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Brandon D

I just want to take some time to commend Nik Boca for the superb job he did handling my Child Custody case. Never once was I treated as a number and my voice / opinions were always taken into close consideration to give myself the best chance in establishing my position throughout the entirety of the case. Nik and I were both thrown many curveballs throughout this process, yet Nik was able to remain steadfast and continue to make things happen. To sum it all up: this guy is on the ball. Well deserving of a chance to represent you & show you his aptitude for his position. He genuinely cares about his clients & will give you the best chance to amicably settle your court complications. Nik Boca, I want to personally say thank you again for the outstanding job you did handling my situation. I'd give him 10 stars if I could.

Jennifer Thuraya

Cantor Law Group is great. My husband sought full custody of his two children due to medical, educational and emotional neglect, child endangerment, and serious drug use in the home. We were turned down by a different lawyer we interviewed who told us that he would recommend we give up because we'd just be throwing our money away. Cantor went to the mat for us. Nine months later my husband was granted full custody. They had to work hard for us - including helping us for a short turn around petition for temporary emergency custody. We were so pleased with their help and the outcome of our case. I highly recommend them.

Susan Klausch

Mike Roser

Great law frim, the attorneys and paralegals are very nice and easy to work with. Definitely recommend cantor law group

Mustafa Samli

Stay the hell away! They’ll take your money, keep you on the hook, never respond and fail you miserably after you paid them a kings ransom.

micki hudson

It's life changing.

Amanda Walton

I had just recently finished my case regarding child custody, legal decision making, and child support. It was a very daunting time in my life but Josh Barreda helped me through everything and was there for me every step of the way. I was very blessed to come across him. He was very straight up with me from the beginning and kept in contact with me frequently regarding updates in my case and communication with opposing party. When I ran into problems and anxiety was running high he was just a phone call away. I always felt better after talking with him and planning our next steps. Sitting in a court room is a very nerve-wracking experience but Josh traveled to represent me multiple times and helped set my nerves at ease each court hearing. Josh really knows his stuff and fought hard for me and my family and for that I will be forever thankful for him and the Cantor Law family.

A Tozen

If you haven't heard good things about domestic law attorneys, its because you haven't had the right legal team. Cantor Law Group has worked hard to help their clients get the best outcome possible outcome while being tough and assertive. Sam Gordon is methodical and thorough and his paralegal, Kelly Moore, is phenomenal. Getting divorced? You must get this team on your side as soon as possible.

Shireen Rachael

OK, so the first experience was not so great, but they turned it around VERY QUICKLY. After being turned down on the phone, I received 2 calls and email from Nik Boca (great guy by the way), asking for a time to meet for the free consultation that is offered on their website. I emailed him after a couple weeks, and he emailed back promptly, offering a time to meet within a day. The meeting was great. He answered a lot of my questions and gave me great value. He gave me my options very clearly and also legal and personal advice. Very personable and professional at the same time. So the lesson learned from this experience? The first impression, even though its the most important, may necessarily not be the best but give it another chance and you may be surprised. Hope this review is helpful for those seeking legal advice. Side note: Beautiful office and convenient location and very professional. Experienced and personable attorney. So overall 5 stars. Thank you Nik!

Michelle Johnson

I was referred to Cantor Law Group, specifically Nik Boca, by a co-worker when I decided to file for divorce. Having a minor child, I knew I needed to have a lawyer that would keep my child's best interest at heart during negotiations. Not only did Nik take a vested interest in my daughter, but he was also genuinely concerned about me and my well-being. Having worked with and knowing a number of attorneys, I was impressed with Nik's work ethic and devotion to his clients - we are not just a case number to him. Nik was also able to settle my divorce out of court which was another win for me and my daughter. I would highly recommend Nik and his support team to anyone needing legal representation.

Angelina Lira

Amazing law firm will recommend!!!!

Rosie Hauser

Ari Epstein

My experience with Cantor Law in particualr Nicolas Boca was sincerely the best advise I have ever received from an attorney. Nik's level of professionalism was second to none. Unlike every lawyer I've ever met he had absolutely zero hidden agenda and his knowledge of the legal system is truly remarkable. I have yet to meet a lawyer who wasn't solely working for themselves. It seems every other lawyer I've ever met simply wants to drag out litigation furthering their clients costs for service, this is far from the case with Nik. He sincerely cares about the people he represents and does everything in his power to make sure every detail is accounted for. I will be recommending the Cantor Law Group and Nik to anyone who might need legal representation. Thank you again for the wonderful experince and expertise!

Chandra Weatherbee

I have had Kylie H.S for a couple of years now (I followed her from her previous law agency). She has been very respectful, timely, communicates throughout the process, and listens. She keeps me up to date with everything, responds back to any of my questions/concerns, and is organized. I recommend Kylie to represent a family law case.

