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REVIEWS OF The Lancaster Law Firm, PLLC IN Arkansas

Wendy Rivera

When it came to my family, I wanted to find the best lawyer I could possibly find. Without a doubt, Clinton was the best lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He took an interest in my case and was completely honest through the whole process. He explained what I could expect and gave me best and worst case scenarios. Clinton answered every question honestly and completely. He was amazing in the court room and won our case decidedly. His knowledge and unflinching honesty was exactly what I needed. I thank God every day that Clinton was such an amazing person and lawyer.

Amber Johnston

connie shearer

These are the most caring attorneys I have ever met. When you walk in their office you immediately feel like you are in good hands. They are very compassionate and they listen to you, and they are HONEST and they know the law. I would highly recommend Jennifer and Clint Lancaster. I know looking for a attorney is a journey, trust me I have talked to many. And this is why I find it important to write this review about the Lancasters, in hopes that I can at least help point someone in the right direction and make them feel a little comfort in knowing that if you hire these attorneys you have chosen the best and your in good hands.

Jackie Burrows

The Lancaster law firm has represented a family member as well as provided me with legal advice on several occasions. They are very knowledgeable in the law as well as being compassionate about their clients situation. They worked hard and long hours to bring about the best outcome for our family’s situation.

J. Ken Ward

First off, I never complain on a business even when the service is bad but this one deserves my attention. I hired Clint to write my will, my mom and dads will and power of attorney and write a contract for my business. My ex-wife and I decided to divorce so he took on my wife as a client even though I was already a client of his. Generally speaking this would be ok I suppose except both my parents became very sick and I lost my dad then nearly lost my mother 30 days later. I called his office to get a copy of the power of attorney so that I could handle my moms financial affairs for her and make medical decisions for her while she was unable to. I was told that he was not my attorney and couldn’t help me with my request. This resulted in my mothers home being foreclosed upon and other bills pilling up while she was still in the hospital near death. I also sold my business during this time and had a question regarding some wording in the contract he had drafted that I couldn’t get answered. This was a huge conflict of interest and very unprofessional on his part. At the end of the day my ex-wife also found reason to not like his services although I don’t know why. Ethics should be placed before profits. Very SAD.

Teresa Wright

I was worse off after my case while being represented by Jennifer. Had to cut my losses and hire another attorney. Avoid!

Jajuan Archer

The Lancaster Law Firm is a life line to the legal system for our clients. Women’s Own Worth has used this firm for many different issues all of which were handled with care, knowledge and speed. Working with families that have suffered violence we often need help with divorces, bankruptcies and orders of protection. Time is of the essence with most of our clients. The results we have received for our clients with the Lancaster firm have all been more than great. I would recommend The Lancaster Law Firm to anyone.

Vicci Lancaster

Clint has been and continues to be very instrumental in helping with family problems and issues; he's always patient, always kind and always thorough. Both he and Jennifer are very knowledgeable, very experienced and, equally as important, very compassionate. In conversation, they leave you with no doubt that their clients' interests are their priority and their long hours and hard work reflect that time and time again! They each bring a lot to the table and I'm glad they're on my side.

Connie Shearer

Clint is a CARING attorney and a fighter, I highly recommend him for any custody matters.

Kimberly Wright

Honest, Ethical, God-fearing Lawyers - which to be honest is a rarity in this field. Clint and Jennifer are the only lawyers I would ever consider taking business to.


Mr. Lancaster was a presence in the court room and he communicated with me every step of the way. Clinton told me exactly what to expect and prepared me for every bit of the process. He is, without a doubt, the best lawyer I have ever met. His honesty and hard work are unparalleled. In the most difficult time in my life he was there offering encouragement and honesty. Thank you Clinton for every thing you have done for me and my family, we are forever grateful.

Shanna North

Watching Clint Lancaster in court is like watching a lawyer in a movie! He does not hold back! He went straight for my ex’s throat. He made my ex mad and he made my ex’s lawyer mad and I loved every minute of it. It was great to have someone fight for me after years of abuse. I hired Clint after my first lawyer kept trying to get me to settle. She said it was a good deal and I couldn’t do better in court. I’m glad I went with my gut and got a new Attorney. I’m glad I got Clint. He’s the real deal. He told me what my ex was offering. He said if I didn’t like it we’d go to war. We went to war and I won and I got to watch my ex squirm.

