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REVIEWS OF The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, LLC IN Connecticut

Olivia Eucalitto

Our office regularly sends clients to Mark whenever a problem arises. Mark is a talented, hardworking and responsive lawyer. Our clients have nothing but positive things to say about Mark and his team!

Chris Seibert

Mark and his team, especially Amanda, were great. My wife and I had a previous attorney working our case and he was not proactive in trying to help our case. After meeting with Mark one time, he had ideas that might help us, beyond what our previous attorney thought of. We switched to Mark and was able to pull a miracle for my wife and I. He was able to get the sentence reduce by 99%. His team is truly amazing. I would recommend Mark every time.

MaryAnn Sapione

Mark Sherman's office was outstanding. The are one of the best law firms. Mark and his associate Christine Landis treated me and my family like their own. They were honest and realistic with expectations and we knew exactly what to expect every time we walked into Stamford court. Worth every penny--hire them.

prometei promitey

Becca Jay

I would give no stars for the way they treat people. They are very rude and first thing they tell you is your better off with a public defender.

Jiang Tao

The firm is very professional, and they know what they are doing. They provided me with efficient service. I have to mention here. Mr. Sherman is is a good lawyer , and I recommend him.

A. Susan Brenner

Mark Sherman is the best criminal lawyer in CT ! He and his team are professional and responsive to their clients. A results oriented, no nonsense team specializing in domestic violence.

Nancy D

The best service ever contacted Mark Sherman on Saturday went out of his way to meet with me. Mark & Christine worked strongly together & efficiency was awesome outstanding team work !!! Always responded back right away I can’t express highly enough!!! Most definitely treated me as family member !!!

marie adams

Mark Sherman and his law firm is the best in the tri state area thanks to them I got my license back Thanks Simone

antonio calero

Paul d

Mark & Christine did a outstanding job handling my case!!! Most importantly had me comfortable & at ease throughout the whole process......I highly recommended them !!!! I thank them so much for there dedicated time & services!

Judy Heft

Mark Sherman and Associates work tirelessly for their clients always with professionalism. A phone call is immediately returned and their attention to detail is unmatched. I highly recommend Mark and his team for any sensitive matters.

Jon Seiler

I hired Mark Sherman to help a client who had a sensitive business matter in Connecticut. Mark and his team put the fire out quickly and effectively. I highly recommend The Law Offices of Mark Sherman.


A few months, I ran into some legal issues and needed immediate assistance. Without any knowledge of what to do and/or legal options, I contact Mark and his firm. They were always kind and answered ALL of my questions and provided excellent customer service. Mark and his team are a great group of attorneys. Within 3 months, my case was dismissed and I feel like I have my life back. Thank you, Mark and your incredible team. I’m

Maxx Catapano

Mark has helped me tremendously in a quick and stress-free way. He is professional, to the point and easy to get in touch with. He truly couldnt have delivered anymore than he did and I couldnt be more grateful for his services.

David Smith

I was recently involved in an auto accident and made a couple poor decisions which resulted in a probable misdemeanor criminal charge. Given this situation, the absolute best decision I made was to contact Mark Sherman. It was by chance that I found Mark's information and that chance was like hitting the lotto. He contacted me back the same night I called (a Sunday night) and I was in his office the next day, nervous over an unsettling situation that may have resulted in an arrest. The first thing Mark said was "Relax. Everything is going to be OK. I will get you through this. It's all going to work out just fine." He went on to explain my situation, what I did wrong and how he was going to work through the legal system and through his many contacts to get the best result for me. Mark was in continuous contact with me throughout the process and quickly responded to my calls and texts. The result was no charges at all. This would not have happened without Mark. Mark Sherrnan is certainly not a bargain choice but with some things, you pay for what you get and Mark is well worth it. A great value when you consider your reputation and future. If you are in a criminal or legal situation the best thing you can do is contact Mark.

Scott Limmer

As a criminal defense attorney I need to be able to refer my clients to someone I trust to handle their cases in neighboring states. I am proud to say that referring my clients to The Law Offices of Mark Sherman gets them the results and guidance they need when dealing with a criminal charge. Anyone facing arrest or has an open case in the state of Connecticut would be well served by hiring this firm.

