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REVIEWS OF Omega Law Group, PC IN California

Kelly Lopez

Omega Law Group did an amazing job with my husband case. Robin and his staff were very friendly and super easy to communicate with. They were understanding of my husband needs and explained everything that we had questions on. Never felt like we were not being attented too. Thanks again for all the help.

shawn Lameh

Thank You omega law group and Edwin. They were professional and handled your case very professionally. Edwin and his team were always available. Ty!!!

Monique Haney

I am impressed by omega law group because they sent someone out right away to talk to me. I live in Hemet an they are in LA. It was right after thanksgiving too 2018. They are amazing and are currently still fighting for us. We love them an recommended them already.


Robin and the Omega Team handled my Uber accident impeccably. They were super attentive and kept me updated at every turn. If you need a car accident lawyer and your in Los Angeles call Omega

Mike Hay

I was lost after my accident. I didnt know what to do and the other person tried blaming me. Luckily I hired Robin and Omega Law to represent my interests against the insurance company. They fought for my rights and won. They got me a new car and got me a settlement for my injury.

George hana

Robin and the Omega Team handled my accident excellent . Highly recommended .

Judith Martin

I was badly injured in an accident in 2017 and because of the circumstances of the accident I needed to find an attorney. A friend of our family had used Omega Law Group previously to great results so they were my first call. Luckily for me this was the only call I had to make. After speaking on the phone with them the first time I immediately felt at ease and after meeting them for the first time i twas very clear that these were people who truly cared about their clients. This remained true through my entire case. I always felt like a priority. When everything was settled I ended up getting more than I could have possibly imagined and it's all thanks to Omega Law Group.

Gretty Hasson

Best accident law firm on Los Angeles. Doesn’t get better than Robin Saghian and omega law. Thanks for the help Omega!

Suley Rodriguez

Best Uber accident lawyer in LA as far as I am concerned. They handled everything and it was an easy breezy process. Thanks to Robin!

Blake Broukhim

Not all heroes wear capes. If you’re in a motorcycle accident call Omega Law ASAP. Friendly from the get go, explained it all beforehand and took care of all the details. Got me a new motorcycle and gear from the other insurance company. Highly recommend Omega Law.

Sheed Rellou

We can't provide the exact details of our case/experience with this law firm yet, since it's under complex multi-lateral investigation. Nonetheless, we believe our one-star rating herein tells the public what to truly expect.

teresa tevalan

Handled my sister in laws case very well. They’re the best if you’re in a car accident in LA and need a personal injury lawyer. Robin Saghian handled the case and was amazing and very responsive. A+++

lauren lalezarian

Best car Accident Law Firm in Los Angeles. Kept me updated throughout the process. Robin was available and educated me throughout the process. If you’re searching for an accident lawyer look no further than Omega Law!

canlas alenor

Everyone at Omega are so professional and extremely caring. They will guide you through everything!

Les Beyrouth

Omega Law handles my rear end accident case. They were prompt and kept me updated throughout the process. Highly recommend.

MK Dental Group

Valerie Tornero

I had such an outstanding experience with Omega Law Group, PC. They were efficient, supportive and made the entire process seamless. I instantly trusted them when i originally called about my claim. I was worried prior since i was going back and forth with the insurance about a "he said/she said" situation, yet Omega Law Firm ensured me everything was going to be OK and to not worry, they would handle it. Sure enough, a week went by and the other insurance accepted liability! At first i was shocked, since the other insurance was giving me and my own insurance push back but so satisfied we were able to come to a decision! To top it off, they handled scheduling my car repair on top of the car rental. Absolutely amazing!!!

Roshanda Gilmore

Omega Law is hands down the best law firm in Beverly Hills! They were really patient with me throughout my car accident case, very helpful and supportive. Would like to especially thank Melissa and also Rebecca for all their help and for checking on me often to make sure I was okay. The whole staff made me feel like family. World class service all the way! Thank you!!

