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REVIEWS OF Idaho State Bar Lawyer Referral Service IN Idaho

Jennifer Moore

Very helpful and courteous

Travis Campion

الشعرالعربي ، الحكمةُ والجمال

I had very bad experience they took my 35 $ and refer me to fake lawyer after 20 days he played with me hide and seek said sorry I can't accept your claim all that humiliation just for 35 $ what cheap people

Little Foot

Horrible and terribly rude customer service. After shelling out $35, I was referred to attorneys who have horrible reputations and were slobby and unprofessional. $35 for a 30 minute session is more than $1/minute to talk to an unqualified attorney. I finally went to a qualified attorney who told me that ANY attorney can get their name in the ISB Attorney Referral Service and that no good ones do it, just the bad ones so that they can try and get some clients. The qualified attorney also told me that the service does nothing to make sure they are a reputable attorney. He was right! All the attorneys they referred me to tried to rip me off and had zero clue what they were doing. I informed the service and wanted my money back, but of course that didn't happen and they couldn't care less about how their referred attorneys were performing. This "service," if you want to call it that, knows exactly what they are doing: taking money from people who are putting their trust in the Bar Association to refer them to a good lawyer, but no, they know they have shady unprofessional and inexperienced lawyers on their list and send innocent people out to these quacks. Save your money and just google the type of lawyer you are looking for and call yourself, this is just a business charging $35 to send you to the bottom of the barrel lawyers out there. The lady who takes the phone calls is rude as all get out as well. Google a lawyer yourself!

Pooper Scooper

Beware! Used this service, paid the $35 which is actually a lot of money for a 30 minute consultation. The lawyer they hooked me up with didn’t show up to 3 appointments! I called the referral service and let them know and the lady was rude and mad excuses for the bad behavior on the lawyer and his receptionist’s part. I later looked and the law office the bar referred me to had all 1 star ratings on Google. Since the lawyer never helped, the Bar service gave me another lawyer’s info. I called them and the receptionist said I had to pay another $35 to get the appointment! I said, I paid the Bar $35 and that is supposed to cover the 30 minute consultation with your lawyer and the receptionist lied and said no, that the $35 I paid was for the Bar just to refer me and that I had to pay the lawyer $35 separately! This is not true! It was a scam by this attorney’s office so I called the Bar and let them know what they were trying to do at this other attorney’s office, how they tried to scam me out of more money and how I could only imagine how many people fell for that trick. Well, the lady at the Bar got so mad at me! She said, this is the second lawyer we referred you to so what do you want me to do?!! I tried to calm her down and apologized profusely even though it wasn’t my fault. It was the Bar’s fault for letting this low life attorneys be on the referral service. The lady at the Bar would not calm down, she kept insulting me for their mistakes! She said she would call the second lawyer’s office (the one who tried to scam me) and let them know they couldn’t charge twice and that I would have to go to them. I said there was no way I trust a lawyer that tried to steal money from me, tried to commit fraud, because how would I be able to trust him to be my dang lawyer? The lady at the Bar went nuts when I said that, she said not to call the service anymore. She refused to refund my money either! So I went to the Better Business Bureau and they have some weird rule where they can’t take complaints about the Bar. What a racket! Be careful and I advise to just stay away. You’re better off googling someone because like the other person said in these reviews, these are really crappy lawyers who just call the Bar and get their name on the list so they can try and get some business due to the fact their google reviews are so terrible and no one wants to use them. I have a feeling a lot of the positive reviews are fakes because I’ve not met one person who has found a good lawyer from this service and I wish places would stop recommending it. It’s a scam that the BBB won’t let you make complaints on them either so you could actually see what they’re up to. Stay away!

Blake Conner

Lorenzo G.

Need help with ongoing insurance policy issue. Nobody talking to me. Very appreciative of getting competent help. Need to make sure my rights contained within policy are not violated.

Stormi Davis

Kyme Graziano

The ISB Lawyer Referral Service strives to offer quality referrals and good customer service. They are a reputable source for referrals in Idaho.

Lori Carson

Very helpful resource. If you are looking for an attorney, they will help you find one that has expertise to suit your needs.

Jay S

A very legitimate way to receive referrals in Idaho.

beStrong preciousCondor

I was looking for a civil lawyer to handle a slander case in Idaho. No one would take my case. But I found a lawyer on my own. All praise to the most high!

Rayne Weston

It is super nice and it is super clean and really amazing to walk into and see that there is so many different types of law books that you can look at if you want

Jane Gordon

Gina Pirak

It was a great way to find the attorney/lawyer we needed for a specific situation. Would recommend it to anyone needing legal advice.

Sarah McDavitt

My husband filed for divorce in Idaho after I already filed for divorce in Utah. But I could not obtain Idaho legal advice as my husband was friends with the only court assistance clerk. I called multiple legal clinics who said they could not assist me as I was not a victim of domestic violence. (I would have been a DV victim if I had stayed in the marriage, but I left the moment I noticed DV signs). I was charged $35 for 30 minutes of legal advice, which is a great deal. I was referred to Stephanie Ray who was very knowledgeable, a good listener, and was easy to talk to talk to. I highly recommend this service and Stephanie Ray.

Chrissy Bee 6000

Tim Evans


Spoke with Robert Beltran about a ‘child support’ issue. He was knowledgeable & pleasant; easy to talk with. Unable to hire him, due to the cost of our distance, I felt more confident to proceed forward on my own. I only wish I could have 30min more! Appreciate the Referral Program. Many thanks.

Donna Petersen

Beth Richards

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