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Jeni Cordova

I was referred to the Harris Law Firm from a colleague who had been in a similar situation that I was experiencing. I knew it was important to find a lawyer this time who would be thorough and detailed. That is the best way to describe Taylor Fish. I had no idea what to expect throughout the process of modifying my parenting plan, but Taylor was amazing at keeping calm and preparing me for each step. There were times when I would be discouraged by the process and what was happening, but my attorney would remain level headed and tell me to take a few days and we would get going again. Taylor is an expert at allowing you to make your own decisions, but she always gives solid advice and direction. I trusted her to know exactly what to do and I knew that she was on top of every aspect of my case. She really got to know me and continually focused on my daughter, who was the most important thing throughout our litigation. I was extremely impressed with her ability to word my thoughts in an exceptionally articulate manner and to make sure that every deadline was met and paperwork was filed. When my attorney was busy with another case, she would always let me know that she hadn’t forgotten me but she had to devote her time to the deadline the other case had. I appreciated that because I knew that if something was pressing with my case, she would put in the time and effort needed for me as well. And she proved me right. We were able to settle our case out of court and to obtain a parenting plan that I believe is truly in the best interests of my child. The paralegal working on my case was amazing and she really made me feel like she valued my time. I could tell that she was a wealth of knowledge and a valuable asset to the team. The financial department was thorough and respectful. I was always aware of where my money was going and what was happening financially. During the most stressful situation I’ve ever experienced I was so grateful to have this Firm behind me, ready to help in any way possible. I would highly recommend the Harris Law Firm to anyone I know!

Yvette Trigo

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jennie Reid-Wray well over 8 years. We met during her Judicial Clerkship in Hudson County Superior Court of New Jersey. We worked together closely for a year and continued a friendship thereafter. I observed her professionalism, personal capabilities and pleasantries of dealing with the public with the most utmost respect and care. She is extremely personable and generous with her time for those in need. And after all these years and with experience she has only increased those same exquisite qualities as she continues to grow as a person and an attorney. She is quite the world traveler making her more well-rounded by dealing with those around the globe. It has been a pleasure to be able to express the person that she is today.

Erika Carrillo

HATE THIS PLACE! Hired Kelly. What a joke. I talked to her directly MAYBE 3 times on the phone literally not once after I paid the retainer in person. We never had a single hearing or anything. I delt only with her assistant or whoever I never had a clue what was going on all I knew was it seemed weekly it was going up A LOT. And now I owe 10k (HOW?!). My new lawyer was amazing and once I told her about the awful job Kelly did even she said there was no reason at all I should owe that amount with no in person contact, no court hearings, and almost no phone conversations either!!! this place is a joke, the lawyers even worse. I am beyond grateful for the new lawyer for my divorce NOT from here. It's been almost a year and I still am Furious.

Roger Alcantar

The Harris Law Firm and Kate Brewer are exceptional to work with. Kate has continuously been professional, honest, and extremely helpful with her support and guidance. She was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. She always has her client’s best interest in mind when answering tough questions, walking through potential outcomes, and ensuring positive resolutions. She has great tact and demeanor with the critical ability to understand clients concerns and emotional state. Kate is just truly outstanding.

Rodney Bennett

I turned to The Harris Law Firm when the mother of my child unexpectedly announced that she was planning to move my daughter to AZ. Though a long, tedious process, The Harris Law Firm helped guide me through to an outstanding result! I sincerely respect and appreciate the work they put into this case and cannot thank them enough for the legal support during such a difficult time in my life. Many thanks Amanda Reeves; many thanks Harris Law Firm Family!


Great service! They do what they say. Kim Gent is awesome!


One of the reasons I chose this firm was because their retainer was lower than other firms that I checked out. However, they drain the retainer very quickly so I was constantly replenishing my account. While my lawyer was very bright and intelligent, she didn't have as much court room experience as I would have liked. I was originally told that one of the partners would stand in front of the judge and the new (green) lawyer would do most of the grunt work ($175/hr vs $350). Right before the divorce date I found out the new lawyer would be arguing my case. Let me tell you that on the day of the divorce, standing in front of the judge, you want someone who can go toe-to-toe with opposing counsel. While the new lawyer did a decent job in this regard, she didn't know how to properly "object" to some of the things that were being brought up. The judge overruled her each and every time. There were also some glaring mistakes in my case which could/should have been easily rectified, but they weren't. What I've learned is that when they use lower level lawyers to do the work, though it sounds attractive financial wise, I was also paying twice as much for the learning curve (time spent on my case). I lost my divorce case so miserably that I have a hard time defending this law firm. I feel like I got taken to the cleaners twice - by the lawyer fees and by my wife. It's easy to write a bad review when the ruling is against you, but all I see in here are bad reviews. I should have done more research in picking a law firm.

thomas chagnon

Leah Brooke

Carrie Eckstein of Harris Law Firm is an excellent family law attorney. She has over 10 years experience and is an expert in family law. She works hard for her clients and is very smart and practical. I highly recommend her.

