise, professional, direct and honest advice. On top of that, he displays a deep sense of humanity and empathy toward those seeking to manage the complicated roads to immigration in this country. He truly cares about his clients and is passionate about what he does. Richard and his staff outlined every step I had to take very clearly, which was a gift when you are facing a situation such as immigration. I never felt alone or that he or his team were too busy to attend to my situation. I highly recommend Richard Hanus and his law office.

A Stefltan

We liked working with Richard Hanus because he had a proven track record for getting results, and after the result he got for us, I know for a fact his is the best law firm to handle immigration cases. We first picked Richard because of his sterling reputation because when you are going through something like this you want someone with experience and a steady hand, who can act confidently, and professionally. My spouse and I wanted me to have a legal status here in the US. Off course we don’t want our family to be torn apart. We used to be so worried all the time, that one day they would pick me up and deported me to the Philippines. Our case was a difficult one and with Richard’s counsel we were able to put together the evidence that we needed to prove our case. Now that I got my Green Card, I can stay and reside and work here in the US. And I can’t wait for a day that I would be able to apply to become a US citizen. When my spouse and I got married, we vowed to live together until death do us part. Now we can grow old together in the United States.

Amiga G-S

(Translated by Google) Very disappointed with just one call. Without knowing me, and on my first visit, and they asked me $ 200. Watch out!! In just my first telephone call, Ipay They want that $ 200 !! (Original) Muy decepcionada con solo una llamada. Sin saber de mi caso, y en mi primera visita, ya me pedian $200. Cuidado!! In just my first telephone call, they want that Ipay $200!!

Geraldine Habal

While having Richard Hanus as my attorney, I came to know that he is fast, knowledgeable and performs an efficient job in achieving a favorable result for me, his client. He does business in a professional way. I had previously been represented by incompetent lawyer and my case regarding change of status to permanent resident was denied. I got a letter from deportation stating that I cannot stay within the country anymore which bothered me so much in my daily living thinking about my son and myself future life going to be and what is waiting ahead of us. My life was really affected such as my whole being mentally, emotionally, physically distracted. I was just living day by day thinking over and over again what is life ahead of me and my son who is still waiting for me in my country hoping to be with me here in the US. My goal is to be happy living with my family (husband and son) here with me. The result that I received from attorney Richard Hanus was when I got the case re-opened by the immigration and my denied green card was overturned by the Judge. Finally, I got my green card from the mail which I feel better now that I was free from all those struggles that I went through along my case. The best benefit was that attorney Richard Hanus and his secretary Anna made feel releived and able to get through the process in a relaxed feeling. Another thing also that I would like to add is Law offices of Richard Hanus is the best in Illinois and Chicagoland. Services made has no delay as always in a timely manner. Richard Hanus is the best attorney/lawyer that you can fully trust.

Iwona Donato

Richard Hanus saved me from being deported . Before taking my case he inform me what will happen and how much everything will cost and he stick to it no surprises. Very honest guy and I know it sounds funny because he’s a lawyer but it’s true . Me and my family are Very grateful for him and his staff .

Marisela Zamudio

This is a great lawyer to amiga. Every immigration lawyer charges for consultation. Mr. Hanus is upfront and tells you how it is. My sister had a 15% chance of not being deported. Mr. hanus beat those chances and my sister was saved . My family is very grateful. I tell everyone I know about Mr. Hanus. He is also helping out another family member. His prices are fair for the work that he does. He gives you no BS and is very professional. Thanks again Rich. Muy buen abogado!!

crissy zychek

Atty. Hanus is an exceptional Lawyer. He was referred to me by a good friend. I'm so glad we chose him to handle our case. I will recommend him anytime. He cares for his clients very much.


Richard Hanus was recommended by my family friends who used his services previously and were extremely satisfied. The recommendation turned out to be a success and Mr. Hanus helped my mother get her green card – through me as a U.S. citizen - in just 5 months and with no issues whatsoever. I now highly recommend Mr. Hanus as well. He is experienced and knowledgeable, he is very easy to work with . He would reply to my emails even after he was done with the case. He was informing us on every step of the way about what was going on and what we were suppose to expect.

Sermin Yalcin

Mr Hanus was successful in fighting my removal case and to reverse a negative court decision. Now I am allowed to keep my green card after a voting issue and a lot of unfortunate events took place, like my previous attorney coming to my hearing late and unprepared. I was hopeless and desperate when I came to Mr. Hanus, but he takes his job and my case seriously. He is an attorney who does his homework and cares about his clients and his confidence in himself made me feel confident too. He knew what he was doing which is comforting when your future is on the line.

MuayLy Lee

Bad service! Seem like he will help you when your conditions are right.

Fazi Omer

He will fight for your case as if he is fighting for his own brother or sister or children. Richard gives it a 150% and I am truly lucky to have come across him at a very urgent time of need. Highly highly recommended. Professional, intense, aggressive and someone who knows the law like the back of his hand!

Shashi Patel

It was the best experience working with Mr. Hanus. He is very honest about things. He does his work before you go to his office for your next appointment. I like the fact that he takes his chances to fight for truth. I want to say thank you from my heart for all of his price. Every penny was used wisely.

Feroze Gani

We have worked with attorney Richard Hanus on multiple instances for processing non-immigrant visas. He has been very professional in all aspects. Mr. Hanus gave us clear instructions on what needs to be done and walked us through the process. He was always available when needed and promptly return calls. Without his professional assistance, it would have been a lot harder for us to process those visas. I recommend Mr. Hanus for immigration services, he is the best around in Chicago.

Nik Chelno

(Translated by Google) Do not contact this lawyer !! Sedet money and nothing will do! (Original) Не обращайтесь к этому адвокату!! Сдерет деньги и ничего не сделает!

Greg Jasper

I was settled my case and very impressed with the settlement amount I was received. Thanks Richaed Hanus!!!

Nil Koksal

Leonardo Torres

Alex W.

Richard he is very rude, greedy and very expensive attorney. He is not that great with the tough immigration cases.

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