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REVIEWS OF Crowson Law Group IN Alaska

Norman Anderson

Was in a car accident and their insurance company wasn't going to pay a portion of my medical bill. Meeting with Crowson Law and having them take me through what to expect put my mind at ease!! With Alejandro’s help I was able to get my medical paid off!! Thank You so much!!!

Alaska Check Cashing

My situation was not a typical accident, but Crowson Law Group took on my case without any hesitation. Many thanks to Mark and Alejandro for their professional, yet personal assistance in making it as stressfree as possible!

Misty LoBaido

Crowson Law Group is highly recommended by me. I got to work with Alejandro on my car accident case. They helped me get my settlement from the other persons insurance company. I was very happy with the results and all the hard work they did for me. Alejandro was very helpful and was able to answer any of my questions or concerns. If you are looking for a good Law Group then I would highly recommend Crowson Law Group.

Stephen Jenkins

They gave me all the information I needed processed it and got my case completed in record time .! Always kept me up to date and in the loop .!

Angelica Kalama

The team at Crowsons law group helped me so much when it came to figuring out what to do after my accident. Although it was a long process they were on top of everything and made sure I was informed throughout. I don't think I could have managed going through it all alone.

k slammed

Mr. Crowson and his amazing legal team are awesome. The moment I contacted Crowson Law Group the day after my auto accident. I knew I chose the correct law firm to handle my auto accident. All the legal and personal matters were treated with professionalism. Have recommended them before and will continue to do so.

shirquan ross

James and his team was very helpful explaining everything step by step and keeping me feeling in the loop throughout my case

K Rogers

I was very pleased with the service I received from the staff of the Crowson Law Group. They maintained a professional demeanor throughout the long process. I felt in the end it was all worth it.

Jaymes Gonzales

★★★★★ Wonderful experience throughout and happy with a fair outcome. We were kept updated appropriately and given solid advice regarding our case. I am pleased to endorse the Crowson Law Group and was happy to work with them.

Perpetua Sipary

Alejandro from Crowson Law group did an excellent job of assisting me in my needs. I’m very happy with the results I got.

Nicolas Willard

James crowson was an exceptional attorney always available greatly detailed descritptions of what happened what happens next and what to expect through the whole even got the opposing party to cover my rental right away!!! HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS LAW GROUP!!!

Breeyanna Marshall

The Crowson Law Group was very professional and I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case.

Robbin Muninger

Crowson Law Group met all my needs. They were always friendly and very welcoming when I stopped by. Alejandro answered all my questions and was very patient with me. My final settlement was very satisfactory. I didn’t have to worry about dealing with any insurance issues, he took care of it all. I recommend them to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.

Sarah Covarrubias

"James and his staff are an amazing group of people to work with! I'm thankful for them and all they did for me"

Ashley Simien

Crowson law did an excellent job communicating with. They fought for what I deserved and went the extra mile. Definately a team you want on your side! -Ashley & Terrence McCray

Lindsey Carter

I went through another attorney for my personal injury accident and spent months waiting for the attorney’s lazy paralegal to get everything finalized so the offer letter could be sent out until finally I decided to go over to Crowson. Within a two week period the settlement was closed and I received my check in my bank account. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with them! It was quick, painless, and Alejandro made sure I had all of the information I wanted and needed!

Charles Holcomb

What a great legal team! I have dealt with Alejandro and was extremely impressed with his professionalism and communication skills. The fact that he is bilingual is an added bonus. I would highly recommend crowson law group to anyone!

tartan fan

The team at Crowson Law helped me immediately get the treatment I needed after my car accident and living in the valley it was so convenient to go to the Wasilla office. They were always professional and quick to respond when I called. I'm so glad I chose them to help me through the process!

Alejandro Santamaria

Christina Bessette

My family had experienced a vehicle accident late 2015, and a family member highly recommmeded Crowson Law Group based on the excellent experience they had, so I didn't hesitate to call and set up a consultation. The staff were very friendly and professional, and made us feel like our case was given the attention it deserved. They were always available to us if we had any questions or concerns, and they ended up getting us a substantially larger settlement then we expected. We couldn't have been happier with the excellent job they did. Thanks Crowson Law Group. ;)

Juri Santos

I loved having negotiated with them, and the best in your language are excellent professionals

Sasha Robertson

My only regret is that I didn't come to them sooner. After a year of pain and stressing over doctor bills I walked into Crowson defeated. They were so helpful keeping me informed and giving me tips on how to go about the tragedy after a car accident and healing takes place. I'm so grateful that my doctor bills are paid, I'm don't believe that would have happened without Crowson.