Ron Cox

I made an appointment just to see what my rights were and what I could expect in my case. The second I stepped into the office, and spoke to the receptionist, I felt comfortable and the staff was eager to help. The program that this firm offered was an in house legal advise that did not require a retainer and it made me feel like they understood that my finances mattered and they found a way to help. I was very happy after my meeting and things were explained to where I could understand them. I felt empowered! And help was just a call away.

Matthew Wortmann

I had a pretty scary experience with this law firm that almost cost me paternal rights to my son. I went with the firm because of the name and how well marketed they are in Denver. My case was a bit unique since it involved paternity across multiple states (my son was born in Colo but then was moved without my knowledge). Once I was in their system and on retainer I seems to be a "number" and not a case. I have now heard from multiple Denver family law attorneys that Harris Law Firm has metrics for closing cases whether or not it is in the best interest of their clients, and this resulted in me getting some bad advice to relinquish jurisdiction in Colo. FYI, after hiring a new attorney we were able to keep jurisdiction in Colorado and I now see my son here! After I sought new counsel I called one of the partners at the Harris Firm to bring up the issues of being advised to relinquish jurisdiction in Colorado and being told that "infants can only bond with females". Even the partners at the firm had little concern over the advice I was given or how to improve their level of service to clients. There are a lot of lawyers out there and there is a difference!! Find someone that will fight for your rights.

Dennis Chismar

I would definitely go elsewhere. Spent over $70,000 to complete a simple divorce that did not involve children or complex estate related issues. Ultimately ended up finalizing legal matters at a second law firm in excess of another $20,000. Billing rates were excessive compared to firms of equal quality and more competencies. My ex wife's attorney was half the cost and twice as good. My primary dissatisfaction was based on simple administrative mistakes and sloppy paperwork that resulted in additional losses to me of over $40,000 and dragged out the divorce proceedings by 6 months. A better option would be to open the yellow pages to choose a law firm.

Antoine Anduaga-Bocanegra

Taira Mauck

I have been with the Harris Law Firm for five years. Kathryn Nelson and Jennifer Irwin have worked tirelessly on my case every time there has been an issue. I have NEVER been dissatisfied with my interactions, service, or their commitment! I value them both for their hard work, effort, and sincerity. They truly care for all of their clients and it shows.

Sky S

I called for help and he never called me back.

Angela Puello, Realtor

My experience with The Harris Law Firm was exceptional. I was provided guidance that I needed to make important decisions. But I was never pushed a certain way. I was given opportunities to mitigate costs and I felt in charge of my case the entire way. The case was resolved in accordance with the timeline they predicted and with my desired outcome. My experience with Janet Leo, Paralegal, was professional, compassionate and thorough. She is top notch at her job. My attorney, Carrie Chaille Eckstein was very competent, understanding and thorough. From the beginning to the end of my business with this firm I was treated with the utmost respect and consideration. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing professional, sympathetic and extremely competent cousel.

Tiffany Taylor

Mark Bolek

ivan navarrete

Definitely wouldn’t recommend The Harris law firm. I contacted this firm to seek help in a custody battle. After giving them evidence that my child was in grave danger and showed them text messages from my ex-wife telling me that her current husband had threaten to kill my 3 year old son if she was to leave him along with hard pieces of evidence, the lawyers did nothing. I only got a huge bill for a job they didn’t do correct and they still expect their money like if I was 100% satisfied. I hired them because I needed someone aggressive that would take this case serious and I saw that there website said they had aggressive lawyers with experience. But once we went to court I saw no aggressiveness and only gave me a run around and putting excuses of what happened. Thanks to that i had to drop my case because they charged me over $10,000 in less than 3 months. I started with $2,500 down and within 2 weeks they wanted another $2,500 ant the charges kept increasing. I told them from the beginning what I wanted from this case and they were okay with it. Once I paid them they told me that what I wanted wasn’t going to be possible because that judge would approve even though I had text messages where it showed my 3 year old son’s life was in danger. Now my evidence is “not valid” because of the amount of time that has passed. AlI got from this experience was a huge bill and no help in winning custody of my son. Definitely not friendly and I wouldn’t recommend this not even to my worst enemy.

Katie Raccuglia

I had the pleasure of working with Kelly Murphy. She was professional and wonderful to work with. She built a trusting relationship with me from the beginning and put me at ease with her knowledge and dedication. I'd highly recommend her to anyone needing help with family law.

Matthew Schultz

Carrie Eckstein has been a great guide for me in navigating the litigious journey of my dissolution of marriage as well as my prenup. Her guidance and professionalism has been amazing and I would recommend her and Jenny Kang to anyone looking for this kind of help.

Debbie Benefield

At a time in my life that felt like my whole world was crashing in, is the time in my life that I met Rich Harris and the people at the Harris Law Firm. Dec of 08 my life was changed forever and Rich was there to support and lead me though the darkest of those days. I am a person who has to be in control and I remember the day I turned to Rich and said " I can't handle this any more." His reply was "I have it and it will be OK." Rich is a man of integrity. A man who's center is his family and is heart has a giant capacity to care about others. I will always be grateful to Rich and all the people at the Harris Law. They are so supportive and knowledgeable. If you need a law firm call them, you won't be disappointed.