Erica Burten

Mark Sherman and his team are comprised of highly professional and knowledgeable attorneys. Clients will be comfortable and supported in every way. Would highly recommend!

Kevin Galvin

While I was living in Darien, I employed Mark to help resolve a dispute. Mark was able to professionally and expeditiously resolve the issue. I would highly recommend Mark for anyone needing an experienced and effective advocate.

Jennifer Saunders

Highly recommend The Law offices of Mark Sherman, they are amazing to work with and helped out with a very difficult case! Mark called us and kept us informed at all times with what was going on with our case. He met with us and set expectations right off the bat. His staff is professional and always willing to help out.

Jeff Kolich

When I hired attorney Mark Sherman and associates I immediately knew I was in good hands. He and his team are very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. Mark is the best lawyer in stamford the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend him for counsel. Many thanks Mark!

Margaret Belden

A close friend of mine said Mark Sherman is the attorney he would call if his child needed legal help- that was all I needed to hear. As parents we know our kids will make mistakes, thankfully so does Mark and his team. Mark put me at ease about my son’s infraction immediately. He explained the process and what I could expect. Today, Caroline rang me to share that the matter was resolved in court with no harm to my son- thank you both from the bottom of my heart. Simone, ty also for handling my inquiries so professionally, efficiently and with care. I will keep your practice top of mind and happily recommend- although I hope I don't need it anytime soon:)

Jacl Bob


Attorney Mark Sherman represented me twice once in Middletown, CT Court and in Hartford, CT Court. I found an Attorney named Mark Sherman on the internet. I didn't know who this attorney was but I just chose to call him. If you want the BEST of the best hire Mark Sherman law. For those of you that may be in a hurry let me just tell you this first: Mark Sherman is the whole meaning of the word "COMPETENCE" - to the highest degree. I did not know Mark Sherman or anything about him before I made the call. When I first talked with him on the phone he was very personable and he didn't talk to me in any condescending way but like a human being or as if I was one of his colleagues. He then explained that if he was to represent me what he could do for me and the repercussions of what could happen to me if things did not go 'MY' way. I took the chance. After that, all I could think of was the negativity of what could happen if things 'didn't' go my way. This man exceeded anything I could ever imagine a lawyer could do for me. I was astounded. Mark Sherman is amazing. He is professional, educated and personable. Do yourself a favor and hire him. You will thank me. But first you will be thanking him. Thanks again Attorney Mark Sherman! FD

Rebecca Schiff

Florencia Straub

Mark Sherman and his team are the best. His understanding of the court system and methodical approach to it is second to none. Don't hesitate to retain Mark Sherman if the situation arises that you need legal consul.

Chloe Bodt

Mr. Sherman is extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and attentive. After we spoke, he came in on a holiday/Sunday to meet with us and the initial contact letter was done ahead of the agreed schedule. He was very clear about expectations, the law, etc..

justin hokin

I used Mr. Sherman several years ago and found him accommodating, thorough, and highly skilled. He did not waste my time in billing, and actually made efforts to focus our respective communications towards the most efficient means to our stated goal. The result was exactly what I had hoped for.

David Weiss

Mark and his team helped me navigate a very difficult situation in my life. My career as a securities industry executive could have been severely impacted but with Mark's help i was able to get through it and continue with my career and more importantly continue to support my family. Could't have done it without them ! Thanks Mark and crew !

Reda Bouhaddada

Believe me when I tell you that Mark Sherman is the ONLY lawyer you should ever consider going forward. The man will not be outworked and will get the result you want. He was able to make my 3 felony charges in Stamford disappear with his expertise in the legal system which allows me to have a clean background - something which is priceless. I was innocent and Mark believed in me. Mark knows the court system better than the judges. He kept it real with me the entire time, told me I was going to have to work hard as well for the decision, and everything he said was true. He and his associate Christine Landis were very responsive when trying to communicate, passionate about his work, and genuinely cares about his Clients. Thank you Mark for everything you've done and allowing me to finally have a good night's rest, one which I have had in 2 years. You saved my life!

Anthony Alves

Mark Sherman and his firm are a great team to have when you need things done. The high degree of communication and transparency you get from him helped throughout the entire legal process.