Cambria Quinn

I came to Cantor Law Group from the great reviews I saw online, and man am I glad I did! From the moment I walked in the door, everyone made me feel so taken care of, and my attorney Josh Barreda has been amazing! He is so well versed on family law, and more than that, he is easy to talk to and makes me feel empowered and positive about my situation. If you are in a sticky custody case, I would highly recommend Cantor, and specifically Josh Barreda and his awesome paralegals/assistants.


I would highly recommend this firm and Kelly, as the senior paralegal. Very professional and helpful.

Crystal Shorter

Daniel Wilcox is an amazing attorney. Presented us well. And was always upfront and honest about things. Made us more confident that he always had our back and we weren’t in this alone. Cantor law group will be our number one recommendation for family law attorneys esp Daniel thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Kevin Yoder

Cantor was my first experience with a law group. My assigned attorney was John Carbone. Lindsey Baker-Miller assisted as well. I can't say enough about the professionalism they both showed. They cared about what I had to say, explained things to me thoroughly, and treated me kindly. Thanks to them and Cantor as a whole, I now have more time with my son and I could not be happier with the trial outcome. Nice work both of you!!..

Jose Munoz

I know the attorneys in this firm and I can attest to their work ethic and passion to their clients.

Vee Herrington

Daniel Wilcox from Cantor Law was wonderful. He got us Grandparent's Rights and had our deceased son's name added to the birth certificate. The charge was excellent and less than expected. I can't say enough about this great law firm. Thanks so much, Daniel.

Danielle Chaney

Cantor Law Group worked with me through my divorce proceedings, which were very tedious, drawn out and flat-out 'ugly'. I had the pleasure of working with Tiffanie McMillan, Nik Boca, Allison Saunders and Robyn McCraw! Each of them were extremely professional and detailed as well as personable. They understood the emotionally draining nature of going through an ugly divorce and were considerate of that...but once they hit the courtroom...WOW!! They operate with the utmost integrity while still being able to represent me with the aggressive, direct approach needed. I could not have asked for better representation!

Melanie Men

I highly recommend Joshua Barreda and the Cantor Law Group Team. This team is full of compassionate courtroom litigators who do an excellent job advocating for their clients.

John R

It's incredible to have Nik Boca around as my attorney to fight my legal disputes with individuals who refuse to diplomatically settle circumstances outside of a court room. He brings his tough, precisely prepared, well versed, and "take no nonsense attitude" to the courtroom and proceeding. I couldn't recommend his services or his firm enough. Seriously. BEFORE hiring Nik I had had to appear in front of 16 judges in numerous courts for a total of 76 times in less than 4 years and had spent $70,000 on my family case all together. It was very clear that as a man, father, and creator of extreme music/horror there was a strong and malignant bias against me. It is also clear that Arizona has a surplus of worthless attorneys who will gladly exploit everything you have to sit around and sip coffee while making a joke of you and your children's suffering. Nik is one of the good guys and actually cares about how his job impacts others lives. Nik assisted the court in seeing through any nonsensical bias and increased my ability to father and spend time with my son immensely. Nik was able to get this done with an unjustifiable wall of "court appointed" opposition against the case who went as far as using 10 year old interviews I had done for magazines and newspapers relating to my brutal Metal music career of which had NOTHING to do with my abilities as a parent against me. Nik cleaned this mess up all in one pre-trial and in court settlement. It was incredible to watch as he wouldn't back down, fought, and negotiated for what was just and fair for myself and my son. If you want a tough attorney for your case that does not treat your case just like a revenue stream to exploit then contact him. As tough as Nik Boca is, he also has a very compassionate side towards the children the case could impact. This guy is a great trial attorney and I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me and my family. 5/5 stars. This guy is a hero attorney.

Chance Love

I have been struggling trying to find a law group who's accessible and follows through on their word and Cantor Law Group was just the place I was looking for! They are very professional, quick on follow-ups and filing, and maintains great overall communication which is key. I highly recommend Joshua Barreda who represented me in my custody case for enforcing parenting time. He really took my case to heart and did his homework which was also something lacking from the previous attorneys I've had. We ended up walking away with more than we expected! Cantor Law Group is by far the best representation I've had and I highly recommend this law group!

Kimberly Kaupas

I highly recommend this law firm Kelly Moore is an incredible senior paralegal I’ve known her many years great work ethic and organizational skills!!

Brandon Zimmerman

My wife and I had the best experience with Cantor Law Group. I would highly recommend their services.

Mackenzie Parra

Tiffany Beam

Great firm, very aggressive, I would recommend to anyone!!

Alison Szwajkowski

Very helpful and non judgmental advice. Highly professional. Excellent coffee. Easily accessible because of the lightrail down the street. 10/10 would recommend

87weberdrex .

