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REVIEWS OF Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys Phoenix IN Arizona

Shanel Richardson

Thank you for services everything worked out very well. This was my first time every dealing with a law firm. I'm very pleased. Great job

Lulu G

Fast , and quick service , very friendly and helpful staff . Would definitely recommend lerner and Rowe . Front office was very nice and respectful too ! Thank you Lerner and Rowe

Danielle Autullo

My case manager Caroline Jakubowski was exceptional. She helped me through the entire process and guided me through every step. My attorney Nic Edgson and accountant Gina Lopez were absolutely amazing and got me a great settlement. I would recommend Lerner and Rowe to anyone needing a personal injury attorney. Thank you to everyone!!

funny animal tsunami bam

I was in a difficult situation related to an auto accident. This occurred between my teenage daughter and an older woman. The result was a 1st and 3rd level misdemeanor for an accident with $200.84 of damage. Mr. Sean Forrester was amazing, he kept me calm, was very personal and I always felt he was very invested in my case. In addition he kept me up to date followed through with any questions I had and was always willing to listen. Thank you Mr. Forrester and Lerner and Rowe for assisting my family during this challenging time. Definitely a five star experience

Insane Zane

Chrisara was the best ever I couldn't been more taken care of she was there through my side on everything every question was answered and I really felt like I had someone there through all the rough stuff I was going through! Would recommended her to world she's amazing!

cpt zoom

Friendly and knowledgeable. Got me the money I deserved. I would suggest anyone to use lerner and rowe.

Brice Sang

My case still open, but I just have to say that my experience so far has been amazing. I was hit by another car while I was traveling about 45 mph and have neck and back injuries from that. Lerner and Rowe has been there since day one. I have never been in an accident and they have just handled everything and are always available for questions. My case manager, Jacque, has even gotten back to me on a Sunday, which I would've never expected. They truly work hard for you. I don't regret calling them to represent me through this. In addition, I have been working with Pura Vida Chiropractic Care (Dr. Bradford), in Chandler and he has been amazing. He really cares that you are getting better and takes the time to listen to how his treatments are working and adjusts them based on what is working and what isn't. He is so knowledgeable and has even provided equipment that I could take home to help speed the healing, aside from my clinic appointments. I'm so thankful to have a safety net of people that care around me through this crazy time of pain and confusion. Do yourself a favor if you have been injured in an accident, call Lerner and Rowe immediately, there is no need to go anywhere else. If you need treatment, please look Dr. Bradford up at Pura Vida Chiropractic in Chandler. You'll not regret either decision. **Update** My case is now closed and I am waiting for the settlement check to come. I wanted to add more information than I did before. Lawyers get a bad rap. We all know that. And in some cases rightfully so. But when you need one because you have been wronged or hurt from somebody else's negligence? I can't tell you how good it feels to have somebody (an entire team) on your side handling all the hard stuff while you get better and try to recover. My case manager, "Jacque Krum," (I hope I'm allowed to say names?) Was AMAZING! I mentioned her in my original post, how she was ALWAYS there for me with answers to questions I had about a very confusing process when somebody hit me in my car. She literally took my burden from me. The names on the billboards will get the credit, and rightfully so also, but she was the contact, or face of this organization for me and whenever I got an email back from her, which was always so quick (seriously Jacque, can you please take a day off?) , She brought peace into this so stressful situation. I can't than her enough for being there for me. She couldn't do anything about the pain or discomfort, but she did me one better. She made sure that I was going to be financially compensated for that pain, which helped my entire family. And that means way more to me knowing that bills will be paid and my kids will have a decent Christmas because I had somebody watching out forme. If you call Lerner & Rowe (And you better), I would make sure to ask for Jacque. I sure hope I'm not making her life miserable with this post. Because you will be in good hands (Allstate is a liar). Thanks for reading this.

Diana Miller

While Insurance usually takes forever to handle issues, Lerner and Rowe did the best they could with the situation. Our only feedback is more communication when Insurance drags a case out for a year. Overall happy with them and would use again. We appreciate Corrina & Kendall for all your hard work!

Angie Marie Otero

Jessica was my case manager she was very thorough throughout my case after taking over. She would get back to me right away within 24hrs she would even update me without me even calling for her she explained everything to me in detail to where I understood. But BEWARE they do take half on your claim!

Miriam Reyes

Excellent excellent! Best words to describe the services the inform me ver clearly every single step if the process... and if I have a question I just call Jessica and she will have for a respond... great service also from nicholas abd caroline guiding me at all time with doctors and specialists thanks Lerner and row

Marie Marie

The whole experience was great. It was easy the minute I called and they took over and literally got everything done. At first I was nervous because I didn’t know how to handle this. They explained everything to me step-by-step stayed in contact with me. Like I said made everything really easy! Hopefully this never happens again but if it does I will call Learner and Row

Kenna Franklin

Trinity Moll was my case manager and she was amazing! She was super nice and friendly and got back to me whenever I needed help with anything I didn’t understand. She was very great!

Steve Page

Travis Sorensen did an awesome job handling my motorcycle injury claim. The person who caused my accident only had the state minimum required insurance so there was not much of a pay out to work with however Travis handled my case as if it was $1 million case. Good communication and very informative. Highly recommended!

Nick Cozza

I service there coffee stations. Great people to work with. Staff seems very happy so must be a great place to do business with and work for.

