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REVIEWS OF Watts & Herring, LLC IN Alabama

Steven Rogers

Thank you, thank you Randi for all your wealth of knowledge and expertise. You took the time to answer every single question I had. You also educated me on situation concerning my options in dealing with the mortgage company. I wish I had talked with you first!!! If anyone is having to deal with mortgage companies or banks concerning short-sale, Deed-in-Leau, banckruptcy, etc. you need to call Randi at Watts & Herring. This woman knows her stuff, and she will not mislead you. Call her. AAA+++

Name Witheld

I reached out to 2 different law firms regarding my lawsuit by a debt collector, neither of which got back to me, before finding John Watts. I came across one of his videos on youtube and quickly found myself watching many more. His freely available content gave me much more insight into my situation and how best to proceed. I knew that John was the one I wanted in my corner after watching his videos and didn't hesitate to reach out to him about my case. He and Carolyn were very polite and respectful to me. The consultation with John left me with no doubt that I would hire him for this. It was evident on the phone, as in his videos, that he knows his stuff. Immediately after speaking with him over the phone I felt absolutely sure that if anyone could win my case it would be him. After hiring him it was very simple. I didn't have to drive to meet him anywhere or go out of my way for meetings. Everything was done electronically with him and his office which made the process very easy. Any questions I had were answered with either a phone call or email. Simple. I am glad and relieved to report that he indeed resolved my case! If you are fortunate enough to have found John, do not hesitate to contact him and do not waste precious time reaching out to other law firms in Alabama who probably aren't interested in taking your case anyway. Thanks John and Carolyn!

Mohogany S. Prewitt

As for how I felt when I was sued, It was very unsettling for both myself and my Husband. I have to admitt that I immediately went into a panicked. Although it was after 6 pm on a Friday evening, I grabbed the telephone and began to call the list of Attorney's I had Googled. My stress level shot up and I thought about taking the pills that my Doctor recomended to calm my nerves a few weeks ago, but I discovered that I had ran out. What I did do, was make sure that I had taken my blood pressure meds. for that day. Thereafter, the entire weekend was a blur. I could not get my mind from focusing on being sued. Monday morning rolled around and we figured that perhaps we can try to work this out without legal counsel. I then called the number on the paperwork. The person on the other end (whom I thought represented the TJMAXX Co.)convinced me that I would be out of this mess if I paid them a lump sum or payed a sum monthly for 2 years, and signed a Concent Judgement Form. That was a chance I welcomed if it meant that we would be out from under this pressure. We considered selling my Husband's vehicle to do the settlement but decided against it( his car isn't worth much anyway). Instead, I made the first monthly payment which was money set aside for my 14 year old daughter's Curriculumn for that year. We felt uneasy about the Consent Judgement Form after we did some research on it. My Husband and I placed a stop on the check , but the bank said it had already been processed. We then decided that we will seek legal counsel because clearly, we needed it! Tuesday morning I got a call from Mr. Watts's Secretary, Carolyn. Just speaking with her, made me feel less anxious, but I was still not completely settled. The following day My Husband and I spoke with Mr. Watts. He took his time and explained the situation and our options. All of our questions were answered and we ended the call with the feeling of having had a black cloud literally lifted from over our heads! Although we are aware that the process is in its infancy, our anxiety level has greatly diminished! Fast Foward to October 8, 2016: Around 8:45 that morning we got an email from Mr. Watts stating that we won our case! We were so grateful to God and Mr.Watts and his Staff! One other thing...during the time we were waiting for the case to settle we did not receive anymore threatening comunication from the Company that we were being sued by. This made waiting for our Victory a great deal easier! We recomend Watts & Herring, LLC to all anyone who ever find themselves in such a terrible place as we did. Sincerly, Mr. and Mrs. Prewitt

Amy Snider

Upon finding out I was being sued I was really shocked and a bit scared. I had received a letter in the mail stating that your firm could help me. I immediately contacted the office and spoke to Carolyn who talked me through the whole process and got things started. I would have had no idea what to do without her. My papers were promptly delivered and signed and my case was handled in a very timely fashion. By knowing and understanding what was happening it definitely helped and I knew I was in good hands. Also, being able to sign documents online was a godsend considering its hard for me to get out of the house much. My case was handled quickly and easily and I would like to thank Mr. Watts, Carolyn and the rest of the crew for helping take care of this and for keeping me informed along the way. I will definitely contact you again if ever I need to resolve another matter.

Keith Thomas

John Watts is the best. I was facing a lawsuit that was headed to circuit court that I didn't know how to defend on my own. After consulting with John Watts and his law firm, he was able to get the case with my lawsuit settled and dismissed. He gave me all of my options and after only two months, everything has been resolved. He comes highly recommended.

Himanshu Pandit

I found John after a lot of search for a decent lawyer in and around Huntsville, AL. Before I met John, I could it find any lawyer who could understand my case, let alone have a plan to tackle it. John took his time to understand, think through my case and plan the solution in detail. He is an excellent legal mind who cares for the best path for client - a rare combination. I would definitely recommend just running your case by him and you will see the value prop.

Brian Eubank

Mr Watts & his staff, including Mrs Carolyn, were outstanding to deal with. They helped turn a bad situation into something manageable & were able to accomplish things in days that I could not, after months of trying. I would most definitely use them again or recommend to anyone. Efficient, very reasonably priced & treated me like I was the only client!

Porter Hodges

Excellent, professional, and very personable representation. Fantastic team to work with! John, and his great team, worked with for me, and with me, to resolve my lawsuit in a much better way than I could ever have imagined! I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the representation I received!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Brad Cox

I had been sued by a collection agency over a debt that was not mine and totally unexplained. As a person with limited means I started looking to the internet for information and came across Watts and Herring Consumer Protection, LLC. I started reading their VAST knowledge base about consumer protection, and more over my rights as a consumer. There are documents that will assist you through this process. I was shocked a business released so much information. As I learned about the SMALL CLAIM COURT PROCESS and the valuable tools I had in my hand I decided to fight my own case in the Small Claim Court that had been filed against me. As I was told in the documents; Small Claims Court was just as I had read. A room full of collection attorneys PREYING on people that had no idea and was agreeing to things they had no idea they even owed. NOT ME, I asked questions and within five minutes I WON MY CASE. Months had went by and my credit report did not reflect the win. After two to three attempts and certified letters I made the call to John Watts and his team. They review my case and on my behalf filed a Federal Law Suit. This case has been settled and I am grateful for Watts and Herring for their assistance. All of the Staff at the firm were knowledgeable and very helpful. I recommend Watts and Herring for and Consumer related issues.

Jammie Lunsford

John and his staff were outstanding! When I got sent letters I didn't know what to do, but John and his staff quickly solved my cases. They won both my cases and are very quick to answer you with any questions you may have.

Jason Krebs

I have known John Watts for several years. As I lawyer myself in another state, I rely on John for information on Alabama law, both personal injury and consumer. I recommend John highly.