Danielle Siso

I consulted with Omega Law on my injury case. They explained the entire accident process to me in detail. I was very impressed with them so I decided to proceed. My case was handled by Melissa and Robin. At the end my case settled for more than I ever thought it would. If you need a car accident lawyer call Robin ASAP

Marvin Merino

If your looking to get taken care of and all your questions answer Omega Law Group is the people you want to see. Very thank full. Make sure you don't pass on them. Thank you!

Maribel Delgado

I was in a major car accident and found Omga Law thru Yelp. Robin handle my case impeccably from day one and he was always in contact with me to keep me updated on the case. I was pregnant at the time of the accident and knowing he was handling my case it relief me from a lot of stress that was not good for me or the baby. We settle for a much bigger amount than I expected and he made sure all my medical bills were taken care off. If you ever need help Robin and his team are hands down the best accident lawyers out there. Thank you Omega Law for all your help and support thru the whole process.

Job Hire

Best Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles. If you’re in an Uber or Lyft Car Accident call Robin Saghian ASAP at Omega Law. They handle it for you from A to Z and then get you a settlement. Hands down best accident lawyer in LA.

Maryann Habib

I started working with Robin and his team about a year ago and I am very happy to be represented by them!! From the beginning, Robin was extremely straight forward with me and detailed about what is expected during the lawsuit. I broke my wrist and had no insurance, but that was no issue as Omega Law Group team immediately got me in contact with their trusted doctors. I was in constant communication with Dana who followed up with me on a regular basis during my treatment and after. She even scheduled Uber rides for me to get to my doctor appointments and back home. She’s so awesome and I really appreciate her hard work. I went through chiropractic treatment and had an epidural. All of the doctors were amazing and I loved going to my visits. Over all, Omega Law Group really made sure to take care of me. I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you all!!

Maryam MR-Hashemi

These guys are the best! Got me a great settlement after I was in a bad acccident. Call Robin and his team if you need anything!

lisa west

I was hit by a car last year and was injured scared and overwelmed. I found Omega Law Group and they got me set up with the right Drs and answered all my question. Robin and his staff were helpful and consitent and thorough. Omega law Group is a competent and proffesional team. I highly recommend Robin and his team for any body injury accident claim.

Amanda Casamayor

Hand down best accident law firm in California! They handled my case quick and were highly professional. If you’re in a car accident call Omega Law!


Very helping law firm

natalie ravan

Robin and his Omega Law team are the top Car accident lawyers in my opinion. I’ve dealt with other lawyers before who didn’t do anything on my file. These guys were on top of it and kept me posted at every turn. Anytime I needed something I called and they responded right away. If you’re in an accident call Robin.

Rustin Massoudi

My Uber driver got hit minutes after he picked me up. The other driver had no insurance and Uber was ignoring my calls. I was referred to this firm and right away Robin helped me find medical help. They took the pressure and stress of dealing with the whole mess and let me get back to my life. Shahab negotiated a great settlement for me. I’ve already referred a friend to them. If you’re in an accident call the Omega lawyers.

Benjamin Pourmorady

Very professional law firm. Robin Saghian and his team are on top of your car accident case and are in constant with you. Couldn’t be happier. If you’re in an accident call Omega Law!

Martina Wiggins

Omega Law Group cane through for me in every way I needed them too. They stood by me right from the beginning and always made me feel supported. Working with them was everything I needed it to be and I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without their help. If you need a lawyer who really cares about you as a client then please give Omega Law Group a call. They are the best accident lawyers out there.


This law group helped me when noone else could. They are proffessional, do what they say their going to do and make you feel taken care of. Dana was Michaels assistant and she rocked. She checked on me all the time for a year and a half. She gave me the gumsion to keep going to all my apoinrments when i wanted to give up. They offered to Uber me to doctors apoinrments when my car got totaled. The outcome was better than i was expecting. I have injuries that will be with me forever, but Omega Law made it the best possible it could have ever been. Thabk you so much!!!! Trisha Connor

Waheedah Hill

Yasmin Nouri

Best car accident lawyer in LA. Highly recommend

Raphael Darvish

These guys are amazing. Especially if you’re in an Uber accident. They’re very knowledgeable about the process and keep you informed. A+

Kahli Guppies

They were truly amazing. They had an astonishing amount of patience when we had questions or concerns. They let us know what was happening, always called and/or texted, and always kept us informed through every phase. I would definitely recommend them to anyone out there in need of professional and courteous lawyers. Thank you so much!

