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REVIEWS OF Community Legal Aid SoCal - Main Office IN California

Cathy Santana

Accomodating, informative, helpful

Sam Petry

Filled out application online, they said they would get back to me within 2 days. I called back probably 10 times, no one ever called me back. I offered to come in they said not to, they would for sure call...never happened. It was a terrible experience

Franky Martinez

Es muy restringido la atencion , para asesoria solamente atiende los martes y de la mañana a las 3:30 de la tarde solamente estube esperando mucho tiempo y no alcance a que me atendieran , ellos trabajan con una calma que desespera uno , sin contar que aqui las leyes son muy impotentes para los casos civiles , A ¡ pero para los delitos viales estatales y de la ciudad ahi si que son bueno las multas y las penalidades , ,$%% la Ley no es la Ley , ni la justicia ( justa ) perdonen me pero es mi sentir ,.


They were very informative.

Mary Torres

The Santa Monica Court House location helped me open a case approximately 10 years ago...they helped filled out my paperwork and so forth against a particular party... I was there all day.. I went last year to make a modification on that same case. They checked their system and told me that they couldn't help me because of a conflict of intrest... And couldn't tell me why beside that it was a conflict of intrest...eventually one of the staff member broke the confidentiality agreement saying that they couldn't help me because they were providing services to that party against me...I asked how was that possible when they helped me open the case against that party and we're not allowed to provide service to the other party...I asked for there superior and main office information so they can do a full investigation and fix the problem...and asked for copy of the policy to understand why...they refusely neglected to provide me with any information and turned me away. There is a review possibly from a Legal Aid reprentative when you scroll further down...which I found to be unprofessional and appalling... in need of some customers service training... it is a perfect example of how people are being treated... Sympathy is not expected...but professionalism is.. Sympathy is provided automatically when you like your job in helping people... being understanding, putting yourself in these people shoes in need of some help desperately.These people are going through a tough time already... professionalism is always expected... which that review response is lacking.

Howard Roll

Legal Aid Society of Orange County and specifically the efforts of Legal Aid attorney Sara Lee, saved me from certain bankruptcy and a potential divorce after UCI Hospital sent me a bill for $88,000 for tests they assured my wife before my admission would be no more than $4-6,000 for out of pocket. It took almost a year, but due directly to the tenacious and thorough effort of our Legal Aid attorney the entire amount was waived.

Kalboz Kal

This is a scam! I was on hold for 30 minutes then was given a "Reference Number" to call back in an hour called back only to be on hold for 45 minutes then they hanged up. Called again and placed on hold for another 48 another - what gives!!! Need some help, qualified, but no help in sight!!!

Manuel Torres

Your customer service was poor you did not help me with my needs

diana amaral

Rosemary Gonzalez

This place is the best you get an appt and you get One on One legal aid asst and paper filled out. They prepared my paper for court for free on a judment bank levy. Just waiting for sheriffs to send me my check. Cecilia is good and when sheriffs send paper back because something was wrong Cristina the Supervisor told me to go in without appt and she will re due paper and yup she did exactly that . Thanks I recommend this place to my family 100%

Scott Adler

Virtually incommunicado. Voice mail was a maze. Waited two hours on hold, was disconnected. No call back. I called back, and the operator immediately hung up before I could say anything.

Josephine Reyes

Lisa Luna

Amazing profesional

Mark Arrington

They helped me with legal paperwork for bankruptcy.

Lois Michelle Green

Does this organization even exist?

Gary Collins

I was being billed for services from UCI and I am on Medicare and medical I got a attorney Robina Ali and she went out of her way to help me, she was a awesome attorney that went out of her way to help me. No more problem! Awesome Attorney.

Kacey Williams

Liliana Salas

Michael Hernandez

Josiah Nunez

Annette Radillo

Going through a lot of problems since I got sick the lawyers there are great people don't be afraid to go there people thank u for everyone that help me

Kathleen Smith

I loved it. Especially Christine. She is awesome!!!!!

Darren Swift

Invaluable for low-income folks who qualify. They provide the forms, help you complete them and give legal advice. Especially good for tenants rights issues and small claims court matters.

