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REVIEWS OF Colorado Legal Services IN Colorado

Samuel Ralph Allen

These folks saved me from eviction one day before hearing. They've great!

Sherrell Brown

"Colorado Affordable Legal Services" sent me to "Colorado Legal Services" The person I was to contact was Aaron Bindman. I went to the building on Sherman and was wasn't seen by anyone, but spoke on the phone to someone who wanted to make sure that I qualified, which I was told more than once that I was qualified. The lady told me that I needed to leave copies of all my documents for Eric and someone would call me. Aaron Bindman calls me and tells me that he cannot represent me but will be there in court. No one helped me and I felt like I was brushed off as I watched Aaron Bindman and Eric talk to other people in the court room. I spoke with the other party attorney with no one to really explained to me what I was signing. Not only did I waste gas and time, I was left feeling like these people do NOT care. The only thing positive is that they were nice but not helpful at all. This is MY experience with them. Not helpful services if you do not have money. It is NOT free. MY POINT IS NO ONE HELPED ME. (Lord bless the meek and the poor) fore this is my real life experience.

Angel Vásquez

Elspeth Altvater


Carmen Bagwell

Linda Peterson

Excellent free legal service. Lawyer was very patient while I gathered the required paperwork for my bankruptcy.

Dana Flores

I called i answered all the questions the receptionist asked,i finally asked for legal help with the manager at my apartment i live at long story short attorney Eric WIlliamson came to the apartment buliding right away from his office downtown i met with him we met with manager helped me write a letter to the manager about me not working when i first moved in the apartments im in now notorized Mr.WIllamsen even talk to the owner who thought i was working when im moved in and cleared it up for me,i definately reccomend Mr.Williamson he was professional and helpful,friendly&nice he is a great attorney thank Eric for helping me

shila ramesh

unprofessional, and asking alot of unnccecary question even dosen't relate to your case..he asked how much money l have in my wallet now. How many juwelery l have much stuff at my home..god sake I feel l am apply for food stamp or housing section 8..even they are dosen't ask about how much money in my wallet..

Pepper's Sabba

Do NOT, under any circumstances, contact these mouthbreathers for anything involving landlord tenant issues. 10 DAYS after my intake call, after being told it would be 2-3 days, I finally get a call back from an attorney in Alamosa, I'm near Denver, 5 hours away. The dipstick that did my intake didn't save ANY of the notes she took so the dumb as a box of rocks attorney didn't know anything about why I called. She couldn't track what I was telling her and told me they couldn't help me. You'd have better luck picking up a rock and using that as legal representation.

Cece Murphy

Called to see if they could assist with a matter and the person/man was extremely Rude. Cut me off repeatedly, wouldnt let me get a word in edgewise, Extremely condesending. I will see what other avenues I can use to get help, people shouldnt have to put up with Abuse just to get assistance. Period.

Rod Mub

Not a proper organization. It is a shame, I used to volunteer here and also need help and was turned down because I was not a U.S Citizen. This organization should be investigated for their practices

Elle V

This is another useless nonprofit agency doing nothing but sucking up grant money! Can anyone point to any actual services they provide? They did absolutely nothing for me.

Conquissstador .

If you are looking for legal advices or a legal consultation this is the wrong place for you. I called them to schedule an appointment to receive an advice and orientation about a legal issue. The person who answered the phone was not very friendly and told me they won’t provide any service until I am in court or sued. But, that’s basically what people want to avoid and that’s why we need legal information to prevent scalate on major legal issues. But not, they expect you first to be in court.

Miss Jaye

Great help when in need

Karina Valenzuela

(Translated by Google) Very friendly

Josue Soto

Yaakov Teitelbaum

Issue still ongoing but now better armed against my slum landlord

melissa forney

I applied over 2 months ago missed a call been waiting ever since... saying they will call in 3 business days.. am I supposed to apply again. This is ridiculous.

