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REVIEWS OF Levin & Perconti IN Illinois

Stephen Dewart

Jordan Powell and Susan Novosad, both of Levin & Perconti, are very gifted attorneys. They represented me following a traumatic incident in 2011 that resulted in serious physical and emotional injuries. The defendant was no lightweight and resisted many attempts to settle the case, resulting in a rare jury trial. Throughout the entire process, my family and I found Jordan and Susan to be consummate professionals. They were patient, kind, and attentive. From a legal perspective, they were insanely prepared and seasoned. We were humbled by how seriously they took the case, and by how much effort they poured into the many pre-trial affairs and courtroom proceedings. I recommend them and their firm without any hesitation to anyone seeking honest, steadfast representation.

Khaled Elkhatib

I am impressed with Levin & Perconti. They have extensive knowledge of case law and are easy to work with. They have had great success for their clients and I would recommend them to anyone. Great firm if you have a personal injury or other accident-type of case.

A Stegmann

My experience with Levin & Perconti has been an eye opening one. This firm, in its entirety, conducts itself with a degree of thoroughness and professionalism unparalleled in my experience. The attorneys at Levin & Perconti seem to pride themselves on possessing an attention to detail and focus on ensuring all aspects of my case are airtight. Undoubtedly each member of their team has a number of responsibilities and cases, but they have treated me as though I were their only client. They have handled my case with the utmost care, courtesy and understanding one should expect. At the same time they've exhibited a great deal of warmth and compassion during very trying times. I have no regrets about pursuing my case with Levin & Perconti, nor would I hesitate to do so again (should the need arise) and I would certainly have no qualms about recommending this upstanding firm to my friends and family.

David Roller

I worked with Marvet on my potential case. She was very professional, smart and informative every step of the way. I really feel like she went above and beyond her necessary duties and her attention to detail was second to none. Although Levin and Perconti couldn't help me with my specific case I would use them again and recommend them ton anyone who may be in need of the services they offer.

Gem Pratts

Marvet and Wafeek represent the firm very well. Steve is why I came in the first place with my mothers nursing home (multiple fall and injury) case. They took over from another attorney and have made me feel very confident in their due diligence and thoroughness. I totally recommend this firm!

Gloria Crawford

I had a friend approach me about an attorney to help her with a wrongful death case that was approaching its statute of limitations, and my first thought was to use Eric Kang. I reached out to him, and he immediately returned my call to discuss the case. He was incredibly thorough, understanding, and knowledgeable during the in-take process. Should anyone else ask me for a personal injury or wrongful death referral I would have no ethical qualms about sending them to Levin and Perconti to work with Eric!

Yanna Alexander

Did not have a great experience with this company. Mr. Andrew Thut was my attorney. In my opinion he did not pay attention to details, return calls in a timely manner and when talking on the phone about the case he often stumbled over details. No I would not recommend this firm or him to anyone needing assistance.

Richard Dolce

The intake process was Very Good. Had a complicated case based on expired statute of limitations. There are exceptions to this rule. New discovered evidence, lack of mental capacity and fraud. I received a quick response without examination of previous documents. The lady who informed me of there not deciding to take my case basically lied to me And told me that the Statute had run out. I new this when I did intake. I guess they did not have the courage to tell me the. Truth. Not a sure winner. Told hard for their firm. Conflict if interest With my past attorney. What happened to me was a complete failure in the justice system. A law firm without. A conscience. Only interested in the bottom line. I have decided to not persuade this travesty anymore. I do not think I will find a lawyer with a conscience. Thanks I just received a letter today from this firm Stating that they rejected my case based on Opinion. They used this term more than once. Of course I should seek out other firms. Asking me for referrals. Can one just see a law firm making decisions Based on opinions. Filing suits, motions and Oral arguments in court on just opinions. Not only does this firm lack integrity by lieing to me. But competency by making decisions Based on opinions. Definitely a law firm to stay away from. Thanks

