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REVIEWS OF Owens, Mixon and Heller IN Arkansas

Jane Gomez

Lance went above and beyond for a family member. He met with them and gave the solid, caring advise. He gave them a free consult and was very personable. You can tell he really cares about his clients and wants what is best for them. He is amazing TRULY!!!

Michelle Hardin

“Thorough and amazing I hired Lance to help me with a child support matter. Lance was amazing and compassionate. He was able to collect 7 years of child support! If I had worries during my case, I would call him and he would take care of it. He is honest and trustworthy. Lance is absolutely the best lawyer in northeast Arkansas! I would highly recommend him for any legal matter. May God bless him for helping me and my family!

Tim Kincade

Exceptional Guidance and Service (Divorce) Posted by Andi McGowan February 2, 2019 Long story short, I consulted with Mr. Owens and he laid the matter of fact out for me regarding my divorce. Some of these things were hard to hear, but after following his advise I have found myself in a much better place in life. I can't begin to tell him how much I appreciated his honesty and direction. Would highly recommend Mr. Owens for legal representation!

Christina Reeves

My brother-in-law was in need of a lawyer to assist him in adopting his stepson, and Lance Owens and his team at OMG came highly recommended. Their professionalism, fast responses, and courtesy to our family exceeded our expectations. Attorney Aaron Heller appeared in court for the matter and was such a pleasure to work with as well. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking legal advice, as they have several amazing attorneys with knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields. Thank you again, Lance, for helping my family through this important transition in our lives!

Gary Burger

Lance is a great lawyer who works hard for his clients. He hones his craft and gets fantastic results for his clients.

Joe Quinn

Lance recently helped my daughter in a child custody matter. He was very well prepared when it came time for court. He has since followed up with my daughter on several occasions and given her kind words of encouragement to help her going forward. He has went above and beyond his normal duties to ensure our experience was as good as it could be. I would most definitely recommend him and his firm to anyone going through similar matters. Thank you sir, and may God bless you.

Jim Bryant

Lance has helped me with multiple business matters and is now helping us with a family matter. He is simply the best! His professional manner and integrity are impeccable.

Brittni LaCaze

Haley met with me and was so kind, she explained everything and helped me figure out what worked best for my situation. If I called with a question, she quickly contacted me back with answers, if I wanted to change something, she explained how it would change and took care of it. She was there every step of the way and I can’t thank her enough for helping me through such a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her.

Ray V

I did some Googling checking reviews, and came across OMG Law Firm. I called and was able to get an appointment with Haley. I left out of that meeting knowing she was the attorney I wanted to handle my divorce. She was so easy to talk to, and very thorough in explaining the process. I left that first consultation armed with a lot more knowledge of how to proceed. During what followed she was there to answer any questions, and advise me on what to do. She even helped me avoid some of my dumber ideas I had along the way. She was always prompt, and had fully prepared ahead of time. She was great at going over everything before we got in the courtroom, so I would know what to expect. When it came to court, she was a shark. Seeing her in action sure made me glad she was on my side. She was impressive to say the least. The outcome of the temporary hearing was everything I'd hoped for and more. Following that, there was mediation, at that, she again shined like in the courtroom. As the mediation went back and forth, she was on top of everything. Here again her knowledge of the law was impressive. In the end, I was very pleased with the outcome, and very pleased with OMG Law Firm. I would highly recommend Haley to anyone needing the best attorney around Jonesboro. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again Haley for helping make a bad situation better.

Jenny Young

Lance Owens was a great help when it came to some family legal matters. Very hard working and thorough! Everyone at OMG Law firm is also very nice! I would greatly recommend them to any and everyone!

Alyssa Williamson

I used Mr. Owens to help me with a family law matter. He always responded to me quickly and all of his good advice helped me to have a great result ! He really cares for his clients and was very kind and compassionate towards me. I would recommend OMG and especially Lance to anyone that has a family law matter!

