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REVIEWS OF Vickie Lynn Cochran, Attorney at Law IN Arkansas

Ralph Meehleder

Once we gave her info on our case, she began moving full speed to get it resolved quickly for our family. She has done everything she said she would do up to this point and even though we have some hurdles left, we are hopeful of the outcome with her in charge. We would recommend her to anyone. Meehleders

Tommy DuPriest

I give this place 5 stars because of the professional courteous service I received from Mrs. Cochran and her associate Simone. They were able to schedule my appointment on such a short notice, the Cochran Law Firm office was so easy to locate at the foot of the new Broadway bridge. As I entered her office I was greeted by her friendly staff, my consultation went very well with both Mrs. Cochran and Simone both listening and helping me resolve my problem. Even after I had left her office Mrs. Cochran called me with further information and even made a special trip to my house to bring me paperwork. I can't thank them enough for all that they did to help me.

Juliee Moreno

Very rude. And not easy to work with at all. Did not know how to communicate well. And just was flat out mean, she even had the nerve to yell over the phone.

Miss Smith

Great place to do business. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Great communication (email is best) and very quick with responses to questions!

Jimmy boy Videos911

I had the pleasure of working with Vickie. The level of professionalism was amazing. She is very quick to answer any questions that you may have and I would definitely use her in the future should the need arise.


Was very hopeful in the beginning, as initial consult went very well. From there on, it went downhill. I felt like I was of no importance at all. My concerns and wishes were met with comments discouraging me from fighting for anything I felt was RIGHT or JUST. I was made to feel as if I AM the bad guy in my situation. I always thought my lawyer was on my side, regardless, and they fought for what the client wanted or needed. This was not the case here. Vickie did nothing for me but take my money. I never got updates on anything. But you better believe my statements went out on time each month showing where she used my money. Maybe if you have a big case that would fill her pockets, she may do more for you, but if you are just a simple Mom needed someone to stand up for you, don't bother.

Travis Newman

Don’t get ripped off! I used Cochran for my divorce and had a good experience working with Simone- Cochran never spoke to me anytime I came in office. I made the mistake of retaining Cochran for a matter concerning my divorce decree. She was rude and a little dismissive but I put trust in her despite that fact. Never returned my calls or answered phone for a month (called from a different number and finally got an answer). I requested my retainer be at least partially returned so I could hire an attorney that would help (I was advised from many sources that she had no intention of helping). Many hours after requesting return of retainer I received an email from Cochran stating that she couldn’t remember what we talked about and for me to refresh her. I specifically requested Cochran NOT send emails and didn’t even know that she sent it until a few weeks later. Her secretary was very rude and dismissive and actually said what he thought I should have done differently. They were aware of my ignored phone calls and her secretary had the gall to tell me when I called. I got my first lesson in contract law when Cochran told me the agreement I signed stated retainer is non-refundable (if you are dumb enough to hire her twice).

Kenneth Trice

I know you and your organization are great and between being washinton dc metropolitan area and arkansas i will need your help.thank you kenneth trice.

Jade Lynn

Slumlord! Rented me out a roach infested falling down house, with the verbal agreement from Daniel that if rent was paid for 6 months the repairs would be made. After 6 months i asked her 2 workers about the repairs and they said they have no money to fix it. After calling many times I finally spoke to the (I’m assuming) true owner of the home Vicki. I was told she has no record of ever renting to us and wanted to argue about it, calling me a liar. We moved out right away! If that’s how she manages her rental properties, I imagine how her business is run. Update: I have pictures I can post of the home and the city will be called. It’s dishonorable to LIE because someone called you out for being a horrible landlord. Arguing with everyone who says they had a negative experience with you is discussing.

Martika Martin

Worst place for customer service really needs to work on that

Dads Rights

I'm a Black Male. Horrible client. Prior criminal history. Bugged Simone to death for updates by email Simone was always nice (and knowledgeable)-- They always got back to me in a timely manner. Vickie had unfortunate events in her family and was sometimes not able to meet much... They know Arkansas family law by HEART... Prior to a full-day trial; spoke to Vickie eh once and did 30 minutes worth of trial prep. No trial prep for my witnesses. Really thought Vickie didn't even know who I was. Boy was I WRONG. On trial day she knew my case better than I did. Remembered things I had forgotten...VC 4 feet of pure pit bull (when needed; she's really a nice lady)....Fierce cross examiner. Despite that, I was still SURE I had lost. WRONG again. Received PRIMARY custody of my DAUGHTER (AND CHILD SUPPORT). Cheap lawyers aint good and good lawyers aint cheap. (They also worked with my financial situation) Filed all motions with lightning speed. I have been wrong a LOT but I wasn't wrong about retaining this firm. I screwed up a lot on the stand but Vickie really saved me. This office is made up of former educators turned lawyers and will fight for whats best for your children (Thats exactly what I paid for). I recommend this office without the slightest reservations!!!!

Nao'mi Rivera

Horrible customer service. Her own secretary couldn’t even give me answers to any questions I had. When I first went to her office, she couldn’t even have the decency to come out and greet her new client. Getting ahold of her as well is close to impossible, never returned any phone calls and would go weeks without ever responding to an email. I’ve never met nor talked to her during my process, as she didn’t care to know her client just to get paid and get it over with. As well and insinuating that my sexual orientation will prevent her from getting clients.

