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REVIEWS OF Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti, PC IN Connecticut

Keith Krolak

A good friend highly recommended Nina Pirrotti when it came time to reassess a broken career move, and I soon learned why. Nina's deep experience navigating workforce legal issues combined with an innate ability to listen carefully, prior to providing precisely the right options and advice, were extremely beneficial to the outcome of my case. Nina is a true professional with a warm personality that exudes positive outcomes. I can recommend her without reservation.

Julia F

Choosing Nina Pirotti for my case was the best decision I could have made. Having her by my side was a lifesaver right from the start. Working in an environment where sexual harassment and hostile behavior were normalized, Nina explained my rights to me, validated my complaints, and gave me the courage to move forward with my case. I will never forget the day before we were to meet with the defendants to mediate. I was so nervous, but Nina was more than ready to take on the challenge. She said with complete confidence, “I live for this!” Nina can stand up to anyone! She is not only honest, kind and super smart — she is relentless, tenacious, fierce and dedicated right through to the end. Now empowered with my dignity restored, I can finally move forward and live a fulfilling life. I would highly recommend her and her firm.

Elizabeth Hartman

I am so glad that Nina now practices in North Carolina in addition to Connecticut and New York! She is an excellent attorney. She was incredibly compassionate and understanding hearing my story and was a fierce advocate for me. She is passionate about her work and her work ethic is inspiring. I whole heartedly recommend her!

Linda Smith

Terribly disappointed in representation from Nina Pirotti stated after I signed the documents that I should have had another attorney to review her work. Dishonest ! Why did I hire her to represent me if needed someone to review her work. Lack integrity ! Don't use this firm.

Heather Turcotte

I unreservedly recommend Nina Pirrotti, Esq. and the Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti Law Firm. Attorney Pirrotti saved my career, and my belief in legal justice advocacy work focused on Title VI, VII, and IX rights. I was recommended to Attorney Pirrotti because of her remarkable reputation in successfully litigating employment equity and Title IX rights, and because of her extraordinary client approach that makes you feel and know her deep level of commitment to your case and to you as a thriving successful human in and out of the workplace environment. Having to work in an hostile and discriminatory environment is incredibly difficult and disempowering. Attorney Pirrotti not only believed in my case, she believed in me and the importance of the work that I do—she offered me a structural and interpersonal framework of support that empowered me throughout every step of my process to legal justice. Her legal brilliance, her connections to an expansive community of justice professionals, her compassion, her commitments to an anti-oppressive workplace, her extensive experience, and her fierceness for justice make her a truly exceptional lawyer and person. I am most grateful for Attorney Pirrotti. Because of her, I have been able to survive and thrive in my career.

Karen Yampolsky

I can’t recommend Nina Pirrotti highly enough! She acted as a fierce and committed advocate for me at an extremely difficult time in my career. She kept in constant contact throughout, nights and even weekends, and I will never be able to thank her enough for her encouragement, advice, brilliant work and negotiating skills, and for acting not only as my professional advisor but, also, my friend throughout an extremely stressful situation. As I told her directly after she obtained a positive resolution, contacting Nina was the smartest decision I made. She is a most trustworthy, honest, and capable attorney and I unequivocally recommend her to any CT employee requiring sound advice and a professional advocate if/when they are faced with a seemingly impossible to navigate workplace situation.

Lois Eaton

I dealt with Josh GoodBaum who was a pleasure to deal with. He was very understanding in our situation and took the time to listen to what we had to say. Should we need assistance again I would use this law firm again. Wonderful firm to deal with

Stu Ross

Having a need of legal expertise I was very fortunate that I was able to employ Josh Goodbaum as my legal counsel. His handling of my case was top notch and as the case progressed I was constantly impressed with his knowledge as well as professionalism. I highly recommend him.

Suzanne Pullen

"Not every law firm feels like a family" This could not be more accurate. Thank you Nina, Deb and Angela for your kindness, expertise and incredible work ethic.

Karen Smith

I researched a few lawyers to discuss an employment case. Joshua Goodbaum contacted me right away and was, by far, the best lawyer to work with. Joshua was realistic, direct and frankly exactly what I needed. I highly recommend him.

Gloria Powers

Dee Hanov

Nina Pirrotti is an outstanding lawyer in every way possible. She is extremely professional, encouraging and saw the big picture, even when other attorneys I spoke with at other firms weren't able to connect the dots the way she did. She led me through the process very strategically and thoroughly, and without her expertise and reputation we would not have been as successful. She went above and beyond and made this awful experience as good as possible, to the point where I miss working with her! She is a rare gem and I feel so lucky to have found her. Five stars all the way!!

