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Adam Hanson

Knowing the process of asking the right questions and make me feel comfortable with hiring Morgan & Morgan

Meloney Hundley


Dee Wild

Truly for the people! If they had not helped me find the proper care,professionals that are really helping with my recovery. I wouldn't of known what to do. They are prompt and efficient. I would not chose anyone but Morgan and Morgan, if you want people that truly care,they do!! A real blessing!! I thank God for Morgan and Morgan!!!

chaya bussey

I was upset and could not sleep before I was referred to Morgan and Morgan. I needed help. I called a local firm and was told they could not help because my injury accident occurred in another state. I called family in that area and asked if they knew of any firms I could call and I was given the name Morgan and Morgan. I completed a simple online form that night and the Next day I was contact. My heart leaped to see such a fast response because I thought my foot injury would be looked at as too small of a case but I was wrong. My case manager listened to me and showed empathy. I knew right then that this was a firm could trust to fight for me. A firm that cared about my issue and a firm that wouldn’t have me running in circles wondering what was going on. Any time I had a question, I would receive a response that day or the next at the latest. I love the fact that they are upfront and advise me of what I could expect regarding my case duration. If you have been injured don’t let the other side push you around and just settle. Please contact Morgan and Morgan. I’m glad I did. Bussey

Jazz Jack

Opened a case with them back in October little to no communication from there end. Switched case managers without letting me know and this new one Brianne has the worst attitude when you finally get ahold of her. I had the send her the same email 3 times to finally get a response. Their advertisement says for the people but they seem to be more for themselves. I have accounts in collections over this car accident the worst anxiety behind it and they could careless. I wish I could pull my case from them since they are no help whatsoever!

Patrick Searle

The ONLY Firm you should rely on!! Treated me as if I was their only client and have the resources and experience to tackle ANY case!!

Candice Murray

I would highly recommend Mr. James Hensen from the Orlando office. A true professional. At a time when I felt at a disadvantage regarding my rights as an employee, Mr. Hensen proved to me that he had my back with his extensive knowledge of the law . I was able to completely sit back and let him handle my case with confidence, with much success I might add. I cannot thank him enough.

Dorian Todd

Hunter is an EXCELLENT lawyer. At first I was nervous, having never been involved in a car accident case before, but he immediately put my mind at ease. He made me feel comfortable, and like he'd known me for yrs. Ashley Chin also exceeded my expectations. She made sure to promptly call or return my calls and kept me informed every step of the way.I would definitely work with this team again no question.

Bobby Crist

Very easy process... Nice and comforting and professional

Jeannine Cavaliere

Hi -- I want to update my posting --- Morgan and Morgan took my case ---- they did a great job and they were able to get my claim PAID!!! Thank you Morgan and Morgan for your hard work and helping me out!! It's true they truly do whats best for you :-)

Mr JHansC

Thoughtful, concerned attorneys that made me feel that my case mattered. Determined and resourceful to help assist in my path toward recovering health and compensation for what we lost. Thank you all again!

Dirty Bumpz


The lady I talked with on the phone was very polite and listened to everything I had to say. She was very patient and professional with me.

Nicholas R

My personal experience Morgan & Morgan is not the company to hire if you would like a attorney that will stand beside you and fight with or for you .Their famous motto is For The People, I've learned that they are not talking about the general public. The attorney I was given for my Workers Comp claim would never get back to me on time .Most of the time I had to wait 3-10 days just to get a email response. If I called I would always get through to the secretary but rarely would get a response from the attorney after she had to relay the message.The most helpful Person of all this was Terry and she just handled settlements. Good Luck to everyone that uses these people maybe they just didn't care about my case because they could see or smell the money .

Joshua Rosario


Daniel Ortiz

For the people that's a joke. They no even care if you contact them. A law firm supposed to take care of action against a company using there name and the transfer to another firm. Which are more incompetent and rude. One more thing if you still call there just ask if there good spellers. Because even you spell your name multiple times still can understand.

Carmella Simon

My father-in-law used this firm for a social security disability claim and had nothing but good things to say about the staff here. The claim takes a long time but they kept his informed along the way and successful in the end.

Miranda Girl

It took awhile for the mediation but i was told one amout we were settling on and the amout that would go in my pocket. Lets just say i never seen that amount. When i got in the office to sign for the paperwork they gave me a different amount that was not even half of what i was told in after the mediation. Then the gave me 400 a few weeks later and then held 200 and gave me that weeks later. I was not satisfied at all. Then when i tried to speak to them they just rolled right over me. Always make sure you get your amount in pocket in writing at mediation or you will get rolled over by your on lawyer like i did.

Billye Williams


Irma Lyons

Very helpful people and understanding about my situation.

Don Pucci

I feel very positive in my case with Morgan And Morgan. Very knowledgeable, and they get things done. They treat you like family, and care. Thank you Morgan And Morgan, for getting what's owed to me. God bless

Dee R

They don't care for their clients. They only care for the money. You will never be able to speak directly with the lawyer. You will be dealing with the paralegal and they are hardly ever available. Emailing or leaving a voicemail is what you will be doing in order to reach them. And they will call or email 2 or 3 days later. They kept telling us they can't help us find a doctor or therapy or a place to repair the car. So We called another lawyer and within 4 days they got us set up with a doctor and therapy. Don't make the same mistake as us by wasting time on a big name company that treats you like just another number.

Frank Sutterby

The staff is very friendly and caring. The attorney and his support staff are very thorough. I just wish for weekly updates

Danyell Walden

Johnson Roberts

The details of this experience is very disturbing 2 a known US citizen it would be! I'm going to make this quick because it could be a long drag it out story that took approximately from my home to there and all they Fiasco situations I was put in about 9 hours 2 a.m. until noon that was a very let down day every door and the building was so quiet you could hear a pin drop and my voice yelling I'm here for the federal bureau investigations director Chris Wray, he has insubordinate staff and they were not to be trusted and to contact oig or his affiliates if you feel wrong doing is being taken place and that's the email that I received from him so I decided to contact an attorney and I chose Morgan & Morgan cuz they're for the people and through John Morgan's message I managed to make it to downtown Orlando for an attempt not knowing that I was going to be asked to leave by Orlando Police Department officials for no probable cause there was no probable cause in me given a verbal trespassing warrant on the Morgan & Morgan Channel 13 and the financial institution they actually we're caught off guard buy the whole Fiasco because the secretary let me in they're part of the building and the security guard pro-trade blew up a scene like it was an episode of The Andy Griffith Show I was so humiliated and emotionally distressed to the 5th power my car was vandalized and then the story continues no this is one of the worst trips I have ever had in my entire life!! I'm sorry Morgan & Morgan

Felix D.G.Lanas

Fantastic service thank you!

Danny Diaz

Not what I expected. Considered letting them go and now regret I didn't. Poor service and representation. Nothing like what the commercial say. Just my experience.

ruth hyppolite

Morgan& Morgan is the best one to work with they is very patiently and take they time doing they work I would suggest a lot of people works with them if you need help.....

Jason DiPeppe

Keith Maines was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. He was a true professional and was concerned for our well being. He took his time and put our questions before anything else.

Bradford Belton

JoAnn Leisten

They are in the process of taking care of my son's case, and have been very professional with me. They believe in standing up for the little guy.

Merril Schaffer

I am happy with the response and the speed of activity on my behalf. So far so good. Thank you very much.

Jeffrey Bouchard

Our tile roof was damaged by hurricane Irma, September, 2017. We had changed insurance companies since the hurricane, but were still within the time limits provided by the policy for coverage. Our insurance company rejected our claim saying the damage wasn't due to the hurricane. Roger Hatfield from Morgan and Morgan handled our claim. Within 5 months our claim was settled and included damage to the interior of our home. as well as the tile roof itself. Roger kept us informed and did a superb job. Thank you Morgan & Morgan and Roger Hatfield.

