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Byron Moss

Todd Foreman

Thank you for helping my sister fight her case! You guys rock!!


Very poor lawyer. Warns you about bad DUI lawyers taking your money and doing nothing but then he does just that. Never got any updates, dragged out for almost a year, told to just plead guilty in the end. Such a waste of money that could have paid the fines and fees that came anyways. I have no idea how he got any good reviews unless they are fake.

Mario Cadena

I had a very difficult case, a case which most would say I'd be in the loosing end of. But with the help of the lawyers at Your Arizona Lawyer, I was able to to beat all charges and walk out a free man. Thank you for all your support during this exhausting situation. But most of all that k you for believing in me and fighting for me. God bless

Leah Mandal

I hired this firm to help a very close friend of mine facing serious felony charges, they took my call on a Saturday late in the evening and provided guidance and informed me of all of my friends options. We worked closely with an attorney who had a wealth of experience. He knew what was important and defended my friend very effectively getting us a unbelievably great outcome. I want to express my gratitude to this law firm for being so great

Dale Wirges

Said they could help with my case and charged me $10,000 before they even saw the police report. Then basically told me there was nothing they could do except take the original plea agreement that the public defender set up. My son ended up getting 20 years in prison and they couldn't even show up on his original sentencing court date. Very bad representation acted like they cared but once they got their money they pretty much checked out. I hope you're enjoying my money as it's going to take me 3 years to pay this off in my son sits in prison for 20. How about a refund

Rebekah Avila

Michael and Eric were very professional. I would definitely recommend this firm for any serious criminal offenses. Best law firm in town!

Acaysha Dolfin

He was an amazingly honest, ethical easy to get ahold of lawyer. Every time I had a question, he always took the time to respond to it. He responded to my emails or phone calls sometimes within the hour and no later than the next day - super communication. He worked really hard for me and my case and I feel totally blessed to have him as my lawyer - I would recommend him to anyone who wants a honest, ethical, hard working, easy to communicate with and experienced lawyer. He restored my faith in lawyers ! THANK YOU

elizabeth Blascruz

Eric, Micheal, and Frank were absolutely amazing. Thank you guys so much. I will definitely recommend!!!!!

Cynthia Garcia

Great firm, amazing attorney and no jailtime God bless your Arizona lawyer As they told me on the initial call there are two ways to handle any criminal case get a public defender or hire an attorney. After talking to at least 20 lawyers about my case I chose your Arizona lawyer not only for their experience and aggressiveness to want to help me but I quickly learned that they really cared about the outcome of my case. They fought so hard for me and at times we had our backs up against the way but they never gave up on my case and me. I am so grateful, happy and hopeful after what your Arizona lawyer has done for me and my family in a very complicated case. I was facing a very very harsh sentence and I had 5 serious charges against me. I thought my life as I knew it was over, I was going to loose my job, my house and my family I was so scared. My lawyer and his staff were amazing they were available 24/7 and always took the time to answer my questions. Most off all they fought for me and was able to get all but one of my charges dismissed and I did not have to spend anytime in jail. Thank you to your Arizona Lawyer for all there hard work and believing in me and my case. If you need anyone to fight for you look no further than your Arizona lawyer. God bless you all I am so grateful for your Arizona lawyer.

Hather Sims

Very Professional law firm! I recommend them to anyone having a problem! Thank you Jim and your legal team

raz dahan

Do not call it’s scam 100% !!!

Alli Blair

Mr. Pittman went above and beyond for my boyfriend who was facing his first super extreme DUI, he not only got his sentence down from 120 possible days to only 9, but also had it dropped to just a extreme with the minimal fine imposed. He knew this was his first offense and wanted to do everything he could to help. He is well worth every penny and even takes his fee in a payments. I highly recommend him and thank him beyond measure. What could of happened, didn’t and we are so grateful!

Jean Webb

This very experienced law firm is recommended by me and all of my friends thank you guys for doing amazing work for the community.

Tiffany Dorris

I just found out today (Aug. 3rd, 2017) that my DV assault case has been DISMISSED!!! It has been a long hard road; but Michael was there by my side the entire time. I wasn't the best client due to my emotions during the legal process, but he was always patient, caring, and kind to me. I will never forget the professionalism and the loyalty he had towards my case. He is an angel in disguise and I will always be thankful for what he did for me. He saved my life. Thank you Michael and may God bless you forever and ever. Amen.

Mark Ferrel

Very well organized & determined ! Hope I never need to use their number again, but definitely going to keep it on hand!!!

Andrew Galler

Michael and Eric were professional and worked very hard to achieve a desirable outcome for my case. They took the time to explain the process to me and kept me informed every step of the way. It is extremely important for me to maintain a clean record in my line of work and they were able to negotiate with the prosecutor to have all charges dismissed. It was an absolute relief when I heard the news and I cannot thank them enough. I highly recommend Michael and his team to anybody in need of an attorney.

Joseph Heatherly

Maya and I have our lives back thanks to this legal firm! I was given a court appointed attorney at first and she did nothing, I barely spoke to her throughout the year, and when I did she wanted me to plead to something that I didn't do. I fired her and called Arizona Lawyer here in Tucson and wow, I talked to them more the first few hours than I had the court appointed one all year. They listened to me and said, "We can beat this" and they did! Maya and I have our lives back thanks to this team! I nor my family will never call anyone else but Arizona Lawyer. I trusted them and they came through with their promises! Don't call anyone else, this team is for real!

Cornelius Daniel

Picking Your Arizona Lawyer was one of the good decisions I ever made for myself. I had another lawyer wrking on my case who did not always tell me whats up with my Case. I I was worried because my case was very serious to me so I switched to Your Arizona Lawyer. I made my 1stcall to this business at 10pm on a Saturday because I work late in Glendale. Eric was very patient and cool with me as my case was very complicated. Once he patched my through to Attorney Michael Pittman I got the same patience and kindness. They worked on my case for quite a few months, I was offered many plea deals which they told me weren't in my best interest. We finally settled that case and I got 1 day in jail. My other lawyer had asked me to sign up for 1 year. Michael got my plea lowered from 1 year, down to 4 months, and eventually 1 day. It saved my job which is what I care about the mosts.

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