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REVIEWS OF Ramunno & Ramunno Accident Lawyers IN Delaware

sakiyyah Salahuddin

I wouldn't come back to them. I'm still n physical therapy, just left the pain specialist have to get another injection

Jay Black

This was the worst experience I could have experienced. I was injured, and they represented me. My case was settled over a year later and they paid the docs they are affiliated with only. Leaving me pay everyone else out of my settlement amount. This was not the norm, and my credit was damaged before I realized they operated this way. They don't get back to you in a timely manner. I'm speculating that if my case were worth more things would have been different. They made many empty promises, but did not deliver. I had to call them angry, cussing and fussing to finally get a response. Even if I got hurt in front of their doorstep, I wouldn't use them again. Wish I give ZERO stars.

brwn eyez

Lorraine Brown

Very fastx in settling lawsuit.. Always call right back.

Jennifer Walls

Great lawyers great helpful staff.

Dan Foley

So far they have been very fair with me

Ed Losci

Without a doubt if you been injured call the Ramunno's. I can't say enough about this law office and what they did to help me. I was injured in a car accident and was scared, I had bills coming up and the pain was putting stress on my marriage. My best move was to call Ramunno and Ramunno. They helped me and got my life back on track, when I needed money they got me loans from the loan company so I could pay my bills. After about a year of therapy Lee Ramunno settled my case for a great amount that will let me provide for my family. Thank you and God bless you.

Jessica Marvel

Bradley Diehl

This law office got me an incredible settlement when I was involved in an auto accident...thank you all very much for handling this matter professionally and for getting me a settlement that I deserved. Thank you Vincent Ramunno and entire Staff. Great Job!

Diana Stevenson

The most friendly and tough lawyers. They handled everything for my daughters injuries. We just sat back and waited for a decent settlement. I highly recommend this firm.


I am a former client of this law firm and this is 100% an all true, factual review. DO NOT RETAIN THIS LAW FIRM!!! I waited from 2008-2010 and was told the entire time that I was going to be settling for minimum 150k..I had 88 thousand alone in lost wages. One of the sons finally called me one day and said my check was there. I went to pick it up..they had me wait for almost an hour then took me into a room with a man that I never worked with the entire time and he slid me over a check for $5,000. I thought maybe this was a down payment or something like that but I KNEW this wasn't my entire settlement. So I thought. He then proceeded to tell me they couldn't get me the 150k bcuz of this and bcuz of that..yaddi yaddi yah. I was absolutely stunned. I literally almost passed out. I told them I did not want to accept this and he then told me I had no choice at this point bcuz THEY took it upon THEMSELVES to pay all my medical bills (that were WAAAY more then should have been) directly from my settlement to the doctor and chiropractor that THEY set me up with. Smh. WOW. Crooked people. My life was ruined from this ordeal and this is 10 years after my accident and I still have not fully recovered my life. ON TOP OF ALLL THIS!!!--my wife's uncle retained them bcuz he was stabbed in his neck on an insured commercial property w/insurance and they told him for 3 YEARS that he would get NO LESS then 500k. They did the SAME EXACT THING TO HIM THE SAME EXACT WAY and gave him $3,000. This place is unreal. Frauds. Stay clear people. God Bless

Anthony Seward

first off, you work for Ramunno so how you going to submit a review when you do all the work? second off, this law firm misguided me and lost track of my PIP coverage removing me from therapy, come to find out 10 months later i have 11,000 dollars left in PIP. Totally ruined my settlement, and the lawyer representing me is now in jail for tax evasion. NOTHING was ever processed majority of the tme it felt due to the fact that documents were not being received on my finance companies end, until I started faxing information on my own. One of the Ramunnos made it very clear to me that his ugly ass 32,000$ mercedes was more important to him than my well being. What a lack of professionalism and respect from these people. i WOULDNT recommend this firm to anyone unless you enjoy more stress on top of your situation

Donna Powell

Exceptional service and very compassionate care was offered from the most professional and upbeat staff, I'm so happy that a resolution on my case was in the best interest of my health, I can now be able to become independent again.

Nga Son

Ive had great experiences working with these lawers, I highly recommend.

Already Paid

37,500+17,500 I accept.