Laura Roenbeck

I loved how they were able to not take a low ball settlement amount from my insurance agency. They also didn't allow me to get bullied or persuaded by the other involved in the accidents insurance. It took along time for the whole process and I feel more money could've been settled on, but other than that I felt confident that everything would be taken care of. My car was fixed, insurance taken care of, an overall great experience.

Google Local Guide

I absolutely recommend hiring Morgan and Morgan. They are kind, caring and have many teams working hard for you. I will never go looking for another law firm as long as Morgan and Morgan are representing and for the people. Many thanks to the wonderful team working on my behalf.

Julie Butler

We have retained Morgan & Morgan to represent us in an auto accident. The investigator was punctual and polite. He was very understanding of our rambunctious toddler while remaining professional and keeping the focus of the conversation on what he was there to do. He explained everything in laymens terms without being condescending. We were very at ease with him in our home. We look forward to continuing to work with Morgan & Morgan in handling our case.

Ty Hart

I contacted them months ago when I was in an auto accident. Maybe a week and a half went by and I hadn’t heard from them so when I reached out I was directed to the attorneys assistant who advised me it had only been a week(as if I didn’t know) and to be patient here we are two-three months later and I still haven’t spoken with an attorney at this law firm. Their for the people motto is cliche. They have so many cases they’re dealing with they don’t have time for each and every client.


Thank you for caring

Nicholas Bee

I don’t usually do reviews but Morgan and Morgan has By FAR the most knowledgeable groups of Attorneys in the industry. They will ALWAYS look out for their clients best interest. 10 stars if it was possible.

Anthony Little

Star Universe

These people are the absolute best, they did everything they could for me and were completely honest about it all in the process. I want to give a huge thanks to Bobby, Chad Lucas, Anne Mary, and Judy. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!

charice markowitz

Gave us to someone else, made us do all the work

Angelica Golden

Ulysees Busby

So far so good. The individual I spoke with asked thorough and detailed questions in reference to my claim to get the absolute clearly defined details of my injuries as they occurred during my time in the U. S. Army.

Bertrand Lacombe

Very easy process to start our claim.

Jamie Knox

They have the worse staff. Especially attorneys. I had settled my case just to not have to deal with him or his paralegal. The he withheld 200.00 buck out my settlement for unexpected costs. How is it the day of or a day or day after signing my check i was charged 90 dollars for 3 copies of papers just to go to another part of the building. Not across or down the street but literally downstairs. Then get upset because i asked him how was that unexpected and that was within the same week. Im sure Mr or Mrs Morgan wouldn't agree to that either.

Ms J'Khori

They say they are for the people but i have found that to be a big lie. They will turn down your case with no explanation.

Ronald Myers

So very great. Always calling. Never promised or overrated claim and was able to get a satisfactory fair settlement for both us and the insurance company. Highly recommend them along with Attorney Gina Kimble and her very exceptional para legal.

Sherry Luss

Quanzee Walls

Great business loved the service thanks Sam Creasy super guy five star rating!

Jairo Fernandez

I had previously wrote a very critical review of the Morgan and Morgan law firm. After being contacted by my attorney I am now fully aware of our situation and everything is satisfactory! The fault was my own- Attorney Kimmel has done a stellar job at keeping us up to date. Every time there was news on our case, we would get a personal phone call or email asking for a good time to call. We have had exemplary results with Attorney G. Kimmel. It would be my pleasure to for her to handle any future cases. Her and her team are on their game, and feel forever indebted to her and her team. Thank you Morgan and Morgan, thank you Attorney G. Kimmel for taking your time to explain everything and helping us in our time of need! You always took the time to take our calls and took the time to personally call us despite the intense workload and pressure you and your staff are under. I greatly appreciate you and your willingness to help always! I hope you are recognized for your sincere efforts and hard work! Please recognize her for her hard work, professionalism and personalized service! She is a credit to your law firm and deserves to be recognized as such!

Cheryl P

What a great experience I had with Morgan and Morgan. Eric Deming was the attorney handling my case and he was very attentive and helped me understand the whole process of the claim. I could not have been more happy with the results of my claim. Also, they took the stress out of the process because I have never dealt with such a claim. They were easy to get a hold of and on top of their game when it came to the merits of my case. I would highly recommend Eric Deming and his staff for the hard work they put into my case and Mr. Deming was great at getting back to me for any questions. I am glad I got an attorney to help me jump through the loopholes of an uphill battle with the insurance company. Thank you again!


Dina Edmonds

Ally Hepworth

They took all my information I have a solid case of personal injury neglect and they are disorganized I spoke to 3 people and no one was able to tell me what was going on. They kept saying I had another case from 2018 (which I didn’t) poor poor unorganized and no one knows what they’re doing. They wanted me to be sent to their class action law suit in order to line their pockets with more money. STAY AWAY. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE. JUST WHETHER OR NOT IT FILLS THEIR POCKETS.

trey Jones

After talking to a few law firms I found out that a lot of law firms don't represent more than automobile accidents or workers comp seldom do you find a law firm where you can have both cases taken care of by the same lawyers or at least the same firm to lessen the burden on you and the obvious issues that are going on in your life they were more than helpful extremely polite and seem to be open armed when it came to me having any questions at all 24/7 day or night I would highly recommend Morgan & Morgan for they truly are a revolutionary Law Firm that looks forward not backwards has a great track record and they go out of their way to make sure that you have all the information available to you when you would like it or needed. I would highly recommend Morgan & Morgan for the little people I know it sounds cliche because of the commercials but they truly are there for the little people the people that don't have millions to go against these huge corporations that drowned the paperwork in courts and legalities thank you very much more going to Morgan for everything you did for me and everything you're still doing for me today sincerely Travis

cino nino

I do not recommend Morgan and Morgan people posting possitive reviews probably work for them they dont care about any one they only out to take your money if you get awarded any please find a new lawyer in a small firm

Kimberly Arther

Everybody was real nice and well respectable and answered all my questions that i asked

candy smith

Raymond Kulwiec

I'm sorry but, I do not remember the name the person that I spoke with yesterday. I must say that it was a great pleasure to talk with her. After what I have been through, it was so refreshing to speak with someone who listens and understands.

Romar Tallie

Very time aware, and they keep consistent contact with you to keep you updated. Very professional and the listen to every word that you tell them.

Bianca Smith

Please don’t waste your time if you don’t have a big money case they treat you like your not that important, you will never speak with your lawyer directly they don’t return phone calls Morgan and Morgan sucks bad had I known any better I would of went with Dan Newlin. The worst experience I’ve ever had dealing with a law firm! They will drop your case in a heart beat if they don’t think it’s big money Stay far away from Andrew Serrano and his team!

John Summers

For the people! No! They are "For the Money"! If people who injured you dont have big Insurance policy. They wont take your case. TYPICAL ANBULANCE CHASERS!

Tony Keeton

They entire staff was very professional ,extremely honest and helpful . The clerk, assistant and Mr. Andre Ducote were as swift and direct as anyone could hope for in this type of situation. In a word "PROFESSIONALS" I would recommend them to anyone seeking legal representation. Thank you again.

Jermaine Holman

he's a real people person and really looks out for you

Tracy Moldovan

Highly recommended

Terry Lebo

Ms. Chilton was very very helpful, she explained everything throughly and completely answering every question I had. She was the best

jasmine bryan

The worse consultation ever!!!! You spend an hour on the phone only for them to tell you they can’t take your case. They CLAIM they’re for the people but they’re really for themselves. The absolute worse.

Peaches Stuckey

My experience with Morgan and Morgan has been absolutely great my lawyer Miss Amy page I tell you that she truly helped me and my children she really did I am glad that she's my representative my sister told me about you all and if anything come up I will make sure that I will tell my family and friends that Morgan & Morgan is really for the people . Thank you miss page for all that you have done for me and my family

Tami Mohr

Still early in my case but I'm very happy with Morgan & Morgan. They give me confidence in their team, and seeing all they do for people I'm happy I chose them. Thanks guys!!

jimmy p

Morgan & Morgan for the money never has been for the people wake up. If they cannot make enough money off of you it ain't worth it

Angela Maddox

their honest helpful they answer any question u have even if u think it's silly definitely would suggest them!!! Their really trying to fight for my case!!!