Adrian Mestas

Very helpful!!after speaking with some one my mind was put to ease

Beth Stilwell

My experience with Omega Law Group was absolutely wonderful. I got into and accident and recent out to them immmediately. The lawyer who represented me was great. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. Everyone there was so kind and assured me that they could help me without any hassle. They took care of my entire case and got me the settlement I needed. If you’re looking for someone to handle your accident case you should contact Omega Law, you will love the results.

Adele Mamaghani

I was injured as a result of a slip and fall accident at one of the giant supermarkets. After days of research, I decided to hire Robin Saghian due to his good reputation and the high rated feedback he has received from many clients. The outcome of the case was in my satisfactory and I recommend Robin to anyone who is in need of an honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable attorney. The most important quality of the service for me was Robin’s availability to address my concerns directly and promptly within a same day. I will hire him again if any personal injury accident happens in the future. In addition, surprisingly, I received one of the best customer service of a kind by one of the attorney’s assistance, Danna, who was very compassionate towards my injury. She supported me psychologically through text messaging as she was communicating with me for legal matters. She took extra steps to help a client feel better, and her super positive attitude was unique and very nice of her, which made me to be very appreciated for it.

Raneir Pollard

Highly recommended if you’re involved in an accident. Robin and his team at Omega are amazing. Highly recommended.

Angel Berard

A moment ago This firm is full of great attorneys!!! They treat you with the utmost respect!! They treat you like you are part of their family!! I recommend them to all my friends because my friends deserve the best!!! And Omega Law firm is the absolute best!!! I am so thankful that I hired them to represent my son when he got hit by a car!!! They have many clients but always made us feel important and appreciated and like we were their only client!!! Thank you all for being such great attorneys if I ever need a lawyer again without a doubt in my mind I would call Omega Law firm right away!!! Love you all very much your all a part of our family too and he for my son a fantastic settlement I could never ever express all my feelings and how thankful that i truly am to these 3 wonderful men

Tammy Garrison

I’m a fairly new client of Omega Law Group but I wanted to write a review because I am just so impressed with them. These are easily the most caring lawyers you will find in Los Angeles. No matter what issue I have faced they have been understanding and supportive. My case is still being worked on but I have every confidence that with their help I’ll be able to get the money I need. I highly recommend Omega Law. They have been incredible.

Daniel Riley

Very helpful, they helped me when no one would.

Samim Sadrzadeh

I hired Omega Law to handle my Lyft accident. They were prompt and professional. They checked in on me regularly and made sure I was fine. The best part is I didn’t pay them until my case settled. They sent me a check at the end. Can’t go wrong with omega law!

Heather Janssen

I don’t think any other lawyer could have gotten me the results that Omega Law Group did. They were behind me every step of the way and never made me feel alone or in the dark. I now have the money I need to take care of my medical bills and that’s entirely thanks to Omega. If you have an accident this is the first place you should call. Hands down.

Pouya PJ Benyamini, MD

Was super happy with the way Robin Saghian and his team handled my case. Can’t go wrong with them if you are looking for an accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Two thumbs up!

Roy Hasson

My dad was rear ended by a drunk driver. We looked around for accident attorneys in Los Angeles and found Omega Law and Robin. They were professional and responsive. The whole ream was on point. Thanks Omega Law. If you need an accident lawyer call Omega

Mayerling Pérez

I consulted with Robin Saghian after my Uber accident. Robin and his team were rapid in responding and moved quickly to send me to good doctors. Finally they were able to resolve my case for much higher than I imagined it. Hopefully I won't need them again but If I do, I will be contacting Omega Law for all my legal needs.

clarabele rainaa barreto custard

Yes love this group they fault for me kept me informed and took care of all my worries and stood by me threw all


Alyssa Blanton

I would highly recommend anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer to hire Omega Law Group. Their customer service is excellent and they care so much about their clients. I had a wonderful lawyer who my husband and I were very satisfied with. They were there through every aspect of our case. I am more than happy with the results. Omega Law truly takes care of their clients and I consider myself lucky to have worked with them.