Maurice George

I was looking for an attorney at an well established law firm to represent my father for wrongful death medical treatments he endured. My wife was watching TV and saw an Add featuring the law firm of :Levin&Perconti and gave me their contact information.After carefully reading their website I felt confident in contacting them and seeing if the firm would represent my father. After Levin&Perconti excepted my case and I gave the firm all of the information I had on hand that included: paper records,pictures they worked so diligently on my case. I highly recommend the law firm of : Levin&Perconti: because they make you feel like you were part of their family, they’re so caring, knowledgeable . Always responsive to any questions and concerns you may have and you are given information in a timely fashion . Their office provided excellent service , demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my upcoming agreement for settling this lawsuit . I was overwhelmed that this case was one in my fathers favor . I’m so grateful . Thank you once again on doing a great job . I would highly recommend Levin&Perconti attorneys at law firm . My attorney was Megan Shore Who shown extreme care and concern . Also I commend the staff for their dedicated efforts . My advice to anyone is if you have a similar situation contact Levin&Perconti attorneys at law firm you will never regret it .

Andre' Woo

david Wright

my wife passed away while hospitalized in the Chicago area. Levin and perconti became an advocate for myself and 5 children. during the process the firm was always timely and professional in my behalf. additionally, my grief was difficult and they always exemplified patience and understanding with me they negotiated an acceptable settlement and I would heartily recommend Levin and perconti and the specific partner, Margaret baddersby black to anyone who would have a need for quality representation david wright

Michael LaMonica

Marvet and team always does a great job!

Donna Maloney

Levin and Perconti represented my husband in a personal injury received at a nursing home and in the time frame of the suit my husband passed away so it was continued on my behalf. My case ended up with a jury trail and my attorney Mike Bonamarte and his assistant Cari Silverman won me a substantial award. A jury trail is much more involved then I could have ever imagined and I was in awe of how professional and how prepared Mike and Cari handled the process of the trail. They are caring compassionate and excellent attorneys that I would recommend to anyone.

Glenn Harms

To Whom it May Concern, I was extremely impressed with Jamie Koziol who is an employee with the Levin & Perconte Law firm. Jamie's knowledge and professionalism made a difficult time period for our family much easier to cope with. I would like to extend my sincere compliments to Jamie. From my own observations she is a valuable asset to their organization and they can only expect great success with her being a part of their team. I once again would like to thank her for the services she provided to our family. Sincerely Glenn & Kathleen Harms & James White

Jennifer Hall

They did a lot of work in effort to help my case, but because legally I was not the next of kin, they couldn't go further. They shouldn't of taken my case if this was going to happen. I waited a whole year for them to tell me the court would not find me in favor. Yes, I'm a granddaughter, filing for my grandmother, who was wrongfully mistreated and now the nursing home gets away with murder. There is no justice. I will say that the company is very respectful and understanding. But the law is the law. I will still recommend them because they actually do go work. They just need to communicate better.

Mary Pat Cross

We were fast approaching the deadline to file a lawsuit related to my husband's death when Susan Novosad came to my home and listened intently for hours to what befell my husband causing his death at the hands of others. I felt that it was the first time in nearly two years where someone really heard. I was assured by Susan and John Perconti that we were in good hands. Cari Silverman began the tedious process of sorting through hundreds of documents and doctors and nursing home records that brought our case to an end which meant our daughters and I could begin healing because we felt that through the sincerity of these three lawyers my husband again had a voice. Without a doubt they restored our faith in lawyers through their dedication. Mary Pat Dailey Cross

Jawad Shalabi

I have known Marvet Sweis of Levin & Perconti for years, most recently through our interactions through the Arab American Bar Association of Illinois. She is hard-working, intelligent, and always professional. She is a leader, at heart. Any client would be lucky to have her as their attorney, as she would work tirelessly for them.

Margaret Kiaurakis

Highly recommend. Professional and caring. If I had a question there was always someone who could answer it. Very knowledgeable.