Jason Holifield

The best advice I could ever give in a situation that involves foreclosure, is to contact this law firm FAST & EARLY!!!! From speaking to Randi, I immediately knew by our talk that this was the firm that was not afraid of fighting the fight, but they also want clients that are fighters also! I made a ton of mistakes by not contacting them earlier on but I’ll never forget the follow up and advice given! Never have I encountered a paralegal on as high of level and knowing of John G Watts reputation, if your faced with issues of a foreclosure sale happening CALL NOW!! Do not wait! If you do then all you’re doing is allowing your own hole to big dug deeper with the cheats, lies, fraudulent activity, and misleading acts by your mortgage company!!! You have rights! You have a choice to do it yourself, hire another attorney, or you can hire the Great White Shark of LawFirms and let these guys take over knowing they are going to fight and expose the banks for who and what they are! Call the offices of Watts & Herring and get your peace of mind happening ASAP!

Brenda Geiger

I'd like to thank John Watts and his team. He and his staff were very knowledgable and got my case settled quickly. I would definitely recommend them.

Jeffrey Brunk

Provided a quick resolution to a troubling situation. Entire staff is very friendly.

Jackie Umpleby

When I was first served a summons and learned that I was being sued for an old debt, I was terrified. I am a young mom and have a lot on my plate, not to mention- I have never been in any "legal" trouble before. The debt was far more than I could afford. At first, I did very little research. I tried reaching out to the debt collector directly to try and settle this. When that did not go anywhere (and it typically doesn't, they would rather not settle directly. They can get more by taking you to court.) I reached out to Ferry & Nichols. Ferry & Nichols send out the same letter to everyone in the state of Alabama that has an open case against them. They state they are a mediator and will "assist" you in "settling your debt at a much lower price". For me, it was $300 lower than the alleged debt..but with their fees I would be paying only $50 less than what I was being sued for. After a few calls to them, something was fishy. They never answered any of my questions and I spoke to multiple different people who kept telling me different things. I was not confident with hiring them. At this point I had only a few more days to respond to my summons before a default judgement was placed against me. My anxiety was through the roof. I did more extensive research and came across Watts & Herring. The videos on his website were so helpful, I called immediately. Caroline answered my call and she was so comforting..I laid it all out on the table; my problem and how fearful I was. She reassured me that Mr.John Watts could help. And he did! Not only did he give me the best possible choice, he taught me a lot! He was always a text, call, or email away. He solved my debt with this nasty debt collector better than I even expected! My total cost spent was far less than I would have guessed when I first started this process. My only regret is that I let myself worry and stress too long...I should have called the minute I found out. John is a life saver and made what could have been a very bad experience into a great one! My advise- do not make any decisions into solving your debt until you speak to John. He is an amazing and genuine person. Highly recommend this wonderful man and his office!

Lynn Tatum

Gerri Wheless

John and Carolyn have been great! I have been able to call Carolyn anytime and she even called me back while in Georgia visiting her grandchildren. If is had a problem or concern I could text John and he would get back with me as soon as possible. I have lots of things going on in my life that really stress me out and when I got 3 civil summons in one day I had no idea what to do or how to handle it. I got online and did some research and sound the Watts& Herring website with tips on what to do and a video explaining in detail what was happening to me. My mind has been eased and I'm not panicking anymore. I know that John and Carolyn will do everything they can to settle my case with my best interest in mind. I have no doubt.

Tomm Pi

I was being sued by a collection agency for a large sum of money and when I tried to negotiate they offered to reduce the amount to 90% of the original amount. Unhappy with the attitude of the collection agency, I searched the internet and found John Watts. I was a little skeptical but I am so happy I went with John. My case from beginning till end took 2 months but he did exactly what he said he would do. I paid 0 dollars to the collection agency and they had to clear up on my credit reports. John is truly helping people and I hope to find more people to send his way. I want to thank John and his staff for their help. You have helped me and my family so much!

Jimmy Cor

This is hands down people who are about their jobs and their clients. Speed, accuracy, peace of mind, there is zero flaw here. John is absolutely incredible! This is s PRISTINE establishment

Alex Kelly

Great service! They gave me all my options in a clear and understanding matter. When it came down to it these guys took care of business. I highly recommend.

M. Jael Wall -Ellis

The staff was more than knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend using their services.

Robert Lee

When I was served papers for Capital One's suit against me, I was intimidated, stressed, and overwhelmed at the thought of attempting to do this on my own. I remembered John Watts from his YouTube videos and decided to call his office first. John's office was helpful, informative, and fast! They answered all of my questions and took care of my issues within hours! They were also considerate of the pricing of services. I would gladly work with John Watts any time!

Mark Hodgson

John and his staff are amazing. A debt company sued me i contacted john and within 2 weeks they had resolved everything . If you are being sued contact john before you do anything, John and his team will walk you through everything and put your mind at ease. Thanks john

Toby Hardy

John and his team saved our house from an unfair mortgage servicer that was not playing by the rules.. highly recommend them!


On a Thursday evening after a long work day, I was served a notice of being sued by a debt collector that I had never heard of. I had only 14 days to respond to the courts my anxiety was high; I was in shock and felt like the rug had been snatched from under me. On Saturday, when I starting researching the debt company; I found the Alabama Consumer website and read about Watts & Herring, LLC. Once I listened to John’s video on “your 5 options if being sued by a debt collector” I felt as if a "ton of bricks" had been lifted off my shoulders. I immediately contacted his office online and within 30-45 minutes I was contacted by his staff and was very pleased with the prompt reply, professionalism and knowledgeable staff. John was very thorough in explaining my options and patiently listened to me with his full attention and I knew I was in capable hands. I was able to turn all my worries over to John and his staff so I could focus on my job. John and his staff kept me updated and communication regularly which really eased my mind. My humblest thanks go out to John, his staff and his expertise which gave me peace of mind once again!!! If you ever find yourself in this predicament, I highly recommend that you contact John and his staff at Watts & Herring, LLC.

Lisa Grady

Being sued can be shocking and a bit scary. After one conversation with Mr. Watts I was immediately put at ease and decided immediately to hire him. John walked through this situation with me, understood the nature of the case and guided me through the whole process. John always answered my question promptly. He won my case. I would like to thank Mr. Watts, Carolyn and the rest of the crew for helping take care of this. If I ever (I hope I don’t have to) go through this again I know I will be calling John again.

Benny Ledford

This will be my second time to deal with John and Carolyn. Honest and up front on case. I highly recommend. I came to John the first time based on the positive reviews from clients.

Peter-John Sligting

Dealing with Debt is hard especially when you find out someone is suing you. I happened on John Watts's website by happenstance and sent an email requesting help. John responded almost immediately. He was personable, calming and helpful in his response. Both he and Carolyn (John's legal assistant) were extremely nice and I have valued the advice they have given me. THANK YOU John for everything.


