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REVIEWS OF Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys Gilbert IN Arizona

Lusk Family

Travis my attorney and Amber Alvarado where the best! In fact, the whole staff from start to finish was A+ - Thank you for fighting for my family and helping us through this stressful situation. I will be telling my friends about you all! -Melissa

Rick Mance

Kimberly Kent is an asset to your company. I am very grateful for her help.

Jack Lape

I was in a accident last year June 16 immeditally I called Lerner & Rowe ONE CALL IS ALL . .. .. They promptly got a Doctor set up for my injuries and I was informed every step of the way they are The BEST Attorneys Around the Valley From Gerry and Heather to Mr Lerner & Mr. Rowe they were Great I would recommend them to anyone not sure of where to go after accident . Call them & rember don't talk to the insurance company's Thanks again Jack Lape local Guide For Google .maps

gorda gorda

Walking With Air

At first I thought, what an accident then I realize my daughter used Lerner and Rowe in 2016 so I called and set up an appointment. They did everything from making first PT appointment to retrieving uber receipts and ambulance receipts. I expected a long drawn out thing for years they did it in 16 months. When the insurance company called I said I have L & R, he said "oh". I think the service was worth it. I still have to close my daughters account when she turns 18 but I expect good things. I am satisfied.

Arianna Serrano

Thank you for all your support and help during this time!!

archie harris

Marleny Rothans

I loved working with the team at the Gilbert office! My car crash was one of the worst experiences of my life and the whole team, including my case manager, Heather, her assistant, Jeri, and my attorney, Edward, went above and beyond in ensuring I was compensated and treated fairly. They were constantly checking up on me through this nearly year long process and I knew they truly cared about my well being and my future post-accident. I'm recommending to anyone I know who goes through this to call them! Thank you so much guys!

Jakob Skiba

Through every step of the process I was kept up to date regularly and included in a "game plan". The service I received was amazing and I will absolutely refer my family and friends in their times of need. Thanks to: Jacque, Ed, and Christina for the help!

Kacy Suarez

Kaitlin and Kimberly were amazing to work with. They answered all questions. When I called or emailed them they would get back to me straight away. They both were adorable and it was a pleasant experience.

Maria Styron

The staff was very helpful. They were always quick with responding to questions and answering e-mails.

Preeti Menon

Lerner and Rowe was FANTASTIC! They answered all of our questions, were always communicative and left us feeling taken care of. All around 5 stars!!

Austin Crabe

great service! Would recommend to friend

Randy Creech

Best attorneys. As advertised, very professional and they kept me updated at every turn. Heather was my points

Ketlie Cerizier

The staffs were very nice .Heather Brown my case manger always called me to me to see how I was doing. Very happy with my results.

Betty B

I want to thank everyone at Lerner & Rowe that worked on my case. First, Heather Brown; the most capable, kind and understanding person you would ever want to work with and have as your case manager. Second, Yessie; the accountant that rocks at negotiation and my attorney Edward. Together they got me the best settlement possible. I would also like to thank their support staff Carissa and Jeri. I can’t say enough great things about this law firm, their attention to detail and their desire to help you as a client. Being in an auto accident is traumatic enough, but their kindness and concern help you through the process is truly amazing. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for Lerner & Rowe and all of their dedicated staff. If we’re talking a 5-Star Rating…they would get 7 stars from me! Sincerely Betty B.

Sean Marshe

Really great service, very polite staff, was very pleased with their effort to get me the settlement i needed to get back on track. would recommend to anyone

Chase Kerr

Just watched a guy get served at his work. They are suing him for a bad google review. Doesn’t seem like a good business practice. I don’t know the whole story, but I also don’t like bullies. Two thumbs down.

Kari Allerdice

Bad lawyers. Just one big scam . Go else where. I fired these clowns . Joke is on you if you use them . And they pay for good review. Kevin Rowe you are a coward to think you can scare off my husband and I from publicly podting your scans. You hurt people . Shame on you .

VEGA Outreach

I have to say that Lerner and Rowe really stepped up. I had an issue with the length of time the case was taking. After voicing my frustration Kevin Rowe took the time out of his day to call me personally to help me. I can not say what it means to my family and myself that they felt my concern was worth calling. This is the type of customer service that is missing and it is nice to see it here. Thank you.

Joaquin Zavala

Do not use this service for mental distress They will turn you away . Don't do it beware

Linda Gossett

simply the best ever. AWESOME

Kristi Howard

My attorneys fought hard for what they felt was fair for me. Getting into an accident was traumatic, but the experience and knowledge from the staff at Lerner and Rowe helped me through the process. Travis was incredibly helpful and great with communicating everything with me in a timely manner.