Darnecia Bolden

Valerie Akins

explained every detail clearly and handled all questions I had. Professional and just very clear on everything.

Joe Freecs

They may have a big name but they will only except your case if its a easy win. Get a lawyer that will actually fight for you.

Melody Kirschman

Yesica is amazing! thank you for everything.

Jennifer Pomales

They are working closely with me to make sure in taken care of

Tom aprigliano sr

I won't use anyone else.

Ray Dunklin

Kathrine Hordisky

What was the Slogan nobody is a nobody.... after my call today I felt less then a nobody. But I will fight for my right even I have to do it alone against Lowe's, Appliance Advantage and Samsung. My case wasn't worth to get even look. Not for the people, should be for certain people. I give you guys 5 stars for that

margie chambers

John Kahl

Talked to initial case investigator for over 15 mins about my case at 5 PM his phone cut off. He did NOT call back nor did he save any of the information given to him. Incompetent law firm. Save yourself the time!

Rachel Spann

Donna Fields

Robert Brown

Lifestooshort Horton

Morgan & Morgan not for the people!! They kept dropping the ball on my case, went to court they sent a third party to repersent me, they were good, but they only gave him a littlebit of paper work. They never turned in paperwork to the judge in a timely matter and after all this, they kept switching lawyers on me and not keeping me informed on anything nor did they pass any of my files and paperwork to the next lawyer that picked up my case, so my case was lost! They are very sorry here in Jackson, Ms.

Regine Mills

Paid $20k in interest for fees. I was not informed of that I was ciaxed into settlement when I should have gone to trial. My knee will never be the same.

David Pagan

Jonah Troutman

They lie nothing but presettle offer car cases they don't want any real law civil suit

Michael Tracy

I hired Morgan&morgan for a workmen’s Comp. claim, I could not have been happier with the outcome of our case our case was settled way beyond our expectations , our Attorney Ronson J. Petree and his Legal assistant Frances Miller, were always only a phone call away , and their to respond . My emails, were always responded to quickly, Thank you guys soo much for everything you did for us . I would only call Morgan & Morgan anytime I need an attorney .

Germaine Harris

Morgan & Morgan in The Villages, Florida did a very good job

CJ Hudson

Mr Brandon Smith and Ms Christy Johns have done excellent work on my sons case up to this point and I truly don't expect that to change. I appreciate them far more than they will ever know. Regards... Carl

B s

For the profits. They dont care about you or your case. Save yourself the time and dont even call.

Shaun Dunn

Amazing so far

Dylan Fracasse

James Henson is the best attorney I could have hoped for. He was able to successfully recover money owed by a former employer. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Mr Henson and his team to everyone. Thank you for everything!

pamela bartolucci

Your staff has been kind and very professional each time we’ve spoken. Haven’t seen the end, yet. Hopefully the job is completed soon and all turns out ‘as good as new’. Thank you. P. Bartolucci

Nilia Sanchez

The initial consultation was thorough. Elizabeth was attentive and answered my questions.

Tonia Warner

Gail Gaston


Denise Duggan

We needed a personal injury attorney once. The other driver had already been cited by the police but had no insurance. Unsurprisingly M&M wasn’t interested in our case. Guess the fact that the other driver was uninsured meant his pockets weren’t deep enough for these sharks. Wish I could give these ambulance chasers a zero star rating. EDITED AFTER REPLY FROM MORGAN & MORGAN: To the general public reading this review. Please read the reply from Morgan & Morgan and then read several of their other replies to other less than stellar reviews. Please note how boilerplate the language sounds. I knew it would be but didn't realize they'd make it quite so obvious. That should tell you something about the company.

Alison Woodrock

Wayne King III

I won a settlement from House authorities on property i owned Morgan makeing shure am paid every cent

Scott Moore

very good

Robert Amort

Your quick response to my call for help made me feel good about selecting Morgan and Morgan. I know it takes time to properly complete a case. I have utmost your people so lettering you do your jobs I know will result in a satisfactory end to my case. Thank you.

Grant Carter

Was strung along for a week waiting to speak with a workers comp attorney. After 5 minutes the attorney (hollingsworth) told me my case isn't a workers comp case and he had never heard of a case like it. Absolutely useless. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. THE "FREE" CONSULATION COST ME A WEEK OF WAITING.

Ashley Edwards

This firm only cares about large settlements. Mike Vaughn was my attorney, and didn't have my file together upon our first meeting, didn't read through the contract (I had to correct him because he was misinformed), didn't allow me the opportunity ask questions, was extremely rude, and hung up on me when I pressured him with questions. They hire attorneys just looking for any type of work just to get a paycheck. The staff are overworked and underpaid (which is why the customer service is so poor) If your case isn't worth millions, you're worthless to them. I HIGHLY recommend seeking alternative professional legal firms. You'll regret it in the long run if you don't.

Terry Cox

Diana lynn Allen

Marquita Montgomery

Horrible still haven’t received the rest of my money and they don’t never answer your call or call you back after u left numerous of voicemails still no call I wouldn’t recommend no one to this place Morgan and Morgan for the money not the PEOPLE!!

Kenneth Torres

Morgan & Morgan came to me from GOD at my time of need dealing with my car Insurance company. The staff is very professional and polite, they show an interest in helping to resolve your situation. Thank you from my family and my self for your help.

John Fisher

Totally crooked with their annoying TV ads. Just like Richard Schwartz and Don Evans as they're out to get hard working OTR truck drivers as they try to make an honest living. I bought a bran new defective RV from Camping World in Jackson two years ago, and Camping World refused to fix it under warranty. I called the Morgan & Morgan's 800 number, and they refused to help me. Sick and tired of their ads as I mute the volume everytime.

Gwendolyn Clinton

Morgan and Morgan has been with me representing my interests all the way. They continue to keep me informed with every step and never leave me feeling as if I'm just some number!

Jennifer Barrios

They are super helpful n on point!! So thankful !!!

Randy Smith

Last year my dog and I were attacked by a pit bull which resulted in some pretty bad injuries for both my dog and I. Out of all the lawyers I contacted Morgan and Morgan were the only ones who were interested in taking my case. After speaking with them and their investigator things moved pretty quickly. I went to physical therapy, my dog got taken care of at the vet and once therapy was over they pressed forward. I would like to say all in all everything took about 6 months I believe..? They got me a pretty decent settlement and all my bills covered so I was first. The process to get there though was kind of a pain, everything was urgent and needed to be taken care of immediately and when I asked to stop by their office to drop things off instead of incurring an additional cost of finding some place to fax it from I was told no. Which I found very odd but's only a few bucks to print out and fax. What really irks me is, I guess all lawyers keep about $100 for 3 months to ensure nothing else pops up case related and if it does they have some leftover for expenses. Well after 3 months, I get my $100 check in the mail, only its $84 and change. I get charged $12 for a CD I didn't get, $2.30 to mail me the letter, even though it's postmarked $0.47 and $1.00+ to print out the letter to send it to me. For real? You are telling me the 33% didn't cover any of this..? Granted I'm no lawyer and I've never had to deal with one before but this just seems rather odd. Was I satisfied with the outcome? Yes, I won and the pit bull owner ended up moving. Am I happy with what I see as nickel and diming for fee's after the fact? No, which is why I can only give 3 stars. I'm waiting to hear back on this CD thing and the mailing fee so this rating could go up or down depending on that outcome.


Only been a client for a few months, but so far they are very attentive to my case.