Jessica Busby

Cr Cr

Allie Kellerman

Cindy Wickham

Ashuqollah Sharifi

Great people, nice behavior and very professional

Raven 777

Shannon Stout

Sandy Smoot

Colorado Legal Services did an outstanding job helping me deal with the State of Colorado with a Medicaid issue. I was treated with respect, kindness and professionalism. Although they can't help everyone, their help has truly made a difference in my life. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

vincent yeaman

Excellent, ask precise questions,have your personal imformtion ready. Do your homework. Thanks Veterans

Matthew Coconis

They helped me get my Colorado ID. They even meet you at the DMV with documents you need.

Tyler Hollingsworth

Quatrina Garcia

I've been there four times to get help and they've turned me down both times and said my cases wasn't worth their time it wasn't something they do and just like Vice they wouldn't even bars with bother with it to help me so I don't think it's worth anything

C G_1031

Jason Robinson

Lots of fun fornthe kids and very affordable!

Kayla Bradley

Just called to try to get some legal help and of course the man over the phone was very rude cut me off and wouldn't let me answer anything and then put me on hold and came back and told me someone would contact me in about a week for on the phone interview good luck and then just hung up!!!! what kind of professional business is this just because people have low income and need some help that doesn't mean you need to treat them disrespectfully! I will be looking somewhere else and taking my business elsewhere I don't need to put up with this!!!!

Peace Full

Efficient and effective. Don't give up! They will find what can be done.

Nicholas Purcel

No one knows how to answer the phone. Average wait time is not two minutes! How do you get business if you don't answet your phone?!

Laura Brussel

no help at all. had to wait in line for an hour and they told us our income was too high...we're both servers making less that 2,000 a month.

Mikel Burbridge

From the very moment I walked into the office to be interviewedfor my case the young lady was rolling her eyes and did not take me seriously at all. They would not listen to my real reason why I was there in any form or fashion. they instead focused on areas I was not seeking assistance with and then scolded me on why I should not have assistance with those from them. The directing attorney was extremely rude. They make me feel terrible like I had no right to even seek help.

Angela Gonzalez

I contacted them because I needed legal representation against my landlord at first it was ok and a attorney named Craig called me he got my story and said he was going to look into what my options were after that I had to email him to ask him if he received my documents and any communication has been me contacting him... I still have yet to hear anything, I get the fact he may be busy but it takes 2 minutes to tell me that instead of not saying anything at all!! I am now getting evicted because I couldnt get the representation I needed for my side of the case to have repairs made....

Charlotte Walker

I tried to contact this organization twice. The receptionist there is *very* rude and interrupted me before I could finish explaining my situation. This is the rudest person I have ever encountered and after living in NYC for 12 years, that is quite a statement. I have had decades of customer service and dealing with the public. If the receptionist would be interested in a tutorial on how to interact with the public, please have him contact me. I would be glad to assist. I will gladly tell everyone I know *not* to trouble this organization since they are so busy they cannot take the time and/or effort to be courteous and professional.

D J Morrison

Very unprofessional or at least the Hispanic receptionist was. The older blonde receptionist was more than willing to at least help get me to the right place I needed to go. Lady if you don't like your job go work somewhere else or work on your customer service! If more people that claimed to be Christian acted more like Christians the world would be a better place.

Leslie Murray.

Very good people and laywers working there

David Whitman

They told me that I was over there income guidelines and I began to ask another question and they hung up on me. I’m happy that there is somebody that provides these services, but that was pretty rude treatment.

JoeNina & Trixie

I called 8/1/2016 for help the femalesaid someonewould call. No one called, so I called 8/18/2016 and eventually a male answered. He was very rude. Told him in the beginning that my wife just passed away. He showed no compassion. Asked a few questions put me on hold between each quaestio. Wouldn't let me say anything, then at the end he said someone would call for a qualifying interview and said "Bye" and hung up on me. Very unprofessional.

Shaheen Johnson

They were VERY helpful and assisting with my divorce. They made the entire process less scary, easy and AFFORDABLE. They communicated with me through phone AND mail to let me know everything that was going on with my case as well as letting me know the next steps.I would definitely use them again if I have any other legal matters.

Chelsea Simmons

Very quick response. Thank you!

