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Rob Labrador

It started on February 7, 2016, as a trip to the local Jewel to pick up last minute food items for the 2016 Super Bowl 50 Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers. On my way there I was a few cars from a 4-way stop sign when I was rear ended by a lady who wasn't paying attention. She rear ended me at what I can only assume was the minimum speed limit of 25 MPH. I didn't hear tires screeching as she didn't apply her brakes hitting me full force. The impact was so strong that I ended up rear ending the car in front of me which was at least 5 -7 feet in front of me. As a result of the car accident I suffered spinal injuries requiring vertebral fusions of my cervical vertebrae C4 through C7 as well as my lumbar/sacral vertebrae L5-S1. The recovery was lengthy, however, I was able to bounce back thanks to my Surgeon Dr Kern Singh with Rush's Midwest Orthopaedic Group but will never be close to what I once was. As you can imagine you worry about what lies ahead for your future - lost wages, time recovering from surgeries, what percentage will I regain, what limitations will I have in the future for work, etc. I knew I had to get the best lawyers out there that would fight for me and get me the best settlement possible. It was an easy decision once I looked up Goldberg Weisman Cairo (GWC). My attorney, Louis Anthony Cairo, was great from the very beginning. He honestly cares about his clients and wants to make sure they are taken care of. His assistant, Ursula, was also very helpful. He set my expectations and walked me through every step of the process. The road was long but in the end Louis was able to obtain about 95% of the policy value from the other party's umbrella policy. In addition to the amount he was able to settle the case for, he was able to negotiate my medical bills down which put more money into my pocket. I don't think other attorneys will fight this hard for you. They get their cut and run. Look no further if you are injured and need someone to fight for you. GWC's track record speaks for itself. I would never go with anyone else or recommend anyone else to friends and family in the event they find themselves in this position.

James Phipps

The experience with GWC was superb in everyway. My family and I would like to thank Mike Fisher and associates for the outcome and results of my case. Due to the perseverance and dedication of GWC I would personally recommmend them for any legal matters. Thank you again GWC.

Cynthia Levy

Daniel Streckert and the GWC Law firm handled my case in a effective manner. They are caring and compassionate. Dan negotiated my case and did an outstanding job. GWC is an excellent law firm with an excellent staff of highly skilled attorneys.

Amarae’s Toy Videos

I had a terrible accident at work and everyone at GWC helped us through that terrible time taking care of everything and treated us like family, I would recommend them to anyone. They are a great team.

George Dejohn

The firm was with me every step of the way threw good and bad. Best decision of my life to contact GWC, I dont think it would have turned out well for me if GWC wasnt stamding with me

Alan Delmar

After having had an injury that was work related and all the confusion with the insurance company and my work place I felt helpless. I decided to obtain help. I asked for recommendation within my network of friends and family. I was referred to Mr Harris Elliott at GWC. They quickly went to work helping me not only understand the process but what to expect as time went on. Within a very reasonable amount of time the things I didn’t understand he took care of as well as all future issues that came up. In the end I was very great full for all Harris did for me and the settlement I received. I would highly recommend him for your legal needs.

Boris Lehtman

I can't thank Goldberg, Weisman, and Cairo enough for their professionalism and expertise while representing me for my injury case. I'm always able to get in touch with my attorney when a question or concern comes up and I never feel like I'm left in the dark. I'm glad I chose Goldberg, Weisman, and Cairo to represent me after I got injured as I know they have my best interests in mind.

Tom Wujcik

They are very nice and professional in handling my case. The process of settlement was quite fast.

Melissa Ryzy

I've had the privilege of working with the partners at GWC for over 5 years. They will change the way you perceive Personal Injury attorneys - as they changed my own. The compassion and competence that I've witnessed in their office earned my respect from Day One. I've been referring GWC to family, friends, colleagues and clients for years and they would be the first call I'd make if ever I was involved in any injury related event.