Brian Kriftcher

Mark Sherman’s knowledge, experience, relationships, care and support make him an automatic first-stop for me on any criminal matters effecting those I care about. Mark has been an essential source of personal advice and representation on a number of different matters — big and small — in which I have been involved. In each case, the matter has come to a very positive and timely resolution.

Big Trill Trill Spill TV

Mark Sherman's office was amazing. The are one of the best law firms in the Stanford area. Mark treated me like family and anytime I called he picked up or sent a text message saying he will call me back. Communication these days are important and he showed me that.

Marcus Lee

Awesome service, great listener, fantastic & available support staff. I'd highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone!

Susan C. Cockfield

I could not be more grateful to Mark and Christine for their work on behalf of my family member. They are superb lawyers and superb human beings. They have my highest recommendation.

Virgilio Martins

Roger Biron

Communicative, knowledgeable, and experienced in the Danielson Superior Court. Mark delivers and goes above and beyond for his clients.

Daniel You

I called three times and email to request if he represent Global Entry application denial appeal but no one call me back. Finally, receptionist told me they are busy now and wouldn't even talk to me.

Dillon Foley

Wendy Prince

Mark Sherman and his associates are our go-to criminal law attorneys. They have the professionalism and experience we seek when making a criminal law referral. We have complete confidence in their ability to respond immediately to our clients and take the legal action needed for each client to prevail. One call to Mark Sherman’s office and you have made the right choice for criminal legal counsel.

kendrick pozo

Mark defended me in a drug case I had in October get me a good deal he was a great lawyer that worked endlessly to get me set free , he is a outstanding , honest , straight forward lawyer I've had

Christy Matthews

Always available, genuinely 24/7. I unfortunately couldn't afford Mark, but he was always polite and returned my calls quickly.

Emanuel Capriotti

I had an excellent experience dealing with Mark and his team throughout the entire process. Mark successfully defended me from false accusations. He dealt with the Stamford Police detectives very well. I felt comfortable submitting my statement to the detectives having Mark and his team by my side.

Ryan Sheppard

Mark is extremely professional and his knowledgably in his field of expertise is second to none. I highly recommend his firm.

Brooke Cavaliero

I am a fellow attorney and highly recommend Attorney Mark Sherman and Attorney Christine Gertsch to my clients. He and his team are experts and obtain successful results. Mark and Christine are both excellent attorneys and work very hard to achieve favorable results for their clients.

Woiquel Thomas

Best lawyer you will ever have! Got all my cases dropped, he’s is very professionally . He helped me out alot this pass year, I couldn’t be more greatful to have him as my lawyer!

Stephen N.

Mark Sherman is a talented, energetic and results-oriented attorney. I've had the privilege of working with Mark on matters, and would not hesitate to send my clients to him. One of the best!

Rick Howland

I found the law offices of Mark Sherman through a work colleague. Mark specifically but the entire firm are beyond highly skilled. The responsiveness and continuing service through out my seven month case was unparalleled . Having dealt with a DUI factory attorney which showed no care and just wanted to get payed and did not put my well being nor working as hard as possible for the best possible result I feared the worst. Mark and his firm immediately put me at ease and helped me avoid a felony conviction and a mandatory 1 year sentence by keep constant contact with the prosecutor. Mark also used several unique tactics I did prior to every going to court to help get the end result. Which was unbelievable instead of a year in jail and a felony for a 3rd DUI , I received 2 months in a low level prison and a misdemeanor and probation. I would beyond recommend Mark Sherman and his firm to anyone , they care , work diligently, and have a great inside track in the Danbury court system.

Brandon Najera

Great lawyer took me through my case step by step fought to get the best results possible he wouldn't settle for anything less what ever he charges I guarantee you're getting the most for your money best lawyer in ct only one of ever use

Rich Browner

Very positive experience! All of the personnel I interacted with were professional and capable. I only have good things to say of Mark Sherman Law and my experience with them.

Chris Lynch

I work for a Divorce and Family Law Firm in Fairfield County and we refer all our criminal work to Mark because he gets great results and is always quick to respond. Mark is one of the top Criminal Lawyers in the State of Connecticut. He works hard for all his clients. He is passionate about the law. He communicates well through the process and keeps his clients well informed. Simply put, Attorney Sherman always delivers.

