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REVIEWS OF Geman Criminal Defense IN Colorado

Dillon Glatthar

C Mladinich

Mr. Geman is excellent at his profession and really takes the time to listen and be compassionate. In a world where there are so many attorneys to choose from, it makes a big difference to find one you feel you can connect with and get the best result for your case. He leads you step by step through your case with confidence! Look no further, I highly recommend you give Mr. Geman a call!

Anthony Salazar

Geman is the best lawyer he helped me I would recommend him thank you again

Don Pennington

By far the most professional lawyer i've ever had. Nick makes the whole process a breeze.! You are in great hands! If you are I need of legal help. Givem a call!

Koren Kade

Nic was extremely sympathetic, effective, and prompt in all aspects of my case (DUI). He gathered data quickly, worked behind the scenes to limit the amount of days we actually had to spend in court, and his end result (a zero point speeding ticket with all other charges dropped) is incredible. I highly recommend him and if am ever in need, will go to him again.

Steve brunsman

I didn't even have to show up to court great service knows what he's doing and has a great staff

Robert Banks

Hello all. Im writing this review regarding Nick Gemans performance on a probation case that I had this year. Now you have to understand how difficult it can be for an attorney to defend someone who has already been found guilty. Being as I was already on probation for DUI and probation hearings almost always find for the probation officers side because there no requirement of absolute proof in this type of hearing. I hired Mr. Geman to actually protect me from an extremely overzealous probation officer who threatened to revoke me everytime I saw her--for no reason. After realizing that she could destroy my life with the stroke of a pen just because she wanted to, I hired Nick. Ive had attorneys before and it always happens that eventually, they get harder and harder to reach until you feel lucky if you can get ahold of them before your court date. That NEVER happened with Mr. Geman. My calls were always returned in a timely manner. Thats just a comforting feeling to know that the person you hired to protect you thinks enough of you to make sure he gets back to you and has answers for you. He has confidence in himself and it comes through when you talk to him. Competincy is something you just recognize when you see it. I liked his attitude and I felt absolutely comfortable with my situation being worked out by him. As of last week, Im totally off any probation, UA's, BA's.....its over. And its over on time. This would absolutely not have been the case without him. He did a great job, was always honest and straight up about what we were looking at, what my options were and what he could do about it. For this, I am truely grateful. Im married and have worked very hard in life to get where im at and just didnt need anymore complications because some probation officer had some bone to pick. Nick is all Aces in my book. Thanks Nick!

Katelin Geman

Great experience! He is kind and compassionate, really listened to me and personally returned my calls. Mr. Geman and the lawyers at his firm are amazing. He's the main lawyer, and unlike other big firms, I was actually able to access him and talk to him throughout the whole process. Definitely recommend!!

Janie Rivas

Nic is the lead DUI attorney at this firm, and let me tell you... He is an amazingly talented attorney and super nice guy. It is very apparent why he is one of the partners in the firm. Nobody wants to deal with the effects of a DUI or drug charge, but he really knows how to calm people down, explain the entire process and really help reduce the long term affects of a criminal charge, big or small.

Jonathan Hurst

Mr.Geman I call him Nick fought for me at my lowest point. Being in trouble 400 miles away from home and facing 40 years with alot of charges Nick worked my case day and night getting me a 5year deal and he did it pro bono..this guy is amazing from his demeanor in the court room too his communication skills I would not recommend anyone else for the job...thank you so much Nick I wish you nothing but the best!


Nic is the man! Turned what could have been a horrible situation into completely doable outcome. Even followed up after a year and handled everything at no additional cost. Masterful in the courtroom. Definately recommend.

Ed Harrington

Tactical SEO LLC

This guy knows his stuff!! He is passionate about what he does and who he helps.... Can't say enough great things about Nicolas! One of Denver's finest attorney's by far...

Cassie Cini

Nicolas Geman is an incredible attorney. He is more compassionate than all others I have met, with impeccable follow though and insight. He is professional, yet caring. I appreciate all he has done, and should I need him again in the future, I'm glad I have his number saved.

Berta Wessel

My family was in a pretty desperate situation, and reaching out to Nick was the best thing we could have done! We got an appointment the very same day we called. Nick also met with us several times before court. He was honest, and didn’t tell us what we wanted to hear, but what we needed to hear. He made sure that we were well prepared, and stood by us in and out of the courtroom. He helped out the situation, and got us the best possible outcome. I would trust him to help out again. I would definitely recommend Nick Geman!

Casey Seifert

Nick was awesome he got me the best outcome for the situation I was in.