Marco Colella

Working with GWC was an extremely positive experience. Louis Cairo and Irene Jordan worked on my case. The level of compassion these individuals show for their clients was amazing. Every phone call I had with Louis the first thing he asked was how I was doing and how I was feeling after the accident. Their compassion was only matched by their professionalism and passion for justice. My mind was definitely put at ease during a very stressful and frightening time. Correspondence was very easy, they always made sure to keep me up to speed on the case via email and phone calls. I always felt that I had an open door to communicate with them. I highly recommend GWC if you are looking for good people that care about your well being and will work their hardest for you.

Michael Zalay

As an attorney I am often asked by clients if I know of any "accident" attorneys. I never hesitate to give them Corey's number at Goldberg Weisman Cairo (GWC). No matter what attorney handles the case there it will be handled correctly and the value will be maximized. Great attorneys!!

Barbara Holldk

I can hardly find the words to describe how I feel about my experience with GWC-- two words that come to mind would be outstanding and caring-- that is just the tip of the iceberg...I could not have gotten anyone better to represent me at one of the worst times in my life...Lewis Anthony Cairo was able to make a horrible situation bearable...I would never seel help from anyone else but him if a situation arose!!! A wonderful and diligent man...who did what he could to fairly represent me..I am so grateful for all he's done......

H Graber

Very easy process I called an they did everything would recommend to everyone Harris Elliott keep me posted on everything

Mike Casper

King Kutz

Gay Williams-Morris

Thank you Deborah Baker Max Senn and Harris Elliott for the work and effort on my workman's comp case. I would highly recommend GWC

Lisa Scavo

My wife and I were rear ended at a red light by a driver that was texting and didnt stop. My wife had to have 3 discs removed from her neck and had C 4, 5, and 6 fused together with a metal bracket. We dealt with a gentleman named Ian. There were other names on the vehicle aling with the driver that were never investigated. Everything was rushed. My wife had surgery and spent four months in a hard C Collar, and Ian treated us more as a bother than a client. We spoke to him twice, the rest of the time we dealt with an assistant. They claimed everything against MY insurance policy, and when they gave us a low settlement number we were told that was it, there was no chance of it going higher, which didn't leave much after all the medical bills were paid. We were also told a different fee amount than what was ultimately taken. My wife still has health issues from the injury she suffered to this day. I wouldn't recommend using this firm, all they care about is getting their money.


Steve Ohms

Mike Fisher & Louis Cairo (son) were excellent. They were extremely knowledgeable about the law, exceptionally well organized & articulate. They demonstrated thorough knowledge of our case & respected the parameters we set down. They were always available & promptly returned calls & emails clearly keeping us in the loop with clear & consise explanations. We were often anxious & sometimes scared but each respectfully calmed our fears. We are very grateful for their strong work ethic & care for us throughout almost 4 years. Thank you!

Norm Noel

I recently settled my workman’s comp case and was very pleased with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend this fine law firm. I thought my attorney Donn LaHaie deserves accolades as well. In particular how he was upfront and honest with me as to what we were working with. He battled on my behalf and I appreciated that.

Jazzy Bee

I was involved in a car accident and was given the name of this law firm by a family member. My first impression was not the best as I got transferred from the first attorney I was assigned to another attorney. My attorney’s paralegal also left to assist another attorney and I was never notified so while trying to correspond with the paralegal via email a few times I never got a response. I was initially frustrated. Then I was assigned Kate Kirwan as my attorney and she definitely changed me outlook on GWC for the better! Kate and her paralegal were responsive and kept me in the loop on what the next steps would be. I was very pleased with Kate’s hard work on my case and the outcome of it! I would definitely recommend her to friends and family.

