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REVIEWS OF James Goodnow IN Arizona

Robert Barraza

In today’s legal profession, being knowledgeable about the law isn’t all you need to be successful. You also need to be curious, inquisitive and hungry for information. James Goodnow is all of these. He is a skilled and educated attorney focused on making sure he knows everything he possibly can about a case so he can represent his clients effectively. James is focused on getting the job done right.

Jon Strickler

I was fortunate enough to work with James Goodnow after my wife and I were involved in a traffic altercation last year. Although there was nothing fortunate about the accident itself, I was lucky enough to have James work on my case, which involved extensive damage to my car after being hit by another vehicle in a parking lot. We had initially tried to work with the other driver’s insurance company, but they ruled us 100 percent responsible despite having witnesses and photos that said otherwise. James and his partner Marc Lamber took on our case and immediately contacted the insurance company. A higher-level investigator was reassigned to our case and eventually ruled in our favor. Our case was minor compared to a lot of cases James works on, but I was impressed with how he treated it like it was the most important case he had. He was attentive, responsive and professional. He made sure to keep me in the loop on how the case was going and even checked in with me to see how I was doing through everything. James offers a level of customer service that you don’t ordinarily find in the legal profession.

Adam Kline

As an attorney, it’s important to know the law. But in today’s world of ever-changing technology, it’s even more important to understand how technology and the legal profession can work together. James Goodnow is highly skilled in both areas. He’s a proficient and experienced lawyer who uses technology to streamline his case work, communicate with his clients, and make the industry as a whole more effective and efficient.

Ray Onley

When I think of James, the two words that come to mind are “thorough" and "thoughtful". My wife and I met James when we were out of state on vacation and needed an attorney during a very rough time in our lives. He thought of everything, explained everything to us, and made sure there were no surprises. I can’t thank him enough for what he and his team did for my family. It wasn’t just legal support that he gave us – he was there for us emotionally as well. If you ever need an attorney, I strongly recommend talking to James.

Jeffrey Wirth

I have worked with James Goodnow and the Lamber Goodnow team for several years, consulting on a number of their cases. James is an exceptional attorney, committed to producing the best possible outcome for his clients. He is hardworking and honest, and is always willing to listen while still asking the questions that need to be asked. James is also an excellent collaborator, and values the opinions of his colleagues and other professionals in the field.

David Weissman

When it comes to the law, James Goodnow is all about wanting to learn more, research more, and discover more. He is a flexible thinker and has a broad understanding of many areas of the law. At the same time, he’s careful about not stepping outside of the boundaries of what he knows, which is a sign of a excellent lawyer. James is a collaborator and works side-by-side with colleagues and legal professionals, always eager to know more about the law.

Scott Marine

From the moment I met James Goodnow, I could sense that he had a caring attitude about him. I soon learned that James was not just a thoughtful man, but also an extremely innovative and aggressive attorney. He and his team developed a strategy from the moment we met, and their legal know-how helped me through an unbearable tragedy. Their out-of-the-box thinking made for a stronger and more efficient case. I wasn’t asking questions or checking up on them – I was always updated on every change, every scenario. I can’t imagine going through this with another team. I’ve already recommended James and his group to others, and I’d definitely do it again.

Ryan Avery

In the time I have known James Goodnow, I have been able to see first-hand his dedication and commitment to being the best attorney he can be. James is hard working, dedicated and innovative. He is also always wanting to learn and know more about the industry. Never one to rest on his laurels, James is always looking for ways to improve not only his practice, but also himself. He’s good at what he does because he’s willing to invest in himself. I’m struck by James’ constant commitment to his work, his industry and his clients.

mjay ink

Having known and worked with James Goodnow for many years, I can attest to his commitment to the law, to his clients and to his community. James is the epitome of hard work and dedication. He is knowledgable and skillful in practicing the law, and works tirelessly to produce the best outcome for his clients. James is also highly committed to improving the lives of people. Through his work on such issues as kidney disease awareness, animal welfare, and education for aspiring lawyers, James is highly engaged and invested in significant matters that affect our communities.

Lindsay Hansen Ager

I am an attorney, and I formerly worked with James at Fennemore Craig. The best thing about James is his creativity. His forward-thinking use of technology in personal injury cases really has his opponents running scared. He is also a powerful speaker and a great advocate for his clients. He gets my highest recommendation.

Alex Moorhouse

In the two years I have known James Goodnow and the Lamber Goodnow Injury Law Team, I have had the chance to witness what a dedicated and hard-working lawyer he is. When James is working with a client, he makes them feel like theirs is the only case he’s working on. His attention to detail is impressive, as is his determination to know everything he can about the case and the laws relating to it. James will do the best job he can for his clients, all day, every day.

Betsy Martinez

James I met James Goodnow through his law partner Marc Lamber when I was involved in a car accident in 2014. As an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases, James is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and brings the highest level of expertise to his cases. And much like his partner Marc, the level of service James provides to clients is second to none. He genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients,

Betsy Coon

I met James Goodnow after my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. I’m so glad he was my lawyer. James was extremely polite and knowledgeable when I met him. Eventually, I also learned how tenacious James could be as an attorney. I had met other attorneys before I hired Fennemore Craig, and I didn’t like how they made me feel. But I never got that impression from James and his team. They were there to do the best for me and my children, but didn’t let that “out for blood” intensity overpower our interactions. I knew James would protect us and be aggressive, but I still liked him and trusted him. The insurance company was fighting back on the case. It was extremely painful, reliving those memories and going through painstaking details. There were filings and depositions. Each step, James explained what would happen. He’d tell me, “We know this is going to be very difficult, but I think it’s going to help if you can do it.” James was next to me the whole time and supported me through the process, and he was determined to win. And we did. Years after everything was over, I remarried. Somehow through the grapevine James heard, and called to congratulate me – that’s the kind of person he is. He hasn’t forgotten about me. If you need a personal injury attorney, I’d definitely recommend James Goodnow.

Jenna Wagner

In the legal profession, it’s hard to find an attorney who is as genuine, sincere and inspiring as James Goodnow. I met James after being involved in a car accident. Little did I know that we would end up working together on a cause that impacts so many people. Last year, I donated a kidney to a friend’s mother. I shared this story with James and he immediately sprung into action. Together, we created a Facebook support page designed to raise awareness on kidney disease. I am continually impressed with how James, a busy attorney balancing work and family, finds time to dedicate to such an important issue. Whether he’s working on a legal case or championing kidney disease awareness, James does it with extreme passion and enthusiasm.

Doug MacLeod

I have known James Goodnow for five years and what really stands out for me is his connection and patience with his clients, especially during times of tragedy. I’ve seen James interact with his clients in a similar way doctors speak with their patients. He is thorough, yet thoughtful; concise, yet comforting. James gives them the peace of mind they need to work through their case. The way he handles these sensitive situations is very impressive.

Anthony Ager

I have worked with James on a number of personal injury cases. He is highly sophisticated in the law and technology. James puts together ingenious video demand packages that move insurance adjusters to tears. You want this guy on your side.

Andy Weiss

James Goodnow and his team at Fennemore Craig represented my mom and me after my parents were in a severe automobile accident. From the start, I was impressed with the professionalism of the entire team. They were knowledgeable, extremely competent and efficient in delegating their time and resources. As a lawyer, I respect all of that. I’d highly recommend James and his team. They all work extremely well together and get the job done.

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