Rick Dorris

Rarely does a web site understate but in this case they are not blowing there horn nearly loud enough. My attorney Lance Owens and the staff at OMG worked tirelessly and aggressively on my case and even if the out come had not been favorable I would have felt i was represented extremely well. However Mr Owens accomplished something very difficult anywhere but in Arkansas nearly impossible.The instances of a guardianship of six children ages 2 trough 13 being granted to a 60 year old single man of modest means must be in the single digits. This was not just an instance of dedicated legal representation but an act of true compassion by a dedicated advocate and his team may GOD Bless them and keep them. There is one more compelling reason to retain Lance you do not want him representing your adversary because you do not want to be cross examined by Lance Owens. This was in 2016. At present. Lance Owens at OMG law firm has been my attorney for 4 years trough 4 cases involving the custody of my grand kids. Each time we are in court I am more impressed with his skill. The last time was amazing. During his opening statement he used his knowledge of the laws and procedures to lead the opposing counsel into a trap with the skill of a chess master making them think all the while it was their idea. Then during cross examination with the aggression of a Pit Bull he destroyed their witnesses exposing their lies and establishing the facts that he had planed to with our witnesses so much so that he did not even have to call ours. The victory was total he got every thing we ask for and they got nothing. Even the other attorney's in the room were impressed. The best thing I ever did for my grand kids was to retain OMG and Lance Owens. Mister Owens is an excellent lawyer with a fantastic staff that truly care about their clients. Judge's respect him, attorney's fear him, and clients love him. The best reason to retain OMG and Lance Owens is because you do not want your adversary to. I still say you do not want to be cross examined by Lance Owens

Emma Jackson

The people that work for this law firm went above and beyond helping me. Lance was wonderful and so kind. He is easy to talk to and I like that about him. I highly recommend this law firm!


Lance helped us with a family law matter. He was highly recommended by another attorney and lived up to that recommendation. He did a great job of guiding me through a difficult, long process and he was able to get a great resolution for me. He timely responded to all of my requests and was available on nights and weekends to save me from having to make a long trip to court. Lance truly cares for his clients and I wholeheartedly recommend him and his staff at OMG for any family law matter.

James Jones

My son contacted Lance with Owens Mixon and Gramling about a divorce and then a false order of protection. He was able to prevent my son’s wife from leaving the state with their child, my grandchild. He also took the time out of his weekend to meet with my son and defeat the order of protection. Lance was able to meet the needs of my son and get him the settlement that he wanted. I highly recommend Lance and OMG law firm for any family law matter.

Melvin Clark

Amazing law firm was having legal problems and after consulting with lance Owens I will without a doubt consider OMG Law firm in the future and recommend them to anyone in need of legal assistance. Absolutley a wonderful group of folks.

Scott Murrow

Lance Owens at OMG Lawfirm worked tirelessly on my case and was dominant in court. His preparation is relentless and he destroyed my wife on cross examination. As a result of his efforts, I have equal time with my child. I had Lance take over for another lawyer and there was no comparison. I would recommend that you hire Lance if you have a custody matter that the other side won't give you a fair deal on!

David Matthews

I contacted Lance Owens at the end of last year and couldn't be happier with the results. What started out looking like it could turn into an ugly divorce process ended up being favorable for me. With Lance's help and patience we ended up settling it out of court and I was even able to get primary custody. Mr Owens was very patient and understanding through the whole process, it started out uncontested then turned contested but ultimately ended uncontested. Mr Owens never wavered in being considerate and helpful. The folks in the office were very friendly and helpful in helping me get any necessary paperwork as well. Definately recommend the firm for any divorce/family law matters.

Harold Tinsley

Heather Melton

Kristin Shirley

Lance Owens and the team at OMG were extremely helpful and knowledgeable when I came to them with my automobile accident case. They took my case on and quickly went to work and got my case resolved. I highly recommend anyone to OMG!

Jarad Jones

I contacted Lance with Owens Mixon and Gramling about a divorce and then a false order of protection. I was concerned that my wife would leave the state with my child. He was able to stop her from moving. He met with me over the weekend to defeat the order of protection. I know he is in high demand but he made me feel like his most important client. I can’t thank you enough Lance for all of your hard work in getting me the settlement that I wanted. I highly recommend Lance and OMG law firm for any family law matter.

april noel

I used Mr. Owens to help me with a family law matter. He is a great lawyer who really cares for his clients. He encouraged me and helped me stay strong to achieve the result that was best for me! I highly recommend Lance and OMG Law Firm to anyone that has a legal matter!

Jenny Lehman

Not only does Lance do a great job, but he is also one of the kindest most caring attorneys I have ever come across in my life. Definitely not and 8 to 5 attorney, he was surprisingly available when I needed him.

Hector Bove

Lance and all the staff at OMG Law firm go above and beyond their clients, I am one of them.

Brandon Mann

Lance Owens was hands down the best attorney for the job and had a anwser for every question I had if your looking for the best attorney around give lance Owens a call you will not be disappointed

Brent Meeks

Aaron Heller has helped me with quite a bit of legal work over the last 3 years. All his work has been top notch and exactly for what I was looking for. He has even passed my expectations on a few dealings. I would highly recommend Mr. Heller to anyone looking for a reliable attorney.