Randi helped to calm me down, explain what we needed to do step by step and understood our situation. Not only would i recommend them, i will use them again anytime i need them!

SU Hunter

I will be honest, I hate lawyers. I had a case though, that I needed help with. I did the internet search and found Watts and Herring. After a few emails back and forth, I decided to try it on my own. This office still helped me prepare, even though I had not hired them. I was surprised. I went to court and found that the judge pretty much wasn't going to listen to anything I had to say, because I wasn't a lawyer. I lost the case. Mr. Watts called me personally and discussed my options with me. After an hour on the phone, I decided to appeal my case with John's help. I had a second case coming from the same company and John said he could win that also. I thought, what do I have to lose. Within 30 days of hiring John Watts, I received notice that both cased were being dismissed and it would be coming off my credit record. As I said, I hate lawyers. If I ever need one again though, I will be calling John Watts. His office is very responsive and gets the job done. He doesn't make fake promises. Well worth the money.

Miriam Moss

Spoke with Carolyn and John. Both were wonderful. They were very thorough and made us feel comfortable. During our initial consult John provided great information and guidance in an easy to understand manner. Highly recommend this firm!

Nikkie B James

Thank you so much, John! Wonderful Firm!

Sharon Headley

Wish I would have known about them earlier, they just saved me a ton of money and helped clear up my credit report! Took him less than 48 hours after I got the information he needed : )

Jessica Mitchell

John Watts represented me in two lawsuits for debt. When I called the law firm, I explained my situation to Carolyn and gave her the information for my cases. After agreeing to hire the firm, I signed the required documents and they handle everything after that. I didn't have to feel stressed about the lawsuits anymore and was able to focus on other important things in my life. At the end, John was able to get both of my cases dismissed. I am very grateful for everything that this law firm did for me. I would recommend to anyone, who is stressed about a debt lawsuit, to contact Watts & Herring.

Tammy Wyatt

I was in despair about my legal rights on the foreclosing of our home Randi Watts gave me some sound legal advice.

Angelique Judice

I had the pleasure of working with Randi on my foreclosure/auction. She was very knowledgeable and really jumped right into the facts and details of my case. This firm is top notch with customer service and true concern for people and their legal issues. I would definitely RECOMMEND THEM TO OTHERS!

James Bennett

The YOU TUBE video was PHENOMENAL! I need help with a case in KY and will call

Kelli Norwood

John Watts represented me in a lawsuit regarding a debt stemming from a divorce. Not only is the pain and life change of divorce something that creates stress and fear in life, being sued left me feeling confused and scared. Not only did I have a stranger approach my home to serve me, I was so stressed and upset about what the next steps should be. I have never been to court or sued before. What do I do? Can I go to jail? Who can help me? That's when I found John Watts. Not only did John walk me through the process and explain all of the legal terminology, he also eased my fears and explained everything in a way that helped me sort through what steps I needed to take next. John and his office were always available to answer questions - no matter how small. My case was settled and dismissed quickly and a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

Meg S

Out of the blue one day, I received papers regarding collections. I sure am not going to pay, as my debt is not to them, and I think suing someone (and for full amount when they presumably paid pennies for a bundle of debts!) who does not even owe you should be illegal. Let me tell you right now that John Watts is who you want to turn to in order to resolve matters such as this. People may worry about money and affordability -- you pay less than you would if you had a judgement made against you. I contacted his office the same day as I was served, which was on the weekend, and heard back the very next morning! I was quite nervous before speaking with Carolyn and John. My mood toward the whole thing changed after speaking to them. John handled EVERYTHING. I know I worried way less than if I had been going about this on my own. The cases (yes, two) both wound up settled and I was informed of developments. I am sure I will need to contact them again in the near future thanks to a negative time slot in my life, and I will not hesitate to do so. You can tell that John is a nice and caring person. I needed to write a review, as I search reviews on services and products of interest myself. They are important and are part of how I discovered what an amazing job John and his office does. Definitely call or send a message if you have an issue with collectors. He has numerous videos on YouTube that you may want to watch. Not only are you paying for legal representation, but for collections coming off of your report and peace of mind! It has been well worth the money to me.

Jennifer Gervais

Awesome! FRIENDLY, extremely knowledgeable, awesome office staff. Before I hired Mr. Watts, I spent 3 years miserable. Hiding from harassing phone calls from a debt buyer. Hiding. Feeling worthless. Helpless. Hopeless, angry, edgy, and agitated. Carolyn was amazing, so friendly, nice, and gave me hope. She was always available for communication, and so was Mr. Watts. My case was settled in 1 day. 1 day! I’m thankful for meeting them, and will always recommend them. I was able to sleep a full nights sleep this week. I haven’t done that in 3 years. So thankful for you all.

Eledo Outlet

Awesome service guys ! Was sued in small claims court by Portfolio Recovery - who had bought my old credit card debt...never been sued in my life. Cards got behind - due to job loss. I was beside myself with fear. I started searching online for help and found this amazing law firm - Watts & Herring - they are like the "Amazon" of solving these types of phone call - immediate help - was so quick and painless. Case settled quickly and I am totally satisfied. I loved being able to communicate via texts and how personal the whole process was. Hats off guys ! I got debt and I will be back to get more help... We are most interested in hearing how you felt before you met us. So what emotions, concerns, etc. when you were sued. Then how did you find us and how did that make you feel. Then when you spoke with us -- how were you treated.

John Carlile

I was recently faced with a discouraging matter regarding a revolving debt that stemmed from a past divorce. It had morphed into an insurmountable problem. I contacted my family attorney and through his contacts was referred to Watts & Elder Law. Upon contacting John Watts, I immediately was greeted by John and his staff with a genuine interest in helping me resolve the matter. I made the decision to hire John and cannot be more pleased. John took my case site unseen as we live states apart and never asked for a Penney up front. He and the firm made the experience effortless for me and treated me like family. John successfully negotiated an amicable settlement and even leaned into help me with the legal costs to make it affordable to a single dad. I cannot say enough great things about Watts & Elder Law. In the end, John is just not my attorney, he is a friend. Thanks John!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob Taylor

The legal landscape can be confusing and scary. I have had less then stellar experiences in the past with the legal community. It has been a Godsend that I have been able to interact with the professionals at Watts & Herring. They have provided honest, fair, and compassionate guidance all while not yet representing me. With their assistance I have been able to weather the first round of storms against my mortgage company. While the battles will continue, I rest better each night knowing these folks are out there to level the playing field as much as possible. These are good people, doing good work...daily.