Tiffany Jones

I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful and compassionate law firm. I can not say enough good things about Nick. Not only does he know what he is doing, his whole demeanor makes you feel as though you are family and he genuinely cares about you. I also am beyond thankful for Karen in this office. Every phone call has been answered... EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Not only has she calmed me down during nervous breakdowns, she has gone out of her way to even call me at 8:00 pm to make sure I am “doing ok”. I do not know any other law firm that has ever done that. I am so glad I found this place and if I could give 1 million stars, I WOULD!!!!

Bethany Glatthar

Nic has been my lawyer for the past 3 or so years. He is always available to answer legal questions and is very knowledgeable. I would reccomend him to my close friends and family!

I draw love me

Not only is Mr. Geman an amazing Lawyer, but also a wonderful person!

Ben Norton

I have worked with Mr. Geman on several cases, and he is an excellent attorney. He is very professional, responsive, and effective in court. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

Tamara Huey

Mr. Geman and his office staff are excellent and professional and take time to listen and are very understanding. They are very quick to take and return phone calls which makes their clients feel important.

Adam Freeman

I know know why this Firm has all FIVE STARS. Mr. Geman is not only knowledgeable but confident in what he does. Any one that has ever been to court before knows how uncomfortable it can make you feel. Me. Gena took that stress right away. Not only that but my case was not the easiest of cases and I have to say I wasn't an easy client. However, he handled both the case and me very well. It went super smooth and his paralegal and himself kept me informed and up to date every step of the way. The best part is he got my case dismissed!! I now have this law firm number in my phone as an emergency contact because this will be my one and only lawyer for years to come. GREAT JOB GUYS!!

Abbey Tripp

Decent experience. Tried what he could but did not expose everything. Blamed me for being truthful and did not have my life in mind. Great lawyer. Just needs some compassion.

Jason Haynes

Nick and his team are both knowledgeable and helpful. Nick went to work on my case immediately and really stood up th the d.a. on my behalf. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and am glad that I had Geman Criminal Defence to get me through it.

Mike g

What can I say, Nick changed my life. After having had cancer twice, I was arrested for DUI for sleeping in my car, shortly after surgery. Nick then got me down to a DWAI, and a small amount of probation, rather than Jail time. Shortly after that, in the process of getting my license information together, I was pulled over and charged with driving under revocation. Again, Nick saved my life, with no Jail time, and had the ticket dropped! (Normally this is a Misdemeanor with a heavy fine.) Nick saved me, and I can't thank him enough. He's a great guy, and a better lawyer!

T Rich

Mr. Geman saved my future. As a college student accused of a federal felony I was very frightened about my future. Mr. Geman took care of everything, and for an extremely reasonable price. I cannot recommend him enough.

Matthew Rodgers

Alan R

I hired Mr. Geman to represent me in a DUI case, this was a 3rd offense. We fought the case for over a year due to the DA not offering a fair plea deal. We ended up taking the case to trail and Won!! Free of all charges. Mr. Geman is very competent and very good at answering questions realistically. Definitaly recommend!

Karter Dorothy

Great Experience! Mr. Geman is an amazing lawyer. We are so happy with his firm. I would recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you for everything Mr. Geman!!

Joe Freemond

My experience with Mr. Geman as my legal representation was impeccable. His knowledge of Colorado law, particularly DUI-related law, is second to none and his confidence and demeanor in the courtroom is assuring to say the least. He was always very prompt to return any calls, questions, or concerns I had throughout my entire case process, and he was able to achieve an end result I was quite satisfied with. I highly recommend Nicolas Geman and Geman Criminal Defense in all relevant legal matters, he is as good as it gets.

Kim B

Nic was very good to me in a very scary time. My experience was that he knew how to help me make the best of a horrible mistake by getting a second DUI. I liked that his office called me all the time to check in, remind me about court and make sure that I was doing the right things. I really appreciate how he fought for me and the best possible outcome. I will tell my friends to go see Nic.

Hayley May

Lisi Reyna

Mr. Geman is as good as it gets..if you are in trouble, please call him A.S.A.P. He was extremely knowledgeable and very personable. I am going to recommend him to anyone I come across that is dealing with a DUI. He was able to get me a deferred sentence and it was dropped down to "Wreckless". I will not have a DUI on my record because of Mr. Geman, so if you are trying to find a lawyer who listens, understands, and will give you 100%...look no more. He was always available to talk to, he has an awesome online website to communicate, upload documents, make payments, and he responds so quickly! I would hire him again in a heartbeat...I just hope I don't have to. Thank you for all that you do Nicolas!

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