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REVIEWS OF The Law Offices of Richard L. Cooper IN Florida

John Carrascal

Papo Manrara

Richard is a great guy and a very sharp attorney. He helps clients all across the country and is in very high demand. Whenever my firm, EPGD Business Law, is looking for a criminal defense lawyer, I am comfortable referring my important clients to Richard because I know he will provide them excellent representation.

milly roscoe

Thank you Richard!

Henry Fullerton

Best attorney ever!! Richard worked on two cases over a two year period and got both of them thrown out. He worked tirelessly, efficiently, and with an attitude unparalleled in other lawyers. Seriously the difference is NIGHT AND DAY. Hire this guy, you will be very happy and most importantly you will stay out of trouble.

osmany leon

I can explain how this lawyer is. Amazing professional, frind and take your case as if hi was the one involved. Money, that is no his objective, of course you have to pay his job but not the main point he cares about you and your situation. Always answer your message. I can’t explain the way he fights for your case, he represents you on anything you want but he explain to you what is really important or not before you pay Don’t want your money as first one you to trust him before he start your case. I would recomend him don’t hesitate to hirer him.. excelente. Thank you Richard USA need more lawyer like you...

Kyle Linsey

A truly masterful lawyer

Mallory Eddy

Nobody better to have on your side!

Jonathan Diocares

Excellent Attorney and Absolutely RECOMMENDED!! Richard was my attorney on a matter that required attention to detail as it involved facts unique to the case usually absent in other circumstances -- quite a challenge. He found and created a case strategy from day 1 and made me feel like I was his only client and his only priority. He is very communicative, trustworthy, attentive, and professional. I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing his legal services. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to help me when I needed someone to shoulder me through my particular issue. Thank you again, Richard!!

Eulises Melo

I tell people that some times there's more to a legal event before the event happened and a lot of attorneys just go by the superficial evidence on a police report. Mr cooper listens and is not there to make a quick cash like some other firms.. he takes time to listen and use he resources to solve your problem. He dives into the facts and fights for you like your his family. God bless you!

Natasha Harrison

Richard Cooper is the BEST lawyer.My son had visited Miami for weekend, got into a little trouble, as we are 12 hours away there was noway of us traveling back and forth for court,well I googled a few lawyers and Mr.Cooper ended up being my choice.From our first conversation he made my son and I feel we could trust him,and WE DID!HE GOT ALL CHARGES Dismissed!!..We appreciate the hard work you put in for us!!!!

Alex Kelley

Richard Cooper is the best out there. I highly recommend him to anyone needing phenomenal, fair representation. He was extremely cordial, respectful, responsible and incredibly diligent and meticulous with his work. I know who to call if a worst case scenario ever pops up in the future!

A.M. Saying Doe Records Inc.

Best attorney in Florida probably in the nation don't know what else to say best of the best

Daniel F Tomonto

Professional, down-to-earth, and extremely competent. He’ll win your case, and if you have to go to trial, that’s where he truly thrives.

Geoff Ventura

My overall experience with Mr.Cooper was phenomenal, Very sharp man who is neat and organized. Also he is very curtious of his clients and takes very good care of them with anything they may need. Mr.Cooper was always waiting for me when we had appointments scheduled, shows how much he cares for his buisness reputation and us clients. I Strongly recommend this firm to anybody seeking legal advice.

Audrey Horowitz

Easy to work with. Kept me informed every step of the way. Will definitely use his office again if needed.

Christian Osorio

Christian Iacovelli

Richard is great to work with and very good at what he does. He will not waste your time and will get you the results you are looking for.

