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larry debus

Matthew Laudone

If my yearly dues had to go towards paying for something it could be a lot worse than this place.

Richard Nixon

Zero follow-up. Held nobody accountable. I provided proof of an attorney's unethical and illegal actions. And nothing was done. Complicit


Very clean and well put together

Dani Chronister

Dan Lewis

James Duke

Took word of opposing party who is an attorney without any investigation what so ever. Wouldn't investigate and closed case and told us we would have to litigate to get the truth. Don't waste your time.

Michael Dunphy

Zero follow-up. Held nobody accountable. I provided proof of an attorney's unethical and illegal action and nothing was done. Complicit

Stephanie Puckett

Cameron Mustamandi

tim tate

Darrin Monville

Janet R.

TO BEGIN- Lisa C & Matt M. at S. Bar were helpful! WILL CONTEST I trusted arbitration concerning OVERCHARGED fees based on my 400 page documentation, analysis of my case details. The arbitrator stated at onset (Mark Fuller), "Lawyers don't like to refund money; something psychological." ARBITRATOR SAID HE WON CASE $15 M AND UNPAID BY CLIENT -- AND HIS MOTIVATION TO BECOME ARBITRATOR. WONDER WHOSE SIDE HE IS ON? PETITIONER--CLAIMED BROTHER'S INSANITY DEMANDED ESTATE & WHEN LIE FAILED: NO CIVIL DISCOVERY HIRED NO TREATING DOCTOR TO DISCUSS MEDICAL FILE DID NOT ATTEND TRIAL NO JURY TRIAL JUDGE RULED NO PETITIONER FACT EVIDENCE MEDICAL FACTS Entrance & Exit Reports (3/24 to 4/9--2 WKS ) --SLIGHT CONFUSION CONFUSION was not in legal dispute- see below Testator signed Will -day #4 in hospital 5 WITNESSES, ONE LAWYER & NOTARY NO NOTED HALLUCINATIONS Treating Doctor Testified :Oriented to person, place, time, situation at 6:35 pm --AT TIME OF SIGNED WILL as noted in medical reports FILED MOTION --my lawyer wrote..."NO EVIDENCE OF HALLUCINATIONS AT TIME OF SIGNED WILL. There is a plethora of evidence he did indeed have capacity & COMPETENT THROUGHOUT THE TIME (Dr. Becker) was treating him" (2 WKS)." PROBATE LAWS OUTLINED TO JUDGE BY MY LAWYER: 1. “Scope of controversy is LIMITED SOLELY to testamentary capacity AT TIME OF WILL". 2. “Testamentary capacity is determined ONLY AT THE TIME OF EXECUTION OF THE WILL.” 3. "(Symptoms of) Confusion is NOT in dispute.” 4) “Law favors testacy.” WHEN I CHALLENGED FEES: LAWYER SUDDENLY LIED, "NUMEROUS HALLUCINATIONS" to allege case difficulty--thus to wrongly justify his fees AGAINST MODEL RULE 3.3. THIS PASSED ARBITRATION. 1) NO LAW REQUIRES TO SHOW CAPACITY AFTER WILL DATE- laws above. 2) Lawyer used DIAGNOSIS 12 days AFTER THE WILL to justify continued medical reviews/fees --18 days PAST WILL DATE. THIS PASSED ARBITRATION AND ARBITRATOR ENDORSED THE CASE LAWS IN HIS AWARD AND THEN IGNORED CASE LAWS THAT REQUIRED CAPACITY BE PROVEN ONLY AT TIME OF SIGNING WILL. 3) TWELVE HOURS billed for UNNECESSARY medical reviews. 4) BY STARK COMPARISON-- I HIRED OUTSIDE INTERNIST FOR MEDICAL FILE REVIEW -- ONE HOUR. 5) PER COURT TRANSCRIPT --9 QUESTIONS ASKED BY MY LAWYER OF TREATING DOCTOR--TO SHOW HOW SIMPLE THIS CASE: NAME, YRS IN PRACTICE, HOSPITAL NAME, ETC? PLUS (6) QUESTIONS FOR WILL WITNESSES--BILLED 10 HOURS. APPROVED BY ARBITRATOR. READ THIS... 1-- TWO lawyers (billed SAME date, SAME witness names SAME call time) - office phone log showed ONE CALL to each witness. Witnesses CONFIRMED my lawyer called --THEN my lawyer alleged NEWLY licensed lawyer led trial testimonials to explain (court transcripts do NOT FACTUALLY evidence) & alleged he walked "in /out of the room" during calls to explain DOUBLE FEES $575 HOURLY for 3 HOURS. ARBITRATOR APPROVED. 2-- Testified phone log was VOIP RECORD -I questioned another call $455. In EMAIL -claimed VOIP provided NO DATA. LIED. 3-- BILLED 4.4 hours = 1/2 DAY BILLED WORK = (9) SENTENCES (to insert few words on template). 4—Testified I was cost-conscious and later "whatever it took." UNDER OATH? LIED. 5--BILLED $4500 OVER (trial estimate provided days before trial) AND USED FALSE REASONING AS PER MY EMAIL TO HIM AT THE TIME I CONFRONTED THIS MATTER 6-- LAWYER REVIEWED ASSOCIATE LAWYERS WORK - Billed MANY reviews of his work= TWO LAWYER'S BILLINGS. COMBINED HOURLY FEE $575. DO NOT TRUST BINDING ARBITRATION NON-BINDING ARBITRATION ONLY- CAN SUE LAWYER IF ARBITRATION IS NOT IN YOUR FAVOR NO LAWS AGAINST LAWYERS WHO LIE COST OF CASE? $50,000 $35,000 OVERBILLED - PER MY 400 PAGE ANALYSIS POETIC JUSTICE.