Amy Varela

David Gries

Louis, DeAnna and the rest of the firm provided top notch service and incredible understanding of the legal landscape during my case. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

Michael Smith

Stay away from Jim Babcock here. He doesn't return calls at all won't respond to basic questions via email or voice mail and is impossible to get a hold of. Waited 4 months to get one penny on my work comp case that is very open and a hit and while I know there are delays and its not a fast process not responding to questions isn't acceptable. Do yourself a favor and read all the reviews gwc. This is a very high volume firm that makes its money on volume instead of individual cases. Look in the more favorably reviewed places like Horowitz and Horowitz

dee laughlin

At G.W.C. my husbands attorney was very understanding and went that extra mile in his workmans comp case Mr, Caplan my family and I are thankful and indebted to you . Thanks to all who work there best wishes.

Paula Bourne

GWC was amazing! They have many attorneys. Some fresh out of school so make sure you find a right fit for you. I consulted with Harris Elliott. He was professional, knowledgeable, & diligent on taking care of ME! He knew when the Workman Comp Company tried to bully me, under paid me, and fought for my settlement when I was in desperate need of help. I definitely recommend GCW CHICAGO! I’d call them immediately if we needed their assistance again

Charles Q

Victor Herrera


I would like to thank Kate and her asst. Lydia on helping me with everything I knew nothing about. It was a auto accident and I did recieve injury’s and Kate just welcomed me in like family. She made me and my wife Paula feel like we had to just worry about me getting better and her and asst. took care of everything. Contact was wonderful and never left waiting to hear back. Wonderful people to work with . Thank you Kate and Lydia . I must thank GWC for having professional people. Thank you Johnny Kapa

madra cooley

Very satisfied with Kate and the firm. Thank you for your services.

Anika Leggins

If you are looking for a great Workman comp lawyer I recommend that you go with Harris Elliott. He returns your phone calls, he keeps you informed of EVERYTHING WITH YOUR CASE. So please go with him and I promise you will BE HAPPY AND VERY SATISFIED WITH HIM. He’s a GREAT GUY AND A GREAT LAWYER. HE LETS YOU KNOW ANYTHING THAT YOU ASK AND TELLS YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CASE AND ANSWER ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS.

Jeremiah Krystofiak

Ms . Hickey was a great attorney always responded to my emails or calls and made the whole process easy i can not say enough good things

Bill Krutul

I was placed with three different ATTORNIES,each one became worse than the other. Philip TURCY was my last attorney.He never properly recorded my injuries and refused a third party case.second time I Hired him back he never SIGHNED BACK in on my case. only to impersonate himself as my attorney.When I finally got back in touch he started yelling and swearing. He said go ahead turn me into ardc they won't do anything any way.G W C, eft my case in ruins. I tried calling Mr Cairo though he refuses to return calls.I have met MULTIPAL other clients same position.They screwed my case up bad.I am know a DISABALED X. Union carpenter.I be been treated like dirt and soled for CHEAP.

melanie haff

I highly recommend GWC they are very helpful, i had a workers comp case and they helped me get a nice settlement, i definitely will be going back to them in the future if i need to, and i also will send anyone that needs a good lawyer to them

Dee Dee

My attorney sucked. He failed to returned my calls. He failed to respond to my emails. Months would go by. I had to keep calling his office. When he finally decided to answer the phone...he had the nerve to wonder why I was calling. What an ass hole.....excuse my French.

Fred Eberhardt

Dale Clowers

I was injured at my place of empolyment after 26 years of service. I went to GWC for help due to some problems that arose. When my wife and I went to their office we met with a female attorney named Dana. We did not know it at that time but she was a God send. Due to my accident at work I suffered a head injury. I have problems handling my emotions and my memory is not the best. I worked with Dana for around three years and I know I must have been hard to deal with at times. But Dana was always there helping me to stay positive and I knew that no attorney could possibly work harder for a cause than her. Unfornatuatly my neurologist was not easy for Dana to deal with as well but she never got discouraged but conttinued to fight for me. All I can say is THANK YOU GWC for allowing me to work with such an amazing attorney. I always thought working with an attorney would be just dreadful but I would seriously recommend if anyone is injured at work, ask for Dana because she is absolutly the best. Dale

Debra Caccioppo

Very pleased with the care i received and the outcome of my case.