Mayra Reyes

My Fiance Kaochanh was in a hit and run and the Crowson Law group have helped him in every step of this case. They would call to give us updates and we really appreciate that! We highly recommend them if your ever in a bad situation like my fiancé was in. I tgank god he wasn’t seriously hurt.

Adolfo Calanche

I had 2 accidents one, on new year 2016, on the other one in August 2017, and I can truthfully assure you that Crowson Law Group took my 2 cases and the result was great. They take the cases with professionalism and seriousness, I am very grateful to them I recommend it.

Johan Shin

It didn’t take much thought to choose the Crowson after the initial visit. The whole process was very professional and Alejandro’s thorough process to get the job done was more thanI could ask for. As the settlement is coming to a closure, I am very satisfied and would recommend to anyone.

Ramon Miller

This law firm was very professional and Alejandro was very nice. The process was fast and almost painless. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know that needs to contact a lawyer.

Ginger Chivers

This firm has given me the best experience I have ever had with legal matters, they are professional and courteous. They will work hard for you to make sure you get the best out come possible

joby bedeker


Alejandro from Crowson Law Group did an excellent job of assisting me in my needs. I would greatly recommend contacting Crowson Law Group for any legal matters you may have.

Jennifer Keel

Crowson Law Group is AWESOME!!! I feel that the way I was treated was great and the compensation I received for my injury was more than I expected. Danny, the paralegal, he ROCKS!!! Thank you EVERYONE who worked on my case. I will be recommending the Crowson Law Group to everyone!!!

Mohamed Abdi

Very good people

James Brooks

I don't think you will find a better law group to get you thru a auto accident, I was so relieved to just focus on my recovery and my job. Very professional, caring, and they get the job done.

Yuliya Ivshyna

I was 22 weeks pregnant when one car T boned me and another car hits me upfront I was injured bad and I was worried about my baby. The ambulance cab send me in the emergency room and a few days later I was back to the emergency room again as I felt very bad. Praise God, my baby girl is alive and I’m feeling better after long time recovery treatment. As I was very concerned about my baby’s health in the future after this very stressful accident and myself and plus my car was total so I lost my truck and I got a huge medical bills, too much phone calls, documents. I’m so happy when I found The Crowson Law Group because they helped me and was professional, considerate handling my case very well. Attorney James W. Crowson is very forthright about every aspect of my case. He is one of the most prepared Lawyers I have ever met, he handled my case with, what seemed to me, to be the utmost care and attention. He isn't someone that will take your case and have you wondering what is happening with your case or what he is doing. He’s busy, but that is because she is good. He and staff were absolutely professional and personable. The Crowson Law Group staff is just as prepared and driven as he is. You will not find a better Lawyer anywhere guaranteed for your car accident in Anchorage area. My case turned out better than I had hoped for. I would recommend him highly. If you need a real competent lawyer in Alaska his is my choice.

Misty Sewell

Was a really great law firm and helped get my lawsuit finished less than a year

Laura w

They were always helpful and answered all my questions and made sure I was happy with the result of my claim.

eric walker

Smart and professional staff, thay helped me with all questions about my case.

Mariah Campbell

Friendly staff that will be strong advocates for your case. I would recommend Crowson Law Group.

A`Via Phillips

Throughout my entire case James and the staff at Crowson Law Group were very informative/helpful answering every question I had, along with going more in depth with anything that needed to be explained further.

suki ace

Single mom of 5T-boned! Not only am I hurt for the rest of my life. But what was I going to do? I tried so hard to work with the insurance companies, Hers ,and Mine. BOTH were difficult. Last minute, I went to Mr. Crowson. He took my case. Not only did he win, but I got enough, through the insurances to make memories now, with my grand children. This firm and its teams are AMAZING. Even the front desk people, treat you so kind, like you actually matter to them! I cant not stress enough, how important this company is to have on your side. I strongly suggest you visit them if you are ever in any kind of an accident.

Janeen Lewis

My experience with Crowson Law Group was great!! They are very friendly and willing to help with anything you need. The work on my end were so easy especially with me living in Tennessee. I would recommend everyone to contact them with your legal needs because they are very knowledgable!! I'm so grateful they were there when I needed legal guidance and advice!