Alfredo Baldenegro

A democracy has been formed through As state bar..there will never be democracy with the above person in office...time to demolish. Rool up or roll out..

Stephen R. De Marie

This organization is a disease on the legal system and American Justice. They truly are a bunch of fools helping attorneys break the law. They cover for each other and protect the weakness among them. Anything brought to their attention is quickly swept under the rug. They are old time robber barrons who allowed their own to cheat lie and steal at any cost. They never take clients side just protect themselves. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Clint Dunaway

marc grant

mogly 666

Erich Homerding

In and out fast

Chanel Chandler

I work in the building.

Keri Daniel

UPDATED REVIEW; after receiving a voicemail from Sharon who doesn't have an employee ID or ID# to reference her she decided to yell at me because she cant control her emotions and speak normally. If you arent at fault Sharon why are you getting so upset? I honestly feel so bad for these employees. They must have such a terrible job that they cant control their emotions or what they say as a professionals. Maybe they weren't ever trained in customer service. Its seriously so sad how unprofessional they are. I started out my complaint via email per their request and havent heard anything for months, was never issued anything about updating my address and had no reason to as I was communicating through email. I moved in between the long process that took to get a decision, i even followed up two months ago with no decision still and then just get a letter sent out with no regard to where they were sending it with a time restraint of 10days. I asked her just to use my objection that was submitted 3days ago and she hung up on me. I guess she got sick of talking over me. I guess" its not your fault Sharon, i guess your office doesnt know how to render good customer service. I filed a complaint which has taken months to even get a response back Rebecca Nicole Kennelly,regarding my case. When I call to follow up with Rebecca Nicole Kennelly, Bar Counsel she refuses to discuss the claim with me she cant answer my questions and cant even give me a reason as to how they came out with the result but does notice fault on my ex attorneys behalf???Will be filing an appeal through my attorney as she cant be professional enough to even disclose that.Terrible service

Rose Merree

6/20/2018 I have given the FBI everything. 4/20/2018 Everyone because the bar took no action several lawyers defrauded the United States Government of money & they used the United States Courts to do it. When the banks stole from me they were actually stealing from the United States Government. I tried to warn them yet they all ignored me. I sent proof of lawyers knowingly lying under oath to the Arizona Courts to the Arizona Bar. The Arizona Bar told me if the Arizona Courts don't have a problem with lawyers lying under oath neither do they. Let that sink in. I made sure Congress and the rest of the United States government are aware of this and promised to answer all questions it has about my trip through the Courts. Not holding lawyers accountable for knowingly lying under oath can't be tolerated. When a lawyer is both confidant and comfortable lying under oath in Court it dishonors the Courts and the Justice system as a whole. Lawyers that are both confidant and comfortable with lying under oath and instructing others to do the same give lawyers that don't do that a bad name. I have made sure the United States Supreme Court knows about this. This needs to be corrected before someone loses their freedom or life over a lawyer confidently and comfortably lying under oath.

Sharon Kirby

Heather Pelaez

Maribel Licea

Kat Rand

Robert Farr

Tracy Neuman

This organization is a disgrace. It is truly nothing more than a bunch of attorneys covering for eachothers illegal and unethical behavior in my opinion. You can provide piles and piles of undeniable proof (emails, texts, court docs, etc) against an attorney PROVING their unethical behavior/actions and the State Bar will still close their eyes to it and look the other way. This place is as big of a disgrace as the lowlife, unethical attorneys they are protecting and covering up for.

Ken Jackson

Very helpful and professional as well as friendly people

Michelle Kariya

Brian Connelly

They are no different then the lawyers the protect.

Michael Simes


Antonio Plemons

Security was very friendly and helpful

Kellie Foster

Didn't get much information but will point you in the right direction to research further!!

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