Stewart Whitman

Mark is terrific. Mark’s relationships among the law enforcement community run deep - it is obvious he is well-respected. Mark successfully navigated thru a complicated situation - if needed, will not hesitate to work again with Mark.


We hired Mark Sherman last summer when faced with a horrifying situation regarding false accusations against our family. We spoke to Mark in a preliminary consultation. He was understanding and empathetic. Once we hired him, we realized that this was the best decision that we could have made! The whole process was extremely stressful, but Mark knew the best way to handle our case. He is an excellent attorney with extensive experience. Not only is he professional and knowledgeable, but very supportive as well. He helped us navigate the legal process to receive the best possible outcome! Christine Landis was an integral part of our legal team. She is conscientious, hard-working, and detail-oriented. She was also very responsive to all of our questions and concerns. She has outstanding communication skills. After working with Mark and Christine, we would highly recommend this law firm!

Donna Frankel

It was a bad day and I found myself in legal trouble in Stamford Ct, a traffic infraction with criminal charges. Mark & crew were wonderful. Thanks to their wisdom and experience (and more than a little hand holding), after a probationary period, the charged were dismissed. This could have gone very differently. I am very grateful and highly recommend this firm.

Kelli Katch

Mark was referred to me by another lawyer and I'm very grateful for the recommendation. He and his team were very responsive and worked quickly and diligently on the issue. I will definitely work with Mark again should I need further legal advice/assistance. Thank you!!

Elizabeth Moran

Ridgefield, CT DUI Mark was fantastic and the only one I would have chosen to represent me, not only on the criminal matter but also with the Department of Motor Vehicles. CT law now states that if you are charged with a DUI, and refuse a breathalyzer, you licence is automatically suspended you are required to install an IID (ignition interlock devise) in your car for up to a year. I work in law enforcement and was at risk of losing my job due to this requirement. Mark worked tirelessly to quickly get the DMV mandate overturned. I also received a favorable outcome with my criminal charges. He is extremely knowledgeable and walked me through a very difficult and anxiety provoking situation with compassion and professionalism. He was always available, including nights and weekends to meet or answer any of my questions. I would recommend Mark each and every time you have a legal issue.

Dalina Marku

T- Dawg123

Mark is the best defense lawyer in Connecticut . My son got into trouble while attending Taft in Waterbury. What he was able to do for my son was incredible, my son was charged with several felonies and facing years in jail. Mark was not only able to get the case dismissed but he rushed it so my son could still have a chance for college. He treated my son like his own, he was always available, he even understood our financial situation and worked with us. Mark and his staff handled everything from Ibond to timely court appearance. Everyone was saying it was going to take a year or two forget about college, Mark was able to get the case dismissed in months. My son thanks to The law office of Mark Sherman will be attending college with a clean record. I totally recommended the Law office of Mark Sherman.

Fairfield Anonymous

Before we walked into Mark Sherman's Firm, we researched and interviewed many criminal attorneys in the New Haven and Fairfield county. Within the first five minutes of introduction we knew we were in the right place to handle our case. This was our first experience dealing with a legal matter. It was frightening and emotionally draining. Mark was empathetic but straight forward. He told us what to expect each step of the way. He was reassuring, knowledgeable, supportive and extremely effective. His legal staff is royal!. Mark and his team jumped right into our case and shut down the false allegations against our family member. The case was closed and we put this horrific ordeal behind us. We could have not survived this difficult experince, if Mark Sherman was not there holding our hands and providing advice throught the entire process. We are forever thankful to him and his staff. The truth always comes out and Mark Sherman's firm is the right place to catch the liars and the social psychopaths.

Ian P

I opted to use Mark’s service after an incident that occurred around a year ago. With many regrets and little hope, my family and I opted into going with the Mark Sharman Law team and to this day couldn’t be happier with that decision. Mark turned my case from hopeless, into optimistic, and then into a magnificent reality. I can confidently say that had I went with another law firm from Westport, I wouldn’t have gotten the same preferred outcome that I got with Mark’s team. I’m forever grateful for the help of Mark as well as his associate Michael Bivona. Mike provided me with constant communication and updates whenever Mark was busy. He also made appearances in court which subsequently displayed his profound knowledge of the Connecticut legal system. Mike is one of the many outstanding members on Mark’s team that continually provide their clients with their preferred outcome. It is without a doubt in my mind that The Law Offices of Mark Sherman is the best firm within the Westport and greater Fairfield County Area!!