Victor Aguilar pit bulldog handler antique dealer

The people at Lerner and Rowe where is very very nice to me polite understand listen to everything I had to say and did my case with the best and most professionally way God bless Lerner and Rowe

josephine ingraham

Was in an accident in December and Lerner and Rowe staff was amazing. They fought for me to get treated and taken care of. They answered my calls and was very helpful and courteous and compassionate will def refer them and use them in the future if i get into another accident. Thanks DEAN FIX AND TRINITY MOLL AND THE ENTIRE STAFF FOR HELPING ME!!!

Elizabeth Hunter

Customers and office staff for this location are both RUDE. I would give ZERO stars if that was an option. Tired of the incorrect phone numbers. There is no reason you can’t change your Phoenix phone number to something your customers and other locations are capable of dialing correctly.

Luis Contreras

Great service overall. Everything was handled without too much stress on my end and my case manager Donna was great. Everyone I delt with at the office was friendly and helpful

Brett Rodgers

Jessica and Jeremy were excellent during the entire process. It took over 2 years at no fault of theirs and they kept me informed the entire way. They even fought for and got more money than I expected.

Jasmine Stewart

I was in a bad car accident in December and knew I couldn't do it alone. Lerner and Rowe came up beside me and helped me through the whole process.Ty Catmull was my attorney and he in particular went way over and beyond to help me get my fair compensation. I couldn't have picked a better team anywhere else.

Allison Lopez

I would like to thank Dean, Nubia, Edith, and Christine for going above and beyond on my case. I am extremely happy with the way my case was handled. Dean was very polite and very informative, Nubia was a sweetheart, Christine did awesome with the bills and Edith was so nice and helpful. I will recommend Lerner and Rowe to everyone I know. Once again, thank you Lerner and Rowe!

Jordan and Bella vlogs

We are so grateful for L&R for everything they have done to help my mom! They were so responsive and had her back since day one. We are happy to recommend them to our family and friends. They are now family to us.

Steph Buskirk

My experience w/ Lerner and Rowe was great. Dean Fox, was my attorney, and Nubia was my paralegal. Any time I had any questions regarding my cases Nubia was always quick to return my calls. I appreciate everything they did for me regarding my case in such a timely manner

Rion Clark

Satisfied with the turnout Elizabeth had very great communication thanks to her assistant Olivia and attorney Greg all were very helpful and informative through out my case. If need be future reference will be coming back again actually im on round two.! Thank you.

Donna Whitlow

Amazing people out came manager trinity was an angel and our attorney dean fox was fast and fought hard for us. Would recommend them to everyone

Dominic Trevino

I am so thankful for donna and Marc for this amazing life changing experience . Could not have asked for a better settlement and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


I was represented by Sean Forrester of the Lerner an Rowe Law Group, and his professionalism, superb competence and overall calming demeanor gave me the confidence I needed to get through such a trying time in my life. Sean was able to tactfully handle my case which resulted in me saving thousands of dollars, but more importantly, he was accessible enough to answer my myriad of questions that always seemed to be of the utmost importance. I have already recommended Sean to peers and colleagues alike who have found themselves in desperate situations in which poor decision making lefty them desperate and alone. Sean is the best of the best, and I certainly appreciate the service he has provided to me.

jo hans

I am reviewing sara and lucas theyre one of the hardest working teams at lerner and rowe very aggressive handling details keeping me up to date in the process I was able to reach them immediately I would highly recommend them with Lerner and Rowe. I'm very impressed!

Tracy Peralta

My experience with Lerner and Rowe was excellent. They took care of me when I needed it the most!

Norman Dee

Worst attorney's I have ever worked with, when I needed Lerner & Rowe the most they passed me off to what they call was a "top noch attorney." Well this firm made all kinds of promises "they claimed they were going to stand by my side until the case was finished." For almost 2 years they did this, I have a very good case, these attorneys could not even negotiate anything more than $500.00 my creditors were being notified by these attorneys that they were dropping my case. All of their attorneys were jumping ship including the partners, the owner told The State Bar that they do not have a Litigation Department and this is why they were dropping my case. What kind of law firm does not have a Litigation Department? One that is an ambulance chaser? Or a drive through, it cannot be a "convenience store type." One thing for sure it is not it is certainly not a FULL SERVICE attorney department. Why did I lay this all out to you, this could be you. Lerner and Rowe cannot be trusted, they are shisters. I called them up to ask them why they reccommended an attorney that would do such a thing. They never responded, they hid like cowereds. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A GROUP OF GOOD ATTORNEYS THAT WILL TREAT YOU WITH RESPECT AND DIGNITY, GIVE PHILLIPS AND ASSOCIATES A CALL. They not only took on the mess the other attorneys screwed up but I will in the end get my bills paid. And who knows my credit will be restored. Lerner & Rowe are just junk attorneys and your if willing to settle for that it I'd just a sign that is how you live your life. By allowing people to walk all over you. Don't do it, had I known that Lerner & Rowe were scum I would have never had called them. My post is long because this warning is worth it I hope you heed my warning.

Kray. Cee

Thank you for helping me with my case! It took a lot of stress off my mind with figuring out what to do next! You all made sure I understood what the steps were and what was happening next! Keep up the good work

Will Burke

Case manager Lucy Estrada was thorough in explanation and kept us up to date on all of the developments. Colby Wells handled my case well and was able to settle my case easily and hassle free. They both worked out well.