Lauren Tanman

Incredibly professional, polite, and helpful staff. I recommend them highly!

Barbara Bauer

Ms. Lancaster is a caring and competent attorney. I highly recommend her.

Kaely Recore

Lancaster Law Firm, PLLC. exceeded all expectations with my case. They were so understanding and came up with a winning game plan within minutes of our consult. They also filed documents with the courts and had results within hours of my same day walk in appointment!! I recommend them 100%!

Garrett Stratten

I can't say enough about these hard working folks. They do what they say and say what they do. Highly recommend.

Caysen Metcalf

Poor communication. Over charge people, charge multiple times for the same things. Other attorneys in Benton have even confirmed that they bill people until you can either (1) not pay anymore or (2) become so broke you HAVE to drop them! I was out $2500 for NOTHING! Extremely disappointed! The attorney assigned to my case was even fired after doing a piss poor job on my case and instead of being reimbursed for poor service I was billed even more money! They’re a bunch of scammers! If you want a loyal, extremely good attorney and not be out THOUSANDS out of pocket, find someone else to take your case! Please believe me when I say you WILL REGRET RETAINING THEM. A public defender could’ve done a better job. If more people would turn them over to the bar association, this line of work would likely not continue


My name is Sarah Evans. I had and still have the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Lancaster. I remember going in, never having to deal with an attorney in my life, with my stomach in knots. Once Mr. Lancaster introduced himself and shook my hand I suddenly felt very relaxed. He is very knowledgeable and spoke in terms that I could understand. I would definitely recommend the Lancaster Law firm to anyone!

Stephen Fullington

Such a great team of hardworking, professional, caring people! They relentlessly pursue excellence in everything they do and their work effort is evident in the courtroom. Clint and Jennifer are highly professional, no nonsense attorneys! They get the job done with professionalism and know their clients cases inside and out.

Cory Schofield

Let me just say 5 stars isn't enough, I would give 10!! I was lucky enough to get Jennifer as my bankruptcy attorney and she is absolutely amazing! If you need the best legal team available I HIGHLY recommend Lancaster law firm. They treat you like you're a human being, they're very personable, and will work hard for you! Thank you again Jennifer you rock!!!

Thomas Taylor

Called and set up an appointment for a consultation the following week. When I arrived, I was told that they had set me up with the wrong attorney. Your call is taken from a call center instead of calling their actual office. I recommend you skip this law firm.

Natalie Giachos

Great firm!

Stephanne Sumner

George Geo Wagner

The staff of Lancaster Law is able to stay calm and polite dealing with the many frustrations that often accompany any real estate transaction.

Clay Pratt

Having to face one of the most difficult situations in my life, I was so happy that I found Jennifer Lancaster to help me through it. I had to file a chapter 13 and Jennifer does not fit the typical attorney mold. I was very surprised of how honest and caring she was about my situation and not just seeing another paying client in front of her. She walked me through every step, explained everything in detail, and answered every question I had. My case was for 5 years and it didn't matter if I was 2 days in or 4 years in, she was always the same with me and always helped me with any questions I had. Kelly, her paralegal was just as awesome! She stayed on top of my case at the end to make sure everything went smooth to close it. I couldn't have asked for better help. This office seems to genuinely care about whatever your going through. If anybody is looking for a top notch attorney, call Jennifer Lancaster!!!!!


I would highly recommend this firm for your legal needs. They are very professional and will work for your best interest. I know they will go the extra mile to make sure you get the service you deserve.

Ruth Marie

For someone who has never worked or stepped foot into a law firm before, my experience working for the Lancaster’s has been great so far. Both Clint and Jennifer are very knowledgeable and passionate in what they do. Should I ever need help with a legal matter, I would definitely seek their advice, knowing that I would be in good hands.

Ronnie Forsyth

Great place to do business with. Jennifer and Clint Lancaster are great people.