Go Mi

Amateurs.. Your better off doing it yourself. You can't put a price on pain.

Tony Lopez

T. Jackson

This place is a joke! They switched my attorney without even notifying me! If you want legal representation who WILL NOT return your phone calls, or if you're looking to be just another number on a case file call GWC. I'm dealing with their b.s. for going on 2 and a half years now....I've talked on the phone TWICE with the attorney in 2 and a half years...once I had to demand a meeting, which means going into Downtown Chicago (it's a hassle if you're in the burbs like me). The list of wrongs goes on and on. My advice is STAY AWAY...Don't let all those commercials you see on TV fool you!

Mick Bever

Battled for me against one of the largest Utility in Illinois. Answered any and all questions I had. Kept me informed and updated. Extremely pleased.

Takeisha Davis

I had the pleasure working with Harris Elliott, he was an amazing attorney and he made sure that I understood everything that was going on with my case.. I would definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with an workmen’s comp case..

Terrell Barnes

Awful, they move very slowly; Did not put there best efforts towards my case. Kristina is bad at her job and communication is very poor there

William Lawrence

Phil Turcy is my lawyer at GWC Law Firm I filed a workman's Comp I am very happy

Nancy Monson

GWC was amazing! They took over my case from another firm that went out of business, without skipping a beat. To find attorneys that are respectful, kind and compassionate is nearly impossible... they were all that and more.

Donna Yurgil

unfortunately life isn't always perfect. One morning on my way to work i was rear-ended while i was sitting at a red light. My car didn't receive much damage but i sure did. I contacted GWC Law firm. They were great, they sent someone to my home to get all my information.I was out of work for 10 months . The woman that hit me had the bare minimum coverage. Geoffrey Jacobs was wonderful, he did a great job negotiating with all parties involved to get the best settlement for me. Thank you Mr. Jacobs

Alfonso Cantu

I want thank Soo much too gwc ..especially Cate....n the rest of of the lawyers they treated me good...I recommend these lawyers they do the job..again thanks for the good service

Peggie Finn

GWC is the BEST!! Working with Tim Keiser and Lucy Chenowith was amazing. I truly appreciated their guidance and support with every step of the process. Car accidents are rough and scary. They made it much better. I highly recommend GWC to everyone.

Stewart Gatziolis

After being unhappy with the first firm I secured for my case, I sought out GWC on the recommendation of a friend. On my first visit with Louis Cairo he accepted my case, put my mind at ease and I felt very comfortable with him. Louis and his staff treated me like a person, not a number! Throughout the process I was kept informed of what was going on and someone always got back to me if I had a question or a worry. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with GWC.

jeff jiga

I want to thank Attorney Max for his help.

Alex b

Best lawyer in town. You need somebody that would back you up in any injury at work. This guys work hard for you and assured that you’re in good status.

Tiffany Holdman

Very pleased with this firm's work and outcome of my case. Thanks Kate.

Karam Awawda

This law firm is very slow at what they do, it’s been four years and I still don’t have an answer for my injury case. I always try to call the firm, and it is always the same answer, I either have to leave a message or the secretary always tells me “someone will get back to you as soon as possible.” I never received a call back from them. When they do answer the phone, it is always the same answer,”we are still working on your case, we will get back to u, when we resolve your case. It’s been four years and my case is still not resolved.

Vanessa green

I was in a long and difficult personal injury negotiation with an insurance company. After more than 2 years, Attorney Cairo stepped in and in a matter of months the case was settled. Kind, considerate,knowledgeable and effective. Higly satisfied .


