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Sarah Amend

The Law Office of Carl Shusterman was very diligent in working on our case. They always responded to emails and questions promptly, and let us know when they received notifications from Immigration right away. Though the green card process felt long and arduous, their assistance helped guide us through the process. I highly recommend them!

Nazifa Nabizada

Beast Mode ROTINE

Law Offices of Carl Shusterman helped me with my naturalization,i was really stressed because of my background i had 5 traffic tickets 2- Misdemeanor 1-major traffic ticket i visited lot immigration lawyers .some of them said wait 5 more years and some said that i cant not get citizenship this time because of lack of moral characters ,i didn't know what to do ,few days later i met friend of mine and told me her cousin had same situation and she said she knows one lawyer helped her and she is US Citizen now She gave me name of Mr Carl Shusterman ,i googled him and start watching his videos on YouTube then i called to scheduled an appointment with him ,he examined my depositions and my case he told me to don't worry and every thing will be ok and he introduced me to Mrs Elif Keles took care of my case and she said same things that every thing will be ok ,she went with me to interview and every thing went smooth 10 days later i received email from USCIS ,i was online for oath ceremony Law Offices of Carl Shusterman is number one in Los Angeles Carl Shusterman and Elif Keles truly one of the best immigration lawyers out there. they are always one step ahead and make you always feel comfortable. both are a true professionals who listen and really care.I was more than satisfied to hire them, the whole process couldn't have been "more smoother". I can blindly recommend .Carl Shusterman and Elif Keles to any one . paralegal Ana Cruz was nice and professional she always happy thank you for every thing you have done to me and i will work with you in future my parents green card application ABDELHAFID.R

Ivan Leon

I got married a while ago, and was having a very hard time to get my documents on place, then i was recommended to work with Carl Shusterman. Im so happy i went to visit them, their staff is very friendly, they are absolutely profesional and efficient. I will recommend them to anybody that is looking for legal representation in migration matters. Awesome :D

Jose Palos

He does great job. I like him a lot

Nicholas Corley

Ellen Lee helped my wife and I through the process of her procuring her green card. Ellen was nothing short of warm, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly professional throughout the entire process, and guided us through every detail making a complex process into something simple and easy for us to complete. We could not have done it without her, and we are very grateful for her assistance in this matter.

shobha george

Mr. Shusterman's office has maintained a very professional relationship in handling the case while processing my permanent resident application.His support staff including Jay Pounders and Rajakrishna are well versed in immigration laws and updates.I highly recommend this office for any matters related to immigration.

Yusuf Sambur

Minjee Yoo

I originally applied green card in 2009 and my priority date became current in the year 2016. For 7 years, I had to keep my immigrant status legal so first, I got my H1B visa with the help of Attorney Iyer and Paralegal Judy Lu. I was asked many time to submit more documentation from USCI. Atorney Iyer and Judy help me prepare documents over and over. They also had me come to their office to discuss my case a couple times with no additional fee.Especially Ms. Judy Lu helped me tremendously. I was in hurry submitting documentation and I wasn't able to get it to them, Judy offered to come near my work to pick up the documentation. She went above and beyond! I went on the interview with USCIS with attorney Amy Prokop Lenhart who took care of my green card case for 7 years. She thoroughly prepare me for interview as well as my documentation. She is very culturally competent and down to earth. Lastly, I want to thank Ana Cruz especially. She answers millions of my emails almost right away and always there to answer the questions. She is thoughtful and caring and make you feel like you are the only client she has. Thank you for your exceptional work Amy, Ana, Judy and attorney Iyer!

Sandeep Kaur


Mr. Shusterman's Law Office will be always on top of my list, l and I would strongly recommend this office, specially for your immigration related cases. Law Office of Carl Shusterman has a nice, kind and friendly team who will work as a team to get your work done. Thank you!

Arnold Mauricio

Ms Garcia was very helpful, smart, insightful and prompt with responses! She gave us invaluable tips on how to go about our case and she made sure every step was done correctly. My family and I thank you and your firm.

debbie huang

My husband and I worked with Amy Prokop (Attorney) and Elsa Garcia (Senior Paralegal). My husband didn't know to file a fiance visa and we were married in the US although I entered on a visa waiver program. Therefore, we had to file all the documents with immigration services for me to get a Green Card. Elsa and Amy were able to guide us through this intimidating situation. They were both extremely experienced and the process and subsequent interview went smoothly. Highly recommended.

Nitin Pusalkar

Having waited for 12 long years, I was now in final stages of I-485 approval and my case was was handed over to Que. And boy was I glad. My case was quite complex/complicated to me, but Que knew the roadmap. Right at the outset he explained me what I need to do and my options. The guidance was not only restricted to the documents that need to be provided, but also the timing when we should provide them to USCIS. His assistant Gale, was very methodical in keeping track and they helped me and my family cross the finish line. A big thank-you to Que and his team

Nico Contreras

My experience with the law offices of Carl Shusterman was great! They were absolutely professional, and the attorney who handled my case (Judy Lu) was very professional and knowledgeable. Overall, very good!

Raj Pankhania

Greetings: In 2003 I had switched my immigration attorney and chose Mr. Shusterman. He assured me to stay the course and we will achieve our objectives. Ms. Judy Lu was assigned to my case. She is thorough, professional and extremely prompt on all matters. Her coordination with my employer and ICE was impeccable. I can assure anyone that if Ms. Lu is assigned to your case you will be served with kid glove care.