Charley Field

I am very happy with the result that I got from such a small case. They were welcoming and understanding of what I was going through. Alejandro made my experience with the company extremely easy and kept me up to date with everything that he was doing with the case. Crowson Law Group was able to close my case in a timely fashion and I thank them greatly for it.

Murphy h

If you want a law firm that will respresent you, get you compensated, and serve you papers months later respresenting the very people who left you for dead in the snow after your body has been hit by three vehicles in a freak accident COME TO CROWSON LAW

Rudy Flores

Family was involved in a serious accident which led to costly medical bills that our insurance was hesitant to fully cover. After seeking help from Crowson Law Group we were able to receive medical treatment of choice for over 8 months and the Law team helped us recieve full compensation for medical and personal compensation. Highly recommend Crowson Law Group. Everyone from the Claims Specialist, Paralegal and Lawyer were more than pleasant to work with. Danny Moss was very professional and stayed in constant communication with me and my family. These guys are the real deal and truly professional. Thank you Crowson Law Group!

Dray Etienne

Great experience with the firm and my paralegal Alejandro. They were patient and carefully explained in details how things would work. They constantly checked on me durin the year long process and help with my medical issues as well.

Laura Stennett

The team at Crowson Law Group was amazing! They were friendly, helpful, considerate and made everything as easy as possible. I'm so glad we found them, and that they were willing to take our case. I highly recommend this firm... we ended up with a better outcome than we thought possible, with minimal effort on our part. They did all the work!

Andrew Knoll

Crowson Law Group far exceeded my expectations! I lead a very busy life and accidents happen but I barely had the time to deal with it. I was up front with them on my expectations and my schedule and from there they took care of my case. They made everything easy to understand and would up date me only to move the case forword witch was wonderfull. Thank you for all you do!

Jake Magoon

I cannot recommend Crowson enough, and Brandy in particular! Last October, I was t-boned, driver's side, by a teenager blowing through a red light at an intersection. What a nightmare. Car totalled, blood on my face, tons of physical therapy and appointments ahead of me. Brandy made things easy for me when I had my hands full elsewhere. She listened, gave great advice, and I always felt like she had my back 100%. God willing, I will never find myself blindsided with pain and injury like I was last October again...however, if that's what is in store for me, I KNOW I will be calling Brandy at Crowson law group again!

Nicasio Manuel

Me and my wife really appreciate how atty crowson and the staff assisted us on our lawsuit involvibg ourcar accident they were a great team we really appreciate it thank you bery much

Osman Aden

This guy's are doing really great job. Alejandra was my lowLow he did really good to fight for my rights very professional Lowyer and honest.

Vrinder Gautam

Una experencia muy buena con Crawson Law Group me trataron muy bien resilvieron mi caso del Accidente muy positivamente .estoy muy muy contento .

Juliana Benton

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident January 2017, I was unable to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company adjusting my case. After establishing that I needed to seek legal representation to help me with my settlement negotiations I was referred to Crowson Law Group and they were very helpful and professional in working quickly to negotiate a reasonable and fair settlement.

Jessica Davis

Everyone here involved with my case was absolutely amazing. Alejandro made communication so easy with my hectic schedule. I was terrified that it was going to be difficult and long. It was the exact opposite, they made the process quick and easy. They did everything I requested. Their customer service is phenomenal. I will most definitely use them again if the need ever arises and I will be sharing their info with everyone I know.

Sheldon Farquhar

When my wife and I got in a car accident we went here. Danny and James were fast and proficient at helping us with our claim. They we're very nice, professional, and answered all of our questions and concerns.

Karri Hutchings

Couldn't have been happier with my experience. I was so skeptical about using a lawyer after my car accident. Crowson made me feel comfortable and secure with my decision. They were fast and efficient. Would recommend to anyone.

Cindy Lorang

These guys suck bad.

Kamiesha Calhoun

I enjoyed working with James and his legal team. I was involved in tow auto accidents and the settlement process was seamless. I have already referred a few relatives to his office.

misti barrett

Outstanding all around. I highly recommend this law office of highly qualified attorneys.

KayCe Welsh

I was in a car accident about a year ago while pregnant and with my oldest son. I was so overwhelmed with all of the stress, paperwork, phone calls and running around. Crowson Law Group was recommended to me by a few friends as well as the doctor who was treating me. I called and that very day James made time to meet with me about my case. He was honest and straight forward with everything. I am extremely grateful for him and his staff. Always so understanding and patient. I worked with Danny a lot and he was always so kind and understanding. I would recommend them to everyone.