D Ragusa

We came upon an unexpected legal matter just as we were preparing to close on a home via a corporate relocation plan. We were in a really tough bind and the financial ramifications could have been severe. Moreover, we had a very small window of opportunity to resolve this matter in time to close on the home we were building. To complicate matters, we had to handle this situation from out of state. We sought specialized legal counsel and found John via a Google search. The videos that John posts on his website, intrigued us enough to give him a call to discuss our situation. This turned out to be a great decision! From the first call, John and his staff provided understanding and formulated clear options for a successful resolution. John took personal ownership of the case after the initial call. From that point, there was constant and open communication by phone, text and email. Honestly, John was ALWAYS available to discuss our case. We followed John's advice and the case unfolded just as he said it would. This experience exceeded all of our expectations and turned a bleak situation into a resounding success. We truly believe John was the reason for this outcome. We can't thank John and his staff enough for helping us when we needed it most. We HIGHLY recommend John's team for anyone who needs similar legal help.

Candace Brown

I contacted Watts and Herring to gain some information regarding a case. I initially spoke with John's assistant, Carolyn, and she took down the details of my inquiry and set up a call for me and John for the next day. The conversation I had with John was very informative and relaxed. John gave real life scenarios for my situation, and left me with varied options. I went in very apprehensive, and ended the phone call with a different peace of mind. I respect lawyers that are not just in it for the lucrative aspect of things, but to work to help people that need them and their expertise. I would highly recommend working with John and his team, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Ian D. Owens

John and his team are experts in the field. They make sure to communicate throughout the entire legal process and never make one guess 'what happens next?' I can, without reservation, recommend John for his legal prowess, timeliness, and professionalism.

Susan D

I will never forget the fear that I felt when a collection agency was threatening to sue me with harassing letters and phone calls. I will aslo never forget the relief I felt the day that I walked into the office of Watts and Herring and spoke with John Watts. I have never felt so relieved in my life. The first time I sat down to speak with him, I felt like he was an old friend. I walked into his office hoping for answers to get the bad guys to stop harassing me. Not only did Watts and Herring get the bad guys off my back, all communication from them ceased immediately, AND I ended up suing THEM for violation of the FDCPA . It really felt great to turn things around on them. Lately, with all of the scams going around, I have received threatening phone calls from phony debt collectors. All I had to do was send an email to Watts and Herring and they answered me immediately to assure me that the phone calls were from scammers. I felt that same feeling of relief as when I spoke with them for the first time. If I ever have questions, I know that my old friend is only an email away. So, if you are experiencing similiar issues, I would highly recommend a phone call to Watts and Herring. They will fight for you; take care of those bad guys; and turn your feeling of fear into a feeling of relief.

Brett Ferrel

John and his staff have been extremely helpful throughout my situation. I received a complaint from small claims court where a creditor was attempting to collect an old debt. I didn't know much about the process necessary to properly handle the complaint and I wasn't sure what my options or rights were in this matter. I started researching these concerns and I came across some videos that John had put together on his website explaining exactly what I wanted to know. I reached out to John so that I could ask further questions and get advice specific to my situation. We spoke for a while and he was very patient on the phone and answered every question I had. He genuinely cared about my situation and offered advice that let me know he was extremely knowledgeable about consumer protection law. John represented me and handled everything like a professional. John and his entire staff are quick and responsive to every communication whether it's from me, the courts or the opposing counsel. The matter in question was handled to my satisfaction and I wouldn't hesitate to have John represent me again in any matter pertaining to consumer protection.

Anita Mintz

I really appreciate how John Watts defended me against a debt collector. Mr. Watts clearly communicated what to expect and answered the lawsuit promptly and eloquently. I was anxious about going to court, but there was no need to go to court, or to be anxious. The settlement was favorable and my follow-up questions were answered immediately in plain language. Mr. Watts took a considerable amount of time and care to address all my concerns and confirm that my credit report would properly reflect the sucessful lawsuit resolution. Thanks to Attorney John Watts for his much needed help. Thanks also to Carolyn Allcorn, Legal Assistant, for her initial help.

Matt Dunaway

I've know John for over 20 years. As a fellow Alabama attorney, John and I have worked on countless cases together. John is one of the finest consumer law attorneys in the country, in my opinion. In addition, he is friendly, nice, and really cares for his clients. I would give him 6 stars if I could.

D. R. Davis

I was recently sued by a debt collector. My credit score did a nose dive over night and worry set in. I thought I was least for the next 7-10 years. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to think of something fast! I started googling my questions and I kept finding answers from the same guy/lawyer, named John Watts. Every question I had, he not only had the answers, but he described them in detail in YouTube videos. He seemed honest, so I called his office. I spoke with Carolyn and it was a pleasure. She was a very kind and professional lady. She took away my worry and set my mind at ease. After we spoke, the ball rolled quickly. In no time, everything happened just as John said in his videos. Here’s what I mean (this was the outcome): my court date didn’t happen, I didn’t pay anything to the debt collector, and their negative remark on my credit report removed. I had no idea that my outcome was even possible when I was first sued. John Watts is a Godsend and I mean that folks!! He knows his stuff!! My gut was right about him being honest and I am very thankful for him handling my case. If you’ve been sued by a debt collector like I was, there’s no need to look anywhere else. Give John Watts a call and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

Kathrine Jones

I was sued by a debt collector. Inexperienced in this type of situation, I turned to the internet to search for information. I came across the Alabama Consumer website discussing exactly what I was going through with lots of videos and simple explanations. I immediately contacted John Watts' office and within minuets received a response. Before speaking with John I was embarrassed, scared, and confused. On the initial call, John explained away my worries. He made me feel at ease with my situation, and I was treated with the utmost respect. I decided immediately to hire John Watts. Since then, all correspondence has been quick and easy, and John was able to settle my case. I hope I'm never faced with another situation as such, but if I am, I know I can count on John to have my back. Thank you just doesn't express my gratitude enough.


When we received the summons in the mail that we were being sued by a debt collector, all we could think of was how in the world is this happening after so many years! We panicked. Being on disability, we have no money, no means and no way to take care of all that paperwork ourselves. We were beyond relief when we came across Watts & Herring! We couldn't believe what we were reading - that this could all just go away. After one conversation with Mr. Watts we were immediately put at ease. No worries! Thank you so, so much for helping us!!

Patti Davis

You know the proverbial "we have all fallen on hard times" line? Well, that happened to me but the hard times wouldn't go away! After a year of unemployment and having a baby, I fell behind on a few bills. Finally, caught a break and landed a wonderful job! Immediately after receiving my first paycheck I began calling creditors to "do the right thing" I had no clue that I was actually waking a sleeping dragon! After a year in the nightmare with creditors, I felt bankruptcy was my only option. I had hired a credit counseling service, who took my money and ran. I hired a credit clean up service, who took my money and ran. The same story repeated itself over and over. Creditors were suing me, my life Was imploding and I feared I was about to lose everything! Finally, while googling bankruptcy laws, I somehow stumbled on the name John Watts and thought, what do I have to loose? I gave it one last stitch effort. I was amazed at the amount of advice he gave! He really seemed to care! He spent ample time helping me to understand my situation and gave me several options, bankruptcy was not one of them! He even sent a packet full of information! He felt like he could make an impact on my situation and that he did! One of my creditors was American Express. They are no longer a creditor because the debt was cancelled and is to be erased from my credit report!!! John Watts was able to accomplish this without having to step foot in the court room! One case down and one to go! I am incredibly thankful to have found John Watts! Has been so very kind and generous and has given me the peace of mind I need! It gives me hope that my credit will be back in shape soon and I won't have the cloud of bankruptcy looming over my head! If you are facing a challenging situation, I urge you to give him a call! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I promise you, you won't regret it! Kind, compassionate and caring are the words that describes John Watts! He loves what he does and it shows. He truly is an attorney that cares!