Jasmine Harper

I'm upset with M&M because I have been dealing with them since last year. Today I was notified they can no longer represent me, after I called to get a status update. There attorney didn't even have my correct contact information. I feel like this law firm only goes for the easy wins and if there is work needed they are to lazy to do it. Stay far away..

Hector Rivera

Gene Snyder

I have contacted them on a couple of occasions and they have been useless every time. They seem to seek those easy cases and it looks like they only participate in larger cases that someone else has done the major work on. Don’t waste your time. There are attorneys out there that don’t mind doing a little work.

gia angelina

Very professional, very detail oriented, overall extremely positive experience. I would use again, and highly recommend. Thank you Stacy Ortiz, and staff, and the entire Morgan and Morgan team!

Tequila Gowdy

Good service so far

Lori Sullivan

I would recommend your law office to anyone you are the best you explain everything to me so I could understand the way you work i would like to say thank you and I hope you can help me with this other matter thank you very much

Queen Hatfielld

Morgan & Morgan was able to help me and my family when I didn't understanding or know what to do. Use the services. You will not be upset.

Sabrina Crespo

Terrible service, they show no empathy what so ever. You will never get to speak to an actual attorney. It’s been over a month now and they haven’t had the courtesy to tell me that they wouldn’t be moving forward with my case. Definitely would not recommend anyone going to Morgan and Morgan

missy vaughn

Good Attorneys

Jeep Doctor

I had previously wrote a very critical review of the Morgan and Morgan law firm. After being contacted by my attorney I am now fully aware of our situation and everything is satisfactory! Working with Attorney Kimmel has done a stellar job at keeping us up to date. Every time there was news on our case, we would get a personal phone call or email asking for a good time to call. We have had exemplary results with Attorney G. Kimmel. It would be my pleasure to for her to handle any future cases. Her and her team are on their game, and feel forever indebted to her and her team. Thank you Morgan and Morgan, thank you Attorney G. Kimmel for taking your time to explain everything and helping us in our time of need! You always took the time to take our calls and took the time to personally call us despite the intense workload and pressure you and your staff are under. I greatly appreciate you and your willingness to help always! I hope you are recognized for your sincere efforts and hard work! Please recognize her for her hard work, professionalism and personalized service! She is a credit to your law firm and deserves to be recognized as such! Apologies for the duplicate post- there is no way to delete it.

Eric Hicks

Very, very professional but also very compassionate & genuinely concerned about their clients well being!

Sarah Harris

Your staff has shown me professionalism and care.

T.R. Schraeder

Morgan and Morgan and there staff they do what they tell you there gonna do no hidden surprises, there staff is very polite and truly concern about you as a human being, and getting you what ever it takes to heal and go back to the life you are use to! I am so grateful to Morgan and Morgan and it's true "They are for the PEOPLE! To Morgan and Morgan and staff & associate's I say THANK YOU!!

Margaret Whalen

To date, I have been quite impressed with the process of information gathering needed to start my case.

Debbie Castner

Morgan and Morgan is great. Less than one day after we contacted them we had wonderful caring people contacting us by phone and even our temporary residence. Being thousand miles away from home, they made us feel like we had family right here for us. Thank you Morgan and Morgan

Brom L

Very professional and great at explaining everything throughout the process of your case


Great attorneys and very professional.


Worst firm ever, they are not for the PEOPLE! they don't have your best interest, they WILL NOT fight for you. Don't waste your time!

Laura Belton

We'll my experience with Morgan & Morgan is good, they really do work hard to get the job done for u, & I believe they are the best firm to do just that, & I would tell anyone if you need a law firm to use Morgan & Morgan for the people.

All American Tree Services

The best easiest most efficient experience of my life.

Saulo Jaco

Victor moncada is a great attendant.

Chris Burt

Well can't officially say they were absolutely horrible. Can't say that. Lazy to take a uphill case. I can state that. Morgan an Morgan looks for easy win cases. That's how they can keep their name. If they listen to you explain the case. An know it's going to require work. They quickly run an pawn you off to others saying. Well we do specialize in this, but you might want to call someone else. But, I am not surprised. Most people don't want to do any sort of work now adays not even for vets. They want that easy open an shut case. So can I say they are rude. No.. No I can't. Lazy; yes, that I can.

Jeremy Kemp

The professionals at Morgan and Morgan were very helpful. They made the process of getting my case started very easy and genuinely care about their clients. I would recommend Morgan & Morgan to anybody needing legal assistance if they were hurt on the job

Google User

Don't even think to use these people untrained lawyers they don't fight for you they make deals with insurance company and get paid but don't tell you. Don't use them and you will thank me later be careful. Watch out for the name David Spain.

John Hussey

My home suffered damage from Hurricane Irma in September, 2017 and I filed an insurance claim for damages. The insurance company, however, failed to respond in a timely manner, no matter how many times I contacted them. Finally they sent out someone claiming to be an "adjuster" who briefly looked around then left. I was later sent a check for $21,000 which would not even cover one fifth of the damages and, exasperated, knowing I was being worked over, I deposited the check and was going to start paying out of my pocket fro the damages But, the check BOUNCED! So, at my wit's end I contacted Morgan & Morgan and they assigned an attorney named Robert Hoag to my case. What a refreshing breath of fresh air my experienced then turned out to be. He put me at ease and began handling what was distasteful for me-contact with the insurance company- and the final result was: the insurance company paid for it all, even loss of use for the time they cost me when they procrastinated and fought payment to me. I'm only sorry I can only give Morgan and Morgan and their attorney, Robert Hoag, five stars. They deserve far more!

Rebekah Monroe-Carson

Morgan & Morgan take the time to ask you all the questions to get all the information. Then they guide you through what to expect, and are always there to answer any questions that you may have along the way!! They are the best!!

Brenda Hillman

The commercials made by this firm are a joke. It has taken almost 3 years to reach any kind of agreement on my case. They do not return phone calls and employees are not held accountable. I was sent medical releases, not once but twice, with the wrong Social Security number and the wrong birthdate. I was told this error was made by the opposing attorney but I ask you shouldn’t the attorney (looking out for my best interest) have caught this error. Additionally I have been charged postage for everything mailed, whether it was correct or not. My case even changed defendants and I was not notified of this until my attorney had already made an agreement with them. I was asked to sign a general power of attorney so that my attorney could agree to things without consulting me. Since I have not been informed properly and I have received incorrect paperwork why would I do that? I refused to do this. I don’t have any way to verify the expenses listed for my account and was even told the firm would retain an additional $200 for expenses that might arise after the case is settled. No I ask you, if the attorneys have done their jobs what would arise after a settlement? I am not writing this review in spite instead I want to prevent this from happening to someone else. Before you hire this firm I challenge you to call the Florida office and asked to speak to one of the Morgans, not an attorney representing them. This review does not require an automated response from Morgan and Morgan. That is for show only. If you were going to help me you would have already done so.

Mike Baker

Jan Patrick

After not hearing from Morgan & Morgan Law Firm in Jackson, MS since November 2018, I decided to follow up myself to find out what updates if any could be provided. I was told by a guy on today, 2.5.19 that he was unsure of the status but would call me back. He stated that my case was transferred out. Now, mind you, no one informed me that it was going to be transferred out... Later today ar 4:31pm, a call came in from Morgan & morgan that they were not continuing my case. That's it... no reason given... I called back to find ou who was my consultantation referred to. . I don't know anything about this company other than this: Morgan and Morgan Law Firm drops the ball and leave the court with the potential client in the complete dark. I am thoroughly dissatisfied. -Waste of time- Not following up is not an acceptable excuse... even if this is not a case that is handled by the firm. Simply follow-up.

Patricia Wyatt

Randy Wiggins

I hired Morgan and Morgan to handle a worker's comp case. The attorney assigned to my case was very professional. She didn't make empty promises. She was also available to handle issues when the worker's comp company tried to give me the run-a-round. She negotiated a great settlement. I am totally satisfied with the results.

