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REVIEWS OF Barrett & Farahany IN Georgia

Ronda Seward

Brianna Canfield

Amanda Farahany refused to represent me simply because I lacked the funds as I am indigent. Yet months later she wants to be friends on Facebook and shortly thereafter invites me to her home to contribute to her friends re-election bid. I asked Ms. Farahany to stop soliciting money from me but she never responded. I continued to receive robocall-style Facebook messages from Ms. Farahany asking me to confirm if I would attend this fundraiser at her home. Each time I asked her to stop harassing me but the harassment only ended once I blocked her access to my Facebook account. I contacted the State Bar of Georgia and they referred me to the FCC. We never had an attorney-client relationship because I did not have the money she wanted for my case. I was sexually harassed at work and my management team refused to protect me. I complained to my corporate office but they eventually made up lies to try justifying terminating my employment. Ms. Farahany gives many interviews and claims to fight for the poor and those victimized by sexual harassment but she never helped me. This is my review.

Mobius Computers

Mr. Lakraj at Barrett & Farahany provided excellent legal advice and representation for me against a very large company. Upon advising me of my alternatives he immediately went to work negotiating a settlement with the company. After approximately 2 weeks Mr. Lakraj was able to negotiate a settlement with the company that was very acceptable to me. Because of Mr. Lakraj excellent negotiating skills and ability to take on large companies I was able to move on with my pride and dignity intact. I highly recommend Mr. Lakrah at Barrett & Farahany. This is an excellent law firm!

William Rodriguez

I had the pleasure of working with AJ and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He had a genuine care for the outcome of my case. Hopefully I never need his services again but if I do I’ll be coming straight to him.

Jack Norton

I knew immediately that I had chosen the perfect law firm for my case after meeting with Calvin Blackburn with Barrett & Farahany, LLP. Calvin was very clear on each step of my case, and very communicative throughout. Barrett & Farahany provided a portal for my receiving, and downloading all documents for my review. Total transparency of all communication on a timely basis. Thank you Calvin for being my attorney, and Diana Howe for being my paralegal. You are "The-Best-of-the-Best!"

Keziah Harmon

I love this firm, everyone here is nice!!! They are extremely kind and helpful!! Amanda and Rhonda are awesome!!! This firm will always be my first choice and my recommendation to everyone else!!!

Daphne Ye

Shirl Williams

Stephanie Edge

Very helpful!!!

james c

The legal team of Amanda Farahany, Benjamin Stark and Beth Barrett handled my case along with two other attorneys to ensure a positive outcome. These people are not only exceptionally professional attorneys, well trained in their legal discipline, but they are also some of the most caring and compassionate individuals one could meet. If you ever find yourself in a place where you need an attorney to handle a labor related issue, then this is the firm to visit. I know you will be pleased.

joseph dogoli

The attorney I spoke with was genuinely interested in my case. She contacted me shortly after I got in touch with her and spoke with me at length. She also consulted with another attorney in their offices. Although they were not able to take my case, I had a very positive experience with them.

Samm Fecanin

Aj was amazing. Absolutely no complaints about him or any of the staff. Every time time I called or emailed I always received a call or email back that day. Was never kept out of the loop and was always Informed when something was going on. Completely satisfied.

Robert Castleberry

I want to express my extreme satisfaction with the very high level of professionalism and skill that I've experienced from everyone who has been handling my case. The thoroughness and detail in the documents that have been submitted to the court are very impressive. I can tell that the lawyers involved in my case (A.J. Lakraj and Benjamin Stark) are very committed to what they do and put a great deal of thought into their decisions. Diana Howe has also been of great help and is always exceptionally quick in returning e-mails to me. What I like best about my experience with this firm and the staff mentioned is that I feel like my opinions are valued. Even though I probably express those opinions/thoughts far too often and ask a ton of questions, I always get the answers I need. I am very thankful for that. My thoughts on the case aren't just simply ignored or labeled as unimportant. The attorneys actually give them thought and weigh them against the case to determine how effective they would be. I feel like a part of the process and not just stuck sitting on the sidelines while someone else makes all the decisions. Even if my case doesn't conclude in my favor I would still speak highly of those who have been working with me. I don't believe it could be done any better. I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone else. Especially if the quality of service and professionalism provided by A.J., Benjamin and Diana is equal to all of those employed by the firm.