Rob Flores

They helped me navigate all of the issues of my accident from dealing with the other insurer, getting treatment, and getting my car repaired. Without going to Omega Law, I don't think I would have gotten the care I needed to recover from the accident. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to answer my questions and concerns.

Danielle Hrotko

Robin Saghian and Omega Law Group helped me with my accident case. I was in an accident in Los Angeles with an Uber and needed an attorney. They handled my case from A to Z. I was very happy with the result. They stayed in constant communication with me. If you need a car accident lawyer call Omega Law ASAP.

Deja Morrison

Omega Law Group is the best in LA county. Special thanks to Robin Saghian! It was a long process and he made sure that I was taken care of by the best doctors!

Ben Zioni

Omega Law are professional and experts in their field. They are excellent accident attorneys. They handled my case from A to Z. Highly recommend.

Kiarash Michel

Best accident lawyers in Los Angeles hands down. If you’re in a car accident call them ASAP.

Alexandra Young

Hands down the best accident lawyer in LA. Robin and his team are excellent and well versed in handling car accident case. Highly responsive! If you’re in an Accident call Robin!

carmalina nelson

Very professional team to work with, prompt and good for their word. Thank you Omega Law team!

Neda Natanzi

Robin and his team are amazing. Can’t recommend them enough if you’re in a car accident. There are a lot of accident lawyers out there but omega law was amazing and I’m glad I went with them!

dool k

Highly recommend Omega Law Group for all your Accident needs. Highly responsive, competent and aggressive law group. When I was in an accident I decided to go with Omega Law and Robin and I’m glad I did. Hands down best accident lawyers in LA. A+++

aryana williams

I can truly say if your decision on choosing an injury lawyer is undetermined, look no farther. Jessica and Robin was a big help through my accident case. If I had any question they quickly answered me right away, and if I haven’t checked in on them for a while, they were quickly to ask if I was okay and if I had any questions. If you want a firm to care about you and get the help you need OMEGA FIRM is the place to go.

Candice Naysan

I was in a bad accident last year and I wasn’t sure how to handle everything. I reached out to Omega after doing some googling and I was surprised at how fast an attorney (Robin) called me back. We spoke about my case and after asking some questions I felt comfortable. Robin and his team helped me find a doctor and helped me fight the other drivers insurance. When they refused to pay, Shahab filed a lawsuit and kept the pressure on. Within a few months I received a great settlement. It sucks to be in an accident but thankfully the Omega guys were with me every step of the way!

Arash Fayz

Highly aggressive and competent. Keeps you updated and settles your accident case for a lot. If you need an accident lawyer these are the guys. A++

Tal Elazari

I found Omega Law to handle my moms Uber Accident. They handled everything including getting the car fixed. Then got her a big settlement at the end. Highly recommended for Uber or Lyft Accidents

Navid Vatan

Edwin Saghian handled my moms case. Him and the Omega Law team we’re great. If you are in an accident and need a car accident lawyer, call Omega law before you call the insurance companies. Edwin was amazing. TY!

