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REVIEWS OF Mark Sank & Associates, LLC IN Connecticut

Paul Sabbah

We have worked with Mark and his firm on a number of projects including real estate closing, estate planning and probate and have found Mark and the staff to be very professional, very helpful and insightful with their advice and counsel. We highly recommend the firm.

Francois Soljour

I was referred to Attorney Sank by a well respect and season real estate attorney in Stamford Ct., to help me and my family complete the renovation process to our first home. We needed an attorney with teeth and a torch to fight for what rightfully belongs to us! Attorney Sank is proving to hold fast to both of those attributes as we near the end of this Wells Fargo Bank saga. He possesses a keen ability to hear and listen to what the client is really saying about the matter and bring the facts to light without embellishment. We are expecting a favorable outcome to the completion of our first home!

William Evans

Mark is truly a great lawyer. He is very intelligent, trustworthy, experienced, courageous, and a great person! I could not recommend him more highly.

Anne Katcher

We have used Mark for multiple real estate and mortgage transactions. He and his staff do a great job!

Beatriz Chavez

I would really not even give this review 1 star but had to since there is no option for 1/2 a star or no stars. I received a call back from Mark Sank & Associates and was not impressed with the free consultation they advertised on line. For one, I was rushed on the call and it sounded like Mr. Sank was in a rush to hang up on the consultation. Maybe it was because it was a 30 minutes consultation but I was on the phone for barely 10 minutes when he abruptly said ok we are done. Not particularly an attorney that I would work with in any situation or someone that I would recommend to anyone.

TJ Allard

John Daron

Terrible lawyer! Not sure he is in the right field. He is a Con lawyer. Is there a now star option.

lizz brown

my name is angel and I read reviews on every lawyer i could find before i went with mark. My experience was completely different from all the other reviews not sure why but the staff never called to update me on our case. i had high hopes because i had everything i needed for proof even after we brought him what he thought would make our case easier. Every time i called for an update paula would answer ” oh yes " like the oh yes we forgot to call you and update you. the only thing they kept me updated with were the payments which was never a problem for me except i never saw any results from that. many times paula would say one thing and mark would say something different. i would get frustrated with the lack of communication. I’m not sure if Mark took us seriously? maybe because I’m young didn’t think i was serious. i didn’t see much effort. have not heard from them in a long time. Again this is from my personal experience.

Timothy Cole

Mark gave me a quick, competent review of a legal predicament and relieved my mind greatly. I will be turning to Mark's firm in the future.

Alexander Brown

Mark Sank and Associates are without peer with respect to their ability to find creative solutions for any real estate financing need. They are experts in Connecticut state real estate matters, and they are also conversant with every major national and local financial institution and mortgage servicing entity. Mark and his team are extremely attentive to their clients needs and know how to get results. I could not recommend any firm more highly. They are consummate professionals in every way, shape and form.

John Dobson

I called Mark out of the blue and he did not handle litigation, yet he had his assistant call back and recommend Dan Young for my needs. I find that classy and Dan has been great. I own several homes in the area and will call Mark for sure when I sell any of them. Sharp guy. Thank you to his office also.

Ramya Lakshman

Mark is a thorough professional. He says things AS IS, makes you think through every aspect of the document, contract etc, and makes you think through all possible angles. In short Mark has your best interest at heart. He is very accessible, answers questions over the phone and/or email promptly. Mark Sank is my Lawyer for life.

R. Andrew Moore

Mark has represented me in several cases over the past few years. I find him to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very efficient with his time. He is always very available to discuss issues with me personally, which I find very helpful. He is also very conscious of his time and that he is billing by the hour. I have never felt that I was not getting great value. I will continue to use his firm as needed in the future.

Jonathan Bonilla

Mark was a pleasure to work with and who you want to represent you if you have any kind of real estate concerns/issues. The process + execution was fast and effective- definitely the product of an experienced individual. I will work with Mark again, highly recommended.

sanket patil

Great lawyer, you want mark in your corner. Knowledge is beyond anything. Mark is excellent and really friendly, so you can speak openly.

beverly wright

Mark represented me in a complicated suit where he secured a very successful outcome. Mark was a strong and effective advocate. Capable and helpful team as well. Highly recommend.

Sunil Gupta

Mark Sank - a wonderfully competent and professional lawyer! After consulting 2 other lawyers who just went through the motions to get an illegal assessment of $36,000 levied by the Condo association on my unit, I finally hired Mark. He spent a lot of time going into every single detail of the issue, laying out all the possible options that I could pursue, and, most refreshing of all, strongly counseled me not to be too eager to sue, as that is a sure fire way to simply add to his fees, as these cases could take years to resolve, while the meter keeps clicking. Instead, Mark repeatedly reached out to the Association's Attorney and Management Board, documenting why their assessment does not meet the State statutes for legality, and threatening to sue them personally if they did not cease and desist. His persistence paid off, and the Condo Association finally caved in, lifting the illegal assessment fully and issuing my condo a clean resale document. I could not be more grateful to Mark... he rocks!

Jennifer Sabbah

Mark Sank & Associates is a firm that is staffed by a group of hardworking, responsible and very receptive individuals. They handle all matters with the utmost professionalism. And, if you need to speak directly with Attorney Sank he is always available. I would give this firm 5 stars and would highly recommend them.