Gung Fu Guru

Good sales people

Megan Hite

I am so thankful and VERY bless to have met Mr. Joshua A. Barreda! I called in to Cantor Law the day after I was served with notice to appear with a 2 week notice and they got me in for a free consult that day. The first man I met took the time to get to know my case along with my personality and that is when they paired me with Joshua. At Cantor Law Group the they are more than “just a business” they care and take the time to help you through every bend in the road. I can not say enough about Joshua however, I felt like he was more than just my lawyer, he became a friend. Joshua cared about my case on a level I didn’t think was possible, when I would call in upset or crying over documents he was already waiting! He took the time to get to know ME to the point that he knew before he sent me the Respondents papers he knew to make sure he was available if I called (which I always did!). It never seemed to matter how many times I needed to call or email Mr. Barreda ALWAYS responded quickly with all the answers or reassurance I needed. He is confident but also realistic and never gives you false hope, he never mislead me. He was always professional and efficient, especially in trial! I appreciated him more than I think he truly knows. I loved being a client because of him along with the other staff there at the office. (I loved his paralegal Erica d’Entremont! I was very sad to hear she departed the firm to purse life with her family in another state, but so glad I was able to meet and work with her for the majority of my case) I will close with this, I am not your “typical” woman, I don’t dress fancy, I walked into their very beautiful downtown Phoenix high rise office, feeling very intimidated myself, with my worn out cowboy boots, jeans and grunt style t-shirts, but I NEVER felt judged or less important than someone who may walk in with a $3,000 suit. They are so friendly, kind, caring and attentive making it always a comfortable experience.

Oliver Alcaraz



Chaney O'Neal

I definitely recommend this firm and the senior paralegal Kelly Moore!

Tabbycat Reyna

I will be meeting with them soon. They are the friendliest law group I’ve spoken to and they are so flexible. I feel the firm is not so big I’m going to get lost in the shuffle and not so small that I’ll be shoved aside for other cases. I’m very satisfied!

laureen newman

Nik Boca represented me in a termination of parental rights case. A process that is scary, nerve wracking and complicated. Once I decided to go forward with my case I contacted Cantor Law Group. My initial consultation was with Nik. I trusted him. He didn’t “sugarcoat” my chances. He didn’t make any guarantees. What he does is speak honestly and with knowledge. He is extremely professional and kind. As my case moved along my opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. My nerves were calmed. The whole process of going to trial was very nerve wracking and Nik did a great job at putting me at ease. He did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn't have asked for better. He won my case.

Marty Guthmiller

I would absolutely not recommend this firm. I interviewed them and they looked on the outside like they could help. The one thing they are good at is billing for things they did not do. I was charged $2000.00 To review all the facts on the case. I put the information into a three ring binder and had it delivered to their office. They didn't even know they had it (they did sign for it ) but they charged me to read it. We had several court dates that they missed and didn't even show up. The last one I met them at the courthouse and once we were there the figured out that court was two days before that and they didn't even know it. David Cantor actually showed up and said I need to find new counsel because they can not handle my case. This is after almost one year of him billing me. I can go on for a long time on the issues they had and how unprofessional they handled my case but it does not matter now I have retained a different firm. Save your money and hire someone that cares and is going to work with you and in my opinion Cantor Law group is not for me. If you want to find this out just call their office and ask for a specific attorney and try to deal with there receptionist. This alone should send you running.

angelina chavez

This place is honestly the best, I would definitely recommend to anyone to going to this law firm! They have amazing attorney's and paralegals. The person who definitely helped me out so much was "Jamie" she is amazing, I would recommend asking for her. Cantor Law Group is deffifently an amazing business and I will always send anyone I know to this place if they need help! Thank you! You guys rock!

Jody Stella

Cantor law is the best of the best. There employees are top notch and I put my faith in the group. Would recommend to my sister for her legal needs. Happy wife happy life.

Chris Kelley

Nik Boca

I have been working at this law firm as an attorney for the past two years and the quality of representation is incredible. The team of attorneys are skilled in handling all family and juvenile law matters. Each attorney and staff member care about their clients and their work. Great law firm!

Jon Shively

Martha Zimmerman

I highly recommend Cantor Law Group for any family law matter you are experiencing. I recently used this firm and could not be happier with the results. The attorneys who work here are passionate, aggressive and results-orientated. Everyone in the office was incredibly attentive and invested in my case. I am very thankful I selected Cantor Law Group.

Sylvia Evans

Holy Cow! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I was so nervous coming into this situation I was going into and Cantor Law in the beginning took me right in, catered, took all the notes and accommodated me appropriately with Daniel! He was the most amazing lawyer I have ever worked with. He listened- drew out all key points and possible outcomes. Walked me through the whole thing appropriately and I had nothing but good come from this experience even with negatives that came with the positives! I received what I paid for and so much more! Highly recommend Cantor Law and even more- Daniel Wilcox! Accommodating and professional!

Mauricio Delgado

This firm is the best!! Tiffany Villegas was amazing!! Explained everything clearly! Process was comfortable Best paralegal hands down!