I was injured at work and for one and a half years tried to find an attorney to take my case. With only five months to get my case in I found Mike Knobloch, and he was able to get all of the information that we needed and was able to get it in one day before the deadline to file. He worked tirelessly for a year before we were able to get things going. During that year he would keep in touch with me just to let me know that he was still working on my case and that he was concerned about my well being. Now I can't speak for the other attorneys there, but I can tell you honestly that I felt like it was a sincere gesture from Mike. After a little over two years we settled my case, and I could not have been happier. We still keep in touch and I feel like he was not only my attorney, but also a friend. Thanks Mike and everyone at GWC for everything that you have done for me. I would gladdly recommend you to anyone looking for an attorney.

Doug Wise

Steve's the best of the best

Jubilee LIpsey

So thankful that we entrusted our case to GWC. They are fantastic professionals who kept us updated, explained everything in detail, and showed genuine care for our concerns. GWC will do their absolute best to provide you with a positive outcome.

Shari W

I will fire them tommorow if I don't hear from them today! Don't use them as your attorney

Michelle Wilczek

This firm helped me when I really needed. Kate worked very hard on my case and kept in touch. It takes time to get what’s right and fair. I am very grateful to her and the firm.

Bill Kimball

They are a bunch of great lawyers. The best law firm in Illinois. The largest personal injury and workman`s comp law firm in Illnois. They take care of their clients from start to finish. They can always be reached,they return phone calls. Been to other law firms where they settle because they don`t have the staff to be tied up in court, they do have the staff and they make it know that if you scew with us or our clients ,you will feel it. Don`t waste your time going to another law firm , pick the best right away!

George Cooper

My experience with the GWC was positive from the first moment I consulted with Michael Knobloch. Mike was attentive, thorough, and helpful throughout the whole process. He was with me every step of the way with insight and compassion, always responding quickly and effectively with any questions or concerns as that arose. I would highly recommend Michael Knobloch and the Goldberg Weisman Cairo firm.

monique smith

I have a question for you my husband has a case with your firm and you people haven’t paid him yet why we called The Bar Association and they told us someone from your firm lied on the amount that supposedly suppose to be paid someone is trying to steal a additional $18,000 dollars why would you do that to us you guy had his check since November of last year no one is returning calls no one is coming to set up appointments this is where to get ridiculous that’s why we call the Bar Association in and they discovered the $18,000 discrepancy in my husband settlement now if you’re such honorable law firm why risk The bad reviews you had him in jail we lost are home and have no where else to go with our family and this all due to your horrible attitude and experience we had with you for the last four years we are going to sue your firm for our losses pain and suffering and also pursuing criminal charges against your firm this unacceptable behavior and we will not stand for it

Bernie Nash

Kate Kirwin Searls was amazing from the 1st time we met until my case was settled. She kept me well informed through the process and was completely knowledgeable in what the anticipated outcome would be. If the need should ever arise again, I would not hesitate to contact GWC again.

Scott Hammonds

Used GWC for a Workers Comp case. Jim Nawrocki was great. Straight forward, no bull kinda guy! That's all I wanted, don't promise the moon, just be straight up and he was. Did right by me!

Lori Lynn

Beverly Gilbert

Would definitely recommend this firm. Harris Elliott was very attentive, compassionate and professional. He always returned phone calls and responded to emails immediately. He explained the whole process of a workers compensation case. Always kept us updated. I would highly recommend attorney Harris Elliott and GWC. They took excellent care of my family and I. Thank you very much attorney Harris Elliott and GWC.

Craig Gold

Great experience with my attorney Corey. He really helped me out with a very complicated case. It took years but was worth it.

Crystal *

DON'T HIRE GWC! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Union automatically assigned them and you're lucky if you even get a call back to questions you have. They are so slow moving and extremely unprofessional and see you as only a number and put no effort into your case! Then when i switched attorneys they took 3 months avoiding sending over my file to my new attorney just to be jerks. Again don't go with GWC just because they have a commercial on TV. Go with Randall W. Sladek if you want to get responses on updates on your case and be treated like an actual human being.