Jacqueline De La Torre

I worked with Niceta Bradburn when I was served with a post-decree motion to modify. Niceta and her team were wonderful! I got responses to my questions in a timely matter, she always explained the process to me and assisted me in ways in which I could keep conflict down with my ex. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a family law attorney!

Bryan Ritz

I have had the opportunity to serve with Rich Harris, the Founder of the Harris Law Firm, on a charitable board for the past five years. Rich has a heart for orphans and provided aid in numerous forms, including adoption and financial support, all without asking for, or expecting, any recognition. He has unquestionable character and integrity. The Harris Law Firm has provided my extended family professional services while emphasizing the delicate personal and emotional elements of the situation. To quote a family member, “I wish I would have found the Harris Law Firm sooner”. Their attention to financial details and future implications of resolutions, as well as putting the well-being of children first, was much appreciated. I would recommend Harris Law firm to anyone.

Michael W Meissner

Harris Law Firm is awesome. Ms.. Arkin Admin and her staff are the best of the best.

Eric Flores

WOW DO NOT TRUST!! ONLY AFTER MONEY!!! Lets start here, I was working with an attorney at a different firm, he wasn't very good, and was using me as a personal bank, I gave him $40k and he could't get me a court date after 7 months, I had to ask him to withdraw from the case, I couldn't trust this attorney going forward. After talking to about 10 different firms, I decided to call The Harris Law Firm as I used them about 10 years ago and although the attorneys I used previous no longer worked there, they treated me fairly. I talked to an attorney (Ben) seemed like the perfect fit for me going forward, he said he doesn't know the retainer or the fee schedule so I'd have to talk to an intake attorney, Just got off the phone with the "intake attorney" named Jay, he tried blowing smoke saying since my trail is so close (2 weeks) I have to give a $15k retainer (no other firm was asking for such a high retainer) & we all know a retainer to a law firm is only the beginning, they will always find a way to spend it, Ben said he only needs 2 days of prep work as 99% of the ground work has been done by the last firm, so I'm allotting a few more days in my budget plus misc. paperwork that may need to be filed, as I already spent $40k and I know it's not this firms fault but most of the work has been done. A few days multiplied by Ben hourly rate isn't nowhere near $15k, I asked why so high when other firms weren't even close to asking that much, he said because they have to throw the whole team at it, I asked who the whole team was, he said Ben and his paralegal, I asked well aren't those the 2 that are already going to be working on my case, he said yes then changed his story to, well Ben has other cases and he'll have to stop working on them, I said that isn't fair for the other people's cases, if you can't take the case just say so, then he changed is story and said other lawyers will have to work on Ben's cases if he takes my case because trial is so close, so I asked if they do that won't they have to stop working on their cases? are you saying you're charging me for other attorneys to work on other cases? I reiterated, if Ben can't take the case should just say you can't, he really had nothing to say after that, just fumbling with words. From the get go this firm is just trying to get money and Ben seemed so empathic to what I already have been going through and he really did seem like the right fit but obviously the firm has an intake attorney with a bad attitude that doesn't mind overcharging people. 10 years ago I never had to deal with an intake attorney, this firm has changed and is only after money. BEWARE!!!! Ben you're better than what this firm is doing to people. If you want to work on my case and are all in, please give me call.

Bruce J

I was very pleased with the excellent work of all of the attorneys that represented me, especially Jennie Wray, my lead attorney. Their diligent and skillful work resulted in the best outcome of my case that was practically possible. The attorneys and the excellent paralegal Roselyn Klinzman who worked on my case adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. Their work has made a significant positive difference in my life and that of my young son.

Tim W-H

I cannot recommend Carrie Eckstein for your legal needs enough. She's a true professional, expert in her field and clearly cares for her clients. She's helped a number of my friends through tough situations in their life, with sound, timely advice. Highly recommend!

Jose Hugo Fuentes

Dan Umbdenstock

Carrie Eckstein at the Harris Law Firm is a truly a professional. She has worked with several mutual clients and friends of mine. She is very generous with information on the front end in helping people determine their best course of action and if their firm is the best fit. And when they are she is an amazing negotiator and consultant. She leaves nothing to chance and follows through on every last detail.

Anthony Carollo

Jennie Wray was my attorney in a relatively high conflict custody battle. She assisted me beyond belief during what was without a doubt one of the worst times of my life. The custody battle was about 5 years ago and I still use advice that she had provided me when dealing with my ex. I was able and have been able to have an equal share in my son's life since court and I appreciate all that Jennie and Roz at The Harris Law firm did for me, thank you!

Bill Graf

It has been my pleasure to have known and worked with Jennie Wray for several years. She is very experienced, thorough and highly motivated to help people with marital, custody and other family issues. I am an attorney and continue to refer clients to Jenny. I highly recommend her and the Harris Law Firm, PC.