Daniela Suarez

My husband of almost 12 years and I hired Josh Barreda at Cantor Law after a referral from friends in Yuma AZ to help us with an extremely urgent child custody situation. After meeting Shanon, Carrrie and Daniel & Josh, I can only say how impressive of a team they are. Josh is tenacious and determined to be our voice and ensure every update is communicated to us as his clients. His ability to touch on every fact during court, cross examine, and make a closing statement all while showing simpathy, respect and determination to speak the truth is admirable. He is willing to listen to us as his clients and address our concerns. Josh has not been afraid to recognize when to get a senior attorney involved or when a phone call needs to be made instead of sending a simple text to ensure we are satisfied with the progress in the case. We are almost to the finish line and we could not have asked for a better guy than Cantor’s own Josh Barreda!

Jennifer Peterson

You need Jesse on your side if you are dealing with a divorce and/or child custody matter. I hired Jesse more than halfway through my divorce after having to fire my original attorney who couldn't seem to get the job done. Jesse came in and took over like a champ! Got up-to-speed on my case in just a few days time and immediately got mediation scheduled; got the ball rolling! Within a 2 months, I was divorced and very satisfied with how everything turned out. He handled the mediation with expertise, professionalism, and knowledge. Got the paperwork done in a timely matter and always returned phone calls and emails. All I can say is that I would definitely recommend Jesse Anderson!

molly boca

Nik Boca and the cantor group were absolutely exceptional! They helped answer all of my legal questions and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again! Would highly recommend to anyone in search of counsel.

Donato Giovanatto

Craig Schulz

I can't leave a 0 star review The below email was sent to my lawyer with cantor law. I sent this over a month ago and I'm now posting this because of fallout with this case. Some facts of the case... 1. I had evidence with correspondence and pictures of problems I had 2. My ex admitted to keeping our daughter in a home that wasnt fit for anyone to live in 3. A speech pathologist report from the district saying that school was extremely important for our child 4. There was correspondence from my ex saying that the program from the district wasn't important like elementary school I was asked to get everything together which I did but nothing was reviewed. After being slapped with $4000 a year in child support and paying daycare where my ex is not and 85% of health expenses, I did my own research and found out overtime cant be used for child support. Surprise to me consider I've been working 55 hours a week and sometimes as much as 65 hours and I put my gross year to date numbers. There was no review of anything with my case. I took initiative to be prepared and someone without a lawyer, without evidence, without a freaking paystub wins the case with 50/50 custody and gets child support payments? Ridiculous. I could understand if I was a dead beat dad or the defense was incredibly well put together but this is not the case. If you choose between using this firm or representing yourself, save $6000 and represent yourself. You'll receive a more favorable outcome. Email to lawyer I've been mulling everything over and I'm extremely frustrated at this outcome. I had a meeting with you three weeks before the court date and we talked about what positions I wanted to make. You took out the two pieces of evidence that I felt were most important to our case without consulting me before the court date. If you'd communicated that with me prior to the court date I would have probably settled because nothing was accomplished that I wanted to see happen. I'm going to be dealing with child support for someone who has a history of being a subpar parent for the next 15 years now. If it happened with providing the evidence I felt was most important that would have been what would have happened but getting this and not being represented in the way I felt was best is aggravating to no end. It makes no sense contesting this and will probably only make the situation worse. Please withdraw from this case and send me the remaining balance of my retainer account.

Bryan Barnhart

Joyce Weber

I would NOT recommend this firm. After paying right around $8,000.00 the outcome was not what we had hoped for. Also for claiming to look out for the child, they emailed resolutions with some other kid's name. They also sent us a settlement letter of some other client's case!!! If they can't get the names right, makes you wonder how invested they are in your interest. I'd say look somewhere else.

Kristin Smith

Sean Smith

Consultation was ok. Chose to find a different attorney. Their fee's were way too high!

Lorraine Carrillo

Jack Bankston

Cantor Law Group has an amazing staff full of hard-working lawyers and paralegals. I would highly recommend it!

Jenell Nelson

It was awful. I needed them for family court. They started out very professional then I paid my retainer, but I was never represented, my lawyer favored the father. I also never met my lawyer everything was done over the phone. Only paperwork was completed and that cost me $7500. My lawyer tried to force me to settle. When I refused he became frustrated with me. When he asked for more money I let him know I didn't have any at the moment. He then refused to go to court and told me "Don't litigate like a millionaire if you can't pay like one." and by going to court I will be taking food out of his kids mouth because it was $2500 more to represent me in court. It is not that I didn't have it just I didn't have it when he wanted it. I had just gave them $7500.00 a month and a half before. He told me I would lose, I will end up paying the fathers court fees and he believed the settlement was fair... Well I am representing myself now and had I known what I know now I would have never hired a lawyer. My lawyer (Bryan Blehm) knew nothing about my case, when I asked him questions he never gave me any straight answers, his paralegal is the one who knew more about it. Word of advice to anyone wanting to use this law firm be prepared to over pay for their services. You really just need a good paralegal and you can represent yourself. Cantor will do just enough to represent you and say they fought hard for you and make you look like your the one being unreasonable for calling them out on doing the minimum and over charging you for it. If you don't mind overpaying for a lawyer go ahead and use this firm. They will treat you better if you are a millionaire. Unfortunately, I am not so my experience was very bad.

