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Anastasia Johnstone

The firm of Owens & Perkins, P.C. have represented me in various legal matters over the timespan of at least 25 years !! Wow.. longer then most marriages or relationships .. Michelle, C.D and Kris treat you like family. My personal experience has been they are there to hear what your problem may be they are honest with you in explaining all the possible out comes good or bad, what you can expect of the Legal and Court experience. They truly care about you they understand the legal matters are unpleasant and can be very unnerving for a person. I have nothing but a very high regard for them all, they have been my voice when I need help and they are a force to be reckoned with on your behalf in Court... seen them in action !! Owens & Perkins has protected my family when I need it the most, I am grateful to them all !! I would recommend Owens & Perkins and Associate's services to anyone looking the outstanding legal representation. Sincerely, Anastasia Johnstone p.s. On a personal note I can honestly say I love C.D, Michelle and Kris can't hug them enough..

Jessica Dixon

Unfortunately life throws curve balls, and some of those pitches can be personally devastating. I've had to rely on the support and services of Owens & Perkins twice over the past six years, with two different cases. All of the staff, especially my attorney, were knowledgeable, helpful and never left me standing alone throughout the difficult times. I needed someone that would fight for me - not subtly, but aggressively. I had to go to trial for one of my cases, and we won. I'm hoping I don't encounter any additional trials in life that require their services, but, if I do, I'll walk confidently knowing I'm represented by the best. I highly recommend the services of Owens & Perkins.

Tom McFarland

The Owens and Perkins Law Firm did a great job for me on my recent divorce case. I initially met with Senior Partner Michelle Perkins for my consultation. She impressed me and felt the firm would be a good fit for my business. I ultimately decided to work with Kris Leonhardt and Brian Winter. I felt they were very responsive and got the job done. I would highly recommend them to others!

Jeremy R

20 Plus Years of Satisfaction!!!!! I would like to express my extreme gratitude and appreciation to the lawyers and staff of Owens & Perkins, PC. My experience with everyone at the firm has been professional, accurate and very much appreciated. All the cases I have entrusted to the firm have been resolved to my satisfaction, which is why I continue to use them after 20 plus years. They always handle my requests respectfully, efficiently and with such care. I refer business associates, family and friends to Owens & Perkins because I know they will be very well taken care of. I have nothing but the highest of praise for this incredible law firm.

Candy Tsang

I remember watching C.D. Owen's video on YouTube about how his practice is based on helping clients get to the point where they can think straight. When I watched that video, I knew that's where I needed to be at. I needed to think straight. C.D. was so confident in his firm that in his video he recommends that for a client, the most important thing is to look at the credentials of the law firm. I did. I ended up watching the videos of all the attorneys within Owens & Perkins and Kris Leonhardt stood out. In Kris' video, she advocates that she's different because of her ability to take reasonable approaches to help get her client what they want. And let me tell you, choosing Kris was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I did get to the point where I could finally think straight because I trusted Kris to help win my case in modifying parenting time. She was supportive 100% of the way and I can't tell you just how amazing it is when you have a lawyer that believed in what you were fight for. I felt Kris was more of a friend than a lawyer. She listened to what I wanted and didn't let me settle on what I didn't want. She is one of the most compassionate, genuine lawyers I have ever met. You will not go wrong in choosing Kris Leonhardt to represent you. I can promise you that.

Brian Tramel

Brian helped me work through a complex issue with spousal and child support many years after the actual divorce. His command of the law was superb, but his ability to manage the relationships and stay focused on reasonable and achievable outcomes was unique in my experience.