Francesca Perucci

When I contacted Mark Sherman he immediately picked up the phone and talked to me extensively, explaining in every detail how he was going to deal with the situation and what the expected outcome was. And he met with me on the same day. He was extremely helpful, reassuring and understanding. He always responded to my questions right away or returned my calls very promptly. Mark and his team are very efficient and helpful and the outcome was of course positive. I would certainly recommend his services!

Jackie Keehan

In July 2018 I was implicated in a scam and falsely accused of something I didn't do. In a million years I never thought I would be in the position of having to hire a criminal attorney. Being in this situation for the first time, I took it very seriously. After consulting with 4 different law firms and even hiring one, I decided midway that I needed more attention to my case. When I called The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, I got the feeling immediately they took every case seriously; no matter how big or small. They understand the value of their clients reputation and do everything in their knowledge and power to protect and represent. They sincerely care. Previous lawyers told me that my case would be dropped (which it was) but that I would most likely have to do an A.R program (accelerated Rehabilitation or community service) after the dismissal. I did not like that answer. On my very first phone call with Mark he told me something different. He told me he was going to fight for NO A.R and that is exactly what he did. If you are not guilty why would you want an A.R? I was happy we were on the same page and within an hour I hired his firm to represent me. I worked mostly with Michael Bivona on my case who was very good. He answered all my concerns/questions via call or text within 10-30 minutes. When you are in a situation like this it is unsettling and I was extremely happy with the level of support and representation Michael and Mark gave me. Mark Sherman Law is an extremely competent, straight forward and professional law firm. I highly recommend.

Courtney Redner

When I was falsely reported to DCF, I called Mark Sherman. He immediately called me to his office to discuss how we should proceed. Mark took control and within a few days he got everything under control and DCF's investigation was closed in my favor. He explained what each step would be and kept me informed of the status of each step. I am so glad that I chose Mark Sherman because he took a huge burden off of my shoulders.

Craig Mahler

Mark and his firm were extremely helpful to my family and I when we needed help. Mark was very responsive and knowledgeable when handling our issue. He always kept us updated on our case and was always available when needed. I would highly recommend Mark and his firm.

Jacob Guynn

I originally contacted Mr. Sherman's firm quite overwhelmed and a bit full of panic. The entire office worked together and with me to get me in for a consultation as soon as they possibly could. Although Mr. Sherman was not my appointed lawyer after meeting several, including Ms. Watson, I was put at ease with the level of knowledge that was presented to me, and that was displayed during my case. Each interaction with the court or with the opposing attorney was clearly explained to me prior to the interaction which in my opinion lead to a seamless interactions. When ever I did have any questions they were always solved right away and if they were not I was given a return call very promptly. Now as my title says I could not have hoped for better care. I would highly recommend that you contact Mark Sherman Law if you have any issues. I cannot give them enough credit for the amount of help that they provided me. If I ever do need to hire another attorney for whatever reason, Mark Sherman will be my first stop.

Philip Byrne

Maria Marco

I hired Mark Sherman for a criminal defense case and was pleased with his hard work and dedication to my son’s case. He is professional and dedicated to his clients. Highly recommend.

Erandhi Escobedo

Mark Sherman can not thank you enough. I can not emphasize enough how valuable the work is that you do. I highly recommend Mark Sherman law office to everyone. Not enough stars to represent how satisfied I am with your service. Thank you.

Beata Beata

Extremely Profesional and caring Man not only as a Lawyer but as an Individual. He is Understanding, and being able to relate to a personal situation as well as circumstance. Service, outcome and result come first to him, money is a secondary satisfaction for Mr Sherman. The rest of the stuff in the office is just a reflection of there boss. Thank you, !!!!! Mr Sherman, for your help, honesty, kindness and understanding in the most stressful and difficult situation in my life.

Tom F

Mark is an extremely skilled Lawyer. I found him through an online search and had no idea how lucky I was to find him. I know he had much bigger cases on his schedule, but he always made time to talk with me, whether early in the morning, during his lunch, or on his drive home from the office. Mark always found time for me and made me valued in a time when I needed it. Mark drove all the way across the state to New Milford to make important meetings. Mark gave me my life back and exceeded my expectations. He got me results I needed to get my life back on track.