Ashley Ahearn

Exceptional service and legal advice from Nik Boca! Very pleased

M Lewis

Notes later

Dave M

Cantor Law Group led me through the difficult process of my divorce. They were very professional and provided sound advice for areas like parenting plans, separation of community property and the more gray areas of this sensitive issue. My attorney was well prepared and very attentive to my many questions. Furthermore, My attorney gave me the support and guidance I needed to get to a fair and somewhat friendly settlement that was in the best interest of my children. Lastly, the creativity displayed in my unique situation was ultimately a game changer for a positive outcome. Many thanks to the great family law team at Cantor Law Group!

Emily Bruce

In such a harsh time of legal family matters and the anxiety of needing representation, I would tell anyone to go to Cantor Law Group to have that fear overcome immediately by the great staff and people who operate this life-saving company. They truly care and show concern and dedication to your case as if it directly effected them or their family. Nik Boca represented our family, and never forgot a name or date or event in our lives. He always checked in to make sure we felt confident and prepared, and basically walked us through this scary time in our life every step of the way. He and his colleagues are compassionate, and diligent in their work. They make it easier to understand the laws, procedures, and timelines of the system's process. He was and is the most reliable and driven man we have ever known, and our family is forever grateful! I would recommend Cantor Law Group to anyone who wants to know they are being represented ethically and thoroughly. It isn't by any standard an inexpensive process, and I would encourage anyone to know that no matter the cost, their money will never be wasted here!! Thank you to everyone at Cantor! Especially NIk Boca!!!

Marshall Beck

It's incredible to have Nik Boca around as my attorney to fight my legal disputes with individuals who refuse to diplomatically settle circumstances outside of a court room. He brings his tough, precisely prepared, well versed, and "take no nonsense attitude" to the courtroom and proceeding. I couldn't recommend his services or his firm enough. Seriously. BEFORE hiring Nik I had had to appear in front of 16 judges in numerous courts for a total of 76 times in less than 4 years and had spent $70,000 on my family case all together. It was very clear that as a man, father, and creator of extreme music/horror there was a strong and malignant bias against me. It is also clear that Arizona has a surplus of worthless attorneys who will gladly exploit everything you have to sit around and sip coffee while making a joke of you and your children's suffering. Nik assisted the court in seeing through any nonsensical bias and increased my ability to father and spend time with my son immensely. Nik was able to get this done with an unjustifiable wall of "court appointed" opposition against the case who went as far as using 10 year old interviews I had done for magazines and newspapers relating to my brutal Metal music career of which had NOTHING to do with my abilities as a parent against me. Nik cleaned this mess up all in one pre-trial and in court settlement. It was incredible to watch as he wouldn't back down, fought, and negotiated for what was just and fair for myself and my son. If you want a tough attorney for your case that does not treat your case just like a revenue stream to exploit then contact him. As tough as Nik Boca is, he also has a very compassionate side towards the children the case could impact. This guy is a great trial attorney and I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me and my family. 5/5 stars. This guy is a hero attorney. -Marshall.B

Debra Hiscott

Went in for a consultation, very friendly & helpful. Absolutely would recommend these guys!

Kerry Reason

I would not recommend using this law firm! Had the worst experience using them for my divorce, had 3 different lawyers, 2 quite and each time I had to start all over and by the time they were done I still wound up with nothing and cost me more than I thought it should. Could have hired a lawyer for $1,500 and still wind up getting the same thing done and would have been a lot cheaper. Never did do anything they said that needed to be done when I went in for my consultation. Very very disappointed.

Grace Jones

I highly recommend the AMAZING and HIGHLY SKILLED team of Attorney Sam Gordon and Sr. Paralegal, Kelly Moore! Doesn't get any better!

Michelle Gonzalez

I hired Joshua Barreda after an absolute failure of representation from a previous attorney who will remain nameless. Joshua was diligent in his representation in all aspects of the case from mediation to final trial. He was extremely reasonable to the opposing side up until the day of trial. Trial day was amazing and we left the courtroom with the feeling of relief. If you have a tough divorce case do not hesistate to contact Josh. I more than recommend him.


Knowledgeable and dependable staff members. Daniel Wilcox is the best attorney I have ever dealt with. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. Daniel was able to assist me with all of my questions and handled my legal matters with ease. I would definitely recommend Daniel for anyone who needs assistance with family and juvenile law matters. Vee (paralegal) is also very helpful and knowledgeable. Her customer service is exceptional.

Ayana Martinez

Cantor Law Group is an amazing team of attorneys are paralegals. They’re highly knowledgeable and always go the extra mile for their clients. I’d recommend this firm to anyone who is in need of a family law attorney in Arizona.