Bryan McCay

I engaged Owens & Perkins in a very contentious and unanticipated custody case. Ultimately I prevailed obtaining the custody rights I was seeking. The entire court proceeding lasted a year. When one’s kids are involved it is difficult to be objective and I’ve taken a little time before writing this to attempt to put the process into perspective. My attorney was very sharp and able from the onset to understand the key issues upon which the case hinged. I was very impressed that, over the course of a year, she had complete command of the facts regarding the case background, was on top of all motions and filings and was responsive to the directions I wanted to take our argument. I can’t think of a time when I had to refresh her memory over the many months on a critical point in the case. I was appreciative of the fact that as the case approached its conclusion, entering arbitration, my attorney respected and supported the fact that I was absolutely unwilling to compromise in my pursuit of equal custody rights. Even in the face of opportunities to settle for something a little less than half, she understood and supported my goal of equal time with my kids. I was also happy with the level of assertiveness she demonstrated in court and in interactions with opposing counsel. It would have been very easy to rely solely on a defensive strategy in a case like mine. But throughout the proceedings I felt we argued from a position of strength and took the opportunities to be aggressive and assertive where necessary. Since you never know how a judge is going to rule, even hindsight is not 20/20 in a case like this. But looking back over a year in court the one thing that still concerns me is whether we missed an opportunity early on to argue a better temporary custody arrangement during the proceedings. For those of you entering a divorce/custody case this is not a small issue. What happens to the kids for the year or more while the case is decided can have a huge impact on you and the family. I do wish we had been more aggressive at the initial hearing to ensure my rights as a parent were preserved throughout the process and not just at the conclusion. Ultimately I won on the points that mattered to me and you really can’t place a price on that. I would recommend Owens and Perkins to anyone going through a complex and contentious divorce if children are involved. I will always think of this firm as the people who helped me preserve my relationship with my kids.

Dennis Baer

Max Hanson did great work! I needed get the case wrapped up as quickly as possible to allow me to close on a house. Mr. Hanson was on ball, very responsive and reachable. He definitely helped expedite things, as much as he reasonably could, without cutting corners. I would recommend his services without hesitation.

Cynthia Kark

Michelle Perkins was very understanding and helpful. Today, I had a complicated legal question that she helped me research with her assistance on the phone. As a result, I was able to go forward with solving my legal issue. Michelle took the time to listen to my problem and she helped me work through a complicated situation. As a result of her help, I was able to make a more informed decision. Thank You, Michelle!! Cynthia Kark

Cindy Carter

LISA WHALEN It has been said that we never know what tomorrow holds for us. At the age of 53 I found myself diagnosed with a cancer. Devastated to say the least i faced treatment with strength.A few month into my treatment my husband of 31 years asked me for a divorce my strength was running low and my devastation was at an all time high. Now what, how would I face both of these life changing events. I knew I needed someone with strength honesty knowledge patience and expertise. After much prayer I was lead to Lisa Whalen Attorney at Law. I was unaware at the time the huge role she was about to play in my life. When I was week she was my strength, when I didn't know what decisson to make she made sure I had the knowledge to make the right decision based on fact not emotion. She has guided me through this process with compassion and expertise that far passed my expectation. If you are in search of an attorney with an amazing experience expertise knowledge and compassion please look no further I highly recommend Lisa Whalen. Thank you Lisa and of course thanks to the Lord for sending Lisa into my life forever grateful

Karen A

Owens & Perkins has provided exceptional legal services to our family for at least 25 years: through estate planning and settlement, trust formations, LLC creations, separation and divorce. C.D. and Michelle have demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, honesty, knowledge, performance and trustworthiness. You can count on their genuine care and concern for providing the absolute best for their clients. Thank you sooo much O&P for all that you do! Karen A.

Ken Ludeman

I came to O&P from an other initial 1.5yr of paperwork and cost with another Scottsdale law firm that failed my expectations. After meeting Brian and sharing my situation, he quickly drafted documents and secured custody of my kids via an order of protection within 3-weeks of getting my case. He then took swift and deliberate action to resolve my matter in 10mo, secured custody of my children, and managed the case flawlessly through pre-trials, phone calls, and final trial. I was very impressed with Brian Winter's execution and follow-up. I would highly recommend O&P, and specifically Brian Winter, when choosing a firm in AZ. You won't be disappointed. Thank you again Brian - Ken!

Google User

I have only high marks for Michelle Perkins of Owens & Perkins and can not recommend her and her team enough. Michelle is professional, responsive, and with her guidance we were able to navigate the complicated probate process in a timely manner. We recently went through a very difficult probate in another state, when we suddenly found ourselves involved in another probate in AZ. Based on previous experience we were prepared to deal with another complicated lengthy legal process. Michelle made things easier by moving things along in a timely manner, presenting us with straight forward answers, and recommending additional services where needed to take care of real estate transactions, estate sales, etc. Overall we found her expertise and advice invaluable. I would not hesitate to hire Owens & Perkins again or recommend them to others.