Denise Slavens

Jennie Wray of Harris Law Firm took over my case from a previous practice and provided me with the attention to detail that I needed. Jennie always made sure I understood my options and kept me well informed in a timely manner. She was amazing and so was her paralegal Roselyn Klinzman. If Jennie was out of the office she always made sure Kelly Lynch had the information she needed to step in. Kelly was also wonderful to work with. Divorce can be expensive when you are dealing with a difficult spouse or unusual circumstances. If you want it done right the first time, I would call Harris Law Firm.

adam goad

Nevene did an amazing job for me. I needed her help with a custody issue with my daughter. She was very professional. She also had the help of other attourneys there as well so its more of a team on your side. I hope i dont have to but if I ever needed help in this matter again its the first call I would make. In court the difference in a true professional was easy to see against the other parties attourney. Thanks Nevene and the rest of the team. Me and my daughter had a great Christmas!!

Shelly Rosnik

Jay Kamlet

This firm saved me tens of thousands of dollars by merely pointing out to the court an inconsistency in opposing counsel's aggressive pleadings.

Mathew Muha

Kathryn Nelson & Jennifer Irwin have been doing a great job for me during my divorce proceedings. They listen to my concerns and are quick with a response via phone call or email. They have a lot of experience and are very helpful, as well as assuring. I couldn't ask for better representation during this time.

Jessie Rosado-Floyd

I was referred to Kelly over at the Harris Law firm from an associate Deverick Wilder and my experience was nothing short of best in class! I was able to get a same day preliminary consult by phone and Kelly called me even prior to our scheduled call. She was patient in hearing me out to fully vet my case and options. Very professional and I did not feel at all that she just wanted to secure a retainer. She explained step by step my options and her recommendations on what I can do on my own to save money. I will definitely be hiring the Harris Law firm if my case escalates.

A Ekberg

“Amanda Reeves is passionate about making family law approachable so that families know they have options to help them through difficult personal decisions, including mediation. Her education and experience provide a strong foundation for helping her guide clients through dissolution with care and efficiency.”

Doreen Smith

The Harris Law firm works as a team. Every member of the team including their receptionist, legal assistants, and attorneys all have a depth of caring and compassion during a traumatic time. They may specialize in divorce, but their main goal is to guide families and provide outstanding care with their legal needs.

Erin Hamilton

Fast, no BS, reasonable rates. Would divorce again.

Mary Sadik

I had the pleasure of working with Rich Harris, Doug Edwards, and the rest of the team at Harris law. I can't thank the firm enough for their hard work, dedication, professionalism, transparency, and determination. I would highly recommend working with Rich Harris, and The Harris Law Firm, as they have exceeded all expectations and made the process an exceptional experience.

bob armstrong

I was lucky enough to find Javed and Beth at the Harris law Firm. My situation was sticky to say the least with unforeseen barriers and complications. Not only did I come out on top due to their hard work, my consultations didn't break the bank and left me happy going forward.

Lee Rosen

We trust Harris. I practice law in North Carolina and we have a need, from time to time, to make referrals to lawyers in Colorado. We refer to Harris. As lawyers ourselves, we know when the work is of excellent quality. That's why we trust Harris Law Firm. We're consistently impressed.

Lorni Sharrow

Margaret Walker "Peggy" is a great problem solver! I really appreciate her collaborative approach. She is adept at de-escalation to get things done. There is incredible value in that!

Haleh Evans

Unprofessional, unsympathetic, unknowledgeable, uncouth. That is all you need to know about Harris Law Firm.

Lisa Trunko

I highly recommend being represented by Kate Brewer. My divorce and post decree issues were lengthy and complicated. She was outstanding throughout the proceedings! Kate is very professional, detail-oriented and great with calculations. She kept me informed in a prompt manner, is personable, and extremely honest. Kate did a wonderful job for me and I am pleased with the results. Thank you Kate, you are a true gem!

kara marshall

Niceta Bradburn & Brooke have been consistently reasonable, considerate, and professional, keeping MY best interests at the forefront of every effort. They are professional, prompt, and have given me reason to change my belief that there are GOOD lawyers & law firms available.

Darlene Mast

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rich Harris for over 12 years as a member of The Rotary Club of Denver. Currently, he is serving as our Club President which in itself is a huge testament to his leadership, professionalism, integrity and ethics. Large service organizations have unique challenges and Rich has this remarkable ability to compassionately understand all sides of an issue and varying opinions which is always evident in his dealings with leadership and the entire membership base. He leads by example and demonstrates respect with simple, yet powerful actions, bringing issues to a thoughtful conclusion. He is also one of the most caring and optimistic men I know and it is a privilege to serve with him. Based on my experience, I strongly endorse and recommend Rich to anyone in need of an exceptional family law attorney.

veritasante omnia

Elyssa Berkowitz handled my step-parent adoption case, she didn't make any promises other than that she would work hard to help us end a long and painful chapter of our lives. She did just that, I am extremely grateful that my daughter has been able to fully move on with her life.

Jessica Mesa

We had an excellent experience from start to finish with The Harris Law Firm. Everyone we came into contact with was very easy to deal with and provided a quality experience. Our attorney was Javed Abbas and we will not only ask for his help again if needed, but we would also highly recommend him to others. We are very pleased with our results and wouldn't change anything if we had to do it all over again!