Whir Sjsk

He is a fraud or just a scammer don’t trust him he knew I was relying for him to come to court after we already discussed money and told he told me last minute I have to pay him a day before the hearing which is super sketchy because no lawyer does that and he was trying to convince me different and never cared to talk to me on the phone and told me he can help me with something in specific and then I asked other lawyers if it was true and they said he “can’t do that, and he knows that, I don’t know why he would tell you that” another lawyer told me he’s a fraud too and he knows him personally he only has one review for a reason because he obviously fakeee I wouldn’t even give him 1 star I just did it so I can write this review

luvia jimenez

Amazing human being and lawyer!! We had a tough situation and even though it took awhile to get figured out Richard was always there to answer all my questions and concerns! He is always I mean always available no matter the day and time!! I would recommend him to anyone! He’s your go to man!! My family was very blessed to have found him. Thank you Richard for caring about my family.

Patrick Bateman

Decided to write a review since my boy RICH has helped us a ton during our hardest times no other legal attorney you should look for since richard always got your back to the MAX take care my man 5 stars always for you if i could i would give 6

Ozkar Perez

Highly skilled and truly fully equipped for the job when representing his clients. The best part of his skills is that he gets people off the hook prior to be arrested by regulatory agencies and it’s like if nothing happened at all. Richard has a serious reputation and he’s definitely not some Micky mouse of a lawyer at all. He is taken very seriously by everybody in the courts and as well maintains a high reputation among all people. He does both international representation and as well of course nation wide. That’s how you know you have the best advocate on your side. Just know that if you’re under the care of Richard and you invested well into your future to have proper protection from the law then you’ll for sure be walking home happy and highly satisfied. He’s also an aggressive lawyer and is always willing to go that extra step, an extra mile if I may say so myself in order to get you satisfied and as well of course get everything done in the proper and correct matter of the circumstances. You’ll get get your moneys worth for sure.

Stefan Deissler

Very professional. Handled everything well.

Annet R

If you need friends in help call Richard Cooper !! That’s your guy ! He’s there for you the whole step of the way to freedom, very passion for his work. He helped me when i thought i wasn’t goin to make it out , last minute but he was great !! Need a lawyer call him today !

Stephanie Gonzalez

Case dismissed! Richard was honest, trustworthy, genuine, & reliable. Not your “typical” attorney. He truly exceeded my expectations. Would recommend.

Maikol Rodriguez

Richard has the best service in all of Florida!! Hands down..

Maximo Gonzalez Chavez

A friend referred me to Mr. Cooper. Simply... all my expectations were overcome. Very professional, attentive and always willing to converse and transmit trust and confidence in the results. Richard becomes your friend, he cares about you and he will have an open line to your calls in case you need to consult something. He puts effort into his work, devoting the time required to control the situation and to achieve the goals in the defense process. I recommend Mr. Richard Cooper, as one of the best lawyers in the area with the assurance that you will win a professional lawyer and a good friend.

Omar Lopez

Kiara Echegaray

Richard cooper is an outstanding attorney! I've known him for 4 years and he has handled several issues for me and has never disappointed me. knowledgeable and experienced. He is very dedicated, proactive, always ready and available for his clients. He is an attorney you can actually trust, so I would recommend him. Reasonably priced as well...

Diego Armando

Great great attorney. Thanks to him I was able to get my daughter back after 10 months of not being able to see her. He was able to remove restraining orders and false allegations dropped completely. Great guy and person and made the process easy. Thank you brother!!!! Don’t have a doubt he will do his job!

Ashley Klaybor

I hired Richard Cooper for a very delicate case and I could not be happier with the services I received. Straight to the point and very professional! 10/10 recemmoned.

Eduardo Avila

After taking to Mr Richard Cooper over the phone he took my case right away and went to work, I was going through some very serious charges, he got me through all my worries, he was very knowledgeable about the law, I would not think twice to recommend Mr Richard Cooper to any one I know, thank you Mr Richard Cooper .

Douglas Mahoney

Rich has been there when ever we have needed him. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer, thanks for always giving you 100% rich, it truly shows.

ashley mejia

One of the best attorneys out there. He made me feel safe and assured me that the outcome would be good and he delivered. Not once did he doubt it and I trust him. Any legal problems don’t hesistate to call him

Brandon Chase

Richard is a great lawyer. Top notch experience in both state and federal court.