Irina Rouban Kelsall

Back in 2005 I found myself stuck in a loveless marriage with a revengeful now ex. My friend, a lawyer herself, recommended to go to Michelle Perkins saying ,"You will like her". I did, I loved her! She was aggressive, firm, and confident, but more over she instilled that confidence in me. She exceeded all my expectations. I thought she saved my life from trouble. When we were saying good by's, she said something, that it was a pity not to have another fairy tale possible, 4 years later in 2009, I met the Love of my Life who, ironically, was stuck in the same situation. It was very NOT easy. We tested and tested our feelings, and when we were sure, we came to Owens and Perkins, and again, Michelle was there, confident, firm, and aggressive, she offered us a suitable and affordable plan that was followed through by her associate Max Hanson to the best possible outcome - and here we are - the fairy tale came true - we got married on July 24, 2015 and are going to live happily ever after as long as the god will let us, till death do us part! And the most honorable person in our family will always be Michelle Perkins, the Goddess at Law, the Fairy who made our fairytale true ! Irina and Patrick

Izabela Prasek

Marcus Ellison

Michael Carboni

Michelle has provided me with excellent guidance on many tough decisions I recently needed to make. Thanks a lot Michelle for your valuable words of wisdom!

shawn gaydos

he represented me in a divorce case and it went well. all was settled. He did a great job of finishing everything up and finalizing the case. I would highly recommend him

Steve Martin

I was already in an unfavorable position being that I was the single father taking my son's mother to court, but that did not last long when I started working with Kris Leonhardt and the Owens & Perkins team. They were all professional, efficient, and caring during the whole process and it couldn't have gone any better. I won and it was because Owens & Perkins worked hard to get the best end result for me and especially my son. Thank you!!


Having to deal with legal matters is never pleasant. Legal issues can be nerve racking, frustrating and time consuming. I was fortunate enough to find Owens and Perkins and Associates who subsequently made the whole matter a lot easier to get through. Their concern, professionalism and subject matter knowledge impressed me the very first time I met with them. I was further impressed with how they conducted them selves in the court room, from my laymen’s perspective it seemed that the judges paid more attention and gave more weight to Owens and Perkins arguments than they did the opposing counsel do to their knowledge of court room protocol and their professionalism that they exhibited. I now go to Owens and Perkins for all my legal matters, big and small, knowing that they will be resolved in a timely, proper and far manner. In conclusion if you want peace of mind, call Owens and Perkins………today!

Joel F

Honest and Realistic I just recently went through a contentious divorce process. I retained Mr. Hanson for this unpleasant endeavor. I'm glad that I did. Max told me what to expect, without sugar coating anything. Even though I didn't like what he was telling me at times, he was absolutely correct in keeping my expectations realistic. He was always professional, courteous, but direct with his assessment on things. I'm glad Max was in my corner, fighting for me. I highly recommend him and his team. Thanks, Max!

Patrick McHarg

My mother and myself have been utilizing the services of Owens & Perkins for more than several years, first with C.D. Owens and most recently with Ms. Michelle Perkins. My mother had the firm draw up her will/estate planning in such a way when it came time to exercise same I found myself completely free of encumberances and was allowed to continue with the grieving process, at a time when my family needed the aforementioned period for reflection and not worry about such legalities that are always associated with a matters such as these. Ms. Perkins reviewed the documentation with me in such a way that even I, with limited exposure to such matters, found it straight forward and found my mothers wishes were covered exactly as she would have wanted them. I wish to thank this firm for their exacting care, time and consideration and whole heartily recommend their services to all who need and seek same.

Patty Mickle

Join Review: Aarti Bhaga and Michelle Perkins My experience with Owens and Perkins was a very hands on approach with leadership, guidance and mentorship provided by Michelle during my lengthy, complex and anxiety-ridden case. I was working with another Attorney at the firm, who was WONDERFUL, but it was always nice to know that Michelle, with her vast knowledge of the law and understanding of the extreme complexities and intricacies that arose in my case, she was always available, if I needed her. Michelle was a large part of my relationship with firm and I appreciated knowing that her experience was accessible to me, should the need arise. She was always down to earth and she advised without judgment, which was very important as I was a stay-at-home Mom leaving a 24 year marriage with very limited understanding of finances. Michelle and the firm made sure that I understood everything and I will be eternally grateful for the compassion, honesty and leadership Michelle provided. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! EXTREMELY EFFICIENT, COMPASSIONATE AND KNOWLEDGABLE ATTORNEY 5.0 stars Posted by P.H. January 4, 2016 Hired attorney I was previously represented by an Attorney with many, many more years of experience than Aarti. With my first lawyer, I was not a person, I was just a number to him. When I was recommended to Aarti, I was impressed with her competence, her knowledge, her compassion and her overall understanding of my very complex divorce case coming out of a 24 year marriage as a full time homemaker without any understanding of finances, our assets and debts. Aarti was skillful in leading me through the process and getting me to understand my situation and my possible outcomes. She gave me all of the information I needed to r to make an informed decision on how I wanted to proceed with my new life. Her quick ability to understand me as a person and how to communicate with who I am was such a relief. She actually heard my voice, when before, I was simply ignored. I cannot thank Aarti enough for her excellent representation and guidance through this extraordinarily difficult time in my life. And - to also thank for her always being able to give me the true hard facts when I needed to "cowboy up"!!! I highly recommend Aarti without reservation and she will always be my first phone call with any legal issues. She is a rising star in the legal community.