Cassidyne Jones

Randolph Logan

all question I had was answer to my satisfaction . I recommend if you ever need a lawyer for any reason you need to talk to Morgan And Morgan before you make a decision on a lawyer.

Britney Adams

These people had my baby case since she was 1. She about to be 4 in got denied 4 times they appeal in just got denied again. They only saw us 1 time in thats when we went up a judge in i was doing the talking the attorney just sitting there. Dont go to them for nothing

mike wharton

Cindy Lambert was very efficient, she took care of every detail of our case, this was my first accident and my daughter was involved in the accident also, Cindy took care of both our cases swiftly, I am truly amazed how quickly it was all wrapped up. I think the thing that I am amazed at is how quickly she responded to my emails or phone messages, it's hard to find that kind of efficiency in the world today. Dane Jordon was our attorney but we never really needed to deal with him directly as Cindy was able to answer all our questions and take us step by step through the whole process. Thank you Morgan and Morgan for hiring polite, efficient and knowledgeable team members to take care of us! Lana and Molly.

Cristy Campbell

Great class action suit against the Military wasn't worth your time & I was told you dont do class action? By rushing & interrupting me you never heard the class action part. I was rushed when trying to explain, as a military spouse who just lost her husband-PTSD-TBI/suicide. Rushing me with my wording was not advisable/appreciated; nor interrupting me the customer when speaking, regardless of what you have to say. I will be taking my business elsewhere. I had about 10 to 15 suits that I wanted to discuss. But after being rushed through the first situation discussion, the loss of my husband; I saw no point in going any further with the company. Thanks multi billion dollar lawsuit could have been yours.

Christopher Harris

I hired this office in a lawsuit and and Attorney Andrew Serano was assigned to my case. His Team of Charlena Harrison And Dawn Monington were very instrumental in a satisfactory outcome. These 2 ladies did an outstanding job keeping me apprised of the details and also went above and beyond to ensure I as a client was pleased with the way the Office were handling the case. I've never seen people be so professional and attentive to the concerns of their clients as I experienced with this team of professionals. I would highly recommend this office as a representative to anyone that is looking to have their case handled very efficiently and professionally with very accurate and real time information as it is given to them . Thank you Charlena Harrison and Dawn Monington for your outstanding service. And to whomever hired these 2 ladies , you have added an incomparable duo of dedicated professionals to the Morgan and Morgan team.

sheldon gordon

Grozie Thomas

Lawyers were changed on me, that’s fine but my new representative has not been in contact after I’ve called and left numerous messages. Not the type to complain but for a person who lost their car in an accident that wasn’t their fault, working two jobs and in college full time, man this is kinda bad.

Michelle Villard

Morgan and Morgan is amazing! They really know do an amazing job and keep you updated throughout your whole case.

Pamela Jasmund

This office dropped the ball on me! I signed on for representation, not to be dismissed after the office workers did NOT UPDATE MY NEW CONTACT information, I called constantly for 3 days left numerous voicemails in march 2016 The last time I spoke with a office assistant "she" stated yes we have your new address written down! (Obviously it was not correctly documented in my file.) She then proceeded to say" it will be 18- 24 months for your case. So, I just recently called for a update. I was told I had a hearing in October 2017 in Jacksonville. They sent mail, called & emailed the wrong contact information. Called the appeal line in Jacksonville. Only to hear its closed. I have to start all OVER! For the fourth time! Thank you for such wonderful representation.

Lageorgia Williams

Thanks u Morgan & Morgan

Michael Dillard

I called yesterday about a wrongful termination And I was told nope can't help u. Who's 4 the ppl not these ppl

GSV Random

For the people? Only if they think your good enough.

paul plafiosca

Attorney and staff very competent, professional and caring, they all are willing to talk with you and alleviate any concerns you may have about your case, they will take the time to explain everything and never make you feel that you're taking too much of their time. They are also all very pleasant, I would recommend them highly. I don't think I could be in better hands.

Tiffanie Hazlet

Thinking Morgan & Morgan would be able to help me out with a situation regarding possible class action case, I have say it has just caused me more frustration. Spent 30 minutes on the phone discussing my concerns, giving all my information and to be told that they would be able to help me. “Yes, can definitely help you! We have several of these cases regarding your same situation. Let me just transfer you to someone who will continue to help you! “ 37 mins on hold...”Im sorry, but we are not able to help you!” Why would you take all my information, time and tell me you have a class action case that I can nothing!! Very disappointed!!

Misty Lycett

Morgan and Morgan just told me that they couldn't represent my denial of ssi twice already, Because I am working. Newsflash Morgan and Morgan I'm allowed to work and still get my SSI. Not once did she ask me why I was denied my SSI or of my disability not one time, so they don't understand the laws in which they try to represent. There are different categories of disabilities with social security. Not all of them ( like mine, being legally blind) apply to the you must not be able to work. Do not use them if you are trying to get an SSI disability appeal they are not helpful.

edward fernandez

Investigator Victor moncada was very helpful thank you so much

Paul Spears

Very professional and honest


i got hit by a a truck when I was stationary in a golf cart on the job.not only did loose my job they decided since they went going to make as much money they chose not to help. honestly the worst service I've ever received they are rude and should not be hired for a case

Debbie Barnes

This firm States that they will help you with a confident attorneys, but pick and choose which cases they will represent. Not what they advertise.

Karen Fair

Sean Johnson

My name is Sean Johnson. This is the first time I have ever had to get a lawyer. I don't know what happened to my first lawyer on my case. Guess I was a waste of his time. And with this going into the 4th year, I am glad it is finally done. My lawyer Gerald Kucia did his job to the best of his ability. There were times I didn't hear from him like I wanted, but when he did communicate. He was direct and didn't beat around the bush. And I thank him for that. I also like to thank Mrs. Mary Alice. If I ever need a lawyer again. I would call Morgan and Morgan. Sean Johnson

lagnaoui hassan

I was on the phone with the Jacquelyn for almost 40 minutes telling and asking me about case and i told her from the begenning that its a civil case ... She said she does provide those types of services ... Then after 30 minutes she pretend like she lost a signal and disconnect my call.. So i called back and next girls said directly in a straight forward message that we dont do civil cases. So you can only deal with insurances. I will call you for any injury lol i mean auto mobile accident you lost both cases any way i will take care of it my self.. I know better than the one giving free consultation.

Shinotte Samedy

Sooooo nice and patient. Very professional.

Bridget.dass50 Dass

I was very satisfied with the agent that interview you for my case he was very pleasant friendly and very thorough.

Melissa Moldovan

James Henson was a tremendous help to me when I needed an attorney's advice. He was compassionate, caring but also a straight shooter. I knew where I stood throughout the very lengthy process. Thanks, James for offering me the support through a difficult moment.

Chad Green

Harry Mccumber did an awesome job for my son on an dog bite claim. Harry and his assistant did everything they could to make sure I knew exactly what was going on at all times an explain any procedures that came about or had to be decided on. I can’t thank them enough for a job well done. I also want to thank Morgan an Morgan’s very own Rocky Wilkins for sending me Harry’s way.

Syria Fleming

Glory Villavicencio

Mr,Victor Moncada was very professional and explain everything very clearly ;he answer all the question that we ask

Stacey Williams

Clean process. Really appreciated the opportunity to get all of my questions answered by a knowledgeable person. Everyone was very professional and courteous.

Johnny Chavez

Do not waste time using this firm. Local office did not work toward any interest other than their own. Call "corporate office" number and left 2 messages with no call back. Worst decision I have ever made. - client 8622021 Dear owner, what were your findings? I would love to hear from the ones that say they are for the people, not the ones that buy rights to the name.

Katie Triggs

Mr. Serrano was one of the most straight forward people I have ever met. Great advice. Helped my family tremendously. Thank you!

