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REVIEWS OF Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. IN Colorado

nasir abdi

David Damian

Very very patient and kind people, they have treated us with the upmost respect and have gone all out for my family

Nicole James

They really care about their clients and will take the extra time to make sure they do their absolute best on every case.

Anonymous 4areason

Would not waste time here. Not sure criteria for taking cases but am thinking -my opinion only-the potential for easy large dollar settlements or awards might be driving force--operative word here is "easy". They represent themselves as medical malpractice plaintiffs attorneys, but not positive that is the case. Don't see much effort for what is right/wrong. Office lacks professionalism. Some sort of undercurrent exists here--not sure what that is either. Very casual/sloppy dress. Can't prove it but it seems possible that a client's gender, their knowledge of law or medical issues who might also have a case that is not the easiest, this law firm appears to not be interested. Funny too they advertise their concern regarding latest medical buzz health issues of the day, but their criteria for taking a case is a very well kept secret. They don't appear to advocate for the under dog. This may have been a prestigous law firm at one point but the shine has worn off the polish. Office is tired, unenthusiastic - would not recommend. Suggest folks look for a law firm that is enthusiastic, knowledgable and wants to champion a cause for real. This law firm needs an infusion of some new energy; they seem old and tired. One clue I would pass on is when a lawyer tends to tell a potential client what to do and then if there is push back the lawyer tells the potential client "you tell them this--you tell them that".....a lot of push pull type stuff......this is a losing battle all the way. If talking worked, one wouldn't need a lawyer at all. Add insult to injury-they don't have the courage to speak with a person they intend to not take on as a client; they send a rejection letter in the mail after a fair amount of time and effort has gone into bringing evidence and documentation to the table. A letter full of rambling narrative and doublespeak, for example their rejection does not mean the potential client "does not have a case." Their rejection only means their firm is "not able to represent you in this potential claim." Dismissed with no warning and with no real explanation. My recommendation would be to seek out a law firm that is up front and honest about their criteria and processes for taking on a case. This firm is not the one to pin any hopes for taking on a medical malpractice case, even after the State of Colorado found wrongdoing by the institution involved. Wrongdoing that had the potential to expose patients to HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C, hospital acquired infections and serious incision site infections. Buyer beware. Study up on the medical institutions your life may be in the hands of, as well as the physicians, surgeons, and staff in these institutions. Once you have experienced serious complications, you may very well find that you are a marked person. One that is a serious reminder of whatever screw ups may have occurred during your surgical, post-surgical and lengthy rehab time. Don't expect the institutions themselves or every medical malpractice law firm is going to give a damn. You are on your own. All this being said though, be assured I won't be giving up. I believe there was serious wrongdoing in my situation and I will keep hunting until I find the right law firm that meets my personal criteria for representing me in my quest to seek justice. This firm has only shown itself to be mediocre at best. My life is more than mediocre to me and I will do whatever it takes legally to take to task an institution, a physician, or a law firm who thinks any different.

matt daniels

I called this firm 3 times over a 2 week period and never received a call back. They obviously could care less about obtaining potential new clients, if that's how they treat potential clients I can only imagine how bad they treat actual clients.


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