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REVIEWS OF Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP IN California

Justin Hanover

Mr. Coleman is an extremely intelligent attorney with many years of experience dealing with Professional Disability. His expertise in the field secured my claim once I became disabled from continuing practice in Anesthesiology and needed to activate my profession specific disability policy. The Insurance Company made many erroneous attempts to disqualify my policy, but Mr. Coleman was very adept at defending me and deflecting their excuses not to pay. I would recommend him to any professional who finds themselves in the situation where they need to interact with their Insurance Company concerning payment of their policy and maintaining the integrity of the policy agreement. The Insurance Companies are in the business of making money - not paying out when necessary, so the sooner you speak with Mr. Coleman - the better.

Rya Hornstein

I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Pillsbury & Coleman. My doctor referred them to me after a very long and frustrating time dealing with my LTD insurance company. I was beyond my breaking point dealing with a complicated medical condition and having my disability benefits pulled out from under me was terrifying. When you don't have your health it is very hard to take on much else and dealing with an appeal seemed very daunting until I called Pillsbury & Coleman. I worked with Ryan Opegenorth and Michael Quirk. They were absolutely wonderful, extremely professional and kind. Their expertise and care with my case allowed me to focus my attention on my health. They took a tremendous burden off my shoulders by navigating me through the entire process and always took their time to answer all of my questions. My doctors were also very impressed by their level of knowledge into my medical condition and how to best help me. I am so grateful for their help in not only succeeding to reinstate my disability benefits but for how compassionate they were with me. If you ever find yourself in need of a stellar legal team that cares about their clients, look no further, call them!

DH Ranch

I would like to add my personal experience as another voice of praise for Ryan Opgenorth. While the matter has taken direction outside the firm, my interactions with Ryan were impressive. Very impressive. Ryan has a natural ability to gently move within difficult and sensitive subject matter with tact, courtesy and kindness. He navigates quickly without leaving one the impression of being rushed. His questions are well stated, his instructions clear and his follow-up skills impeccable. Hearing 'I'll call you back' from a law office is slightly like seeing someone floss a cat...yes it's possible. But mostly unlikely to happen. But Ryan flosses the cat. Does what he says and says what he does. I appreciate that. I also appreciate the amount of time Ryan invested in our exchange. These weren't billables folks. And everything in a law office is billable. Even the billables. Another cat flossed by Ryan. I hope the firm fully appreciates Ryan as one of their leading assets and well chosen voice of Pillsbury Coleman. Because I'm guessing he's likely on more than a few well-placed headhunter's wish list looking to earn her down payment on a fabulous fractional ownership condo in Alpine Meadows. Just sayin...

jaewoo pak

Terry Coleman has helped me to recover my compensation from Standard Insurance Co. Throughout the process, he was a trustworthy, knowledgeable attorney I could depend on. His experience with different insurance companies also helped me very much to understand the process of the litigation. I absolutely recommend Terry Coleman if you have a problem with your insurance company.

Vincent S

My long term disability insurance carrier was happy to accept my premium payments but unwilling to pay the coverage they promised for my disability. Terry Coleman and Ryan Opgenorth were extremely helpful in assisting me to a positive resolution of this difficult and emotional situation. With a disability insurance issue, I would absolutely contact them again.

Edward Jimenez

Consider yourself lucky if can get Ryan Opgenorth on your team. He looks much younger than his wisdom. He may wear a smile most of the time but this guy means business. He was extremely thorough and focused on my case and made sure we understood the process each step of the way. One thing I really appreciated about Ryan is that he is a great attribute to his entire team. There are many moving parts at times and he was on top of all of it. He helped mentally prepare me for each step and calmed any of my concerns.

Randy Martinez

I have a complicated unusual long term disability insurance case that needs exquisite skill and care dealing with. I reached out to Pillsbury and Coleman for a consultation as their reviews were superb. I spoke with a paralegal who promised I'd get a consultation in a couple weeks. After the date passed without a consultation I reached out again. It's been a month now since initial contact and they just told me they won't be taking my case. In the legal profession timeliness is everything. They never contacted me until I contacted them about the status. I never got to speak to any of their lawyers. Fortunately I've engaged another lawyer that is taking my case seriously.

Bill Baumiester

I cannot praise this firm too highly! Even though I did not become their direct client, their willingness to examine my disability insurance issues provided me with invaluable insights on how to follow the correct procedural process to ensure my disability claim was submitted accurately for both private and state insurance agencies. With their guidance I was able to resolve my issues in a timely and satisfactory manner. I especially acknowledge Attorney Ryan Opgenorth's efforts in reviewing my claim. If I could rate this firm for 6 stars I would gladly do it.

Joyce Akiel

After over 20 years of working as a dental hygienist, not only did I need to have a shoulder surgery but I also developed fibromyalgia, a chronic moderate to severe pain of the entire body. My private disability insurance co. paid me for one year then stopped my benefit, and tried its best to disqualify me from any.I was so stressed, not knowing what to do and how to approach them. I called several law offices for help but was put down. Luckily I was lead to Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP. My phone call was received with warmth and understanding. After couple days from the intake, I received a call from Mr. Ryan Opgenorth who kindly informed me of his acceptance of my case. Mr. Opgenorth was extremely helpful in giving me advice on how to deal with my private disability insurance. He sensed my anxiety and stress and kept reassuring and giving me hope. He was very generous at giving me phone advice every time I needed his professional expertise. I was so impressed by his honesty when he told me that he won't intervene officially yet since my private disability insurance was still reassessing my medical condition and there was no need to take upon myself a new cost since it is not needed yet. In addition, Mr. Opgenorth kept in touch, and gave me phone advice every time I needed one. Moreover, after 3 months he called me to follow up with my case. I find myself very lucky to have found Mr. Opgenorth at Pillsbury & Coleman. I strongly advice without any hesitation to seek this respectful law company if anyone has problem with his or her disability insurance. The kindness, caring, honesty, and professionalism I was treated with left a profound impact on me. I definitely know now where to go if I ever need a legal advice. Thank you again Mr. Opgenorth for all your help and support.