Cassie C


I used Lance for a family law matter. He did a great job of helping me every step of the way. He did great legal work and gave great advice. Lance truly cares for his clients and anyone with a family law matter would be blessed to have him as his/her lawyer. WB

Meghan Brodell

Haley Smith is the most amazing attorney around! If you want a chance at winning you need her! She is more amazing than words can say! She fights for the best outcome and will win it!

Donna Shelton

Angie Weston

Alexander Johnson

I had Mr. Owens representing me in a child custody court case. If I could give Mr. Owens more than 5 stars I would. I lived near 8 hours away and Lance Owens and his staff would work with me over the phone, after normal work hours, and went out of their own way and above and beyond to give me the greatest representation in court. They fought hard and TO THE NAIL in court. I was being accused of awful things, and Mr. Owens was able to find the truth and showed the judge who I really was. Helping me get the right to be involved my sons life and to be able to raise him. I am BEYOND happy with the service I got and if you want the right legal team, then Mr. Owens is your man. I felt in my heart that he actually cared for me and my son, and fought hard in court to ensure a boy could have his father in his life. I cannot thank this legal team enough. Look at how happy little man was after we got visitation THE SAME AFTERNOON of the court session, all thanks to Mr. Owens

Crisha Turner

I am so grateful to Lance Owens for all of his hard work and dedication on our family law matter. He went above and beyond for us, meeting us on weekends, working into the night on our case to make sure everything was prepared, he gave us excellent advice on things to have prepared for court. In court he is even better. You definitely want him on your side in the court room, he missed no details in his cross examination and was truly incredible. His staff , Phyllis and Tami, and also his wife Lisa worked tirelessly to make sure we were updated and to get anything else we needed. They were always quick to respond and they are just an exceptional group of people to work together with. Thank you all so much!!!

Beth Tinker

I highly recommend Lance and OMG Law Firm for your legal matters. He's great to work, very thorough and a hard working attorney.

Stephani Winemiller

Mr. Owens and his staff were very helpful and professional. His office was able to assist promptly with a last minute issue. His staff worked hard and diligently to complete this task. I appreciated their hard work and kindness. I highly recommend Lance Owens and OMG Law Firm.


I would definitely recommend OMG Law Firm and Lance Owens to everyone! They made things happen quickly in our case and made the whole thing easy. Again, thank you Lance!


Owens was rude and unhelpful.

Hannah Montgomery

I definitely recommend Haley Smith. She is the best lawyer I have hired. She was a firecracker in custody court.

Caylin Rich

I highly recommend OMG Law Firm. I went through Aaron Heller to get my divorce, he made the process easy and completely seamless. Great prices and great people! I will definitely continue to use this firm for any further legal needs.

Christian Gibson

I went to see Aaron for a legal matter that I was having trouble with. He was clear and direct when speaking with me. He helped me understand the situation at hand, and gave me great advice as well as encouragement and support when I was feeling overwhelmed. I would HIGHLY recommend Aaron Heller for any estate planning or business needs. I can't thank him, or the staff at OMG Law Firm enough!

Duronda Thrasher

Lance went above and beyond to put all of us at ease and explained what would happen, answered many questions with patience, and genuinely cared about our outcome. OMG law firm is amazing and honest! The best Haley hit it out of the park! She prepared us for every possible outcome and got us everything we asked for!

Erin Clayton

Lance Owens and his staff at OMG Law Firm are absolutely remarkable! Everyone in his office is welcoming and truly compassionate. Lance has been so patient with me as we navigate this highly stressful and unpredictable divorce and custody battle. He is always sharp and thoroughly prepared for our court hearings. He has spent countless hours reviewing documents regarding my case, and has even met with me on the weekend to prepare for court. Lance goes above and beyond for his clients and their families. In the courtroom, Lance exposed lies upon lies within the first few moments of cross examining my ex-husband. Lance is a man of Integrity, he is genuine in his desire for the best for you and your family, he is a Warrior and a Beast in the courtroom, and he is clearly respected by Judges as well as his colleagues. I am Beyond Thankful for Lance and his team! Lance Owens has been an Undeniable God Send for my children and myself. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lance and OMG Law Firm.


I used Lance for a divorce. I believe he was God’s instrument to free me and protect me from evil. He was a good, moral and supportive defender of me. I believe God put him in my life for a reason. I can’t imagine anyone could be a better or more responsive family law attorney in Jonesboro. You will be blessed if you use him. I highly recommend him and OMG for any family law matter.