Katelini Lleshaj

Mark Sherman is the most reliable and efficient attorney I know. I could depend on him to be responsive when needed immediately, kept me informed and encouraged me along the way. Mark cares for his clients, treating me like family. My case was dismissed and all charges were dropped as a result of Mark's hard work and persistence. Mark's team was also very helpful through this very hard time guiding me through each step of the way. I highly recommend his services for anyone in the Connecticut region. You will NOT be disappointed!!

William Taufic

As a father of a daughter who ran into some unfortunate legal trouble, I can only give Mark and his team the highest of recommendations. The team is attentive, professional, very experienced and most of all thoughtful, generous and kind. It was a long and painful experience for my entire family. Mark and his team were the bright spot and our outcome could not have been better, truly. Many thanks to all.

Stefanie Vitti

Mark and his team provided excellent service!!! He gets the job done fast. Answered all our questions and didn’t rush out. Will definitely use him again!!

Tina Cronin

We had a great experience with Mark and his team, specifically Amanda. We went against a large bank in a wire fraud case and we won. They were very responsive and helpful through the entire process. We will definitely use the legal services of this office again.

Brady Rodgeers

All thanks to Mark Sherman for getting Zachary Stein lifeguard charged after saving life out of any trouble or jail time.

Janet Battey

Anytime any of my clients have a criminal issue or potential criminal issue I refer them to Mark and Ryan. They are extremely responsive and our clients always report back how happy they are with the work Mark has done.

Yihao Fan

Mark and his team provided extraordinary legal help for my case and I am very happy with the service. I was stopped by a Stamford cop for not yielding to pedestrian but later they found I had forgotten to renew insurance and get my car re-registered in CT. I was given a misdemeanor summon and about to face a sentence to months' imprisonment in the worst case scenario. With Mark's guidance and reassurance, I had all the charges dropped at the court. No record or points taken, instead I paid $500 donation. Mark may not be the least expensive lawyer in the area, but he's definitely professional and knowledgeable. It's been a great experience working with him and his team.

Christopher Martens

Over the past 3 years, Mark Sherman and Mike Bivona have been there for my wife and I during a very difficult legal matter. From the minute I sat down in 2015 till yesterday afternoon, they have been absolute professionals in their guidance and advice, but also their immediate responses by either phone or email. Most importantly, the outcome of the case was extremely favorable for myself and my family and we owe everything to Mark Sherman and Mike Bivona. Their understanding of the law is second to none and they will get you the best outcome possible.

Sandra Carlton

I cannot begin to express our gratitude to Attorney Mark Sherman. He worked with dear family friends to sort through a very difficult legal battle involving minors. We were getting nowhere with DCF and other lawyers that were recommended to us. Mark's involvement was essential in coordinating interviews with DCF, advising the clients, and counseling all those involved. His dedication and understanding helped two children in a dire situation. We are all in a better place now thanks to his legal expertise and genuine warmth. I would recommend Mark Sherman without reservation.

Mignon Danielle

Mark Sherman, Esq. is the best attorney in Stamford, CT hands down. He will fight for you like no other. I highly recommend Mark Sherman, Esq.

Gregory D'Agostino


Our minor son found himself in some legal trouble and Mark Sherman was recommended by an attorney friend. Our child was facing charges which included reckless driving and engaging in police pursuit. Mark worked with us through the lengthy process which lasted over 2 years. Mark, Christine and his entire team were responsive and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the case which included dealing with schools administrators, police, insurance representatives and attorneys for the victim. We have no doubt that we hired the right team to help us with the situation. With Mark’s experience and persistence we were able to have the case fully dismissed providing our son with a 2nd chance to a fresh new start. I would certainly recommend Mark and his firm to anyone in need of representation.

Gina Kaiser

Mark and his team were recommended to us by another attorney. They were extremely attentive and thorough. They achieved excellent results

Jonathon Thomas

Mark got my evading responsibility charge down from a possible misdemeanor to a traffic violation with no criminal record. He seemed to really care about my case and got everything handled quickly and easily.

