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REVIEWS OF Rainwater Holt & Sexton IN Arkansas

T Beck

Awesome people all the way around!!!!

Bill Mattus

RH&S are pure professionals. When they say they can get something done for you, they DO IT. I tried getting disability by myself for two years to no avail. However, hiring RH&S was the best decision I made. They really came through for me. They cut through the red tape with a chainsaw. I'm really happy they were able to help me, and I'm thankful to my Attorney Ashley Loy, and my legal assistant, Laren Wagner. THANK YOU!

Randy Blazer

I would absolutely recommend anyone that has been hurt at work or is need of legal assistance to seek the services of rainwater holt and sexton. There attorneys specifically Ms. Morgan and Ms.Whittany James will go above and beyond the call of duty to work hard for u . There compassion, knowledge and sense of justice made one the most trying and difficult times in my life so much more bearable . Hats off to these ladies and all of there colleagues

Gerri Beck

I feel like I have to take a lawyer to see my lawyer, they treated me like I was nothing. One of the lawyers bullied me and disrespected me to get what they wanted. This is my opinion. My personal opinion. So this was how I felt because of bad communication until I actually saw the way they handled a part of the case where we were being taken advantage of . I was amazed. My husband called his lawyer a bulldog (very good, she wouldn't let go) Her superior was totally amazing. I was speechless at the result

Karla Cook

The Conway office representatives are beyond superb—they love what they do and taking time to listen to every client and their individual needs. They make the rainwater, holt and Sexton team proud everyday!

Seth Stroup

Was hit in a student crosswalk by a UCA employee. They pushed me to settle for 5k shortly after the accident. I was still doing physical therapy, hadn't had a CAT scan yet, assured me if there were no broken bones in the 1 x-ray that was taken, immediately after accident. I would get possibly less by taking it to court. So I signed a settlement paper with them for 5k. Needing money for my immediate bills (rent, car payment, insurance, electric, etc ) I was not able to work my labor intense job, go to school full time, and make PT appointments. (They could of got my bills taken care of until we went to court) They didn't not inform me possible. I was young and dumb! They didn't even have the decency to advise I could get future medical coverage if there were further troubles with my injury. 10 months later from injury. 4-5 months after settlement. I couldn't get out of bed one day. It's been progressively excruciating since. I can't walk around long enough to get groceries. Let alone ever making it to another theme park, go for a hike or doing anything that involves standing or walking for more than 30secs, like simply doing some dishes.. My hip is completely jacked up for LIFE!! All because a UCA employee wasn't paying attention and hit me in the donaghey cross walk that lights up when students are present. And more importantly the legal advisors I hired to have my best interest take the home run case, were likely the worst lawyers in the country! Rainwater, Holt & Sexton. Should probably be Federally Investigated. Ive spent many uncomfortable, painful, sleepless, nights in bed. Wondering if they didn't just pay me off out of their account what I needed for my immediate bills to not lose my car or my roof over my head. Later, finish my homerun case for a bigger settlement. I have 0 evidence to back this claim, I just wonder. They seem pretty corrupt. If an investigator of FBI LRPD or investigative FOX news journalist comes across this review, I hope they take my outlandish circumstancial claim as a possibility worth looking into. Rabbit hole could go much deeper. I'm just lil ol me. 1 insignificant story! From their POV maybe They just take more cases than they can handle. With due diligence! It's at our cost though, and It's a lifelong painful cost!

LaTasha Miller

Absolutely wonderful service. They listened and took very good care of my family and I. The whole team went above and beyond, they truly made it easy to handle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart I know I could not have dealt with it alone.

Cassie Bryant

If you have mental illness, dont bother. They dropped me.

Pretty Green Eyes

morgan gourley

The employees are super friendly and caring! I’d choose Rainwater Holt & Sexton over anyone.

no not

I had a wreck a wile back and I used these guys. I'm hear to tell tell ya. They are fantastic to work with. Very professional informative and help full. My case manager ( the one I dealt with most ) exceeded all my expectations. Ifni had a question she answered very quickly. Even if it wasn't what i wonted to hear. Her name Tyler Henderson. She works in the Conway office. If you have to use them I would highly suggest u ask for her. Very very very awesome , both as a person and a business person. She truly cares about the client. Awesome awesome lady.

Joshua Gerloff

Shannon Peterson

Fantastic group! My case was handled perfectly and quicker then I could have imagined! Lauren Wagner was the best!!! Always kept in touch with me and up to date! Thank You everyone!


Johnny Heffner

Very friendly courteous caring staff

Thomas Jones

thank you for the help Mary Anita Jones

samuel kakraba

Great support. Willing to listen, and attend to your needs in timely fashion. Wonderful team! Attorney Jonathan Warren and personal Injury case manager, Karein Hooks worked with me on my case. They did great on the my case. Quick response to emails and calls. I highly recommend them for their great work.

Coty Mathews

Wonderful experience, completed my settlement in a timely manner, no issues what so ever my attorney Mr Kirby was very professional and accomandating.