Gilbert Mose

before collect money, they are very good, after collect money, they don't even reply your email or answer your phone. very very bad service from the lawyer name QUE

Dharitri Shah

Peter Cartagena

Last August 1, 2012 I was reunited with my family with the help of Carl Shusterman, Amy Prokop and Ana Cruz. It was a long journey but with the help of God and their expertise and knowledge of immigration issues, my complicated case was favorable resolved. I always got a quick response if I had a question. I am very grateful to them and would highly recommend the Law Offices Of Carl Shusterman.

Yacoub Siriney

The Law Office of Carl Shusterman is the best immigration team out there. He is the Lawyer to go to for any problems or help. They dont play games or waste time.. Definitely the only place that will take care of you and your whole family. I first went to Carl Shusterman, he did a free consultation for DACA participants and he took my case and he had Jessica Chan which was amazing.. She went over and beyond to help me with everything and trust me my case was a headache. I got approved and everthing went great.. Two years later, Ana Cruz and Ellen Lee took my case and my moms case to become a green card holder. And was approved and they made dreams come true.. I waited my whole life and im 30 so yes they are the best and they know it all.. They are all professionals. Im grateful that there was a team of Attorneys out there that set the the bar so high that they are well known for being #1 since day one . Thank You so much Ellen Lee, Ana Cruz, Jessica Chan, Carl shusterman and the whole team for an Amazing Job.

Yoshie Muratani

Carl Shusterman and his office helped me with my citizenship. I initially applied it myself and went to the interview alone. There was a complication at the interview, and they denied my application. A friend of mine had worked with Mr. Shusterman and his office, and she recommended contacting them. Ms.Ellen Lee helped me with filing the documents to appeal, and Mr. Shusterman himself helped me with preparing materials for my second interview and came with me to it. Mr. Shusterman is gentle, relaxed and makes you feel safe, and at the same time very sharp and keen. He pointed out that my oriental way of indirect talk sounded confusing, which was helpful at the interview. Thanks to him and his office, I just took the Oath ceremony! Thank you very much!


We hired immigration attorney from the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman immediately when my husband faced a deportation proceedings. He had a tremendously complicated case, yet they were able to reopen it by the Board of Immigration Appeals and follow through to finish by acquiring a green card for him. His attorney was Jennifer Rozdzielski. She is highly ethical, professional, trustworthy, and attentive. Jennifer made our dreams come true by helping keep our family together. Would highly recommend.

Maria Davari Knapp

Mr. Shusterman and his law firm have represented my family and me very successfully. He is not only a legal guru in all things immigration but even more so he is an exceptional human being because he empathizes with his clients and cares that justice is done.

Yuwadee N

My husband and I was fortunate that we had Attorney Ellen Lee and Giselle Sotelo including Elsa Garcia, senior paralegal to help getting permanent residency from my employer, adjustment of status from F1 visa. I have received excellent communication and preparation for interview, which is extremely important. During the interview, attorney Sotelo was proactive and professional leading to a successful interview. We have received an approval notice within 14 days after the interview although our cases are quite complicated. We are greatly thankful for their support and always recommend the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman to our friends because of their extensive experiences and professional manners.



Paulina Villanueva

Marcin Kortylewski

I would like to thank Law Offices of Carl Shusterman, and in particular Mrs. Ellen Lee (lawyer) and Mrs. Ana Cruz (paralegal), for their guidance and support on my path to US Citizenship. Over the recent years, I was pleased to rely on high professional skills and personal dedication of all members of this legal team. On top of that, the online newsletter edited by Shusterman's Office is one of the best sources of information on trends in immigration policies. Great community service, thank you again - Marcin Kortylewski

Jody Cayenne

My wife and I have had such a wonderful experience with the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman! We have had previous Immigration lawyers in the past, and we are so thankful that we used this firm for the immigration process. Trust me, if it is not done right, it can be a real nightmare. This firm knows their business! The process can be frustrating, but I never felt this way with the help of this firm. Their expertise and professionalism in this field are unmathched by anyone else we have dealt with it. They always took the time to answer all of my questions and helped me to feel more comfortable with the whole process. I say a special "thank you" to Attorney Ellen Lee and Judy Lu, whenever I had questions they were expedient with their response and very helpful. These two ladies are the nicest I have ever dealt with, we were treated like people, not just clients. I have just recently been approved for my new, ten year green card and I plan on using this firm when I initiate citizenship and for any other immigration matters.

Francis Hipolito

I am an Internationally Educated Nurse petitioned by US employer and the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman helped me throughout the entire process of my IV application. His staff are exceptional especially Atty. Ellen Lee and Elsa Garcia, their Senior Paralegal. They are conscientious and very professional. Both were extremely thorough with regard to the instructions and the steps that I needed to take and the documents that I needed to submit to them and to NVC. Options were completely provided to me by them and it was not just about them telling me to do this and do that. They made me feel that I was in control of my application process and that they are there to assist and support me along the way. With their help, I got my visa approved and now, my family and I are on our way to fulfilling our American dreams. 5 Stars to this Law firm and to Ellen and Elsa, thank you very much for the assistance. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Mel Kevin Barbin

Not providing any updates. Takes forever to reply in emails.