Ralph Shelton

Providing access to justice

sc h

I was on hold for 4 hours today 7/27/2017 and because my hold time went past their closing time at 530 someone picks up and hung the phone up on me.... I even called on another line 2 hours into the hold time To see if they had forgotten Bout me and if they would get to me before they close they said yes and to keep holding on the other line...... I don't know what's up with this agency but they really need better customer service and to get their act together!!!

ViRT Media

Managed to get an appointment. Seemed once they saw me they decided my appointment had been canceled and I was told to leave the building. Seemed to have something to do with being a white male.

M Fees

Ricky Phan

I just called them today and wait for 30 minutes on hold to reach the staff for small claim help. The staff on phone was so rude. She hung up on you even though my questions are not answered. Free services are not always good like paid services. I wish I can grade them 0 star

psco2007 .

Excellent staff. They helped me through the process of filing a small claims subpoena, which convinced the other party to call me prior to the court date and settle!

Mark Hicks


Helpfully friendly staff

Denise Sabar

I give them thumbs up for trying to help us through a confusing civil case. Once it was revealed I'm on disability, then I make too much money. I got a little bit more information out of them that finally put me in the right direction. I am very very grateful for that and that they took the time to see us in the first place. I would sure tell you to try to get in to see them if you can.

Amber Joaquin

Rosa Frutis

Sheila Pfeiffer

destiny orengo

It is a very welcoming environment that assists people with there legal issues. They take their time with each client until the clients concerns are addressed and give you a referral if needed! It is a great place to call especially if you have a legal situation you need help with, and it's free!

Leonard Munoz

Christina Gabler

What a waste of time. So I called and was told I qualified for there legal help and it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. But an hour later MONICA called me back and said here is some advice from a lawyer, go to a workshop to get ur stuff done. So thank you for nothing. Thought they would help with the legal papers. So dont waste your time with these people.

Jc Castro

Shelbie Knox

Aisha Zaky

Dr Bilow

I called Tuesday, 2x, waited on hold for 43 min, and 54 min, until both times the call was disconnected, AND not on my end, because i was home the whole time, with full bars for reception. I called on Wednesday, spoke to a paralegal who took my information down. While he put me on hold to get the advice from the attorney, once again, I was disconnected. The paralegal didn't even call me back. I called Thursday,I chose the option to receive a call back, I did not get one. I called Friday at 11:15am, when I spoke to the receptionist, and after asked how she could help me, I let her know that the calls on their end dropped, I got no call back, and she argued with me about the call connecting, then explained how it's free legal service, when that has nothing to do with their phone system. She talked over me, and was rude, because she didn't even listen, when she ask how she could help. If something is not working, they could let the appropriate person know. She didn't. She argued with me. Furthermore, I then asked to get the information to report them, and she said I'm holding the line up and to call back to speak to the receptionist, when I JUST called that same phone number and SHE was the 1st person to answer. SHE was the receptionist. There's no need for me to call the same number, nor did she provide the information I requested, and ended up hanging up on me! This place has the WORST customer service!

Letty Mendez

Randall Roper

Angel Solis

Lawyer William Tanner, this dude is a family law genious. My ex did some sneaky paperwork filing and I had no clue I was going to lose the rights to my daughter. Long story short William Tanner saw his assistants having a bit of trouble, what can I say? Im getting free help right? Who else is supposed to navigate these young lawyers that are going to be the future? So he took my case and they studied it for a week and helped me complete an RFO on custody and it went extremely well. Was able to build a schedule so I can see my daughter and its been a little tough because I represent myself at most times but he did me a solid explaining my situation to the point Judge Salvador believed every word and gave Legal Aid Society of Orange County its respect it deserves. If you are reading this William thank you bro! Please.....dont forget about the dads that are fighting every year for there own kids. I respect what you do. ANGEL SOLIS

Doug Davidson

Blake Barrett

Rosie D La Cruz

(Translated by Google) They have helped me (Original) Me han ayudado

John Armstrong

Not very helpful

Joey Borgese


I called to ask a few questions about the service they provide. I spoke with a Jason who was very rude and dismissive. He actually told me "if you don't like my questions call the oc bar and find someone else". I guess if you aren't paying thousands it gives these answering service people the right to be rude, disrespectful and belittle others. You would think they are the attorneys, can't imagine the service if they were. Terrible service.

