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REVIEWS OF Cordell & Cordell IN Arkansas

Sean Kotalik

I would not recommend this law firm to anyone! Only out for money dont care for the client.

William Tail

Hello , I’m going to just give you a true cautionary tale , that may just save your sanity. I hired Cordell and Cordell a “ Men’s advocate attorney “, and it was the worst decision I could have made. They call themselves a advocate for men , but they are far from that . I hired this firm out the Little Rock, Arkansas office . My attorney was Gina Messore the Only Attorney I am aware they have here in Little Rock. Men if you need a lawyer avoid her completely. She is first an ex lawyer for legal aid counsel here. With the Main focus of going after these men on behalf of these Mothers and children for free . Isn’t that a strange singular pick for a Men’s advocate attorney, or is I.T. Honestly the internet research I did on Cordell and Cordell truthfully sold me on the company. Only if their advertising was honest. The crux of my tale is this . I hired Gina Messore to represent me only to find out that opposing counsel was a good friend of hers from their old days at legal aide . I know now I should have ran then, but Cordell’s pitch for being a gladiator for unsuspecting and vulnerable fathers took me in . I now see Gina’s lack of enthusiasm was only surpassed by her underlying motives. I was smart enough to ask for all communication to be handled by email. I do have all documentation to support my position. Long story shortened. My spouse has a 401 k that was agreed I was entitled to half . I have all emails stating I definitely wanted my half as she would. We were all in agreement I thought, but I made sure my attorney knew under no circumstances would I be willing to give up my rights to her 401k. I arrived at court early just in case , and spoke with Gina and at no time did she inform me of any problems . We go in court and as the judge walks out of chambers Messore shoves two pieces of paperwork in my face to sign and said sign these. I did as ordered by her thinking she would have my best interest at heart as my attorney and that was the beginning of the end . Without consent from me relinquished my rights to my spouses 401k . I filed a complaint with the firm Cordell and Cordell and was told by email that the firm would not take a position on this until the Ethics Commission looked into it. For me right is right and although that not a stance many will take because of fear . I will speak truth to power . I write this only as a warning I wished I would have been given. This firm and Mrs Messore are unethical and have a problem with truthfulness, and if you ignore this warning then you only have yourself to blame. Last thought if I wanted to do the opposite of advocating for men what kind of firm would I operate.

Amelia McAlister

Giana is SO helpful and so patient with all of my questions. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure I understand how things have to be done and why it is that way. Will definitely recommend her to everyone I know.

Billy Davis

Donnie Foster


I had specific conditions stated upfront that were not met. My Lawyer extremely high price, and the advice given wasn't worth the money paid. Also after case is closed , your lawyer will not answer anymore questions unless you open up your pocket book. Even if was their fault due to bad advice. Do not use this firm.

Daniel Wilson

Do not feel that I received the results that their firm claims to be able to deliver. I feel that my lawyer made my situation worse and was much too agreeable with the opposing counsel.

Steven Nason

Good Company! But RIDICULOUS PAYMENT PROCESS. U have to Always have a bank/Savings account but Ull never know what ur going to use on a weekly basis.. I know each case is different but set a Base rate then if it gets complex then talk over with Clients. But not knowing what it's going to cost and having to put 2500-3500 down up front.. NO Bueno! But Good Environment and it seems like they care but the Price is Way High! Maybe for celebrities and Superstar Athletes but not for Normal folk. ! Lol. I guess.....

John Garrard

I am very satisfied with the service and advice I've received. I'd especially like to point out that Giana Messore was very diligent, knowledgeable, and effective. She fights with integrity and it shows with her success in the courtroom.

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