Elidia Reyes

Very good service and very good listener and quick and resolving problems

Anton Sebel

Thank you Omega Law Group for amazing job you guys did! This is a REAL TEAM! I start to feel it from beginning to the end. I had and accident in the beginning of the last year. I had to call Robin Saghian right after my emergency room. After that in the next half hour when I gave all my accident information to his team - my worries and thoughts are gone. Because I felt I’m in good hands! Well, I was more then in good hands, thank YOU Robin personally and thank you team for being awesome whole my process! Saying I’m satisfied, it’s mean saying NOTHING! OMEGA LAW GROUP IS THE BEST ACCIDENT LAW GROUP IN LOS ANGELES! P.s. who knows maybe in all US haha :)

juan leanos

Highly recomend this law group very professional, i got into car accident and im so glad i called them everytime i had a question or needed something there were there for me no matter time or date. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Leili M

I was in a car accident in Los Angeles and I needed an accident lawyer asap. My car was wrecked and the other guy was trying to blame me. I looked for lawyers online and some of them said they'll help with my injury but not property damage. I spoke with Robin and he said he would help with both. They were aggressive and fought the insurance and won my case. A++++

Kyeema Mizell

The Omega Law Group was excellent and kept me informed. A special thank you to Danna for being kind and courteous.


They were with me every step of the way for my case. They worked really hard to make sure I got the help I needed. Robin and Joselyn went above and beyond for me. Almost seamless experience. Thanks a lot guys.

Daniel Khorramian

Best of the best Uber Accident Lawyer In LA. They handled my Uber Accident step by step. They didn’t charge me until my case settled. And they were super responsive.

Rosanna Vargas

If you’re in an accident call Robin at Omega Law asap. He’s handled numerous cases for my friends and he’s done a great job for everyone. Ty!

Rebekah Razi

Highly recommended especially if you’re in an Uber accident. A+++++

Emelyn Boquin

The team of Omega Law Group are beyond amazing they helped me so much. They had me in the loop at all times. They did everything they promised and more. I will forever be greatful for their helped.

Bryan Gless

This firm is great. I was in an accident last year where a guy turned left in front of me and I had no time to react. His insurance company claimed I was speeding and that I ran the red light. I hired Robin at Omega law and they jumped into action. When the insurance company refused to be reasonable, Shahab and Edwin filed a lawsuit for me and kept the pressure up. After they questioned the other driver, the case settled right away.l and I ended up with a great settlement. If you’re in an accident, call these guys! They don’t mess around!!

Kenny Jr

These guys are great. It took a little while for my case to settle and be compensated but they were very professional.

Mohammed Alghurbani

Accidents is an unfortunate thing to happen but if you have been involved in any, just hire Omega Law Group.

Joseph cousins

Cody Hettler

Thank you to Robin and everyone at Omega Law Group. I was in a pretty bad car accident back in Nov 2017. They made my experience very simple and settled with the insurance company in just under 1 year. They were able to guide me along the way every step, provided me with updates whenever I needed via text as well. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience and ended up walking away with a very good amount at the end of everything. Thank you again to everyone Omega Law Group!

Lindsey Madsen

I would like to recommend omega law to anyone who has been in a auto accident and was injured

jessica herroz

Omega Law and Edwin Saghian handled my Uber accident case. They were amazing and super responsive. Sent me to doctors and add sure I was ok. Highly recommend.

Amir Houshangi

Needed an accident attorney for my uber car accident. My friend recommended Robin Saghian and Omega Law. They were great and handled my case very well. They got my car fixed and got me to really good doctors. Then they settled my accident case for a lot. Two thumbs up!

Brian Mellow

Yo, Omega Law Group took care of me after I had my accident on April 2nd of 2018. I was devasted and their compassion bought me back to my senses! Nothing like these other law groups who lag! They were on top of everything and I got my settlement at a timely manner! I highly recommend Omega Law Grouo! You will not regret!

Alfy Pacheco

Joseph Nosal

Robin and all of the team at Omega Law did an outstanding job on my case. I am very picky about dr's and treatments as well as process details and Omega Law was responsive and courteous throughout the entire process. I never hassled them on timeline or dates and checked in with them regularly. I never missed any Dr appointments and in the end, Robin and his team did exactly as they predicted. Clean and simple. I did not expect or consider such a favorable outcome. I recommend Omega Law for your accident/personal injury needs without hesitation. I am very grateful to Robin and all of the people at Omega Law that made sure I was taken care of. I apologize I don't remember everyone's name, but Melissa, Lisa, Vanessa? and others made my case a success. THANK YOU.