Jed Schneider

I just got back to work from a short term disability. I have numerous questions about my coverage. I called Pillsbury and Coleman. Attorney Ryan Opgenorth called me back and spent good amount of time with me answered all my questions and helped me to understand my policy. He would not even to charge for his time even though I was more than content to pay for his time as I found his help was very valuable.

Mike Quilo

After years of working for the water district, my husband became totally disabled as a result of an on the job accident. He submitted a claim to his insurance carrier, but was denied coverage after a cursory review of his medical records. The insurance carrier's position was completely contrary to what my husband's doctors were telling him, and even worse, it was based on a review performed by unqualified medical staff hired by the insurance carrier. I knew something was wrong immediately, but it wasn't until I enlisted the help of Mr. Coleman and Mr. Opgenorth at Pillsbury & Levinson, LLP that we discovered the full story. They were able to successfully prosecute our case against the insurance carrier, and they got us the benefits we knew we deserved. We recommend Pillsbury & Levinson, LLP to anyone who has been treated unfairly by their insurance company.

Charlie Martorello

You pay a premium to a disability insurance company with the hope of never having to make a claim on that insurance. As a senior executive of an international company, I was not so fortunate and became ill and disabled with a significant numbers of surgeries. What seemed like the obvious to me, was not so to my insurance carrier. They made numerous attempts to disqualify me from receiving benefits and they put forth multiple roadblocks to my claim. When I originally determined that I needed legal assistance, I interviewed multiple firms. I needed a professional firm who understood ERISA law thoroughly and a firm that had significant experience in this area of law. My decision to retain Terry Coleman at Pillsbury and Levinson was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Terry and team were able to legally defend my rights within the policy and have my benefits reinstated after originally being declined. The entire legal process can be very emotional to the policy holder, so all the more reason to make the selection of your legal team a sound one. Thank you to Terry Coleman and Pillsbury and Levinson. Outstanding work and good people too!

Chris Cody

Michael Quirk from Pillsbury/Coleman was of great assistance to my family and I at a time of extreme stress from the loss of my wife, after leaving a message I received a response the same day. Michael's advise and guidance was on the spot and the best possible outcome was achieved. I want to thank you Michael. Trust is very important and I believe I found that quality with you.

Tom McCormick

I heartily give my very highest recommendation to Terry Coleman and his superb team at Pillsbury & Coleman (P&C) for anyone needing to battle a multi-billion insurance company due to improper denial of long-term disability benefits. As a litigation attorney myself with decades of experience dealing with insurance companies, I never thought I’d end up needing to pursue my own lawsuit due to an insurance company’s improper denial of benefits. Given my years of experience in the legal field, I believe I was in a particularly good position to evaluate possible attorneys and hire only the very best. And I did just that when I retained Terry Coleman. Terry, Ryan Opgenorth, and the whole team at P&C, clearly demonstrated their exceptional level of knowledge, skill, diligence and devotion throughout every stage of my case. They did a stellar job in strategizing, giving me sound advice, dealing with mountains of written discovery propounded by the insurance company, vigorously conducting investigation and discovery including deposing key insurance company personnel on the East Coast, masterfully defeating the insurance company’s attempts to have the judge throw out the case through a motion for summary adjudication, hiring excellent expert witnesses and aggressively preparing for trial and negotiating with our opponent. I also clearly benefited from the fact that Terry Coleman and his firm have a stellar reputation with the many insurance companies and defense attorneys that they have confronted over the years. Terry and Ryan skillfully capitalized on the insurance company’s bad conduct (insufficient investigation, biased and unreasonable assumptions and conclusions, etc.), thereby forcing the insurance company to ultimately pay us handsomely for that bad conduct. In sum, I believe hiring Terry Coleman and his firm was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Eric Wall


Jeffrey Pollard

Over the last year I've gotten to know Terrence Coleman professionally. He is incredibly personable, thorough and knowledgeable. He is flexible with his time and puts clients cares/needs at the top of the list. I know him to be a front-runner in his industry and a valuable resource for his clients. He has been a trusted advisor to me and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for the very best of the best.

Steven Stiller

I was lucky enough to retain Terry Coleman, Dan Veroff and Ryan Opgenorth to represent me in a in a disability claim against my insurance company. As a retired attorney I an ably qualified to assess their work and can attest to the fact that it was superb. In addition, they were impeccably professional throughout the process and treated me with kindness, compassion and understanding. Ultimately their legal skills produced an award far beyond my expectations. I can recommend them without reservation.

Ken Rader

I found Pillsbury Coleman as a result of a friend,. who was in the insurance business,telling me of the law offices that insurance companies didn't like to deal with. I must say up front that I feel that being involved in a law suit makes having a broken leg look like a pleasurable experience. You can also expect the defending insurance company is going to make the case as expensive, uncomfortable and prolonged as they can. When it's all over you will believe that this $ is the symbol for justice. Terry Coleman and Ryan Opgenorth handled our complicated case. They did a very thorough job of accumulating discovery and responding to all disputes. The thing that is the most impressive is that they took a genuine interest in our family and the emotional consequences that any action might create. We felt a strong attachment and would use them again.

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