Christopher Donovan

My divorce is still going on, but Niceta and Brooke are awesome. My situation is strictly about my 2 children and not much more. Niceta is the perfect lawyer for a case that is really about 2 children's best interest regarding custody. Both Brooke and Niceta have been there for me and my kids not just for the legal side of the divorce, but as a source of comfort and family/friendly advice when times have been really tough. This is an emotional time and Niceta has been instrumental in helping me keep a level head and continue to be the father that I am. Though my divorce is still active, Niceta and Brooke are highly recommended and I would suggest retaining their services if you are in a situation where really the only thing that matters is your kids. Niceta does not sugar coat things and she tells you how things really are. A great lawyer will help you remain calm and keep your head on straight. She is great at helping limit the emotions involved and keeping things about the kids and what they need, to make an otherwise terrible situation more tolerable.

Candice-Lee Glutz

I was referred to Robert L. Pomper as being the best in complex divorce litigation and from minute one from sitting down with Robert, I knew that I was in excellent hands. Not only was I thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and skillset surrounding my (more than complex case) but also his ability to empathize with my every concern and fear and have it promptly addressed. Robert's precise and accurate understanding of family law and other areas within the legal system are more than impressive. His verbiage of complex litigation matters was appropriately “translated into lay man’s” terms so that I felt well-equipped, assured and confident in his ability to make clear and concise decisions pertaining to my case. That combined with his caring nature is why he is a force to be reckoned with and has been referred to as one of the best in the business. I'd also like to mention Jenny Kang and compliment her for her professionalism and compassion from beginning to end. Her promptness and guidance re matters were equally paramount in my case. I consider them a Power team!

barb mackenzie

We hired this law firm to help with child support and visitation issues. We picked them because they were in the Denver/ Ft Collins area and we were in the Springs. They appointed a newer attorney to our case who was up against a seasoned attorney with an attitude. Our attorney was not a fighter and kept telling us to settle when we wanted to fight. the out come was less then what we started with. This was one issue we had with them. The other is their billing department. There were monies never posted to our account, double charges. We would get a generic statement the first three months after we hired them asking for another 2500.00 after being in the red and we had to ask for itemized statements every time to catch the errors that were being made. These statements were never sent pro-active so we were always in the red. The assistant would loose mails and we would have to resend everything. We were charged travel time from Denver when they should have sent an attorney from their Ft Collins's office that was the reason to hire them. We paid this firm well over 10K in less then a year and they still want more for nothing. When they stated they were done with the case and withdrew we found out the proper paper work was never completed and followed up on by our attorney because she relied on the other parties attorney to do it and it created contempt charges. We took our issues to the owner and to office manger she blew it off and stated we owed the reminder of the monies knowing they never finished the job offering a small discount on the reminder knowing we had to hire another attorney to finish what they didn't then turned the balance of 5K to collections. We never heard from the owner/Sr partner. We have filed a complaint with the BBB and now ready to go to the Bar. That is how bad this company is. I do not recommend them at all and should have checked yelp before hiring them with the past reviews.

Lyndee Banister

No one gets married knowing they will one day get divorced. However, after having a very complicated divorce, I couldn’t be more thankful to have had Javed and the Harris Law Firm on my side. My ex’s attorney was very unethical and boasted about his clients and their cases and the empire be built off his clients. Javed remained professional and always kept my dignity and integrity in the forefront of what he did. You never “win” in a divorce and I didn’t want an attorney who’d lie to me and tell me I would. He won where it counts; my kids safety! Javed was always honest, put his whole heart into my case, insured my kids safety the entire process, and never once made my case about the money he’d make. In fact, he did the opposite and saved me money where he could. I truly will forever be grateful for Javed and his entire team! Professional! Honest! Straightforward! High Morals! Dedicated! Exceptional!

Sarah Craft

Ben Floyd helped me immensely. Not only was he a more than capable attorney, he was patient and understanding in the midst of a very trying time. Thank you Ben and the Harris Law Firm!

Steve Rhee

Best of the best

Mark Tobey

I will always remember Rich's professionalism and passion with great respect and gratitude. He took my case under the most difficult of circumstances and under his counsel, we achieved all the goals I outlined, against overwhelming odds. He is a first class individual who has assembled a first class Firm -- the best in the business from my experience.

Russell Alexander

I practice collaborative family law in Southern Ontario, Canada. Over the years, I have consulted with Rich on an ongoing basis regarding the internal dynamics of customer service and firm management. Through my consultations with Rich, I have benefitted tremendously from his client-centered approach to family law services. Rich is an unparalleled and trustworthy advocate who makes clients his number one priority.

Gregory Robinson

I have been sending my clients to Jennifer Wray for years and always get a great response back. I hear that Jennifer is diligent, with strong communication skills and unflinching in the courtroom. Anybody that can get Jennie as their lawyer can sit back and watch her do her thing with the utmost confidence that they will surely better their position!

karen sagahon

I was really blessed when I found this firm to handle my very unexpected divorce after a literal lifetime of marriage. I had started the very difficult task with a different firm, but after lack of service I had to start over and found Harris Law Firm. Everyone, from the first phone consultation to contracting their firm to speaking with the attorney and paralegal team that has worked with me to prepare for a final outcome I never imagined I would have to face, has been professional, expedient, patient and kind! For someone who has lived a lifetime believing they would grow old with the one they love, this firm is the only way I was able to see my way through the dark path of divorce and try to focus on a way to prepare for a new day. The Harris Law Firm helped me do that!