Christina Lee

Christie Handy

I have never been talked to and disrespected like I did when Mr. Lee the owner of the company. Got on the phone and basically told me that me and my case were trash and not worthy of his air. I spent 2 years letting these people work on my case against Walmart where I slipped and broke my foot. So wound up living in my car because I lost my job and everything. I was from Texas and New nothing of the area. They did nothing.. And then took almost all of my money with all these fees. All of a sudden I'm still waiting on my check... I only got 1200 out of 2 years of hell. He spoken to me so bad that I'm so happy I recorded. The entire conversation. Every last one.. I have found threw so many things online that they have been in trouble b4 the same thing. It's very hurtful.. We put our trust and hopes in u. For up into talk down to us and treat us as if we are nothing. This law firm has been in trouble many times b4. I'm speechless

Daquan Bryant

The Ramunno Law Firm was very helpful to me. They treated me with the utmost respect, always kept in touch , not like most lawyers you never hear from . Attorney Vince Ramunno and his staff helped me to get my life back on track and went above and beyond the norm to make sure my case was no stress and completed timely. I couldn’t have asked for a better Law Group. Thank you Ramunno Law Firm !!.”

Instagram Police 911

Great law office I am so thankful for how they handled my car accident, mr Ramunno is a friend in time of need. He helped me at every step and got me a lot of money. I could tell the car insurance lawyer had a lot of respect for mr ramunno. Everyone I know whose been in a car accident I'd recommend to go to mr Ramunnos law office. I can't express how grateful I am to this law office. Just last week a friend i referred to mr ramunno told me how happy he is with them.

Paul Nilson

Melissa Rodriguez

Ramunno Law is the best injury lawyers in DE, there are no car injury lawyers in DE that are better than the Ramunno's in my opinion. I have been represented by the Ramunno's 2x now and they always win and got me a lot of money on my cases. Both times I was in a car accident I immediately signed up with them and both times they got me a great settlement, without me having to go to court. Both times it was a lot more than what some of my friends got when they went to other attorneys. I've given the Ramunno Law name and number to a lot of people, family, friends, coworkers, and every one of them has been very satisfied and impressed. I am always amazed at how hard the Ramunno's fight for me and any of the people I know that they represented. They're office is usually pretty busy but it's like a restaurant: if its not busy, that's a bad sign, if its busy, that's a good sign. Lee, Larry and Vincent, Jr really know the ins and outs of the law and use their skills and ability to get top dollar for me and the rest of their clients. I'm amazed how aggressive they are with the car insurance companies, they are the best lawyers in town and don't let car insurance companies push them and their clients around. Hopefully I won't be in a third car accident but if I am, I'm calling Ramunno Law right away, Thank you for being in my corner and helping me twice when I needed it and was injured.

Paloma Ortega

I have to give this law firm my 5 stars. No words can explain how amazing they worked on my case. I came in the office with doubts because i never experienced this before but once i realized how they were working on my case and making sure i knew everything that was going on i was very comfortable and felt like i could trust them with my case. I can assure anyone that they will walk out of the office satisfied. Definitely will recommend anyone who is in need of an attorney.

Ashley Lewis

Thank you so much everyone at Ramunno & Ramunno Law Office. They definitely have expert knowledge when dealing with insurance companies who don't give a damn about injured people. Thank you very much to Lee Ramunno and his entire staff. I never expected to be compensated to this extent and I am very satisfied with the services I received. Thank you!

Victor Walton

I was injured in a car accident and it was all new to me. I called ramunno law and the ramunnos and theyre assistants were amazing they were fighters and didn't let the other drivers car insurance push me around. When money was tight they got me loans from a car accident loan company and really cared about me and my family. I treated with some doctors for about a year and then mr ramunno got me a lot of money for my pain and all my medical bills paid by the car insurance and I would recommend them to anyone who was injured

Chris Riley

The ramunno's handled my car injury case and got me paid by the insurance company

Marvin Hawkins

The worst law firm in Delaware. The lawyers are rude and do not care about the client. I ended up paying my own medical bills even though the other insurance company accepted fault. They waited until I accepted a settlement to add unknown fees to take money out of my pocket and put it into theirs. I actually accepted the settlement so I wouldn't have to deal with my own lawyers anymore. Worst experience ever

Jane Doe

All I can say is and this is including myself..go to the library look the laws up search things for ourselves..LAWYERS take up too much of the money

chris short

im deeply grateful for this law office and its help. when injured in a car accident i hired mr ramunno and he was a fighter who didnt let me down and didnt let the other drivers car insurance push him around.