They only seem to be interested in slam dunk cases...anything complicated and they chicken out...Twice I have consulted with Susan Novosad, and she was unwilling to even try to help...If you have a complicated case, GO ELSWHERE!

Candice Lightsy

Tracy Webb

Marvet Sweis and team at Levin & Perconti have been exceptional to work with during the case intake process. They have been thoughtful, professional, and compassionate while keenly focusing on details and clearly communicating next steps. My case is in progress but this team has left no doubt in my mind that I have chosen the right firm to work with. Many thanks to Marvet and team!

angel sting

Jared M Reynolds was one of the lawyers that was going to help me. I emailed him to help me with a hate crime after what had happened to me. And he was going to be the lawyer for this and then I fax in the papers and then he turns around and gives up after months of him helping on this just gives it up and refer me to somewhere els after I barely have any time to go after them for what they had done... thanks for wasting my time.... DO NOT USES THESE PEOPLE!!!

Vikki Mullins

My experience with Levin & Perconti at first was very overwhelming, but Daisy Ayllon was very knowledgeable and very sensitive with my matter. I appreciate all that was done for me and my family.

Gina Benjamin

My experience with Levin & Perconti, especially working with Marvet has been exceptional! She is very professional, smart, and focused. This process has been very emotion for my family, and Marvet always exhibits a great deal of warmth and compassion. She goes above and beyond to keep me informed and educate me about the process. I would defintiely use them again and recommend them to anyone who may be in need of the services they offer. I have no regrets about pursuing my case with Levin & Perconti, I highly recommend this firm.

Kevin Collopy

We have worked on numerous medical malpractice and nursing home abuse cases with Levin & Perconti over the years. They have always provided high quality representation to their clients, and we can count on them to handle matters professionally and skillfully.

Scott Hughes

We had the immense pleasure of working with Levin & Perconti.

Kevin Yen

I have the utmost admiration and professional respect for the attorneys and staff at Levin & Peronti. From Steve, Marvette, Susan to their associates, we always look forward to working with the members of the firm. Their legal expertise rises above the industry standard and their attention to customer care is remarkable.

Bessie Webster


Ken Gore

My law firm's relationship with the attorneys at Levin & Perconti is long term. I am confident that when I recommend their firm to my clients who have claims involving medical malpractice and nursing home injuries that their attorneys and staff will be providing excellent legal representation. I am also grateful to have the opportunity to help some of Levin & Perconti's clients with expertise in workers' compensation cases. We share a philosophy of providing our clients with respect, compassion and decades of experience necessary to achieve the most protection and the best results. My clients thank me for recommending this fine law firm. Ken Gore Kenneth B. Gore Ltd.

Reserve Community

Jaime Koziol Delaney LEVIN & PERCONTI I had no knowledge of how this process worked, I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism of this firm. I would like to sincerely thank the firm of Levin & Perconti for giving my husband and I a voice to the neglect that he went through while being at a nursing home. Most importantly, I wanted to thank you for your due diligence of getting the facts and telling my Husband’s story. Jamie talked me and was very welcoming of answering questions and keeping me informed every step of the way. My case was a very difficult and emotional one because I lost my husband during it. Jamie was very understanding and respected my wishes during this difficult time. Jamie was a joy to work with, and she was very patience with me. I would recommend this firm to anyone seeking assistance. Jamie at Levin & Perconti have been exceptional to work with during the case intake process. They have been thoughtful, professional, and compassionate while keenly focusing on details and clearly communicating next steps. Many thanks to Jamie and her team! I am very proud to have had this law firm represent myself and I will recommend them to others who require serious lawyers. I personally believe that this is indeed the best law firm in Chicago. Paulette Diederich, Austin, TX

Jonathan Cox

I would like to sincerely thank the firm of Levin & Perconti for giving my mother a voice of the pain and neglect she went through while being at a nursing home. Most importantly, my family thank you for your due diligence of getting the facts and telling my mother's story. Individuals we talked the firm were very welcoming of answering questions and keeping us informed every step of the way. Once again, thank you.