Supermaniac Soul

I used Lance and OMG law firm for a personal injury matter and could not be more pleased. He acted promptly, professionally and got me a great settlement. I highly recommend him and OMG for anyone that has a personal injury matter.

Susan Snellgrove

I retained Lance Owens for a family legal matter and received prompt, caring advocacy and support from him. I would highly recommend him without reservation for anyone experiencing family legal issues.

Duffi Clements

sherry ford

OMG is the best family law firm in Arkansas!!! They came through for us during the busy holidays and gave us VIP service . Mr Lance Owens will always be my family's recommendation. Sherry Ford

Brittany King

You will not find an attorney that is more prepared for court than Lance Owens. You do not want to go up against him!!! He exposed lies within minutes due to his preparation and talent in the courtroom. He exceeded my expectations before, during, and even after going to court. It was not uncommon for him to check in on me and the situation due to the level of stress it involved. He was able to achieve what very few attorneys are able to. The outcome was very much in my favor, more so than I had thought was even possible. Lance helped keep me calm through the entire process and kept me up to date on even the small things involved in my case. I can not recommend him enough- I am so very thankful for his help and dedication to my case. His work has changed my life and allowed me to slowly get back to the person I was before all this started!

crystal millsap

Beau Tarkington

Great staff

R.J. Martin

Lance did a great job of helping me with a contested construction case. he does a great job with litigation and was there for me in a time of need. Thanks Lance for helping my family get the justice we deserved!

Josh Tippitt

I was under the impression that things couldn’t get better for my custody with my daughter. Mr. Owens proved me wrong. He went above and beyond for me. Not only did we win my case, he got me everything I was asking for in the custody case. If anyone is thinking that it is hopeless give Lance a shot. I promise he will change your mind. Lance will always be who I recommend and use from this point forward!

Red WolfRafe

Great lawyer!!! Aaron is very prompt, intelligent, and caring. He gets the job done.

Molly Starkey

Mr. Lance Owens is amazing! I am from Ohio and he made it super easy for me to meet with him. We even did our communication over the phone when needed! Anytime I need an lawyer in Arkansas it will definitely be Lance Owens! All around amazing in every way.

Vicki Thompson

Aaron Heller was really a great help in my divorce. Very professional, informative, kind, and efficient. I don’t think I could’ve chosen a better attorney !

Casey Weisenbach

This firm was very helpful and knowledgeable when I needed them the most. I'd recommend them to anyone needing a family law firm. Thanks OMG.

Reginald Shelby

Attorney Ownes and OMG does wonderful work. I was granted custody as a Father of my son due to the marvelous cross examination of OMG, I recommend OMG for any Family law needs

Tabitha Foreman

Lance is very knowledgeable and knows how to get/take what is owed to his clients. He listens, provides complete honesty to his clients, and prepares them for all possible outcomes. If you want to win, I highly recommend him and his firm.

Chris Cowart

If you have a family law issue, Lance Owens, at OMG, is hands down the best lawyer I have ever seen. Personally, he has taken care of mine and my wife’s wills and medical power of attorneys. He has also helped several friends through difficult divorces, and provides great legal advice on business. The thing I like the most about Lance is that he will fight for the best for you and your family, and do it in an ethical manner. I can not recommend him enough!

Raven Freeman

Lance Owens is definitely #1 in my book! I was desperate when my ex-husband filed an Emergency Ex Parte Order with the court. My 3 children were ripped away from me in a vengeful attempt to keep them away from their mother, just for spite. My children and I were devastated. Lance took my case without hesitation. The Attorney Ad Litem assigned to my case was done at the request of my ex husbands attorney. The Ad litem and his attorney are good friends, so this was nothing more than friends helping friends. Every effort was made on their part to keep my children from seeing me. Lance knew he had his work cut out for him and made every effort to fight for me and my children. After 6 long months, and the children's Counselor on our side, my ex finally decided to drop everything and give my children back to me. I am so thankful that Lance was on my side. He brought me a sense of peace when I could see none. Lance is definitely a Godsend!! Thank you, Lance! I can never repay you for helping bring my children back home!

Matthew Wolfmeyer

Anne Raulston

Lance Owen's is a great lawyer. Really listened and took care of me in a timely manner. I was definitely glad I had him on my side.

Hannah Davenport

While speaking with an attorney, he felt obligated to show me their award in Occasions magazine after I'd already noticed all their "awards" on the wall. I did not feel like he was very interested in my case or my situation personally. Also, they have a very high retainer fee.

amy gude

Haley Smith was the attorney who represented me, she was prompt, professional and knowledgeable I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney.