Olen Henry

I wanted to take a moment to commend all of the staff at The Law Offices of Carl Shusterman for their exceptional work in assisting me to secure a K1 visa for my fiancé to come to the United States from the Dominican Republic so we can marry. First of all, I found Carl Shusterman a highly accomplished attorney who is well verse in immigration law and regulations. From the very beginning of our working relationship, I found him not only knowledgeable about my case and some of the obstacles that I might experience, but he was exceptionally honest about advising me on the best course of action for me and my fiancé, and he was very candid about the most cost effective options that were available-even if it did not include his firm rendering any services. I decided to use his firm and am SO glad I did. What was supposed to be a simple process ended up taking almost a year. I found myself in the Dominican Republic frequently trying to facilitate matters at the consulate, and because of my attorney Elif Keles and my paralegal Ana Cruz, I must say I was always prepared when speaking to the Consulate representatives regarding the K1 visa. I found all of Carl's staff exceptionally helpful, caring and concerned about my case and WHENEVER I called from Santo Domingo or Los Angeles about any questions, documents or even just to lend me an ear, I found all of the staff always there for me and my fiancé. ANA CRUZ is one of the most exceptional professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She would stop whatever she was doing to help me with everything from explaining legal matters to me in plain English to calling the US Embassy in Santo Domingo in my behalf when I needed help with translation. I have had the need to use attorney's in that past-even attorneys that have argued before the US Supreme Court. This is the best overall experience I have had with any attorney. If you have an immigration matter that is important, you could not be better served than at the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman.

Anton Tishakov

krishnaMohan Mande

Nice web site .excellent info..

Arman Ayvazyan

This is for sure the best immigration firm. I would like to thank Mr. Shusterman for his excellent advice and guidance. Special thanks to Ana Cruz and Giselle Sotelo. They worked with me from start to finish My case was complicated, but they did the impossible thing and solved my case in less than two weeks. They helped me with my dream of becoming a US citizen. I am going to my Oath Ceremony in the end of July. That is exceptional and you cannot put a price on that. I highly recommend this firm for any immigration issues.

Hoda Assadian

I will definitely recommend the Shusterman Law firm to everyone! They know what they are doing and they are G-R-E-A-T! :) Carl himself is a wonderful person with a lot of knowledge and experience! You'll notice the most complicated things is a piece of cake to them! Judy and Attorney Iyer Rajakrishna took care of my work visa. They truly exceed my expectations. If you want to be in good hands for your immigration matter choose them! Trust me; they’ll take care of you! Judy Lu, for sure is the best and the most patient person ever! She answers all your emails in a very short period of time! And when you talk to her on the phone, she answers all your questions patiently!

Sai Kong Yu

Very good and professional services. Jay Pounders, who is the senior paralegal in Law Offices of Carl Shusterman, provided an excellent and very responsive support regarding my working visa application. There is no doubt that I will find him again in case I have to apply the visa in the future.

Xu J

I recently received my green card with the help of Mr. Shusterman’s firm. I had a pretty unique and complicated case involving an overstayed J1 visa. The process took over 3 years and I honestly believe it wouldn’t be possible if I had hired another law firm. Everyone who worked with me was extremely professional and thorough. From the initial consultation with Mr. Shusterman himself to Raj who took on my case; to Ellen who stepped in when necessary, and Judy, who was always so prompt, patient, and guided me through the entire process seamlessly. Anyone who had similar experience must know what it feels like to be separated from your family while the wait seemed to be endless. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs help with immigration matters. I made the right choice to hire them, and I hope my experience can help others make their decisions too.

Monique Develos

Applying for an Immigrant US Visa needed professional assistance. Elsa Garcia the Senior Paralegal of Law Offices of Carl Shusterman was kind and extremely helpful in every challenging process I encountered. I sincerely thank Attorney Lee for promptly providing me all crucial information until my Visa Approval. My overall experience from Ms. Elsa and Atty. Lee was excellent and commendable.


So bad...

Charles Kilpatrick

I would not recommend this law firm. I have a quite simple case. I paid for consultation with this firm, and consulted with other immigration law firms as well. I found that this company had done a very poor job of explaining the alternatives. I wish I could get my money back. It was wasted.


I'd like to thank Jay Pounders (senior paralegal in Carl Shusterman) for his professional and efficient service. He never kept me waiting, I got responses of my emails very fast. And he answered all my questions clearly. Also, he would forward to me important emails almost as soon as he received them. I highly recommend his work to anyone who needs work visa application service, and I'll definitely look for him again for my future work visa related cases.

Gerardo Diaz

Tony Hall

I would strongly recommend the services of the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman. Attorney Ellen Lee and paralegal Elsa Garcia successfully represented us for an adjustment of status after entering on a K-1 visa. Attorney Lee attended the USCIS interview with us and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I don't think it would be possible to have a better Attorney than Ellen Lee.

Sumit Tandon

I was in an ideally simple but in reality confusing & unknown situation for my green card application. I interviewed other immigration lawyers but decided to go for attorney Ellen Lee. Ellen was personable and experienced to understood my case right away. With Ellen's strategy and Hilda's responsive help on our paperwork, I received my green card in just over 9 months after our first meeting. For the meetings with the immigration officers, Ellen thoroughly prepared us beforehand, provided significant support during the meetings, and got us ready for the next steps after the meetings. I highly recommend Ellen for her knowledge, attention to details, and approachable personality. She made my stressful situation smooth and successful!!

vallejoinn &suits

Xx_Cookie _PuffsxX

Sad to say the will take your 450 dollars for a consultation and will do nothing for you, you may get some info out of it. When you ask to speak with them again they lost your paper work and cant remember who you were and ask for you to come in again for another 450 consultation. Wow Sad instead of helping people want to rob them for 450 each time to go see them.


Great law office, they were available if we had any questions and helped us get approved. I would recommend the Law Office of Carl Schusterman to anyone needing help with immigration issues.

Anonymous Anonymous

Anybody who has dealt with USCIS knows that immigrating to the U.S. is a long and tedious process. During those many years, I have dealt with many immigration attorneys and I can easily say that The Law Offices of Carl Shusterman is the best immigration law firm that I have dealt with. I retained the firm for my N-400 application. I have a legal issue in the past which could complicate things. This law firm is professional, staffed with super attorneys and won't promise you something they can't deliver. After signing the retainer, paralegal Elsa Garcia helped me with putting together the N-400 application. Atty Ellen Ma Lee was assigned to handle my case. I couldn't be happier because I’ve heard a lot of good things about her expertise in the area of naturalization. Not only is Ellen highly meticulous and experienced in her work, but she also knows what the USCIS officers are looking for. She navigated my N-400 through the USCIS red tape with ease and today I am, a US Citizen. Not only do I think Ellen is a gifted attorney, she is also very responsive – a combination that is hard to find these days. The only regret I have is not retaining this law firm sooner.