Shay Mac

Started with one attorney then ended up having several. I would call everyday of the week for several weeks on end. Never received any phone calls back and so many messages or papers stating who my new attorney was. Then after a while they dropped my case out of the blue. Never received anything as to why. Tbh, this was my very first car accident, I was taken off of work to treat, I was broke then they dropped me ? This was by far the worst experience of my life and I'm still getting the run around for my files ? Wow. & it's so much more to this story. I just would not recommend them if I got treated in such a way.

Kevin Feldpausch


Carmen Vergara

Thank you Victor Moncada my mom and me appreciate your help

TheHuell .

If you are in a accident please for god sake dont go to places like this you will have better experience with a smaller firm

Alex Molon

I was a delivery driver, on a delivery, when a car pulled out directly in front of me, totaling my vehicle. This wreck landed me in the hospital, months of PT, doctors, etc. Morgan and Morgan took the work comp case, and the personal injury case, with no issues. I was assigned Eric Smith, as my lawyer, and Maria Borrero as my paralegal. Both of them were excellent, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the whole process. They made sure the case was closed with a positive outcome, in a very expeditious manner. The entire work comp case was smooth sailing, from start-to-settlement, and I have nothing but good things to say about them, and the firm they work for.

Donald x

Don't believe they fight as hard as they could

Marsha Ried

I am already impressed with your firm! I called on the weekend and by Monday afternoon an investigator has been to my home and satisfied my questions about my accident. I look forward to working with y'all and to bringing this case to satisfaction. for all of us. Your firm has got to bevthevmost professional and pleasant attorneys I have ever dealt with. I give them SIX stars out if 5. !!!

Trey DeNiro

If I was you... I would find a real Attorney that’s for the People... I had brain surgery and got denied SSI... Attorney knew nothing about my case... worst then a Public Defender/Pretender... Just Sad....

Lillian Miller

Asia was very polite and knew just what to ask me! God Bless Thank You

Joanna Dipeppe

Keith Maines was incredibly helpful and patient as he clearly explained our options. He made us feel more comfortable about seeking legal counsel. I’m very pleased with the service that he provided, and I’m looking forward to further support from Morgan and Morgan.

Tykelia Jacobs

Elizabeth Muniz

Investigator Víctor Moncada was very helpful. He took the time to explain all the documents and details about the casé. I Will highly recomend Morgan & Morgan.

Mark Brown

Awesome, professional, and quick end to lawsuit.

Carolyn Smith

Wrongful death- -Will not handle suits five hundred thousand dollars or less.

Patricia H


I called Morgan & Morgan to help me with a disputed insurance claim. I was represented by attorney Nathan Wittman, who was patient with me, he took the time to listen. Surprisingly, we spoke for almost an hour on the phone, but at the end of that conversation, he agreed to proceed with my lawsuit. While I can't say the process was fast (from my standpoint) and I cannot discuss any details of the end result, I can say I am extremely happy with my representation by Morgan & Morgan and Mr Wittman. It was difficult for me to refrain from calling to check on the status, but I figured they'd call me when things progressed. Ultimately, from my first contact with M&M to receiving the final paperwork for my case, it took approximately 7 months. Initially, I was told this could take much longer but it took less time than we thought it might. Overall, I am very happy with the entire process. Thank Nathan and M&M.

Brenda Shaw

Lack of contact and consideration for its clients.

Shannel Shannel

Thank You Morgan and Morgan for taking my case and making me feel good along the way. The communication that I receive is always professional and I never feel rushed! They are always willing to listen and I thank them for that! Keep up the good work!

Michael L. Hodge


Melissa Bynum

He just didn't want to help with a law suite dealing with a work related that should be help with


When it comes to gather your information its all speed service. it has been more than a month since the register a case and still no file case manager i have called and they transfer you to a machine so you can leave your name and number and they never call you back! I would have expect excellent and professional service for a company who makes millions to pay for so so so many advertisement ads on tv and owning law firm offices in Kentucky, New York, Alabama, Georgia, MS, Tennessee and mostly in different counties of Florida. It seems that they only go for the big money cases. Morgan and Morgan...For the people?! What a bunch of bulls**t. I am so disappointed with the whole thing. Customer service is a disaster. Dont waste your time...

Dave Valletta

While it wasn't under the best circumstances, I had the opportunity to work with Larry Gonzalez at the firm and he was the utmost of helpful and professional. He was responsive to emails and gave me a ton of guidance throughout a tough process. I would recommend him, and by extension, the rest of the Morgan and Morgan team for working closely with me.

Tarik Porter

The service and work that I received from Atty. Omar Malik was outstanding, professional and personable. He and his firm worked hard on behalf my Aunt and our family. We were very satisfied with his understanding and empathy. I would highly recommend this firm and in particular Mr. Malik.

Paul Pride

Anthony Perez

Great Attorney's they truly care about you than the money thats the kind of Attorney's that .ake this Country great God Bless Morgan Morgan

Emily Averett

Lakesha Walker

Cold Chris

So far it's been great.....

Michael Travis

It was great i enjoyed everything they was tell me


Not for the people only for their pocket.... If you need a lawyer make sure you're case will make THEM enough money otherwise they won't bother with you.

Tiffany Myles

So far so good! My case manager is very informative and very professional. I appreciate the service I have been provided so far.

Elaine K-B

I was tboned and called for help. I literally just had to care for my health. Paralegal Theresa Presley and Attorney Clay Mitchell took over everything...I didn't even have to drive to them(I was injured)... they did every single thing 'behind the scenes' from my perspective...I didn't even have to think about it. I got twice as much as expected from my settlement AND they sent me to the absolute best doctor I could have ever asked for. Once things were settled, I was privileged to go meet them, finalize everything, and put faces to their names, and they were just as professional, warm, assuring, informative, and continued to exceed what they had promised. Thank you. I would never go elsewhere. I wish I could give 10+ stars.

Tiffany Spreadbury

I will NEVER refer anyone here!! A family friend told me to call them & by the time everything was said & done their check was bigger &&&& the attorneys assistant is the only one I ever got to speak with, the attorney himself called once when I finally spoke up about his assistant having no compassion what so ever!!! I had to do 5 months physical therapy & then she told me to stop going it was costing more money, her words were "I mean do you really need it." as if I was faking my injuries. After seeing the last specialist she said that my back had been fractured but because the attorneys assistant said I had to stop going to p.t I begged the dr to give me a return to work notice because they weren't & didn't even fight for money I lost from not being at work. Hands down rude, & shady!! I will NEVER refer them to anyone!!

Geri Egan

If I could give 0 stars I would. I contacted Morgan and Morgan February 14, 2019 for an incident that happened February 10th. I still have yet to get a response and whenever I call, they state they will email the lawyers to find out what's going on. I call weekly, and last week when I called, they asked me the SAME questions they initially asked and assured me, I would hear something. As of today, I have yet to get a reply, and when I called, all they do is apologize. That's crazy. If u can't help me or can't take on my case, it shouldn't take this long. They aren't"For the People", especially with a discrimination/disability suit, you would think they would be on the ball, but it's all talk. Save your time and breathe and seek other counsel. No need in the generic reply to call or visit your website, I'm done. Thanks for NOTHING

Sonha Nguyen

Greg Gmo

This is a great firm to deal with...great thanks Ms. Mandy for all you’ve done towards my case...MORGAN AN MORGAN ARE REALLY FOR THE PEOPLE

Kimberly Zovishlack

Nykeba Simpson

They Bs alot and but they get it done

Demetrius Shoulders

When you need a hand Morgan and Morgan to call old.

monda mickens

I had no problem they informed me what the status of my case. very courteous and polite. took the time to listen to my situation.

Todd Wilson

Wow, this is not the law firm for me. They are just mining for high payout Cases. Ambulance chasers! I would highly recommend a local attorney for anything that’s important or complicated. I should have read all these bad reviews before wasting my time.

JJ Loud

Would highly recommend great staff and Attorneys. They get everything done in a timely manner and is there anytime you need them or have a question.