Teresa Long

I was so impressed with both Rhonda and Calvin at this firm. They were both so kind, attentive, helpful and beyond professional. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone that ever needs legal help. Thank you Ronda and Calvin!

robert vazquez

Latrice Rivers

Roxie Lane

I am very confident in my attorney Sheri Bagheri. She has worked with me tirelessly to help me with my case. She has also built up my confidence in myself. Sheri has worked so hard on my case that I am not the scared, worried, wounded person I was in the beginning. I really like Sheri as a person as well she is very down to earth. She listens to everything I am concerned with and we talk it out. Sheri is a great attorney. I am very fortunate to have her on my case. Sheri is a winner.


I truly appreciated the professional assistance provided by Ms. Kathy Sullivan and Mr. Ian Smith to resolve my case promptly.

Xiaomao Ni

Thank you Kathy Harrington Sullivan. Kathy spoke to me twice before and after filing a charge with EEOC. Even she did not take my case but she provided me with a very clear guidance. It is very helpful. I really appreciated her time, patience, and professionalism.


AJ provided two options to address my issue. He recommended the solution that would benefit me more than him. He was always quick to provide updates and he resolved my issue within 30 days. I have worked with attorneys off and on for 30 years he is the first that I would recommend based on his morals, values, integrity, and knowledge.

Tam Favor

Do NOT get misled by this firm. An attorney from the firm spoke to me for months about issues at my job prior to them retaliating against me and terminated me. The attorney Ronda advised me on everything I need to do including contacting the EEOC and OSHA while in agreement I was experiencing issues. Once the employer retaliated and terminated me from my complaints, the firm was hesitate to take my case risking the statue of limitations. I waited nearly a month before they decided to take my case only for them to withdraw in short of two weeks, now just days left for the statue of limitations. This is neglience and I will be fighting this. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS FIRM WHO DON'T APPEAR CONFIDENT

Ihsan Al-Khalil

Onome Esiele

amelia smith

Ms Beth Barrett is amazing!! From the beginning this law firm got the results I was lookin for!! They are very informative about what is goin on with your case. She is amazing, nice, and helpful. The company's commitment to getting results are wonderful. And I am happy that this law firm represented me in my case. Best law firm ever!! Thank you ms Barrett and Amanda for all the outstanding work you've done..

tierra chrismon

I love what Sherri & Beth are trying to do for me, and I appreciate them even taking my case. I've been through a lot and I'm dearly grateful God, bless both of you fabulous ladies.

Catrina Crowel

I just want to take a moment to extend my gratitude to Amanda, the founder of Barrett & Farahany and the staff she employs. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kathy Sullivan this afternoon. Kathy and I "played phone tag" for a day, however, she continued to follow up with me until we had the opportunity to talk through the details of my case. What I appreciated most about Kathy, is that she listened attentively, she responded in a manner, which I found to be truthful and transparent, she asked all of the right questions, she was matter-of-fact, yet kind and supportive and after she gained a complete understanding of my situation, she provided me with a realistic probable outcome and great advice. After my conversation with Kathy, I knew I had made the right decision and took the best and most appropriate first step with my employer, which allowed me to feel comfortable moving forward, considering how I handled matters prior to contacting your law firm. Although, your firm will not be representing me at this time, in the event I need to seek counsel in the future, I am extremely confident in your firm's abilities to handle my case. More importantly, I feel that you all would have my best interest at heart, which is critical when ordinary people are typically not in the best predicament to fight people in position of power (the little guy vs. the big corporation), as you well know. It's great to know a firm like yours exists and not only will you be my first point of contact for employment law, you will be top of mind when others in the area are in need of a credible and highly regarded employment law attorney. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO TO BRING "JUSTICE AT WORK!"

ShaRhonda Porter

Sheri was a pleasure to work with, required minimal help from me. Took charge and got everything taken care of very efficiently!


Melissa Nau

I was slated to work at this place in mid October. I arrived 3 minutes late because Peachtree Street was partially blocked due to a movie being filmed, a situation I had absolutely no way of knowing would happen. When I arrived, I was sat in a conference room for 20 minutes before the receptionist came in and told me that the firm decided to rescind their offer because I was late. When I tried to explain that I had no way to anticipate a movie being filmed, they shrugged it off as something I should've already known about and that I should have planned to arrive earlier, even though I already left my house early to ensure my early arrival. I am extremely disgusted with how I was treated even though I was only 3 minutes late. For a firm that specializes in employment law and even had the nerve to say that "having empathy for people" was a requirement in their job description, absolutely none was shown to me as their employee. I'm not bitter, but glad that this callous behavior was shown to me so that if I did end up working there after that day, it wouldn't have been a shock. Absolutely disgusting way to treat someone and waste their time. I hope they're proud.