Mark R

Michelle Perkins and her law firm Owens and Perkins, have been our family's go to legal representatives on a variety of matters for the past 20 years. Michelle's attention to complex detail, interaction with opposing counsel and overall client management has ALWAYS exceeded our expectations. Her care and compassion and sensitivity to her client's legal and emotional needs is exceptional. She and her entire staff are true client advocates. We have shared our opinions far and wide on Michelle and her entire organization. On a scale of 1-10, they are a 20+! Outstanding representation

Kara Rogers

Owens and Perkins has represented me on numerous occasions since 2001. They are honest, compassionate and committed professionals. They are also very capable at handling complicated cases. I highly recommend Owens and Perkins.

J Boomer

I've known Michelle Perkins for a greater part of 20 years and her and her law firm are true professionals. Her and her staff have followed through in helping our Veteran owned business. Her legal advice and guidance has been very instrumental and we do appreciate her input and assistance. I highly recommend Owens & Perkins Law Firm for any legal matters you encounter.

Marv Howrey

Owens & Perkins is a top notch law firm & perhaps the best in AZ! I worked with Michelle Perkins and found her to be very knowledgeable and extremely compassionate. I cannot say enough about her communication skills, because they are simply the best. I highly recommend this law firm for your attorney needs.

Helen Y

I first met Michelle Perkins when I was going thru my divorce in 1998. Since then I have recommended Michelle and OP Law Firm to family & friends that needed an attorney to handle complex divorce, wills, trusts, estate planning, powers of attorney and orders of protection. She always takes the time to explain options available, every step of the process and the outcomes. The entire office support staff is professional and amicable. Michelle is an attorney that is highly rated by her peers, aggressive, compassionate, knowledgeable, has integrity and community service.

Emily Jonas

Owens and Perkins as a whole has been a great experience for such a hard time in life. They assured me everything would be handled with their experience and compassion for the well being of my children and myself and they followed through until the end and more. Big shout out to my attorney Michael Clonts for being so quick and thorough with my case. He understood what was best for my children and was there whenever I needed him. Life is complicated but not with the best attorneys a family could ask for. Thank you Owens and Perkins for taking my case on and fighting for what was best for everyone involved. I will absolutely recommend anyone I know to this firm and continue to use for any issues that may arise. Emily J :)

Robin Wells

I reached out to Michelle Perkins for a consultation during a very difficult time in my marriage. I knew within minutes of our initial conversation that I would hire Michelle. During this initial conversation, Michelle was compassionate, patient, a great listener, but most importantly astute to understanding an extremely difficult personality type in my (now ex). She made me feel like we would move through the divorce process together and would be able to reach a settlement with low conflict- which we did. Michelle made me feel safe, empowered, and capable throughout the entire process. Because of Michelle's experience, knowledge, tenacity, and ethical nature we finalized the divorce swiftly within months without excessive conflict and costs with integrity and grace. Michelle kept me informed and made me feel like I was her only client at all times. More importantly, I saw first hand how much Michelle cares about her clients. I would give Michelle Perkins of Owen & Perkins 10 Stars if I could! Truly an outstanding attorney. I consider Michelle a friend and ally!

April Riggins

Exceptional Representation. Always dependable and a clear path set to solve any issues that involve legal resolve. Our family has utilized the talent of Owens and Perkins for over 25 years. We recommend Owens and Perkins for all legal assistance.

Joel Zimmer

Michelle Perkins and the firm go out of their way to protect you. Michelle has a passion unseen by many law firms. Their strong conviction to do the right thing. Other cases handled by other law firms have been mishandled and botched but never with Owen and Perkins. I would strongly, and highly, recommend Owens and Perkins as the first law firm anyone looks to when seeking legal counsel.