Angela Hale

They were great! Very understanding got straight to the problem!


I currently have a case with Morgan and Morgan for a car accident where the other person was at fault. I cant get the Paralegal Teresa to call me back let alone answer the phone. I think I am going to have to fire these guys and get an attorney to call me so i can ask questions about the paperwork sent to me.

Jay G

My case is not been settled yet but I have to say that this so far is a really good law firm every time I call my attorney he either answers the phone right away or calls me back within a timely manner I will say they are very nice and professional I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Dolores C. Tubbs

My disabled brother died a tragic and painful death due to nursing home neglect. My case was declined by 2 previous attorneys because i was not a "dependent spouse or child," therefore, i was considered a "nobody" in the eyes of the law, someone with no chance of a recovery. I decided to go to Morgan & Morgan because, at the very least, i wanted justice for my brother. I dealt with Mr. Clem, who took my case. I will never forget his compassion and diligence. I received a wonderful recovery. I did not have to worry through the entire process. Morgan & Morgan are definitely "for the people." I can rest now knowing my brother's death can now be put behind me. I am hopeful these facilities will have learned not to take advantage of those patients who cannot defend themselves. I would highly recommend Morgan & Morgan for your legal needs.

Nick Avena

I was extremely please with Morgan & Morgan handled my case and in particular the way I was represented by Scott Uricchio and his team. They went far and beyond what I had expected and fought very hard for me and I received much more benefit then I had originally anticipated. I would highly recommend Scott Uricchio, and Morgan & Morgan to anyone who needs workers compensation representation services

Burnard Hicxs

Clear cold water

William Schellhammer

Only had initial Phone call but they were very courteous and prompt, only attorney I've heard back from.

the gamer 2k


Tony Highsmith

Morgan & Morgan has the best staff members of any law firm. I've had the pleasure of working with two of there Attorneys and the most respectful paralegal. From day one till today, they have been very responsive and respectful. They always take the time to explain to myself and make sure I understand and that I'm comfortable. I recommend Morgan & Morgan to anyone with any legal issues or questions. Thanks Morgan & Morgan.

Zach Alred

Didn't make me feel like they were on my side. Kindly told me my case wasn't in their interest but kindly recommended somewhere else that led no where... So not on my side.

RC Wills

The best layers bar nun.


Every other law firm I consulted, either said no, it wasnr a big enough case, or wanted 10 wait 30 days and revaluate. Morgan and Morgan, took time to listen, evaluate, and made me feel like they cared.

Mrs B

Jesse Lewis

Efrain Acevedo

I called Morgan & Morgan last week about unwanted calls from Robo Calls. They call me every single day and I had never done business with them. The Robo Company told me a month ago that my info will be removed from their system, since then calls continue. The Paralegal "Natasha" told me today. There is nothing they can do. Then why they advertised a commercial of Morgan and Morgan about those calls. I also discussed another bridge of contract case were I am the victim and they also can't do anything. They give the impression that they are not for the people only for the $$$$$

papa Ksnider

Steven Finley

Thank you so much Morgan and Morgan. I smoked for 38 years and never knew it was bad for me. Now I COPD (whatever the hell that is) and I’m dying - but dying comfortably. Talk about baller. That’s how we roll.

Daphney Thomas

holly sawyer

They have always helped me

lula coon


Mike S

My dealing with this law firm are fairly recent so that is why i haven't given 5 stars. So far they have been extremely professional and friendly. I have had no problems to speak of at this point. So far they have taken my issues seriously and provided me the tools needed to succeed in my endeavors.

Stacy Frye

I have not met with anyone yet on the team so that is the only reason I gave a 4/5. So far so good. Ready to get all this behind me

The Real Comedienne Latrese Allen

Melissa Bock is very disrespectful on the phone and they are only concerned about big lawsuit settlements. Melissa is the paralegal. She never wanna put the attorney on the phone and talk to African Americans any kind of way. She don’t have a heart for her clients. Do not deal with Morgan and Morgan. They are a big firm and always busy. They need to fire Melissa asap.

Chad morency

my pickles were hearts

Stacy Magee

Don't expect a quick settlement

Ricky Hernandez


Eddie Roman

For the profit, not for the people. My wife was injured pretty bad in a rear end hit and run collision on Christmas eve with plenty of witnesses. The driver was found, and we contacted Morgan and Morgan. They told us all we would get is 7k, when the policy was for 10k. We quickly fired them and went to Legally Pink. They did great things for my wife, and Morgan and Morgan put a lien on her case... for what? A few emails and checking policy amount? Morgan and Morgan were only worried about settling quickly to make money. My wife has had back surgery due to this accident, and Legally Pink on her side now. Thanks Morgan and Morgan.

Marco Backus

Dre Harris

This firm had my workers comp case for over a year. I was interviewed and after the fact was never able to speak with my attorney and when I went in to the office they advised me that another attorney had been assigned to my case and I wasn’t even notified. They did absolutely “no work” on my case during this time. I found someone else to take my case and upon picking my file up which was only 1 1/2 pages in a folder I knew something wasn’t right. The limitations would have ran out on my case if I hadn’t acted on it. This firm prides itself on being “for the people” but I experienced none of that when I dealt with them. Be careful when you take your case here. I guess if it’s not gonna be a high dollar case you’re just pushed to the side. Wish I could’ve given 0 stars.

Dyrie Goods

Thanks from all of us that need that extra help but has little or no patience at all.

Matt B

Great attorneys

Emmy Eddins

Ghoul Lord

"We don't take those kinds of cases." - person on the phone. "We take cases other firms turn down." - commercial. Garbage.

Rebecca Tatum

They lie to u

Felicia Boyd

fallen feathers

Destiny Diaz was very helpful. Thank you, Destiny.

Madison Gray

They are horrible. They are so rude.

Donaven Cole

Barbara P

What should have been a stressful time was made easy and hassle free. Great experience with Lile Scalogna and everyone else at the Naples office

Domineisha Grant


Misty Martin

Loretta Knoelk

Lovely customer service, clean office. Loved it.

Prazda SeR

If your in a auto accident, be prepared to get less money than the lawyer gets.. Im speaking on car vs car, not car vs company vehicle. I got $2200.00 and the lawyer got $3333.33 yet I still owe 6k on the car that was totalled. Seen and spoke to my attorney 1 time and that was just to sign the final paper. You know they have a slogan, "for the people" well, I most certainly did not feel that way. Lifetime of back pain, car I still owe 6k on, and no money to buy another one.. Great job Morgan and Morgan. Wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. Lesson learned

Prezell Wilson

Andy Shelton

Dee Haller

I was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident 10 months ago. I was rear ended at a red light, not at fault, and injured to the point of needing surgery. I called Morgan and Morgan for a second opinion on my case. I gave them all of the information on the case and received an email that claimed I would have a "free consultation". I was denied the "free consultation", and later told that it took place when I gave my information to them initially, (even though I asked if that counted as the free consultation and was told "no" at the time of the initial phone call.) THEN my case was rejected without reason. I asked to speak to a supervisor about this and spoke with Stephanie. She told me the law firm doesn't have to explain why they choose not to accept my case and that I should call the Florida Bar to seek help elsewhere. I am extremely disappointed because Morgan and Morgan had no problem suing MY insurance company when I rear ended someone years and years ago but now that I call upon them for help, they refuse to help or even give me a consultation that is promised in writing. They said even if I came to the Orlando Main office, they still wouldn't give me a face-to-face consultation. Mind you, the case is cut and dry. MRI's and Doctors agree that the injuries are from the accident and need surgery to be fixed. I can't fathom WHY Morgan and Morgan aren't FOR THE PEOPLE... I AM THE PEOPLE! My career is ruined because of this accident that wasn't my fault and I need help! I will never* recommend this law firm and I hope this review shows the truth of how they treat people in need.

orlando rios


Rhonda Smith

Representatives were very open and honest. Vauable information was presented to us and all questions asked were answered.