Christopher G. Morgan

Why are you suing people over Google reviews?! People have the right to voice there opinion. Can't get mad if someone says you have bad service or did them wrong. Get your act together

George glass

The whole Lerner and Rowe team was excellent. From the first call to getting my check they helped me with any questions I had. I was treated like family. If I ever get in another car wreck I will be calling Lerner and Rowe.

Leia Huck

Anthony Napoli

First time I needed a lawyer for an accident, and they did not disappoint. They should be one of your top options for a law firm, if not the top one. Mr.Fox and Araceli helped me through so much and I couldn’t be happier. It is a process but that’s how it’ll be no matter where you go. They would always get back to me relatively fast and answer all my questions. If you need an ease of mind, Lerner and Rowe is the way to go.

Carl Farquhar

If I could give negative stars I would. Overall a horrible firm. Lerner & Rowe are crooks who just want your money. They are horrible people who have really screwed over people. Andy has been harassed on numerous occasions by these people. DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR BUSINESS HERE!!

andrea penaflor

Great service good price

Christopher Sanchez

Heather and Dayanira were extremely helpful throughout the whole process. It was my first time working with an accident attorney and I’m glad I picked Lerner & Rowe. I would recommend them to anybody seeking assistance and would gladly use their expertise again in the future. Thanks guys!

Lexus Maud

Terrible experience with Lerner & Rowe! Hardly even spoke with the attorney assigned to my case...only spoke with case managers who had absolutely no clue what was going on with my case. They tell you that you can walk away at NO cost - let me tell you right now that that is a lie. They just billed me $1300 when I terminated their services because they were absolutely terrible! DO NOT GO WITH L&R. They are thieves and will do absolutely nothing for your case.

Nicole Leeson

I was rear ended in a car accident and went to L&R to have them handle the medical portion of my case. They were very thorough and so accommodating. I don't have service on my phone and can't receive incoming phone calls. My case manager, Carissa, had no issue emailing me and helping me set up phone conferences so I could call them and discuss things. Everyone I met through that office was just so very kind and helpful. I would definitely recommend using them if you need a lawyer.

Sierra Wilkins

Ruth Melessa

Had Donna Ossola as a case manager, very informative and helpful. Would ask Lerner and Rowe for help again if needed.

Maggi Nasser

Everyone at Lerner & Rowe has been very helpful and I appreciate everything. Anyone else should go to Lerner & Rowe before anyone else because they are so helpful especially Jacque and Christina.

Alexa Smith

Lerner and Rowe was very helpful every step of the way with my car accident and very supportive

nduhig .

My Mother was involved in an accident where she was rear ended by a larger work van that nearly destroyed her car and resulted in a neck surgery and endless physical therapy. Luckily Edward Earle and Kimberly Kent at Lerner and Rowe were advocates for not only her personally but helped guide her through recovery and everything to move past this accident. Our family is beyond grateful for their help. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Melissa Barney

100% NOT HAPPY with my experience with Lerner & Rowe. It took too long to settle my case. There was very little communication between myself and the paralegal let alone absolutely no communication between myself and the attorney. All your calls are handled by a staff member or paralegal and you don't get to talk to the attorney with any questions you may have. When I would call to get an update on my case or ask a question they wouldn't return my calls! It was extremely frustrating. The staff were very short with me and inpatient with my questions. I never had the opportunity to meet the actual attorney. After I was in my accident I went to my chiropractor who I had been seeing for on and off for 8 years. When I met with Lerner & Rowe they told me that I would be "better served" by going to a chiropractor they wanted me to go to. I was told that they work with this chiropractor a lot and they know how to better handle auto injury patients and they will work with them on reductions. I thought that I should probably do what the attorney tells me to do so my case went better. The chiropractor they sent me to was NOT good at all! The office was dumpy and the chiropractor did not adjust well. But...I thought that I need to keep it up because that is what the attorney asked me to do. Needless to say I was not happy with the service I received from the chiropractor and I DO NOT believe (in fact I think this is highly unethical) that attorneys should tell their clients to go get treatment somewhere else when they are already getting treatment! When I told my chiropractor I was going to go somewhere else because Lerner and Rowe referred me somewhere else he told me that they just send you where they want because they are in bed with specific chiropractors and I can choose my own care. I should have listened because I didn't even get all the way better from my injuries from the chiropractor they sent me to. After the chiropractor they sent me to released me, I went back to my chiropractor and he had me feeling better within a few weeks. After everything was settled and done I ended up with a measly low settlement for my injuries after waiting a year and a half to settle the case. I was not happy with how the staff treated me. I was not happy with the poor communication. I am not happy with the low settlement. I am not happy with them referring me to a different chiropractor. In my opinion, it is highly unethical. I would highly NOT recommend Lerner & Rowe. However, I am sure that they will keep doing what they do and keep doing business as usual with their tacky commercials and advertising presence. The ONLY reason this law firm stays in business is because they spend so much money on their advertising. If I ever get in another accident again, I will use a more reputable law firm.

