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REVIEWS OF Snyder & Wenner IN Arizona

Steve Drain

Brian Snyder has the values and character I look for in an attorney; his experience and background speaks for itself. Snyder & Wenner is dedicated to their clients and exactly who you want in your corner when life takes a turn. There's no other practice I'd use.

Stormy Goodwin

In 2016 my family went through the tragic loss of our child due to medical malpractice involving a negligent and careless Urgent Care. After much research and asking for recommendations for representation, we decided on Snyder and Wenner. We could not make this choice lightly due to the nature of our case. From the beginning Brian Snyder, Sheri and his staff were amazing. They showed us the upmost respect, compassion, understanding and took our case very seriously. They provided us with excellent, top of the line experts that were really educated on the issues at hand. Our case was taken care of in a very professional, empathetic and efficient manner. We would absolutely without a doubt recommend Snyder & Wenner for your legal matters. We can't thank them enough for the hard work they put in to settle this matter. If you are looking for this BEST, look no further!

One Two

I had called to try and set up an appointment with an attorney here. The lady on the phone asked me several questions regarding my complaint, and I was told she would speak with a lawyer and call me back. I have given them six business days to call me back and they have not. I can not trust that the business of professional attorneys at Snyder & Wenner know proper communication etiquette, based on my experience.

Callie Kant

The lawyers at Snyder & Wenner are trustworthy, thorough, and knowledgable. They consistently prove themselves as a leading name in personal injury in AZ. I would refer anyone involved in a medical malpractice case to their firm.

Josh Rodela

They have been very plesent and actually spoke with me before they heard the case rather they not fully asking me for the full records and dismissing it and asking me to pursue other attorneys or be scared of the case because the rareity of the case.the receptionist and my lawyer and very humble and understanding with this hard to take wrongful death case I'm pursuing for my daughter. The lawyers willing to find justice and I'm shure he will. Was also very welcoming when I brought my other daughter..

Larissa Woolston

Brian Snyder is an exceptional personal injury attorney in Arizona. He is very passionate about helping his clients attain the largest possible settlement to offset the loss. He is one of the hardest working personal injury attorneys; he is astute, and very knowledgeable of personal injury law. He is also approachable, ethical, and sincere. Rest assured, he will work hard on your behalf!

Joseph Tencza

After reaching out to this office I can say I would never suggest them due to the receptionist being the rudest most condescending person I have ever talked to. I would give a negative 5 stars if at all possible.

Marisa Richey

My husband and I needed to find a new lawyer to help us with our case. Brian stepped in and helped us understand, based on his experience, what the insurance adjustor was trying to do, what would be more fair, and what other legal issues we might have to worry about. We’re so thankful that Brian helped us, and the rest of the staff at Snyder & Wenner was fantastic. Thanks so much!

Emilie Williams

I've personally dealt with three of the attorneys at Snyder & Wenner and would wholeheartedly recommend them. Not only are they extremely knowledgable about their subject matter, they care very much for their clients and work very hard on every case. The lawyers are experts in their field, but also have the passion-- and compassion-- each client deserves.


I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Snyder & Wenner! I contacted their office about a possible case and was working with Brian Snyder. With other firms, you rarely, if ever, get to actually speak with the attorney. Not at Snyder & Wenner. It was unbelievable how responsive and helpful Brian was. It's obvious he's a very talented attorney, but what impressed me most about him was how caring and empathetic he was. If you get the chance to have him represent you, consider yourself lucky!

Joshua Hill, Realtor

I would recommend Snyder & Wenner to anyone involved in a medial malpractice or injury case. They are hard working, ethical, and knowledgeable in every aspect of the industry.

Tara Miller

Brian Snyder is a professional, extremely competent, and effective attorney. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone. They not only have experience and proven results, but walk their clients through each and every step of an otherwise difficult process. Highly recommend!

Dawn Kennington-Bejar

Snyder and Wenner handled my family's medical malpractice case with professionalism and compassion. They are smart and highly experienced lawyers. I was well informed during the process of litigation and they explained complicated medical issues easily. I highly recommend Snyder and Wenner as a firm that will achieve results.

Peter Javanmardi

The attorneys at Snyder & Wenner are dedicated to preserving patient safety and helping the community one case at a time. They are hard-working and honest. I refer all of my Arizona cases to them.

Elma Zertuche

Highly recommended and very satisfied!! Brian and the firm, Snyder & Wenner, represented us in a medical malpractice case in regards to our daughter. They are a very thorough and go out of their way to find answers to support your case. Brian kept us updated throughout the case. Everything was explained to us so that we understood what was happening along the way. They are truly compassionate and care about what happened to our daughter. Brian has kept in contact even after the case was settled to ask about our daughter. They fight hard for you and it shows. They have set up our daughter financially for the rest of her life.

Your Realtor Greg

Brian is a very professional, hard working attorney who truly loves what he does. He enjoys helping people through tough times, and is very sharp when it comes to the law. Having know Brian for about a year now, he's the first person I'd call if I needed any legal advice. He's always said, that even if he can't help you, he will help you find someone that will. I know he's been involved with multiple charities and donation organizations, which says a lot about a persons character. Id' highly recommend Brian, based on what I know about him and his law practice.