C. K.

Sean Forrester of the Lerner and Rowe Law Group represented me in a situation I never though I would be in. Because of a really bad decision I made at a low point in my life, I was facing a possible felony charge; I honestly wasn't even thinking of the repercussions of my actions so I was beyond surprised to be in this serious of a situation. I had no idea that what I had done could reach the level of a felony and quickly realized that this could have long-lasting and substantial impacts on my career and personal life (voting restrictions, employment and volunteer restrictions etc.). I realized that finding a lawyer I could trust would be paramount in this situation and as I started the search for a lawyer, I was quickly overwhelmed; there are many different types of lawyers that focus on different areas of law, and it was a daunting task to find a professional that I felt I could trust. I met with Sean's team initially and one other law firm (i also spoke with around 6 other law firms on the phone). Sean and his team (specifically Jesse Cervantes) were extremely knowledgeable, straight-forward, patient, and understanding. They worked hard to ensure that I understood the various related parts of the Law, the timeline and next steps of what would happen as my case evolved, and the possible various outcomes I would be facing; note that they did this BEFORE i signed a retainer and was one of the many reasons I ultimately retained Lerner & Rowe. Sean, while not excusing my behavior (which I appreciated), was kind and put everything into context, which helped to ease my extremely worried mind. Jesse Cervantes was extremely patient and understanding; he was also knowledgeable and was able to give me a lot of useful information. I was nervous and emotional and Sean never made me feel rushed; he patiently answered all of my questions and did so in a way that made the complexities of law and legal terminology very easy to digest. Sean's knowledge, patience, straight-forwardness, professionalism and honesty during that initial meeting made me select Sean over the other lawyers and law firms I had talked with and met with (some that wanted 6 times the fee charged by Lerner & Rowe); Sean made me feel that I would be best represented by him and Lerner and Rowe, and I was not disappointed. Sean was in constant communication with me over the 5 months that it took to resolve my case. I was extremely detailed with my questions and follow-up and Sean always quickly responded to questions that I had. He was diligent with reaching out to the police department and the prosecutor proactively, which made the process run smoothly. Sean consistently went above and beyond throughout this case. When we were resolving my case, Sean was extremely thoughtful in his approach and because of a request he made, I was able to avoid having a probationary period. I would never have thought to ask for that adjustment and would have been satisfied as much as I could be with the original intended resolution; because of Sean's advocacy, I got a resolution that was even better than I expected. Sean is without a doubt a true and tireless advocate and ally for his clients, irregardless of the size of the case. I was never once disappointed throughout this entire process; something that I was extremely surprised by given the expectations and general distrust we are taught to have about lawyers. While I joked with him after the case was over that I never wanted to see him again (meaning I never want to get in trouble again), I wouldn't want anyone else by my side in a situation like that. I recommend Sean Forrester wholeheartedly and cannot thank him enough for all he did.

Real Life Fisho

Thanks for Nubia Duran,Edith Rodriquez , and Dean Fox you guys made the process really easy and couldn’t be more thankful for y’all and the whole team at Learner and Rowe!

Salina Garcia

Amazing how fast I got my check thank you everyone for all your hard work

Chloe Moore

They were very quick and helpful in my case. I was treated kindly and given guidance where I asked for it.

Tiffany Peterman

I have used Lerner and rowe twice now. Both time Cynthia was my case manager and dean was my lawyer. I will use them again if needed and I have also recommended them to at least 3 other people. I was very happy with outcome both times. Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf.

Jeremy Romero

Wendy and Jesse helped me out so much with my sons case. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and patience. Thank you Lerner and Rowe!

dezi gonzalez

Great communication from jesus and team. I will definitely recommend lerner and rowe to anyone . thank you lerner and rowe for all your help !!!

S. Gutierrez

I am happy I went with Learner and Rowe . They made everything so easy to deal with and kept me updated and informed on everything that was going on they always checked on me to make sure I was ok physically and emotionally I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that asks

Estefania Herrera

I reached out to Lerner and Rowe due to an accident related injury last July , and from the consultation to the explaining of the process I was amazed at how well Dean Fox and Araceli Barajas handled my case. There was a consistent line of communication and I feel this team definitely had my best interest in mind. In an unfortunate situation they listened to me and made sure there were realistic outcomes placed in front of me. I would definitely recommend them to any family member etc. THANK YOU LERNER AND ROWE!

Corina Bojorquez

Amber and Jesse helped me out and took me through all the steps of the case. Very happy with the work. Thank you. I recommend you guys to anybody!!

Jeff Demers

Donna did a great job making sure everything stayed organized and kept me up to date with the entire process. Mark continued to fight for me even when we rejected the same offer multiple times, which resulted in a larger check than I originally thought I was going to receive. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!!

Edith Rodriguez

I would like to thank the whole Lerner and Rowe team for their incredible and fast work on my case. Dean, Nubia, Stephany & Melanie S. were very awesome throughout the whole process! I appreciate everyone!

Linda Gavina

Everything was good Aracely was amazing always called me back right away Greg would call me back right away except for lunch time lol. But they were amazing and available. Very happy with the outcome.

Chino Decuire

I was pleased with the initial consultation expectations were set from the moment i stepped in. My end result was exactly what they said it would be. I am very pleased on how my claim was handled. Lerner & Rowe is the place to go.

Crystal S

Michelle and Marc helped me out very much and always returned my calls. Answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Lerner and Rowe is the way to go!

Erica Wilson

I could not say enough about the care and concern that I received from Lerner and Rowe's exemplary legal staff, namely Attorneys Larry Magid and Sean Forrester. I am so appreciative to been referred to their counsel. The level of communication throughout my process was exceptional and my results were the result of strategic thinking, personalized care, and high level of expertise which ultimately saved me from additional expenses and the detrimental effects of a conviction of my charges. I highly recommend their services and would refer Lerner and Rowe to anyone needing their services.