Jason Vandeberg

I would give Cantor Law Group 10+ stars if I could. I hired this law firm after years of fighting to get sole legal custody of my daughter due to her living in a toxic, unstable environment. Once I knew I could no longer fight on my own, I decided it was time to hire an attorney and I am glad I did. John Carbone and his paralegal Lindsey were assigned to my case and they FAR exceeded my expectations. My every concern was addressed and every question was answered. When I needed to communicate with John or Lindsey, they always made it a point to get back to me in a timely manner even with my hectic work schedule. In court, John made me feel like my daughter's well being was his top priority. I can not be more happy with the outcome of this whole ordeal. My daughter is now in a safe and stable environment and I owe a lot of it to John and Lindsey. I would highly recommend Cantor Law and John Carbone if you need an attorney for family law.

alyssa mcmahan

Fantastic experience

Jacob Burke

My girlfriend and her son's biological father were having mounting tensions regarding custody and parenting decisions. The father was absent and using drugs heavily (proven by his rehab and hospital records) for the first 2 years of the child's life before coming after us to demand 50/50 and joint legal decision making. At that point we hired Nik Boca to represent us. It was an excellent decision. We couldn't have asked for a more considerate and professional attorney. All of our concerns were always thoroughly addressed. He never made promises that he didn't think he could deliver on. Communication was always timely and informative. While many lawyers would happily take their time responding to court orders and filing paperwork, Nik always did these things within 48-72 hours of being requested. In the end my girlfriend was awarded sole legal decision making, more than 50% custody, back child support, and the father is required to drug test indefinitely. Nik was able to win us more than we could have realistically hoped for. We can't recommend him and Cantor Law Group enough.

Andrew Avery

I had Nik Boca as my family lawyer. Incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Felt like he had my back and was on my side during the entire process. He ensured that what I recieved was at worst fair. Very grateful for him and the firm.

Martha gomez

Cantor Law Group has amazing staff & I would highly recommend.

larry ferra

I don’t think there is anyway to put into words how exceptional the commitment to my case was by Nik Boca and his team. I was very impressed with the attention to detail and quick responses I received when I... had panic attacks numerous times during my trial. Nik was very professional and was sure to keep me updated when he would be unavailable in trial for other clients. I was more than appreciative when this level of commitment and concentration was given to me during my trial. Why settle for anything less than the best. You will be more than satisfied with the effort and commitment you get from Nik Boca and his team.

Paul Lopez

Sara millon

I hope in writing this review I help someone in the same position I was find an answer. I hired Nic Boca with the Cantor Law Group to assist me in Terminating Parental Rights. Mr. Boca was the best decision I have ever made! He and his associates truly treat you as a client and make you feel you have a strong team in your corner. Nic kept me up to date on everything I needed to do and what he needed from me. He paid attention to every detail and aligned his goals with those of mine and my family's. Mr. Boca had experience in the juvenile court he was familiar with the circuit and has presented cases before my judge in the past. He knew how my judge worked and what they expected. This proved to be very valuable. Needless to say he won my case and gave me and my family the lives we have been waiting for!!! I interviewed attorneys all over the Phoenix area and was very careful with my decision. My first consultation was with Nic. He left an impression on me and made me feel like I could trust him.. Turns out I truly could!! Attorneys are costly any way it goes but with Nics firm I never felt I was being taken advantage of! I knew exactly where my money was going at all times because they made sure I did! Cantor Law Group is A+++ if I ever need an attorney for any reason I will call these guys again!! True professionals

Marcy Auxier

Hiring Nik Boca as my attorney has been the best decision I have ever made. Nik is impressive, intelligent, respectful, compassionate, confident, fearless, attentive, understanding and the list goes on! He takes pride in what he does and has NEVER left me with a feeling of uncertainty. I know Mr. Boca will give his all no matter what obstacles are and have been thrown our way. He is quick to get things done and is always reachable via email or telephone. I have never felt like I had to wait to speak with him or to get a response back. I am not only thankful for his hard work but I am also thankful for how caring he is towards my situation. He listens and has always made sure I understand what's going on with our case. Nik Boca is a blessing and I am truly lucky to have crossed his path and hire him as my attorney! He is a Phenomenal Attorney!!!!

elizabeth sanchez

Jonathan Anderson

Cantor Law group set me up with an AMAZING attorney Joshua Barreda, and a fantastic paralegal Erica d’Entremont. They were very diligent in remaining in good communication throughout the whole process. Walked into the courtroom today and left with a smile. Joshua Barreda is a stern, smart, and calculated attorney who does not beat around the bush when it comes to dealing with issues. Erica d’Entremont did a fantastic job with researching, following up, and communicating with me about issues and addressing my concerns. Thank you for the hard work and dedication you provided to me throughout this process.