Debora Erdos

I don’t really write reviews often but I really thought it was important to let other people know what a gem Omega Law Group is. It’s very difficult to find a trustworthy lawyer especially when you have an accident case but these guys always put my needs first and got me more than I could have ever imagined in my settlement. You will not be disappointed with this firm. They are the best lawyers I could have had on my case and I’m nothing but grateful to them for all their care and dedication.

Jessica Kerendian

Highly recommend Edwin Saghian and Omega Law for your Uber accident. They handled my case very professionally and efficiently. If you’re in an Uber or Lyft accident call Omega Law.

Hugh Penzig

I was recommended to this firm by a friend and I'm very grateful for the recommendation. The level of care and professionalism I have been shown has far exceeded my expectations. Every call I made or question I had was responded to within 24 hours. I never felt in the dark about my case and any time there was a new development they updated me. I would recommend this law firm to anyone needing an accident attorney. They got me exactly what I was hoping for and treated me incredibly well the whole way through.

Eddie Aguilar

The entire process was smooth and hassle free. Robin and team took care of me and walked me through my case. They took care of absolutely everything. Will be recommending the Omega Law Group when needed. Thanks again!

Sheila Esmaili

Best Accident lawyer in LA. They handled my Uber Accident. Couldn’t be happier. A+++

Gabriela Gonzalez

I found omega law on yelp and I couldn’t be happier. I interviewed a few of the other firms from Yelp and none of them handled property damage for their clients . Robin Saghian told me they had a Property Damage specialist Jasmin Kimfor their clients So I decided to go with them since I didn’t want to handle my own property damage. I’m glad I decided to go with them. I literally didn’t do anything except go to my doctor appointments. My car was repaired very well. At the end the insurance company wasn’t giving me a fair offer so Shahab And Edwin Saghian handled my lawsuit case and fought for a higher settlement. I was very impressed with the way my case was handled and the constant communication. If you’re in an accident call Omega Law.


I got hurt badly and sustained a catastrophic injury from a vehicle collision and the legal team at Omega Law Group helped to settle my case with very high satisfaction. Robin, Shahab, and Edwin handled my case very seriously, strategically and professionally. They settled my case victoriously! Robin was stellar from start to end. Provided all the necessary legal supports and needs. Worked very hard every step of the way for my case. You were a rock star in every way. Shahab was my hero. His superb dedication, hard work, and brilliant mind were instrumental in settling my case victoriously! What a great honor working with you on my case. Edwin was silent hero on my case whose excellent ideas and strategic thoughts helped to settle my case successfully. My utmost appreciation to the Omega Law Group and I highly recommend your firm to anyone who gets injured in a vehicle accident.

Paige Altmann

I worked with Omega lqw group starting November 2017 after being rear ended. The other persons insurance company was giving me an extremely low settlement. Omega Law got me a first settlement then reviewed my file and went back to get even more. Almost twice the first amount. I was already extremely happy with the first time. They checked in often on my physical wellbeing and really made this an easy process. Thank you!

Marielle Flood

I interviewed a few different law firms for my Uber Accident and decided to go with Omega Law. So far I am impressed with the way the case has been handled and my treatment. 5 stars.

Keith Forsey

My accident was highly stressful but Omega truly made things easier on me. They not only helped with the issues regarding my case but also genuinely cared about my health as well. They were absolutely amazing to work with and got me the settlement and medical treatment that I needed. Overall, working with them has been a wonderful experience. I hope that I'm never in need of another personal injury lawyer but if I am I would hire them again without question. Thank you so much for everything you've done. 5 stars!

Flavi Santos

these guys are my heroes... if you need a car accident lawyer in LA, look no further then Omega Law. let Robin Saghian and his team handle your accident case from A to Z!

F. Hassan

A co-worker highly recommended Omega Law Group and I can see why. Robin, jocelyn and Jasmin were helpful along the way. Made the process smooth. They were there everystep of the way and made sure I got the best treatment for my back injury. They constantly kept me updated and VERY helpful. I will definitely make sure to refer them to everyone!