Karen Castelo

At first, I was a little skeptical about coming back to Lerner and Rowe but Michel E. really did a great job on my case! He always answered my questions in a good timely manner. You guys outdid yourselves, THANK YOU!! :) -J. Garcia

Bob Miller

I called on two separate occasions about a legal issue I needed an attorney, I was told I would get a call back, no one ever called me back. To reiterate I was not a client because no one ever called me back, both times I called I was ignored.

tyree pierson

Jamie Twilling helped me throughout the process and was able to ask all the questions I had asked and was very helpful I highly recommend going with Lerner & Rowe

Michael Murray

My experience at Lerner and Rowe was great my manager Nubia kept in touch with me through the whole process and my account Ebonee was awesome and got me the most she could with finances.

Scott Kump

To be honest, I ended up using Lerner & Rowe after attempting to contact other law firms. It seems accident injury is quite a busy business. When trying to contact other law firms, all I got were voicemails, or long hold times. So, reluctantly I thought, ok, I'll bite and try the t.v. guys, seriously my last choice because of all the ads they run. Well, I made the call, and without surprise, just like the others....voicemail. I hung up, I was on to the next. Then, in less than a minute, I had a callback from Lerner & Rowe, obviously from caller ID. I explained that I was rear ended and was having difficulty getting the other party's insurance company to call me back. I gave them the police report number, the insurance of the other party, and my insurance information. Within a day they were working on resolving the issue. I immediately received a call from the other party's insurance co. to handle the property damage. The property damage was handled within 2 weeks. I had received payment for the damages and settled that portion. Then it was time for the injury. It took a few months of physical therapy and doctor visits to get back to normal. Then it took a few more months to settle the claim. The attorney and staff at Lerner & Rowe were in constant contact, and kept me informed of each step during the process. When it was finally time to settle, the insurance co. offered an amount, my attorney said it was a good offer, above the average for my case, but thought I could get a little more, but not much more. We counter offered, and they met in the middle. All in all, it was a pleasure working with Lerner & Rowe. One catch, if you're looking to get rich, it isn't going to happen. You are pretty much limited by the limits of coverage by the other party's insurance, and your insurance coverage. If that doesn't cover it, then you're going to be limited by the assets of the other party. I could have gone after the other party for more, but they had nothing, and it would have cost me out of pocket to try. I would recommend them for their service.

Deira Lopez

The team at Lerner and Rowe were amazing. They did everything they could to help me through the process and answer all my questions. They did everything very efficiently and I would definitely recommend them to others.

Palimo Lopez

Very pleased. Sean Forrester provided concise information and attention to details and every facet of my case was given his thorough perusal.

Sharyn Joe

I really appreciate what Dean Fox has done and the work he put in and made it really easy to understand the process if I need to refer Dean I definitely would. keep up the good work Dean thank you!

Kesha Brown

I loved Amber robishaw she answered all my questions from small to financial Jesse was very polite and have patience they both worked as a team I was in car wreck 9-9-2017 and they work in a Timely manner to help settle my case by 7-11-2018 I love they professionalism I'll use them from here on out if I ever need services

shawn Johnson

Lerner and Rowe were great. My attorney Matt Feinman was exceptional as well as my paralegal Chadlie. They were well organized and informative and made sure we were aleays in constant contact. They made me feel at ease and was by my side through the whole process, never once did i worry about anything and answered any question i had with out haste. I would recommend Lerner and Rowe to anyone. All it took was call and that was all.

Darin Wilson

Chrissara was awesome,very helpful an understanding of the situations concerning the accident,always returned my calls promptly an was the most helpful an understanding.She aso worked hard on getting me all my legal documents on time an always emailing or calling me to let me know what's going on ,She was also very informative an understanding an walking me thru the Lawyer wordplay I did not understand .She was truly appreciated.

Artis Bellamy

Lerner and Rowe was DEFINITELY the way to go. They were very hospitable and handled my case with professionalism and expertise. I will most certainly Refer them to ANYONE that I know that may need person injury assistance!!!! Thanks Greg and Michelle and Elizabeth and the Lerner & Rowe team.. Made a very Happy Birthday for me!!!! Yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Dont Whatever Me

Wonderful people. Will do their best to help you any time with any problems, question, need etc. Talk to someone live and in person! They've got my business for sure.

Mark Kroeppler

I'm afraid I have to rate Lerner & Rowe as just 'okay.' They did settle my case for a reasonable amount of money, but the case took over 6 months to settle and their communication was very poor at best during this time. I had to keep calling and calling to get any information or updates on my case.

Kim Beatty

Lerner and Rowe is the way to go I don't know what else there is to say except for their excellent and they know what they're doing I really will get you the best that you deserve

Travis Jones

I was involved in my very 1st auto accident and didn't know what to do so, I turned to Lerner and Rowe. Thank you Gerardo, Mel, Shauna, Maricela and Travis for all you did for me during this difficult time. I would recommend Lerner and Rowe any day!!!!

Kristy Garber

I definitely should have researched more into this law office before choosing them to take my case. No one returns your calls, emails. Have had at least three different associates handle my case only to be told they no longer work for the company. If I could give a negative star I would. Very disappointed.

Stephen Gonzalez MBA

They took care of my wife's case rather well. It took a while. But, they did great.