Rossitza Lazova

There are lawyers who are good and there are lawyers who are exceptional. This is who Nina Pirrotti is: outstanding, a lawyer with a big heart who truly cares about her clients and their best interest. She is a rare breed, lawyers that are on the role of extinction, those who truly care about their clients. As a lawyer and an expert in her field she is outstanding and extraordinary. In my opinion, she is one of the best lawyers in the country. Before I hired her, I did my research and she turned out to be exactly what she was recommended as, simply superb! Thank you, Nina for all your help, tremendous knowledge and expertise and for caring.


Doug Frost

Nina Pirrotti was my attorney during one of the most difficult periods of my career. Her guidance and advice saw me through the storm and into the light. I am eternally in her debt for saving my career and literally my life. I would recommend Nina and her staff without reservation for anyone who is experiencing difficulty with a hostile work environment. Again I cannot say enough about her professionalism and dedication to my case in securing a positive outcome for me and my family. Thank you Nina Doug

Robert Levy

Having collaborated with Nina on several legal matters, I can unreservedly affirm that Nina is among the most talented, passionate and dedicated plaintiff's employment lawyers I know. Employees in Connecticut are extremely fortunate to have her as a resource.

Stephen O'Barr

Nina Pirrotti, Went above and beyond what I think she had to do. I'm still not out of the woods in my situation, But she lead me in the right direction. My situation was very complicated and she took the time to figure it out. I will say that the lawyer's system is a little slow to get started with filling out paperwork, But once you pass that hump, It's well worth it. I felt like she wanted to do what was best for me and not just what's best for the law firm. If you're in an unfortunate situation where you need a lawyer, at least get a lawyer that cares.....

Subaruguy8508 .

After having been suspended from my position with my long time employer due to being outspoken about safety concerns, I decided it was time to seek legal assistance. I consulted with a very good friend of mine who told me he knew just the firm I needed to contact. I reached out to these fine folks and was referred to Mr. Steve Fitzgerald. We met in person one evening to discuss the details of my case, what had happened, and what I had to support my claim. Steve presents himself in a way that gives you confidence in his abilities and experience level especially when it comes to employment law. After having agreed to represent me the process moved forward. It was long and involved and required quite a bit of work to accomplish, but tackling the problem straight on and doing the work to obtain justice was worth it. The better your records and more organized you are, the more complicated the process becomes, but it is that very attribute that will enhance your chances for success. With Steve as your attorney I can assure you that you are in good hands. If you feel you have been wronged, pick up the phone or send an email to get the process started. You will be glad you did.

Sondra Crispino

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the law firm of Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti, especially Nina Pirrotti, Esquire. Nina Pirrotti represented and managed my case from start to end. She worked diligently, professionally, honestly and relentlessly to advocate and represent me through a very difficult time. Every time I thought the case would be dismissed, Nina Pirrotti persevered and proved she believed in me and my case. Her professionalism and genuine belief in representing me was evident in every phone call, email, and meeting. There is no one else I would ever hire to represent me other than Nina Pirrotti. Thank you Nina Pirrotti from the bottom of my heart for your integrity, honesty and loyalty in representing me. - Fred

Marcia Davis

I am forever grateful that an attorney friend referred me to Nina Pirrotti, Esq. at a time when I needed support and guidance. Nina was very upfront with me about my case and managed my expectations so that we could move forward with realistic goals. She was very successful in efficiently achieving for me a successful and satisfying outcome. My only regret is that I didn't approach her at an earlier time! She is a caring and compassionate person with plenty of experience which allowed me to trust her judgment and guidance. Thanks, Nina!

Fauzia Qamar

I am very thankful to Joshua Goodbaum for his prompt, courteous, and extremely professional response and follow-up to my query.

Robert Weber

I submitted the questionnaire on-line and was contacted within 2 days. I met with Josh Goodbaum and had a truly enlightening experience. Josh went over my case in detail and explained all of my options. I asked many questions which he patiently answered. When I left, I truly felt that every penny of the fee was well spent. His opinions led me to the proper decision, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a patient and knowledgeable lawyer. On a follow-up call, which he returned the same day, I was again very pleased with his opinion and demeanor. Again, if you need a good lawyer, Josh is the right person.

Lois Lincoln

I was referred to Attorney Stephen Fitzgerald for a labor dispute by another attorney that had a conflict of interest with my case. I could not have been better represented. Attorney Fitzgerald reviewed my case and was very upfront, clear and concise about what to expect every step of the way. I would highly recommend Stephen Fitzgerald for any labor dispute.

