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April May

Oh wow..... you guys are really dishonest and sketchy. You didn't even conduct your investigations without bias. There were many of us who could have told you what really happens at some of the companies who are representing. There was one especially who you represented who didn't tell the whole story......and you believed them!? Not only are you guys really shady and sketchy but you're also extremely gullible. Some of your clients, the companies you are representing, are a bunch of liars and crooks. And you, Jackson Lewis seem to believe all their lies even though they are totally made up and false??

Peter Griffith

Unethical “lawyers” who just like to intimidate employees during investigations, especially when those same employees are constantly being bullied and harassed and having their workplace rights violated. That’s exactly what they did to me at one of the employers I worked for. These “lawyers” don’t care one bit about ethics though. They are in business to protect their clients: the employer at all costs – even if that means minimizing the unethical and illegal behavior of their clients. One of the “lawyers” (Dave Jimenez) especially is a pro at protecting his unethical clients’ behaviors, and also in specializing in how to intimidate employees into submission through the use of intimidation tactics. Yet in the light of all these national scandals on harassment and inappropriate behaviors in our nation’s workplaces, this law firm really needs to evaluate whether using intimidation tactics and covering up unethical scandals is really such a good idea…

John Smith

Sleaziest and most dishonest employment attorneys.. ever!! Don't recommend it to anybody, these lawyers are A-W-F-U-L!! They cannot be trusted and represent exclusively dishonest and unethical employers.. even when they are illegally breaking the law.

MacGyver Guy

The law firm itself is okay, minus David Jiminez who is kind of an obnoxious jerk in my opinion! Sorry for putting it so bluntly, but he’s kind of condescending and just plain arrogant to have to deal with. Now for the worst part, which was David’s legal advice which he gave. It was impractical and just plain boneheaded and looking back I should have never listened to him! Now one of my former employees has filed suit against me which is going to be a total nightmare to have to defend. I can’t get into full details or even leave my full name since the case is still pending. However, the public should probably know about this. David Jiminez, in my opinion, is an incompetent and pompous jerk who isn’t very qualified and probably shouldn’t be in legal practice. These are my individual opinions based on everything I’ve experienced so far. So it’s not as though I’m trying to just automatically smear the firm itself. Jackson Lewis is actually a very reputable firm nationwide with a proven track record of getting great results for their clients. One of my associates had really great results with them not too long ago being represented by their lawyers in a separate case. The firm definitely does stand behind their clients and advocate for what they think is best. However, David Jiminez probably shouldn’t be with this prestigious law firm because of his very poor social and legal skills. They do not rise to the high caliber of what Jackson Lewis has set the bar to be of all of its lawyers. Please to whomever might be reading this, by all means use Jackson Lewis for legal representation because they are a great firm. However, you should be warned to please steer completely clear of David Jiminez!

Joan H.

My rating should be zero. But Google doesn't allow zero when writing reviews. Jackson Lewis' legal practice should be ashamed of themselves! The lawyer: Mr. David Jiminez who counselled us wasn't honest or upfront. He basically told us to fire one of our staff because they were injured at one of my husband's job sites. We questioned Mr. Jiminez on the legality of this. But he reassured us that termination was the only route to take. Now we are being counter-sued by our former worker for both illegal termination and defamation of character. (We gave an honest explanation to a future employer of why our staff member was terminated) Now we are being slammed with all sorts of paperwork and unnecessary hassle as a result of Mr. Jiminez' poor legal advice. Other reviews here questioning the legal integrity of Jackson Lewis don't surprise me that much. Jackson Lewis and particularly Mr. David Jiminez ought to be ashamed of how low they will sink just to win a client and earn a greedy dollar! Don't ever go here for any sort of legal advice because it will quickly backfire.

Jesie Aicrag

Thank you very much for your protection. Without your expertise in helping to protect someone like me I surely would've been in a very bad legal predicament. So thank you again very much for what you did.. however you were able to pull it off.


These people are really sleazy and helped my former employer to build a paper trail against me and forced me out of my employment. The one lawyer guy, I think his name was David - forgot his last name but I think it's the same one mentioned here.. starts with a J. But anyways, he and his buddies helped my employer get rid of me even though I didn't do anything wrong or in violation of the company's policies. These guys are really slimy and sleazy and will stop at nothing on Earth to save and protect their source of money which of course is the dishonest and immoral employers who they are paid to represent. Stay far, far awwwwaaaayyyyyy from Jackson Lewis!! They are really unethical and sleazy and don't play fair or nice. They like to play dirty!!!


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