Gary Black

Marlowe Brown

Great service, still helpful after my divorce was final.

Barbara Ellis

Mr. Owen's is an amazing lawyer

Russell Osipuk

These guys really went above and beyond to get me full custody of my daughter! If any of you guys need some help with domestic situations these are definitely your guys! Thank you Lance and Haley for bringing my baby home!!

bishal verma

I know it will sound like I am bragging about mr Owens . But he is my hero . He will be there for you personally and emotionally. I had family law problem last year and he fought for me when I can sleep peaceful. I can say he is best attorney in Arkansas . He has very helpful staff member . Anytime you call , he and his team won’t hesitate to help you . I will always recommend him to my friends and family . He is very friendly person .

Justine Meredith

Mr. Owens is currently representing me in an extremely complicated and challenging divorce. He is not afraid to stand up against a family that thought they could use their power and job status to intimidate us. He has worked and continues to work tirelessly to do whatever it will take to protect my child and give us the life we deserve. He made sure I was more than prepared at the initial hearing, has checked up on me throughout this process, and more importantly, given me peace of mind in a time I needed it most. His knowledge and tenacity are unmatched in the courtroom. I can truly tell he cares about his clients and would recommend him infinite times over for any matter needing legal representation.

Erin Gordon

Lance put us at ease with obtaining legal guardianship of a minor. The whole process was easy and took less than two weeks. I highly recommend this law firm!

She's A MUA

So professional! We are so glad we found this firm. Our lawyer, Haley, is the most efficient and professional lawyer we have ever had the privilege of working with. She has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable and they won't run up your bill with unnecessary things. I cannot recommend them enough.

Dora Trayler

Lance Owens made a situation that I thought was hopeless a TOTAL WIN in a divorce. He stood by me and was aggressive. I thought there was NO WAY I would come out on top of what was a BAD situation. He counseled with me and represented me well. I highly recommend Lance Owens if you want a win!!! He is very professional and genuinely cares about his clients. I am still in awe of how things worked out for me. He is up front and won’t waste your time. Lance won’t settle for less then a win! Thank You OMG!

Samantha Nauser

I used Lance and OMG for a family law matter. He helped me every step of the way. He was always responsive to my questions and gave great legal advice. I am so grateful that I used Lance and I can’t thank him enough for his time and effort on my behalf. I am going to recommend Lance and OMG to everyone that needs legal help. Thanks again for helping me through a difficult situation.

Gilbert Burgess

Shannon Harpole

Lance and his staff at OMG law firm were very compassionate and kind in the work they do. It’s never an easy situation to have to hire a lawyer, but they walked me through every step of a very difficult time in my life. He fought for me and my kids and I am forever grateful!!!

Amber Shields

Exceptionally great service whether its been calling the office staff or attorney (Lance). Im out of state and really complicated case they all have been extremely dedicated to making sure my questions were answered and I was at ease. Lance was beyond impressive in the court room during our temporary hearing. Definitely where I should have started in the first place.

Jennifer Taylor

Lance did a great job of helping me with a family law matter. He was prompt and courteous and provided great advice and I got the result I wanted. I came to see him when times were bleak and he helped me turn things around. I highly recommend him for any family law matter.

TeraNTeri Mix

Sarah Clairday

I highly recommend Haley Smith and OMG Law Firm for any of your family law needs!!

Miranda Clayton

After the lose of my child and my home catching fire my mother inlaw decided to try and take my kids. The past two months has been very hard on me and my family and then we had this to deal with while doing my finales for school. Lance Owens the most amazing man and lawyer accept me and my pain the moment i walked in his office. while gathering everything for court his whole office treated my children and myself as family. i won my case and even after winning my case he didnt stop there he checked on me and the kids daily making sure we was ok. This case was a very emotional case that effected everyone even this law firm. OMG law firm is apart of my family now and if it wasnt for them i would have lost the very last piece of my world. Lance owens saved my family

James Baker

Chad Carlson

Lance Owens and the staff at OMG law firm were critical in helping me with my divorce and custody cases. Their hard work and knowledge are the biggest reasons why I won. I would absolutely recommend Lance and his firm!

Matt Goad

Jeremy Terrell

Shon Cunningham

Chelsea West

hands down best attorney around! Lance worked long and hard with me during my custody case. He is always very patient, kind and understanding. I highly recommend Lance if you are looking for a great attorney that will fight hard and treat you like family. I will forever be grateful for the work Lance has done for me.

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