Kevin Haddad

I've needed to speak with Joshua Goodbaum twice in the past year and while I did not retain his services I was impressed with how quickly Joshua and the office replied back to me and were able to discuss my matter professionally and left me feeling that I made the right decision.

Paula Fontana

When I needed someone who could bring resolution to an incredibly onerous event, Nina and the firm associates not only showed extreme knowledge of employment law & civil rights but delivered powerful & compelling representation. Her careful yet deliberate negotiation skills, along with an incredibly high moral compass ensured that an appropriate outcome was achieved.

Nicole Farber

Best law firm in CT hands down. Every single person I have dealt with here has been professional, compassionate, attentive, direct, and amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work and expertise.

Kevin Blacker

Josh Goodbaum was very kind to me. He was helpful, honest, and generous with his time. It is clear to me that he has a lot of integrity and I would highly recommend him.

Martha Conway

Attorney Nina Perrotti elevates the terms advocate and counselor to a new level.Throughout the process of settling my workplace complaint, she was very patient with me, quick to understand & untangle all the details, clarifying what is just plain rotten and what is patently illegal, explaining the legal process every step of the way, a superb communicator, always uplifting and reassuring. She was a ferocious and skillful advocate, moving my case along quickly to a highly satisfying resolution. She helped me move from feeling like an exploited workplace victim to feeling well and secure with an outcome that truly has restored my sanity and dignity. As it applies to Nina, the word "compassionate" should be a verb. Thanks, Nina for making the world a better place.

Ann DeSalvo

No free advice for anything. I had a question that would take only a minute to answer and they wouldn't even answer it. Ridiculous.

Julie Curtis

Nina Pirrotti represented me in a case against my former employer. Not only was the outcome favorable, I was extremely pleased with the process itself. Attorney Pirrotti was compassionate, understanding, pro-active, organized, scrupulous, and extremely aggressive on my behalf. I was, in every way, glad she was on my side of the table. Of course I hope I’ll never again be involved in a lawsuit against an employer, but if I do, I have no question as to whom I will turn: Nina Pirrotti.

Alie Hamilton

I was referred to Nina Pirrotti during a very difficult period in my life and if there was ever a silver lining to anything - she was it! As soon as I turned the situation over to her it was a huge weight off my shoulders. She is friendly, reassuring, responsive and very, very good at what she does. I had the utmost confidence that she would do whatever it took to get the situation resolved as best it possibly could have been for me. I know that the final outcome of the situation would not have been as good had Nina not been on the case! I cannot recommend her highly enough. A.H., New Canaan, CT

Wendy Lindars

sam4goody .

I will not recommend this law firm at all. First they claim to assess your case after submitting the very long and detailed questionnaire. If they contact you for a consultation that usually means that you have a case and they charge you a fee of $350 for a one hour consultation with the attorney (Fitzgerald). Just to give you some more detail on how this law firm works, myself and 3 others from the same department completed the questionnaire and complained about the same supervisors (hostile work environment). We were all notified several weeks after submitting questionnaire and were told that based on the facts outlined in the questionnaire, we qualified for a consultation with the attorney (Fitzgerald) and that we would have to pay $350 for the hour meeting. All four of us made the appointment to meet with Fitzgerald and we all paid our consult fees. Three of my co-workers paid $350 only to be told after one hour of talking, that he would not take the case and there was nothing he can do. I was told after my one hour consult that I have a case but that he was “expensive” and would have to decide if he wanted to take the journey with me. He then stated that he will ask one of his partners if she would assist him and ultimately stated that he will get back to me in a week. I then paid my fee of $350 and left the office. I then waited a week and three days before I called back and was told that Fitzgerald was on his phone and was forwarded to his voicemail. I left him a detailed message for him to get back to me and he never did. It’s been over a month since my consultation and I haven’t heard one word from anyone in this firm. $350 X’s 4 suckers = an easy pay day for this scam lawyer. He is the reason why lawyers have a bad name. Don’t trust this law firm and keep your money for an honest law firm! The whole reason for the questionnaire is to filter out the cases they don’t want. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Karen Kravetz

Nina Pirrotti is a leader in employee and civil rights as well as an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced litigator. She is well known and widely respected throughout Connecticut and on a national level. You will not find a more passionate, honorable or skilled advocate.

Sandipa Dublish

I worked with Josh Goodbaum. Great lawyer!

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