Kelly Carter

What a great firm! Should you need an attorney, Clint and Jennifer are the ones to call. They care about their clients and will work hard to get you the results you are wanting!

Agra Jagg


Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. Great firm!

Darla Burroughs

Monica Kendrick

When you enter the door and meet the team, you know you are in good hands and will get the best. You will leave with confidence.

Mary Lancaster

Very professional people who care about each and every one of their clients.

Jazmic Graves

Friendly people

Nellie Mendez

Thomas Rackley

I hired Mr. Lancaster to handle a custody case for me based on the positive reviews posted through Google. Mr. Lancaster and his staff are very professional!! These guys know what they're doing!! They answered any question I had in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to refer these guys to friends and family!!

Curtis Burrows

They did a great job representing our daughter in a custody case.

Leslie Purifoy

I would never recommend this law firm. They cancelled my first consultation within an hour of the appointment and I had already taken off work. Then when I went for my appointment the receptionist up front was very unprofessional and had a chest tattoo that you could clearly see and she was on her cell phone the entire time. Finally got to see Mr. Lancaster and all he could do was brag on himself and how he was a professional bull rider and a marine and after doing research myself I could not find any bull rider by his name and he was only a marine for a year and half before he was discharged. What a joke! He did not act interested in my case so therefore I went elsewhere and obtained an reputable attorney that gladly took my case and their office showed so much more professionalism than this law firm.


He quit working on my case for months. Every time I called the secretary or emailed him, they took $85 out of my retainer. No, my case was never resolved because he never filed my counterclaim. I shouldn't have to call/email repeatedly in order to get the 2nd hearing scheduled, which he never did. I was supposed to be billed in 6 minute increments, but amazingly, it took him 18 minutes to read a 2 sentence email, or listen to a 30 second voicemail. I should have never been charged for asking him WHY he wouldn't respond or work on my case. He finally called back when I threatened to press charges for grand theft & breach of contract, at which point he told me he was getting a hearing set, but secretly quit & mailed me a tiny refund. Out of a $2,500 retainer, (according to the statements) he spent $1,200 on the case, & $500 billing me for asking why he wouldn't do his job. Marine my @ss! He has no code, no honor, & no loyalty

Sarah Risher

Clint and his wife Jennifer are absolutely amazing. When I went to them, I was hesitant and worried, but they eased my mind and made the divorce process smooth. The staff are very kind and courteous, and they always find time to check up on their clients or just say hi! I would highly recommend The Lancaster Law Firm, PLLC., to anybody who is seeking legal advice or in need of a legal matter! Thank you so very much for everything!

Brittany Walston

Clint is very professional and I'm very appreciative that they are representing me!!

Ladonna Jeanny

Clint and Jennifer are fantastic lawyers. Not only are they detail oriented, but they will go to bat for you. These two are built for wearying times and DO NOT buckle under pressure. Think of them as the Rocky Balboa of the legal field. They don't get tired and they don't lose!

Sherry Lovell

I hit financial rock bottom, fear of the unknown, I set up an appointment with Jennifer Lancaster. She is not only gorgeous, but highly professional and knowledgeable. She also competes in Iron Man! She is a bad ass and I highly recommend her for Bankruptcy or Divorce to all my friends! I hired her and she got the ball rolling quickly and efficiently!

Ty johnston

After being told by another lawyer that I had no chance in regards to my situation, I was at a loss.I had no previous experience in dealing with the legal system so I didn't know where to turn other than asking around. It wasn't long before Lancaster became the most mentioned. My first impression upon meeting Mr. Lancaster was no facade that dwindled as time went on and my case was in motion. His drive, confidence and i would even say passion, never wavered. He installed confidence back in myself and my attitude about my situation. From the initial conversation to after all was done he went above and beyond. Exceeding my expectations by far. I am obviously extremely satisfied with The Lancaster Law Firm. 10/10 will and HAVE recommended them.