Paul M.

Owens & Perkins has represented me and several family members in numerous complex divorce, trust and estate matters over the last decade. Our matters required an intimate understanding of an ever-changing financial landscape that impacted many entities, and several family members. The attorneys at Owens & Perkins counseled us with the utmost professionalism - negotiating with skill, and providing opposing counsel with the knowledge that Owens & Perkins was never afraid to take our case to trial. Their expertise and guidance was invaluable. I highly recommend the firm of Owens & Perkins.

Alfred DelBianco

Brian Winter..."the Best Of The Best" I was a client of Brian when I filed for divorce in Connecticut. This also included custody issues and even more complicated as I also have my son with special needs. I have dealt with many attorneys both professionally and personally and Brian is the "Best Of The Best".He is knowledgeable on all subjects. He is truly empathetic (not pretend), honest, professional, and does whats right for the client as well as all parties involved.... he has true moral character. With that being said ; Brian is excellent in deliberation as well. He completes his job in a timely manner and with just the right balance of humor and professionalism. I consider him a role model to attorneys in general. Im sorry to see he moved to Arizona but Owens & Perkins have landed the best!

Connor C

Over the years I have been required to utilize the services of a number of law firms. It is undeniable that the best experience I've EVER had was working with the team at Owens & Perkins. They are honest, direct, they always looked out for my best interest and always had my back. They didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but they did tell me how it would end up and, in the end, they were right! Everything they told me would happen is exactly what happened. I can't thank you all enough for keeping me from making HUGE costly mistakes!!! It's nice to know that there are honest lawyers in the world.

Tina Finch

My experience with Owen and Perkins Law has been exceptional. Living in Australia, it had been difficult to get the answers I needed to make informed decisions. Arranging a telephone conference proved highly successful and worked well despite the large time zone difference. Michelle and Brian quickly understood my circumstance and answered all my questions succinctly and clearly with professional integrity, explaining all the options available to me. I can certainly recommend Michelle and the Owen & Perkins team to anyone requiring the highest quality of legal advice.

Camilla Moye

Marcial Martinez

PASSIONATE AND PROFESSIONAL LAW FIRM Thank you for all that you have done for us, we are eternally grateful to you and your law office for helping us in our time of need. Your undying passion for your profession is what makes you stand out from any other law office Michelle & CD thank you again.

Lisa Y

Extraordinary law firm!!! The level of professionalism, attention to detail and compassion was truly remarkable. They handled my divorce and followed up with my new estate plan. I knew what to expect each step of the way. I can't thank you all enough for my new life, I am enjoying it! ;) I highly recommend this firm, they are a 5+++!

Nick Temple

I have had the pleasure of working with Owens and Perkins for over 20 years. They have represented me both personally and professionally. On the professional side, they were instrumental I'm my properly setting up my business, and handling the day-to-day legal issues that came up. They are the utmost in professionalism. The same applies to my personal issues. They have defended me against bothersome and bogus legal actions. The firm has the range of professionals to cover all of my legal needs over the years, always with successful outcomes. I recommend them highly for their personal attention, professionalism and diligence.

Preston Williams

Brian Winter and the team at Owens & Perkins exceeded my expectations. The ultimate experts in their fields.

Garry Puschak

Owens & Perkins helped guide through my divorce with compassion and understanding. Divorce is emotional and at times confusing but their Attorney, Brian Winter made the process somewhat at ease. I appreciated their good work, family run business and recommend them to handle your family needs.

Kim Smith

I can't thank Max Hanson and the team at Owens & Perkins enough. They handled my divorce in a very professional and compassionate manner. They valued my input and kept me informed on the process, and helped me through my darkest hours. Thank you Max and team, I know I was a very demanding client and you handled my case with white glove service and compassion!

