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REVIEWS OF Law Offices of Peter Miller P.A. IN Arkansas

Rhonda Kendall

I was involved in a accident and was recommended to contact Peter Miller Office to handle my case. I am very pleased with way the Lawyer (Jessica) handle my case. The lawyers always called and updated on my case. Any concerns that I may have had was always put to ease . I always felt as though they were very professional at all times. Thank you,

Steven Spangler

They dont really put in any effort to help you after your wreck. You fill out paperwork, they schedule an appointment, and rarely call to give you a statue report on how things are going. If you dont have a vehicle after your accident, they will be sure to tell you you need to make those appointments somehow. You would think as much as they brag on tv about caring for the claimant, and since they specialize in cases where the claimant may not have a car, they might know a few services to help get you to those appointments they say are important for your case

Lindsey Carter

The Law Offices of Peter Miller, PA has been a wonderful environment to work in while in law school. I am so thankful for the guidance. The attorneys and legal assistants truly do care about the cases they work and understand how this affects the lives of their clients. They truly have a wonderful personal injury and medical malpractice firm.

Nonstop !

I called to offer them a cleaning services.

Lindsey Dean

The Law Offices of Peter Miller is a great place to work! Everyone works together as a team in order to provide the best service to our clients.

The Vipress

Peter Miller's Law Firm has represented me in the past, and were so very nice, and just awesome to just answer questions. I contacted them Friday, and Mr. Miller himself emailed me back, and even if he knows there is no possibility of a case, he 100% explained to me why, in words that made me go, "OK, I GET it now!" when he did not even have to take the time to do so :) He is also very sympathetic to whatever incident may have occurred. He is always there, answered me the very same day, and did not mind doing so at all. Peter Miller and his whole firm are awesome, down to earth, and they get the best job done for their clients as possible. I, and so many others here in Arkansas, appreciate them - especially him. He is a real person, doesn't act like he is above talking to anyone. I will always use Peter Miller's Law Firm, if I should happen to need them for the type cases that they represent. I want to say "Thank You" to Mr. Miller - I appreciate him so much, as well as the whole Law Firm. They are the best, Mr. Miller is THE ABSOLUTE BEST as a person who really cares! A#1 !! Thank you Peter Miller and Firm !!

Te ce

It took 2 years to settle and Peter's was check was larger than ours. The attorney assigned to us was hard to reach and appeared to be unconcerned about our case. Do Not trust the smile.

Jo Ann Williams

I loved the cats. The receptionist was really nice but the lady that spoke with us was very rude and short with us. She even acted like she didnt want to be bothered with us

Michael Morning

Thank they're very friendly there. And, was helpful there explain everything right. And, Ask did I've any questions to asked.

Chris Neal

Nick Grote

I had Jessica Virden help me with some legal issues and her communication was always quick and helpful. I couldn’t be happier and will continue to use her in the future whenever a need arises.

jeanell allen

Lori Kulbeth

Jacob Conner

Hired Peter Miller's firm to handle a work related personal injury case of mine. At my initial meeting, I was explained how they would seek damages from liability on the part of my employer. And if they were not able to do anything with the liabilty, they would then go with a Workman's comp claim, and that they would handle the workman's comp on my behalf too. This was the worse experience I have ever encountered by a law firm supposedly working for me and my injury claim. After being with them nearly a full year, I get a call from his office informing me they have done all they could and can no longer help or represent me. The entire time, they sent out one letter to my ex employer. I was told that my boss and his insurance co. were not cooperating so that ended Peter Miller's effort. During this year, I was asked to find the witnesses, and 2 try to get a statement from others at work the day of my accident. It was as if I were working for his law firm, they really didn't do almost anything. I had to do all the communicating, total one way street. And in the end, they never mentioned handling my claim for worksman comp when seeking compensation on grounds of liability failed. I would not recommend this law firm and would never use them again. I have a new attorney now, and he got more done in the first week than Peter Miller did in nearly a year. They are the stereotypical personal injury, ambulance chasers cliché attorneys that want the huge cash payout without costing them much in time and labor. It was a long year for me that they wasted, could have dismissed my case a lot sooner so I could have moved on with a competent attorney who has already put so much together for me and finally have started beeing able to get the treatment and financial help I so desperately needed.