George glass

The whole Lerner and Rowe team was excellent. From the first call to getting my check they helped me with any questions I had. I was treated like family. If I ever get in another car wreck I will be calling Lerner and Rowe.

Juan Alcantar

Dean Fox, Nubia Duran, Stephany G, and Melanie Stowers were a great team to represent me. They provided timely updates, they handled themselves in a courteous manner, and I am overall satisfied with the service and the amount of my settlement.

ora luna

At Lerner and Rowe I was treated with dignity and respect and very professional,I had a great team.I will recommend Lerner and Rowe to my family and friends. Thank You

Anthony Shannon

I am very satisfied with Lerner & Rowe. Attorney Moss and Cynthia are “Rock Stars”. My initial call was answered quickly and my case was accepted immediately! The fact that I was referred to Fusion Rehab was a huge plus. My case manager Cynthia kept me informed every step of the way. Once my case was ready for review Attorney Moss gave me a personal call to inform me of how it would play out. I am happy with my settlement check. I recommend Lerner & Rowe to all who have been injured in a wreck!

Sherzad T.

What an outstanding performance! I was facing a dire situation but they went through my case extremely thoroughly and payed attention to the facts I presented to help keep my driving record in a good state. Truly thankful for them!

Tamika Fuller

From beginning to end the associates at Learner & Rowe kept me informed and met my expectations for follow-up. I am a person who likes to be informed of the process and my lead Ms. Karen, with the help of her team definitely kept me updated. It made this process, that I knew nothing about before, less stressful and more manageable! "You build a reputation by WHAT YOU DO not by what you say". I extend my gratitude and appreciation for the service I received!

Wayne Lavin

All services were great and was very happy thank you for all you guys have done thanks so much Wayne Lavin

Joey Lamar

Lerner & Rowe did such a amazing job with my case and I would recommend everyone for their service! Thank so much guys appreciate your services !! Thank you Christina Sargent & Edward Earle! Best customer service

Patrick Reed

I'm glad that I had Learner and Rowe to represent me for my accident. They are great at what they do and also takes care of their clients. I recommend Learner and Rowe Law Group to anyone. I really want to specially thank Dean Fox my attorney, Araceli Barajas my case manager, Cynthia Strickland co-case manager, and Stephanie Smith in accounting. Thank you all so much.

Rodney L

My Review of Lerner & Rowe.....Great Wonderful Team. Elizabeth was very patient with me and my attitude. I would like to Thank Lerner & Rowe for there due Diligence and Swift manner to come through in the end like a true Warrior for me, you guys are great! Thank you so much Greg! P.S. I would also like to thank Virginia for her astuteness to giving me my check.

Tori Lanier

Very Happy with the communication from Vivienne & Courtney throughout the entire process of my case! Thank you Crystal & Nick for getting me my settlement check just in time for my new baby!

yvette blackwell

The employees at Lerner and Rowe are fantastic. They really know how to treat their clients and are wonders in accounting. I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else. Thank you for being so great! One call that’s all!

Audriana Martinez

I had a great experience at Lerner and Rowe, Sara W was an awesome case manager & very responsive. While Richard H was always available for questions and explained everything thoroughly!

Steve Siegel

My team from Lerner and Rowe were great they did everything they said they were going to in a timely fashion. My case took just under a year and in the end I ended up with more money than I was supposed to receive which was a nice surprise. This is the team I had Dean Fox (attorney), Cynthia Moss (case manager), Greg Ward (co-case manager), and Ebonee Harvin (accounting) Thanks again for the awesome work you all did.

Andi Mceachern

I am very pleased with the service. I was hit by a car and was told I was not going to be compensated for my injuries. I then called Lerner and Rowe and things took a complete turn. Not only was I generously compensated but I was treated like family and am more than grateful to them. Thank you Colby Wells, Lucy Estrada, and Caroline. You all are very amazing people and do great things! I cannot thank you enough.

Sailor Suny

My experience was great. Dean Fox, Trinity and Kristy were so kind and patient with us. Always kept me up to date with my case. They are all friendly, caring, and understanding. Thank you so much!

Steven Hanson

Just wanted to say what a fabulous job all of Lerner and Rowe’s team is. Araceli Pardo was so helpful in answering all of my questions and getting everything taken care of in a timely manner. Thank you Lerner and Rowe for all your help

Helena Ramirez

I had used these guys for an auto accident from 2016 i still have yet to receive any compensation for it and i had an eye witness .... total waste of time

Scott Goodson

The firm was professional chad and Katie were always helpful. The insurance company played games but they was still able to get my medical bills paid and some money in my pocket!!!! Deff utilize this firm!!!

Tiffani Dix

Sean Forrester is the best. He is Kind compassionate and thorough but he is a powerhouse in the courtroom. Very skilled and an amazing attorney

Lorenso Mora

Lerner and Rowe Law Group helped me get the best offer I could get. They work with u with payments and keep you up today with all your courts and other legal things. I'm glad i made the choose to go with them. If you have a DUI case I would definitely recommend Lerner and Roll Law Group.

David Tansy

Not sure yet. But can't complain.


Very good Team to have on your side....The Ladies at the Tolleson, AZ location were nice ,professional , and the epitome of good customer service....Thank you

Dave Namesnik

Clowns. Couldn't even get a call transfer right when contacted. After three tries and being connected by their front desk to a STORAGE company I decided to call someone else. Can't imagine what dealing with them over a lawsuit would entail.......ha!