Jerry h florida

I had a issue with a probation violation. Richard turned a substantially bleak outlook into a wonderful ending. He is hands down THE BEST legal representation you can have. He cares about his clients, and his clients turn into his friends. I was looking at jail time which would have destroyed my family and career and he worked out a deal that I was ecstatic about with no jail time. Jail not only punishes the defendant, but also the defendants family. He fights the good fight and his results and record speak for themselves. He is very well respected in the legal community and treats all his clients and their families like his own, with compassion. If your having your worst day in your life, he his your knight in shining armor. He will move mountains for his clients and always takes the time to discuss all details and options with you and in my case, all of my families phone calls as well. You will not find a better gentleman, nor a better lawyer. His legal skills and tenacity are apparent the minute you talk with him. He is the real "bearded wonder" . Words just can not describe how great of a attorney he is.

Juvane Hylton

If you need a qualified attorney to fight criminal charges against you, call Richard. This man is smart and helps you build confidence, because he has your back. You will literally feel it. I was arrested for some serious state crimes, I actually thought my life was over and fun fact is that I never commit the crimes. He took my case to arraignment today and had it dismissed with flying colors. He might be young, but he is a damn good lawyer, he stays in contact with his clients making sure they are okay and is like almost like a great friend. Now I'm starting to feel like going to law school. I will never forget him, and if my family or friends ever face issues with the law, I will definitely call Richard. Thanks dude for bringing back peace into my life.

erica zuluaga

Andrew Williams

Dedicated to his clients and extremely skilled. You will be in great hands!

J. Luster

Who you gonna call? Richard Cooper!!! This man right here is the truth and he shall set you free. After the first visit I knew he was the man for the job and he conquered like no other. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If you need the best criminal attorney in town, in my humble opinion HE is your only option, he’s genuine and he takes his cases serious and treats his clients like family. He’s THEE best, I promise you that you will not be dissatisfied or disappointed. Wonderful human being, outstanding attorney and a genuine friend and person at heart. Trust me!!!

Justin Montgomery

I hired Mr Cooper literally less than 12 hours before I was scheduled for trial on a charge that could potentially cause me to get felony violation of probation conviction. Mr Cooper was professional, timely, helpful, and confident. He told me off the bat that he was going to fight to get the case dismissed and wouldn’t settle for less... I kinda laughed it off like “yeah right, no one is that good”... Well, Mr Cooper pulled off the impossible and got the case DISMISSED!! Not only was his fee very reasonable and affordable but he fought for me as if he’s known me for years... He stayed in the office hours past closing, he worked around my financial setting, and best of all he made me feel at ease. When you hire this guy, you’re buying more than legal representation.. you’re buying real peace of mind knowing that he’s going to get the absolute best possible outcome for you. No matter what your financial situation is, Mr Cooper is 100% hands down the best bang for your buck and you will certainly feel that is was money well spent.

Adam Goodman

Richard may be a competitor of mine, but he is a great attorney that I highly recommend. We frequently discuss different legal issues and strategy, and I always feel Richard is on point and comes up with creative solutions for difficult problems. You are in good hands if you hire Richard.

Brian Fuu Hathor Gods of Egypt Campbell

I had two felony charges both dropped thanks to this expert lawyer. Miami, Florida

Carolina Blanco

Me. Richard Cooper has been wonderful to work with every step of the process. He was honest from the moment we spoke on the phone, and continues to be nothing less than professional from beginning to end. He was always ready to answer any questions I had, and he always put me at ease. In the end, he got me the best possible outcome and I am very happy for the results he provided. I highly recommend him!!!

Daniel Barrera

After hiring Richard in two different occasions , I can highly recommend him to anyone out there who is looking for the BEST experience when it comes to dealing with a lawyer . Both phone calls and text are answered by Richard himself . Always willing to help his clients and answer any questions .

The Domestic Engineer

Life changing!