Reginald Aron

I hired Brian for a divorce from my wife. Our case was complicated, and unusual; at every step of the way, Brian was spot on, always prepared, on top of things, and never lost patience in front of the incoherent, unpredictable curved balls my ex-wife would throw his way. A relative of mine, also an attorney, pointed out to me that most lawyers would have dropped the case facing the challenges we had to weather. Brian plowed on. Regarding his work, there is not a single instant when I thought to myself, I wish he hadn't said that or he had done something else. Whatever Brian did, it was the right thing to do at the right moment. In other terms, he is the kind of person you want on your side, not on the other side, you would bitterly regret not hiring him. To emphasize this point, a family friend, a retired lawyer in Brussels, the equivalent of a Supreme Court judge here as far as I understand, noticed that Brian was doing the right things at the right time as well. Regarding the details of his work, most people are typically worried about being taken advantage of; I never noticed that on the part of Brian, he did what he had to do, and I didn't see any extraneous charges coming from him. In other terms he won't overcharge you, for ethical reasons, but also because he is clearly not the kind of person suffering from a lack of clients. On a personal level, Brian treated my case holistically; he would consider all the details, and we would be in contact quite often for him to fully understand the problem, as well as new developments in our case, something some lawyers would eschew, for lack of dedication. Overall then, I have not a single negative comment to make regarding Brian. All I have to say is, he is a formidable attorney.

Md d

Owens and Perkins is truly the best law firm in Arizona. I first met Michelle Perkins in 2008 when I was seeking to get a legal separation from my husband. Since then I have used the firm for a variety of legal issues including a very complicated law suit. Michelle Perkins, Max Hanson, and the entire staff have been extremely helpful, supportive, caring, honest, informative, diligent in resolving issues, always looking out for my best interest......this firm is more than amazing!!! Michelle Perkins treated me like family. She was never too busy for me and always took the time to explain in detail every legal step and option. I always received the best legal advice no matter what type of legal issue I was battling. Michelle Perkins and Max Hanson fought for me and the end result was always in my favor. They are truly a blessing. Words cannot express the tremendous amount of gratitude I have for the entire staff's hard work on my behalf. USE THIS will not be disappointed.

Leah Mcclurg

I have worked with Owens And Perkins law firm on and off since 1997 for many different reasons. Michelle and CD have always been extremely easy to work with over the years and always given the best possible advice. If you need an attorney look no further than Owens And Perkins.

Tori Passalaqua

Owens and Perkins Law Firm is my go to Law Office for any issue I have that needs legal review. I went thru a difficult divorce and found them to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. They handled my case very well, looked out for my best interest when difficult decisions had to be made and we were able to settle sooner than I thought. I have known them for over 16 years and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

susan williams


jennifer Anne

Biggest Mistake I ever made was retaining Max to handle my divorce. The other party lied, hid money & he did nothing about it even tho I provided concrete evidence. Instead he nickled and dimed me to the point where my savings was wiped out. And then convinced me to agree to the settlement after I was worn down from being in negotiations all day.... meantime ex is buying new cars, jetting around in first class while I am counting every penny. (this is a community property state) Run as fast as you can from this firm!

Barbara Wilson

I highly recommend Michelle Perkins for women who need an advocate through the unsettling process of divorce. She is clear, direct and responsive. Thank You Michelle for your intelligence, generosity and respect.

Margaret Kroeger

Horrible!!! If 20,000. is chump change for you then I would highly recommend them to you. it took them a year for the divorce, I don't know if that is normal, this is my first divorce. I didn't hear from them for the first three months, too afraid to call since you are charged. My lawyer quit right before mediation, I never met the new one until mediation and then she told me, "she couldn't tell me what to do." I thought that is what I was paying them for. No Michelle told me , they had to put food on their tables! If your looking for awards on the wall, Michelle has them, if your looking for understanding, compassion, quick inexpensive divorce, forget it. The longer it takes the more money they get. oh FYI at the end of my $19,000. divorce, I was told I had to hire another lawyer to get my money from my ex. They don't handle government retirement. Margaret Kroeger

Anna Paris

An Exceptionally Talented Attorney with Integrity After having worked with a firm that gave me false hopes about unrealistic expectations, and having done countless interviews with replacement attorneys, I found Michelle Perkins. Michelle is a straight shooter, she doesn't waste your time (which translates into money), and she will do anything she needs to do to insure your piece of mind. I went through a very anxiety provoking divorce and custody battle, and she and her firm always made sure I was heard and not forgotten about. She is a reasonable, intelligent negotiator, and an indignant pit bull if she needs to be.

Maureen Williams

Seems strange to say "loved it" as it relates to a divorce attorney, but I'd redefine it as feeling as though I had a strong advocate in my corner through one of the most difficult times in my life. That to me was priceless. Max Hanson and his team were thorough, provided me with a clear understanding of all of my options (not just ones that made them more money), and guided me through each step of the process. And I will forever be grateful for how Ms. Perkins even took a personal interest in my situation when things got interesting. I have already recommended Max to a dear friend and would do so again.