Yusuf Vural

No free consultation even 10 minutes for listen your case. you should pay $425 for tell your story :)

Nelson Trejos

NelaNancy Latu

What a great experience we had working with Ana Cruz and Ellen Ma Lee. They were very helpful with obtaining the Resident Alien card. We got a quote from another firm that was $1,000 more. What a savings and we didn't have any problems. They helped us to organize our information and be prepared. Now we can continue our journey and not worry about any legalities.

Van Tran


Thanks to all of your team!! I would like to highly appreciate all your help. Your expertise and commitment to us as your customer can be clearly seen in the way you demonstrate your professionalism .Thank you for your continuous sound advice and assistance .If you are looking for professionals contact the Law offices of Carl Shusterman they will clarify every step of the way on your case and you will receive great services. Thank you very much.

Ashish Patel

One of the best U.S Immigration Attorney, they are very courteous and very professional. i would highly recommend this firm to anyone.

Brad Conquer

We referred two cases to this firm. The first, the H1B application was sent to the wrong service center, therefore was denied. The second lacked any kind of follow-up to our applicant's questions over a 2 week period.

kanemaru nikkansan

I am very happy now to have my green card. I highly recommend Law Offices of Carl Shusterman and Raj Iyer and Judith Lu. I feel so lucky that Raj and Judith worked on my green card petition. They gave me great advice and quick response all the time. In addition, they were friendly and kind. They worked on my H-1 visa as well. Thank you Raj and Judith!!

Witness Lima

Attorney's Ellen Lee and Elsa Garcia were amazing to work with. They answered all questions and concerns I had and were very thorough with my case. They were very knowledgable and had excellent customer service.

Ahmed Abdalla

Getting a consultation from Carl Shusterman was the best decision I've made regarding immigration advice. With just a 30 minute a consultation, not even a full retainer, I was able to get the legal advice I needed to overcome my difficulty. I cannot thank Carl Shusterman enough for his help. My family was hesitant about spending the money on the consultation but in my case Carl had knowledge on a not so common detail of immigration law (knowledge my primary immigration lawyer didn't know). This knowledge of obscure parts of the law was extremely useful.

Richard B Knapp

Mr. Shusterman and his law firm have represented both me personally and the nonprofit organization that I am associated with. The cases have ranged from the simple to the complex and contentious. Each case has been successfully completed. It is very simple – if you want the best result possible, then select the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman. Mr. Shusterman and his firm are always thoroughly prepared on the case particulars, the myriad of legal details, and the correct approach when meeting government representatives. The case has immediate respect and is given serious consideration because of Mr. Shusterman’s reputation. After a favorable court ruling in one rather contentious case, the government attorney approached Mr. Shusterman and expressed delight at being able to meet him and be across the aisle from him. Experience, expertise, thoroughness, preparation, and respect … unequaled.

James Alphonse Gericho Castillo

Atty Shusterman was the lawyer that handled our immigration process 14 years ago when we migrated to the US. We thank him and his staff for their diligent efforts to grant us the opportunity to reside in Los Angeles.

Noella Nyawera

I have used the office of Carl Shusterman to help me get my TN Visa and I am glad I did because everything they advised me to do was very helpful and I got my TN Visa without problem. Elsa Garcia was my Paralegal who I was in close contact all the time, I was able to ask her any questions either by mail or by phone. When my file was complete, I had a phone conversation for about 20min with the Attorney Rajkrishna Lyer who coached me on how to handle the interview at the boarder. I am very grateful that I got the chance to work with both Elsa and Raj, they were kind and very professional. Big thank to the team of Carl Shusterman.

Dianne McNamara

I had the pleasure of being represented by the Law Office of Carl Shusterman for my work visa and everything went smoothly! Jay Pounders, Sr. Paralegal was the one that I was in contact with and he was with me every step of the way and was very helpful in providing me with information and for guiding me through out the whole process. It was also a nice surprise when the consulate that interviewed me in the US Embassy also knew about the law office and told me that I'm in very good hands, and that is definitely something that anyone who is applying for any US visa would love to hear about the law office that represents them! I highly recommend Jay Pounders and the Law Office of Carl Shusterman and would definitely love to avail of their services again!

Rangarao Panguluri

Great Team. On my case Ms. Ellen Lee and Ms. Ana Cruz worked with me. They are very professional, understanding and Prompt. I will not hesitate to recommend to any of my friends.

pari pari

I would like to thanxs from the bottom of my heart to Mr Carl shusterman and his team Colin Gallagher, Giselle Sotelo, Ana cruz who use their Extensive knowledge to win our case . Mr Carl shusterman comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience help's to win our case. I have really great experience with the Law firm of Carl shusterman who always responded to my questions and always clarifying my doubts. I highly recommend Mr Carl shusterman those who wants there life in good hands. " I always remember you Mr Carl shusterman till my whole life " He is the person specially who send by god to help people. Thanxs Mr Carl shusterman you are the great person .

nimool n

Terrible 400$ to answer one question

Kenneth Ng

Attorney Que Hirschi and Senior Paralegal Susan Zhang were amazing. My green card was just approved and I am grateful for the hard work, help and advice they provided throughout my green card process. I truly appreciate what they have done for me! I wouldn’t have made it this far without their experienced guidance and help! Que was patient and always provided detailed explanations and support during the process. I had to attend an interview at the local USCIS office for the last stage of the process because of a new policy. Prior to the interview Attorney Hirschi took extra time to review the details of my case and the interview process with me so I would be prepared and relaxed for the interview. He effortlessly made what seemed like a complicated and never ending process understandable and manageable for me. His experience and attention to detail are invaluable. I am looking forward to working with him again in 4 years when it is time to prepare for my citizenship process.