Ree Nathan

Lacey Lewis

No matter what you tell them they will enter your info and if they know they won’t make alot of money they wont help you. They just unfortunately i cant help you. I had someone say call back if her insurance couldnt cover and i did and then the said once again “unfortunately we cant help you “.

Maria Ducksworth

This law firm is not for the people.This firm dropped my husband case for no reason after he was assaulted at work by an supervisor.The lawyer did nothing on his case and was very rude at times.We will be turning him to the Mississippi bar.We believe this firm should stand by its beliefs and really be for all people.

Charles Barnett

They were very performance they know what there doing and the very most they care about our well being.thank y'all so much for caring.

Michael Griffin

Not good, seemed like they where more worried about monetary gain then worried about me, since not a high dollar case they did not want to represent me.

Kkk Lll

So much for being for the people. I don't do phones that well and sent in a few inquiry. Explicitly stated i don't do phones. they called me. both time i contacted them, they called me. called them back asking to do email or if i could do an inperson interview. they said no to both. they said they only do in-person in Orlando. I live near Jackson and they do have a Jackson office. so basically they are not giving me any options even though i given them to. Even their website said part of the process involves an in person meeting. so why do they have lawyers in Jackson but only do in person meetings in Orlando? so much for being for the people.

Kathi Peacock

You are so helpful in answering all questions no matter how I've had and never a charge.Thank you so very much! I am having trouble with my home Federation. I don't have a home comp. I really need your ins. Warning of low balling. My husband is a D.A.V. Andi am on retired dental tech. Is it possible for you to mail me the info. On what to watch out for and how to handle them?? Sincerely, Kathi &R.C. Peacock 1000 Lakemoor Blvd Rockledge, Fl.32955 Thank you so much !

kimberly Davis

Morgan and Morgan are very timely and have genuine concern about my case and are willing to go above and beyond to help.

Bonnie Kew

Called about a possible negligence claim against a large local hospital which caused my brother’s death. After providing some info and answering some questions with someone who appeared to be in a call center, I was told my case did not fall into the “parameters” of cases they would take. Let me get this straight....negligence by a hospital causing the death of a patient when the hospitals contaminated water caused Legenella/Legionnaires Disease (a type of pneumonia). I was not informed my brother had Legenella by the hospital. I was contacted by the Health Dept since it is a communicable disease required to be reported and it was the Health Dept who opened an investigation requiring the hospital determine the source and make corrections to avoid other patients contracting the disease. The Death Cert says cause of death Respiratory failure and Healthcare Related Pneumonia. They killed my brother. He was a person. Morgan and Morgan is not “for the people”. Apparently they are for the money.

Deborah Britten

To: The Law Office of Morgan and Morgan I had the pleasure of embracing one of the greatest law firm. I can truly say that their slogan speaks for itself "For the People",from day one they treated my case with integrity. They were by my side from day one I never felt alone. Attorney Chad Lucas never let go of my hand and his wonderful staff I can't put into words the encouragement they would give me throughout the whole ordeal. Thank you Ideria,Anne Marie and Judy thank you for caring so much about me as an individual. Morgan and Morgan is number 1 above all. Thank you Mr. Lucas for being there I will never forget the love you have shown me and I would highly recommend others that need legal representation.

Racheal Cone

Excellent people and so easy and so competent!

Johnny Taylor

I am extremely satisfied with Ms Christine Wu and Morgan and Morgan law firm, since my accident she has shown more human compassion than all involved, including some doctors mind you, when you say " for the people" she sure is just that, may God continue to bless you all, John Taylor

Cassie Jaco

Love love love! They helped through my case and answered every question I had! Definitely recommend.

Adriennne Christian

Blessed yes smith

Dennis Shaw

Fallon Lehman

My case is not over yet. However, I try to communicate with them and hardly ever get a reply. I am not sure why the level of communication is so bad, it was great in the very beginning. I was very pleased at first and would've rated them a 5. I am now a few months shy of a year since my accident, and I have no clue where my case stands, nor can I get an update very easily. So, I am not very satisfied at this point and I hope that changes by the time my case is over.

Denise Parks-Woodstock

Sterling George

Far more fair with the client with their agreement than I have seen in the past.

raj patel

Adam Martin

Everything was great Keith did a great job very afeshant thank you for everything

DeeJaee Junior

I like how they contacted me in a timely manner ..

Morgan Miller

I was calling for a free consultation and the first thing they wanted from me was as much information as possible. So that should have told me that they weren't even going to care for me at all. Then they give me a woman that sounded like she didn't know what she was doing, and she didn't. The whole time i thought I was talking to a lawyer. Nope. I was talking to an assistant. She got all that info about me just for her to put me on hold, then get back on the phone and said "no you dont have one". Are u kidding me. Thats all I had was a case. If you go here u better make sure you are injured beyond belief so you can make them some money. That apparently is all they are wanting. They are NOT for the people. They are for the peoples wallets.

Thomas Bender

I called to get a free consultation reference to a motorcycle accident that was not my fault. After giving the information to an assistant she told me that they, who ever they are, would review the case. I get a call later that same day and a different assistant told me basically that there was nothing they could do. For the people? Under statement.

Santos Munoz

Very nice facilities

Leonard Mccray

Velma Lozano Jones was fantastic to work with. She was very intelligent and extremely easy to communicate with. My experience with her was great .

Fl Dryer Vent Cleaning Llc

The best company i have ever delt with. Highly recommended hands down...

Killy Killy

nice office but under construction

Shiree Dampeer

I sought the help from this firm a few years ago, based on the commercials I had seen, but they said they were not able to assist me. I sought their help a few days ago, based on the commercials I had seen. Still, No help! There was a commercial about how this firm takes cases that other firms turn down. They are always talking about how top notch they are and how they will work hard for you and your case. Seems like they should be sued for false advertisement!

Jai Danielle

I had the pleasure of being represented by Joe S. with Brandon Doll at his side. Together they were able to help me understand the process and make an educated decision on how to proceed with my car accident case. I am grateful for their experience and knowledge in this instance. I feel I was awarded the best outcome thanks to them! Thanks again guys :-)

gregory shaw

Eddie Brown

Lost money doing business with Morgan & Morgan the lawyer was incompetent and try to overcharge I

BeABear007 Under Cover Secret Agent

This review is an editorial qgainst one atty only. I like Morgan and Morgan, I met John and one of his sons 1st visit. However, the assigned atty barked at me first time I called In, refuses to represent me in a claim against a well known dangerous c store. Stating "they can't get blood from a stone". The store in question did about $10 billion in sales last year. That's one nice stone, luckily another atty will file claim for me on that. Now same atty is making false statements of our recorded and archived emails etc. I've spoken with client satisfaction on the matter. Depending on how they resolve the matter in will update this review.

candy cancel

There not for the people .they would not even help me with my labor claim. Shame on them.

Michael Oldham

Great place to visit. Great people that are dedicated and know their stuff.

young red

Alyce T

Well, here is my TRUSTomony. Each time I hear their commercials, I re-live my experiences. This is such an emotional issue. My contact was for Medical Malpractice, and a very difficult time for me and my family. I would cry continuously thru the interview process with the first interviewer, and again with the phone interviews. We lost a valuable member of our family to negligence, you can’t get any more final than that. I felt that Morgan and Morgan would consider me and my family as their family, like they say in their commercials. They took my information, we were finally assigned to an attorney. His secretary contacted us and we agreed on a conference date . Approx two or three days before our SCHEDULED conference, the secretary called and stated our appointment has been CANCELLED. I asked why, she stated she had no additional information. We NEVER even MET to attorney.. (Just writing this has me in tears), so I’ll

Yenni Murillo

Amazing firm and great paralegals my caseworker was jessica. Great job jessica!!! Thank you Morgan & Morgan.

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