Nathan Hunt

Michelle and her team were absolutely wonderful to work with. They gave me great legal advise and did not pass any judgement off on me for the situation that I created. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone looking for a legal team that will go all the way for you.

Georgi Frieh

Our family has been using this law firm for over a decade to take care of all our trust and estate matters. Michelle Perkins has been there for us every step of the way. Not only is she is an extremely professional and competent attorney, she has been a caring adviser and friend. Aside from being an amazing attorney, she has also connected us with other uber-competent professionals such as accountants and real estate agents that have guided us through many stages of our family’s history. We couldn’t be more happy with her representation and we couldn’t recommend her enough to others in need of an excellent estate attorney.

Moni & Javi Shared

Love love love

Tom Hill

Jake Orbin

Michelle Perkins of OPLAW was initially recommended to me from a friend to help us with a tragic murder in our family. Michelle helped my family on the Capital Murder case by handling the civil aspect for the family. She directed her staff in finding and recovering life insurance policies as well as all the documents for closing an estate and conservatorship. She was very knowledgeable and made the process bearable by helping me thru the steps during a difficult time.. In the process she was instrumental in assisting the County Prosecutor's office with questions requested on the Capital Murder case. Michele was a professional that I would and have recommended to all my friends. Her expertise and decisions helped my family financially that might have been otherwise overlooked by others. thank you

Heather Cronrath

Michelle Perkins rocks!! I have had the pleasure (and it unusual to say dealing with lawyers is a pleasure) of using Michelle Perkins and Owens & Perkins as our lawyers for the past 20 plus years. I have used Michelle for wills and trusts, probate, real estate matters, powers of attorney and other miscellaneous matters and have never been disappointed. She is always clear on the best approach and gives you the best and worst case scenarios on each matter so that you can make informed decisions. I know that she will always do her best when representing me and has been reassuring during times of stress. Her knowledge and ability to clearly and concisely explain the law and its process allows me to better comprehend each situation. She is a great advocate and a wonderful lawyer. I have never been disappointed in an outcome and admire her integrity.

H Cronrath

I have had the joy of working with Owens & Perkins for over 15 years. It is unusual to say you have "joy" in working with most law firms, but every interaction with O&P has been productive, on point, professional, effective and reasonably stress free. (The reasonably part is because you are dealing with the people who have caused you to seek legal advice and they are often not stress free). Michelle Perkins has a way of reassuring you that everything will be alright (at some point), but what I love the most is that she is always honest with you about the potential outcomes. She explains the options clearly, gives you best and worse case scenarios and then she or one of the other members of the firm wades into the morass or legal issue at hand. We have used her for wills and trusts, probate, real estate transactions, powers of attorney and a variety of other smaller matters. When faced with a situation that requires legal representation, I always know that Michelle has my back and my best interests at heart. In addition, all of the support personnel at O&P are friendly and know how to take care of clients. Where else can you go and be well treated, have your legal needs met and perhaps get a piece of candy to go with it? Please do yourself a favor if you are in need of legal advice and give Owens and Perkins a call, you will be happy you did.

Paul R

I am writing to express my gratitude to the partners and staff of Owens & Perkins, P.C. My experience with the partners and associates at Owens & Perkins recently was professional, accurate and appreciated. They don't always tell me what I want to hear, but they do tell me what I need to hear. All cases I've entrusted to their firm have been resolved to my satisfaction - that's why I continue to use Owens & Perkins after 20+ years. Their entire staff always handles my requests respectfully and with the care required. I will continue to refer business associates, family and friends to Owens & Perkins and highly recommend their services.

blake rodolico

I have the pleasure of having Kristi Morley as my attorney. Kristi is so easy to talk to and get along with. I couldn't of asked for a better attorney to represent me. I would highly recommend Kristi Morley as a attorney.

Austin Schmidt

Mr. Kirshy did an amazing job. He is definitely the lawyer you want at the end of the day fighting for you. Great job. Highly recommended.

Susan Hardy

Brian Winter and his supporting legal team did an outstanding job. I was impressed with Brian Winter's handling of my late mother's estate. There were a few twists and turns and all was handled smoothly. Most important was the strong sense of credibility and trust Brian established early on, as well as Karen Fanty, the paralegal supporting the case. It was in solid hands all the way through, which is especially critical when you're being represented from several states away. Thanks to them and to the team at the firm for helping wrap the matter up cleanly.