Ashlie Mason

Sharmayne Martinez

Cindy K

I needed some assistance with 2 legal issues. I went to Colorado Legal Services explain what was going on with me through the air intake. Within 72 hours I had an answer and they are professional assistance in helping me solve my problem. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service the professionalism and speed at which this problem was addressed. I would definitely recommend Colorado Legal Services to anybody that was stuck in the situation and needed legal assistance and an experienced place to turn.

George Delci

melinda abruzzo

Toi K

After waiting on hold 15 minutes the MAN who answered the phone was VERY rude and not CUSTOMER SERVICE friendly...he cut me off could careless what my "real" question was. He was having a side conversation. Just a overall very DISAPPOINTING experience!!!! Inviting website and a RUDE receptionist what a mismatch!!!!! Thanks for nothing RUDE DUDE, you need to call FT. Logan.

Leroy Bird

This is a pointless place to call. They act like it pains them to do their job. I tried to inquire about their services provided but can't get past the Hispanic desk jockey. His main concern was more or less about if I have been helped by them. He wouldn't even make an effort to answer my questions about clinics. I would not use this organization.

Tee Tafoya

Susan Townsend

Johnny Boy

Awesome free service for who needs!

Michelle Robey

Really helped me out

Malachai Wilson

Adair Germany

They help people

Joshua Marquez

Terrible service. If you get gov assistance don't bother with these people they will tell you no. For a non-profit you would think they would help but, they want people with assets they can take from you.

Bob May

Greeting says wait time average is 2 1/2 minutes. I was on hold for 30 minutes and never got to speak with a human being. The system would restart at the beginning and you must repeatedly recycle through the options. I completed the online form, which has seven steps instead of one or two, while I was on hold, waiting to speak with a person.

Peter Banks

No lawyers available! Why even be open!

Cherisa Johnson

James Hernandez

They help me, but I could have done it on my own. The attorney with red hair, talked about his clients behind their back not too professional.

Anne Vang

I have received 2 missed calls for my application interview. I tried calling back numerous times to see if they can schedule a specific time as I work during business hours. Most recently, I was on hold for 20 minutes, when I finally reached someone he was most unprofessional, before I even tried saying anything he says he has to ask me questions before continuing, after 2 minutes of questions, he did not wait for me to say anything but responded with "someone will contact you within the next 7-10 business days, thank you" CLICK. Are you kidding me? Good grief! I called back, waited another 35 minutes on hold, when I finally got to someone, they just hung up, not even a "hello." Obviously, the receptionist needs to learn some hospitality and customer service.

Asa Ramona

Great people and willing to help.

Dan Rolando

Erin Harris

Donald Jones

Ruby Montoya

Great place. Friendly. Fast. Call for appt. Walk-in are from 8-11am on Wednesdays. Its the best way honestly if your on a time sensitive case. Helps low income families and individuals. Had a great experience. Highly recommended.

Olivia G

I have asked for help on a couple of legal matters & was denied. I wonder what that actually help with. Bad information taking for interview process. I wanted to file bankruptcy & they didn't ask what I wanted to include. They assumed.

Joetip Sephton

Diane Walker

Yes I agree with whoever put unprofessional. The man, who took a week to this day, to return my call, said he couldn't help me with evictions & hung up right away. If he hates his job so much perhaps he should quit. Thinking I should just go there & speak to a supervisor myself. They don't even say their name whn they call u back. All they say is :This is Colorado Legal Services & read ver batim from their script. Wow! Just terrible. DON'T WASTE TIME!

Danny Elhart

F. David Slusher

They go out of their way to solve the problem.



Excellent services provided by pro bono lawyers to the financially challenged citizens. They will help you with ID issues, benefits issues, etc. When Denver PD destroyed my valid Green Card having ignored 2 Court Orders to return it to me, Corrado Legal Services paid the fees and handled the processing.

Zee Williams

Terrible Very Unprofessional, the interview lady just wanted to go to lunch. She hung up on me an told me there was nothing they could do without hearing my case

Tish Williams

My experience was very blah and almost regrettable. I applied for assistance with gaining guardianship or custody for my nieces but was denied assistance due being over-income. Being over income doesn't bother me but the conversation and the time wasted on the call does. The person was not friendly and she lacked listening skills. I spent 10 minutes or so providing information that was not needed (very specific information) only to be told that I don't qualify. I think they application process should be reconsidered.