João Paulo Farias

The people at Shusterman helped me with my visa and they made the process easier for me and my family. I would like to thank Judy Lu and Raj for the attention they had with my case. I would happily recommend them to my friends.


I am grateful to Amy Prokop Lenhart! She is knowledgeable, warm and capable of eases the stress that everybody has when dealing with immigration. She was right and accurate about every step of my case...I also want to thank you Ana Cruz, our paralegal because she was always there for me during the whole process of adjusting of status answering my mails and calls in appropiate time and manner. Great team, very professional and very nice people.

Arnold Pelicano

If anyone is need of a law firm that specializes in immigration to the United States, I highly recommend the Law Office of Carl Shusterman. I am a living testament to the professionalism and expertise that they provide to their clients. Before I went to their office, I had the misfortune of contracting the services of a sub-par immigration lawyer who gave me poor service and wrong advice. Instead of getting my immigrant visa in 3 to 4 years, it was prolonged to 11 agonizing years. Atty Shusterman was able to rectify the mistake that was made by my former immigration lawyer by starting the process of the acquiring an employment-based immigrant visa from scratch. The law office assigned a paralegal by the name of Judy Lu to my case. She worked on my case diligently and meticulously. She answered all my questions and concerns via e-mail very promptly. In certain instances, she would answer my e-mails within minutes after sending them. I really felt as if I had a paralegal assigned exclusively to me. She took care of my renewals for H1-B visas and the processing of the immigrant petition for my family and myself. Therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Shusterman's Law Office to anyone who wants professional and expert advise on immigration cases. Every penny that is paid to the firm is certainly worth the service that they provide.

يمنى امل

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Long Su

The Law Offices of Carl Shusterman is the best. they have the great team and their staff are very professional. Attorney Ellen Ma Lee and Ana M. Cruz are the best people, they help me get the solution as soon as they can whenever i call or email them and They are both very knowledgeable, and patient. It is my pleasure to have such wonderful service. If anyone who needs immigration help please call Law Offices of Carl Shusterman and tell them what you want and I highly recommend Attorney Ellen Ma Lee and Ana M. Cruz.

Rupesh Parekh

Great attorney for green card with complications. My family and I now have our green cards thanks to the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman and Attorney Que Hirschi. Attorney Hirschi worked very hard through all if the difficult issues to ensure the green card could be approved. He was always responded quickly to e-mails and phone calls and had numerous calls with me. Que prepared the detailed response for the RFE and went to the interview with us. Attorney Hirschi prepared everything needed for the interview and had two meetings with us before the interview. He really cared about our case and was good at making us relaxed and took as much time as needed to prepare us for the interview. Our case was approved 2 weeks later. We are happy we found the right attorney for our case.

Kati Haberstock

Fabulous experience. Very knowledgable, courteous and excellent service.

ankit radadia

Excellent experience with Attorney Giselle & Carl shusterman team. I will highly recommend to carl shusterman & team anyone who is looking for an Immigration Attorney.

Juan Castillo

My wife and I worked with Elif Keles (Attorney) and Maria Cobian (Paralegal). Our case was very complex and unique and choosing the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman to represent us was the best decision that we could have taken. After 4 years apart from my wife and two sons I could happily say that thanks to Elif and Maria we are now together and very happy enjoying every moment. Thank you so much for representing us Elif and Maria thanks to you my family is together.

Alex Paredes

Dealing with immigration matters is always stressful, finding the right people to help makes a huge difference. From the very first time I went to their office I felt relaxed and comfortable. Thank you Hilary for all your help and work, you made the whole process so much easier.

irfan qazi

After 13 years of painful wait we finally got the green card in the mail. Although it took so long and you feel so tired of the whole process but it is my pleasure to talk about my experience with Law Offices of Carl Shusterman; it has been a wonderful experience and in particular, I enjoyed working with Alison Walters and Judy Lu. I know Alison is no longer with the firm but she was great. When she left I was kind of nervous and I had no clue who will be handling my case next and I must say Judy did a marvelous job. Not only is she very organized but she has that human touch in her which at times is much needed when you are going through never ending process of achieving permanent residency. Last but not the least I love her detailed and non-technical attorney emails.

Ronnel Habaluyas

My wife and I would like to thank Senior paralegal Elsa Garcia and Attorney Emma Lee for guiding us through the process of acquiring our green cards. Finally we got it and we are so pleased with all their help ad professionalism! Elsa was very friendly all throughout and was very patient with me despite all of my questions. If you are looking for a law firm you can trust with immigraton issues, don't look anywhere else.

VIC Khurana

Our experience with Law firm of Mr. Carl Shusterman has been very impressive they took care of our Immigration matter very professionally & efficiently. A special thanks to Anna Cruz who has been very kind, friendly, responsive, professional, & informative. We are very pleased. Thanks

nurun nabi Dalim


Wanted $400 just to pick up the phone!!