Melissa Hangen

Owens & Perkins is the best law firm in the world! The lawyers are amazing people that go the extra mile to protect you. They have protected me for over 20 years and I am so very grateful for everything they have done. I owe them my life and my sanity!!! I think of them like family. I would never, ever, consider using another law firm. Even when I moved out of state for a couple of years, I still called Owens & Perkins!!!

Danielle Carroll

My Brother and I have recently worked with Ms. Perkins. Ms. Perkins was so easy for us to both talk with. She took her time and helped us muddle through legal matters that we had never before dealt with. We were both living in different states at the time and Michelle was always able to make time to speak with us both whenever something came up. We both had never worked with an attorney before and I just can't say enough about how easy Michelle made a very difficult situation for my brother and myself. She felt like more than just an attorney by the end she felt like a friend...and that alone is the highest compliment I can give. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of legal counsel.

A Mathew

Gene Ames

I retained Max Hanson and Owens & Perkins to represent me for a complex appellate case regarding spousal maintenance. Mr Hanson's responses and briefs throughout my case were nothing short of brilliant, which ultimately led us to prevailing the appeal. Before any filings with the court, Mr Hanson took the time to explain them to me and give me the opportunity to ask questions or provide additional insight to a particular issue. The staff handled all of the filings and communications with the court and opposing counsel in a professional, timely manner. Having Mr Hanson and Owens & Perkins on my side took so much angst and stress out of an already tense situation. I would recommend Max Hanson and Owens & Perkins to anyone looking for top shelf representation in regards to a family law matter.


Brian and Kris are great lawyers. Helped me greatly through a messy divorce. Very wise and helpful. I made the right choice! Highly recommend.

Dr. E 9817

YOU CANNOT DO BETTER! I came to attorney Michelle Perkins for legal advise. Michelle is extremely experienced, patient and knowledgeable. She made me feel confident and at ease during a turbulent time in my life. Attorney Perkins went above and beyond what I looked for in an attorney.

Lindsay TT

Lisa is such an incredibly knowledgeable attorney who helped me out with the trickiest of situations. I have already recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Lisa for always fighting for your clients!

Rob Hurd

My family has known the office of Owens ans Perkins since 1990. They have always been there as we have needed for all issue where it comes to providing for your families future. I always look forward to any appointment I have with this firm because you know that what every the situation is they grasp it and understand it. No matter the situation they confer to you the feeling that all is well. They tell you what you need to do and put things in to action. If every you have a true family problem and you turn the situation over to O&P you will rest assured that all will turn out the best it can. They are always just a phone call away once you have established your relationship with them. You can always know things are under control. I have always enthusiastically referred friend to O&P. In every case they have all been satisfied and felt well represented or assisted.

BATS Bulletins

Christa-I have to admit, getting a lawyer is scary. Finding someone to make your needs and wants their own. Well, with Christa you have. She will not only make you feel completely comfortable, secure and empowered, she will become your friend. She will fight for you when no one else will. Christa was extremely professional- don't get me wrong. She absolutely got me everything I wanted out of my divorce and did it in one of the fastest times my friends had seen. I would recommend her to anyone. Prepare yourself folks, she's a blast but she is also willing to go the extra mile when needed. #teamchrista #dropsmicandwalksout

Fasturtle Digital

Our interactions with Owens and Perkins have been nothing but timely and professional. Working with them has been easy: communication of needs was very clear. Strongly recommend for all your law needs.

Melanie Pflug

I highly recommend Owens & Perkins Law Firm! I found their services to be super efficient. Everyone I interacted with was professional, diligent, friendly and understanding. I am so grateful to have had this team working on my case.

Sally B

I recently completed my Estate Planning with OP Law. The process was much more emotional than I had anticipated but the staff at OP Law took the time to explain everything and make me feel comfortable and confident. I left feeling like family. I highly recommend OP Law!

bill grier

Owens & Perkins I heard was the best and they did not disappoint. I worked with Brian Winter who made the process of my case very easy to understand. They returned emails and calls in a timely manner and had a simple and fair billing process. Brian and the whole staff were very knowledgable. When it comes to negotiating and experience in family law I recommend you get Brian Winter and the Owens & Perkins law team on your side. Thanks again,

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