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Marvin the Martian

Hah! 1.2 star review already?! I was going to come on here to explain how AWFUL their customer service is, But apparently there is no need. - - - - - is a downright condescending woman!! I wouldn't ever bother calling this place again if THEY actually paid me.

Jessica Forrest

Helped me with my divorce and custody. Where life savers for a single mom.

Christine Bondi

I wish that there was a way to give a zero star review, because that is certainly what this organization deserves. I called today in an attempt to seek help and advice on a legal/financial situation our family is facing since we can not afford to retain private legal services. I was shocked when, after I explained our situation, which includes a severely disabled infant, the representative on the phone told me "nobody actually cares about your circumstances, we aren't going to help you'. It was almost like calling AAA for help with a flat tire and being told that AAA doesn't actually care about flat tires. Isn't the whole point of an income based, volunteer legal service to care about people's circumstances? It was not the unwillingness to assist that shocked me, I can understand that not all services can assist with all situations, my shock came from the harsh disgust and dismissal that were evident by both the tone of voice the representative used and the ugly, demeaning way that the message was delivered.

Liberty Skrollz

1 star is too many...These people are corrupt conartists...


Quite amusing, actually. Recording says "If I know the parties extension to please dial it now. I wait for the next prompt which, logically, would state that since I don't know what the extension is that I would be transferred to an extension that would help me to find the appropriate party. No logic. the recording tell me again that "If I know the extension of the party to dial it now". I don't know the extension, so I start dialing 3 digit extensions and on extension 333 I get voice mail. I leave a message. Now I will see if I get a call back. Very unprofessional for a legal assistance office.

Paula Rhoads

I have never been able to find accommodation to get the appointed attorney granted by judge ann mansfield after determining i am disabled. The three women lawyers listened, but the one across from me was the one conducting the interview. She laughed at me and attempted to make my complaint that i could not get the attorney into a racial issue. I had complained that people with brain injuries cannot hire legal representation at all in colorado. The city of Denver budgeted $200,000 for legal representation for people being deported. I'm not saying others should also be denied. I'm saying American citizens are routinely being denied and discriminated against. But the three women laughing at a disabled person while ignoring the judge's approval is particularly disturbing. Metro lawyers is not accommodation of the disabled. Neither is Colorado legal services. I must appear to federal courts because both are discriminating against disabled people.

Park rthington

I am not sure what Metro Volunteer Lawyers actually does. They couldn't answer simple questions, provide any insight, suggest an alternate avenue of help considering they were unable to help with anything. ***You get what you pay for from them. NOTHING.

Rene Rosechild

Free lawyers!

Josh Martin

Natasha Shacklett

1 star is too good for them. I called them for help and the person who answered the phone was very rude to me and hung up on me. He didn't give me his name, do not use this service.

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