I have use this office before several years for a no fault accident. At the end of the settlement after all bills were paid, I brought home less money than he did. His cut was hundreds more than mine. I overlooked the issue. I was just involved in another no fault accident. I call and spoke with Michelle, who was extremely rude! Asked me "why am I just now calling" so I told her I just got done with therapy and was trying to decide if needed a lawyer. She went on to asking questions as if they refused to handle my case. Never have I ever encountered such terrible customer service skills from someone that I was thinking about hiring. Attitude and tone of voice was so wrong! That was I needed to make me look the other way...I will never call or use this service again! After reading his replies obviously he doesn't respond to reviews very well. I think this business is very unprofessional. I was never pleased with his services.

Lisa Marr

I have worked for Peter for 20 years now and I would like to tell you guys about my time here as an employee. One thing about our law firm that impresses me the most is the type of atmosphere that we have here at the firm. We don't have a lot of turn around of employees and there is a great reason for that, this is a good place to work. When I have walked into attorney's offices in the past, I have felt intimidated. You won't have that experience here!! We are all just normal folks like yourselves and love helping people in their time of need. We take our work and our client's situations very serious and want to make sure they the feel comfortable while working and communicating with us. If you ever are in need of legal service, I do hope you'll consider our law firm. And if we can't help you, we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction to get you some results. Have a great day !!

Tara Stevens

Mr. Miller did an excellent job taking care of all the legal work for my automobile accident. His knowledge of the legal system left my mind at ease. Peter took care of everything! After Peter was able to settle with the defendant, he sent payments out to all of my outstanding medical bills where I didn't have to worry one bit! I highly recommend him to anyone who is injured in an accident.

Charlotte Richard

Ms. M

This was my first experience in working with an attorney, and it went really well. I appreciated the personal approach from Peter and the convenience of being able to contact him and his staff anytime I needed answers. I didn't feel like just another case, because he took the time to ask personal questions, so he could get to know me better. I had a difficult case, so it took almost ten months to settle, but it was well worth the wait.

Kawanna White

That the best lawyer to go.To he has good staff there they,so friendly.They speak as soon as you walk in,and asked.Would you like something to drink,and explain everything.

Alisa Fleming

Candi Erwin

They don't care about you or your injuries all they want is to get that money

Melissa Herod

I was injured in an accident and hired the Peter Miller firm to handle my case. Nader Afsordeh was my attorney, and he did an awesome job for me. He and his assistant, Linda, both worked very hard for a long time on my behalf. My case was recently settled and I am very pleased with the results. I recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking for this type of legal assistance.

Richard Sackett

I have known Peter and his team for nearly 30 yrs. Incredibly effective and caring. I got a check from him this month and WOW!

Sam Smith

I spoke with Page and the Attorney manager today Jessica.... They did an amazing job with our case and ensured that we won and got the most out of everything that we could have! My accident happened in 2017 but they kept fighting and going back and forth and Book on We won! Thank you again and def give them a call.

Charles Wasson

The Law Offices of Peter Miller and Chase did an amazing job for me on my case! I would recommend them to anybody.

Jonathan Davis

Everyone in Little Rock knows Peter Miller is the place to call if you’re in an accident. Ask for Chase. He’ll take care of you. It’s a very organized office. They do all the leg work for you. A prompt courteous voice always answers when you call, and they won’t quit until you get everything owed to you. Can’t ask for more than that!

Amanda Lemonds

A job well done! Peter will fight for all your rights! He's the man for your job! Thank you and your staff for everything. May God Bless You!

Monica Jackson

Kyle Treece

When a problem came up, I had no idea who to go to as I have never been to court or had to have a lawyer. I ended up getting in touch with Jessica Virden and things could have not gone better. She was very professional and easy to talk to. While I don’t live too close to her and there are many lawyers between us, I will use her again if I need anything.

Kirk Hanshaw

Just playing taxi driver for my cousin

Rachel Benfer

The Law Offices of Peter Miller is an amazing place to work. The staff treat each other like family, as well as the client's. Every employee cares about their clients. The managing staff care for their support staff like no other place I have ever been employed. I have been here for a short 3 years and I have always been treated with respect and dignity. It is a truly great place to be employed.

Frances Owens

They will only talk to you and take your case if they think they're going to win lots of money

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