Bernadette Martinez

Snyder & Wenner are awesome lawyers. Thanks guys for helping fight back on my bodily injuries.. I would recommend to family and friends.

Maria Felix

Sara VanFleet

Brian is a highly-respected trial attorney with a wide range of experience in personal injury, including wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases. His knowledge, dedication and work ethic always produces the best results possible. Brian has been recognized on a national level by peers and the legal community for his many successes and continues to be at the top of his profession every year. As an active member of the Arizona Association For Justice and the American Association For Justice, he is a standout in his profession and I would highly recommend him

John Leighton

Snyder and Wenner are top notch trial lawyers who are not only well-regarded in Arizona, but across the country. They are the real deal...they put the interests of their clients first and obtain the very best resolution. Very impressive skills on the part of these lawyers. I highly recommend.

Carla Gibson

The team at Snyder & Wenner is thorough and knowledgeable!

Danylle Lee

I had a medical malpractice case and Brian helped me with it. Without him I have no idea what I would’ve done. He helped me when no one else would and is super amazing in general. He is a genuine kind hearted soul. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Andrew Farbstein

So glad I was referred to Snyder when I got seriously hurt. My injury changed my life physically and financially. Absolutely impressed with how much attention and care Brian (Snyder) had during the process to get all my bills paid plus. I could text him anytime- he'd respond; I recommend you call them first or last- you're in good hands.

Devi Orlandella-Manton

Brian Snyder represented my daughter and I for injuries we sustained in a car accident. I am very happy with the representation and the outcome. Brian took care of all of the issues that arose, and always stayed in constant contact with us. I would be happy to recommend Snyder & Wenner to all of my family and friends.

Jennifer Zimmermann

Brian Snyder represented our entire family in a legal case. From the very beginning we felt very comfortable with Brian's advice. They were always easy to get ahold of all of my questions were all explained, which I really appreciated. Brian really came through for us, he was able to help us receive a settlement that was much higher then we had ever expected. Our family would recommend Brian Snyder to anyone who needs a honest caring attorney to represent them!

Isaiah Jackson

Ali G

I have recommended Snyder&Wenner to my friends, family, and coworkers. Their team is not only intelligent, diligent, and prepared, they are personable.

Jeffrey Sand

Snyder & Wenner distinguishes itself as one of the premier medical malpractice and personal injury firms in the country. The firm holds itself to the highest standards of professionalism, and sets an example for other personal injury firms, not just in Arizona, but nationally. The firm is selective about its cases, and as a result is able to give each of its clients the attention they deserve. For the families and individuals affected by a catastrophic injury, Snyder & Wenner is a firm that will be compassionate with your needs and zealous in advocating for your rights.

cj orton

We worked with Brian at Snyder & Wenner. I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism, communication, and courtesy of Brian himself, and this firm. Brian worked with us hand in hand, and was always giving us updates on our case as soon as they came available. I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking.

Esther Gold

First of all, I must state that I have worked for attorneys in the past, and have a good understanding what their jobs entail. Attorneys in general seem to have a bad rap because people feel they take so much of the settlement, however if you saw what their job actually consisted of and the tome they put into it...people would think with that being said...when I phoned Snyder and Wenner, I didn’t expect to get what I got... Mr. Snyder is a lawyer like no other I have ever come in contact with, kind, compassionate, understanding, honest, ethical, sharp, truly the epitome of what an attorney should be, but truly didn’t think they were wired like him. Normally speaking, very “get to the point” we either can help you or not, end of story. With Mr. Snyder, he has been in touch to follow up with how my husband is doing not just once or twice either, spoke with him at length on the issues and although he’s been upfront from the start stating although there are damages it is dependent on other issues as well and here it is three months later and he has taken time out of his busy schedule to check in to see how things are going. Truly unheard of in this business, let alone any other. Genuine care and concern for a customer/client is a thing of the past..whether he is able to go forward or not what I can say is He truly is one in a million, I have dealt with attorneys before, interviewing, hiring, recruiting and utilizing and with his skills, intelligence, and genuine concern to do what’s right for his or her client vs what’s right for his wallet, he and his firm are truly the only ones to utilize. Don’t take it from me, do yourself a favor after one call, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. If they do right and ethical for you before taking a case on or not, just imagine what they can do if they feel there is a reason to pursue and are able to go forward. Mr. Snyder thank you for being there for us in one of the most devastating times in our lives.


IN MY OPINION. Couldn't help. Very nice and considerate, but would not take the case. Too picky. Since I know a lot about medical malpractice, (35 years) my case is a good case, but you snooze you lose. I will be letting another law firm WIN my case. So, only 1 star because you punted. Sorry, Charlie.