Ashley Boca

I have referred several people to Nik Boca and The Cantor Law Group. Everyone has been very happy with Mr. Boca and the staff at the his law firm. They are very professional and responsive. I highly recommend Nik Boca and The Cantor Law Group!

Angel Yguado

The entire staff at Cantor Law Group, from the receptionist to the billing department were always delightful and ready to be of any assistance. In specifically, I would like to recognize John Carbone and Tiffany Villegas. John was the attorney assigned to my case and Tiffany was the paralegal assisting John with my case. I turned to Cantor law group after deciding that I needed some legal assistance with establishing sole legal decision making for my two young children. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to move forward with Cantor Law Group. Although I wasn’t directly in contact with Tiffany as much as I was with John, Tiffany was always very knowledgeable and happy to help me with whatever I needed at the time or answer any questions I had. John is an amazing attorney and I feel as though I was truly blessed to have had him help me through this tough time in my life. He is very professional, well educated on family law matters, compassionate and always made me feel as though I was his number one priority. John was almost always available to take any of my many calls to him and when he wasn’t, Tiffany was available or he was very prompt about following up with me. I never once felt ignored, pushed aside, frustrated or disappointed with the services I was receiving from John. He kept in contact constantly to update me on my case, ask if I had any questions and just to make sure I was doing okay. Because of the outstanding job he did preparing all paperwork related to my case and assisting me with getting prepared for the trials, I had no doubts that he wouldn’t represent me well during any of the court trials. I was definitely blown away by his stellar performance in court. He was aggressive yet informative. I am positive that John did all that he could to help me achieve the outcome I was hoping for in court. As a result of all of the hard work that John and Tiffany did, justice was served in my case and I was awarded sole legal decision making of my two children who would otherwise be in danger and/or neglected. Thanks to John and the wonderful team at Cantor Law Group, my two children reside in a home where they are thriving, safe, and well loved. I couldn’t be more thankful for the services rendered by John and Tiffany, they truly were a god send in this hard time in my life. I look forward to contacting John should I seek further legal advice/services in the future!

Stephanie Padilla

Nik Bocca literally changed our families life. We have been struggling with a nasty custody case off and on for over 2 ½ years. We first went to the Cantor Law Group as a father desperately needed to relocated his son for his wellbeing. We were so lucky to get Nik as a representative back in 2017, he was able to help us get the child relocated. Less than a year later we started getting harassed by the other party and had to re-hire Nik to help us keep the child with us. Nik not only was able to get the child to stay here where he is absolutely thriving but he also got us awarded child support and attorney fees. He did a phenomenal job in court, conducted himself in a very professional and passionate way. Nik was extremely helpful through the whole process and so caring. We never felt like a number to him, he showed us that we were important and that he wanted the best for the child. He truly has changed our lives and from the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful for him and for the Cantor Law Group. I would highly recommend Nik Bocca and the Cantor Law Group to all my friends and family. I do not feel that thank you is enough to show our gratitude to Nik.

Ihaan M

Cantor Law Group is the epitome of why lawyers are untrustworthy and have such a bad rep in the mainstream media. I had recently got in trouble for 2 minor charges and was scrambling for any sort of help with this issue. I called Cantor law group, and I was forwarded to Cantor, who quoted me to pay thousands of dollars for this issue, and REFUSED to meet with me unless I could get my parents involved to pay they money, before my explanation of my ability to financial support the situation myself. After calling other attorneys, I was quoted to pay almost a SEVENTH of what I was quoted from Cantor. The issue was resolved amicably, and I achieved the best outcome by paying almost a seventh of what Cantor quoted me at. In addition, he had cited how "serious" the crimes were, using scare tactics to make me think this price was accurate. Please read this disclaimer before consulting with Cantor group. Thank you.

Gina Seideman

Barracuta law group. Expensive.

AJ DeBuno

They offer very clear and concise council. I Never felt as though I didn’t understand what was happening. The staff were great and always made me feel as though I was being put first. I would highly recommend them.

Jennifer Hay

Outstanding service and support from Lisa Whalen through an incredibly messy divorce. With a history of domestic violence, trying to divorce a narcissist is a nightmare, let alone with kids. Since Lisa always listened to my concerns and never discounted my thoughts or ideas, I was able to get complete custody of my children, with my ex-husband terminating his parental rights. My situation would have turned out drastically different had it not been for her. Throughout my divorce, I never felt mislead, or left in the dark, as I did with a previous lawyer. I always felt relieved knowing Lisa was representing me. She truly had my kids and my best interest at heart. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Now, my kids and I can move on with our lives. I am eternally grateful. I hired Lisa Whalen when she was practicing in Yuma. When she moved to Phoenix to take a position with Cantor Law Group I was devastated. There just isn’t another lawyer like her. So, I kept her as my representation. So thankful I did. I truly cannot express how blessed I am. Every member of Cantor Law Group is amazing, professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly friendly. If you have the opportunity to hire Lisa Whalen, then I would highly suggest you do so.

oasota .