Sammantha Heuton

Jonathan BeremanWas the best lawer I could have worked with and knowing. He did nothing but fight for me and my daughter. I have never had anyone put there passion into something they believe in. With him by my side I had no worries. He was outstanding lawer! Me and my family are so grateful fo what he has done. He works hard and so doesn’t stop.

anny grohmann

The experience that I had with Dianne and the entire Harris Law Firm was great, they knew exactly what I was asking for and succeed even thru this hardship, they handled every situation professionally and they really cared about all my needs. Sincerely one happy client.

Morgan Frazier

OMG, what a VERY VERY unprofessional law firm. I was treated like I was a waste of their time from the receptionist to customer relations...including my lawyer who reminded me of a high school ring leader that bullied every one K-12. After filling out the application prior to visiting with the lawyer I stated clearly not to mail anything to my home address, I even wrote in on the application so it was stated twice, these supposed professionals send chocolates to my house. WTF, they started a fire in my house. My boyfriend came home two weeks prior and broke up with me, I was just visiting a lawyer to see what my rights were, and they new this and still sent chocolates to my house. I will be reporting this law firm to the BBB. If I were you, I would steer clear of this unprofessional law firm.

David :D

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Katy Ellis pertaining to my Divorce. She was very upfront and informative about the Colorado laws and what to expect. Everything she told me was very accurate and almost to the word per the Judges opinion. She has an amazing approach and seriously takes your best interest into considertaion. Being a man in a divorce with children and your time with them is trying to be taken away is a very stressful situation. Katy exceeded my expectations pertaining to everything. I would highly recommend.

Joanna Arencibia

I’ve known Carrie Eckstein for the past ten years and recommended her on multiple occasions -- without hesitation -- to friends seeking the type of legal counsel she provides. Carrie’s an incredibly bright, knowledgeable, professional, thorough and hard-working lawyer who cares very deeply about the role she plays in representing her clients' needs.

Renee Krause

I have worked with The Harris Law Firm for many years and have gotten to know much of their team. This firm is truly unlike any other family law firm. They are very skilled, ethical and operate with the highest level of integrity. They are compassionate and genuinely care about their clients and achieving the best outcome possible for them. This is truly a very special team!

Jan Rodgers

I had the pleasure of being an instructor and coach for Amanda Reeves, from Harris Law Firm, during a 40-hr. mediation training. Her cheerful and professional demeanor made her a delight to have in class. Amanda stands out as an enthusiastic and talented student as well. She was very teachable and intentional about acquiring strong mediation skills which she demonstrates in both her personal life and legal profession.

Patrick S. Ryan

I was very disappointed with the way that the Harris Law Firm handled my case. The firm was expensive, difficult to keep on task, and the attorneys rarely dedicated the needed time to handle important things that came up. In the weeks leading up to the final hearing, the firm personnel were increasingly difficult to reach and ultimately, with only three weeks prior to hearing, they filed a surprise, uncoordinated withdrawal. This threw the case into chaos and completely changed the hearing schedule, adding months to the process with much additional emotional and financial pain. I would not hire this firm again under any circumstances.

Random Neko

Patient and caring.

michael Rawana

I can't thank you guys enough. My mom just passed and my children we're abducted in New York. Went through every child protective services with false allegations man I living in hell even a time of mourning .I filed petitions and got my kids back and went to get a counsel, I knew what kind of person I was dealing with and coming from NY the moms are favored everytime and everything is free, it's a game for woman to cripple the fathers. Thank god Colorado has a fair justice system. I was appointed Sangeetha and she was ready to fight. She guided the whole way legally and personally. She reffered me to a babysitter and got me front row tickets to frozen live! I felt I was in good hands. Thanks Rich , Mrs. Maureen, Janet, Peggy, Lesley, the other secretary! Whatever the turn out was Sangeetha is ready, especially in district court! They are expensive but they understood and worked with me, especially Mrs. Maureen and Sangeetha. They are the dream team. If you want the best for you're kids you want the best! Also thanks Larry Ford! Sangeetha saved my kids and will never be abused again. Thank you.

Monica ramirez

I just called the law firm to get a quote for representing me in a family matter. The receptionist was extremely rude and belittling. She said that the retainer fee was $3500 dollars. I am willing to pay for someone to be on my side, but if that is the first impression that you are going to give a potential client then good luck. I would not trust this firm and I think the woman that does client setups needs some serious training in customer service.

Kerrie Urban

Be very cautious in regards to this firm and their attorneys ethical values. They were no t my attorney but i want people to know what their Super Lawyer Sangeetha Mallavarupa did to me. She was was hired by my ex inlaws to try to get rights to my child after my ex husband committed suicide. In her mition to the court she actually wrote that i was being investigated for murdering him. Later in a hearing she admitted to the judge when my attorney brought it forward, that she never even did her due dilegence to talk with the Sheriffs office to see if that was true. She lied in motions just to Get her case heard. And in the end i didnt have an attorney and I WON my case against this power Super Lawyer.