Antiaging Innovations

Richard Cooper is an honest, knowledgeable and responsible lawyer, he always answered my calls and text in a timely manner and always answered all my questions. He handle my case professionally and efficiently! I highly recommend him! He is someone you can trust.


Another fantastic job by Richard L. Cooper. Call him ahead of time if any detectives or pesky cops comes in attempting to lure you in and incriminate yourself (which we all know who the real innocent person is in here and they wish to accuse you falsely) he will make sure to get you out of any trouble or sighting of the police before even getting booked. Richard knows his stuff and he beats the case before they even attempt to think about making an arrest on you. Thank you again, Richard, for everything you have done.


The best attention ever! Did payment plans...affordable....always available to answer my questions and concerns and got my serious case dismissed at first!

Richard Kulich

Richard Cooper was as amazing Lawyer from the 1st time I spoke with him. He was very honest and worked hard on my case. We spoke back and fourth from NY to FL. Everything he said was 100% true. We won my case I was so pleased working with a young aggressvie professional. Richards pricing was very fair I couldn’t be more happier. I will always reffer him and use him. Go with the BEST Richard Cooper

Interglobe Films

Amazing attorney to work with, he has been the best in our case and has beaten it. If you truly want your case to be beaten then just give him a phone call! Amazing attorney to work with! Great man always! Very friendly and almost 24/7 support from himself! I would never choose another attorney to represent me! Thanks again, Richard!

joseph avino

Any legal issues in South Florida I would suggest you give Rich a call. From the first phone call i had with him to closing out my case with him was a pleasure. And of course.. HE BEAT THE CASE.. "ANOTHER 1"

Chingiz Rahmatov

I was facing very serious charges in Miami even though I live in NY. I called Mr Cooper from New York and he handled my case and got it dismissed without me having to be in court and without ever having to come back to Miami. Mr Cooper represents people from all over the country and the world. I’m very grateful for his hard work and the results he got. Thanks!

Erica Zuluaga

Excellent attorney.

Ana H

Great lawyer!

Robby Trulove

Excellent Attorney!!! Always there when you need him, always answers your call, and returns calls ASAP. Takes your case seriously. Gives it to you straight, no sugar coating. Attorney Richard Cooper was a God send in my circumstance. A true blessing to have had this fine, outstanding Attorney represent me.

Colin Thompson

Excellent Experience!

Adam Castro

I went into my case full of doubts and unsure of what the outcome would be. After contacting Richard the doubts quickly subsided. He kept me well informed through thorough communication and worked tirelessly at every turn to make sure the state didn't have an advantage. We prevailed and I walked away with not only a Not Guilty judgement but someone I would consider a friend.

Thomas Mote

Richard Cooper is one of the most dynamic, talented and sincere attorneys that I have had the pleasure to meet in my 16 years as an attorney. I have watched him rescue clients from terribly difficult circumstances. Rest assured that if you hire Richard he will work tirelessly and ferociously to get you the best possible outcome.

Sandra Quiroz

The best attorney of Miami Richard copper thank you for working on my case and getting the case dismissed. I really recommend him he is very honest and does a great job...

Alexa Rousseau

Richard Cooper is the answer to all your problems. He is a trust worthy attorney, he'll get the job done!

Fran Avalos

Best criminal lawyer in Miami. Great dedication, support and availability. If you have problems, big or small, Richard is the guy.

Chad Perez

Best attorney ever. He has helped me through thick and thin. I can’t thank you enough Richard again you are truly a life savior in my life and many others and the future people you will be helping out. No case too big or small for him! Call him the devils attorney since he can’t lose! Honestly from the bottom of my heart this review goes out to all people who want honest reviews. Richard will always be there for you guys. No matter what.