Veronica Ruybe

They made everythimg very easy for us. Thank You so much for all your help! Thank You Amber!

Dazi31 Tyler

Suzanne Compton was very helpful and always answered my questions and called me back. I appreciate all the help. I will recommend to everyone!

i la Moore

Wonderful service. Respectful clientele very professional and prompt.

James Turrubiartes

I want to thank Lerner and Rowe for all their help throughout my whole case since the accident. Donna Mae's you and Mark Grossman have done a fantastic job and have been there for me the whole time the whole time. I really appreciate how at any time I was able to contact Donna and she always have the time to talk to me and explain everything clearly so that I could understand exactly what was going on and how the case with being managed. All I can say is thank you Lerner and Rowe for being on my side. Sincerely James Turrubiartes

Richard Howell

Great experience from the first meeting to the final court date. The team kept me updated and in the loop throughout the entire process. I felt prepared every step of the way. I also ended with the best case scenario for my case as well. I highly recommend this firm. I worked with Shawn, Scott, and Rebecca.

Missy Fobie

Thank you Lerner and Rowe for all of their help. I would also like to add Carissa Hampton, and Ed Earl was wonderful. They helped me thru the whole process. Carissa was wonderful. She was always willing to help and listen. I will refer everyone to Lerner and Rowe. Thank you so much.

Francesca DeLaCruz

Lerner and Rowe were very helpful to us. they even helped to lower the treatment cost to put more money in our pockets. thanks for the help highly recommend if you’ve been in a wreck

Kathryn Livingston

When I was in a wreck I called Lerner and Rowe because of the jingle. Both my case manager and attorney were very informative about my case. They were very prompt calling back when I left a message. I appreciate Lerner and Rowe and everyone involved. I would definitely refer Lerner and Rowe to anyone who asks me about an attorney. Thank you so much.

Ruben Camacho

Thank you Edward and Jacque of Lerner and Rowe for handling my personal injury case from start to finish. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the case. I highly recommend your law firm to anyone seeking a personal injury lawyer.

Jordan Dobbins

I had been in an accident a few months ago and i was told to call Lerner and Rowe.. it was the best decision i could have made. My case manager Mechelle C. was great at reaching out to me and keeping me updated. after a few weeks i was called by Greg T. my Attorney callled me, and guided me through the final steps and now I'm better than before the accident and have some extra cash in my pocket.

Savanna McReynolds

My attorney, SCOTT ZEITLER, helped to achieve the best possible outcomes when it came to my two DUI charges. They were both very close together and I could not be more thankful for his diligence and hard work regarding my two cases. He handled both cases and reduced the charges to basically nothing considering what I could have been facing. He was truly there to help me and I cannot be more thankful to him. I have never gone though anything like this before and he made the process extremely easy to understand and was always there if I needed to talk or had any questions. He has helped me tremendously to get back on the right track and I knew he genuinely cared about my wellbeing. The true concern he had for me was overwhelming and I knew he truly wanted to help me through this. He always made sure he answered all of my questions, and was extremely caring when it came to any concerns I had. I am forever grateful for his hard work and dedication when it came to caring about me and my future. Again, I cannot express my gratitude for his hard work.

Kelli-Jo Hunt

It all began in March of 2018, I was involved in an accident & the other driver was cited on the scene, the following day the other party’s insurance company accepted liability for the accident… This should have been reason enough for the whole process to move quickly and efficiently—sadly, upon my initial call to Lerner & Rowe I was given a case manager who totally neglected my case. The case manager, Raquel, would never return my calls and getting any updates from her was quite the task. About half way through my case, Raquel was replaced by Jesus, and let me tell you, he was my saving grace. It was literally night and day dealing with Jesus and Tyler (the attorney), they are seriously the wonder team! I would get my calls returned in a timely manner and Jesus always seemed to have good news for me with every call. Between Jesus and Tyler my case was wrapped up not only quickly but also efficiently. Jesus never seemed to get annoyed with my constant calls and was always prepared to answer my questions, Tyler worked hard to get what was owed to me. If you’re needed to retain an attorney following an auto accident, please, call Lerner & Rowe—and if you want a great experience, ask for Jesus and Tyler. You won’t regret it.

Joshua Salcido

Trinity and dean were great. Thank you for making ghis process quick and easy.

carmen del mar morales soto

I am satisfied with the services. They assitss me through the process and always demonstrated Empathy! Kudos to my lawyer Dean Fox, my CM Nubia Duran and to Stephany from Accounting. Thank You guys!!

Angela Nealy

Kimberly explained everything and was always so quick to return messages and always was so nice!! They worked very hard to get me the money I needed!! Ed was helpful as well!!

Ashley Nored

They were excellent and treated us with respect and dignity! Recommend!

Steve Mazia

The Team performed very well and was Excellent in handling all my needs & questions. Donna Mazia always returned all my phone calls as well as Mark. Mark was great always explaining things in detail. Very Satisfied

Brianna Rojas

My overall experience was great, all staff also has been great an friendly an took care of my bankruptcy in a timely manner I would definitely recommend to all family an friends.

Mago B.

This is my fourth case with Lerner and Rowe and I can honestly say I will never call another law firm. L&R is my law firm for life. They always go above and beyond. Mark Grossman is extremely communicative and makes it a point to help you understand your case and options. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Douglas Cook

Our experience with this law firm has been one of Joy. We contacted them about my wife being dragged over the pavement by a careless cab driver, and received our settlement in a little over a year. The money came in two separate checks, awhile apart, and drastically changed our lives.