Sandra Schee

Justice wasn't served. I had Clinton Lancaster June 2016 for divorce and to keep a protection order for my kids against my now x husband.. Did a complete opposite of what I paid him for, he wanted $400 for Protection Order (abuse to my children) that he (Clinton) wanted (basically) dropped, $700 for divorce, which did happen. He also gave information, and words to my x husband's lawyer Don Spears that "stay clear from her, cuz she is out for revenge" which all I wanted was justice and peace for me and my kids. Had evidence, and written evidence from my x husband's previous relationships he also verbally, mentally, physically, and sexually abused. My x husband has a job where he can't have anything on his record, Lancaster helped my x husband keep it clean, than to have justice for my kids and I. Also, he ignored my calls, failed to call me back when he said he would, I drove a hour to his law firm for our appointments a few times he wasn't there.. After the divorce was final, he didn't even call (nothing) to tell me it had been final. My x husband emailed me a week later telling me about the divorce and to "joke" about the horrible lawyer I hired. Even his lawyer couldn't get a hold of Lancaster, was very unprofessional, and I paid him 400$ extra for nothing.. I would advise hiring another lawyer if you really want "Justice", support, and better outcome.. I wanted to fire him, but being a single Mother of 3, 2 special needs I couldn't come up with more money for another lawyer..

Lance Zhang

Before I hired Clinton, I read a review saying how greedy he is. Somehow I ignored the negative review because there are many so-called positive reviews here. Yes, he is very greedy. His retainer could be your nightmare. He could not get my case solved, but he kept charging me for six months. After I realized his true face, I fired him. Surprisingly he posted lien on me even after I fired him. I hired another lawyer who solved my case within a month. That lawyer commented what kind of lame lawyer would post lien on his own client. You may read the positive reviews for fun, but please pay attention to the negative reviews.

Mark Case

Lancaster Law Firm has always been diligent in approaching delicate legal situations with the upmost concern for providing the best solution possible for your needs. If you are needing an attorney I highly recommend giving them a call!

LaDonna Jeanny

Clint Lancaster is hands down the best family law attorney I've ever met. I came to him after hearing mixed reviews. My case was a mess and we were just 9 days before the final hearing. He worked day and night fighting for my family leading up to the trial. I knew the day I hired him I had made the right decision. I have a very strong personality, as such it's a rare occasion I relinquish control over a matter as important as my children to anyone. When I left his office it was as if someone had taken weights off of my shoulders. I knew if he couldn't handle it, no one could. Some folks say he charges too much but I disagree. In the past I opted for a different attorney/lower retainer and we STAYED in court constantly squabbling about petty issues which ment I was forced to pay the same retainer over and over again. In hindsight, I wish I had just hired Clint from the beginning. At my hearing he continued to impress. The other lawyer showed up with her partner and they teamed up against Clint. Even with 2, they couldn't keep up. Clint doesn't pull punches nor does he place his friendships with other attorneys over the needs of his clients. (Something you see alot in small towns). Clint litigates to win. Period. I wish I could have filmed the cross examination he gave the other side. My ex husband has used his money and the court system to bully me for the last 6 years, but tucked tail the moment Clint stepped up to the podium. Clint's commanding presence and common sense logic cleared the smoke and bs from my case very quickly. (Something the other side had worked diligently for over a year to create) In the end I didn't get exactly what I wanted but I dont think anyone ever does in custody cases. If you're facing a divorce or any other family law matter, my #1 piece of advice would be to hire Clint and do exactly what he says. He is respected by judges and feared by other lawyers. I did a ton of research before hiring him. If you're looking for a scrapper, it's Clint Lancaster.

John Wright

Patricia Bray

Clint & Jennifer Lancaster are awesome people who care about you and your case. They fought hard for mine.

Marcy Adams

The Lancaster’s are awesome attorneys, they always go above and beyond for their clients. They are honest, reliable, professional and they get the job done ! They truly care about their clients. I highly recommend the Lancaster Law Firm they are absolutely “ The Best of the Best”

Raymond Brei

Thank God these people fight for whats right. My kids would be in a hell hole if they didnt.

Linda Dingle

Felicia Bunbury

Jennifer is an outstanding lawyer who cares dearly for her clients. I highly recommend her for Family Law.

Tim Dennis

Good set of people who worked hard on my case and WE WON!

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