Patrick Lange

Great help nice place

Patricia Sanculi

In January of 2017 my son and I were in a car accident. This was my first time getting into a wreck, I had no idea how to handle my case, so I let the insurance do its work. After looking into getting a lawyer I found Crowson Law Group. I started off with Mark Rayburn which directed me and gave me the knowledge I needed that I did not know before about settling a claim. After I spoke with him, Alejandro Santamaria took over my claim and from start to finish the process was remarkable. He let me know how the process would work, he informed me every time something came up and stayed very close in touch which made this process simple and successful! I would highly recommend anyone that has been in a car accident to them, they are very helpful, professional, and comforting. Thank you all for all that you do!

Alex Opanasevych

My experience with Crowson Law Group attorney James W. Crowson was nothing less than excellent, as he is caring, ethical, innovative, and brilliant. I had never needed a lawyer in this capacity before so the whole process was new to me and my family. When i did have questions, his responses were always very thoughtful and thorough. James and Alikhandro seemed to embrace the challenge and they very quick and professional help me with my two years old car accident case. I would highly recommend him. If you need a real competent lawyer in Anchorage this is my choice. I'm thankful for them!

Timmy Xaivong

Great company, help with my case went really easy and very fast, wouldn’t recommend anyone else beside Crowson law group

kerlito vcp

very good service I recommend you in first choice acquire the help of these lawyers

kelli winward

Alejando was great. Helped us out in a not so fun time. He explained things and helped us get what we needed.

Claren Hernandez-Kopacz

Great law firm! Very professional and helpful.. always quick to respond through e-mail and/or phone calls for updates. Thank you for sticking with me throughout the process James, Tim, and especially Alejandro!

Karol Ballot

Wonderful experience with my paralegal Alexandro- who was kind and supportive throughout my recovery from two surgeries that I to have from a car accident when I was rear ended. He made sure to call and check up on me to see how I was doing and it was nice to know he would do everything he could to help me. Thank you and I highly recommend calling Crowson Law if you ever get into an accident.

roland rea

Fantastic service these guys provide. Very professional, I couldn't be happier with their work.. Thanks, everyone.. Roland Rea

Michael Thompson

Fast and easy I liked my lawyer Brandy she had great communication skills and assured me I would get a full settlement if I followed through on my care.

ronalee mason

I am thankful for Crowson Law Group and helping me every step of the way for a fair outcome.

Cheylynn Pennington

Crowson Law group was simply amazing! I was in my first accident early 2017 and I do not have much legal/insurance knowledge, but yet they explained every step in the process always kept me in the loop while being professional and very friendly. I couldn't have chosen a better law firm to help me.

raymond widerman

Quiero manifestar mi profundo agradecimiento a la firma y a su equipo de trabajo. Especialmente al asistente lic. Alejandro Santamaria por su dedicacion que le dio a este caso y su asesoria fue de gran ayuda para mi. Persona como ustedes, con ese espiritu de trabajo que brinda, demuestra el profesionalizmo y la buena imagen de la firma.

Dixie Cornell

The Crowson law group was great to work with. After we were rear-ended I was hurt and the medical Bill's were piling up. The Crowson law group got the other driver's insurance to pay all the medicals Bill's and a fair settlement for me. I would most definitely recommend them and I would use them again should the need ever arise.

Antonio Zinck

Worked fast and addressed my concerns in a timely manner. would recommend to anyone


My lawyer stayed in contact with me 100% and led me each step of the way.

Darrin and Roselyn Cavalletti

Crowsen Law Group has not only helped me once, but twice! Amazing and most trustworthy and very professional business to work with. James along with Alejandro went above and beyond in helping me out in my car accident. I trusted them since the moment I walked into there business. They truly work beyond measure in helping and fighting for you. They heart-warmingly keep in touch with you and make sure you are ok health wise to make sure your getting the best care for your injuries. They are with you not only till the end but your friends as well. Warm and truly welcoming! I highly recommend them most whole heartedly! I love them! A true business who goes above and beyond to make sure you are healed and get what you deserve. More then 2 thumbs up for them! Thank you very much Crowsen Law Group, especially Alejandro! And for James, the owner he warms welcomes you in your 1st visit! Keep up the awesome work!