Aldrin Dinya

I had the best experience one could ever ask for. This is a very professional organization and I was represented to the highest levels. I was always informed and included through the process of my representation and I would highly recommend this organization to anyone out there that needs a lawyer and fine representation in court.


Highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone in need of representation. Mark and his team made the entire experience as easy as possible. They are all extremely responsive and provide you with great direction so your mind can be at ease. I wouldn't consider using anyone else in the future except for him.

Robert Michael

Mark Sherman knows how to get things done. After having a very stressful employee conflict, Mark explained the legal aspects of my situation and guided us to a swift and fair resolution. If it wasn't for Mark's hard work over the weekend, this problem could have dragged on for a long time. Instead, on Monday morning we were back in the office without any interruptions to our business. Mark Sherman does outstanding work !

Jennifer Ahlberg

I have to second what other reviewers have said about Mark being exceptional. He handled our case with skill, professionalism and compassion (the latter quality being rarely associated with the legal profession). Highly recommended.

Jay Patel

Mark Sherman's Law Office was able to help me tremendously. They were able to get the charges completely dropped and dismissed. Throughout the whole process I was taken care of promptly. Mark was very personable and made me feel very comfortable. I was prepared when going into court and I could not have done it without them. They are definitely one of the best groups in Connecticut.

Robert Earle

I found Mark Sherman after doing an extensive search for DCF attorneys on the internet. He is without a doubt the most honest and straightforward attorney I have ever met. Rather than trying to push us towards an expensive engagement he quickly addressed our issue with a recommended course of action. My wife and I left his office feeling much better and confident in our situation. His fee was well worth the investment and I highly recommend his services.

Milton Martinez

They sound great online. One thing they conveniently fail to mention is that they won't even talk to you unless you have $500 to give them! Yes that's right! $500 just to get their opinion as to whether you have a case at all or not! So they take your money, then tell you you don't have a case or they aren't interested in taking it on!? Really!!! 500 bucks to ask a question!!!!??? Any Lawyer I have ever dealt with or heard of all offer free initial consultations. Who the hell does this guy think he is! Take your money elsewhere people! This guy is clearly just tryin to make his living on consultation fees! Clearly indicating he lacks the ability to make it the old fashion way, which is by simply WINNING CASES!!! Shame on you for being a greedy opportunist!

Eric Broder

Mark and his team have provided so many of our clients and referrals with exceptional representation. They are extremely knowledgeable and treat the simplest cases with the same level of care and detail as complex matters. Their reputation amongst Judges and fellow counsel is outstanding. It is comforting for clients to know they have his firm behind them.

Zachary Stein

Mark helped me through a tough time in my life. I was in a very bad situation legally but mark was able to help me work everything out. Mark handled everything in my case so well. I always was informed and he kept me prepared for whatever I had to deal with. I am very thankful to mark and his office and everything they did.

elissa stein

Mark Sherman and Associates have been a wonderful resource and professional support for our clients. Every person I have ever referred has received a call back on the day they reached out .Mark Sherman and his team are professional, sensitive and kind. He has handled tricky circumstances with grace and knows when and how to be more assertive when necessary. Each person I have referred has felt grateful for the referral and thrilled to be connected with such a professional, well organized, responsive practice.

Jackie Danielle

Words can not possibly describe how grateful I am to Mark and his team for everything they have done for me! I had been dealing with some legal issues for almost 3 years, in and out of Stamford court, unsure of what the end might bring. I had two different attorneys that were getting me absolutely nowhere. Finally, my husband and I hired Mark after reading and hearing amazing reviews and it was without a doubt the best decision we ever made! He is a complete miracle worker! Mark managed to get me a deal I never would have dreamed was a possibility! When we first met with Mark he assured us he would do whatever it took to get the best outcome. Mark, Amanda, and the rest of his team went way above and beyond to land the deal and I am eternally grateful! My life is forever changed. I can not thank them enough! I highly recommend Mark every time!