Catherine Richardson

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Sank on numerous occasions. He is a professional who I can count on to get the job done every time! Mark is an attorney who is respected by his peers and the community in which he practices. I highly recommend using the services of Attorney Sank.

Sirota Chiropractic Offices

Mark Sank and his associates bring an outstanding, thoroughly executed, well thought out strategy to the game of litigation. He's got it all. Results speak for themselves. Whether it's a homeowner issue or a collection problem, he's your man.

Massiel Zucco

Attorney Sank represented me during the purchase of my home. He was great! He is a very experienced attorney with a very skilled staff. He made sure I was protected in my contract by adding provisions that I had not thought of and fought for me when the mortgage bank was giving me the runaround. Overall, he made a very stressful process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. And I like the way his firm operates like a well-oiled machine. I consider this to be an added benefit. I always got the attention I needed and the service was exceptional. I would highly recommend Attorney Sank and his firm Mark Sank & Associates.

Mark Gibbon

He’s an extremely capable attorney who, when focused, is clever, quick and sharp. He’s well connected and confident too. He’s at is best when in the hot seat thinking on his feet. However he needs to improve his client manner, to fully respond to emails/questions asked, and to prepare fully for cases ahead of time. I suspect that he relies on his extremely quick thinking brain to get him out of tight situations – and he’s very good at it too. However sometimes it requires more than quick wit to win, and in our case I felt that more preparation and strategising would have paid dividends. Anyway, we ultimately achieved what we set out to achieve in the end. It was a tricky case and we were up against a tough opponent (BLT) who employed expensive attorneys and are very familiar with the legal system. So credit to Mark for standing up for the little guy and refusing to let us be bullied and for ultimately protecting us from a ruthless predator.

Charles Carroll

Was referred to Mr. Sank by another lawyer who described him as the best in the area for contested housing matters. Have been working with him for three years, first as an advisor and now as a litigator. As an advisor on a landlord-tenant dispute, Mr. Sank proved to be an expert in the relevant law, experienced in dealing with these situations and timely in his responses to our questions. Notwithstanding his practical approach and constructive advice, the matter could not be resolved amicably and is now in litigation. As a trial attorney, Mr. Sank proved equally expert, experienced and timely in his responses. In addition, he is a forceful advocate for his client's position, extremely quick on his feet in the courtroom and thorough in his preparation. We feel very well represented by Mr. Sank and recommend him highly.

Melanie Healey

Professional and courteous with an outstanding knowledge of the law, I highly recommend Mark Sank and his very capable and energetic staff for all your legal needs.

Tom Gjuraj


During the past year Mark has represented me in a real estate matter. I have been impressed not only by his legal knowledge, but also by his total commitment to resolving my matter efficiently and effectively. Mark and his team have been diligent, responsive and fully understanding of my goals and objectives. I am pleased to unreservedly recommend Mark and his firm.

Scott C

Robert Colgan

Mark is an ideal attorney for my real estate business. He is very practical, is excellent at the court house, keeps costs down and achieves excellent results. I highly recommend him.

David Lewis

Exceptional Service. Extremely fair pricing. Expert advice and counsel. Extremely valuable insight into "the system" that regularly pays off in the right strategic direction.

Steve Ball

I am an attorney myself and have high expectations. Mark Sank exceeds those expectations every time. I have used him for a variety of matters over the years and always receive the highest quality quality representation at a great rate.

Judy Amster

Attorney Mark Sank helps make my transactions go so smoothly! As a Real Estate professional, I need an attorney who is repsonsive to my clients. His staff is also knowledgeable and are always available as well!

Steven Montello

Attorney Sank was able to work through a number of difficult issues effectively and efficiency and secure a favorable outcome for my company! Steven Montello President Stamford RE

Invar I

The most serious and reliable litigating housing issues attorney in South Connecticut. No kidding, practical and down to the point. Very reasonable pricing as well.

Dave Hart

I have had a terrific experience with Mark and his staff. Very professional, proactive, and committed to a positive outcome. I highly recommend!

Paige Carter

Mark Sank was such a help during my home buying process. As first time home buyers, he explained everything to us and was always a call away if we had any questions. Would highly recommend!

Chris Gonzalez

Anuj Gupta

I am an investor with a large portfolio of multifamily properties and single family homes in Stamford, CT. Considering heavy need for legal counsel related to purchases, refinances, development contracts, leases and evictions amongst other legal related items we needed a firm that had moved beyond the traditional methods of communication and execution (telephone and paper!). Mark Sank and his staff are extremely efficient in handling matters through email communication and time and again, successfully represent our interests without us needing to be physically present. Not only do we get deep expertise when needed and staffing that can handle complex legal matters, but the time we save in particular, is invaluable.

Gabriela Rivera

Mark is true professional. His office provides great service and the knowledgeable staff are great to work with.

Joe Di Scala

My oldest brother is a lawyer, I've lawyer in my life personally and professionally it's not easy to find someone who makes your interest his priority He is as good an advocate gladiator as its my my good fortune to find in my 50 years of business He fights like the old days when winning meant something! His fees are very reasonable Very thankful to have him on my side

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