Latitia Edwins-Silva

Hey guys Maggie Edwins here Just wanted to share with you all how great full I am to have had Crowson Law Group representing me in my case. It has by far been a long journey of hardship but I cannot say how thankful I am and beyond satisfied with the outcome of my settlement! A special thank you to Alejandro who has excellent professionalism in every aspect in representing me and my case and also a huge thank you to the staff of Crowson Law Group who also assisted with my case! May God continue to bless you all 100 fold, to prosper and sustain you all through out your years of business in helping many more individuals like myself!!! Much Alohas

Sulime Quevedo

hola ,soy una clienta satisfecha , gracias Crowson law Group, por sus servicios en los cuales obtuve buenos resultados hacerca de mi accidente !

chris flowers

They were proficient and professional.thank you so much

maddy greenewald

Easiest people to work with. I worked mostly with Alejandro and he was amazing. So quickly and diligently worked on my case and I got a decent settlement in no time at all. Highly recommend.

Lexie P.

Staff here were always polite and very helpful!

Valmore Martinez

I was in an accident back in July and Danny helped me out tremendously! The person who hit me did not have insurance so Danny was able to help out and tell me all the steps to get insurance to fix my car. He also told me about the depreciation of the car and fought with insurance to make sure I was compensated properly. This is the second time I had to work with him and both times he went above and beyond. Would highly recommend Crowson Law Group to anyone who may need it.

Eliza Sipary

I was on my fourth accident and my mother was in the car with me and someone cut me off. The lawyer I had before after one year said they could not help, but Crows Law Group said no problem we could help. Man! Talk about relief, because of medical bills. If others that have advertising on television don't want to take your case I know Crowson Law will. I am very thankful for the job they done for me.

Ana A

The team at crowson law group is incredibly amazing! Definitely made sure I was well taken care of and always kept me up to date on everything that was happening. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Lin G.

Crowson Law Group was very helpful in all aspects of our accident case. Thank you for making this part of our accident painless!

Solanyi Fernandez

Buenos resultados rapido servicio

minipearl61 .

Very professional group of individuals who were helpful, kind, and caring. I would highly recommend Crowson Law Group.

Jim Wood

Very professional firm, contact and follow through was exceptional. The group took the time to walk me through the process of my case and explained each option available to me in a personable one on one environment. I would contact Crowson Law Group again, and also recommend them to family and friends.

By Thao

We don’t get into accidents everyday to know what needs to be taken care of and to be treated equally. I was in a hit and run car accident and I was at lost of what to do. I google law firm offices and read reviews of people who were involved in a similar accident like mine and the Crowson Law Group was the first to popped out. I read a couple of reviews decided to go in and trusted them in taking care of me and my result SATISFIED. Great communication! They were able to easily explained the process and willing to help me to win in my favor. This got to be the best Christmas gift for me. Thank you.

Osman D

Hey guys I have already made a previous review about Crowson law group but I feel Like is not enough. I will always recommend them to my friends and family and to anybody who's searching for a honest lawyer

Megan Escobedo

Danny and Alejandro give prompt and exceptional customer service at Crowson Law Group. If I am unable to speak on the phone they are accommodating through text or email. They are attentive and are incredibly professional to work with. They have helped me with my personal auto accident and also with many clients in my workplace who are needing settlement help. I highly recommend Crowson Law Group!

rambling rosy

When we got in a car accident we didn't know what to do. Danny and James took care of us and helped us with all our questions. They made a difficult time more easy. Barbara Farquhar

Siulia Sefo

Ernest King

No need to search for any other Law Group. This group is #1 in my opinion. Professional and are well mannered. Staff is great. Treat prospective clients as family.

Daniela De La Torre

I was in an accident almost two years ago and was very nervous about the entire process and litigation. I ended up in the hospital with a lot of paperwork to go through that I had no clue how to deal with. My dad had met James previously and recommended that we work with him and I am so thankful that we did. The entire team at Crowson Law Group made the process easy to go through and way less stressful. They were professional, kind, dependable and very knowledgeable. Danny and James were great at following up and talking me through everything. I am very thankful that we decided to go with Crowson Law Group. Just as Crowson was recommended to me, I will continue to recommend them.

Yoembert Trinidad

They are the best in town, they helped me in my case faster than I thought and with excellent results. I can not complain guys I'm so thankful. Great staff and very professional

Trisha Miller

This law group provided excellent legal advice and really guided us through the process. We were happy with our outcome and would definitely use their services again if needed.

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