Can Celik

This one star goes to Elif Keles who is one of the lawyers in this office . A month or so ago, I have scheduled a consultation for our family based immigration problem. We had only 30 days to respond and so the timing was very important. Not only was she clueless about immigration, the professionalism she performed was also way below the line when you pay $425 for a 30 minute consultation. She looked at our case and told us that she couldn't take it because it will take too much of her time and she needed to go to "Spring Break". Just to be clear here, before the consultation I had already sent all the documents in advance for them to check so they should already know whether they can take our case or not before scheduling the consultation. So schedule a consultation, charge the client $425 and at the end tell them you don't have time to take my case??? Even though I got my money back a week later I will never ever hire these people as they only care MONEY! I would STAY AWAY from this office if you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles.

Aggie Cooke

Elsa and Ellen made a confusing and stressful process simple and pleasant! Thank you!

Christine Verzosa

Xio Linares

I was very pleased with the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman. My attorney Ellen Lee, and paralegal Maria Alvarado made this green card experience the best it could be. They were both very diligent and professional. Not only that, but they were very supportive about this entire process. I would recommend the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman to everyone! Such an amazing team.

Ken Chee

I want to acknowledge the Law office of Carl Shusterman for their diligent and responsive attention to my case - from H1B to PERM to green card. They treated me, my employer, and my family with respect,understanding, and patience. Judy Lu, Senior Paralegal handled my case. She guided us through all the process details with sincere compassion and support that we needed. Thank you for your outstanding services! I highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of immigration help.

xinda lin

Had a great experience working with them. Very professional and efficient. I'm a F1 student and was able to get H1B within 2 months under their help.

Yazhi Smith

Carl Shusterman and his office helped me secure my green card years ago. It was the most efficient, wonderful process and I should mention that we are out of state and that never hindered it at all.

Ian T

I have great experiences with law offices of Carl Shusterman. Carl is an excellent attorney that not only has a great passion for what he does, but also is a compassionate lawyer. It is a blessing that God has led me to Carl, and I am thankful Carl has helped me with my immigration process all the way to my citizenship. I also want to express my gratitude to Carl’s paralegal, Ana Kruz. She has been helpful and comforting to me, and quick in getting back to me with answer. Each one I met from Carl’s office is professional and talented, and the service has been top notch in every aspect. I highly recommend the law offices of Carl Shusterman.

Janet Cho

Carl knows what he’s doing and he’s also kind and personable. Ellen on his team is also a seasoned pro who is patient and has a wealth of experience. I highly recommend engaging them for their expertise because there are unfortunately alot of others out there who don’t know what they’re doing and may offer innacurate advice. They’re the best of the best hands down!

Fulanito de tal

The cost of a consultation is $425, payable at the time of scheduling.... NO WAY!!! EVERYTHING IS OVER PRICED!!!

Bahareh Rostami

He is very rude and all he cares is money and ripping you off. I had to pay $400 for 1/2 and not even discussed my case and charged my credit card! Not trust worthy. I also had to pay for the parking lot to get to his office! Do not give him your credit card information chose another more honest attorney.

Deks T

So happy with this Law firm.. Fabulous team, especially Judith (Judy) Lu. SO helpful, detail oriented and informative. Always available via email. Thank you Judy from the bottom of my heart for your fabulous services.

Tom Ochola

Carl, Thank you for the invaluable information you provide on your website. It’s a God send. There was a time when I used to read your website daily until I was able to sort out my residency and citizenship. I was never your client directly but through your stories , Videos and articles your knowledge and generosity blessed and changed the lives of my family and I’m sure for many others too across the world. Your impact globally is huge and I hope you know that. Thank you.

Lokesh Mahadev

Thank you Law Offices of Carl Schusterman for professionalism, courtesy and overall most wonderful experience. Attorney Giselle is a highly skilled professional, provides valuable suggestion in no time, she helped me a lot. I highly recommend this firm for all immigration related things, they are the best.

Fidel D

$425 for a first consultation?? Smells like a bunch of overpriced lawyers who would charge a fortune for just paperwork any paralegal can complete. Run away from these extortionists as fast as you can!!! Run Forest run!

sonia chaudhary

Best legal advice you can get!! Amazing team of people who are really interested in finding the best solution to your problem. There is absolutely no better law firm than Carl Shusterman's. Words can't explain how thankful I am to Attorney Q Hirschi,who is not only an amazing lawyer with with great legal know how but is also an extremely nice person, who takes time and listens to your issues and problems to offer solutions.Every time I spoke to him he gave me the best possible advice and the confidence I needed to fulfill my dream.Thank you so so much Attorney Hirschi. Elsa Gracia,I don't even know how to express my gratitude.Throughout this process you were always there to prepare me, to guide me and to accept me for who I am as a client.I really really appreciate your grace and professionalism.You are most awesome person I have ever met. All I can say to you is thank you, thank you, thank you.You are and always will be the best.

Eduardo A

I have worked with Ellen Lee and Elsa Garcia over the last few years and with their help I was able to successfully reach a very positive result to my case. I don't have enough words to say how grateful I'm for their help, guidance and professionalism. They are a pleasure to work with and the cost was absolutely fair based on the level of expertise and legal knowledge. I highly recommend them both and in my opinion they are the best immigration legal team in LA!!!! Thank you Ellen and Elsa for everything you did for me!!!

Narayanan Rajan

They have a good team. Elsa and Attorney Lee are very prompt and will explain you the details in layman's terms. Good Team.

Shahid Khan

I was in in a big Trouble, My family Received removal orders from immigration Judge , Attorney Kelles from this law firm appealed my decision to Board of Immigration , My case was approved and my wife's case remanded back to immigration court. No words to thank this law firm. Best decision of my life to get the services of this firm.