Annette Feeley

Mark Washington

Words cant express the gratitude and respect I have for Mr Ramunno, he has gotten me so much money for my car accident, he was a tough fighter against the car insurance company. He and his staff are friendly and helped me with the loan company when I needed to borrow money before my case settled. its like what Mr ramunno's assistant said - they're a steel fist gonna bash the insurance company into given us top money.

Marian Christine

I can not say enough about this law office and it’s lawyers. Who were there every step of the way and we’re the champion I needed for my car accident. I hope I don’t have another accident but if I do I’ll call them.


Just called in for consultation and got some very helpful info. would highly recommend!

Kinya Pumphrey

Ramunno & Rumunno is a very unprofessional law firm. Starting with the secretary at the front desk, who is blatantly rude. They lack the ability to communicate and keep you updated on the status of your case. You will be left footing the bill due to their lack of responsiveness in a timely manner. They make it seem like they are doing you a favor. Customer satisfaction is not a priority to this law firm. I would recommend looking elsewhere before settling with this inadequate law firm.

Kurt Learn

Very nice people lawyers are great Paloma is very helpful and bends over backwards for you she is a great asset to the firm and needs to be promoted

Oshay Mcdonald

clue buck

Christine Walton

Melanie Lynn

Great people that know what they are doing.

Lou Ramunno

Proud to be working with this fine office.

Ryan Bailey

kim a

I really am glad that i have a lawyer i can call on in a time of need. I recently been in a car accident for the first time. Vince ramunno jr comforted me and told me they will take care of everything. Atleast that is one worry off my mind.

Dr. Tim Martin

Fantastic law office if you have been injured to help you with all your needs in Delaware

vikki Dee

Ramunno and Ramunno ..One hundred million dollars won...and a referall from the Bar Association of America is all anyone needs to know. Ramunno you are the Dom Perignon of Injury laywers..

Eric Pelezo

This law firm and the people that operate it is run by high level corrupted individuals in the real estate market and in some state departments, as well as in bed with conflicts of interests all over the place (like being the owners of all the HOAs without giving your residents any voice nor representation, using it as a personal piggy bank to abuse residents when you need more money). Like cowards, they hide and sue people from afar that challenge them. I will not fall victim to your corrupt practices. You not only lied about the date the house was built, you lied to us about the "GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!" that we would receive after the sale. I'm not the only victim, go ahead and google Ramunno to see what kind of dirty trail this family has in these states. It's clear that because they are lawyers that they abuse their powers (look at any lawsuits filed AGAINST Ramunno in DE, it's insane) such as forcing arbitration clauses on people. These owners have issues in almost all properties they own for a reason. Just check the local news for those gem pieces.

André Paquette

My Heartfelt thanks for your help in my car accident, you and your staff got me lots of money and all my medical bills paid by the car insurance.

Megan Friel

Thank you guys and ladies at Ramunno & Ramunno for your dedication to my case. From beginning to end you worked aggressively on my behalf and I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for the compensation that I was awarded. Thank you SO MUCH.

Tynisha Gant

vincent rumanno knew, when we both signed the contract for him to get 40% of what was paid to me, that my case was not worth much. I told him i have paid out of pocket for the er visit, follow up visit, and physical therapy. i told him i cannot afford to pay out of pocket anymore. i had to go back to work, before i was ready, or i could have lost my job. he recommended a physical therapist that would not charge until i was done litigating. i shared my fear with him that if we were unsuccessful in the lawsuit that i would have to pay the physical therapist. i already have high medical bills that i am stuck paying for and only didnt want to add to it. it was at that point he got upset and rude and said he is dropping me as a client, this is after we signed the contract. i said i dont understand why. im not made of money you know that and you knew my case was maybe only worth 1-2 grand maybe even 5 grand. he says i chase bears not squirrels....i said to him, thats not right of you to do. if my case was worth a million dollars you would be mad if i fired you and he admitted he would be, but since mine is not worth that he drops me as a client. if you want to be told that you are a squirrel and be disrespected then go to them. vincent ramunno is unprofessional in how he treats clients and will not represent you well. he is not worth 40% of any dollar amount and i would never suggest anyone hire him.

Jay Miller

Ladii Bug

They were good with communicating at 1st thought my search was over I had high hopes, then all that died down. I had to keep calling & leave voicemails & I finally talked to someone & said they will call me back never heard a thing so I gave up on them & continued my search for another lawyer.

Tracy Sparks

I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who has been wrongfully injured. This team will work aggressively on your behalf to get you what you deserve. Thank you!

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