Necy W

I was sued by a debt collector. I had no idea what I was supposed to do or what I should do. I only had 6 days left to file an answer and I knew I didn't want to handle this myself in court. I was so stressed out about it and I wanted it to be over. I ended up turning to Google to learn what others did when they were in my position. I googled until my eyes hurt. The day before I filed my answer I came across a video on YouTube with John Watts. After looking at the videos I realized he was in Alabama so I decided to call just to get any kind of advice. I spoke with Carolyn(she's so nice and knowledgeable btw) and after letting me know they'd represent me and settle my case I was SO relieved!... after spending about a week stressing over what to do I could finally breathe! I got a phone call from Mr. Watts letting me know my case had been settled! Making that phone call to Watts & Herring that day was the answer to all my problems!...Thank you sooo much for everything!

Stokes Spencer Jr

I was served with papers telling me that I was being sued by a debt collection agency. I was a little scared, angry, confused because I had never been in this situation and had no idea what to do or where to turn. I did not want another blow to my already sinking credit so I immediately began to do research and I came across an article written by Mr. John Watts that described exactly what I was going through and how I could handle it. From that point I went to the website and submitted my information and received a phone call from Carolyn Allcorn who was so nice and helpful she took my information and said ok Mr. Watts can make this go away and you would never have to deal with this company ever again. I was a little skeptic at first but she reassured that this was my best option so I said ok lets do this. I was more at ease than before but still had a little worry. That very next morning I received a call from Mr. Watts who told be the company has agreed to drop the case. SAY WHAT? Just like that? I was so relieved and knowing I didnt have to deal with this company coming after everything I have worked for. I just want to say thank you so much to Mr. Watts and your entire team you have made my life easier. Thank you for working so hard and so quickly to get this resolved! I am no longer worried about these evil companies coming after me ever again claiming I owe them anything because I now have someone on my side I know I can turn if this happens again. If you are ever in this situation I urge you to contact Mr. John Watts, you wont regret it! Once again thank you! thank you! thank you! Stokes Spencer Jr.


Sometimes you may find yourself in situations that you never thought possible. I'm so glad there are knowledgeable, caring, non-judgmental companies out there like Watts & Herring to settle the nerves and get results. They have an awesome team...

Carla Jones-Stallworth

Deedee Clark

Looking for a lawyer who is honest, fair, and straightforward! I found them in Watts & Herring, LLC! Randi Curb cut me no lack! Just what I needed and I listened! It’s not easy to let people take control and drive, but when I shut up and listened to a well qualified, professional lawyer I was able to stop panicking and put together a plan, and move ahead! They answered my calls when I couldn’t even get others to answer the phone! BUT they also helped me find another lawyer who specializes in another issue I needed! I would recommend them to anyone!!! Thank you!!!

Toni Rentz

I was sued by a debt buyer in Small Claims Court. I answered within the allotted timeframe and received notice that a court hearing had been set. I did some research and came across John Watts' website and his video about steps to take. I received free legal advice elsewhere and the first thing from that attorney's mouth was "Let's work out a settlement". When I stated I didn't want to do that the attorney said, "I guess we can go to court". Well from Attorney Watts' video I learned you NEVER want to pay the debt buyer money because they paid the original creditor pennies on the dollar so everything they collect from you is profit!! I called Attorney Watts' office and spoke with Carolyn. She was so understanding and really comforted me during this stressful confusing time. I hired them to handle the lawsuit. I was told I wouldn't even have to go to court, he would go to court for me and call me with the decision. Then I received a personal email from Attorney Watts himself, which I found so sweet. Sometimes when you hire attorneys you never receive anything from the actual attorney only his staff but that is not the case with this firm. Well fast forward to 2 weeks since hiring Attorney Watts and I received a notice that my case had been dropped, no judgment against me, no consent judgment, and I don't owe them a dime! I remember being so worried when I found out about the lawsuit and then resting so peacefully afterward hiring him. I am extremely grateful and so glad I chose to go with him instead of the "I guess" attorney. Thanks so much Attorney Watts, Carolyn, and all of your staff!

Alex Ranns

I discovered this firm via Youtube and they truly helped me. Thank you so much!!!

Terra Reed

My employer was served with a large garnishment in which they had no choice to start deducting from my paycheck. The problem is that I was unaware of the debt and had never received notice. I was in complete panic and rightfully so as I was getting 25% of my paycheck deducted for a debt that I was unaware of. I was referred to John from 2 different attorneys and I can honestly say I could not have been more pleased with the referral. To make a long story short John fought hard for me and my case. He kept me updated and he kept me calm. The best part is that he believed me and my story. I know its easy for people to think you are running away from your debt but John never doubted what I was telling him. It took a few months but he fought hard and I received ALL of the money that was garnished along with the company dropped the case and the judgement. I would highly recommend John and his staff. I will be forever grateful for John working so hard on my case.

Ray Cureton

I must say that working with John Watts and his colleagues has been a blessing in a difficult situation. When I was named in a lawsuit as a cosigner for a debt, John took the time and put in the hours to settle the case for less than 50 cents on the dollar - which, by the way, was more than fair concerning the circumstances of this particular case. I highly recommend Watts & Herring, LLC for anyone who has a consumer law issue they need to resolve. John was VERY knowledgeable of the applicable law, and truly set my mind at ease during numerous phone calls. THANKS JOHN!

L Dawkins

Watts and Herring are fantastic. Their staff is friendly and very easy to work with. They helped walk me through all of my options when a debt collector attempted to sue me. I was very anxious as I'd never been sued and had no idea how to proceed. When I hired John for the case, he worked hard to keep me in the loop, to make certain I knew all of my options with the debt collector and that I was included on all relevant motions. I have to say that having John and his team at my back made me feel a hundred times better. At the end, we were able to win our case and all of the stress has melted away.

Jacqueline Winn

I recieved the best services from this office. I had so many questions and Randi answered them all. I called the office twice and both times she quickly returned my call. She explained the foreclosure process and gave me advice. I will not hesitate to call this office again.

Steph R

As stressful as a lawsuit can be, Mr. Watts and his team made it painless. The debt collector was particularly shady and I had no idea how to handle it so I searched for a lawyer. I came across their website in a Google search and decided to give them a call. Very responsive to emails and messages. I didn’t have to do anything but sign some paperwork via email. No appointments necessary. The case was settled within a month and I don’t have to think about it ever again!