John Pezet

I came in to some legal trouble, and needed to find an attorney to represent me. I found Richard on avvo and reached out. He was willing to take my case and work with me as far as setting up a payment structure that worked for both of us, as my financial situation isnt the greatest. Richard has always been quick to answer my questions. He told me it would be a little bit of a process, and to be patient, but here we are 9 months later and I'm walking out of court with all the charges dropped as he said that this would be the outcome he was shooting for. Richard has been amazing through the whole process. Not only on a professional level. Richard took the time to get to me and my family a bit on a personal level. Richard delivered as promised. I dont plan on needing a criminal al defense attorney again, but if I ever do again, Richard Cooper is my man. Thanks Richard! I owe you my life!

Rebecca .

Great lawyer! You can actually keep in contact with.

Tyler Pena

Deserves Top Attorney in Miami unanimously. Worked my case and for the entire time made me informed and aware of each step throughout my case. I wouldn’t ask for any other attorney in Miami than Richard.

Jenecia Daniel

Omg... There's not enough words to explain how amazing Richard is... Not just with his work but as a person in general. I've never met him in person, but I gave him a call and explained my case, he explained how he Practices and what he could do and how he could help with my situation, we figured out a payment solution best for both of us (which was very reasonable), he took charge of my case and in 2 months he got it dismissed. He is definitely everything you need in a lawyer. Someone who's lenient,understanding and cares about their client's best interest. If you are ever in need of one I would definitely recommend him. No matter what your situation is or where you are, give him a call he will definitely help you figure it out. I PROMISE!


THE BEST ATTORNEY EVER! Guys, I am telling you, if you EVER hire Richard L. Cooper HE WILL MAKE SURE TO SETTLE YOUR CASE BEFORE IT EVEN HITS COURT! All you have to seat back, relax, and just answer his phone calls after he gets everything done for you! I am able to confidently call him "The Badass Attorney of Miami" since he protects the innocent and any law enforcement or any issues at all HE WILL SHIELD YOU FROM NO MATTER WHAT! I will also like to say that he only brings JUSTICE to your case! He will make sure all of your problems are resolved, make sure to take great care of you, and he sets the best type of defenses for any case needed! Don't take my word for it though, just hit him up and you will see how great he is! I want to say again Richard, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! 10/5 STARS!

Chris Colston

Mr. Richard Cooper is a well rounded and sincere professional. His attention to detail, knowledge of the law and incredible follow up skills sets him up bars above others. I refer Mr. Cooper to all my clients for their legal needs.

Surena Chopra

Richard is an incredible attorney. After our first conversation, I knew he was the perfect person to hire. He took the time to answer all my questions. Dealing with legal situations is never something to look forward to but Richard made the process as seamless as possible. I felt like I could completely trust him. He’s cordial with his clients and a beast in court. He exceeded my expectations.

Rey Fiallo

I would highly recommend Mr. Cooper as your attorney. I had a legal issue that would've completely damaged my career. I contacted him 2 days before I had to appear in court and he just took care of all of it. Didn't even need to attend and the case was dismissed totally saving my future. Definitely 5 stars!!

Amy Remedios

Mr. Cooper is very professional and a great attorney. He walks into the courtroom with confidence and conveys the same to his clients. Mr. Cooper has represented several of my family members as well as several friends. Everyone says the same thing, "there is no one like Richard, he is always available to answer any questions" gives you the confidence that you can count on him any day any time. I highly recommend Mr. Cooper, he is the greatest!

Nancy Arguelles

Excellent attorney. Very thoughtful and dedicated to his clients. Always gets great results.

Happy Client

I contacted Richard Cooper when I found out I was facing felony charges for public assistance fraud. Richard immediately made me feel at ease and was confident about my case. He communicated with me in a way that was warm and respectful and always made time for me. He made sure I knew I was a priority to him. In the courtroom Mr. Cooper is confident, extremely knowledgeable, and well-spoken. I cannot say enough about Richard and how he saved me. I can wholeheartedly recommend Richard as a trusted source of legal counsel.

Amber Mern

Very accommodating and answered all of my questions whenever I had them. I was always able to reach him on his personal line which made me feel very comfortable and reassured. He is blunt and tells you how it is. Definitely made the experience less stressful and got my cases dismissed! Thanks, Richard! Strongly recommend

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