Cheryl Lyons

Experts at what they do in a compassionate way. So glad we chose them to assist my daughter.

A Colorado Glass Man

Terrible advising! I'm now screwed for the rest of my life because they didn't advise me to get future medical expenses covered. They also didn't tell me advise me on how to take care of my bills until suit was finalized. Because, I was facing repo of car, & eviction from house I had no choice but to accept a quick low-ball settlement. I was hit by a car in a student cross-walk on donaghey by UCA employee! Should of been a home run law suit! I'm permentally physically disabled now because, I had no real complications until a year later. The lawyer spoke to me once, long enough to talk me into using him. After that I could never speak directly to him. Only his manager! Obviously she didn't advise me well either. I ended up dropping out of school because I can't walk 50ft! It's unbearable! I would sue them for bad advisement, if I can figure out how. Totally screwed me.

Ciera Cresswell

They are the first and only law firm I will call. They are the absolute best and if you can't or unable to travel to them they will come to you! My case worker Sheila M. Sarringar is the most kindest and understanding person I've dealt with if she doesn't know the answer she works hard to get the answer! I recommend anyone that has legal troubles to contact them before going amy where else!

Michael Smith

Shanedra Beasley

I’ve had such a great experience with Seth & Lauren. First case that was handled was my daughters and we’ve just wrapped mine up and I’m very pleased with how they kept me informed and updated. I would highly recommend anyone to Rainwater, Holt & Sexton!!!

Sydney McGaugh

Jacob Walker

Great team and very helpful

William Ward

Great place to get a lawer

Ciara Adams

Thanks so much! Jeremy and Amber really helped us along the way, answered all of our questions, and worked hard for us and everything we needed.

Kayley Vanpelt

Mary Mills and John Rainwater helped me so much I couldn’t have made it thru this without them. After having a car wreck 2 years ago where I was rear ended with the man going 65 and I was at a dead stop. I didn’t realize how hurt I was until days later. I thought I could deal with the other guys insurance and they treated me terrible. So a year later I called Rainwater. They treated me awesome! I am so blessed that I found them!!! Thank y’all so much!!!

John F

Tracey Noel

The Rainwater firm did a great job for me. I was kept informed about my case, which is very important to me. Both the attorney (Sean Rowland) and paralegal (Karen) were skillful and compassionate in handling my case. I would definitely recommend the Rainwater firm.

Tiffany Rogers

My experience with the firm was beyond excellent! Matt and Sarah were amazing! They made the entire process so simple and easy. Any questions or concerns I had were always addressed promptly. They truly worked for me and my daughter and I'm forever grateful. They actually were able to get us more than we ever expected. Thanks so much Matt & Sarah!!

Ashton Shores

I was assisted when I had a wreck involving a diesel and was very impressed by the company’s professionalism and dedication. They always filled me in on what was happening with my case and are very trustworthy!

Karin Taylor

Wendi Chronister

They have been wonderful with everything. I will definitely use them again if I need to.

Frankie Violette

Tyler Henderson has been super professional and caring. I could not have asked for a better person to help with my father's case

Mackenzie Williamson

This firm is amazing!. Crystal at the conway is very respectful and courteous, no matter how many times we called about our case she was more than happy to assist us.

Michellie Brockman

Libby Goens

Scott Maxwell

I would recommend rainwater holt and sexton to anyone who needs a lawyer for anything. They have been very helpful and carrying about my case.

Roxann Arnold

Rainwater, Holt, and Sexton were very diligent in they're efforts to get me the money I was due. My experience with them was very good, I want to thank my attorney Chris, and I also want to thank Brett and Sidney for their hard work and keeping me informed of everything going on with my case. They are a wonderful law firm to go to when you need someone to really help you weather the storm.

Brianna C.

I would just like to say the Kristan Rushing has been amazing. I have loved working with the Rainwater, Holt and Sexton family in my time of need. Thanks for all you do.

Aerin Walker

Eric Brown

At the moment, I'm not to happy with Rainwater, Holt and Sexton, I have used them 3 times now and currently have an auto accident case in progress, we were informed that the former adjuster threw our case in the trash and has been terminated and nowhere to be found, it appears that the law office isn't going to make it right with us, our cases has been on going for 8 months and should have been settled long before, and it's not over yet. If they can't make it right with us then I'm done with them after this case is settled.

Mac McCullough

Rainwater, Holt, and Sexton has been a tenant of ours for many years. All the personal we have dealings with are professional and helpful. Our contact in Little Rock, Rick Gunther, has always been extremely responsive to any of our queries. We have interacted with the main office and all the branches at various times. They are an extremely professional organization.

Kayla Milam

They're sharp straight to the point and are always there for you regardless if it's an open case or closed. If they can't help you they can refer you. All staff is nice and friendly

rachel smith

I want to thank John, Jeremy and Mary Jo. They are the best!!!

Rodney’s House

As a motorcycle shop owner, we are proud to have Rainwater, Holt & Sexton as supporters of our fellow motorcyclists and to assist and protect them as needed in their time of need. RHS also has been a supporter of one of our favorite charities, Arkansas Bikers for Children. We are proud to call them friends and will always recommend their firm!

