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REVIEWS OF HKM Employment Attorneys LLP IN Colorado

Ron K

I do not believe any of these reviews. I was an HKM client and found HKM Denver dishonest, unprofessional, disorganized, apathetic, and hostile. They tell you your case is good then neglect your case for months or years. HKM never tells the truth. They treated me worse than my former employer. I wish I had never encountered HKM! For 13 months I have tried to obtain a W-2 and 1099 MISC which were agreed upon in my Settlement Agreement. HKM has neither provided, or obtained, either. A useless law firm that does not honor legal paperwork. These so called attornies do not even understand the words in the Settlement Agreement they have copies of and were a party of. Dishonest! Read the first page of my Settlement Agreement. Any attornies that do not provide legal tax documents are suspicious at the least. The IRS will be interested.

mike john

My wife needed an attorney to listen to her story and have her back every step of the way with her case and HKM offered that and more. They were easy to talk to and explained all our options openly and honestly. I have already referred some friends of mine to them and I will continue to in the future. Thanks again for fighting for us and helping her get what she deserved in the end.

Alec Campbell

patrick gronemeyer

Kortney Vieweg

I had recently posted a negative review in regards to the lack of ownership and credibility. I'm changing my review from one star to five stars. Daniel K, reached out to me personally to apologize for the disconnect with communication and expectations within the Denver office. Daniel went above and beyond to ensure I understood that HKM was going to provide the support and help I needed in regards to my case. Just to be clear, HKM was not able to take my case on, not because of HKM but because of some loop holes in my case and proving certain situations were going to be deemed harder than others. Daniel talked me through my complaint, not only did he break down each concern and defined them by law, he was real! What I mean by this is he was transparent and honest. He answered all questions I had and provided resources that are available to me. I ended the call with a clear understanding of my situation and next steps. You don't find attorneys or people with this quality very often anymore. If you need direction and honesty, HKM is the business you should trust in to guide you lawfully and confidently. Thank you Daniel and HKM! Kortney Vieweg

April Haggerton

Through stuff situations it's always amazing to have someone next to you explaining and believing in you. I will always recommend the employment attorneys at HKM, Sarah walked me through the process and kept me updated every inch of the way!

Dylin Graham

I do not even know where to start. I have never been through what I went through and EVERYONE at this firm is AMAZING!!!! If I called they answered or got back to me in a timely manor. I recommend HKM to everyone!!! Thank you Claire and everyone at HKM that helped me and made me feel like a part of their family.

Demetric Gallegos

I spoke with multiple law firms before deciding to choose HKM to represent me. I worked with Claire Munger who helped me out immensely. I had plenty of other attorneys refuse my case from what i assume was either to much work for a high risk case or just plain laziness , then i spoke with Claire who assured me that i had a case worth pursuing and she would do her best to get me a deserved outcome. Claire worked hard on my behalf and i couldn't thank her enough!!! I wish i could give more stars. Thank you Claire and HKM

mine anmeldelser

I was recently in need of legal advice in regards to me getting laid of from work, while being on sickness leave. While this situation was extremely stressful I count myself lucky in one regard, getting Jessie Fishman as my legal council. Jesse was extremely understanding and pleasant all the way through and she provided actionable advice. No wonder she is officially recognised a a coming super star, personally I I think she is already there. Thanks, Don

Mary Patrick

HKM Employment is a Champion firm for Employee Rights. Thank you Dan Kalish for your expertise professionalism, and positive outcome for me and my family. You Made a Difference for me and other employees.

David Vigil

This companies I take specialist Jocelyn is awful... i was providing my story and she cut me off numerous times telling me I was providing her with to much information....I will not use them ever

Blake Szentmartoni

I would highly recommend this firm to anyone I know! First class!

Jill Friedentag

Sarah was amazing in helping me through my case. I am so grateful for her knowledge in this part of the law, however, it was the personalized assistance that was truly appreciated. She went above and beyond to make me feel completely comfortable and spoke in terms I could understand.

Barry Peterson


Words can not express my gratitude for Jesse Fishman!!!! NO ONE should never have to endure sexual harassment, stalking or retaliation in the workplace... but sadly, this is the world we live in. I never in a million years thought I'd experience what I endured. I lived in fear and finally found my voice to fight back and I couldn't have been happier to have Jesse representing me. I felt supported, listened to and validated. FINALLY. The resolution of the case was far better than anything I expected and I am beyond impressed with her legal knowledge, tenacity and attention to every little detail. I trusted her to be my voice and right the wrongs that happened and she far exceeded my expectations. THANK YOU JESSE!!! You are absolutely amazing!