Addison’s World

In a world of uncertainties, and not knowing the outcome of your case, it is very important to have the best legal assistance you can get. When I was served about my lawsuit, I didn't know which way to turn or who to call. That's when a friend told me about Mark Sherman Law. From the first phone call, to Mark Sherman and Christine Gertsch winning my case, I was nothing but impressed. The pure sense of comfort in a firm that's made me feel like family. My case was treated like it was there only one. Thank you isn't enough for what Mark Sherman and his team did for me. I'm leaving this review to show my gratitude for the amount of hard work, and professionalism that was put into my case. Whether we won the case or not ( but we won ) I would be leaving the same five stars for excellence. This firm did their job above and beyond all expectations. I would highly recommend this firm with no hesitation!! Thanks again!!

Chloe Sasson

Howard Forman

Handled professionally and personally, from start to finish. I hope you never need legal services, but if you do, he is great. Also impressed that he was able to handle my case (I live in New Haven) in Rockville (Vernon).

Sean Logue

These guys are the real deal. 1st rate criminal law practice, affordable rates, and people who care about their clients. The are my go to firm in Connecticut!

Brian Rosenberg

I was referred to Mark from my main law firm as they did not deal with what I needed help with. Long story short and due to the sensitivity of the people involved I will not publish details other than if they service the area you need, give them a call.

Josh Flaherty

Couldn’t have had a better experience with Mark and his team. Mark and Mike were helpful every step of the way and achieved the best outcome I could ask for. 10/10!

Xavier Posey

Two years ago, my wife was involved in a car accident that resulted in criminal charges against her. The accident happened on a weekend and we were desperate to get legal advice as soon as possible. We were fortunate to call The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, LLC right away. One of the firm’s associates picked up the phone on a Saturday morning, took our information and shortly thereafter Mark called us back and arranged a meeting on Sunday. Mark was thorough, straightforward and compassionate during the meeting. He explained in detail what our options were and set expectation for how long a case like this would normally take to resolve. At this first meeting he outlined action plan that his firm would implement in my wife’s case. We were impressed with Mark’s professionalism and expertise and asked him to represent my wife in court. Today, two years later all charges against my wife were dropped and her case dismissed. Mark Sherman and Caroline Watson were next to my wife in and out of court helping her to navigate complexities of the legal proceedings. I cannot thank Mark and his team enough for guiding us through every step of this difficult journey.

Bryant Sheldon

Mark was always very attentive to my case. Very honest about expectations and upfront with all possible outcomes. Mark was very supportive through the entire process and answered all questions thoroughly and quickly. I would recommend Mark and his team to anyone. I'm very fortunate to have had his representation.

Dave Lanzara

My experience with Mark Sherman was beyond my expectation, I was in a difficult situation with the law in Stamford, Ct and Mark looked at every angle, I was thrilled to see the outcome of this case and I greatly appreciate the work he and his team have done for me. You definitely want him by your side in a courtroom! He is knowledgeable, professional, creative and diligent.


From the minute we got Mark Sherman on the phone to our succesful court outcome, he was engaged, very responsive and on it. He listened carefully to our concerns, addressed them with appropriate strategies and acted quickly on our behalf. He was with us and available every step of the way. No wonder he was so highly recommended to us by our family attorney in Greenwich. We are very grateful to him and his associate Mike Bivona for seeing the case through for us.

Dawn Edgar

Saju Varghese

Mark is very knowledgeable about CT law. He gives a clear picture during the first visit and answer all concerned issues very professionally. I strongly recommend him as an attorney in Connecticut.

Angela Jones

Mike Mike

There are good lawyers and there are bad lawyers (It is extremely difficult to find a good lawyer). However, Mark Sherman creates a whole new class - "Exceptional". In addition, Mark is well versed with the CT laws and is well respected by members of the legal system. He might be considered expensive (you get what you pay for) but he is extremely knowledgeable, professional, prompt, realistic, and honest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Pierre Lafond

I was recommended Mark Sherman by one of my lawyer team member. It was an urgent matter and Mark called within an hour late at night. He immediately reassured me and walked me through the steps. He was definitely a great listener and I was treated like family right away. He was on top of things immediately. Successful outcome and he is now my best recommendation for the area.

Thomas Occhipinti

Mark Sherman is amazing. Knows the law and gives clear advice. You can tell he cares about his clients and is extremely responsive. I would highly recommend.

Rabbi Cohen

Mark is a mensch. He possesses integrity, wisdom and humanity. He is a top notch lawyer, generous in spirit, very attentive to client needs, astute and deeply knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!

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