Dustin Grove

I will start by saying Vickie is an AMAZING attorney! I was in a very long and drawn out divorce case which also included a custody battle and I cannot stress enough how well Vickie handled my case. I had a different attorney in the beginning (whom will remain unnamed) and although he was a really fun guy to talk to, my case was going nowhere. I don’t think this will come as a surprise but the court system runs s---l---o---w---l---y and I originally thought this was normal. However, I came to find out that my previous attorney was basically letting the court dictate the pace of our case. After numerous repeated attempts to get him to interact with the court, we were getting nowhere. That is when I contacted Vickie. Vickie was more than willing to discuss the status of my case over the phone and even requested my file from my previous attorney. She quickly saw the root cause of the delays and began handling business immediately! Vickie was very honest and up front with us and explained that while some attorneys are worried about not tarnishing their reputation within the community, she is not! She is not in the business to make friends as her philosophy is to properly and honestly represent her client. Vickie took my case over and expeditiously got it wrapped up. Throughout the process, she was always transparent with information and I felt like I was always up to speed with everything going on. So, if you are looking for a smart, engaged, and aggressive attorney… don’t look any further!

misti Johnson

Ray Bragg

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Alana Bragg and I usually do not write reviews for services whether I am happy or unhappy about the outcome. However, a review on the Cochran Law website was the impetus that put them on our list of attorneys to visit. To be clear, Vickie Cochran did not represent me but did represent my son in his divorce case. My son found himself blindsided when his then wife wanted to move to Arkansas to be near her family. After moving them, he was served with divorce papers. My son was devastated by the now inability to be part of the daily lives of his children that only comes with living with them. He turned to his family for support and that is why I am writing this review. My husband and I have been there for him since the beginning. We were tasked with finding an attorney in a new state where we had no one for recommendations. After researching attorneys in the area we had a list of three to visit, the Cochran Law Firm being first on the list. We had been told repeated by the ex-wife and others that the father would never be awarded custody of the children. I do not remember exactly what was said during that first visit, but do remember coming away with the feeling that this law office was a good fit. Vickie Cochran is a no frills attorney who listened intently to our story, had a long history of and was extremely knowledgeable about family law, did not make promises about the outcome but offered excellent suggestions for my son to follow, and lastly, did not ask us to leave when our scheduled no charge initial free consultation time was up. My husband, son, and I told her we had additional appointments and would call if we decided to hire the firm. Upon reflection of the visit, all three of us decided that for the first time we had hope, even though we were made no promises of the outcome and we chose to cancel our remaining appointments. Vickie Cochran comes across as very competent, passionate about what she believes, and ready to do her best to represent you. The conclusion is that how she comes across is exactly how she is, in and out of court. Ultimately, the divorce was final and my son and his ex-wife have an equal split on visitation and expenses. However, my son is the primary custodial parent with the ultimate decision power to insure his children are well cared for. I truly believe this would not have been the outcome had we had not been represented by Vickie Cochran. I have some advice for those who find themselves in this situation. First, lawyers are expensive – all of them, but they are tasked with standing and supporting you in some of the worst situations life can throw out at you, and are worth every cent. Second, they are not magicians and cannot pull an outcome out of a hat. You must follow their advice and suggestions. They must have a paper trail to support your case before a judge. Thirdly, be patient, don’t expect them to be immediately available when you want to talk. They all have other clients and your immediate situation may not be the moment’s priority. But, when it is your time, you are their priority. Ultimately, divorces usually take time. One last thought, understand and accept the help and support of those who love you. My son did and together the family was and is strong. Don’t be arrogant and ugly to those who love and support you, the results can be devastating. I hope this review conveys our gratitude for all that Vickie did for our family. Alana & Ray Bragg

Jennifer Grove

She’s a horrible, disrespectful, unprofessional, rude, “lawyer”and has no sympathy for children in a custody case suffering from a traumatic divorce. She has no idea how to talk with children or (teenagers in my case) or even cares of what they are feeling. All she cares about is money and her client no matter how it affects the child or mother. She also lies in court about things that aren’t even relevant much less true. She is a great lawyer for people who need a lying, cheating, or has no care for the well being of women and children. So if you are a woman in a custody case or divorce, DO NOT USE HER!! By the way I did NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH MY NEIGHBOR!! My ex had 2 affairs while we were married after he left. I didn’t even know my neighbor until 6 months after he filed for divorce!! I never had an affair and you have no idea what happened in our marriage much less have the right to judge me. He didn’t child support us the whole amount 3 times yet you lied and said he did. My old lawyer sent you that letter 2 times and you never responded or called him back. You have done so many things illegally that I can prove that you probably don’t want to go there. You have no idea that he abandoned his family. He just up and left one day. Never said a word. Never talked to me again. 25 years a military wife stuck by him and this is what I got in return?? A woman of all things and you don’t give a damn about us. I was a GREAT WIFE and a GREAT MOTHER!! DO NOT EVER question that!! You have no idea what you are talking about because you just go by what you are told by the client. You traumatized my child to the point that she was in tears screaming to let her go home. I think that’s an unforgivable act and we will never forgive you for that. So I think you should think before you open that big mouth of yours and screaming at people to get your point across is very disrespectful and unprofessional. Thank you!! Point proven by your response.

Christina Young

Wonderful!! We are using Vickie for a second time.. Well worth the money!!

Christina young

We have used vickie three times and very pleased with her everytime!

Kara Jarrett

I met with Vicki a few months back. She literally had no clue how to answer any of my questions and her answer to everything was, "I have a friend who knows a lot about that. I will email her and get back with you." When I left her office she said she would call me in 2-3 days to help me get the answers I needed. As previously stated, it's been several months and I haven't heard a word back from her. She was not prepared, her office space was messy. Her secretary was late and they yelled across the office when he finally did show up. Just not a good place.

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