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REVIEWS OF Tomazin, Hillyard & Clor, LLP IN Colorado

Junmo Lee

There are many lawyers and law firms that you could choose to help you file a claim. And lot of them you would recognize from TV, radio, or bus signage. But I would rather work with a firm that spends its efforts in settling my case and less time creating advertising campaigns. The Denver Injury Law Firm settled my car accident claim with the other driver's insurance company for a greater amount than I would have been able to get myself. The initial offer from the insurance company was very low, but without the guidance from The Denver Injury Law Firm, it might have been an offer that I would have accepted. Michong Son, my lawyer at The Denver Injury Law Firm, reached a settlement far greater than the first offer made by the insurance company. Hiring Michong was one of the best things I did after my car accident apart from getting the proper medical attention I needed. I would highly recommend The Denver Injury Law Firm and the services of Michong Son if you need a personal injury lawyer.

Marni Sammon

After being hit by a car while walking my dog, Tom and Michong were there for me every step of the way. They took care of all the details, bills, hospital lien, etc. My case was quickly settled for policy limits so that I did not have to wait for and endure a trial. I highly recommend and would use Tomazin, Hillyard & Clor, LLP again!

Hillary Sierra

Pennie and her staff are the best!!! We contacted Pennie a number of years ago and even though she explained that our type of case could be strung out for years we all couldn't have guessed the amount. No matter how short or long the process you can rest assure that this attorney and her staff will be there until the end. Thanks to Pennie and everyone @ Tomazin, Hillyard & Clor we were able to our case resolved. If you need an attorney you can trust who will be there for you then look no further. The best in personal injury in Colorado

Clay Chase

Pennie and Kelly provided amazing service in regard to my motorcycle accident. Kelly provided excellent support in regards to documents and knowledge. Many of the documents were confusing and she was quite adept at navigating them. Pennie and her team were also very familiar with the services, outside of insurance, that were applicable to me (ie. SSDI). And finally, Pennie was there to answer my questions and appease my anxiety on many aspects of this episode in my life. She was able to determine the merits of my case and the maximize what i was able to obtain, not what she could say she got awarded. Ultimately she acquired a settlement that changed how I operate in life, in a better way. I am very thankful to the help Pennie and Kelly has provided.

Roni O'Connell

Attorneys Neil Hillyard and Pennie Clor provided excellent services on my medical malpractice case. Neil has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enabling me to turn over my concerns and trust they would be addressed. He exhibited kindness and an understanding about how upsetting it was every time I had to think and discuss my injuries and case. Pennie prepared me for my deposition, and she helped me understand when to elaborate and when to give a simple yes or no response. Her background in the medical field was a huge plus. My case was resolved to my complete satisfaction and I would not hesitate to come to them again. Highly recommend.

Kathy Hartman

My case was considered marginal with not much of a chance for a settlement. Neil Hillyard considered it worth a try. I greatly appreciate his time and effort in pursuing my case. We were rewarded with a settlement.

Walter L. Jones

The staff is very professional and understanding. They have worked numerous hours on our case. It seems that we are the only client. The case shown made my wife and I very comfortable. We have recommended this firm to many friends. Tom Tomazin and Michong Son are dear friends. They knew all the answers.

Peter J. Wacks

Knowledgeable and friendly, the legal staff here are extremely effective.

Cinthia Loya

I worked alongside Pennie Clor and Neil Hillyard for about 5 years. They went above and beyond to help me with my case. They helped me by counseling me with all the decisions that had to be made. I couldn't have asked for better representation. I strongly recommend this law firm. Thank you for all your hard work!

mi suk kim

내가 미국에 살면서 여러가지 소송에 휩싸이게 되었고그때마다 변호사를 선임했을때 단한번도 만족한 적이 없었읍니다. 사람들이 백인 이나 유태인 미국 변호사를 사야한다고 해서 무지 무지 비싼 수임료를 지불한적 도 있었읍니다. 변호사를 선임하고 나면 그때부터 늘 불안 했었읍니다. 변호사에게 나의 모든 상황을 이해시켰다고 생각 했을 때도 변호사는 엉뚱한 방향으로 일을 끌어 갔기 때문 입니다. 변호사비로 돈은 무지 버렸는데, 내가 원하는 방향으로 일을 끝맺은 적이 단 한번도 없었읍니까요. 2년전에 교통사고로 몸을 많이 다쳤고 지인의 소개로 손미정(Michong Son) 변호사님을 소개 받았읍니다. 2년동안 이일을 풀어나가면서 손미정변호사님은 늘 나의 편이 었고, 내말에 귀기울여 주셨고, 나를 편안하게 해주셨읍니다. 보험회사와의 협상에서도 숙련된 노련함으로 받아낼 수 있는 보험료의 최대치를 받아 주셨기에 어제 받은 수표를 보면서 앞으로 받아야할 치료에 대해서 편안한 마음을 가질 수 있었읍니다. 이평가표를 통해서 또한번 손미정 변호사님께 감사드립니다. 이 평가를 읽으시고 소송을 수임하셔도 절대로 후회안하실겁니다. Lawyer Michong Son knows honest, honor. Lawyer Michong Son is Pro and best of best injury attorney. Give your case to Michong Son

Archie Nair

I hired Neil Hillyard as my attorney to help me with my accident claim. He was very professional and worked hard on my case. I was extremely happy with my results. I would highly recommend Neil Hillyard to anyone who is looking for an injury lawyer.

Edward Getsch

I am thankful that my dear friend encouraged me to call Neil Hillyard at the Denver Injury Law Firm. I felt my recent leg injury might not merit the time and attention of a personal injury law firm. But at my friends insistence and prodding and after dealing for months with weekly wound care appointments, dressing changes three times a day, vascular appointments, elevation of my leg above my heart for hours, loss of income, loss of sleep, loss of time helping family, spending a planned 50th wedding anniversary/70th birthday party in a wheelchair, and not being able to drive for months and leaning on my husband and family and friends. I made the phone call. Neil Hillyard and his partners put my mind at ease. His paralegal, Lisa, was kind, thoughtful, patient, compassionate, and through. Mr. Hillyard thought my case had merit. And his partners agreed. It certainly was not a big case for him. But he treated it as such. My injury was never minimalized. The entire process was seamless...there was nothing for me to think about or worry about. His experience spoke volumes. It was not his first rodeo. I was in capable caring hands. He cared, and I felt that care. This firm has dedicated true professionals. Mr. Hillyard knew how to approach my case and showed great concern with my injury. As I told him, he didn't use a strong arm but instead used a strong mind, heart and soul, common sense and experience. Mr. Hillyard and his firm give attorneys a good name...a great name! They are all knowledgeable and have surrounded themselves with an admirable staff. I am thankful and appreciative to all of them for their good character, work ethic, integrity and can-do attitude. Gratefully, Marilyn Getsch

Eric Kang

My experience here was amazing and I would highly recommend this place. Michong Song is our angel who never gave up. My first initial settlement was negative I mean fat 0 but after Michong took over and did her magic. Now I got some money for my treatment. I mean big 0 to thousands and thousands is unreal. I still can't believe that something like this could happen especially to me. Thank you Michong we love you.

leighton kohlmann

Everyone in the firm was very helpful! Pennie was my main lawyer and was amazing. She was very responsive and always kept me informed of the changes that were happening with my case! Would definitely recommend

jenny hall

I highly recommend this Law Firm. I worked with Attorney MiChong Son. Her and her team went beyond my expectations. Great people to work with. I am a return client and will go back again if i need their help in the future.

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