I cant explain in words what Joshua has done for me and my case. I recently had a Custody case for my daughter and he fought well and hard for me throughout the trial. He has a high level of professionalism and confidence that changed my perspective on what it takes to do what he does. He is a Superb and Honest Lawyer. He got me everything I wanted that was best for my daughter and I cant thank him enough for it. Cantor Group means business. My first lawyer ever and the best lawyer ever!

Dave C.

This is a review of Sam Gordon, family attorney at Cantor Law Group. No one thinks about divorce when they get married. It just is not something you set out to do. Divorce is hard. It is challenging and when you get right down to it you've never done it before. Maybe like me you've been married and in your career for decades. Maybe like me you felt like you had it all together and then suddenly everything changes and your life is just something it wasn't a week before. I've never felt more adrift than I had in that moment. I sought a lawyer, an action in itself wasn't easy. Finding Sam Gordon turns out to be one of the more important choices I think I've ever made- perhaps equally as important as accepting that my marriage was over. Divorce sucks. It just does. Sam has made it easier to understand, easier to wade through and has taken me from feeling like a victim to knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will be a most favorable one as well. As a father, I was worried that the system would work against me. Everyday Sam has proven to me that through his thorough, thoughtful and wise counsel, this will not be the case. Quick to respond and even quicker of mind, Sam and his team have been 100% on my side and each legal decision and resulting outcome have proven out his capabilities. It’s going my way and that is what matters. As a Dad who wants nothing more than to remain in the lives of my children, I suggest you meet with Sam before another day passes in your divorce process. Thanks Sam!

Sussan Lira

They're A very great family law firm and I'd recommend them to anyone in need of legal representation for their family court case. Tiffany Villegas was very helpful thank you.

Janet Ankrum

Cantor Law Group made a way for me when previously there was no way! Nik Boca is the BEST!!! He does what is right for kids and families. Thank you!

Jennifer Leclair

My boyfriend and I were recently represented by Nik Boca. From day one Nik was very transparent with us and would take the time to explain everything. He was very professional and really tried to settle our case outside of court, unfortunately the other side did not want to cooperate. The day of trial Nik took care of everything, made sure all our points were heard loud and clear and was very organized. Throughout the whole process, Nik and his team did not miss one deadline. They were always prepared days before, so we had plenty of time to review everything. I really appreciate all he has done for us over the last year. This not ideal situation was made a lot easier for us knowing we were being taken care of. With the realistic expectations that Nik set for us we were very surprised with the outcome the court decided. We got what we didn’t think was possible and that’s because of how well Nik stressed our concerns to the judge. I would not hesitate to call Nik back if we ever need representation again. I will be recommending him and his team to anyone that needs legal advice.

Rae Ortiz

Cantor Law group truly cares about their clients and bend over backwards to represent you and your needs. We worked with Daniel Wilcox and he was incredible; he was always available whenever we needed him and let us know we mattered and so did our issue. I could not have asked for a better attorney then Daniel, he was genuine, attentive and deligent. There was never a moment I was concerned our case had been forgotten or lost in the shuffle. I am so glad he was the one who was assigned our case.

Greg Miller

I worked with the Cantor Law Group to handle my divorce. The team was very helpful to get me through this difficult situation. My attorney gave me the support and guidance I needed to get to a fair and somewhat friendly settlement that was in the best interest of my children. My attorney was very responsive and worked with the opposing attorney to get the case resolved quickly to save me time and money.

Cordero Baca

Working with the family law team here was exceptional. Immediately they were empathetic to my situation and wasted no time getting to work and drilling into the details. I felt comfortable and confident every step of the way, thanks again Michael!!

Bryan Young

I referred a friend to Cantor Law Group for some problems he was going through and he said couldn't be happier with how things turned out and that he would recommend to anyone going through family issues.

Raptor631X .

Ashley Lee

Absolutely love this law firm, everyone is absolutely amazing and will help you with any questions you have. I have recommend this place to a few people now and will continue to recommend anyone that ever needs a lawyer! Jamie and Deandra made my experience so easy, they will definitely be the people I use again if I ever need good people on my side! Thank you guys at Cantor Law Froup for being the best at what you do!!

Darius Mosley

Brigham Webb

Jesse Anderson did an amazing job during my custody dispute. He helped me get full custody of my boys through a messy and contentious battle with my ex. Jesse was amazing in court and helped show the judge just how bad things had gotten. If you need a smart and aggressive attorney, get Jesse.

Christopher Zielinski

I had a difficult divorce to say the least about it. I made several calls to different law firms. Cantor was on my top list of lawyers to go with and I’m very glad I did. Attorney Bryan was extremely helpful and kind and made the process as easy as possible for me. His paralegal Robyn was attentive to my needs and pushed hard to get my divorce over quickly. If I had a question both were quickly responsive and direct in advice. No question whatsoever about choosing Cantor Law to represent me. Should I need services again, or a friend, I would use and recommend them.

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