Sandra Hanszmann

A visit to the office for my interview with the attorney surprised me (I had visited 12 law offices in LA and SB before retaining the The Law Offices of Carl Shusterman). Rajkrishna S. Iyer had received my email with all the documentation for my case and had studied my background. This attention and preparation made me feel supported, confident and safe, like all customers should feel with their legal representative and advisor. We established a working relationship with excellent advice from him. I have just received my I visa and couldn't be more grateful to him. I highly recommend him for difficult immigration cases like mine. Sandra Michelini

Tom Sc

Was a real pleasure working with these guys. Ellen Ma-Lee was the lawyer handling our case and Imogene was one of the lawyers assistants helping us through out the process. Great ladies to work with. know their job well and perform it flawlessly. Don't do the mistake we did and try to save few bucks going with non professionals and sole practitioners! it ending up not only costing you much more in the long run, but also putting your status in jeopardy which can have a priceless impact. It is one of the most important steps in your life. You should choose a respectable reliable firm to handle your case and Shustrman is the definitely one of the best options you have. Trust me, we did a lot of shopping around after our first unsuccessful lawyer hire. Good luck!

John Perry

Carl Shusterman and his team has helped me go from a J1 visa waiver, to an H1B, green card and naturalization. Their services have been excellent throughout and I highly recommend them!

Vilito Israel

The Law Office of Carl Shusterman and staff is a very honest, reliable, and most prestigious immigration attorney. Elsa Garcia, paralegal is very accommodating. Att. Ellen is an expert in preparing us prior to our interview. Atty Carl Shusterman is very approachable, and down to earth person. More Power to you all...

Qinan Bao

It was a nice experience to work with them. Lawyer Iyer and Judy Lu were very helpful on my H1B application. My H1B got RFEed due to the nature of my work and my RFE date was only 3 weeks away from my start date. Judy and Iyer worked efficiently to get all the additional documents prepared, signed and mailed. My H1B was approved before my planned starting date. I really appreciate their help and I would recommend them due to their professional work.

JC cruz

honest and very professional staff !!


What seemed to be a hopeless case, Atty Carl Shusterman was able to turn the tables in my favor. Recently, I traveled out of the country, and on my return, I was held for questioning for almost 3 hours by a CBP officer, and eventually confiscated my green card. The officer, for some reason, decided, that I was inadmissible at that time, but allowed me in anyway, for a deferred interview the following month. If, indeed, after this deferred interview, they would reinforce the initial finding that I was inadmissible, then they would forward my case to a deportation proceedings. Scared by this prospect, I browsed the google for the top immigration lawyers in Ca and the name Carl Shusterman would always pop out. I called his office for an appointment. He agreed to accompany me to the deferred interview but did not promise me anything. And having Atty Carl Shusterman did not come cheap, but, might be out of fear and desperation, I did not hesitate. During the interview, I saw first hand how skillful Atty Shusterman was, trying to negotiate with the officer to return my green card. Atty Shusterman was polite and straight to the point. The officer finally decided to return my green card. Expensive? yes! but I will still hire Atty Shusterman anytime. He was worth it! The best in the field! I'm grateful to him, I got my normal life back

Giya Myshlyayev

Over the past four years, I have had the pleasure of working with Carl Shusterman's law firm. Throughout this time, Jay Pounders, the Sr. Paralegal at the firm has worked closely on my case and was absolutely instrumental in helping me obtain my TN-1 visa on 3 separate occasions. I am very impressed with his level of professionalism, knowledge of the immigration law, and responsiveness. It is safe to say that you can look no further if you require professional help with U.S. immigration.

MagniloquentlyPuncturedKeyboard or MPK

Amazing people and amazing firm. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone. I'm beyond words.

Marine K

LAW OFFICES OF CARL SHUSTERMAN – THIS IS WHERE THE DREAMS COME TRUE! After having our initial consultation with Mr. Shusterman we chose this law office for helping us with our immigration matter (filing & approval of I140 for the beginning). My family and I passed a difficult way for about 9 years in relation to our immigration status, before we found Carl Shusterman’s Law Offices. Moreover, going through this route we underwent a few disappointments, which lead to continuous stress and significant health issues in our family. Today we are so happy to announce that with the help of Carl Shusterman’s amazing team members we are on the right direction for success.Anyone looking for professionals who work with delicate details for the case should be proud to have the honor of working with Amy Prokop and Elsa Garcia. Amy Prokop demonstrates the highest level of professionalism in what she does. And in addition you can feel that she really cares for you and your situation. We do not doubt the efforts Amy put for us would be the same for her if needed. I cannot appreciate enough Elsa Garcia, for her infinite patience and a gift to understand a person. She always replied promptly to my e-mails and phone calls, as well kindly helped me with any concern I had. Due to previous several unsuccessful episodes and shortness in timing for our case, I developed an apprehension which was easily soothed with Amy Prokop's and Elsa Garcia’s knowledgeable explanations and professional behavior. With great belief and hope we are looking forward to complete our dream by Carl Shusterman’s law offices.

Shubhinder Singh

Jennifer is a profesional and amazing lawyer that helped my sister with her immigration case. She was there monitoring the case and keeping us updated and well informed. She helped us tremendously with this extremely long and stressful process. Jennifer truly cares about her clients and we were so grateful to have her by our side. Best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. If you're looking for an Immigrations Attorney, check out their website, and if they specialize in the case you need help with, don't think it twice, and get in touch with them. You will be very happy in the end. I highly recommend them.

Anuj Khosla

An excellent law firm with a great team of attorneys. Ellen and Gale are wonderful to work with. They are very caring, patient, helpful, and demonstrate great work ethic. I highly recommend them for any legal services you may need. Thank you for everything; I am forever grateful.

Jeroen de Sterke

Superb representation for my O-1B artist's visa. Thank you, Carl Shusterman and his team.