Racquel Hollis

Beautiful office building and law firm


Not impressed. Referred me to another attorney. Gave me a wrong phone number. The line is always busy or hooked up to a fax machine. As opposed to simply saying they didn't want to accept the case, they lied and gave a wrong number to a seemingly fake attorney. I looked up the guy they suggested, he doesn't have any reviews and an office supposedly in New York. Smh.


When I came to Barrett and Farahany Law Firm I was Broken and Hurt about the situation that I had experience with my job and how they treated me. Barrett and Farahany Law Firm understood my view points and feelings and matches me up with the Best Attorney to get JUSTICE for my case. My Attorney Sheri Bagheri has done an AWESOME job on my case so far. The way that she prepared her notes for all the depositions that we took for my case and how she took the information that I provided and turned it into a masterpiece is unbelievable. What most people don’t realize is that Attorneys that work cases stay up all day and all night prepping and doing research to make the best outcome possible for you. My Attorney Sheri Bagheri spent the Federal time limit which is 7 hours for a court reporter Deposing the Defendants with several breaks in between which turned into about a little over 8 hours of Depositions and then went to the office to prep for the same thing the next day. This is the kind of Attorney I want on my team and I’m glad I have her. I Recommend anyone that is going through any kind of Employment problems that wants JUSTICE and a Fair Trail if need be, hire Barrett and Farahany Law Firm and ask for Sheri Bagheri to be their Attorney.

Carlina Jones

I am very disappointed in the level of service, recieved. I was told that I was represented and was just inform that I wasn't. I was told before leaving the office on an initial consultation and signed forms stating I had representation. This was a total waste of time and very unhappy. It seemed as though I was lured into the office gave all of my evidence, which I didnt feel comfortable about in the first place because of my own intuitions but I did anyway. Told to refer calls to them because I was represent by them just to find out they cant represent me. FEEDBACK: Sheri, may need to get more practice under her belt before helping anyone with cases as an attorney or shadow a good attorney that knows the art of communication the right information to clients and not misleading clients. I'm very dissatisfied, because I could've used my time with another firm that was 100% honest with me from day 1.

Rosie Renfro

Nathalie Leon

Kathy Eide

I am very grateful to have Mr. Charles Herman and Ms. Marilyn D. Schmitt working hard on my case. This has been very emotional and they have been there every step of the way. I highly recommend Barrett & Farahany !!!

Rj Morris

Extremely impressed with the work and professionalism of this firm. Actually a pleasure to deal with, even with my uncomfortable issue I brought to them. I highly recommend.

Anthony Smith

bless child

I have by far the best experience with this company. Ian and Marilyn have went above and beyond their work to make sure I understood everything about my case. Anytime I called they would either answer then or called me back the same day. I never felt like they didn’t want to help me. They made my concerns go away. If anyone is looking for a great attorney office this is the one.

Carvella K

Renee Bedgood

I've been very impressed with the outstanding service that my Husband and I received. We felt, after our first meeting with Attorney Calvin Blackburn, that we had chosen the best law firm to handle the case. We spoke with Mr. Blackburn several times over the next few days and had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Beth Barrett. The attorney/client relationship is impeccable. Even when we ask questions that would require, in my opinion, elementary answers, she explained things so we could understand the process. 100% impressed with Ms. Barretts knowledge and professionalism regarding our case. She does not hesitate to get back to us in a timely fashion even though, we understand she is very busy. She takes the time to listen and explain to us why "this or that" is being handled that way. Would 100% recommend this firm to anyone needing representation regarding workplace issues . Knowledge is on point. Thank you, Ms. Barrett and Mr. Blackburn.

Jeff Hutchins

After talking and reviewing my case I ask that the paper work be sent to my home to read and sign instead of doing it through a email.After 1 and half weeks nothing every came in the mail.Called the firm spoke with the same attorney again and told him nothing every came,he apologized and said that it was in the mail, After nother week still nothing ,so I called the firm for the third time got someone that answered the phone and said he could not connect me with attorney I had spoke with about my case he did not have a direct line for them.I said just forget it Iwill find another lawyer.Not a good firm in my book.No professional or deppendable.

Conan shamon

Nicolle Buchbinder

I had just a small legal question about an ex-employer. I put in my information online, and someone called me back within in a couple of hours, listened to my story, and explained the situation very clearly to me. I received excellent advice from Barrett & Farahany about how to proceed with my situation, and it's all resolved! Thanks for being kind and professional.

Robert Sowell

Awesome staff!!

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