Ben Richey

We were in a car accident and needed a lawyer to help us. All 3 of us (my wife, my child, and I) had injuries and medical bills. The first personal injury lawyer that we hired did not return calls, was not helpful when we finally were able to get in touch with him, and wanted us to settle for less than the amount of our medical bills. Thankfully, we found Brian Snyder, and he helped us navigate the complexities of our case and to decide what was best for our family. Brian always returned calls promptly, and he tried us like we were part of his family. Thankfully, since Brian does a lot of medical malpractice work, he understood how our injuries were affecting us at this time, but also how they would affect us in the future. I would recommend Snyder & Wenner to anyone who needs a lawyer for a serious car accident.

Alinea Health Dr. Rachel Hesselbrock

Brian is one of the best lawyers I've met. He takes the time to know and understand your case in order to get the best possible outcome. I've heard him say many times if he can't help with your specific case, he will get you to someone who can which speaks to his honesty and integrity. Brian, you rock. Thank you for all that you do.

Matthew Avioli

Brian handled my case in a courteous, professional, and expedite manner. I recommend him to anyone in dire need of a lawyer.

Shelley Treadaway

The attorneys at Snyder & Wenner are by far the best law firm in Phoenix. No one treats their clients better and their outstanding reputation would give me reason to refer anyone to their practice dealing with medical malpractice.

Andrew Simon

Cameron Perchak

This is by far the most trusted Phoenix Medical Malpractice law firm. They treat their clients like family, and they don’t give up until the client receives the outcome he or she deserves. Very trusting and dependable; they work around the clock to represent their clients and are extremely dedicated to each and every case. It's no wonder why attorney Brian Snyder was named a "Top Attorney in Arizona" by Phoenix Magazine. Well deserved!

Erik Keith

I have known attorney, Brian Snyder, on a professional level for a long time and would not hesitate to contact him with any personal injury law needs or questions that I may ever have. I would also not hesitate to recommend him to any of my family or friends. Brian has an exceptional track record in achieving the best possible outcomes for all of his clients and has an excellent legal mind. Definitely your best option in obtaining legal counsel.

Jacob Rios

Brian A Snyder represented us when my wife had suffered serious and permanent injury from an accident. Throughout the entire process we never felt alone in this. We felt as though we always had someone fighting for us, and we never felt that he wasn't doing all he could to help us. We never had an issue contacting him at all, and he would answer any questions we had with absolute honesty, and with great punctuality.

Sacha Feinman

Brian Snyder is a smart, caring family man, and his firm has been a reliable and successful part of the Phoenix community for more than a generation. Walking into his office, allow yourself the faith that you're in good, experienced hands. Snyder & Wenner is a port that will see you through whichever storm may be blowing through your life.

Sarah Wenner

Ryan Rosen

The employees at Snyder & Wenner are highly ethical and experienced professionals. I would refer anyone to this firm for any medical malpractice case.

Michael Carmigiano

Brian Snyder at Snyder & Wenner was fantastic to work with. He represented me in a situation where I sustained a pretty serious injury and I can't imagine any attorney doing a better job. The individual representing the insurance company was incredibly difficult and Brian demonstrated a great deal of professionalism. The advice Brian gave me throughout the process was always spot on and resulted in an outcome that I was completely happy with.

Tracey Guerin

Snyder & Wenner, PC is the only personal injury firm in Arizona that I trust to refer cases to. I know the clients I send will be respected and effectively represented.

Jennifer Mousavi

I’ve heard horror stories of cases like mine. I have friends who have been waiting years for a result. I was warned that it could take weeks before my lawyer responded. After meeting, Brian I knew I was going to have a different experience. He has kept me up to date and explained every step of the way. I also have been able to reach him at all times of the day. I truly believe no one would have fought harder for my case. Thank you so much for being a good lawyer. We need more like you!

Jillian Mason

Wonderful lawyers that helped me with everything and anything, and were very trustworthy and very helpful with everything even after our case was final.

Denise Treadaway

The professionals at Snyder & Wenner are completely devoted to a positive outcome for their clients. They work tirelessly for those who retain them with a work ethic and dedication which is unparalleled. I will continue to recommend them to anyone who requires services of a top notch medical malpractice or personal injury law firm.

Anita Moss

Max N Panoff

Respected Nationally - Devoted Locally. That is Snyder and Wenner. They are exceptional trial lawyers. They go to bat for their clients and tackle complex legal issues with ease. They are not afraid to take their client's cases to trial when justice demands it. Excellent attorneys. Even better people.

Michelle Reese

Brian Snyder was excellent through my first lawsuit process. As a young adult age 17(when incident occurred) now 18 I had no clue what to do when I was rear ended in a car accident. In distraught and confusion Brian had my best interest at heart. Any question or hesitation he was there to put any of my concerns at ease and questions validated in the matter of seconds through email. I never felt token advantage of at all. Everything was fair and diligent couldn’t have asked for a better person to represent me. My family and I love Brian and wouldn’t chose anyone else if we had to do it all over again. I’m impressed by all means you won’t be disappointed when choosing this law firm. I will defiantly call them if anything else arises.

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