Manuela Spasov

My husband and I would like to thank attorney Ms. Ellen Lee for her strong and effective legal support, advice and representation in helping us through the immigration process. It was a comfort and pleasure to work with a professional like her. Thank you, Elsa, for organizing, and submitting the paperwork.

nfdbob .

I would just like to say that my experience with Ellen and her team at Carl Shusterman was fantastic. Always there to help with any of my questions and arrange meetings when I needed. Always quick to respond and deal with any of my concerns. I had several issues during the process that could have caused me problems but every time they had the expertise to find a solution and keep the process on track. I can recommend them whole heartedly to any and all. There is no need to look elsewhere this is the team you need.

Wendy Schneider

"As a business owner, I never had anything to do with the Immigration Service until I learned that 3 of my employees were undocumented. I immediately hired an immigration attorney who applied for green cards for them through their jobs. Little did I know that this would make me a target for the government. I soon received a notice that the Immigration Service wanted to inspect my I-9 forms and would be coming to meet with me in 72 hours! I knew that I needed an immigration attorney to defend me, hopefully one who had formerly worked as an INS Prosecutor. I hired the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman which turned out to be a great move on my part. Carl had served as an INS Trial Attorney in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He explained to me that not only could I be subject to civil fines for tens of thousands of dollars for "knowingly continuing to employ" illegal aliens, but criminal penalties were also possible. I remember nervously asking Carl how I was supposed to answer questions put to me by the INS Investigator. Carl looked at me and, in a calm voice, replied "Don't worry Tom. Take the day off. I'll meet with the investigator." What a relief! Carl explained to the investigator that I was just trying to help legalize my employees because I did not want to violate any laws, and that I would join a government program where they would pre-screen all my new hires. The investigator was impressed, so impressed that I never had to pay a penny in fines. Not only that, but Carl's staff succeeded in getting green cards for each of the employees that I had sponsored. A near disaster was averted, and today, my wife and I are close friends with Carl and his wife. As a business owner, I could not have made a better choice!"


Thanks Ms. Ana Cruz and Atty. Lee! I did an initial phone consultation with Atty. Shusterman for my Adjustment of Status from B1, but our case was handled by Atty. Lee and Ms. Ana Cruz. Ana is very easy to work with and responsive even to my sometimes never ending questions. Atty. Lee is very knowledgeable and an expert in her field.

Daniela Socorro

I just had my green card approved and Icould not have done this without the help of Ana Cruz and Ellen Lee and the Law Office of Carl Shusterman. I cannot say enough great things about my experience. They answered any questions I had, they got back to me immediately and answered all my calls I would definitely recommend the Law office of Carl Shusterman to anyone dealing with U.S Immigration.

Paulo Lima

I highly recommend the services of immigration attorney Ellen Ma Lee and paralegal agent Elsa Garcia. They thoughfully coached me throughout my case and provided excellent counsel. I could not be happier to have used their services. Great knowledge and expertise, with a human touch that makes their clients feel at ease during their cases.

Chandana Reddy

Attorney Raj Iyer handled my H1b application. Sr. Paralegal, Judy Lu was in constant communication during the process. I can't mention enough about how wonderful Judy not just in terms of her professional abilities but as a person. She is extremely approachable, friendly with sound knowledge. She is very supportive and advised me about multiple ways to handle issues when I stumbled during my immigration process. I would recommend Judy Lu, Raj Iyer of Law Offices of Carl Shusterman to anyone who needs immigration processing. Thank you Judy for all the help so far and in the future.

Lukas Maccani

Thank you Law Offices of Carl Schusterman for professionalism, courtesy and overall most wonderful experience. Attorney Giselle is a highly skilled professional with calm and warm character and I enjoyed spending time with her. I highly recommend this firm for a peace of mind and great results. Thank you Giselle, Ana and Carl.

idan tasa

Thank you so much for all the help and for being there for us. We want to especially thank Mrs Elsa Garcia and attorneys Amy prokop and Mr Lenhert. We couldn't do it without you guys. To all you out there who are struggling facing the immigration system we warmly recommend you to try and get this wonderful law office to represent you!! Wish good luck to all and best wishes. Desiree & Idan Tasa.

Maureen Timbol

Exceptional service. My case was handled by Ana Cruz and Ellen Lee. They were very informative, helpful and prompt with every inquiry. They walked us through the whole application process, answered every single questions we had, and promptly attended every issues that arose during the my green card application. Their service is indeed highly recommended. Thank you for your excellent service.

short hiligaynon

Dear Atty. Shusterman, I want to express my appreciation to you and your staff for your support in my long struggle to achieve permanent residence in the United States. Most of all, I wanted you to be aware of the dedicated efforts of Ms. ELSA GARCIA on my behalf. She has over the last six and a half years always has been available to me. She has provided excellent support in my efforts to retain my work permit, travel parole, and other services. In the very critical time of my very tight time restraints in renewing my VisaScreen, Ms. Garcia provided me with her personal cell phone number, and encouraged me to call her on her on and off days to speed up things. When the needed documents arrived, I called Ms. Garcia, and she met me on her day off to expedite the process. Shortly thereafter, I was awarded permanent residence. I am indebted to her for her commitment to my case, and wanted to be sure that you were aware of her extraordinary efforts. Yours truly, PETER SOLIS NERY

C DSouza

Thanks to attorneys Carl Shusterman, Jennifer Rodzielski and to Hilda Perez for their advice and their efforts for which our family is so grateful


I appreciate this law firm. The way i see it, is you get what you pay for. Yes they have a high consultation fee, however, it goes towards my other fees. Thank you Jennifer. This law firm knows what they are doing, they are professionals. I hired jennifer and i am happy with my choice. My case may be a very difficult one, i am confident that this firm will fight for me. Thank You and i look forward to retaining you as my attorney.

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