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REVIEWS OF Mariani Reck Lane, LLC IN Connecticut

Bridget Morrissey

Mariani Reck Lane helps you from start to finish with all commercial and residential real estate matters, making sure each detail of your transaction is handled properly and professionally, while keeping you fully informed of any issues or updates.

Natalie Page

The people at Mariani Reck Lane are the most courteous and kind individuals. They understood the sensitivity of my situation and they took good care of me.

Wendy Phillips

The entire team at Mariani & Reck works well together and did a great job on my case - no complaints at all.

April Eve

B Neff

Linda Mariani recently represented me with a legal issue. I found Linda and her staff to always be courteous, knowledgeable and professional. The issue was taken care of promptly and I was happy with the outcome. I would recommend Mariani Reck Lane, LLC.

Kevin H

Attorney Linda Mariani and her team were extremely helpful and compassionate throughout my nearly year long divorce case. Each team member was knowledgeable and on their game helping me to retain my estate as well as finding an equitable parenting solution for our child. I highly recommend a Mariani, Reck & Lane as they made a difficult process easier to settle. Kevin H

Tom Blundon

Mariani Reck and Lane LLC Stephen E. Reck I thank Stephen E. Reck and his firm for the great job that he did with my divorce. I started with my divorce with another attorney. After many, many months of providing any and all information needed to my ex attorney and him not demanding same from my wife, during the pre-trial, I realized he was not thorough in pursuing what was rightfully mine. After it continued with no result, I finally contacted Attorney Stephen E. Reck. Attorney Reck reviewed my file and went to work with guiding me on financial issues that were now out of control and after the depositions, things changed rapidly. The agreement was negotiated, hearing was held, and I was divorced. During the hearing the Judge praised my attorney for a very well thought out and fair settlement. I received so much more than the first attorney said I would get. Attorney Stephen E. Reck and his staff treated me with professionalism, respect and compassion. So again, thank you for your service, your guidance.

Dan Brodaski

Very kind and professional organization. Very good and heartfelt advice given. The firm has a very personal feel and I highly recommend them.

holly pribula

Jonathan Lane is a knowledgeable and down-to-earth attorney.

Eric Amico

Steve W

Mariani Reck Lane helped me during my divorce case. The quality of representation they provided was great. They handled all of the affairs with competence, grace and dignity. I highly recommend the staff and services available at Mariani Reck Lane.

John H

I hired Linda Mariani to represent me in my divorce. At our initial meetings she discussed the probability that I would get a portion of my house. After a $7,500 retainer and $24,500 in additional hourly fees, I went in front of the judge. He gave my ex the house, ordered me to pay my ex $25,000, give up all furnishings, and pay alimony. When I asked if I could have a jury trial, the judge said "I won't be your judge at trial, but I think it possible another judge would increase your alimony by $300 weekly and keep all other terms." Linda said nothing, except to tell me to take the offer. So, I spent $32,000, lost everything obtained during my marriage, and got to see my kids every other weekend. I felt like I was railroaded and Linda was driving the locomotive: she ran up my legal tab and accomplished nothing. I think I could have gotten a better deal on my own.

Joan Dash

I highly recommend Linda Mariani. She handled my divorce over the course of a year and was a calm, rational influence throughout the process. She resisted the temptation to run up the legal fees when I wanted to extend the conflict further. At the same time, she made sure I was adequately provided for. She responded quickly to my emails even on weekends and vacations. In meetings, she showed her incredible mental aptitude by listening and contributing, while at the same time taking notes that would have impressed a stenographer. She made sure to maintain a friendly, pleasant relationship with the opposing counsel, something that disturbed me at first but I came to understand as a wise approach. She forgave me when I flew off the handle, and maintained her sense of humor throughout. Choosing a divorce lawyer is an incredibly important decision at a very stressful time. I'm glad I chose Linda.