Gabrielle Ghidotti

Lerner and Rowe got all of my case completely dismissed. I didn't have to do much of anything except for forward correspondence to them by email and Lerner and Rowe took care of the rest. My attorney Scott was very kind and professional. They also ended up reducing my fee because of how quick everything was resolved.

Sh3t1kk8Sp8c3 C

Great experience case was quickly handled, would recommend Lerner and Rowe to everyone. The commercial is very catchy. Thanks!

tash a

I am very satisfied with the service. They answered all my questions and explained every step of the process. I highly recommend Lerner and Rowe.

Adrian Contreras

Greg handled our case was very helpful got back to me almost immediately when I would reach out oand him. Very clear on the process and everything would most definitely recommend him. Shout outs to Greg!

tracy taylor

I want to Scream Hell Yes for the Great Services I recieved from Mr. Ty and Melanie , He worked it and took care of me I will always be greatful for you. And if ever in need again You are my #1. You turned my Situation around. This (man) is my Blessing. Than You.Ty

Kyvette's Lyfe

I would like to give a Huge Thank You to Heavenly Father Jesus Christ my Life and keeping me safe even though I was in a car accident Nov 27th, 2018. Although it took me over a week to decide to make the call to The Law Office of Lerner and Rowe, after a friend gave me a good review about her great experience. I am truly thankful that I did! To my team whom I've never met face to face, the wonderful receptionists that answered the phone with care and professionalism, to my Attorney Dean F. My case manager Nubia D., Co-case manager Denise L. And the money man Cole A. You guys.. Job well done. Thank you! 11.27.18 to 08.21.19 #caseclosed #cherishlyfe13 #1lernerandrowephx

Ron Coscia

One of the few times in my life I have needed legal counsel and Lerner & Rowe Law Group was a wise decision on my part. From start to finish, I cannot say enough good things about their exemplary handling of my situation. They are the epitome of professionalism. Special thanks to Sean Forrester and Kevin Rowe. Excellent and outstanding group.

Daniel Rivera

Great place will go again if I need them

Erika Torres

In life you have to be prepared to deal with unexpected circumstances, you never know when things are going to happen. Which is why you have to count on knowledge and experience to guide you through handeling these battles. I had so many personal considerations to account for and with so many options out there I truly felt relieved leaving my case in their hands, it truly takes a group of skillful players and Lerner & Rowe is the team to be on It is not an easy job to handle solely so do not take it upon yourself to fight it alone, entrust in them to get you through it. Thank you all for EVERYTHING but mostly for ensuring I didn’t go through so many tribulations alone I am forever grateful and appreciative.

Adan contreras

Great communication all around. Karin and Tyler were awesome and I will recommend anytime!!!

Jesus Arellano

I would like to say thank you Lerner and Rowe for the good job on working on my case helping me get the max on my sediment. Not just only that helping me with doctors working around the clock. I really appreciate for the hard work you guys have did for me and I would really recommend you guys for any personal injuries or any other case. you guys are the best. Once again thank you guys for the hard work I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Lerner and Rowe is the way to go!!!!!!!

Koko .

Lerner and Rowe did such a great job helping me with my case. I loved Kimberly she was so sweet and helped me thru this crazy experience. I appreciate all the hard work done on my case. I would absolutely recommend you guys to anyone.

Steve Jenkins

Michelle and Marc Grossman were a great help. If I had any questions he answered everything. He was on top of it. Thanks!

Devin Crabtree

Trinity was my paralegal she kept me updated on my case all the way through. Dean Fox was my attorney he responded to my emails within minutes of me emailing. Kristie also is awesome she assured me when my check was ready she’ll give me a call! These three amigos did an awesome job! I’m so glad I entrusted them with my case!

Mawiawiaa .

Nothing but good things to say about my experience with the Lerner and Rowe Law Group. Sean took great care of my boyfriend & I as clients and handled everything very professional and confidently. I would absolutely recommend Sean and his firm crew to anyone.

Al Epps

Great place


Cant say enough good things about my experience with the Lerner and Rowe Law Group. Scott took great care of me as a client and handled everything in a very professional and confident manner. The firms work resulted in a fantastic outcome , and I would absolutely come back if needed.

Michael Widner

Lerner and Rowe helped me with everything I needed help with after my accident they answered all of my questions they were truthful and kind and negotiated for with the insurance company so I could get back as much as possible thank you Sara Waugh, Lucas Stecyk and everyone else involved.

Benjamin Pearcy

I have been in the lobby for 42 minutes at the moment waitowa for my appointment that was scheduled at 3:00 and it is 3:42. That is late so not cool to be unprofessional.

Sean Secord

5 STAR! Highly recommend! First class representation! Very professional in all manners! Sean was great and full of information from the start! I ever need help again I know who to call! Would recommend to anyone who needs criminal representation!!

Angie Ferro

Positive experience from beginning to end with Lerner & Rowe Law Group. Reluctantly, I’ve come to expect substandard service from most businesses these days. I was pleasantly surprised to have a personalized experience with responsive and knowledgeable people on the other end of the line and in the courtroom. Every associate I interacted with at the firm was professional and helpful. My attorney, Scott Zeitler, did an amazing job on my case. Scott is pragmatic, knowledgeable, honest and reliable. He is a true client advocate and trusted advisor. His paralegal, Rebecca, was responsive, organized and extremely supportive. Rebecca did an outstanding job keeping things on target and prioritizing demands effectively. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and the overall experience was exceptional. I highly recommend Lerner & Rowe Law Group.


