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REVIEWS OF Law Offices of Kathleen T. Zellner IN Illinois

Jake Thompson

sflatoz1 .

Jack Rund

Shannon Hayes

You’re an amazing women, I will forever look up to you! You’re beautiful inside and out! I love you Kathleen!

Marta dh

You are a truly inspiring woman Kathleen. People like you should have a statue built after them. I love your resilience, your professionalism and your scientific approach. More people should follow your example. Keep on fighting the rotten system.

Danny Gonzalez

This woman is a true hero. Because of people like her, in the justice system there is hope!

paul schess


Serena Garcia

Keep up the great work!! You are amazing!!

Daniel Gomez Salazar

Incredible knowledge and fine representation of a woman.

grodzilla2 .

Never seen anyone as thorough, resourceful or articulate in her position as Kathleen Zellner. What a champ.

Florian martinez

Jackson Rietdyk

kristine meinhardt

Kathleen Do you suppose all the Judges and Attorneys of all levels State and Federal of the United States are watching and following you? I believe they are! You will set new precedent to all! God speed this case!!!

Zaira Atherton

You are my spirit animal KZ. Your diligence and intelligence is inspiring.

Carey Nuyen

Joseph Basila

Thank you. You are a true hero.

Kinita Fleming

Tommy Seilheimer

Amazing person fighting for those wrongly convicted! Keep up the great work KZ!

Maryam Bighash

Megan Lewis

Patrick Finn


Tanya James

Anastacia Joseph

You’re amazing! I can’t put into words how inspired I am by your work and fight for justice.

ryan asselin

Joan Pinnell

Lisa Z

Kevin McDonald

Jessica Keish

You’re an amazing woman!

hailey curiel

Kathleen is BRILLIANT! I have no much respect for you and what you are doing for the Avery case. Truly a wonderful person.

Carmen Bonanno

In a world full of corrupt people there exists people like this. You are amazing!

Tim Sauer

I'm so glad someone of your stature took that case. Please don't stop with just getting their freedom. Make sure there real criminals (manitowoc co crooks) are brought to justice. They have to be shaking in their boots right about now so be careful. Watch your back because they are evil. Keep your bodyguard close at all times.

Karen Mcdo

Joslyn Diaz

You are a great women and you are very throughout! I pray things work in favor! You are a go getter Kathleen

wouter141 .

Haley Spivey


james jameson

Russ Katz

Kathleen is awesome!

Tim Hamburg

Dylan James

Hoping and praying that justice is served. Thank you for helping these two men prove their innocence! Best of luck and God bless! Thank you Kathleen!!

Shannon Kellesvig

I started watching Making A Murdered from day 1. Just from watching it there was no evidence that was solid on Steven and Brendan. Then I saw they came out with Making A Murder 2. I was so excited. Watching Kathleen on this case is amazing. She is such an inspiration to women. Shes so driven and doesnt give up. Shes a amazing person. Keep up the good work and cant wait to see Steven and Brendan walk out of prison.

Dave Jenkins

Thank you, Kathleen, and your incredible team for standing up to such blatant injustice that has no place in our modern society. The Manitowoc and Wisconsin legal system should be ashamed and I hope you are the one that brings them to justice. Thank you and we'll be rooting for you in Florida!

chris plewa

Great work !!!!

Courtney Rainbolt

Ahmed Thabet

So very wonderful and refreshing to see a lawyer doing the right thing (all the time)... Thank you Kathleen. Sincerely, Humanity


Wishing for pure success in the upcoming case.

Kristie Reyes

Ms. Zellner you are one amazing woman!! What you do for these innocent people is truly a blessing. Keep doing what you do!

Joey Pettit

Israel Levi Guedes Teixeira

Iwill Tellu

KZ, I truly believe you were hand picked by the good Lord Himself to bless this Earth. Your work is superb! You are goals! Please do not ever stop!

Jacqueline Jaime

Get avery and Brendan out of that box, Praying for your success!

Sarah Fleming

Brillant mind! Keep up the good work.

Yvonne Wenz

Thank you for pursuing Steven Avery's freedom. You are truly an angel here on Earth.

Marisela Contreras

Extremely excited to see if she can pull it off and get Steven and Brendan out of this ridiculous mess

Bruce Burton

Wow! My family and I loved you on MAM2. Amazing work, you created so many doubts and loopholes. What's even more amazing is you spending your money and resources to do it. God bless ya and keep fighting the fight.

Denise N

She is an angel sent from heaven.


Andrea Zlab

Cate Moon

Alyssa K.

Allen Lewis

Jeri Herrera

I wish there were more of you! Too many wrongful convictions and too few people willing to stand up to the corrupt system. Too many good old boys too closely wrapped together covering each other! Idaho is the worst!

Ricky K

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