Jonathan Cedillo

NO Body


Barb Deckert

Unfortunately they were not able to asist me due to their max limit on my income. HOWEVER, im very glad i called them as they all, in which i spoke to 3 people, we're so nice, empathetic, and tried to direct me as much as possible. with having a very abnormal situation and i felt like although they couldnt help me , they still listened , and as complex my situation i would definitley give them all a 10 out of 10. Thanks guys, hopefully i can find a lawyers office with assistance half as nice and helpful as u all were. Ty

Stacey Brace

They helped me get my out of state birth certificate. Thank you!

Julie Pariseau

Web site completely misleading ~ I called to say I had not heard back from my online application. Which is what it says to do! After being on hold 45 minutes was RUDELY informed that they don't handle employment cases. But wait it gets better, later that SAME afternoon I got a voice mail from the same office, that said if you were calling about a denied unemployment claim please contact our office. That was late Monday. Today is Friday I knew I would be on hold for some time and this was the first opportunity I had to call back. I called back, same rude person answered the phone. I said I'm calling about denied unemployment, he said we don't handle that here you'll need to find a lawyer who specializes in that. I said I got a voicemail earlier this week that told me to call back. He said well they don't know they were talking about we don't handle that anymore.

Susanna Licata

Disappointed in the lack of respect told and showed us They don't even pick up the phones .Very Bad and not handled with care as co-ordinance in ggov proffionism in an urgent matter .Sincerely Susanna Licata . We need help in dire straights Professional with pure professional Heart And Working in Good Shape please and in Care giving Espescially and Other manor matters

Yur'Superior Excellency UponHigh

I called got a recording that eventually just hung up. What kind of service is that?

Toni Hester

Never got a call back

Chadell Hardwick

Helpful to those who need it.

Julio J Martinez III

Vanessa Sena

Ok but heard to find and wish I can get better help and info on ever thing and wish they can look in to more before not working with u

Becky Potts

Scott Stroker

Wow. What an amazing service to the community. They gave me s voucher to get my license renewed and within minutes I had a new ID issued to me. Use their services

Nate Pulver



Rufuses help with familyservices ordhs due to the goverment telling them not to.

Paul Keener

This place is awesome Aaron helped me to get things together! Social Security Card issues, ID Issues, just wonderfully fantastic. I cannot ever repay you guys for all the support and help that was afforded to me! Thank you!!!!!!!

Sheryl Mccarty

They really help you for free legal services.

Mark Jagaciewski

If your poor and a plaintiff these people will not help you. The receptionist hates her job. Why is she there?

George Garcia

Cannot seem to do their job, just want the money

Edward Bullock

Just driving by and checking out

John Vivian

Telephone help was curt, unprofessional unhelpful and I was hung up on by whomever answered the phone

Jamie Brown

My husband and I moved here from out of state and needless to say we both had our belongings stolen, which included our wallets, but we were referred to Colorado Legal Services to help us get our Colorado ID's. We called and spoke to a gentleman, then we were transferred to a lady named Barbara or maybe Linda either which way she had asked us if we had any of a long list of documents which we had none of. She then told us that was no problem and told us a few things that we needed to obtain on our end, which were all free, then she asked us where we were from and some questions of that nature. Well longer story short she called us and asked if we could meet her at the DMV on Pierce St. When we got there she had about 10 people she was helping and when she got to us she handed us both a clear plastic paper holder that had everything from school records, when we were kids (k-12), marriage certificate, birth certificate, police records, medical records and other forms that generally cost money and are hard to get and take forever to get, but she did it all for us and they paid for it all, and within a month we had our legal documents plus all the other documents we got to keep. I give this place a

Art Valdez

Bad, unprofessional. What a joke

Victor Rodriguez

Great PEOPLE That help Others!!

Dan Lucca

just me

Rude and useless


For anybody wondering and trying to acquire their services don't bother if you have prior domestic violence cases they will not take you they will reject you on the spot it doesn't matter what proof you have or how solid your case is if you have domestic violence they will not take you that's what they told us

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