Burch Trevizo

Rebecca L. Williams attorney and Roselyn Klinzman paralegal are the best people I work with they explain and they will explain more when you don't understand I have no issue with them they also show hope for the case to do great which is a great

Brian Galbraith

Rich and his firm have an excellent reputation. It is well earned. As a fellow family law lawyer, I know that Rich is exceptional. He is caring. Thoughtful. And he really knows the law. He will protect you and help you achieve a successful resolution. I would have no hesitation referring Rich both my best clients as well as my personal family and friends.

Teresa Marquez

I highly recommend Harris Law Firm. They represented our family in a custody case regarding a grandchild. They were very professional and dedicated to the best outcome possible for our family's situation. Also, Mr. Harris is a very honorable family man, and I believe that shows in the manner in which he runs his law firm.

Joshua Morris

A firm that is always working there hardest to help you in your difficult time.

Kenneth Peck

As a divorce lawyer, I know that Richard Harris and the Harris Law Firm have an outstanding reputation in the legal community. They are well respected by Denver divorce lawyers because they know the law, are skilled settlement negotiators, and perform well in the courtroom. This is the largest Colorado divorce law firm for many other good reasons. If you need help with a divorce, child custody, or other family law problem, you should give serious consideration to hiring them.

Art Valentine

Dr. Maya Gonzales

Kelly Lynch Murphy is tough and fare, you want to have her on your side!

greg gomez

Todd Spoelstra

Sangeetha Mallavrapu saved my daughter's life I know this is a very bold statement however there is really no other way to put it. If things had progressed the way they were at the time my daughter would never has a chance at a good life or maybe life at all It was a little over one year ago when i started to worry about my daughter's safety she was being cared for by her mother in Denver at the time. I called the Harris law firm and a few days later I got a call from Sangeetha Mallavarapu telling me she would be handling my case. I explained the situation and all the things that were going on at the time and the concerns I had for my child.I could tell from the start that I had come upon a very intelligent professional attorney. She had recommendations on how to proceed with the case and from the outset the choices you have to make are very hard ones.These choices involved feeling's i still had for my daughter's mother at the time and trying to keep a family unit for my child. Looking back at the case now from the very start Sangeetha was spot on with everything she advised me to do. She wanted me to get a PRE (parental responsibility evaluator) involved right away. As I am sure most people would be I was hesitant to do this fearing it would crush any chance for a relationship with her mother or a family unit being formed. As time went on I became more and more concerned with my child's well being and safetey. We did end up using PRE after some time, the point being that Sangeetha Knew right from the start that this was the best thing for my daughter. She knew that the only thing that really matters in these cases is the best thing for the child that is all that really matters. The more we probed into the case the more things we uncovered that were making a very unsafe and unhealthy situation for my daughter. There were many twist and turns in this case dealing with a unpredictable unstable person. On every twist and tun Sangeetha was one step ahead and had the perfect plan in place. In the end we won everything there was ti win, it could not have gone any better! Was it costly yes but I now have my daughter with me every day and in the safest place she could ever be. That I would not trade for the world this is priceless! I would like to say to Sangeetha Mallavarapu and the Harris law firm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. .

Robert Stocker

I don't think about how bad my divorce was very often, but as I celabrate a year since final orders were issued I was thinking just how well Niceta and Brooke did with my situation. My daughter and I could not be happier with the results and we thank you both very much! I also have to thank Niceta for every detail she wrote into the agreement! The final orders are so we'll written that no disputes have arisen, I simply state "per the final orders" when communicating with my ex and she complies with everything. Niceta knew just how bad my ex was/is and she wrote an agreement that eliminated my ex's ability to manipulate things and it has made life so easy. Thank you! There has been none of my ex wife's nonsense since the final orders were issued, my daughter is smiling again, and we are both doing great. Thank you both again, Robb

Andy Marquez

Our experience with the Harris Law Firm has been as good as one can expect. They represented us in a custody battle for our grandson. The work was complete and thorough and gave us solid representation. I would not hesitate to call on Rich and his competent staff.

John Lawson - CDLE

Kevin Massaro and Linda Campbell are exactly what I needed to get through my divorce. What a fantastic team! Kevin is patient, compassionate, intelligent, and fights for you like you are family. Linda is diligent, focused, caring, and extremely organized. If I had to go through it again, I would make sure that I had this "Dynamic" team representing me. Wonderful Job!! Thanks for all your support!

LeDonna Sotomayor

Very encouraging and ready to help in your situation.

Monica Lichtenberger

Amanda Reeves completed mediation training with Phoenix Strategies successfully, exhibiting insightful perspectives, self awareness, and skillful techniques bringing parties to resolution. She is committed and dependable and I appreciate her positive and enthusiastic demeanor.

Margaret Spidel

I met Niceta Bradburn shortly after my divorce. She has managed my post decree issues with knowledge, support and guidance. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a reliable, honest, and empathetic lawyer to represent them.