Codie Madison


Received a call and was asked for few information such as: what is your job title and salary? what the name of the company and How big is the company? In addition to this, I gave very little information about a potential case to determine if I have a case or not. I was told that it will be review by a professional attorney and they'll let me know. Within 24 hours, I received an email stating the company offer a one hour LSS (legal strategy session) for $475. How can a potential customer move forward without knowing if he/she has a case? Just ridiculous.

Bert Paddock

I want to thank the HKM Employment Attorneys specifically Claire Davis. She was there for me and is helping me with an important and complicated employment issue, I highly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance with employer problems. Thank you again, Albert Paddock

Dustin Metzer

Claire Hunter With Hkm attorneys, was acceptable appreciable and got the job done rate her five stars for the way she handled and move the case in point A to point B with no issues. I recommend this HKM attorneys in Colorado one of the best employment attorneys around. I’m so glad to have them on my side!!! 100% of the way!!! Thx for all you do!!

Julie Weber

Very informative, helpful and professional.

Alberta Wheeler

Awesome Firm! Everyone is professional and believe me, they work for YOU! They have your best interest at hand and they're honest! In the end, I made really good friendships with the entire staff, again an Awesome Firm! Thank you HKM!

Honest Reviewer

they don't take on discrimination cases which was a let down.

Olivia Chapman

I had a very pleasant experiance with HKM. The attorney I was working with was very kind and very smart. She was quick to answer all my questions or concerns and I came first. She did great in the end and faught even after the court portion was over to get things completely resolved fast. I highly recommend using HKM.

9730481 .

I appreciate all the support that I received from this excellent legal team. They were there for me when I had nowhere to turn and no idea what to do. It helped me thru a tough time and I got the settlement that I felt was fair.

Teresa Stalder

I highly recommend Jesse Fishman and Claire Hunter of HKM! Jesse represented me with confidence every step of the way. She was 110% there for me through it all, and I could not be more grateful to have her on my side. She is knowledgeable, articulate, compassionate, and level-headed. She is a hard-working, can-do go-getter! She also has a heart of gold and will never bullsh** you. Professional, objective, and tenacious-- everything you want from your legal counsel. Absolutely the best!

Sarah LaRue

Such a breath of fresh air through a very stressful time. So thankful for the amount of compassion, and knowledge. Everyone that I had the pleasure of meeting was beyond helpful. Jesse did everything imaginable to make sure I was comfortable, and confident every step of the way!

Carl Girardi

I want to say I wrote a unfavorable review on Clair Munger last year due to conflicts with her. Since then Claire and the company did what they could do to rectify the situation. I'm completely satisfied with the final outcome and I would highly recommend this firm for all your needs. The owner Daniel in Seattle was so helpful and concerned for me and my case that he personally reached out to me and made sure there was a solution to my concerns. Thank You Daniel and Claire for all your help and willingness to go above and beyond the duty of any lawyer. Sincerely Carl Girardi

Derrick Rawlings

Initially I didn’t have a good experience but Clair contacted me and has been wonderful. She has went out of her way to make things right. Would easily be 5 star if not for the initial experience. Would recommend to anyone in need of representation.

Lacie Mundaran

I couldn't have asked for better service from everybody that works for HKM. If you need legal help with your employer I highly recommend HKM Attorneys!

Gib Gob

I had one meeting set for 9am and they did not call me so I reached out and they set up another meeting for 9.40am and again they did not call. Just unacceptable!!! This meeting was to be with Aevery.

Selina Archuleta

Kate Bachtel

Claire Munger is an exemplary attorney by every measure. Her behavioral expertise and compassion standout in a profession where too often lawyers are willing to tolerate human suffering for a win. Claire not only has exceptional employment law expertise, but is virtuous in her practice and a source of calm strength for her clients. As if that were not enough, Claire paid thoughtful attention to control expenses throughout. I could not recommend her more highly!

Kim Hastings

My experience with HKM exceeded my expectations. Claire Munger, and Shelby Woods are prodigious attorneys. The attention to my case was thoughtful and strategic. Claire and Shelby were not only prudent with my case but they were both genuine with communication and were focused on what was best for me. HKM cares about their clients, conscientious of their specific needs ensuring the best outcome for the client is obtained. I would recommend HKM to anyone that needs assistance with employment law.

Jill Bridge

Erin and the rest of the staff are excellent!! They are all very caring and exceptionally competent attorneys. I would highly recommend them.Jill Bridge

Dot smith

The attorney's Claire Munegar, Shelly Woods and Daniel Kalisz from HKM were outstanding and extremely knowledgeable. I can truthfully say as they worked on my case they each demonstrated professionalism, interest, compassion and dedication. My case dealt with employment. HKM did their job with dignity and pride. I was treated with the utmost respect. My co workers who supported me with affidavits shared my trust and admiration with HKM. If I knew of someone seeking employment counseling I would recommend HKM without hesitation. Dot Smith

Gregory Rhymes

Very upstanding attorney, gave me all options! Was very direct and Clear!