SM Thompson

Watts and Herring, LLC is an outstanding law firm. They have represented me in several cases and won every one of them. John and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. John explains the process clearly and ensures his clients completely understand. He is genuinely concern about the best interest of his clients. Also, John and his staff go " above and beyond" the call of duty to provide exceptional services. After a case has been resolved, he continues to communicate with his clients and provides additional assistance if needed. This law firm has been truly a blessing to me. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this law firm. I am so very thankful. I refuse to hire another law firm to represent me. I highly recommend Watts and Herring, LLC. This law firm is the BEST!!!!!

Edgar Dale

When served with a summons in my driveway as I was getting into my car, I was a bit confused. The envelope contents naming me a co-defendant made me change gears and begin researching my options. Several legal firms sent unsolicited advertisements to my mailing address. In searching my home city for legal council I discovered that most only handled bankruptcies. That was not the route I wanted to take. My wonderful wife found the legal firm of Watts and Herring LLC online. On the website were a number of useful Youtube articles explaining how to handle my situation and even how to do it myself. However, the old saying about the person that represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer rang out loudly in my brain as did a movie quote, "A man's got to know his limitations". I decided to contact Mr. John Watts. I told my co-defendant about Mr. Watts and it was agreed to see if they would represent us. Mr. Watts assistant, Carolyn was cordial, professional and to the point. She arranged a phone conversation and Mr. Watts listened to my side and let me know about my options. None involved bankruptcy and he told me how to fill out the defendant's responses. My co-defendant agreed to be represented by Mr. Watts and the step by step procedure went as planned. It was reassuring that we were informed along the way and Carolyn was usually available to answer any questions I had either that day or the next. Now that it is over, I am glad that Watts and Herring represented us. Most of my contact was through emails and a few conversations with Carolyn. I would tell anyone not to expect any drama and the only thing that can't be sped up is the wheels of justice. Be patient and let your legal representatives do their job. Watts & Herring did.

BJ Spruce

I was out on date with my wife when I came home to my mother in law giving me a stack of papers delivered while I was out. I was being sued by a debt collector I had never even heard of. After a day of panic and trying to wonder what I was going to do, my wife started taking to google to look for any kind of help. Watts & Herring was the first thing that popped up. So I gave them a call and explained my situation to Carolyn who is a very sweet lady. She told me exactly what I would need to do and told me that everything will be ok and that "weve got this." Within 2 weeks I received a response saying my case was settled. I must recommend that if anyone has any issue at all with debt collectors in Alabama, please do not hesitate to call this firm. Mr. Watts, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and please know that my family will always be eternally grateful for what you did for us. Thank you so much!!

Laura Langhoff Arndt

I talked to Randi about a foreclosure issue and she gave me outstanding advice! She was very knowledgable about the topic and was more than happy to answer all my questions. If you have an issue with foreclosure in Alabama I would definitely recommend getting in touch with her or somebody else at Watts & Herring. THANK YOU RANDI!!

Renee Smith

When I received information regarding a company attempting to sue me, I was sad, worried and upset. I had never been sued or in any legal trouble before so I had no idea where to turn. I decided to go online and do some research on solutions and upon doing so I found Watts and Herring where John Watts was shown on a video describing a case dealing with the exact company that was attempting to sue me. Seeing John on that video as well as others made me feel better that there was someone out there that understood and had successfully dealt with fighting this company first hand. I decided to reach out and very shortly after doing so I received a call from Carolyn. She was very helpful in explaining my options and told me that I would be working with John Watts on the case if I decided to move forward. I decided to proceed with working with John on the case. After speaking with him and describing what I was dealing with, he made me feel at ease about the situation. He stayed in contact with me every step of the way and did a great job with keeping me informed about the status of the case. Working with his office was also very convenient. Throughout the entire process, I never had to take a day off work as John and his staff did everything possible to make sure that everything was convenient to me as a client. I am happy to report that the case was successfully won and I no longer have to worry about that company coming after me again. I would recommend John and his staff to anyone needing help in a situation such as mine. Thank you John and staff of Watts & Herring!


I Don't know what to do LVNV was sueing me the bill was paid but they said it wasn't I look at some reviews and read a lot of them from John Watts and he said give him a call and I did Carolyn sent me some steps about the seven mistakes and they were on point because 4 of the seven they ask so I won the case THANK YOU JOHN AND CAROLYN GOD BLESS

Marshea Johnson

I’m very pleased with Mr. Watts and how he handled by case against a recent debt collector. The firm took my case and I had to not lift a finger. There was no reason for me to show in court because Mr Watts was my voice, eyes, and ears during this whole litigation. Not only did he WIN my case, he had them to remove the bad debt off of my credit report all together. I would most definitely recommend this firm to anyone seeking to send the debtors packing and heal your credit. Thanks again Mr. Watts and staff!

Diamonz P

On March 23, 2016, I received a writ of garnishment notification from the county clerk office in the county where I reside. I was baffled and upset. I had no idea that a default judgment had been entered against me. I never had any legal issues before and I felt helpless. However, I did feel like I had some kind of legal rights and taking no action at all was not an option for me. I felt like I had to fight back in some type of way and not let these people (the plaintiff) unjustly take my hard earned money. Therefore, I began to do some online research to find out how I could combat this legally. I came across the Watts & Herring, LLC Law Firm. I liked the information that they displayed on their website and they seemed very experienced and knowledgeable of consumer rights. I decided to give them a call and I initially spoke with Ms. Carolyn Allcorn and she was very courteous and understanding of my situation. She got me in touch with one of the attorneys, Mr. John Watts, who has been nothing short of helpful, knowledgeable, experienced and he keeps me up to date on things every step of the way. Needless to say, I have no regrets of choosing Watts & Herring, LLC as my attorney. I am grateful to have found them and my journey with them has been very satisfactory and pleasant. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone and you will not be disappointed with the results as I have not been disappointed! Thanks again Watts & Herring for all you have done!!!

Brandy Gaither

Spoke with them regarding a garnisment of wages issue. Extremely nice people!! Very helpful in my situation and led me in the direction to start resolving my issue!! Highly recommended!!!!

Lamar Brown

As I started researching the company trying to sue me, I was researching and come across Watts & Herring website, great data base and very helpful, if I do use an attorney it will be Watts & Herring. Thank You.