What a great firm! I can’t believe I was lucky enough to find them. I had tried countless firms and lawyers, running my case by them to no avail. Then I got a hold of Dianne Van Voorhees. If you are looking for a brilliant, kind and caring lawyer, you have the right place. I am blessed Dianne helped me through an emotional battle with my dishonest and thieving landlords and won the case. Her encouragement and guidance was just what I needed. ~rlh

David Justus

Scott Parham

I was blessed enough to have Carrie Eckstein as my attorney during my divorce. Which should have been relatively simple no young kids just assets. It was anything but simple it was crazy town. Carrie handled the madness like a true professional at all times and kept me sane. I will be forever in debt to Carrie for walking me through the most difficult time of my life. The Harris lay firm is lucky to have her. I would recommend her to anyone facing such a difficult time. Thank you again Carrie you truly ROCK!!

Instigator06 .

I was in need of a divorce attorney and found Harris. I am very pleased with them as a firm and with my lawyer, Sangeetha, in particular. Through such a difficult process, everyone I have dealt with at the firm has been personable, friendly, and caring; something I appreciate when dealing with huge life decisions. I would not hesitate to recommend the Harris Law Firm to anyone in need. Family and divorce law is their specialty, and it pays to have an expert on your side.

Nagendra Tekumalla

I am glad I walked away half way through after firing my lawyer Carrie from this firm, who asked me to see my kids at family center after collecting $7000 in fees in 2009-2010. I hired a different firm and they got me custody of kids every weekend within a month. Today my kids stay with me for most part, even after graduating, as they figured out that I can do a lot for them as DAD. Don't settle for less if you are not convinced. In hindsight, I shouldn't have spend so much to see my kids as it was my right.

Ms. Rose

Please do not disregard the complaints written about this law firm. I am someone who tries to assess every negative review without jumping to conclusions. But I promise that these people are not exaggerating. We hired this law firm with the intent of going after an appeal and some post-decree matters such as contempt and child support. I can say that my husband has received atrocious help from this firm. On top of having to literally beg our attorney to do anything we needed, we had to send information to her multiple times because she ignored emails or wrote things up incorrectly. Needless to say, we paid for every phone call, every plea, and every email. So, after paying approximately $20,000, we received another bill saying we owed another $3,200 to make up for our balance and refresh our retainer. On this bill, we noticed a discrepancy of almost $1,500 between what they claimed we had paid to date and what we had bank statements proving we had paid. This was the last straw, and we began complaining first to the attorney herself to give her a chance to correct the issues. This got absolutely nowhere, and in fact led to us receiving an email a week later saying that she was raising her fee; so next, we were directed to Cheryl. This required my husband to make a special trip to Denver to meet with her and explain the issues we were having. Cheryl explained that we were free to go with another attorney, but to just let her know, and in the meantime she would look into our complaints as well as our billing issue. When we chose to try another attorney because we simply could not afford to start over with another law firm (although we would have preferred to), Cheryl told us that we needed to set up a meeting with the new attorney (another special trip to Denver), that she would refund us only $400 for the mistakes, and that she was still working on the billing issue. That was the last we heard from Cheryl. Now we have contacted the billing department again and supposedly they are working on it…still. And, we have been given yet another name to whom we can complain. Needless to say, I’m not hopeful we will actually get any help. All of this does not include the fact that for about $10,000 we have received LITERALLY nothing. None of the matters we needed help with other than the appeal have even been addressed. You will waste your time and your money and your sanity with this law firm. Please look somewhere else. And the responses from the owner to the complaints are a joke. As you can see, we’ve already been in contact with one of the people they say to contact in the case of a complaint, and she’s part of the problem.

Smiling Ra

The Harris Law Firm is probably one of the worst in the state of Colorado practicing family law. I’ll frame my review in terms of their values page on their website, and demonstrate how much of a joke it is. Kathryn Nelson is not a knowledgeable lawyer, but instead is incompetent. She frequently had to ask the court about rules and procedures and does not even know the definition of hearsay! They certainly don’t care about children, and their only focus is on making sure that their clients get what they want, and strictly enforcing the letter of law, not even taking into account the spirit of the remarks that *the judge* made as part of his or her ruling. They do a terrible job of communicating, failing to return phone calls and e-mails to the opposing party, thereby eliminating any possibility of out-of-court negotiations. They often act unilaterally. They will only settle things in court, and will often file motions only hours or minutes, without doing proper consultation of the other party, skirting the lines of ethics. They also have no problem running up needless costs, but they’ll assure you that they’ll get the other party to pay. Of course, this doesn’t happen, and so you’re stuck with a huge bill. If you have lots of money to burn and think you can win a war of attrition, The Harris Law Firm are your people. Otherwise, I’d look elsewhere. I didn’t hire these idiots, but my ex-wife did. My divorce drug out a long time, but eventually their incompetence caught up to them, and I got exactly what I wanted.

Diana Robertson

I was seeking a lawyer for a paternal relinquishment case. I had seen about 10 different attorneys that offered free consultations before calling the Harris Law Firm. Niceta Bradburn and her paralegal Brooke were so great. I was initially hesitant to pay the consultation, but in the end is was sooooo worth it (and much more). She helped me with a back up parenting plan and led me through the process to attempt relinquishment. I took a leap of faith and paid the retainer, but in the end did not need to go use the parenting plan. The relinquishment was successful, and my retainer was refunded with ease. I am now the sole legal parent of my daughter and it was thanks to the amazing advice and counsel of Niceta. I can't thank her enough for her invaluable expertise.

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