Lori Luciani

Linda was excellent! Many people recommended her and they were right! She assisted with our mediation and completed everything within 2 weeks. She saved us time and money! Her staff were supportive and clearly explained the process. I highly recommend Linda and her team!!


Attorney Linda Mariani and her team were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate throughout my post judgement case. Linda kept the case focused and drove to an optimal resolution. She made an extremely difficult time in my life quite a bit better because I had faith in her abilities and her approach.

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Taylor James

Lina Mariani has represented myself and members of my family for years now. Us as a family needed legal advice many times in those past years. I am impressed every time we go to Linda.

Jim Potvin

Hilda Sullivan

This prestigious law firm absolutely one of a kind. I would recommend them to anyone.

Quinn Landen

Me and my family have been represented my Linda Mariani for several years and she has been great. nothing but good things to say about her.

Karen Blake

The staff at Mariani Reck Lane were professional and it was their professionalism that kept us on the high road when events threatened to spiral downward. I recommend Mariani Reck Lane.

Chelsey Forward

Linda Mariani of MarianiReckLane recently represented my husband and myself in a sensitive and complicated legal matter. It was handled with utmost competence,courtesy, and speed, with excellent results. We are very satisfied with the staff and attorneys who were thorough and precise. Additionally, we felt that the fees were very reasonable. I highly recommend Attorney Mariani and the Law Firm and would never go anywhere else for legal services. I would award them the highest rating.

Suzanne Spina

I went in with extremely high hopes but left extremely disappointed and alarmed. I came to this office hearing they were the best but I felt I was rushed and not heard at all. I felt like my age and gender definitely played a role in my issue with my lawyer. I am a highly educated person and things were said to me that never should have been said. Period.

William Zimmerman

Mariani and Reck were able to always provide me with thoughtful and well-reasoned advice. I trusted their opinions and they're experience, and they were also very responsive. I was always happy with how quick they got back to me, whether it be returning calls, emails, or answering questions.

Matthew Quinn

Mariani Reck Lane has such an amazing team. They help You in any way possible, and make you feel like your case is a top priority.

Jane Blair

This is a great firm to work with, Mariani Reck Lane. They have very helpful in many ways and they are very professional.

Jadrien Overmoyer

Linda Mariani handled my very difficult divorce with the utmost proficiency. She gave me top notch advice and prompt service at every turn. Her concern, especially for my children's well being, was made very obvious from the beginning. She is a very ethical lawyer and worked hard to see that a fair agreement could be reached for both parties. I would highly recommend Linda and her associates to anyone.

Gilbert Kaback

An excellent team of attorneys. A real pleasure to work with.

Tracy Pucci

I was a client with a chronic disease, MS which has progressed in the two years since my divorce. I can only work a very part time job:about 10 hours a week. My alimony will run out in 10 years,which leaves me very small disability check. My only complaint is that the lawyer and staff take the time to become familiar with client's illnesses. Mine is called the invisible disease on most days I look good,how I feel every day tells a different story MS. is a progressive and there is no cure.I am very afraid about what the future will bring. I could have fought harder and longer for more money but the stress of the divorce was taking a toll on my health.

Riley Adely

The attorneys at Mariani Reck Lane, LLC always put the client first and they know what is in their best interest. Any concerns that I has were quickly addressed.

Kristine Hansen

Shannon Chambers

Mariani Reck Lane is a great firm they were able to take complex and complicated legal matters and break it down for me in a way I could understand. I highly recommend Mariani Reck Lane.

Tonya Porter

I am very grateful for all the staff at Mariani Reck Lane. I appreciate everything they did to get my settlement finished I highly recommend Mariani Reck Lane.

Joshua Zinewicz

If you want the best representation hire the best lawyers, you get what you pay for as with everything in life and if you are in need of legal aid then what you are paying for is most likely very valuable to you. I personally recommend Attorney Lane and will continue to go to him any time I or my family is in need of counsel.