Ronald Hernandez

I was rear ended at a red light. I contacted Omega Law that same evening, and they took care of EVERYTHING for me. I never felt alone or confused. This is a top-notch professional firm and I am thankful for all their work and support. I will be recommending them to my family and friends. Best decision I've ever made. Thank you so much Omega Law Group.

Shirin Akaks

I called these guys after I was getting nowhere with the insurance companies. They’re reliable, honest and aggressive. I got way more than I expected. Best lawyers in town!

Violetta Kogan

I got into a major car accident and the guy tried to blame it on me. Luckily, Edwin and Robin Saghian who were recommended to me by a friend managed to assist me immediately and make sure the insurance company didn’t take advantage of me. I got my car fixed, my bills paid, and money for pain and suffering. Thank you!!

Elizabeth Lohman

When I first found myself in a car accident, I thought I could handle all the details on my own. I quickly realized that I needed a hand. I didn't have time to handle all the details, rest, do PT and get back on my feet. Omega Law was wonderful, professional and perfect in their guidance on the next steps. From the beginning to the end, I am am fully grateful for their expertise and ability to set me on a path to resolving what was an unfortunate day. Thank you to Joselyn and Robin Saghian.

Frank Bell

I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the level of professionalism, talent, and care that this firm has given me. I honestly don’t think I would have won my case if a lesser lawyer had taken me on. These guys are impeccable and it’s so clear that they value their clients and understand what their going through. Personal injury lawyers sometimes get a bad wrap but these guys are a cut above. I am so happy that I decided to work with them and though I hope no one is ever in an accident like mine if you have been this is hands down the right firm to call. Thank you for everything.

Fred Catlin

Omega Law Group did what no other lawyer could have done. Not only did they win my case but they treated me with so much kindness and consideration and honestly given what I was going through that was far more important. If you have a personal injury case and are looking for lawyers who will truly put you as a client first then I recommend Omega Law Group whole heartedly. They have done wonders for me and I’m so happy I hired them.

Cowboys All The Way

Jennifer Hanasab

Big thank you to Omega Law. They were professional and courteous throughout the process. Kept me informed and were aggressive when i needed them to be. A+++

Michelle L

My experience with Robin at Omega Law firm was phenomenal. I found him to be extremely capable, professional and detailed. Once he began to work on my case, he made sure that I had all of the pertinent information to support the case along with assisting me with resources to help me to cope with the pain that I suffered as the result of my accident. Everyone at the firm, especially Jessica who was a Godsend, was so kind and patient. I highly recommend Robin Saghian to represent your case, you will be satisfied from the beginning of the process to the end.

Alfredo Pacheco

Best accident firm in LA hands down... if you get in an accident call Omega Law and Robin Saghian Asap

Sheri C

EXCELLENT!!! Very, very pleased. I received great support. I was sent to excellent doctors. Omega Law Group cared about my health and wellbeing. Car accidents are scary. Communication excellent. Customer service excellent. Highly recommended.

Lois Sanders

Omega Law is the best Law Firm i have ever worked with. They provided outstanding services assisting both my son and i with our case. Melissa always went above and beyond her call of duties to make sure we received the best treatment of care, and top doctors. Robin was the best attorney i have ever worked with he carefully took out time to explain the services he can provide and made sure i received proper treatment immediately and provided his contact number to call him whenever i needed. He got both my son and i a great settlement. I really enjoyed being a client of omega law. I will definitely use omega law again if needed. I would highly recommend anyone who are searching for quality representation of your case to contact Robin with Omega Law you will not be disappointed.

Svetlana Parker

Very Professional and great to work with. Best of the best.

Skatey8e - Fortnite

Big thanks to Robin and his team. Highly professional and responsive, was kept abreast of my case from beginning to end. Thanks Omega Law, best accident lawyer.

Combiz Namvar

Best Uber Accident lawyer in LA. Once you sign up with them your case is on autopilot. Just went to my doctor appts and they took care of the rest. Cant go wrong with Omega Law!

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