Brian Halley

Several months ago I fell 36ft out of a building, breaking my back in a few places and breaking my hip. R H &S reached out to me just days after coming home from the hospital. These guys have gone above and beyond of responding to my questions and needs. The team of professionals have treated me like I was the only client they have right now, which definitely made recovery as stress free as possible. I actually say it was a hidden gem because they took care of me so well i was able to recover and spend these past 7 months with my 2 year old daughter. Thanks again to all at Rainwater Holt and Sexton for making this near death fall as less stressful as possible and getting my life back to normal.

Cordale Rhodes

There are the best in town and will fight for you without a doubt

Maggie Bartlett

We have worked with Rainwater, Holt & Sexton as a vendor for a few years. We love working with this team. They are smart, talented and kind. I have gotten a glimpse into the culture Mike and Bob created and established. They have a wonderful team who are deeply dedicated to their clients and community.

Jacqueline Gault

I am a part of a non-profit organization where we have to ask for registration kit items. Ms. LaTosha White is amazing and always has items for us. Thank you, Ms. LaTosha

willard mccann

I want to brag about Christian Rushing. She is as good as it gets. She has been very respectful and knowledgeable. She has been nothing but the best and is an asset to the Rainwater Holt and Sexton family.

Jennifer Pyles

Drew Allen

RHS does business with my company. Always a great experience, especially the LIT team! Thanks for your business!

Mindy Garrett

Robert Wheeler

Dustin Cellars

Mrs ashley mcleod has been very helpful, professional, & courtious. I would recomend her to others.

Gigi Trobaugh

My experience through this firm was absolutely superb! Whitney James was direct and to the point on all issues! Morgan Pope was Amazing when it came to answering questions,answer phone and returning phone calls promptly! If she didn't know the answer for my case she found out quickly and called me back quickly. I would definitely refer anyone to this firm and if need be I will use them in the future! Whitney James and Morgan Pope Thank You Both for being outstanding!!!

Jessica Ferguson

Mark Wilson

Chessan Coleman

Great Job in live with service

Debra Chandler

Kathy at the front desk in Conway is so helpful and professional!

britany abernathy

Mary is so awesome!!!!! Will most definitely use them again if the need arises

Casey Melton

We want to thank you RHS for the $250 gift card My mother won at bike night!! She will spend it well! You all are awesome!

Mandy Waggoner

Kind humans. They have helped me a lot and are always honest and forthright

Hannah Taylor

Rasheka Byther

Rainwater Holt and Sexton is one of the best law firms to work for! Everyone there is friendly, works in a timely manner and very cooperative!! I have never had a bad experience speaking to anyone over the phone or electronically. I just love Sarah Horne, she's one of the sweetest, most dedicated person's on Rainwater's team! Thanks Sarah!!

Curtis Gipson

My wife found them and was cheated out of her settlement .They received more money than she did and they took all of the money and paid m e medical bills because the other driver had no insurance but i had uninsurance motorist.Lmotorist.Long story short we got screwed.Shop around please.

Joseph Krutz

We love Tyler Henderson. She is so professional and you can tell she really cares about her clients. We will always choose Rainwater Holt and Sexton for our legal needs!

David Vernon

Mr. Jonathan Warren and Ms. Karein Hooks are nices and the Politest people ever . They are greatest people to have on ur side! They always made sure I understood everything that was going on. They were on the ball and never missed anything. I will use them if I ever need them again ! I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for everything!

Josh Perry

I met a lot of people at an event that your office was having. The fellowship was great! Bobby, Christina, and Geoff Owens were a blast to be around. The love that your office showed towards your employees and family as well as your clients is amazing. RHS is one awesome firm!!!

Jamie Hailey

Robert Witcher

Alysha with intake was great. She explained the process, listened, and provided top notch customer service. Definitely an asset to RHS.

Carlton Guider

Cameron Tangen

I couldn't have been happier with my experience at Rainwater. I got in a pretty bad crash and had no idea how to deal with all of the negotiations. I generally wouldn't be one to hire a lawyer, but the insurance company's offer was ridiculous and I needed help. I contacted Rainwater and they immediately started taking care of EVERYTHING. Rob and Mary were so kind and understanding. They negotiated my case super fast and got me a settlement that will put me back to the financial situation I was in before the accident, plus a little extra. I am so blessed to have found this law firm. One phone call took away all of the worry and trouble from the legal side of my accident, which allowed me to focus on healing. To Rob and Mary: you guys are AWESOME!!!

Christy B

RH&S did a wonderful job on my case. I worked with Madison Pitts, she was quick to respond, even for the questions she could not answer, she kept in touch until she did. I had a good experience and if I had to do it again (which I hope not!), this would be who I would call. Thanks again!

Christie Hensley

Meredith & Latosha did a great job on our case. We had some bumps but they gracefully got everything taken care of and were always very easy to work with. I'm glad this is over with and very thankful for their services.

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