Brittney Rutherford

Mariani Reck Lane has been of great assistance, to me, regarding my divorce. The office staff is always very accommodating, and helpful. Jonathan Lane was very personable, and understanding; he always made sure that I felt heard, and that what I wanted completed was done in a tasteful manner. I felt as if my kids needs, in the situation, were important; which was a huge concern for me. All in all, I’m completely satisfied with my experience in using this firm. I feel that they turned a negative situation into a positive experience, and couldn’t ask for anything better than the services received. If you are looking for a family attorney that will take your case on in a very professional, and tactful manner, as well as, treat you, and your situation as if it truly matters, than Mariani Reck Lane is the way to go!!

Thomas Brooke

Great firm that helps you in many ways. Fair minded with a helpful professional perspective who's assistance and advice is invaluable in navigating the bumpy road to divorce.

Kelsey Humble

Phil Tetreault

Jean Walner Francillon

Terrible experience beyond explanation. I was on the phone explaining my case to a paralegal in that office, without an Amen she hanged up on me. When I called back the secretary put me on hold to check with her. As a result, she said their office don't handle that type of case. Therefore, if you speak with an accent don't even bother calling these people.

Daniel Morgan Sr.

Absolutely the worst experience one could ever experience in a divorce. Day one pulls a no show at our first court date and sends another attorney that had no clue what was going on in my case and leads you to leave your home believing it was temporarily but it was permanent and to only have it used against me in a custody fight against my alcoholic spouse, Has a bogus hair follicle test done for my EX which my Ex probably had her sisters hair sent out instead of her way in hell she could have passed that but his failure of letting them delay may had everything to do with it.......that would be like getting pulled over for drinking and driving but they don't do a breathalyzer until months afterwards so one can cleanup and wait until it's out of your system.......with my Ex I'm positive it was put the marijuana aside now, the alcohol party is back on afterwards! Note: I also requested at the time that she and my teenage son be tested for marijuana since I've caught them both smoking it together several times.......never happened / tested. Throws your case to another attorney in the firm with not even half the experience" didn't know what she was doing in my opinion", Drains your retainer, then demands for another to continue your case, refuses to continue on a payment arrangements and files with the court to withdraw representing me after totally screwing up my case because the lack of interest......four weeks just before a major divorce trial may I add. Being a disabled person on a limited income, they were well informed / aware of my financial abilities before taking the case, it was hard enough coming up with the first retainer. Its pretty bad when you have to call your attorneys office and make them aware we have court the next day since they didn't contact you and find out they were unaware of it. This firm totally threw me under the bus and has the nerve to expect me to pay the unpaid balance. The way I look at it, they owe me for the damages they caused in my case. They are suppose to be one of the best in the area, think again! After being forced to self rep in my case in a major trial, I learned my attorney didn't file half the stuff he should have and was inform by the judge the firm failed to file contempt against my Ex more than once after explaining the situation. Beware!!!!

garry j

I had heard that Linda Mariani was one of the best lawyers in the state. I hired her for a very highly contested case. Boy, were the rumors accurate! She and her entire firm helped me through every step of the way. She explained legal process in ways I could understand aND brought a calming and rational approach to a nightmare of a situation. I really don't know how I'd have gotten through my case without her. Highly recommended!

Conrad Bridges

Everyone at Mariani Reck Lane, LLC is great. They offer awesome legal services, and they know how to get the job done right. They work hard for you and always make sure that you come first, and that goes a long way. I will always go to them and I recommend anyone to choose them as well.

Jesse Pillar

Any complications or concerns with my case were quickly addressed and resolved.

Terry Olsen

Mariani Reck Lane is a prestigious law firm and they are absolutely one of a kind.

David Fulton

Easy access to attorneys and paralegal staff when needed. They're also really good about quickly replying to questions and to pending situations or conditions.

Justin Ingerson

Looking back on it years later, I am extremely grateful to Linda and her team for all they did and accomplished for me and my little boy.

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