Kerry Shackelford

Claire Hunter was a breath of fresh air at a dark moment when I needed help seeking justice in an employment matter. She is a dispute resolution and employment law guru that is also caring, professional, and a genuinely good person. She advocated for me extremely well and brought in talented resources. I’m so glad I had Claire at my side. If you’ve been wronged by an employer, I recommend HKM with 5 out of 5 stars!

Robert Bonner

I was having a really unique problem with an Employer, and Jesse Fishman was a true Rockstar! Without bias, she listened to my situation, helped me gather the right information to move forward, and I never felt like I was being rushed out the door. Absolutely phenomenal firm, 11/10*'s.

Erin MacEachern

They charge $475 just to speak to someone to find out whether you have a case.

Elwyn Schaefer

I have had the pleasure of working as co-counsel w/ Claire Hunter of HKM on two high stakes employment law cases. She is remarkably intelligent, responsible, dedicated and, in a very few words, an excellent atty. I would not hesitate to work w/ her again and I always have Claire in mind when I am looking to refer a case to another atty. My highest recommendation goes to her and her staff.

Vanessa Tello

Very good attorney.. Thanks to Claire Elizabeth she did good job. She help me to win

Jesse James

Mark Reiner

Have worked with Jesse Fishman on employment issue. She has always been helpful and her counsel has been right on.

Brenda Schaffer

Shelby and Clair both seemed knowledgeable. They were helpful at a bad time on my life.

Stephanie DeHart

The lawyers that handled my case were very knowledgeable and passionate.They worked very hard for me and are the BEST!

Joe Reilly

HKM was extremely professional, no matter who I was talking to. They responded quickly and got back to me quickly.

deana beattie

Lauren England

Daniel Kalish and HKM are very professional and courteous. This was my first experience requiring an attorney and they really set the bar! He made the process easier by listening and understanding what I needed and clearly communicating the steps of the process. Five stars all the way!

Amber Cat

After my previous review I got calls from Ms. Hunter at HKM Employment Attorneys, they are going to review my issue and, hopefully, make things right for me. Honestly, they are rated as Super Lawyers and I know now they are. They are the best.

William Stanford

HKM determined the wrongs that i suffered in the course of my employment and confronted those wrongs. HKM represented me with integrity and fortitude, allowing me dignity and the ability to regain my confidence and move forward in obtaining gainful employment.

Breanna perez

Julie Conradt

Denise Johnson

Shelby was truly a compassionate, knowledgeable and very helpful through out the entire process. She made a very stressful situation much more tolerable and I always felt she had my best interest at heart. If you want an attorney with top notch ability and integrity I would highly recommend Shelby Woods and HKM Attorneys.

thomas miller

Excellent experience. The staff was very helpful and supportive of my situation and helped me when I needed it the most. Professional in every way, thank you. I will gladly refer friends, family and peers should they need your help.

Shantelle Elaine Lucero

Claire Munger is a fearless advocate who pursues justice for her clients. She is both knowledgeable about her field and a respected lawyer in the community Whether it’s through her litigation skills in the courtroom or her knack for approaching her clients’ problems with creativity and compassion through her insight into negotiations, Claire does not shy away from tough cases and continuously exceeds expectations.

Sheila Cash

Just want to say that Shelby is awesome! She knows what she is doing. She is compassionate about what she does, and she has awesome people skills.

Diane Ogborn

This law firm helped me through a difficult time. They listened, they cared and they went after the company that had wronged me. I could not rate them more highly! And we won!


I called left a message with the lady from their answering service and scheduled a phone appointment and never got a call back or the email confirmation that she said I would get.

Maria Benjamin

Unfortunately the firm was not able to take my case due to its circumstances however Claire was fantastic and was so kind to lend her time and give me other helpful options to assist me. She is very knowledgeable and if you are looking for an attorney who genuinely cares, she's your gal!

Daryl Burkhart

Fantastic law firm. They listened to my case and ran with it. I could keep working without worrying about the little details. Sarah was awesome at staying in touch every step away. I highly recommend this law firm for any employees who work with companies violating the law!

C. Yvonne

From the first consultation with my attorney I felt at ease. Wonderful staff always treated me respectfully and eager to answer any questions I had. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you again for your professionalism. Regards, C. Roper

kevin gibson

Claire was a delight to work with and her dedication is second to none!!! Highly recommended

Jessica B

They never called me back. I went with a another firm and things are heading in the right direction. HKM you definitely should have called me back.

kelsey gilbert

Wonderful to work with

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