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REVIEWS OF Cornish & Dell'olio: Kalmanowitz Ian IN Colorado

Amanda Sundeen

I was referred to Ian Kalmanowitz with excellent recommendations from my former criminal defense attorney - to sue the company who tried to frame me and broke the law in doing so. I got an appointment with Ian, paid my $200 consult fee, he said we had a case and agreed to take it - but I never heard from him again after that consult. That was 6 months ago. His secretary blocked me from getting any messages to him over and over. Even the referring attorney contacted him several times - and Ian kept telling my other attorney he was taking my case and he'd call me. He never did. After multiple calls and emails, and never a single response, I told him I wanted my money back if they were going to lie, take my money, and disappear. Did I even get a reponse? No. Did I get my money back? No. I'm very upset by this disgusting lack of customer service and the thievery I endured as he took my money and did nothing with my case whatsoever. I would NOT recommend him to anymore. He'll take your money and then leave you out to dry. Very disappointed and hurt. I would be happy to retract my formal complaint if he were to refund my fee in full.

Christine Carpino

Ian Kalmanowitz recently handled an employment case for me. I was impressed with the service. Ian was pleasant, patient and provided me with sound advice. I would highly recommend contacting Ian if you find yourself in need of an employment attorney.

Rose Oq

I had a terrible experience with this guy too just like the other reviewer said, he takes your fee then sits on your case for as long as he needs to. I was suing an agency in Schriever AFB which is notorious already for its history in filed sexual asaault/harassment cases. Long story short, he did not have my best interest at heart and was even in cahoots with the rep from the agency. Basically I had to settle for less than 5k settlement after almost 2yrs of him dragging it out. He tells me as he pointed out in his office, binders full of the many sexual harassment cases he has that I am not the only one. Each binder represents a client of his who's case he is "working" on. That should have been a red flag that what he does is basically wait out the whole process including the disposition only until the victim is left emotionally and mentally drained and feel coerced to accept a slap in the face settlement of merely chump change just to be over with the painstaking ordeal. He had the nerve to ask me if I'm going to spend it on a vacation. He clearly not only was not on my side, but probably thought I was lying despite overpreponderance of evidence including voice recordings that the agency was at fault. I DO NOT recommend Ian Kalmanowitz to represent sexual harassment victims. I lost even more dignity than before hiring him. Unfortunately he is the ONLY attorney in the Springs that deals with cases involving gov't/civil service employees/clients. No wonder he treats them lousy, he gets paid regardless.

Sean Chambers

George Sleeman

Best attorney ever. I was hurt on the job, and they did not offer me a position as they were supposed to by ADA, and instead fired me. I contacted Ian, and he helped me out. Yes, it took a long time because it was a Govt agency. Yes, it was a slow process, but not for lack of working. Ian and the staff are great to work with, easy to talk to and do not make you feel like it was your fault. I recommend them to anyone I know that has a labor issue. They are the best.


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