Robbie Sparks

lerner and rowe were very helpful in handling my injury claim. very easy in all the processes

Michael Benedetto

The whole experience from start to finish for me and my daughter has been superb!! If for any reason I need their services again they will be the first call that I make!!

Austin Roberts

Everyone at Lerner and Rowe have been very professional and helpful in settling my personal Injury case. Though it took a bit longer than was expected, that was due in part to my insurance stonewalling us. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience!

Barb Measell

wow awesome lawyer, very prompt and very fast service, thank you

Meri Thompson

Knowledgeable staff & very polite

Angel Kubik

Going through this specific firm was the best choice I made. It was simple easy and quick.

Angelica garay

So a year ago I was rear ended the entire experience was confusing and frighting a friend recommended that I call Lerner&Rowe. To be completely honest they handled everything from giving me info to where the closest doctors where in my area to making sure all the medical calls were stopped until we we able to settle make case to calling very consistency to make sure how I was doing well and to keep me updated.I had a very sweet case manager she she would case regularly to see how i was and to see if there was anything she could do to make the entire process easier on me. She was very patient and listened to my concerns and would always get back to me right away. I loved that everyone was very professional but i was loved that i was able to be open with my case manager and it felt so comfortable speaking to her. It was a great experience and left me stress free so that i could heal and get the treatments my body needed to recover. A huge Thank you to all the stuff who put all the work in my case!!! An A++ Company and they are highly recommendable!!!!!! A huge THANK YOU! Truly from the bottom of my heart!

Alexa White

Great, experience here! They were really friendly and quick with my case for a car accident. I would definitely recommend there services to anyone in need of an attorney!

Robert Manriquez

Great law firm that has your back and will go the extra mile to ensure you are covered and taken care of.

Hannah Best

So thankful for the hard work and cooperation received from Jeffrey Livers, Amy Wagner and Kasey English. I could not have gotten through my case so smoothly without them. So incredibly grateful!!!


I worked w/ Nick and Carissa. They made the process painless and easy. Would definitely recommend to anyone and would use them in the future if necessary.

Charles Rogers

A great and very wonderful team that did a magnificent job handling my case. The bestz i have ever had. Thank you Kaitlin,and Kimberly. good job.

rj ferris

Greg Terhune was amazing he was very comunicative he knocked my case out of the park i will always use them as my attorneys thank you

Claudia Shea

My names is Claudia E Shea. I had the pleasure to with Mrs Gloria Galvan. I would like to say to Mr. Lener and Mr Rowe they’re so fortunate to have employees as Mrs Galvan in their corporation. She works in the best interest not only for the company but the most important for her clients. She always appreciate not only the busy but most importantly she became your friend and treated you as a family. What a wonderful experience I had. Also I would like to mention Mrs Jessica P for her hard work. Thank you for everything you guys as done for me and my family. I really recommend Lener and Rowe is the really way to GO.

Jacob Donnelly

Lerner and Rowe was helpful when I had my first ever car accident

Dallas Wood

Margo Burrows

Edward Zamora

Had a Great Experience with Lerner and Rowe they were attentive to our case

Chris Pisano

They did a fantastic job. A great experience from start to finish. No hassles at all. Easy to contact for questions with quick answers. Definitely reccomend as well as I would use them again

Hayley Itczak

Andrew Liston

The staff were extremely helpful throughout the process. Would highly recommend them to anyone seeking help after an accident.

Nicholas Sullivan

nice theme song

Andrea Hernandez

At first I had Lucy Estrada as my case worker and she was not very pleasant to work with. I did however have the pleasure to be re-routed to Chrisara and she was amazing. She made me feel like I was her #1 priority the whole time. The staff at the Gilbert location have always made me and family feel very welcomed and comfortable. In the end I would highly recommend Lerner and Rowe for any legal troubles.

Matt Green

Lerner & Rowe was excellent to work with, they took care of everything with no hassle or worries form me

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