Nish Patel

Susan Novosad was excellent. She kept me in the loop throughout the whole process. Kept me updated with the progress. We are extremely thankful to her and her team. The Patels

Keyonsis Durham

The care and the tenderness they give their clients goes beyond what I can ever put into words. Even after referring my case to an attorney in different state the support they give is phenomenal I am very grateful to come in contact with attorney Marvet Swies and her staff

Menachem Sabo

Excellent lawyers, I would recommend them.

Patrick Cernyar

Very professional group, honest, do not lead you on and always keep you in the loop on your case

mary jean smith

I want to sincerely thank the Levin and Perconti Law Firm for all the hard work they extended to my family. The Buchanan family express gratitude and appreciation to this law group because they were compassionate and very helpful in settling a wrongful death law suit on the behalf of our beloved mother.. We are especially proud of Attorney Andrew Thut because of his knowledge and skill as a successful counselor of law. He succeeded in winning our case and bringing some well deserved justice and closure to all my mother's 10 children. He worked diligently and put in countless hours communicating with my very large family. He and his assistant Elizabeth were always kind, patient and understanding to this very large family which I acknowledged as a great challenge. I am very proud to have had this law firm represent my family and I will recommend them to others who require serious lawyers. I personally believe that this is indeed the best law firm in Chicago.

saving saving

Thank You to Andrew Thut ( AJ) for all you've done to help our family through the turbulent waters and guide us through times with patience and wisdom and Margaret thank you . Levin and Perconti has a fine group of attorneys . Thank You ... All of you ! Susan C

Michael Helfand

Incredible firm that does great work on nursing home, medical malpractice and other injury cases.

Alexandra Kostos-Raskey

I was referred to Levin and Perconti through our family lawyer’s, they knew the experience and concentration of law, would help in my husbands wrongful death suit. Attorney Jamie Koziol Delaney worked with us and did a wonderful job she has great expertise in her field, as well as everyone in the company. Every time I called I was always handled with respect and all my questions were answered. Jamie has been a pleasure to work with she is genuinely a warm and caring person and knows her craft well. Although money does not ease the pain and bring my husband back, it will help in raising our daughter, so she can have a better life. I really am thankful that I got connected with this fine group of attorneys. Thank you Jamie. My deepest appreciation to you all. Alexandra Kostos-Raskey

Angela McDaniel

I had no knowledge how this process worked, and I took a chance on a firm that I literally found on Google. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and the professionalism bestowed on our family. Our case was a very difficult and emotional one because it was a major loss for our family. Margaret and Daisy were very understanding and respected our wishes during this difficult process. They both were a joy to work with, and they showed our family a lot of patience. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone seeking assistance.

Sue Meismer

My sister and I have been very impressed with the Intake Team run by Marvet Sveis. Marvet is highly professional, responsive and caring! We are just beginning our journey with Levin & Perconti, but if the Intake Team is any indication, it will be a good one! Thanks, Marvet and Team!

Stacey Tahat

I have just settle my case, I was very happy with this firm. They took my case very seriously and treated me like a individual with respect. I was stuck by a car and was down for almost a year. Susan Novasad&Gabe Aparti was amazing. Susan knows how to get the money you deserve and owed. Loved this law firm. Believe it or not I hate lawyers are working with Levin and Perconti law firm, is like working with Family. Thank you for all you did.

harry turner

He was very knowledgeable in the real estate law and helped me some difficult situations. He was always easy to reach, responded very quickly. Thank You!!