Thank you for your services was not expecting the outcome I received more settlement than I was anticipating. Very thankful for Trinity and Dean for settling went straight to the point.

Maureen Baum

They helped me with my motor vehicle accident after being hit by VIP Cab

Ruby Rodriguez

My experience with Lerner and Rowe was incredible. Their communication with me was great and they made me feel like I mattered. I hope I never have to deal with anything so inconvenient again but if I do, I will definitely be recommending them. Dean Fox, Nubia, Stephany & Edith are a great team!

sephra godinez

Nicholas and Caroline are great people! As well the the help they got the job done.

Brandon Glesge

Trinity and the girls did great I went MIA but they did all the work I appreciate what they did for me they had my case covered no matter how much time had passed. Thank you Lerner and Rowe.

Brandy Ritchie

I would recommend this attorney to anyone. Everything was quick and easy and the parallegal we're great and very responsive.

Monda Jackson

Very greedy with begging for my money with all the unformation couodve been presented assisted with it wasnt and I'd been under the concerns upon arrival with the lazy mean disrespectful attitude of the front desk associates


Amazing service, helped us out the entire way. 10/10 would recommend. Got more than expected in settlement. Employees were very nice and willing to help. Thank you!!!

Jeff Meek

Excellent experience with this firm. Rebecca and Scott were extremely professional from start to finish. Rebecca handled anything and everything for me (sometimes multiple times because I have a terrible memory). And Scott worked his magic to bring my case to a very satisfactory resolution. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Caleb Kinch

Wonderful experience with the team over at Lerner and Rowe in them handling an auto accident I was involved in. They were very professional and also very down to earth. They communicated with me along each step of the process and, heaven forbid, if I'm ever involved in another accident, I will definitely be giving them a call.

Dawn Castile-Schwary

STOP! Look no further. Lerner and Rowe’s Sean Forrester, Scott Zeitler, and Larry Magid are amazing! As a Social Worker for 21 years I dedicated my life’s breath to helping individuals and families to heal. I was brutally raped. My husband initiated divorcing me. He said I was “damaged.” I am now legally mentally disabled. The helper needed help. And I got it. The best of the best! God loves me so much that He blessed me with my own dream team of attorneys. Lerner and Rowe IS truly the way to go.

Juan Encinas

Could not help me! Thumbs. Down

Rachel Story

Very helpful and they r currently working on my case

Alonso Perez

It was my first time using an accident lawyer and Michelle and Marc Grossman were really profesional and courteous did a wonderful job and went above and beyond totally recommend learner and Rowe!!!!

Franklin Quenga

Elizabeth Sanchez and Greg Terhune were absolutely fantastic and extremely helpful and very professional helping me through a very tough time and I wish I could put more stars! When you need an attorney don’t hesitate to call Lerner and Rowe! Thanks again!

Carmen Moore

This place was AMAZING! From the receptionist at the front to the legal adviser/ paralegal team, everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly honest and upfront with answers. I was recently in a bind and needed advice/guidance on what I could do about my current bankruptcy situation. I felt hopeless and very stressed with the pressure of a financial deadline looming over my head. Christopher Romero reached out to me less than an hour after I sent in an inquiry for help. He called me on his day off and set up an appointment for the next day. Even though they were not the company who originally filed my bankruptcy case, they took the time to meet with me, answer all of my questions and give me advice on how to move forward. I am truly grateful and very pleased to say that Lerner and Rowe has earned my respect and trust!

Rita Pulley

Elizabeth Sanchez and Greg Terhune were excellent. They stayed in contact and keep me updated thru the whole process. Without them I would still be fighting with insurance companies. Thank you both!!!

Elizabeth Rodarte

Chrisara and Richard always answered all of my questions and were so helpful with my sons case. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with and I am very pleased with the settlement. Thank you very much.

socorro lopez

Araceli and dean fox were both very friendly and answered all of my questions. Would definitely recommend you guys to everyone if needed. Thank you!

Charles Korzun

Trinity Moll and Dean Fox we're a great help with my case .I called a lot and they were very patient and understanding. Thank you all for your help!

Jesse Munoz

kendall and corinna were very good on my case i would wreckamend these girls very good in there job. thanks.

robert donohue

I attempted to retain these lawyers for a trip and fall injury. They weren't "comfortable" taking on my case. Now I ask myself what does it take to feel "COMFORTABLE" in working a case? I realized that for them to feel the comfort they desire, the injury would have to be very big. The firm won't even lift a pencil or inquire about the injury because it looks like there won't be tons of money. The ads I see on TV in my eyes are very misleading. I will NEVER call this firm again. Very disappointing. I should have just hung up after taking over 5 minutes and 3 can you spell that again and I don't know how many just a second please. This was just for my name and phone number. Very disappointing. WOW. I should have known better. What a terrible experience.

Victoria Wittmaack

Kimberly and Ed were very helpful and I am so thankful for your help with my case. Keep up the great work!

Ted Ibarra

I was very happy with the service and the way my case was handled by Rich and Sean. The communication was great and they got us the desired results. I would not hesitate to use L&R for any legal troubles.

Toni Johnson

Good team thank u

Madison Duffek

Cherise and Dagney were really helpful with my case and always were quick to respond with any questions I had. They were also always super respectful. 10/10 would definitely recommend Lerner & Rowe

Anita Morgan

Greg helped out from the beginning I appreciate everything he has done he's done a lot for me on my case.

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