Michele Del Valle


Diana Heineck

My friend is having a landlord-Tenant issue. We called and spoke with the representative. He made an appointment for her for today. Results pending. The representative was professional and kind. Much better than fair housing, which did nothing. We will see if she has a "case" but he was honestly concerned, one of the few organizations that did anything pro-active for her.

Bryan Breaux

They are very helpful, considering they're not allowed to give you legal advice.

Jean James

Disgusting, inept attorneys and helpers. Really a disservice to the community. They should all be fired and competent people put in their place

Joe Parsakis

Juana Santos

(Translated by Google) All right (Original) Bien

Billy Williams

Amazing people helpful good and help u no matter what check them out they'll change ur life

Robert Halter

Friendly people

Bridgette Hernandez

I called for advice in getting Power of Attorney for when a person is incapacitated and cannot sign in front of a Notary. All I wanted to know what were the steps in doing this. They have horrible service. First off they don't listen. Second they are rude and interrupt without being heard. This is not really a service to help people. Awful.

Safa Nabavi Noori

An absolute waste of time and anergy! They do nothing for you. Whatever your issue may be they don't handle it there! At the end you wonder what the heck do they do then? I guess sit on their chairs and want salary for it!

Jeremiah Harper

Came here to get help. No walk-ins thow

Hannia Gastelum

They were excellent on my case. Prompt. Right to the point. I am really glad they help us and grateful.

Rae O

Helped alot

Jose M

(Translated by Google) I cheated ase 5 years llebaron never had to finish what Acer 3500 dollars (Original) Me estafaron ase 5 años nunca llebaron acabo lo que tenian que Acer 3500 dolares

Dania Wollenstein

Marites Obedoza

This is bad choice to seek help...espicialy when you don't have money they pretent that are helping you,,not really it matters about if you have money. .it's just so sad that they build this saying it's free ...ya it's free but they don't help you to do thier best...

Maureen Broderick

Never saw an attorney. The paralegals are not very versed in legal areas. Very rude paralegal I spoke to so no, I would not recommend.

Richard Neal

Nice staff but they couldn't help me

Ev Strand

From my lengthy business career as an executive, I cannot say enough good things about Legal Aid Attorney Ms. Michelle Le. Our story indicates how smart, determined and resourceful she is. On top of that she is a very nice, pleasant person who was a joy to work with! My wife has late stage dementia and we needed financial help for her care. While we had received Medi-Cal approval, we could not find anyone who could tell us what the next step was to get us the help we needed. Luckily, we had the good fortune of having a social worker recommend Ms. Le. Our initial contacts with her revealed that Ms. Le had not dealt with the new 2019 program changes, but she convinced us that she would figure it out. Ms. Le then went on her learning curve and became knowledgeable about the programs. That knowledge was critical to her understanding that an error had been made in my wife’s share of cost calculation. Ms. Le's persistence and knowledge got the job done and will be our advisor from here on. Thank you, Ms. Le! We highly recommend Ms. Le to all those who could benefit from her legal services!



Christie McGeein


Nicole Andrews

David Ramirez

Called and spoke to some guy , he was being rude and non helpful Don't call here

Frank Lino

Inez Pierre

They were extremely helpful and very nice and patient with me. They assisted me in filing a response to Divorce.

Alijah G.

Keith Karnes

Jim Caron

I only hear what they DO NOT DO, instead of receiving the help I need. Oh we don't do that, is the basic response from this institution.

Cecilia Le

Gail Bartell

You tell me how government funded places are. I can't get the help until February and that's if I'm lucky. You need not to have anything on your record to get a job. Courts are backed up on nonsense rules with employers. Too many people on the streets need jobs.

William Lindner

Judith Santos

Diane Chung

katrina mclaughlin

I found their help very useful. Angela was outstanding, and very generous in her time. She had a lot of knowledge on the issues.

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