Shirley Ulmer

I absolutely would recommend anyone who may be having any kind of issue dealing with the credit world, please,please contact Watts and Herring.They are kind, caring,and will definitely help you resolve or, guide you to understanding, how to best approach and resolve your issue.I learned so much from my first contact via phone about our situation.I was given the best advice to resolve an issue ,with an credit card my husband received,but never activated, but kept the card, but did not use it at all.We had an fee of $500 dollars, and we do not know what this fee ,was for.The card was a revolving card of $17,000.Well anyways we closed the account, but this particular card was still on us about paying this $500 dollars.We didn't"t feel like we owed this money because we never activated the card.I have learned through Watts & Herring to read the disclosures, the fine print.I really, really,have strengthened my knowledge of dealing with situations of this kind, should it ever arise again ,in our future.I will be well prepared, a big THANK YOU TO WATTS & HERRING!!READ THOSE DISCLOSURES.

LH 97

A couple of years ago my husband was served papers that he was being sued by an "infamous" debt collector. We were so upset and didn't know where to turn. We had only 14 days to file an answer to the complaint or the plaintiff would get a default judgment. I started searching on the web of how to answer the complaint, but had no idea how we were going to fight this! I didn't know where to even begin! Then, I came across Watts & Herring, Consumer Protection Attorneys website and blog and started reading and watching videos that John Watts had posted. I started feeling much more at ease and decided we would try to fight this. Well, before I had even submitted an answer to the complaint, a process server came again and my husband was being sued for a SECOND lawsuit by the SAME "infamous" DEBT COLLECTOR!! Now we had TWO answers to file. I felt a bit overwhelmed, but felt like I could tackle this. We WERE NOT going to let them win by a default judgment! I turned in the answers and got notice of court dates. The court dates were exactly a week apart! I did a lot of research and felt VERY confident on our day in court. I did have some concerns in facing a judge and not knowing what questions may be asked by the plaintiff. However, I came prepared to court, and after speaking with the attorney for the plaintiff for awhile and questioning everything that was his "evidence", he caved. We WON lawsuit number one! The very next week we went to court for the second lawsuit, very confidently, with our heads held high, and lo and behold...the same attorney was representing the plaintiff! Again, he caved. So, WE WON AGAIN!! We had been sued TWICE by the same "infamous" debt collector and BEAT THEM both times! Well, I had sent an email to John Watts of Watts & Herring to let him know about our success and to thank him for all of the wonderful information on his website. He congratulated us and suggested we sue the debt collector back in Federal Court. WOW! I had no idea that was an option! Even though we succeeded in our county small claims court twice on our own, I knew we would need the expertise of John Watts for the Federal Lawsuits; there's no way we could do that on our own. John explained our options and was very attentive with any of our concerns. He represented us in filing TWO Federal Court Cases against the debt collector that had no right to sue us. The process went very smoothly for us. John or the knowledgeable staff at Watts & Herring kept us updated regularly throughout the whole process of any kind of progress being made on the lawsuits, and that put my mind at ease instead of worrying and feeling overwhelmed. Both Federal Court Cases resulted in settlements that we were very pleased with. We could not have been any happier. We truly would like to thank John Watts and the staff of Watts & Herring! We could not have fought those battles alone! So, for any of you reading this, if you're sued by a debt collector, I highly recommend Watts & Herring! Be SURE to answer any lawsuit within the deadline and do not let them win a default judgement! Try not to be overwhelmed, intimidated, or let it stress you out or give you anxiety. Seek the advice of Watts & Herring. They are very friendly and knowledgable folks and can explain your options. I know you will be pleased!

T Baechtold

Randi and John- u guys are the best. Going to need u again Unfortunately .... I will call u Randi Friday/Monday! Continue to do the awesome caring work you do!!

Julie Tillman

So...... years ago, I made a terrible decision to consolidate my credit card loans and the company I was working with just told me to pay them and they would settle with the credit card companies. Long story short, I paid them monthly but not all accounts were settled. Several years later, I end up getting a letter saying I'm being sued by Unifund. I did a little research and came across John's website. From the first point of contact, he and his assistant, Carolyn, were extremely professional. They were very patient when answering all of my questions and made sure I understood my options clearly. I decided to represent myself in court and John walked me through the process, step by step. Thanks to his help, and maybe a little luck, the judge ruled in my favor. I didn't owe the money! Not only that, we turned around and sued Unifund and instead of going to court, they settled for $5,000. (They are apparently a shady company, so DO NOT automatically pay them!! Call John!) So thanks to John Watts, I ended up making money instead of having to pay it. How crazy is that?! And by the way, with this money, he helped me put it to good use by settling another old debt for about half the balance. This guy is nice, honest and knows what he's doing. I would recommend him to anyone! I will be forever grateful that I decided to work with him!

Shawn Mertz

Before working with John at Watts and Herring I wasn't sure what to do! John made the process easy to understand and I never felt judged for past mistakes. I didn't just have an attorney or advocate, I had a friend by my side who was going to walk through this situation with me. Now that its all over I can't explain the relief I feel! I hope I never encounter this situation again, but John and his team would be my first call, they gave me peace of mind, which is invaluable.

Kristy Rather

Randi is fierce! She put a plan of for my situation in 15 minutes and educated me along the way. This is legal assistance at it’s best.

Audrey Deloach

All i can say is this firm is great!!!!!. Randy is talented trustworthy knowledgeable and so kind. A true go getter. If you want to WIN GO TO WATTS AND HERRING . THANKS

terry bain

This experience for me has been interesting. When I first received those papers of being sued and possibly having my wages garnished I felt helpless. That made me depressed and hopeless I wasn't able to sleep or eat for a couple of days. It seemed unfair that my credit and my income were constantly taking hits and there wasn't any room to breathe or get ahead. Then I started to look for help and come to find that there aren't many lawyers that are willing to help and support you during those times. Fortunately in one of the oddest places I found a person who would teach me a lot that was Google and YouTube. First I was able to find Randi on Google and she enlightened me on many aspects of how these things go then she sent me links to helpful information that led me to John and YouTube. The videos were a breath of fresh air! Finally someone who is interested in educating others as well as putting actions with it. Randi connected us and there wasn't any delay in him reaching out to me and putting the situation in terms that I could understand and making me sure that there are options. Many people don't get the chance to have options when dealing with legal issues and I am glad that there are lawyers out there that will inform as well as help you to stand up to poor collection practices and tactics. I wish that they had a larger platform to reach many others like myself whom otherwise would have to take being mistreated by the collections system. I feel if all lawyers could be like this then people would have less disappointment with the legal system, from start to finish his whole team treated me like a person and kept me informed as to what was going on with my case and made me a part of what was going on. One of the most satisfying things about this whole process was to deal with someone who when they said something they meant and did it. I have learned a lot during this experience and I can't thank you enough for your help. Sincerely Yours Terry Bain

Doug Jordan

I was sued in small claims by a debt buyer. I have never been sued before so this was a very upsetting situation for me. I didn't know what to expect next. I had all these questions going through my mind as to what was going to happen. Luckily I found out about John Watts at Watts & Herring through a youtube video. I contacted the office and talked with Carolyn. She was very nice and assured me that everything was going to be ok. She even told me that "we got this". That was a big relief for me. I could even sleep better after I found out that they were on the case. In the end the John was able to get the case dismissed. I highly recommend them.