Levin & Perconti has the best of the best. marvett and her team is phenomenal. so caring and helpful. I truly believe that I have the best of the best guardian angels to help me get thru this and I am so thankful to have them on my side. I am so glad that I reached out to Levin & Perconti. they are the best. you will not be disappointed

Mary Ann Cechini

Although nothing could be done with my case I feel that this firm went above and beyond trying to help me The ones I spoke with and emailed are both professional and responsive to my inquiries. The staff that worked with them had a tedious job to review all the information given to them in this matter. I am both grateful and thankful for all that they tried to do. I believe they did their best and even though they were not able to do anything in my case I believe that we all have to answer one day for what we have done. I know that there is a special place for those that work for Levin and Perconti because they are good people and deserve the best.

d j

Daniel goldfaden handled my family's wrongful death case. He showed no empathy toward the family. He pitted family members against one another although I thought he represented the entire family but was told to get my own attorney. He was very unethical immoral and nontransparent with his actions. Also there appeared to be an astronomical amount of fees deducted from the settlement amount. I would think twice about using this firm.

B Shu

Marvet and her team do a fantastic job shepherding the new cases calls and making sure that the potential clients are getting exactly what they need and their interests are being protected. Most people are calling a law firm for the first time and they make the process very easy - very on top of everything - gives the new client a feeling of confidence.


I will say that my experience wasn't a bad one. There were things that I wish were different. Their rates are a LOT higher than I feel they could have been but they got the job done. Mike and his assistant were good people and made me confident from the beginning that they'd win my case.

Tanya Leon

As a retired nurse, I was keenly aware of the specialty care my husband needed in the nursing home. My family and I were reassured by the nursing home that he was receiving the necessary primary and extended care he needed. However, his condition rapidly declined, leading to being transferred to two different specialized care centers to receive numerous painful treatments. My husband’s conditions facilitated his death, including deep pressure sores with much excruciatingly painful treatments received, which did not improve his state of health. In four months he was gone due to nursing home negligence and lack of competent care-givers, which Levin & Perconti uncovered. I thank Levin & Perconti for providing me with compensation for my personal emotional pain/suffering and the wrongful death of my husband in 2014. And my experience with Levin & Perconti led me to give this special recommendation of their law firm. Especially Jared Reynolds who always made me feel comfortable and for the communication lines that were always open for me, encouraging me to ask questions to my satisfaction. I received call-backs and returned emails within 24 hours or less, and with clear detailed explanations for my daughter and myself which helped my understanding of the case progress step by step. And Jared was genuinely concerned for my personal health and well-being as I was dealing with other issues at that time. This showed me that the people who work at Levin & Perconti really care about their clients. And I couldn’t forget Margeret Battersby Black who was also there for me as well. In closing, I am very grateful for Levin & Perconti and the teamwork and representation offered to me during a very difficult time of transitions in my life. And I believe I could not have made a better choice! Sincerely, Delores Bass

MaryAnn Cernyar

I have nothing but praise for everyone at Levin & Perconti. Ken Unterberg, Marvet Sweiss, Caroleann Gallagher, Nadia Adam Ahmed, and Cari Silverman were all people I have had contact with at this law firm. Each and everyone has been very professional, kind, patient and helpful. They take the time to explain every single detail and provide excellent information that allows for an informed decision. I felt that they had our best interest at heart and they went the extra mile to do all they could for us. I know we were more than adequately represented with our case. My thanks to everyone, especially Cari Silverman!!

John Graf

I have referred several cases to Marvet Sweis at Levin & Perconti over the years. She has always produced great results. She is honest, hard working, intelligent, trustworthy, and truly cares about her clients.

Mike G

It's neither here nor there with this firm. They were helpful initially although I am still waiting for a response 3 weeks later


Bobby Banks

Levin & Perconti law firm was just what I needed! I was running out of time to file my case and didn't know who to turn to. I was making various phone calls hoping and praying someone would be able to take my case. Got a call after hours from Marvet Sweis, I gave her a brief overview of my case, she set an appointment to come in. When I got there I was so impressed with their level of service and compassion regarding my case. Things went so well I knew I was in the right place and my case was in the best hands. They are great advocates for the little guy!

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