Carina Rojas

Very happy with GWC services . Attorney Joel Block is great !

Brad Callahan

My wife and I selected Goldberg Weisman Cairo to handle our personal injury cases, after canvassing friends and business associates for recommendations. GWC came highly recommended to us for reasons such as reputation, expertise, and service. After selecting GWC, we had the good fortune of working with perhaps the best personal injury attorney in the state if not the country, Louis Cairo. Throughout the entire process, we were extremely pleased with Louis’ expertise, counsel, accessibility and constant concern for our best interest. Likewise, we also had the pleasure of being supported Irene Jordan, who ensured we understood the process, managed expectations, and kept us informed of the status of our case every step of the way. Which provided an added level of comfort and confidence that true professionals were managing, administering and litigating our case. We would whole-heartedly recommend GWC, to anyone seeking the best outcome for their case, based on the quality, responsiveness and extensive legal expertise of the firm.

Leland Wilkerson

Jimmy Dominguez

I want to thank Attorney Harris Elliot for all his hardwork and dedication in getting this case resolved in my favor. Your tenacity and dedication is spot on! Thanks again!!

Jan Heath

I had the pleasure of being fortunate enough to have David Caplan of your law firm represent me in my recent Work Comp case. David worked tirelessly on my case, and gave me the direction and courage to continue with my case, and kept me going for quite awhile while he took care of all the legal wrangling with the opposing attorney. My case was not an easy one, but David got me my benefits for over a year and we settled the case to my satisfaction. I highly recommend David Caplan, and would encourage anyone who is in need of a moral, ethical lawyer to give him a call! A highly satisfied customer, Janet Heath

Mary Vassell

Awesome team!!!!

T Colella

Kind, caring, patient lawyers working to get you most for your injuries? Who could ask for more! These people went above and beyond to make this legal experience as easy as possible for me and my family. I can't begin to thank them enough!

Harace Minniefield

Great Lawyers

Ms Michelle

Warning Beware Things are not always what they seem. Gave 1 star because don't have o. Don't recommend.

Chris Johnson

Repudiate Professional's

Mochi T.

I received an unfilled contract for me to esign without the ability to enter any information which means they can enter whatever information they want AFTER I've already signed! Who signs a contract expecting the other party to fill out information after you've signed? The contract also says I must pay them no matter what the outcome of my case would be which is uncommon for car accidents especially when i told them I'm car 2 on police report and i have video of the other driver admitting fault at crash scene and I have two family members with separate accidents who need representation. Needless to say I declined their sketchy contract.

Alex M

I have dealt with emergency situations for a few decades but my own unexpected injury took me by surprise. I found myself overwhelmed, confused, nervous and concerned. I have never sustained a major work injury before and was caught completely off guard. I found myself clueless about the work comp system and protocols. I was feeling pressured by the insurance company and eventually had to reach out to an attorney for continued advice and case management. My case was assigned to Mr. David Caplan. Mr. Caplan was well versed in the work comp system. He listened to me and calmed my concerns when needed. He was compassionate, empathetic, honest and thorough. Mr. Caplan went above and beyond what you would expect from an attorney. Every step of the way he not only thought of me but my family as a whole. As my case is coming to a close I’ll miss those tidbits of friendly advice he gave to me throughout the way. David Caplan is not what you would expect from a seasoned attorney. He has a positive attitude and still strives to serve his clients to the best of his abilities. I never had an issue with unreturned phone calls or emails. I’m fact, he would respond even while on vacation. If you find yourself in a similar situation as I was you won’t go wrong with GWC and David Caplan.

Uriena Crawford

Kristina Aier was our attorney. She was patient, professional and a hard worker. She goes above and beyond for her clients!!! I would recommend her to anyone who needs a hard-working, professional, and respectful PI/PC attorney!!! GWC are excellent at what they do!!!!!

Greg Klapman

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