Matt Downs

I came across Watts & Herring, LLC when I was looking for an attorney after being contacted about an old debt. I wasn't being sued, but I did want to get an expert on my side so I could take care of it and move on with my life! John Watts contacted me quickly and was able to answer all my questions and recommend a solution. He negotiated with the collector and took care of the issue completely. John and his office staff were friendly and extremely responsive. John answered all my questions and gave me peace of mind that my issue was being handled by someone that was confident and knowledgeable. That's definitely the kind of person you want negotiating on your side!

Amy Perry

I'm so grateful for the time Atty. Watts spent with me over the phone. I could not afford to hire his firm but he gave me some vital gems to assist me with my case with Midland Funding. The YouTube videos were the icing on the cake. Atty. Watts explains the processes and gives you key things to look out for so that you won't be overwhelmed with the process. FILE A RESPONSE TO THE LAWSUIT AND SHOW UP TO COURT! (best advice ever!) I followed the instructions--- answer the summons, show up to court and be prepared with a definitive response to the claim of debt. I did all of that and the Judge informed the lawyer that I denied owing the debt and now she has to fulfill my Request for Production. The lawyer stated that it was my debt because she had credit card statements. The Judge replied, "we live in a day of identity theft and the defendant has requested that you produce a signed agreement between her and Midland Funding ---can you produce it". The lawyer responded that she believed that she could produce the information. Judge gave us 60 days to return back before him. The lawyer asked if she could speak with me in the hallway and the judge suggested that I see what she had to say. She asked me did I not received the credit card statements that were sent to me. I stated, "I repeat my answer from court --- I have received everything that your office submitted to circuit court". She replied, than you have everything (I remembered Atty. Watts mentioning to be cautious in your response to the lawyer because they can flip it back on you). I reminded her that the judge asked her office to fulfill my Request for Production and she said that I will have everything in 30 days. So I will await whatever further documentation that Midland Funding can produce. What's amazing is that Midland Funding is projected to be removed from my credit report September 2018. I cross referenced that with all three credit bureaus and they all notate September 2018. Atty. Watts, I thank you so very much for everything.

Taylor Valenta

working with John Watts was such a blessing! John and his team put me at ease and made this entire process so smooth. Every time I had a question he was there with an answer! Thank you again for all that you did!

Angela Sheppard

Ronny Parrish

I first heard John Watts after searching Medicare "5 Year Look-Back Period" information for my Dad in Alabama. Not only did I find his information on this subject extremely beneficial, but it prompted me to listen to most all of his Estate Planning posts. I contacted John for my own estate planning needs because of his personable demeanor and, quite frankly, his simple elementary approach to explaining estate planning. Carolyn's prompt service and John's generous time and information was truly more than I ever expected!

Dan P

I stumbled upon Watts & Herring while searching for legal representation in a case involving a debt collector, and I have to admit, I had nothing short of an outstanding experience. Mr. Watts personally kept me up to date with developments regarding my case and this firm delivered on expectations set from the beginning, every promise kept. I'm absolutely grateful and would not hesitate to work with him again in the future if need be. Fantastic, efficient legal service, would highly recommend!!!

Mike Ross

I was being sued by a debt collector.These people had me intimidated and very nervous about this court case.Mr. Watts gave me advice and information that not only made me feel much more comfortable,but actually helped me win my case.Upon learning of my success,Mr. Watts called to congratulate me.He also informed me that because these people were in the wrong from the beginning that it would be in my best interest to sue them back.With the help of Mr Watts and his team I did.We won a settlement that I was very pleased with.My name is Mike Ross,I am 54 years old,and I would highly recommend Mr. Watts and his team if you want to win your case.Their very knowledgeable,and will make you feel at ease.Thanks again guy's I really appreciate your help.

Eric Stevenson

Stan and John are my "go to" consumer protection lawyers in Alabama. Being close to the Alabama State line, we get a lot of calls from people in Alabama who need help with consumer protection cases. Everyone I send to Watts and Herring is thrilled with the attention they get. I can't think of a better firm in Alabama.

jeremy moon

John was a tremendous help and went above and beyond. Over the course of 2.5 years, John guided me through a very difficult situation and helped find a resolution. Thanks for all you do.

Peggy Bolton

I had an upcoming court date that I didn't know how to deal with and was very nervous about . I spoke with John Watts and he walked me through step by step how to handle my situation. After speaking with him I now know how to respond. He truly cared about me, answered all of my questions and made me feel confident about my court date.

Jennifer Lynne

My wife was home when a strange man approached the door. He asked for me, she was not sure what was going on. She informed him that I was not at home and the man said, “here take this”. She asked what it was, but he responded I am just here to give it to you and got ugly with her and sternly told her she had to take it and then insisted on her name. She was very upset. Reluctantly she gave and realized she had just been served papers. She immediately went in a total panic attack. Thank God my older children were home at the time. My wife, being a former paralegal, called around to friends who all refused to help us. Due to circumstances beyond our control 4 years before, we lost our vehicle due to a job change for me that proved disastrous. It was a very dark time for us, but we managed to pull ourselves up from it and found good jobs, we even bought a house. We didn’t hear anything regarding the vehicle for years. Then we got a letter that an attorney had the old “account”. Then we got served 2 weeks later. We thought we going to lose everything again and that process was inconceivable. Being desperate, my wife looked on the internet and found Watts and Herring. The testimonials were unbelievable. The videos on their site only made us feel even more like someone cared and help was attainable. We filled out the online contact form and within 24 hours we were contacted. The attorney we spoke with was so understanding and comforting regarding our issue. We felt we could breathe again and that things would be ok. We had prayed for God to lead us to a strong tower, and we found it in Watts and Herring. They were so kind and understanding and were able to settle our case in a matter of days. Mr. Watts protected us and got us the best outcome we could have ever hoped for. Our case was dismissed. We are so grateful that this nightmare is over thanks to this wonderful firm. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs help in anyway. Thanks Mr. Watts, David and Jennifer C.

wc Scales

My family has been going through a stressful time moving my grandmother to a nursing home. We were not getting any help from the faculty she was in. The facility was trying to coerce us to hire a specific attorney. We did not think we needed an sttorney. I contacted this firm and John Watts gave us direction during a consultation. He did not believed we needed an attorney either. He answered all of our questions and advised us. It has been a trying and confusing time and we are so grateful to Mr. Watts for his help!!

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Attorney - Alabama

Personal injury attorney

Glenda Cochran Associates Attorneys At Law
Glenda Cochran Associates...
Attorney - Alabama

Personal injury attorney

Jefferson County District Atty
Jefferson County District...
Attorney - Alabama


Adams White & Oliver, LLP; Matthew W. White
Adams White & Oliver, LLP...
Attorney - Alabama


Damon Smith, Attorney
Damon Smith, Attorney
Attorney - Alabama